Documenters: Deerfield Township Trustees meeting for July 11

Deerfield Township trustees meet in July 2022. Pictured on the dais from left to right: Nancy Cowan, assistant fiscal officer; Kristi Elliott, fiscal officer; Tiffany Havens, trustee; Charles “Ed” Dean, trustee; Mark Bann, trustee; and Vaughn Sutcliffe, fire chief. Max Swartout/The Portager

Documented by Max Swartout on July 11, 2022.

Pictured on the dias from left to right: Nancy Cowan, assistant fiscal officer; Kristi Elliott, fiscal officer; Tiffany Havens, trustee; Charles “Ed” Dean, trustee; Mark Bann, trustee; and Vaughn Sutcliffe, fire chief.

Deerfield Township Trustees

Budget Hearing/Regular Meeting

Monday, July 11, 2022

6:00 PM

You can listen to a recording of this meeting here.


Tiffany Havens, Trustee

Charles “Ed” Dean, Trustee

Mark Bann, Trustee

Kristi Elliott, Fiscal Officer

Nancy Cowan, assistant fiscal officer

Vaughn Sutcliffe, Fire Chief

Denise Adams

Kay Anderson

Laura Lindberg

Stella Lohr

Bill Westover

There were also four additional unidentified residents in attendance.

Documenter Summary 

Before its regular meeting, the Deerfield Township Board of Trustees held a brief public hearing for the town’s budget for the year 2023. The total amount budgeted is $1,279,420.74. 

At the beginning of its regular meeting, the board approved the minutes from the previous regular meeting, the minutes of a recent special meeting and the finance report as presented by the fiscal officer. 

Fiscal Officer Kristi Elliott shared with the board a letter from the Portage County Office of Budget Commission asking the township to send a representative to its meeting Aug. 9, 2022, at 6 p.m. regarding the funding that the local governments of Portage County receive from the State of Ohio. 

The township also received a letter from the Board of Elections informing it of the primary election on Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2022. 

Trustee Tiffany Havens is currently working on the applications for grants, which would provide funding for the fire department to purchase equipment and pay for training. 

The fire department has received and installed new radio systems. Fire Chief Vaughn Sutcliffe is also in the process of reviewing proposed contracts for dispatch services. The township’s current contract with the City of Ravenna ends at the end of the year. The chief is hoping to have more dry hydrants installed around the town. 

Trustee Dean shared that at the board’s previous special meeting, it approved funding for new roofing to be installed on the town’s pavilion, the garage and the old town hall. He said that road maintenance is ongoing. The township will need to purchase a new work vehicle soon to replace one that is more than 20 years old. Trustee Dean also said that there are multiple trees on township property that need to be removed. 

Deerfield Historical Society President Bill Westover addressed the board regarding the ownership of the old town hall on Deerfield Circle. Both the board and the society seem open to the idea of the historical society owning the old town hall, which is currently owned by the township. Both parties acknowledged that the historical society would have the ability to apply for more grants to fund the preservation, restoration and renovation of the old town hall than a local government. The Deerfield Historical Society will meet at 7 p.m. July 26.

The water level of Berlin Lake will be maintained for the season through Sept. 7. 

Bill Westover also shared concern that there is no sign informing drivers of the intersection with Mottown Road heading southbound on State Route 225. He said that he has contacted the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) regarding the concern but has received no response. The board said it may be able to help communicate the concern to ODOT.

Documenter Notes

Budget Hearing

Before starting the regular meeting, the trustees held a brief public budget hearing for 2023. The budget amount is $1,279,420.74. The budgets for specific funds are as follows: general fund, $377,120.56; motor vehicles license (inaudible 00:01:58; this documenter believes it may be “tests” or “tax”), $8,225; gasoline tax, $170,225; road and bridge, $86,168; cemetery, $13,751; fire protection $571,661.81; permissive motor vehicle license tax, $36,025; general bond (inaudible 00:02:29) retirement, $10,200; private purpose trust, $6,044.17. Assistant Fiscal Officer Cowan shared that the township doesn’t “have that much money right now.” She explained that this [this documenter is unsure what exactly “this” refers to] is what the township “figures” it will have left at the end of this year plus income from next year. Trustee Bann pointed out that the budget is “just an estimate.” The trustees unanimously voted to certify the budget for 2023. 

The budget hearing was closed and the trustees moved into their regular meeting. 

Regular Meeting

The minutes from the regular meeting on June 13, 2022, and the special meeting on June 27, 2022, were both approved. 

Financial Report

The trustees accepted the financial report as presented to them by the fiscal officer. 


Fiscal Officer Elliott shared that the township received a “Thinking of You” thank-you card from members of the community thanking it for different projects, including the mowing of the ditch near the old town hall and for the new roof on the old town hall.

Fiscal Officer Elliott also shared a communication from the Portage County Office of Budget Commission. The letter reminded the township that it has received a share of funds from the State of Ohio’s local government fund. Currently, the funds are distributed according to an alternative formula which has been in effect since 2018 and will be until the end of 2023. The commission will host a meeting at 6 p.m. Aug. 9, 2022, to which a representative from each local government is asked to attend. It will be held in the public meeting room of Reed Memorial Library in Ravenna. 

Elliott shared a letter from the Board of Elections of Portage County notifying the township of the primary election to be held Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2022. Assistant Fiscal Officer Cowan addressed the present community members to inform them that the election is to vote for state senators and representatives. 

Tiffany Havens, Trustee

Trustee Havens shared that she is working on grants for the fire department to cover the cost of equipment and training. 

Fire Department

Chief Sutcliffe shared that the department has had 292 calls since the beginning of the year. The department also completed one inspection this month. 

One of the trucks has received some maintenance work which cost around $1,900. 

