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The Portager is what Portage County reads for news. Our platforms get over 200,000 impressions per month. We reach the most highly engaged residents directly via email.

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[email protected]


Send your obituary text and image by email to [email protected]. Obits published online only are free. The cost to publish an obit in the print edition is $0.50 per word. Photos are free.

Classifieds and announcements

We publish classified ads and marriage/birth/graduation announcements in the print edition for $1.15 per word. Photos are an additional $50.

Ad sizes

What size do email and web ads need to be?

All digital ads must be submitted at 1200 x 600 px. The file type should be PNG, JPEG or PDF. The actual display size will vary depending on the user’s device. Please ensure that all text is large enough to read, including when the ad displays smaller on mobile devices.

What size are the print ads?

Dimensions are W x H

Full page is 10 x 16 inches.
Half page is 10 x 8 inches.
1/4 page is 5 x 8 inches.
1/8 page is 5 x 4 inches.
1/12 page is 5 x 2.67 inches.

The front page top banner ad is 5 x 2.25 inches.
The front page bottom banner ad is 6 x 3 inches.

Other frequently asked questions

Can you create my ad for me?

The Portager offers ad design to customers for $50 per ad. Please submit your logo, images, text and any other information you want to include to [email protected].

What’s the deadline for ads?

Submit advertising at least 24 hours before your ad is scheduled to run. If you need ad design, please submit your materials at least five business days before your ad is scheduled to run.

Do you give free ads to nonprofits?

Anyone with a Portager subscription can donate one free ad per year to any Portage County nonprofit or small business. So if you run a nonprofit, work for one or just want to support your favorite charity, you can donate your gift ad to them. To get a free ad to donate, create a paid subscription at

Do you run inserts?

We distribute a wide variety of inserts and stickers. Prices depend on the size, paper and quantity. Contact us for a quote.

Is there a discount to advertise in both The Portager and The Spotlight?

The Spotlight is our email newsletter covering Stow, Munroe Falls and Silver Lake. We publish weekly on Fridays. Ad rates in The Spotlight are the same as The Portager. If you advertise in The Portager, you will receive a 50% discount on any additional advertising purchased at the same time in The Spotlight.

What about Action Ads and Sponsored Briefs?

The Portager offers additional advertising placements, including text-only ads at the top of the email newsletter (Action Ads) and Sponsored Briefs in both the email and print editions. Action Ads are $170 each. Sponsored Briefs are $1.15 per word.

Do you publish legal notices?

The Portager is not considered a newspaper of record under Ohio law, so any legal notices we publish will most likely not satisfy any legal requirements. However, we believe The Portager is the best way to reach Portage County residents and alert them to information of public interest. If you choose to publish a legal notice in The Portager, the cost is $1.15 per word. Notices will appear in both the email and print editions.