Documenters: Ravenna Township Trustees meeting for June 14, 2022

From left to right: Trustees Hank T. Gibson, Jim DiPaola, and Vince Coia Max Swartout/The Portager

Documented by Max Swartout on June 14, 2022.

Ravenna Township Trustees
Regular Meeting
6/14/2022 7:00 PM
6115 Spring Street
Ravenna, Ohio

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In Attendance

Vince Coia, Trustee
Jim DiPaola, Trustee
Hank T. Gibson, Trustee

Gail Pittman, Fiscal Officer

Mark A. Kozak, Fire Chief
Brett Psenicka, Zoning Inspector
Ray Taylor, Superintendent of Service and Road Department
Jon Summers, Assistant Fiscal Officer


The trustees approved to pay warrants of $39,736.88 for payroll and $81,447.05 for other bills.

The township is working to have the recreational vehicle removed, which is sitting idle near Walmart on State Route 59. A mediation with relevant parties took place at the courthouse on Monday, June 13, but was unsuccessful.

The township has received 53 applicants for its open position of administrative assistant.

The board approved Monday, June 20, 2022, as a paid holiday for township employees in observance of Juneteenth. Firefighters working on Sunday, June 19, will receive 1.5% of their usual compensation.

There is a family claiming a loved one of theirs was laid to rest in the mausoleum at Grandview Cemetery in 2015 and wants to know the location of the loved one’s remains. Superintendent Ray Taylor has been unsuccessful in locating any records of the deceased but is working to get the family answers. Taylor indicated he has been working on locating the individual for years.

The fire department has been awarded the Ohio MARCS Grant and the Ohio Fire Equipment Grant, both of which are paying for equipment and items for the department. The department was to pick up a new UTV the day after this meeting on June 15, 2022. The township has agreed to sell an old fire truck for $42,000. The township will receive its new truck, which is currently in final assembly, in mid/late July.

The Budget Commission of Portage County will be meeting Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2022, at 6 p.m. to discuss formula for local government funding. Fiscal Officer Gail Pittman will be the township’s representative at the meeting. The trustees directed the fire chief to apply for the Ohio American Rescue Plan Act for First Responder Wellness, Improvement, Retention & Resiliency.

The township’s budget hearing will be July 12, 2022, at 6:30 p.m.

Documenter Notes

Regular Business

The previous meeting’s minutes were unanimously approved. 

The correspondence book is available in the township office during normal business hours for the public to view. 

County Resolutions 

Approved were payroll warrants in the amount of $39,736.88 and other warrants in the amount of 81,447.05. Warrants over $1,000 were read aloud as follows: 

  • [00:03:19, this documenter is unsure, but it sounds like Allied] Allied Corporation, $2,429.30
  • City of Ravenna, Office of Finance, $15,512.66
  • iWorq Systems, $1,650
  • Jordan Levy Wilson [this documenter is unsure of the spelling], $3,600
  • Ohio Insurance Services, $13,257.24
  • Portage Community Bank, $1,925
  • Shelling Materials [this documenter is unsure of the spelling], $2,528.98
  • Aultman Oil Company [this documenter is unsure of the spelling], $4,274.81
  • [Inaudible 00:03:58] Communications, $2,961
  • Johnny K’s Powersports, $24,595.69
  • [Inaudible 00:04:09] Emergency Services, $4,689.43

Old Business

Trustee Coia opened a sealed bid for the township’s 1999/2000 fire truck it was looking to sell. The bid was from the Command Fire Apparatus in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, for $42,000. The trustees voted to accept the bid and sell the truck. 

On June 28, 2022, there is to be an engagement regarding the paving of Forest Ridge. [The particular engagement is inaudible 00:07:32]. 

Trustee Coia shared that he was at the courthouse on Monday, June 13, 2022, for a mediation with Mr. [this documenter is unsure. Perhaps it is Frampton 00:08:09]. The mediation is regarding the stationary recreational vehicle at the corner of the Walmart lot on State Route 59. Frampton had the vehicle turned around, but it is back in the same location. The mediation was unsuccessful. 