The chief is waiting on repairs to be done involving a panel associated with a garage door at the station. 

The department has received money for the new radio system that was recently installed. $23,838 was mentioned. [This documenter is unsure from whom or what the money was received and whether the $23,838 was received or spent.]

The chief has received two proposals for dispatch service for the coming year, as the current contract with Ravenna ends in December. Chief Sutcliffe shared that he does not believe cost will be different between the received proposals. He will have a recommendation at the next meeting. Trustee Dean asked if Chief Sutcliffe thinks Ravenna has “done good for [Deerfield].” The chief said that he is “very happy.” He plans to meet with Ravenna and Portage County to ask questions regarding the proposed contracts. 

The radio system mentioned above that was recently installed includes five “mobiles,” one base, and 14 handhelds. Deerfield is waiting on a couple other departments to get their new systems installed so that dispatch can change all the department communications at once. The chief hopes that is completed by August. 

The Kent Fire Department has agreed to sell three Scott Air-Pak SCBAs, which the chief explained is the breathing apparatus used when firefighters enter areas with smoke. Kent FD has also agreed to sell six “bottles” to Deerfield. The chief also shared that the department is waiting on a grant to replace all its Scott Paks as well. 

The chief informed the trustees that he had the assistant prosecutor review his plan to ask residents for their permission to construct infrastructure for “dry hydrants” on residential properties. The chief explained to all in attendance that dry hydrants are basically pipes that go into a pond and come up near a road or driveway for fighting fires in any weather conditions. He shared that there are currently four around the township, and he would like to add more. The township received a grant to buy the equipment to install such hydrant systems a couple years ago. 

Road, Cemeteries, Buildings and Grounds

Trustee Dean shared that crews are continuing to patch various roads in between mowing and other various tasks the crews are completing. After patching is complete, the crews will move on to bigger road projects. 

Trustee Dean informed the trustees that they will need to begin looking into replacing a service vehicle that is more than 20 years old. 

Trustee Dean shared that there are four or five dying or dead trees in the cemeteries that need to be removed. He said there is money available for the project [00:15:38 inaudible; this documenter is unsure of the source of the money mentioned]. 

Dean also mentioned that the trustees approved funding for new roofing for a pavilion, the township garage and the old town hall at its last special meeting. 

Public Comment

Deerfield Historical Society President Bill Westover shared a statement with the trustees regarding the old town hall on Deerfield Circle. Westover started his statement by acknowledging the likelihood that the township would not want to be responsible for the maintenance and repairs of a building it does not use. The building he was describing is the old town hall on the circle. He noted that the society is grateful that the township has allowed the society to make its home in the old town hall since 2002. President Westover went on to explain that there are several ways the society could assist the township by absorbing the costs associated with maintaining the old town hall. One option is that the society could exchange its other property on State Route 224 for ownership of the old town hall, which the township currently owns. Another option is for the society to attempt to sell the other property. President Westover noted that the property in question on State Route 224 is likely not large enough for any home or business, and that any sale of the property would best be to an adjacent landowner, either by the society to then use the funds to purchase the old town hall or by the township after an exchange is made for the old town hall. He said that once the society owns the old town hall, it has resources to grant money for preservation, restoration and/or renovation, and also from a state society the local society has recently joined. Westover asked the board whether such a sale or exchange would include the yard next to the old town hall. Trustee Bann shared that the township has the “manpower” to mow the area in question, and that he would still like the township to maintain the grounds. However, Trustee Bann acknowledged that if the township is no longer the owner, it may not be able to legally maintain the grounds. He shared that he would like the township to maintain the open area next to the old town hall on its east side. He said they could keep it a green space but also expand the parking area and add a few picnic tables. Resident and Historical Society member Stella Lohr shared that the reason the space on the east side of the building has not been mowed is because there are many wildflowers that they are trying to mark off. She said the area is going to be made into a little park. Trustee Bann says he wants the township to have that property so it can excavate it, plant grass and put in a parking lot. Stella Lohr said the society would do that. Trustee Dean stated that there are few grants for historical preservation that can be received for properties owned by governments, indicating the benefit of having the society take ownership of the building. This discussion brought up the fact that Deerfield has no zoning laws. Trustee Dean shared that should the trustees take ownership of the society’s property on State Route 224, they would not resell it and that the board wants it to remain an open space as well. Trustee Havens shared that any exchange of properties would be a fair trade so that the board is not “giving away things that belong to the town.” Trustee Dean said the prosecutor believes the two parties may be able to find an exchange that would be fair. Trustee Havens pointed out the utility issue of the old town hall that would need to be addressed. She said the township is paying the electricity right now, which includes the digital sign outside the building. Trustee Dean shared that Ohio Edison informed him that it could put a meter on the sign so it could be billed to the township instead of the society should the society receive ownership of the building. Trustee Havens shared her willingness to entertain the idea of transferring ownership of the old town hall to the historical society by some fair exchange, while also sharing a concern of what happens to the property if the historical society were to disband at some point in the future. Trustee Dean said that should the township receive ownership of the open lots currently owned by the society, the township would mow and maintain the lots like it does with the rest of its properties on the circle, cemeteries, etc. He said that the “guys are doing a great job.” The Deerfield Historical Society will have a meeting at 7 p.m. July 26. President Westover hopes that a representative from the Deerfield Township Board of Trustees will be present. 

General Information 

Trustee Dean shared with the meeting attendees that the Board of Engineers had a meeting last week and that it decided to maintain the level of Berlin Lake until Sept. 7. Trustee Dean did go on to explain that the engineers could choose to not maintain the level in the case of extreme drought. He went on to remind the attendees that two to three years ago, County Commissioner Sabrina Christian-Bennett and other local representatives went to the Pentagon and met with officials, resulting in the funding for a study of the lake which led to a determination that is related to the decision to maintain the water level of the lake until Sept. 7. Trustee Dean added that it was “a good thing for all the businesses on the lake and everything and [the] community as a whole.”

