Documenters: Randolph Township Trustees meeting for May 26, 2022

Documented by Max Swartout on May 26, 2022

Randolph Township Trustees
Regular Meeting
7:00 PM

An audio recording of the meeting is available here.

In Attendance

John Lampe, Trustee
Sue White, Trustee, Chairwoman
Nicholas Reynolds, Trustee

Mary Rodenbucher, Fiscal Officer

Becca Huth, Fire Department
Jared Armsey, Fire Department

John Siegferth, Resident
Betty Siegferth, Resident and Poll Worker

Documenter Summary 

The trustees have received complaints about the recycling bins overflowing. The possibility of adding another bin was brought up, but no action was taken.

A new ambulance is coming to the township’s fire department to replace an old one. Assistant Fire Chief Mark Hamilton will become the fire chief on July 1, 2022. 

Nick Smith is donating $40,000 to the township for new outdoor lighting.

Trustee White thanked the garden club for the newly added flowers in the town. 

The trustees unanimously voted to set aside $100,000 to repair the town’s gazebo. Chairwoman White said that materials alone are estimated at $50,000. She shared that the gazebo is an “integral part” of Randolph, and as much as she disliked to motion for such a large amount of money, she’s “not going to let [the gazebo] go.” Currently, the gazebo is not safe, and White indicated that people should not go on it. 

Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) reached out to the township to see if it thought residents might utilize public transportation to visit its clinic for uninsured and underinsured on Saturdays. Currently, PARTA doesn’t have routes that far south. The township is interested in exploring this project with NEOMED in order to provide healthcare to more people in the community. 

The trustees voted to call on the prosecutor’s office to bring civil action against the owner of 2603 Waterloo Road, who has failed to follow the terms of his agreement with the Board of Zoning Appeals. The owner agreed that after building a new house behind the older house on the property, he would remove the old house. Chairwoman White stressed reservations about moving forward considering the current housing shortage, as well as that she thought the property looked good with both houses. However, she ultimately voted in favor of the resolution. 

$8,000 was set aside for a new air conditioner for the fire department. The trustees are waiting on a final quote before choosing one. 

The new dump truck for the road department has arrived, but the township is undecided as to what to do with the old truck. 

Fiscal Officer Rodenbucher asked for a motion to be made to appropriate the following receipts: 78 through 87 totaling $13,761.58. Rodenbucher asked for the same motion to approve paying warrants 4046 through 40407 and EFT vouchers 409 through 459 totaling $81,403.15. 

During the most recent election day, a man entered the town hall with a gun in a holster on his belt. Because of this, poll workers felt uncomfortable. The matter was shared with the Board of Elections, which will check with the prosecutor’s office to see if anything can be done to prohibit guns in the polling place, and if so, what. The matter was also shared with the trustees, who had mixed responses about guns and the regulation of them. Ultimately, the board decided to wait to hear back from the prosecutor’s office. There did seem to be a unanimous agreement to prohibit guns from the town hall during voting times.

Documenter Notes

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved by the trustees. 

Old Business

John Lampe, Trustee

Trustee Lampe met with “Sue” and signed off as a board member [of Randolph Township] for the Field[s] Playground Group. Sue told Lampe that she plans on having a check for the township before the end of June. [This documenter believes this could be in reference to the Mila’s Hope and Rowyn’s Dreams Playground that was written about in the Record-Courier and Akron Beacon Journal last summer. See here.

Lampe spoke with Donna [this documenter is unsure of the last name, perhaps Spidner], who informed him that a couple residents complained that the recycling receptacles were overflowing. Donna told him that the dumpsters are emptied relatively consistently. She asked Lampe about the possibility of adding another bin where residents could place their recyclables. 

Nicholas “Nick” Reynolds, Trustee

The fire department will pick up the newly purchased ambulance in North Carolina and trade in the old one at the same location. The Fire Association is paying the entirety or part of the radio communication system for the ambulance. 

The township received one application for fire chief, from the current assistant chief, Mark Hamilton. Trustee Reynolds has interviewed Hamilton and recommends the board vote to make him the new chief. Reynolds motioned for such, and the other trustees voted in favor. Mark Hamilton will be the next fire chief and paid a salary of $35,000 beginning July . 

Sue White, Trustee, Chairwoman

Nick Smith will be donating $40,000 for lighting that the township will be installing. According to White, he called her and asked if “there was anything [they] could do for [her] in Randolph.” [This documenter is unsure who “they” are. Perhaps they are Smith and his colleagues or family. Regardless, he’s donating $40,000 to the township for the lighting project.]

