Sekelsky will return to Jeopardy! on Wednesday as a three-time champ

Screenshot of a headshot of Katie Sekelsky on the Jeopardy set. She is smiling at the camera and a graphic on the screen reads "3 day $35,899"
Katie Sekelsky beams after winning her third Jeopardy! episode Tuesday night.

Kent resident Katie Sekelsky will appear in her fourth straight Jeopardy! episode on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.

Monday’s episode ended with another nail-biting Final Jeopardy with Sekelsky in third place, only $300 behind the contestant in second. Her opponents both wagered exactly $1 more than her highest possible bet. Sekelsky’s conservative bet won the match when all three of them answered incorrectly.

After pulling off impressive comebacks in her first two episodes, she went into Tuesday’s Final Jeopardy with a $2,000 lead. All three contestants answered correctly, but Sekelsky came out on top with a confident wager.

Her three-day earnings add up to $35,899.