Public Comment 

Bill Westover shared with the board that yesterday, July 10, 2022, while at the town hall for the concert of the Deerfield Community Chorus, of which he is the director, he moved the United States flag which is located inside the hall and noticed that the flag was not connected at the top of the pole. He said that he did repair it with a safety pin but told the board it may want to check it out. 

Resident Kay Anderson asked the board what happened to the shepherd hooks that were removed from the cemetery. Trustee Bann directed Anderson to go see Road Supervisor and Cemetery Sexton Tim [Suderman] or Building and Grounds Supervisor Gary [Leifheit] “down there.” [This documenter believes “down there” refers to the township garage.]

Bill Westover informed the board that he has contacted the Ohio Department of Transportation twice regarding the absence of a sign informing drivers of the intersection with Mottown Road on State Route 225 southbound. 

A resident who did not identify herself shared that she is thankful to the township for how beautiful Deerfield Circle looks with all the flowers. She also went on to say that “Deerfield is not a secret anymore.” She mentioned Berlin Lake and how the “Corps came through.” As a result, she said there is “so much” money coming to the lake. Her comments about the beauty of Deerfield Circle led to Trustees Dean and Bann acknowledging the pride the township and its crew takes in maintaining the spaces. Trustee Havens acknowledged the many volunteers that help beautify the town’s spaces as well. She also went on to say she hopes the town is proud of its updated park as well. She said she thinks an updated park is something everyone in the community wants to see but acknowledged that it takes time. “I hope that will be something that people know Deerfield for again as well,” she said.


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Deerfield Trustees 7/11/2022

Tue, 7/12 11:27AM • 43:50


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Nancy Cowan, Vaughn Sutcliffe, Max Swartout, Tiffany Havens, Bill Westover, Laura Lindberg, Stella Lohr, Kristy Elliott, Ed Dean, Mark Bann

Mark Bann  00:11

Just to be honest, you got a glasses. What are you glasses? By? You know what? The last one that I bought? It lasted a week and they lost their one 300 bucks. Yeah, okay, we all stand for the Pledge please. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Welcome, welcome. Welcome. All right. If you guys had a chance to look at the meeting from the June 13 minutes What’s that sermon? You start with the budget? Well, we can start with the budget. Okay, carry on living. What’s interesting to me is give me okay, we need to certificate of the county budget commission. This is the budget for for us period. Beginning 2023. What’s gonna give you the total for everything 1.279 point $1,279,420.74. Anybody would like to see the budget or if you’d like me to read the individual. Guys like to hear that. Okay. The general fund is $377,120.56 motor vehicle license test. 1225 Gasoline technics, a 175 or $170,225. rode in Bridge 86,001 68. Cemetery. 13,007 51. Fire Protection $571,661.81 permissive motor vehicle license tax $36,025. General bond, no retirement 10,200 and private purpose, purpose trust $6,044.16.

Nancy Cowan  02:41

We don’t have that much money right now. This, this is what we’re finishing with a hammer left in the end of this year, plus everything that we’re going to have coming in next year. That’s why the pictures

Mark Bann  02:57

we don’t have this is just an estimate. Yes. Just an estimate. So I will make a motion that we certify the budget beginning January 120 23. I’ll second that. Yes. Roll call? Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay. That was go to the minutes of the meeting. June 13. We close the hearing and open mind for me make a motion we close the budget. Meeting.

Ed Dean  03:38

I’ll second. Yes. Roll call setting. Yes. Yes.

Mark Bann  03:44

Yes. Now I can go. All right. The regular meeting. June 13 2022. The minutes I get that chance to take me get those

Ed Dean  03:58

I’ve looked at my retinal scanning addition to pressure changes. Now they look fine. Can I get a vote? I will make a motion to accept. I’ll second


and Yes. Yes. And yes. Yes.

Mark Bann  04:15

I am going to jump over to the special trustees meeting on June 27. So anything that was for the roof, anything?

Ed Dean  04:30

I don’t see any changes. Can we make an

Tiffany Havens  04:34

assessment? No, that is what we decided to do. Can I get a motion? I make a motion to accept this special Trustee meeting on June 27 2022. As is


second? Yes. Yes,

Ed Dean  04:51


Mark Bann  04:53

Yes. And last but not least is the financial

Ed Dean  05:00

I think you need to tell us about this Christie Herbert just has an issue. I’ll make a motion to accept the financial report as presented to us.

Mark Bann  05:19

And yes,


roll call to the Yes. Yes.

Mark Bann  05:24

Yes. All right. How about communication? Christy?

Kristy Elliott  05:32

We received a thinking of you thank you card. Some comments. Thank you for more limber. Thanks for mowing the ditch behind the Old Town Hall and also for the new move. We’re very grateful. Thank you Jan dams. You’re awesome. Tiffany mill. Scott. Thanks for all you do. paddy field. Thank you for Kathy Kay Anderson and take care of my last recording. And the office of the budget commission from Portage County, Ohio ladies and gentlemen of political subdivisions and governmental units of Portage County. As you may be aware of the County cities, townships and villages of Orange County receive and share funds from the state of Ohio’s local government fund. These funds are currently distributed according to an alternative formula, authorized by the Ohio’s by its code section 37 47.53. This formula was agreed to and authorized by the county commissioners and the legislative bodies in the city’s townships and villages in Orange County 2018 for a five year period. That formula agreement expires at the end of 2023. A copy of the current formula for the distribution of local government bonds is attached for reference. Currently right now and you’re more comfortable with receiving point 895 percent of the stomach fund by the commissioner set a deadline of December 31 2022 for the committee to complete its work instead of the organizational informational meeting of your plan representatives on Tuesday August 9 2022 At six o’clock PM. The committee will meet on that day the public meeting on the Riva Memorial Library located at 167 East Main Street now. Please select a representative as soon as possible and have him or her present present at that meeting. If you have questions please contact the record commission Secretary Esposito. The board of election supporters county Ohio is notifying years of challenges with the primary election to be held on Tuesday August 2 2022.