White stated, “I want to say that Randolph is very sorry about what happened in Texas. I couldn’t be more sad about that. I am hopeful and pray that nothing like that happens here. There’s no words to even express the sadness. I just wanted it in the minutes that Randolph Township wholeheartedly gives out their sympathy to those folks.”

New Business

John Lampe, Trustee

Lampe is going to talk to Tim Pfile, road supervisor, tomorrow about getting the handicap signs put up. Lampe said that if the trustees paint anything, they need to paint the handicap lines and get certain sidewalks blocked off. [This documenter is unsure about the location of the handicap parking spaces in question or the sidewalks in question.]

Sue White, Trustee, Chairwoman

Chairwoman White thanked the garden club for planting the flowers and thanked [inaudible 00:06:52] Manufacturing for the money donated for planting the flowers. She also thanked Urban Growers for the real flowers on the fence by the little church on State Route 44. 

The original $40,000 that the trustees approved earlier in the year for repairs to the gazebo will not suffice. White said that the township will have to put the project to bid. She said the gazebo is not safe and asked people to stay off it. The material alone will cost roughly $50,000, not including labor and equipment. White motioned for the trustees to set aside $100,000 for the gazebo repairs. The project will go to the bidding process. White said, “So the gazebo is such an integral part of our little township, and I am not going to let it go. As much as it pains me, I’ve got to make a motion that we set aside 100,000 for that gazebo.” The motion was approved by all the trustees. 

White received an email from NEOMED. The email was from a representative who handles external affairs for the college. The representative pointed out that along State Route 44, several healthcare services have been added to NEOMED. It has a clinic on Saturdays for people without insurance or who are underinsured. The representative went on to point out that data suggests the lack of transportation has been identified as a barrier to healthcare. PARTA does not currently travel south of I-76. The representative plans to contact PARTA to investigate the possibility of expanding a bus route to include Rootstown so that people can get to healthcare services provided there. The representative emailed the Randolph Trustees so they can gauge the residents’ need for such a service. The representative also asked if this was something the township would be interested in exploring. Chairwoman White then identified the representative as Janet Coon

John Lampe, Trustee

Lampe introduced Resolution No. 5-26-2022-001 to authorize the Portage County prosecutor’s office to commence a civil action against 2603 Waterloo Road in Randolph Township. The permanent parcel number is as follows: 28-060-00-00-010-000. The property in question is next to St. Joseph School. The owner agreed with the Board of Zoning Appeals that once the new house was built, the old house would be removed from the property. Chairwoman White acknowledges that she is not a member of the zoning board or commission, but that she drove by and that the property looks beautiful. She also pointed out the housing crisis and stressed reservations about tearing down a home. She understands the agreement that was made. The house was supposed to be off the property by September 2021. 

The owner of the property in question was part of the complaints against the food shelf at 2643 Waterloo Road, which this documenter understands is coming down. Sue White said, “That’s ridiculous,” referring to the food donation center being torn down. The trustees unanimously voted to approve the civil action, though Chairwoman White said, “I don’t like it, but yes.” 

Mary Rodenbucher, Fiscal Officer

Jake [this documenter does not know the last name or role of this individual] spoke with Hill’s Heating and Cooling of Alliance. The air conditioner in “there” needs to be replaced. [This documenter is unsure of which building requires the new air conditioner. However, this documenter presumes that it’s the fire department or within the fire department because Jared Armsey of the fire department commented on the matter.] Three air conditioners were quoted as potential options to purchase at $6,000, $6,750 and $7,600. Chairwoman White indicated there’s another quote to come in. The trustees will await that quote before making a decision but unanimously voted to set aside $8,000 for the job. 

The road department received the new dump truck May 25. It still needs the lettering and radios. Tim Pfile wanted Rodenbucher to ask the trustees what they wanted Pfile to do with the old truck. He found out that the Edinburg Auction wants 20% of the sale. The trustees want to explore different auctions. 

Rodenbucher asked for a motion to be made to appropriate the following receipts: 78 through 87 totaling $13,761.58. Rodenbucher asked for the same motion to approve paying warrants 4046 through 40407 and EFT vouchers 409 through 459 totaling $81,403.15. 

Public Comment

Betty Siegferth shared with the trustees that during the most recent voting day, someone brought a handgun in a holster on his hip to town hall. She called the Board of Elections, which is taking it to the prosecutor to check into the matter. Siegferth is asking the trustees about signs for the voting location. Siegferth said she’s concerned for herself and fellow poll workers. The Board of Elections will get back to Siegferth. Chairwoman White said, “We should probably have something on all our properties that says ‘no guns.’” 