There was a report of possible homeless people living in the parking lot next to AAA. Trustee Coia and Zoning Inspector Psenicka talked to the individuals suspected of this and were informed by them that they were “just passing through” and would be gone by the day following this meeting, June 15, 2022. 

Fiscal Officer

The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation will come to the township on July 26, 2022, at noon to review its records. 

The township has received 53 applicants for its posted administrative assistant position. 

Road Department

Superintendent Taylor apologized about missing the last meeting and asked if anyone had questions about the chip and seal project. 

Taylor brought up Juneteenth being a paid holiday. He said his staff posed questions about it and that he told his staff he would discuss it at the meeting. Trustee Gibson said he supports it and mentioned, “Finally the day is being recognized.” He also shared support for the idea considering the day is now a federal holiday and that Ravenna Township should honor it as well. 

Taylor asked the board for approval to purchase a new lock for the man door in and out of the service department. He shared that the door is consistently left unlocked by himself and department employees. This new lock would automatically lock. The board approved the purchase and installation of the new lock for $645. 

The township has started a project with Chip Morgan on Woodview Avenue. The township will be working on catch basins and drains. 

Grandview Cemetery has had four cremations. 

Taylor asked the board for approval to purchase a metal detector for the purpose of locating lot pins in the cemetery. The board approved the purchase for $776.83. 

Taylor shared that a family of a “Billy” [this documenter is unsure. 00:19:43. It sounds as though Taylor said Mouse; Billy Mouse] claims the deceased was placed in the mausoleum at Grandview Cemetery in 2015. Taylor said there is no record of him. He has been searching for records of this individual for “years.” The sister of the man wants to know where his remains are. A former employee of the cemetery claims the deceased was placed in a mausoleum temporarily awaiting the construction of his final resting place. Bissler and Sons Funeral Home officiated the funeral services. It doesn’t have a record of the final location of the deceased. Taylor has even opened reportedly empty spots in hopes of finding a casket. 

Zoning Inspector 

Inspector Psenicka shared that he has closed six open complaints. He is still working on the complaints involving high grass. He also recently completed an abandoned-home inspection. 

The Sabrina Christian-Bennet Zoning Map Amendment was adopted by the county. The township voted to approve the amendment. 

Psenicka shared that there is an open case to change zoning for some land on Summit Road. 

Psenicka said that the township has received and accepted five fees. 

Also, there are four board of zoning appeals for next month. 

Psenicka will investigate a high-grass situation on Summit Road. 

Fire Department

The department has been receiving items associated with the Ohio MARCS Grant. Once all the equipment is in, the grant will be reconciled. 

There was a purchase order on the agenda for three sets of fire equipment utilizing the $10,000 Ohio Fire Equipment Grant. 

The new fire truck is in final assembly. The township should receive the truck in mid/late July. 

A department representative and a trustee were to go pick up the new utility terrain vehicle the day after this meeting on June 15, 2022. 

New Business

The trustees approved Juneteenth as a paid holiday for township employees. 

The Budget Commission of Portage County will be meeting Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2022, at 6 p.m. to discuss formula for local government funding. Fiscal Officer Gail Pittman will be the township’s representative at the meeting. 

The trustees voted to pay the purchase orders of the following: 

  • $15,000, asphalt for road repairs
  • $11,000 ($10,000 of which is covered by a grant), fire equipment
  • Unknown amount, [inaudible 00:40:16 company name], chip and seal
  • Other items not mentioned

Financial reports were distributed in Excel format.

Pittman shared budgetary changes for appropriations, including increasing road and bridge by $60,000 to cover half the tractor and for additional money received. The trustees approved the changes and appropriations. 

The budget hearing will be July 12, 2022, at 6:30 p.m. 

The officials entered executive session at 7:44 p.m. to discuss employee compensation. 