Nancy Cowan  07:38

We have Mr. As to vote for your state senators and representatives

Ed Dean  07:48

and that’s it just that there’s two things that’s happening very slowly Folsom Frank

Tiffany Havens  07:59

definitely do you have any well working on some grants with volunteer for the fire department hoping to get a little bit of money for some training equipment and things that’s all I have.

Ed Dean  08:14

I have no additional under communications.

Mark Bann  08:16

Nor do I let’s go the fire turbine.

Vaughn Sutcliffe  08:20

All right. We’ve had three nine calls last week. Were 292 calls for the year one inspection this month. No communications apparatus 1413 pumper brakes and then replace the trucks been pm as far as the chassis goes. And his $1,900 There are about 10 entities

Ed Dean  08:46

and some change 19 items have changed but dependency they replaced two drums and all the brake shoes back there and they did a complete pm on it changes all the floods, filters and all that kind of stuff which it do for center.

Vaughn Sutcliffe  09:00

station maintenance I’m still waiting on as for the 1411 main station garage door to fix that lock panel membership no change finances. We have received money already for the March radio system that we have just recently installed. It’s $23,838. And then I have so far I’ve received two proposals for this back service and becoming here or dispatch contract is up to December this year with Ravenna and so far it looks like it won’t be any more expensive no matter which way we go. So I’m still looking into that and I’ll have a recommendation in the

Ed Dean  09:47

next week and you think revamp has done good for us. Oh I did. I have seen no really no issues when he just asked me.

Vaughn Sutcliffe  09:55

No, I’m very happy. Okay, but I just want to make sure I look at All pages before I make that decision or make a recommendation, I should say, so I’ll be having that coming up next meet I want to meet with Ravenna and Portage County just have some questions on their contract equipment, all the large radios that we just got paid for it has been installed. Five mobiles, one base, 14 handheld, we’re now waiting on a couple of the other departments to get their radios installed so that the dispatch center changes all over at once, instead of having a couple on one radio to one another. So we’re hoping that’s going to be done by August 1. Kent Fire Department has agreed to sell us three Scott airbag SCBAs as the breathing apparatus and go and smoke in six bottles for the cost of 150 bucks. They got all new bottles, and they had heard they got all new packs. And they had some that was still good. Wasn’t that a service yet, and most of ours are

Ed Dean  11:03

so leaves our own service. Yeah, but for how long? They got another three years.

Vaughn Sutcliffe  11:07

So so and we’re we’re waiting on the grant, we got a federal grant out, right, right or recourse to replace all our contacts. So

Mark Bann  11:18

150 bucks, we can get there, right? Three of them. So

Vaughn Sutcliffe  11:21

that’s going to be like a link for Nancy here. So that’s where we’re that actually I’ve already got it as of now. I also give you guys a copy, I had the assistant prosecutor go over what I had, as far as an easement for dry hydrants that we’ve used in the past, he brought it up to date. And he thinks this would work well for us. I just kind of like to get you guys fulfilled work, make sure it’s okay before I start showing them to property owners as I go and get their permission put in dry hydrants.

Ed Dean  12:00

This is the updated from computer that was

Vaughn Sutcliffe  12:06

just let everybody know, a dry hydrant is basically a pipe that goes into loves on that comes out to either road or driveway so that we can get water from that bond, whether it’s frozen, or you know, when we can get our trucks up next to the pond. So it just makes it quick, easy, quick connect to the pond and all weather applications. So we do have four of them around the township now and I’d like to add a few more get water sources closer to where we may need them. We did get a grant a few years ago to purchase the equipment.

Mark Bann  12:43

Do we know how much of each drag.

Vaughn Sutcliffe  12:45

I don’t have that with me. But we’ve already got all the fittings and fighting and everything come in agreement here to go. So it’s,

Ed Dean  12:54

it will change somewhat because of having to have some excavation and stuff down like that. But yeah, we do have fittings and stuff.

Vaughn Sutcliffe  13:02

It would just be a matter of timing, whether we get over our road crew to help install it or we would have to hire or the donation from a contractor to help take the trench and put it in YouTube’s environmental install, once we had an operator or something down the water, stick it in there. So as I give permission, and I will bring them to you individually as they give us permission to be on the property. And that’s all I have is everything that I do not I have nothing

Mark Bann  13:46

to take road in the road and cemeteries Grove

Ed Dean  13:50

cemetery and buildings and grounds. Last week, they put down a patch review six times patch holes and stuff in the Rose. Patching is continuing as as they get worked in the schedule between mowing and other things, we have no one and then we’re gonna move to the bigger where you don’t basketball and spread rolling stuff so that that will get done to quite a bit of that to do yet we’ve approved most of the material that we need to do you have to sell it. That’s all I have no roads, equipments, all of that and everything other than we knew how to get around figuring out what we’re going to do with that 27 year old truck that needs replaced, but we can talk about that at a later date. And we do have to start looking into the match.

Vaughn Sutcliffe  14:31

I give the guys a number and an email address of a guy that has contacted me about replacing fire trucks and stuff that he works for multiple dealers and so he said that they do deal in dump trucks and trucks also so that might be one other place to buy them.