Trustee Lampe said, “I think it’s just someone exercising their constitutional right.” 

White went on to make a motion contingent on what the prosecutor says, but Trustee Lampe interjected, stating, “I don’t want to make a motion towards anything because I’m not violating any constitutional right of nobody when it comes to guns.” 

Resident John Siegferth said, “But John [Lampe], the 2nd Amendment doesn’t say anything that you can’t regulate it. As a matter of fact, it says a ‘well regulated militia.’” 

White concluded, “I do not want guns at the voting with my volunteer people who are taking their time and sitting here. I don’t think it’s necessary to have a holstered gun when you come in to vote. I’m sorry. I don’t think so.”

Lampe responded, “I don’t think anybody ever thought somebody was gonna walk into a grade school and shoot up a school, either.” He went on to say, “But again, I think we need to let the prosecutor do his due diligence, and from there we deal with it.” 

Fire Department staffer Jared Armsey read a section of the Ohio Revised Code that he found on his phone regarding firearms. 

Lampe stated, “ … our constitutional right is to open-carry in the United States. You don’t need a permit; you don’t need a license.” 

In the end, Lampe was open to posting signs that prohibit guns during voting times if the prosecutor says that is OK. However, he did reiterate his stance, stating, “I don’t want signs all over the place violating people’s constitutional rights whether it’s concealed [or] open.” He then went on to add, “The government doesn’t look at things as far as how to fix the problem in the school system like putting an armed guard inside. Other countries have it all the time. Jewish school systems have armed guards because they were probably the most attacked race in this world. But in the meantime, they do it, and it’s ceased to eliminate it. We tend to think that it’s just gonna stop, and I personally don’t think you’re gonna fix somebody hell bent on mass destruction and killing people.” Lampe acknowledged the young age of both the killers in Uvalde and Buffalo, saying that perhaps a good thing would be to raise the minimum age to purchase such weapons. He concluded by saying he doesn’t want poll workers to feel unsafe at all and again shared that we wouldn’t oppose prohibiting guns in the space during voting.


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Randolph Trustees 5.26.2022

Fri, 5/27 2:59AM • 39:44


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Mary Rodenbucher, Unknown, Betty Siegferth, Max Swartout, Nicholas Reynolds, Sue White, John Lampe, Jared Armsey, John Siegferth


Sue White  00:53

Lucky it seven o’clock, let’s stand and say that. I’m just going to bring up the words to say hands on under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. I didn’t go over the minutes. I’d like to make a motion to approve. Second. Roll call vote. Yes. Yes. All business, John.

John Lampe  01:34

Remember, Sue, I signed off as a board member for the bills playground group. She said she plans on having us checked before the end of June. She said and I want to wash my hands and move on.

Sue White  01:49

Okay, any recycling update?


No. I spoke with Donna Spyder. We had a couple residents complain about the weekend that was overflowing and she said they’ve been picking up pretty religiously and when she mentioned about possibly adding another bid. And I said that there’s a spot for it. Yeah, but you know, we all spoke many agree to pay and she was very grateful.

Sue White  02:23

Thank you. Anything else? Nope.

Nicholas Reynolds  02:26

Yes, the rebound the Midlands. purchased. We will pick up next Wednesday morning. We’re sending in a couple of guys down Tuesday night to North Carolina to go stay the night and then do their first in factory Wednesday morning. And hopefully we will create in the 2017 Ambulance, they will drive that down. We get down at that shop at that point. Everything else is ready to go on there. When he gets back, we will send it up for strike and radio but that the fire association is paying for you’re gonna donate that. That’s it on the ambulance for the fire chief receive one application the fire chief from Assistant Chief Mark Hamilton. I’ve interviewed him and support him being the next fire chief. I will make a motion to appoint Mark Hamilton, second chief of finished to appoint Mark Hamilton this fire chief. My question is that $35,000 A year effective July 1.

Mary Rodenbucher  03:38

That’s my second roll call bear with John. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Sue White  03:54

So anything else? Okay. Well, I had a really pleasant surprise today. And I love pleasant surprises. So I got a call from one of my friends and contacts. And he said, Is there anything we can do for you here in Randolph and especially for the playground? And I said, Well, we’re putting in some lighting. It’s about $40,000 with bills done. He’s given us a check for 40,000 Nick Smith, thank you, and thank God. And there’s something I’d like to backup when we open the meeting. I wanted to say something that I didn’t say.