The regular session resumed at 7:57 p.m. 

The trustees directed the fire chief to apply for the Ohio American Rescue Plan Act for First Responder Wellness, Improvement, Retention & Resiliency. 

The trustees approved two checks in the amount of $25.00 each for payment to the county auditor for business fees. Fiscal Officer Pittman was unsure if one or both checks would be used. One will be voided if only one is used. 

The trustees adjourned at 8:08 p.m.


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Sun, 6/19 9:54AM • 54:49
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Vince Coia, Jim DiPaola, Brett Psenicka, Gail Pittman, Hank Gibson, Ray Taylor, Mark Kozak

Vince Coia 00:00
Have a good night for us definitely works right see ya just heard about it to see you again yes sir, yes sir. This time I’d like to call the June 14th. To order roll call them this box Yes, yes, yes. Yes. Yes on a regular business I need a motion for the approval of the minutes of the regular meeting on May 13. Or excuse me May 31. So moved. Second. Yes, yes, yes of course correspondence forum is available in the office during business hours. Under accounting resolutions a motion to approve payroll warrants from June 17 to 2022 in the amount of $39,736.88 In other words, the amount of $81,447.05 with warrants over $1,000 being read aloud.

Gail Pittman 03:17
Corporation $2,129.30 city of your event officer finance $15,500.66 I work systems $1,650 Jordan Levi Wilson $3,600 for final Insurance Services $13,257 24/7 According to Community Bank $1,925 showing materials $2,520.98 Oil Company $4,274.81 That significations $2,961 Johnny Hayes feller scores $24,595.69 missable emergency services $4,689.43

Hank Gibson 04:14
This is a big one. I make a motion to world second Yes,

yes. Yes, ma’am.

Proceed to old business under old business. Under trustees, we had a sealed bid for our fire truck and we’re looking to sell This was from rain caster County Pennsylvania the CFA command fire apparatus C or command fire apparatus offers a bid of 42,000 for the 9099 2000 Freightliner format pumper tanker for your specifications for sincerely when Guzman president so I believe consistently almost a little bit higher than as a tree is that A was last night and the officer gave it to you I just make a motion to accept that


thanks yes



Vince Coia 07:22
we also coming up the end of the month of June tornado or forest Ridge painting and that’s why you had your big books yesterday Yeah. See here, they also have a business interest a I guess it’s technically old businesses. We’ve been dealing with it for a while. My dad is at the courthouse with the mediation.

Mr. Franzen are being forced to lay down by now are being processed. Shocker. were absent sitting that just emailed with a shout loudly success story changing by the hour. On my way out here tonight, a went back out there and is now back across the street again. Notice that the property is no spaces now. And there was also a report of possible homeless people living in a parking lot next to AAA that’s been taught to read myself was out there before the meeting. Those people are just passing through and they’ll be leaving tomorrow. So at least that’s a good thing. So at the moment, that’s where where we are. It’s back across the street. It’s not it’s not movable. It’s It was totally over there.

Gail Pittman 09:21
So this across the street, back toward

the original title. Yeah. Disappointed in. Yes, guess where it’s been for seven years. And just going back to the Monday’s deal for Dallas, what he was looking for and what we were looking for were way off pace. Bad stuff. So we’ll just move on from there. No more holders. So you want to visit

so your workers comp has contacted me and set up audit for July 26 at 12 o’clock they’ll be here to keep records I advise them that our records are at the auditor’s office and although we did have a lot of stuff in electronic form, so because of that, then we can take it to the audit and see if we can get it wrapped up I think so I don’t think there’s much information that we will get to them. So it is July 26 at 12 Noon also the administrative assistant position has been advertised as of today we have 53 applicants there are several that are good candidates I’m still gonna grow up and hopefully set some interviews make some contacts that’s exciting too early to say how many of them are good prospects for resumes but we don’t

Ray Taylor 11:13
know Rosa Parks my apologies for missing the last page because she did books already Did anybody have any questions since I missed last minute about the chip and still we do

Gail Pittman 11:43
not have that option.