Ed Dean  14:51

Cemetery’s mowing is continuing with 20 other much needed projects and everything right now. It’s not grow very much they’ve got a pretty well we need it up With a few funerals that went well and opponents with that need to look into getting select dead and or dying trees removed from our cemeteries. So with that I’m going to little history we’ve got four or five different cemetery or two big old trees or Rock Hall in the middle, they’re going to fall down. They’re going to damage our fence and Deerfield are going to damage headstones or having a good day for bigger limited fall kill somebody hard so cemetery has about for about the same situation that hollow rock would already fold down everything. We have the arco money available to us we’ve been talking about this for four or five years getting those trees taken out we just don’t have the money to do with this expensive project. I think we need to move forward with getting those looked at and getting bids to take those down and and and then stumps ground out afterwards. So I would like to entertain a motion to make that motion to get those trees looked at and get some gifts to take them down. And then we’ll get some bits of paper stumps out after that. We’ll try and get this done before the next meeting. Use his or her money to fund this one of

Mark Bann  16:11

the trees the one next to the old stone building in the

Ed Dean  16:15

Masai and there you have that whole sentence.

Mark Bann  16:19

Yeah, I’ll make it. I’ll second that motion.

Ed Dean  16:22

Yes. Now this is only for bits. So yes.

Mark Bann  16:28

Mark? Yes.

Ed Dean  16:32

Okay, most of the buildings and grounds and everything we had that special meeting we talked about that was we’re gonna do some roof replacement of the arco money pavilion department back there. So we can very bad township rocks down there was leaking and meets a lot of repair and the roof at the Old Town Hall needs replaced, we have a special meeting that will be approved using our money to fund the replacement level there’s three groups

Tiffany Havens  16:58

and it sounds like that is going to happen sooner than later.

Ed Dean  17:02

Other than the old town hall will be a couple of weeks later than the other day,

Tiffany Havens  17:05

it takes longer to get the takes longer to get to material.

Mark Bann  17:09

Well, there’s a couple things you have to do with that to the prep. Yeah, so that one’s gonna take longer than you know just the standard

Ed Dean  17:17

route. Chimney up here is way high and skinny, there’s a big metal turnbuckle goes back to the roof and screwed into the roof. We’re going to take about 10 footer that chimney off down to where that’s at so that we don’t have to run a big ugly buckle onto our new roof and everything that was put on there just because it was so skinny and tall. We don’t use that chimney or can’t ever see it being used again. So our guys we’re going to take it down to a level where it’s safe that it wouldn’t fall and cabinet and it will it will be there we’re not gonna take it down below usable height but we are going to take some of that off of there before they put your roof on. I hate it but then they move on. They have to put big screws and bolts who are new metal. Hold that champion that’s just asking for Alright, that’s all I haven’t noticed the ground stuff, but I know you’re here for a reason. So

Mark Bann  18:08

yeah, it must be the Old Town Hall. So what do you got?

Ed Dean  18:14

YouTube and stuff so

Bill Westover  18:15

well. I guess the best thing for me to do is just read the statement that I prepared for you guys. It is common sense that a town hall would most likely like to not have the responsibility of maintaining a building that they do not use is over 150 years old. Has a leaky slaver, no heed and a failing foundation.

Ed Dean  18:42

Do we want to talk about individual sessions? Do you want to read the whole thing?

Bill Westover  18:45

I thought I’d read the whole thing. Okay. Within your township we have the Deerfield historic society whose motto is preserve, promote and protect and it’s racist, graciously thankful for the ownership for the township that has allowed us to pull this historic structure home since the New Town Hall opened in 2002. I think it was. There are several means by which to preserve, promote and project the Old Town Hall and resolve the current expenses absorbed by the township and it’s up. Here is the beginning and not a complete list, beginning and not a complete list. Number one the Historical Society owes property on State Route 14 to 24. East on both the South and North sides of the road acquired through the land bank, which we are now free to do with as we please. When acquired Our goal was to keep this open this as an open green space. In and of itself. We do not believe that there isn’t enough land to build a bone or open a business. There has been discussion that the township might consider a trade of some of this property in exchange for ownership of the Old Town Hall. All townships are dead sell the land to an adjacent landowner. And again, we would hope for open green space. The historical society could attempt to sell the property most likely to an adjacent land over, providing us the funds to purchase the Old Town Hall. We would hope the new owner would maintain the property as open green space however, with no zoning that cannot be assured. Once the Old Town Hall, town hall is owned by the Historical Society, it has resources for grant money for preservation restoration, Amador renovation through a state society that we recently joined questions, we have heard that the township has accepted a bid to put on a new roof is that true? Well, that was answered your moments ago with the old town out townhall com with the lawn on the west side of the building,

Ed Dean  20:58

shirt goes with the property,

Mark Bann  20:59

here’s what here’s my thought, I’d like to make be able to maintain around that circle to keep it mowed. To keep it nice, you don’t mean all the quadrants in that circle, that would be part of that mowing right there. I mean, that’s part of that circle. So, you know, that could be something we have to talk about, we have the manpower to be able to mow that and keep that. Keep that nice. I’m not saying that. We couldn’t work something out there. But I would still like to maintain the grounds. And if it possible, I don’t know that we can because there was not ownership of the township that we can’t legally right. So the space that I really would like to have is the space next to the Old Town Hall where we can make that a green space. We can put a bigger parking lot in there. You can put a picnic tables over there. That’s not long on the west side on the right side.