I want to say that Randolph Township is very sorry about what happened in Texas. I couldn’t be more sad about that. And I’m hopeful and pray that nothing like that happens here. There’s no words to even express the sadness. And I just want to get in the minutes that Randolph township wholeheartedly.

Sue White  05:15

gives out to, to those folks.


So anyway, the lighting is going to be paid for by Nick Smith. So that excited about that. Okay, your business dies.


This is kind of business. But I know we’ve talked about this before. But I’m going to talk with Tim tomorrow about getting those handicap signs put up. Yeah. But we also need to get if we can only we have to paint anything, we need to get the handicap lines repainted. And certain walkways sidewalks blocked off while they’re doing the painting. So I don’t know who used to do that. This is cummiskey Or do we use?


I’m not sure. The fire station. Basically this person?


Probably Jim, I know, but we’ll see

Mary Rodenbucher  06:11

what the handicap lines repainted.


Yes, I mean, these to get handicap lines, because it’s really done there now. And there’s really no handicap signs. I spoke with Sue tonight, and she’s gonna email it over to me, because they kind of grow about six spots, you know, for him to get spots, you know, near there. That way it will. Because right now, everybody’s kind of parked everywhere.


That’s next. Resistance. Okay, I have two things. One, I’d like to thank the garden club for planting flowers. That was very nice. I like to think he’s manufacturing for the money to do so. I think everything looks really, really pretty. I don’t have guys noticed or not. But that’s by the little church for you for urban growers called me earlier this winter, and said, Don’t you want to grow flowers on that fence? And I said, Yes, I do. And so there is some things didn’t him and however, I need to make a motion regarding our gazebo. We had made a motion earlier this year to quit breakouts. Zeebo, 40, but that isn’t gonna cut, not even close. I had some people look at it that I trust. And we’re gonna have to put it out for bid. Because it’s over the limit. We couldn’t even get anybody to look at it. And it’s not saying people cannot be on it. So stay off our gazebo we’re gonna have to put the stuff back


on the table.


Nobody was killed with our resume, but we just don’t want any kind of kills. We’re marking it off. Let’s just say for it, okay. Die. Which could happen. The sidewalk is very uneven. So there’s massive work that needs done there. I had somebody look at it. And just the material alone was gonna be 50,000 that count on the work and crane and lift the roof off and all that. So the gazebo is such an integral part of our little Township and I’m not going to let it go. As much as it pains me. I’m going to make a motion that we set aside 100,000 for that because the bow and we’re going to have to send out goods again,

Sue White  08:45

the specs and all that stuff. Okay, we’ll call about John. Yes, yep. Yes, Sue?


Yes. Also a new business that I didn’t bring in with me and I apologize that I got an email from the College of Medicine. And they have some programs up there for people who are not insured. And I forwarded that to back so he has a single say well say, Ben both I think I sent it to both. Oh, okay. Yeah, I did. I took a picture of the seminar. Actually, I have a picture of it on my phone. I could read it. Give me just one moment here. I was trying to find it earlier. But it sounded really really nice. It says hello, I handle External Affairs for north northeast Ohio Medical University. If you’ve been up stay route 44. You know there are several medical providers services have been added to the new domain campus. We have the head of something run free clinic on Saturday’s for those who don’t have insurance for under insured data providing from those patients as well as data from the Portage County Health District Transportation has been identified as a barrier to health care. carta does not currently travel south of I 76. We plan to contact Florida to investigate the possibility of expanding the current bus route to include routes tab so patients can easily get here. I wanted to reach out to these leaders in the township south of new man to gauge your residents need for the service. Is this something that the township would be interested in exploring JNA Hoon and I will tell you yesterday, never something that I will be interested in exploring. Yes. So that’s my business married.

Mary Rodenbucher  10:55

John, you had one more piece of new business that resolution Oh, yes. I’m


sorry. All right. Board of Trustees right now township board county resolution five dash two six Dec. 2022 Dash shields are one resolution authorizing Portage County prosecutor office to commence civil action. The Board of Trustees met during the great recession we’re on the 26th day of May 2022. At the town hall with the following members trustee generally being trustees to white trustee Nick Reynolds. Trustee for moved the adoption for the following resolution. The Board of Trustees authorizes Portage County prosecutor’s office to commit to civil action against property located at 2603 Waterloo Road monitor Ohio for four to six. So Randolph Township with a permanent partial number of 20 deaths your six zero dash newer zero Dash 00 Dash 010 Dash 000. Trust these second the motion and the roll was called on question.