Ray Taylor 11:47
Okay. And we are currently repairing the roads are almost done. He said a break in the middle of July. So he’s gonna get done pretty quick kind of rapidly getting repaired or discussed the GT thing consideration for the update all day. There was questions about it and bring it up to you guys. In the trip thoughts.

Vince Coia 12:18
I thought we had discussions about it last year. We did for whatever reason. It was put into

Hank Gibson 12:27
sleep overnight, but I definitely support it. I think finally, the day has been recognized and I think since it’s a federal holiday, I think a Sacramento township should honor it as well for

our employees

Gail Pittman 12:44
so the business trustees on the backside Yeah, yeah. And I had this for if you voted on it pay for unity modify

message negotiate? I would, I would respectfully estrogen approaching you, I think certain holidays, especially when you’re dealing with collective bargaining bargaining.

negotiations. I mean, I was approaching Mark I mean, that was something we can discuss how we want to handle that.

The holidays are specifically specified, what the days are contracts. And I think in part time contract, they change our perspective

Hank Gibson 14:13
so how do you want to proceed?

Vince Coia 14:27
I’ll let you read.

So we’re trying to keep this service door service crash a lot. It’s not working too well. I’m trying to get these guys locked and keep it locked during the day when we’re done in here. So my remedy to it would be to keep down here and go door so it automatically locks when you go through. So I would like to get that installed on the server store up there with the beacon plus the cost per then 645 22 install that would be a good idea how much is it 640 $6 Before

Vince Coia 15:16
you create a lockdown in your house

and I looked him up and there was I was looking up my case Windows Oh 678 So for him to come to 647

Mac and walk

through the roadmap and live up on Crescent code in open it and then when it shuts

Vince Coia 15:40
so I don’t have to be contingent on somebody

remember I did I did rely on somebody else a lot in a wrong manner

Gail Pittman 15:50
even from the inside Do you just push the door

yeah that open mics behind you I picked up on that because I’m tired I tell him a lot and it’s not a lot because

Vince Coia 16:11
I was thinking about it I

Ray Taylor 16:13
have mistakenly not so

well it’s not it’s no it’s not like Rudl days would allow people to keep their houses on the net fear

the most expensive stuff out there and stuff that can be swept away real quick.

Oh yeah. And I’m even concerned if we had a vehicle outside was caught off the candidate right kidnapping in other areas. I mean, you have it in your budgets. Then that was all the crop numbers the pride tire with the key

Ray Taylor 16:59
skills like to get them installed

so yes,

yes. We will be starting a we have started the project last year with chipboard get out there and what we’re going to be starting we’re hoping to get to it this week. So we’re gonna be setting the catch basins and dragging student yard which was approved last year. We are going to get them taken care of a brand new cemetery for cremations. And I would like to order a metal detector with the law I’d love to locate the pins throughout cemetery you using brookstown is every time I need one. Use rosetown it was kind enough to let us use it. But I would like to purchase one that way we’re here with the Locate the lock pins over there. The cheapest one I found that I thought would be good with $776.93 If you guys would like to see a picture of it, or read about it. I do have

is it like the ones I use for training manuals? No,

it’s not like that. This is specifically to go to a T shirt. Get good reviews to get good reviews. I trust

Ray Taylor 18:51
it’s a digital several a day you’re going to have to have some point. It also be good for the birth department as well.

Vince Coia 19:09
Now I know there’s no shipping involved. So Zack Yes. Yes, ma’am.