Ed Dean  21:56

On the sideboard card the old building came down fisherman

Mark Bann  22:03

Oh, that guy? We don’t own that. That yeah, that’s what they wanted and the survey is through it’s

Nancy Cowan  22:12

all out there. And it will belong to the historical and the reason it hasn’t been mowed. There’s so many wildflowers and paints are trying to mark them off and no witness dig down and then they will know exactly that’s going to be made in tocar between the Old Town Hall

Mark Bann  22:36

and the land that’s what my concern was I wanted that property because we could we could estimate it we could play grass there we could put a little parking lot older towel you guys are gonna do that. Okay, now it will get better. But right now you want to trade the other build the other property down the street there are other lots they are

Ed Dean  23:00

starting to talk about we want to do that work our way down okay, the Old Town Hall we agreed to put a roof on you guys okay with steel roof. It’d be standing secret, which we offered about eight or nine years ago to do and you guys didn’t want it done that well. We that is the money we have available to remedy that leaky roof.

Bill Westover  23:22

Nobody’s gonna guarantee slavery in this time

Ed Dean  23:25

right now so Okay,

Tiffany Havens  23:27

we have investigated and did not look at Yes,

Bill Westover  23:31

that’s that’s okay back then. Maybe that was not the case. But today I realized that slavery is not something you’re going to get somebody to guarantee that we’re

Ed Dean  23:40

right Okay, so we got to you guys who agree with that? No, he’s gonna take a little bit of skepticism that there is a 95% proficient first scenario and the reason there’s no heat is nobody buys the feel for the rest he did not build a 95% efficient furnace that we put in with no packet rate money so that there is heat in the building you just need someone to pay for the fuel. So that’s not going

Tiffany Havens  24:11

to be remedied doesn’t need an H fast system in

Ed Dean  24:16

your short term center to all you guys kind of deal with their bills if you want eveness order propane tank ready it’s ready to go. We have we can order in our

Mark Bann  24:29

state Oh absolutely. Yeah bring out

Laura Lindberg  24:32

the lions.

Mark Bann  24:33

Yeah. Well anywhere even New Salem wherever wherever you want to get propane but they’ll bring you a tank.

Tiffany Havens  24:40

Furnace as far as we know

Bill Westover  24:41

I can I can I can say wherever you’re from. I don’t remember that the furnace is not compatible. Something about it not.

Mark Bann  24:52

What had happened was that we had heated there until the propane got too expensive. And then we had I had talked to Connie and said look we can’t do this no more we can’t pay for the heating we’re told her first of the year we are not going to pay for any more heat well then there was no heat than the propane company says nobody was buying it they came and picked up their tank it worked up until that point unless they

Tiffany Havens  25:19

wanted to when we’re talking about putting in electric I don’t know they paid a tap one I can’t verify that I believe the fuel company took their take another train here got

Ed Dean  25:35

one stolen so then the fuel company came out wondering whether other tank was he didn’t take it somebody stole it. So they came and took forever before it got stolen. Also, there were two taxes

Laura Lindberg  25:47

stolen by the gallon one due to lack of use the company

Mark Bann  25:51

right and they were going to use it somewhere else.

Ed Dean  25:54

And they will come and pick me up they will come and put them right Darren in first off. It’s very easy. It’s just as simple as not obeying their will get the first need to be back out. I got the documentation. It’s 95% energy or financial last.

Laura Lindberg  26:15

fuel, fuel oil purse.

Ed Dean  26:18

Propane, propane, okay. All right. Okay, so we’re all good. There’s a failing foundation I agree the undersecretary foundation that’s something that you guys if you had ownership and probably be able to get agreement to get that read down easier there’s very few grants available for historic stuff for governments I’m sure you guys have we’ve looked into before and it’s just hard to get for the government owns itself maybe open up some opportunities for you guys right here just a thought right there. No one everything I’m going to say on the property right dairy if we if we do we’d have gone to prosecutor if we do make a decision that we could drain those other couple of locks on down there for that. We have no intention of selling them those those are going to remain open space I don’t know why you get them off. You guys have solidly no desire to sell those we want to open space to knows everything in Deerfield. If you sell it to anybody. Tomorrow anything that you don’t want there could be there tomorrow morning, after

Mark Bann  27:18

you suddenly sell to the adjacent property owner. You don’t know if they sell it, then the next guy brings in junk car, you don’t know. So Grange basin states,

Laura Lindberg  27:25

we have nothing to soften the township we have we don’t regret

Tiffany Havens  27:31

value this would be a fair trade. So we’re gonna write giving away Thank you to you know, belong to the town.

Ed Dean  27:38

We can’t We can’t give it away to the prosecutor thinks that we may be able to come to a deal where equal dollars to the dollars you give us this will give you this.

Bill Westover  27:48

What Marines?

Ed Dean  27:50

And I’ll tell you right now, unless you guys have plans that that property will never leave the ownership of the township when we get that it will remain open space

Bill Westover  27:57

when we’re talking about the Rock Hall and Jenkins Correct?

Mark Bann  28:01

Yeah, I agree. 100%.

Tiffany Havens  28:03

Well, we didn’t discuss number three, which was about the utility issue there too, which would have to address the utility issue because we’re paying for the electric Oh, that was fine. So we’d have to annex something or make arrangements there.

Mark Bann  28:19

The only other thing to do is dig across the circle and tie into the lights on the circle. But that’s a high

Ed Dean  28:24

lesson said they can put a meter on that sign if the time comes. So we need to do that. So it’s built to us. Ohio, Edison can put a meter on that side. That way the township will pay for that. However, it’s still in front of you guys as property. So we got to get out right there is an easement that that stays there. As long as the township wants to sign and we get our own accounting for

Bill Westover  28:47

the electricity on

Ed Dean  28:49

the actual building.

Vaughn Sutcliffe  28:52

Can you do that? But we have to get a separate address for the power station when we added that. meter on the back. Really?

Ed Dean  28:59

Yeah, probably. But I did talk to have some engineers, Nate come out and looked and they said, Yeah, it can be done.