One nobody said anything. Okay. So at this point. So anyway, I want to know about this because I don’t know about this.


This is the house right next to St. Joseph school that did look at the new house right behind the existing old farmhouse near the road by Edward Morris sides. Okay. And they agree when they built the house that they would tear down and just to the structure. I’ve heard even off for people who wanted to take the house and move it to another property because they put a lot of money into


gorgeous house. I hate to see it tore down but as


of right now they’re living in the current residence and they’re not doing anything. From what I heard. They talked about possibly moving in her her or his parents who are ordered an hour and a half minimum, which is not part of the agreement announced by the Sony, the BCA to allow them to do. Okay. It’s Tori strides. She’s made a call. I think it’s when silent on this website from there. So Oh,

Sue White  13:29

boy. Yeah. Well, I’m not in zoning.


I’m not, you know, a zoning member. I’m just a trustee. I just recently drove by the way, both houses are so beautiful. And I thought that one was supposed to be tore down. And was


he sliding down a woman do we


do we think do we think it needs to be tore down?

Unknown  13:55

Today, you can’t build a house because the BCA approve it. So next time,


I’m speaking out, I’m thinking out loud or I don’t know those people. I’ve never talked to those people. I just thought all houses look awesome. And with this market and the housing shortage, I just need to see a house for now because there’s there’s no place for people to live. Very first place to live.


I heard they offered it if anybody wanted to just take it and move it. I don’t know if that’s true in China, because they put a lot of time and money into it and get it re renovated.


I understand what the museet I mean, I understand.


You know, I just Well he knew that going into the gym.


Thinking about him. I’m thinking about the cost of living. Right, right. Absolutely. And I just don’t think that I should report out because it’s too nice to be poured out.

John Siegferth  14:54

Would you love to build one on my phone here? I promise to make it nice.

Sue White  14:58

myself for Hello, yes, but Oh, yes.

Betty Siegferth  15:05

Yeah, that he did you know, it was supposed to have been torn down already lost a ton of fun last September.


But you know, where I think that adding really

Betty Siegferth  15:15

is a real Stickler it’s fun because he’s a real stickler for everything else when things are but then when it comes to him it’s different because he’s the one that caused all the food shelter business. He’s he’s the one that caused all the problems with the food shelf. That’s when I’m going to be okay so when you say if it’s if he wants that torn down and we had to have to adhere to that and he was coming down well now I have to tear that down to stay up until it’s over but then it is coming down. So you know we can’t come to both ways you know, you got


to match we’re happy even I don’t even wait that’s that’s literally ridiculous. And I don’t think they really did he made me tear back the one I think job because it was there

Betty Siegferth  16:08

whenever they have the authority so that’s another story to go through.


So the bottom line is is that this was a deal between zoning and that he has broken the deal.

Betty Siegferth  16:19

Yes. Okay.

John Lampe  16:21

We have kept it for 20 prosecutor’s office so I make a motion to adopt the resolution to adopt birds. Roll call them John. Yes, Nick. Yes. Yes. I don’t like it. Yes. I don’t like everything import it if you want something signed copies


so they still they still have to turn I haven’t got st Jovetic.


There, Roger area,

John Lampe  17:11

and they’re gonna they’re gonna leave a little bit of it because the electric box is there. That hasn’t been a dielectric and that goes to the old school in the back. So there’s going to be a little something there.

Sue White  17:22

Is it is that going to go on their property?

Betty Siegferth  17:25

No, they found out see what happened to that when was the gentleman who lived there? There’s a couple Morning Mario one day or they even went up to the courthouse because Carl Baldwin was one of them. The game so many people because of where it was you know that they’re there and for future bar you said I’m gonna just give you this nice they had a survey they’ve all taken care of. Well then this guy said no have a surveyor commandments that it was wrong. It turned out the survey or whoever they got did it wrong. And it really is on St. Joe’s well then it shouldn’t be torn out but things are already signed through the diocese through the old priest and they have to supposedly


honored I don’t think so not at the survey was marked gay and I would not turn that

John Lampe  18:17

one off. No if they found out that it wasn’t on his property but it was already signed though that it was going to be torn down.

