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By advertising in The Portager, you show your support for locally owned local news and reach thousands of Portage County’s most active and engaged residents. Through our digital products, we create over 100,000 interactions per month with people in our community.

Write to Jenna Gobrecht at or call/text 330-548-1717 to reserve your spot.

Our ad options

We offer multiple advertising options in The Portager newsletter and on our website.

  • There are discounts for bulk purchases, which can be proportionally customized for your needs.
  • Ad design can be done by our team at no additional cost.
  • We are happy to design custom packages to meet your goals and budget.

Website Ads

Appear on the homepage and every article page of
140,000 impressions per month

The Portager offers 350×175 px ads to businesses and organizations to appear on our website. Website Ads appear on nearly every page of the website along the left sidebar or between paragraphs of text.


  • $600 month to month
  • $430/month with a year contract
  • $220/week

Action Ads

Main newsletter – Monday, Wednesday, Friday
45,000 impressions per month

Action Ads appear at the top of the newsletter, just below the weather. These are a great way to publicize an upcoming event, a special offer or a timely discount. You can include links. Items that appear in this space tend to get more clicks than anywhere else in the newsletter. The word limit is 65 words.


  • $170 for one email
  • $150 each if you buy two
  • $140 each if you buy three or more

Star Ads

Main newsletter – Monday, Wednesday, Friday
45,000 impressions per month

Star Ads allow businesses to embed a 600x300px image with a link to their business or landing page. This is our best value ad option.


  • $100 each
  • $93 each if you buy 10
  • $83.50 each if you buy 20
  • $75 each if you buy 30

Full year price: $70/each for 50 runs

Native Ads

Main newsletter – Monday, Wednesday, Friday
45,000 impressions per month

Native Ads give businesses an opportunity to share stories with our readers. These are designed to look like other stories in the newsletter but are labeled with our “SPONSORED BY…” tag at the top. Readers are most responsive to down-to-earth, human and local information. You can include links in the text and one image, which can also link to a URL of your choice. The word limit is 200 words.

Price: $470 each

Sponsored Content

Published on and promoted in the newsletter
~7,000 impressions

Publishing your articles and images on our website as sponsored content gives you the ability to reach our readers with any kind of information to promote your brand and highlight your expertise. This is perfect for law firms or healthcare providers publishing thought leadership in their field. It’s also useful for companies introducing new products or sharing stories that can’t be told in the space of a tiny ad. There is no word limit, and you can use any images, illustrations, embedded videos, links and more.

Price: Contact us

Sponsored brief (individuals only)

Main newsletter – Monday, Wednesday, Friday
45,000 impressions per month

At the bottom of each email newsletter, we publish a list of bullet point news items with links to websites with more information. This space is available to individuals, churches and nonprofit organizations (not businesses) to promote their content. This is perfect for classifieds, bands or artists promoting their work, charity events and more.

Price: $40 each, $75/two, $100/three

Advertise in the Stow-Munroe Falls newsletter

Need to reach the communities of Stow, Munroe Falls and Silver Lake? We have a newsletter for that too. And two advertising options:

Spotlight Ad

Includes a 600×300 px image with a link to the landing page of your choice.


  • $100 each
  • $930 for 10
  • $1,670 for 20
  • $2,270 for 30
  • $3,500 for 50

Spotlight Sponsorship

Sponsor an entire email! Includes your logo at the top of the newsletter (“Presented by [your logo here]”), plus a large native ad in the email. Native ads look similar to other stories, including a headline, image, 250-word article and links. This is an opportunity to make a splash and share your story.

Price: $410 per email

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