And the last thing I have is we have a gentleman that was very well put in a Muslim in 2015 at cemetery Billy mouse was his name. However, there’s no record Oh, no. We don’t know where your people are you really. And I’ve been searching for this guy for a couple years. Over there through all the records. We went through The next part of the CMA billing models, we have no reference. I had a gentleman call me, which was the sister, and they’re up in age. And I’ve talked to them throughout the years a couple of times, tell them what I’m searching for, you know, wherever and they just want to get to where he is. And I told her, I do everything I could to try to find. Long story short, there’s no recommender, and may have searched files. I’ve searched every index card, which has over 4000. There’s no name of him, but he is in

the miles. And that’s what they said, supposedly.

Vince Coia 20:50
Who in whose day?

Well, I ran it is Wednesday. And I ran into the lady who used to work at Grandview and said she remember, he’s putting miles away. And because he had bought the third house and got built, he was one of the ones that got temporarily to, evidently, in Mountain Lake. I don’t know how to record. I don’t know if it’s true. Or for what this lady used to work here, said that he was temporary or to end the big loss later, but can’t remember. Is there any record? All I know, is Miss words. They have no record that could I simply love the serial number casket. I run across one that’s just plays like a match up. There’s no way

Vince Coia 21:51
it works there in a day, and it might have been a part of that.

So I’m searching and I’m getting nowhere. This guy, Rick, Silas was his name. He was a friend and family and older people said that she loved to take legal action in court this at that point, you know, working with him per se now, while let them know what I’m going

to do for us. I don’t know how three or how was that for you

before? Yeah.

You know, the shady stuff. We went on

Jim DiPaola 22:31
courtship that we weren’t responsible for any of their Amiens

Well, I can understand this guy, there’s things that they’re just going to waste their time and money. They’re never going to get nowhere.

Because they have to go to the thinking process that even if you do work, is that yeah. So I mean, that can get very expensive opening all these guys that

I’m working with him and you know, he understands the whole situation. And he sees that I had did a lot of things to try to find this. And I continued. With just the luck. I just thought I’d let you guys know how long it took the T.

Wow. Okay, now, is there any record in the newspaper in the electronic print? Or anything

that I could find? Did you try to find

Jim DiPaola 23:27
that certificate? I had that.

I was just scrolling through all my favorite words that I have in the office,

how much they were looking at and all that.

Can’t afford that we didn’t die.

Right. And then they say that we’re

Ray Taylor 23:44
the best did the funeral. So he did.

But I mean, nobody can say 100% For sure. These are the models.

Right. And you spoke to the old clerk. I spoke to those a lady that worked there.

Ray Taylor 24:00
Take it for what it’s worth. Yeah. It was it was

Wasn’t there a lady that we spoke with,

before we took over

the cemetery. Someone that seemed to collect emails to work with that person and she was helpful for a while. But I don’t think she at some point she did, either. They stopped talking while she didn’t have any more to add to what was the case but he spoke to her. And I don’t necessarily

know why I would say go ahead and see if you get a desert copy of that and see if there’s any information there. The best way has no recollection no no record

It’s they have a record of it in the funeral home where it’s placed you know some sometimes they write stuff down you know they don’t have enough so it’s interesting and sad but yeah, I’m doing what I can and I just want to let you know that this guy gone and they might want to finally encounter something that you can’t figure out you’re not done yet. I’ve been ready to hear I have cracked empty Muslim spots that are supposed to be empty and they open it was empty I was kind of hoping to find the gasket shouldn’t have been there no luck yet

so many technical technically are empty because the people that own the map have passed away

Ray Taylor 26:01
and they are I think there’s just a handful most of them don’t belong summary though say I’m just going with what I think I remember like 63 or 7038 21

Are you more died January 2 2018 Well yeah hell

no show staff making give you

know each try finally try I did I didn’t find my mother’s father using that

but what cemetery have failed to tell you what other shady stuff

your predecessor did

well yeah, that’s that’s the monkey wrench and get

through all her family the deeds and everything and just can’t find the stability and I have no part time or spend three days searching every index for over 4000 Just to see if they grow

sad I bet your navy that desperate to get over that Find A Grave I have no idea where

to find the right information for what she can

bring. Okay, thank you. Yeah, keep us abreast of that.