Sue White  18:26

So they when they size it

John Lampe  18:29

like that buildings in there they took away from this

John Siegferth  18:33

what do you didn’t like to chip

Betty Siegferth  18:35

well that’s all another story. So


before that I know if they signed it when they thought the property was not on there’s actually no boy that down. So they were able to keep it up this year gelato festival, but I guess it’s gonna be down they do have somebody that’s gonna buy the walking cooler. So dismantle that whether it will go back together and that was happening so old. Anything there? Nobody can build anything

Sue White  19:14

that’s absolutely ridiculous. All right, your

Mary Rodenbucher  19:20

turn Okay. Jake, spoke to kills, heating and cooling the air conditioner in here. So it was so it wasn’t my fault that it was no it wasn’t exactly. So there’s there’s three different they’re going to replace a five ton air conditioner completely new indoor horizontal coil, expansion, filter dryer, clean line set and reconnect. Now there’s Three different brands, a Goodman, Daikon 510 13 SPE R three P H for 6000 attempts star and a four a 3605 13 SPE dar three pH or 6750. And a carrier 24. Abb 3605 1013 S E R three pH for 7600.

Sue White  20:34

Can I say something? We’re getting a second call.


It just hasn’t come in yet. Oh, okay. guy that was right. Besides that way, is the best heating and cooling guy. And he’s usually way cheaper. And does. I mean he’s within walking distance.


Okay. So we’re not getting it. We’ll get it out. Yeah, okay, let’s make it even worse. Let’s make a motion of $1,000 for the heating and cooling

Sue White  21:04

but then let’s get a quote.

Mary Rodenbucher  21:05

Okay. Well, we’ll get that. Okay. We’ll call it that, John. Yes, maybe? Yes. Yes. Road Department took delivery of their new Deathtrap yesterday. It looks to UT still needs to have the lettering and I believe the radios put in it. But table one wanted me to ask you trustees what you wanted to do with the old truck. Normally, we would just take it to Edinburg auction. But when you took the other items, you found out they want to take 20% Now Tim said he was wanting to try to talk to him and see if you know we can get him down to pretend like the other items. But, you know, it’s up to you how you want to handle it. Now if we don’t do that, then we have to advertise and accept bids. Unless we tried to unless we put it online for another auction. We sold


the international rescue truck we use a broker tech that was specific to fire rescue and to get a little bit more bang for our buck and that contract was presented to the prosecutor’s office and signed off by them so that I didn’t tell him about that yesterday. That might be no option the ones who were trying to get a little bit more money off I’m sure so like 20% commission but I think in Federalist accepted to see with it bids how much just didn’t think it’s worth I didn’t I’m not sure I truck me with the way the market is damaged was a lot more than I thought was gonna be.


Yeah, I think we take a less vehicle over there and we got more without him get frozen.


Yeah, got a lot more than we thought we would. Everything is so expensive. I don’t care what I do. Well,


and the problem is too is people trying to find vehicles today. Yeah, I shouldn’t let him try to see what he does. And then look at a broker. I mean, he may put it on some different other sites to try to get away with it. If it’s less than 20% 20%


It’s too much.

John Lampe  23:31

It’s a lot auction houses are going into that. Crazy.

Sue White  23:34


John Lampe  23:37

Can you one summer more than that?

Mary Rodenbucher  23:43

And then I would like to request a motion to appropriate receipts 78 through 87 totaling $13,761.58. And pay more it’s 404-634-0407 EFTPS. And vouchers or zero 9459. Oh like $81,403.15 Awesome. Make a motion. Roll Call the John. Yes. Yes, Sue. Yes. Everything

Betty Siegferth  24:25

what was out there Smith’s first name young people do to well, Southfield guy.


He owns property here in Randolph yards on Waterloo Road and he holds a bunch of stuff

Betty Siegferth  24:42

to Smith brothers that gave them their $100,000 for


brokers of less than


27 construction. Yeah. Myth is just too hard. It’s very good. Good. But

Betty Siegferth  25:00

okay, the reason why I came up is after I should have done it, after voting, we’d have our own little summary thing or you know how we can change anything you’d like to see changed. While coworkers if you’re gonna do anything about that day, we had a gentleman that was typically the only one that I see my when I might be going to Bob’s ghetto pizza. For lunch, we had a gentleman come in with a gun on his in a holster on the table. And we all kind of noticed nobody said anything, because we didn’t know what to say. We didn’t know if he came strolling in with the Texas guy with the cowboy boots and everything, and then saying, alright, but I didn’t know what he was hoping we were gonna say something tilbyr, whatever. So I called a Board of Elections today. And they have to check into the Visine. And nobody ever thought about this. She had to take it to the prosecutor. I was wondering about having signs? Because if we would have said something to him, he could have said, well, you have nothing posted. Okay. My concern also is, it’s just going to be starting now. I think we’re going to probably see more of it. I would hope not. But it’s possible. I agree with you, 100%.