Mark Bann  29:05

Here’s a whatever the address is there. And it’s a and b, I think is Alexandria.

Vaughn Sutcliffe  29:10

I knew there was a hiccup there and

Bill Westover  29:12

I wasn’t sure we know as far as electricity is concerned with the church. The church’s electricity address is different than the parsonage. Right? What is it about 225 and the other one is State Route 40.

Ed Dean  29:26

But we the engineers had come out and I’ve told them what may happen in the future. This is six eight months ago. Hey look Rashid Yeah, we can we can we can separate that from done so it’ll take a little work you know, with electrician to split to split it up and stuff but that can be done.

Tiffany Havens  29:41

I’m certainly interested in entertaining the idea that I had in that would probably need to speak with the prosecutor about to is what happens to the property if the Historical Society disbands. Yeah, if it were to span If you no longer would cease to exist, then what would happen to

Mark Bann  30:03

the tabular you guys currently a 5013. C,

Bill Westover  30:07

we’re something along those lines, we’re nonprofit, we’ve got

Mark Bann  30:12

5013 seats. So we’d

Tiffany Havens  30:15

like to address one way or the other impure society demands that it comes back to the ownership of the township at a fair value or whatever, just so that that property doesn’t get lost if 50 years down the road that Historical Society ceases to exist.

Bill Westover  30:33

And also, right now we’re dealing I guess that’s a title search or something of that nature,


on the diagram,

Stella Lohr  30:42

that 98 years old.

Bill Westover  30:48

But I’m wondering if


we’re told this somewhere the same

Tiffany Havens  30:57

way any club that has an association that has funds has some kind of Charter, which are saying, This is what happens to our money. This is what happens to our accounts. And so if we were to disband, and I think that would be something that needs to be because, you know, we won’t be here 50 years, but I’d like to say that we did something good that it doesn’t become Joshua’s property because the club expands and it got sold off,

Laura Lindberg  31:26

it would be no different to how society we currently have. What would happen

Tiffany Havens  31:31

to that said, we have permission, not a deal breaker, just something I would personally like to address, or see how we could arrange that split always stay either liquidates growing society or the township. Violence, I’m sorry,

Bill Westover  31:53

the expense of a survey as we are adding with the diver property, okay.


Well, we don’t have to do the survey three survey before

Mark Bann  32:02

transfer the transfer? I wouldn’t do that question for the prosecutor.

Ed Dean  32:07

That’s a great question nicely, we get that under property surveys. So there’ll be a property dependent front and back. So we’ll know or someone that right that is right there, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Using those points right here to do another did finish it or whatever. As mean, that’s a plus you guys knowing and joining lots of pins here. Again, a lot of things to think about and everything I’m willing to look into, and I’m willing to move forward with looking into it. And if we can get together if we can’t get together, we’re gonna we’re gonna own up, Melanie, we’re putting a roof on it right now. We did some electric upgrades and it just got to 95% efficient furnace? And if so, Foundation is a problem. What is the purpose? roughly seven, eight years? So not in less than 10 years?

Bill Westover  32:55

So isn’t it? Wasn’t it here

Mark Bann  32:58

before we moved over there? No. No, brand new one? No,

Ed Dean  33:02

it was brand new folks. We put in a brand new furnace? I don’t know. Yeah. Yeah, when I was a brand new,

Tiffany Havens  33:09

I think it’s only been seven years. So I’m gonna say something beneficial. We’ll have to iron out a lot of details. But I think it’s a wonderful proposition to look into.

Mark Bann  33:22

Yeah, I’d love to do that. I mean, we can all discuss. Now we can’t get together with all three of us because that would be an illegal meeting. But individually, we can talk and take our ideas back and forth and so

Ed Dean  33:34

on or short, a couple of us can go to the prosecutor now and say, here’s what we’re considering going. Can you give us a guideline of where to start, and one by one, we can go down the list and see if we can meet the requirement or not, or what we got to do Tuesday, and that way,


we’re moving forward with the next. Currently we have

Ed Dean  33:53

regardless, we’re putting up new funding we’ve already proven


that Pearson Pearson survey did did our survey last week on private house and Jack Cole realty is guiding us through the transfer on that property. deal

Ed Dean  34:12

but you look around our properties at the circle around thing our cemeteries our buildings here, they’re the guys are doing a great job load and maintain them and stuff. And that’s what those empty locks will look like. If and when we get that done. They will look like anywhere else in the township as mowed and we need to convert the trees and fertilize or whatever. So


I’ve been gone for that giant tree.

Ed Dean  34:38

Now so any more discussion on that

Bill Westover  34:45

won’t be the Historical Society. We’ll have a meeting the fourth Tuesday of July, in this room at 7pm.

Tiffany Havens  34:53

It’s on our community calendar on the webpage.

Bill Westover  34:57

So we will be nicer

Mark Bann  35:00

Okay, so it’s the 26th. There you go

Laura Lindberg  35:04

at 6pm. Now, I have six, we always leave it

Nancy Cowan  35:10

on the minion.

Mark Bann  35:13

One, I think Historical Society, is it six or seven? Okay, it’s okay. I believe that I can be there because 7pm the 26th.

Tiffany Havens  35:24

I don’t know if anyone else could attend to be able to be there. Unfortunately, I’d

Mark Bann  35:31

like to have any refreshments or doughnuts or I’m sorry.