Brett Psenicka 28:32
Close to six open complaints. Still working on my grass complaints, the majority of things that can come and go. So get up to speed with that was abandoned home inspection. Recently for the land bank completed the Sabrina Christian Bennett zoning map amendment was addressed at the May 31 and adopted by the last May 31. We tribal trustees. We have to set an effective date for that resolution. If we choose today’s effective date there within five days, the trustees will certify and report to the county recorders office and regional planning. If you would like to recognize today’s meeting back in the day. I know that falls within the 30 day window. However, we have a time whether to certify that as well. This is an awkward part of the code I’d like to straighten out because we have to Effective within 30 days yet that’s the same 30 days. Do we know, in short, if we recognize them as effective today, that will give us five working days to officially get into the county recorder and regional planning so they can draw maps

saying one second. So anyone?

Well, I don’t think if I remember correctly, that one meeting that I went to, there was no way from the audience that came to that. And I don’t know if there was anyone after that meeting, the next ones and stuff. It seemed great price, which presented all that I make a motion to make today the second? Yes, yes. With that amendment,

quickly, being put to rest and then another one. Regarding the property on Summit road. It’s a small parcel of land that’s currently residential medium and I believe the person is replanting their residence. Adding that approximately 20 by 80.

Below I would say this is the what’s the size of the Arsenal I think the part that comes into play for the business is overnight.

The rear lot that was extended to make a trade off

with a goal of size that was handed to you

directly. Just

very small. Very small, it’s enough that they still need to get the records stored, right? Yes, correct. Which I had nothing to do with my property notes referenced as the board of southern division. It’s

it’s the series property summit road and that replac has already been put to the to regional planning for consideration. Regional Planning contacted me to ask if they made any motion to amend the zoning map from the township not as yet so we’ll get to deserialize that by permits were issued or fees accepted we have four pending TCAS for next month there’s a draft copy of the legal notice attached as well as someone that

did yeah, love to get a hold of people on Sunday all the time for some not not meet the one on the farmhouse

Constance Norris Norris progress

I had planned I think the southeast corner turned out to be 55 Well, Lakewood and I want to say that the sevens meeting and yes, I posted that and they’re getting called me no worries I’m not familiar with it.

Jim DiPaola 33:39
It’s the one that we they subdivided right back to one subdivided and given stone, white barn and farmlands instead of

tall grass. Yeah back to that southeast corner. Beach east and you can’t miss the tall grass just reading right

okay, I’ll check on that. I know we want an app really on the board it’s 50 bucks so

ya know that was fun. And then the land bank move that one down the route of Leon Sol

and habitat have two properties with a plane stay in contact with guy that never showed up. So habitat emailed me back that they have some new people and issues

Vince Coia 34:32
thanks for helping them out on that issue. Down the road Oh see fire department

Mark Kozak 34:49
requesting you to even clarify something in the event is on the agenda so Once we get there, then we’ll contact Claire also to the press release still need some lights and sirens and so on

we’ll have marks grant played in order and they’re slowly arriving at the main side of that range there’s sort of three sets of players here and that’s the $10,000 or five clerical thing randomly got

Mark Kozak 35:28
close to the player and hopefully we’ll get it back to you just received word today the new fire truck is it’s in no no viable alternative right now

not anything cheap. We should start getting weekly Friday picture updates and it’s still on track for some time we believe

Hank Gibson 35:57
that’ll be in July before you know

any of the trust users builds tomorrow man better eventually they’re gonna do what to T POS they’re available to pick a condition or needed fresh people Vince

or Jimmy you guys are both retired but I can make myself available if I impose it on you guys are scheduled

to be ready sometime around 130 I can make myself available we got he knows they can try to send some of those retirement schedule some notes now you’re available yep She’s upstairs Nice job great to see yes

like every year

that’s all I know stuff.