Betty Siegferth  26:27

we my concern for myself and my co worker friends and everything. But what if a couple people came in bamboo a woman and somebody gets into a little tip down because of the voting was going on, they got guns like their dad or something would happen. So anyway, they are they’re checking with prosecutors, and we’d have to get back with you. Because they did not know if townships are different than cities. And that’s interesting, because we have just an illustration office have anything posted about no goddess place? See, she didn’t know what it is either. And she said, that really is a good idea. But she didn’t know that they could send something through all of the literature begin to pull out that day, that she says we do not own your property. So you know, or if you guys wouldn’t have to have somebody made up. And without regularly or just voting date, or whatever that gets into concern.


Well, we should probably have something on all of our properties that say no guns, and I will tell you that as what I do for a living, I’m happy to have more than one client with guns on their hips. And I’m like, and I know the family. So I was like, oh, okay, but I was like, and I don’t have anything against that. But I just find that something again,


and I think it’s someone just exercising their constitutional rights. And being able to vote is a constitutional right. I think someone was probably first. Yeah. And again, whether they were trying to get a rise out of someone. It’s very, very, very possible. I have a concealed carry. I carry a gun 90% of the places I go, people have time. I never know what


I do all this time. Maybe they just want to see it. You know, I would like to make a motion

Sue White  28:25

contingent on what the prosecutors to prosecute


the motion towards anything, because I’m not violating any constitutional right of nobodies when it comes to

John Lampe  28:35

drugs. Well,

John Siegferth  28:39

John, the Second Amendment says, doesn’t say anything that you can’t regulate. As a matter of fact, it says, A well regulated militia is in the militia is well regulated, it doesn’t say you can’t regulate.


And again, I’m not getting tired. I’m not forgetting.


I probably continue

John Lampe  29:11

to kill anybody yet, so

Betty Siegferth  29:14

and I’ve never seen I’m 79 years old, and I haven’t seen the day that I’ve ever needed to pack a gun.


I just carry my sight in ways that


I don’t like, Okay, I do not want to put away with my volunteer people are taking their time. And sitting here. I don’t think it’s necessary to have a holster guy because maybe I was suffering. I don’t think I don’t


think everybody ever thought somebody was gonna walk into a great school shooter of a school either. So I think some people, whether it’s their own security or not, but again, I think we need to let the prosecutor do his due diligence and then from there we go.


Thanks for bringing it to our attention. find myself I didn’t know about. I’ve experienced it. And, you know,

Betty Siegferth  30:05

and believe me, I’m not breakdowns, I was just taken aback when I saw that, and I


was tearing up with his wife, and he still had the blood on. And I said, Do you mind?

Betty Siegferth  30:19

And I have no problem with a six pack, and you know, maybe I watch too many too much, you know, bond or all those things. But I just think that way people are about politics and everything, voting and, you know, coming in voting that day. And if somebody hears that, you know, technically, if somebody comes in, you can ask Mary, if they have a shirt on or hat, we can ask them to remove that. You have everybody to do that. And whether they’re going to do it or not, is another story. And I’m not going to, you know, kind of brought everybody with life and death to tell the empty three out of four sort of assurance I have or whatever. But a couple of people that we get lined sometimes. And if you one person leader, somebody else to talk about and you’re not supposed to, but you know, they’ll do that somebody else could get upset. I mean, there’s people out there

Sue White  31:13

that are bending, I think that’s a good idea. And I just

Betty Siegferth  31:16

think what they if they haven’t done all of that, it’s just easy, but I just wish they wouldn’t show it.


If they have just keep it to yourself. You know what I can? I don’t want to see it, John, like Jericho.

Jared Armsey  31:29

So I’ve got the RFC from Terminator 2021 edition. And I’ll read you a section right now. This is Section 29 23.1 to six the duties of licensed individual. Go down to section B, paragraph seven, it says any building and is a government facility at a state or political subdivision of the state that is not a building and is used primarily as a shelter restaurant parking facility. parking facility and is not a courthouse around the building structure which a courtroom is located that is subject to Division v three of this section, unless a governing body with authority over the building has an act of a statute ordinance or policy that permits a license licensee to carry concealed handgun into the building. So

John Lampe  32:25

concealed. But that’s part of our constitutional rights to open carry in the United States. You don’t need a permit, you don’t need a license. So you know, you mentioned regulating the second met, it does say, you know, that shall not be infringed. And I think the infringed part.