Ed Dean  35:38

Then I’ll come in just for general information. The Corps of Engineers had a meeting here last week. Yes, we’re on April 9 level will be up after the end of September, September 7, September 7, Bruce, lake levels will be maintained. So voters and fishers and whoever else use the lake recreation camp, that is the official that has an official act, and we’ve done the caveat is they have the right to drain it. For extreme drought. They can take it down early, but as a general rule, it will be kept up unless the risk crop declared is basically what they

Mark Bann  36:13

said. Right now we are price six, seven inches low. But that’s because we have discussed we had

Ed Dean  36:20

gone on a long time. Remember, two or three years ago, we went to the Pentagon and well with Sabrina Bennett and met with some generals up there and stuff and their money got released. And you get that new leg study and everything and that extra determination and come up with that’s the long sought after. So that’s a good thing for all the businesses on the lake and everything in our community as a whole. Yeah.

Bill Westover  36:44

Yeah. Yesterday at the community concert, I moved the American flag and discovered that it’s not attached to the PA. I did repair it with a safety patch. So you might want to check it out. You broke it. So in other words, a broken bill. Where do we send the bill to? Yeah. We will we will help you to go over again.

Mark Bann  37:12

All right. Anybody got anything else? Yes. I would like to share with the cemetery. Shepherd hooks. Yes. Well, I happen to I believe they’re going to be down here negotiate Timmy or Gary down here. There’s a bunch of them down there. Yeah, they’re not mine. Yeah, but I think they took them down. I think they are down there. I’ll double check with them. But I’m almost positive 100% They’re down there. Bill, you’re back

Ed Dean  37:44

in New York. back I was covering with decimals. Guys.

Bill Westover  37:49

Hold on all the way now they’re gonna be okay. I had one other issue. I wrote to Oh, God. Probably a month ago. When you’re headed south on State Route 225. There is no yellow sign indicating an intersection is coming up when you get to Montel right. It’s back in science and all the other roads. North and South. So to 25. Montana. Right. Basically, there shouldn’t be a going Saturday. Going south right


cross side. Okay.

Mark Bann  38:35

Yellow intersections?

Bill Westover  38:36

I don’t know we can we can we please call me turn. Because people will attempt to get to 2261 which is the house across the street from me. That’s what you’re allowed to pass. And they go right down there and somebody’s turning left.

Tiffany Havens  38:56

Okay. Did you get a response from her? No.

Ed Dean  39:04

She crawled out a little bit. See?


Is there a northbound sign?

Bill Westover  39:10

Your sign?

Mark Bann  39:14

All right. Yes. I know you had your hand up.


I can be Deerfield discussion group. I think he’s a friend of mine. Good to have on my phone. And I did think the township for how beautiful flower circle books with those new flowers and the flowers that are planted. It looks really nice. And I just want to say that, you know, I think the only people that think Deerfield is like, whoa, that’s like way out. There are people who live here, but the people who don’t live here, they know your couching very well. I went to Miami for camera surgery, and we’re in Brecksville And the doctor came out and said, Where do you live? Your answers are far away. I said, I live in Deerfield dairy free. Do you know the circle restaurant and the best fried chicken? And I mean, and I, my husband might go, wherever we go. And we’ve looked at each other like, I guess we really don’t live way out there. And now that like Dean said, that the core has come through. And that’s 30 years of coming to those meetings that we did. We drove all the way from Bedford. Yep. Yeah. And I have to tell you, if you go on the lake, you’ve got to see with your own eyes, if you’re not a lay person, you need to have somebody gets you out there. Because there is so much money coming. That really. Yeah. And in all seriousness, Deerfield is definitely not a secret anymore. It’s all about data on demand. Well, yeah. And it looks it really makes me proud. Because there’s a lot of things around we all know and I live across the street for something that I wish I could just flip a switch and it was a one of yours. You did very good dad. But a new one. In all seriousness, it’s it’s makes you proud when you see that a good style. Thanks for

Mark Bann  41:30

the hard work that they did. Yeah, they take a lot of pride. And we take a lot of pride in that circle.

Ed Dean  41:35

Of course, we make sure they can spend the money to do and stuff but our guys take a lot of pride in the day. They’re they’re self motivated. And all we got to do is mention Hey, we think this look nicer some those guys just go do it. There’s no 3d Target about why we can’t do it. So they do it. And it looks nice. And it’s showing it’s taken a couple of years now. But everything is coming together with a crew. We

Tiffany Havens  41:55

haven’t and we got a lot of volunteers that helped to

Mark Bann  41:59

Yes, yeah, they like to it’s the new light. If you guys got to see the July 4, red, white and blue that we did it we didn’t get a Christmas one. I can’t. I don’t know that we’ll do St. Patrick’s Day, or, you know, I thought Easter would be cool that you could do the yellow

Ed Dean  42:18

color. We’re gonna we’re gonna leave red, white and blue up for a while because I’ll


take you right into your Labor Day. We probably go

Mark Bann  42:28

orange and black. Yeah, you can well.

Tiffany Havens  42:35

I hope in a few years, we’re proud of our updated part two, because I think that’s something we all really want to see. It takes time. But I hope that that will be something that people know, dear girl for Ghana as well.


It’s coming. It’s really good to see.

Mark Bann  42:54

We’re getting there. Alright, anybody else?

Max Swartout  42:57

May I introduce myself real quick? Yes. My name is Max swartout. I’m with the portraiture. And so I’m a part of a new program of documentaries were called to not a journalist or a reporter, but just community members, reporters, county. And you’ll see us hopefully at some more meetings, we’re trying to grow the program. So so if you see somebody, we just come record the audio. And then we write a summary and it’s published in our weekly newsletter. Emails. Yeah. So yep. And if you spoke today, I would like to be around get your name. So just heads up there.

Mark Bann  43:29

Thank you. All right. Anybody else? I make a motion. We adjourn the meeting and pay our bills.

Ed Dean  43:36

I will second


Yes. Roll call. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Ed Dean  43:44

Thanks, everyone for coming. Today.

Max Swartout
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