Hank Gibson 37:30
so close to get in that building. We’d be able to hear I feel like Lady arcs over

here. Would you say keep the trigger your soft spoken down? Underneath business trust these items one using holiday Federal holiday pay for non full time workers. We’ll discuss that a little bit ago. Yep. Make a motion and motion

Yes, yes. Yes, ma’am.

The official holiday Monday.

Yes ma’am. Yes. I am to the letter from the Orange County Regional Planning on the sunblock Bradley spoke about

I didn’t make copies so

I had a three letter from the budget which was a meeting for Tuesday August 9 At six o’clock to start the discussions about the formula for local government funding for the Academy faster we’ll see how strong headed southern

cities are

first the design of the desert team will be yoga that’s what we’ve decided right. I think the more money for Kenyans okay and under new business for the physical office.

Secretary purchase orders they’re going to ask for their 15,000 the fire here for On the Ohio grant that we just received so that we received 10,000. And then there’s the FBI, construction but everything else just one stuff and because we’re purchase orders

were big. I know it’s a good lot because we use them look at probation. Now. Will that be on the outside money? I’m just thinking, hopefully our cameras and stuff like we’re about anyway. Okay, cool. People trying to beat him up and get in my mind. Okay, I’ll start with

Gail Pittman 40:54
purchase orders.

Vince Coia 40:56
I make a motion to accept

Jim DiPaola 40:58
a second. Yes, yes.

Financial Reports are distributed Excel format. Budgetary changes for appropriation, the ones that I’ve already adjusted the revenue budget. So this is the road bridge, increasing advices because transfers are half the tractor. And then far are the additional monies that we’ve saved 1924

So sad. Yes, yes. Yes. Yes, ma’am.

And it is annual budget time again. It must be adapted by July 15. And then deliver so I’d like to have a budget hearing set for July 12. At 636 30

Gail Pittman 42:14
Yeah, just before the break

Yep, boom six I make the motion that we have the budget on July 12. It’s the 32nd. Yes,

yes, yes. Yes, ma’am.

And then the second session discussing compensation

I make a motion to suspend the regular session seven seconds Yes, yes ma’am. session you don’t have to worry that 7/42

Yes, yes.

Yes ma’am.

Vince Coia 43:39
Seven three enter into the record Did you hear that thing? Market started. Make a motion that we have the fire to fly with the American Ohio American rescue plan and wellness, movement, retention and resiliency. The deadline to apply for this is June 17. When it came to stay that used to help agencies retainer employees, first responders DNS so I know

Second yes yes yes ma’am

Yes, two checks since since records need to be taken to the county recorders office for zoning not quite sure what the fees are. So I asked John to write two projects I think they might be 25 but they might be 50 So if there’s two tags for 25 should use both if needed to use both or just one and then we’re just going together so I’ve got a motion to rise check the numbers 23249 and 2325 Hopefully some



yes serve these yesterday

anything else

day off or non union within three to discuss that with the guy ready to strike they’ll be able to do that when chair oh yeah YEAH. Stand Up While you guys might be busy tomorrow with the heat Martin he will get

jobs with some other issues

great to see ya yeah three times so some someone said was down by the stadium Did you hear more pros and cons potentially six


six eight

yeah is crazy yeah market is not sustainable in my mind


the holidays that we have discussed earlier about the memorandum of understanding at regular scheduled township trustee meetings 614 to complete this form limited recommend for holiday employees those full time firefighters and part time firefighters who work on tonight he shall be paid at one and a half times the regular hourly rate for those hours actually work on the calendar day. Date of direct recognize how they say yes, yes. Yes. Thanks for anything else that we need to do in the regular business?

One thing I know we mentioned you mentioned row room you mentioned the fire department. I think we probably need to mention Ray and Brett different food and in that

in the new business besties is the authorized for non union full time workers. Yeah, so this is covering retention

and that would include rate as well. Right, John? John,

John, John, right. The other room

all right. We have nothing else to

add to the

second Yes, yes. Yes, ma’am.

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