John Siegferth  32:50

There’s you can’t fake a gun into a police department.


No. But again, there’s places like you said government entities that outside this courthouse that said you can take him in. I think if you know, we choose to we put something on the building during the voting county saying no firearms with inside the building, you know, and then take them down. I don’t want signs all over the place to people buy people’s constitutional rights, whether it’s concealed, whether it’s open. Because what you put yourself into and I say this to people all the time. Is there somebody sitting in Geneva going to protect my protected, they have a guard up, that’s going to protect me? You know, the government doesn’t look at things as far as how to fix the problem in the school system by putting an armed guard inside. It’s in other countries have it all the time Jewish school systems have armed guards, because they’ve been probably the most attacked race, you know, in this work, but in the meantime, they do it. And it’s seeks to eliminate it. But we tend to think that it’s just going to stop, you know, and I personally don’t think you’re going to fix somebody hell bent on mass destruction and killing people. Now, I do think, you know, 18 year old both those two guys went out and bought on and killed people immediately. They didn’t even own them for a year. You know, maybe there’s a point we look at raising the age to 21 years old by a period where you’re more mature and mentally stable to handle it.


I don’t know that we’re going to have to raise the age


but I don’t want you in that boating group. Building feeling unsafe. No, you know, at all, you know, by someone doing that now. Like I said, I think it was just somebody you And then very wealthy, maybe he was a federal partner. I have no idea. But I guess we’re just a regular. Somebody just trying to exercise his right trying to maybe


he came in without a coat and a short sleeve shirt and it’s cold.

John Siegferth  35:16

He came in to show first time


to put something I’m not against during voting time we’re going to someone have told him, you know, current, I don’t want people. You ladies are the people working there not to do that job because you feel unsafe. So

Sue White  35:44

John said anything?


Well, I want to thank you guys for coming because it made it easier for me to improve that house get torn out because when that was hard, I’m like it.


I think gave insight to because I’ve only heard you recently about it. I knew about it last fall. But I figured out an event to get tore down within Tori brought to my attention here about a couple of weeks ago now. You know,

Sue White  36:13

a lot of houses in the township I

Betty Siegferth  36:16

used to gather somebody’s food by hand with it that I guess is that is very close


to like, furniture there is that problem?

Betty Siegferth  36:23

Well, it’s just it’s on the sidewalks. And it’s right in front of the other houses.

John Siegferth  36:30

How would you protect yourself? Yeah, I mean, it’s Oh, yeah. It’s for me to that ball. Yeah, you can hit you can hit him with a stone.

Betty Siegferth  36:42

And you know, the thing is that we don’t even want to interview the people just to be eautiful. Well, so let’s go. So it was the old one. So if you just wanted something different as


of right now, here if you weren’t here, because

Betty Siegferth  36:59

I just turned up as a student. I’m not going to bring that up now. But I just if you’re going to, if you want this taken care of the right way, by Dolly is to sway Saturday that we sign on the dotted line. So


when I heard I think when you sign on that dotted line, he was telling people at that meeting that if someone wanted to take the house, they would give it to them if they were just moving it to move which corner

Betty Siegferth  37:28

because he also was selling a lot of the woodwork and the folding and


everything. He hasn’t


been selling that out of the house.


as extensive as things are. I’m not kidding. You can knock me over with a feather on that because either you could have knocked me over each post is $300 each post


you know, the wife doesn’t want to tear that house. Go such a beautiful house behind it. I want everybody to see it. Yeah, you can’t see it until you get back. Read every room look back.


But seriously, it has become a major focus anymore.

John Lampe  38:09

Nobody’s prosecuting get back to you guys.

Betty Siegferth  38:12

Yes, they’re supposed. Yes. Yes. All right. Well.


Thanks, everybody. Oh, Jerry.

Mary Rodenbucher  38:19

Do you have anything? Yeah, I just want to backup Okay, I think it should have introduced Max when he first stepped down. He’s from the Ford injure.

Max Swartout  38:35

Yeah, I’m not a journalist. They’re starting a new program of documentaries and if you read about it, some of their Beta documentary but it’s just community members that just want to help out it’s you know, paid so they’re looking for more but you just go and write notes and record take a picture. Yeah, there’s not enough journalists and they need help trying to cover every time I do it. So you might see more of us in the future just FYI. To be retired Yeah, it’s not my questions. Well, yeah, I do. I was just going to ask at the end though. I would like to put it all on the tennis team, okay.


That is something we’re here. We’re recording. Smash man.

Max Swartout
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