Documenters: Hiram Township trustees meeting for July 19, 2022

Pictured left to right: Eric Hankinson, fiscal officer; Jack Grosselle, trustee; Steve Pancost, trustee; Debra Blake, trustee; Rich Gano, zoning inspector. Max Swartout/The Portager

Documented by Max Swartout on July 19.

Listen to an audio recording of this meeting here.

Hiram Township Trustees

Regular Meeting

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

7:00 PM

Hiram Township Town Hall

6352 ST RT 82

Hiram, Ohio 44234

In Attendance

Debra Blake, Trustee

Bill Byers, Fire Chief

Rich Gano, Zoning Inspector

Jack Grosselle, Trustee

Eric Hankinson, Fiscal Officer

Tom Matota, Roads Supervisor

Steve Pancost, Trustee

Documenter Summary

A bid for unspecified road work was approved by the board. 

There is a question about how the funds are generated from the paid fees for traffic violations. The board is curious as to how the Township of Hiram and the Village of Hiram go about reclaiming funds associated with paid fees for citations issued within its borders. 

The board is aware of Portage County’s survey for residents to complete regarding internet access around the county. Residents currently in areas with limited to no service could have service available in a few years. 

At a meeting Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2022, representatives from the local governments of Portage County will discuss the division of funds the county receives from the State of Ohio. The local governments come together to decide how much of the money each government gets. It seems as though the townships are content with the amount of money they each received under the current plan, which expires after this year. The City of Streetsboro is hoping for a larger portion of the funds under the new formula. 

Road Supervisor Tom Matota recently led some work on a resident’s property to solve a water-drainage issue. 

Shari Keefe and Craig Smith were both approved by the Board of Trustees to be alternates on the Zoning Board of Appeals. 

Chip and seal work should begin soon on township roads.

Supervisor Matota has had “no luck” finding a part-time employee to join his department. He also said that the county has two open positions for drivers and has received no applicants as well.

The Hiram Fire Department’s ambulance referred to as “Squad 2” is still out of service awaiting needed parts. “Squad 1” happened to go out of service for one day as well. Fire Chief Byers asked Chief Sanchez of Community EMS District in Garrettsville if Hiram Township could borrow an ambulance for a day. After consulting with the chairman of the board of Community EMS District, Chief Sanchez loaned the Hiram Township Fire Department an ambulance for a day. “It’s nice to know they’re that generous and trusting of us,” said Chief Byers. 

The State of Ohio has started the Task Force on Volunteer Fire Service. Chief Byers said the department has lost two firefighter/paramedics recently and that the “applications just don’t come in like they used to.” He said the department would “happily” send someone to training if they have an interest in working with the department.

Documenter Notes

The minutes of the regular meeting on June 21, 2022, were approved by the trustees. 

Fiscal Officer

Fiscal Officer Eric Hankinson shared that a construction manager whom he did not name contacted him and informed him that the completion of a construction project involving “cabling” which he did not name should be completed by Aug. 17, 2022. He mentioned this was regarding “outside stuff,” and nothing on the inside. [Perhaps this has to do with the new town hall?]

Road Supervisor 

Road Supervisor Tom Matota presented to the board “road bids” for some unnamed road work. Trustee Chairman Jack Grosselle asked if the lowest bid was good. Supervisor Matota indicated that it was. The board unanimously approved the lowest bid. [This documenter is unsure of the spelling of the company whose bid was accepted as well as the total cost of the bid. However, one can hear the company’s name as well as the amount of the bid mentioned on the recording at around 00:10:21].

Old Business

Debra Blake, Trustee

Trustee Blake mentioned a resolution regarding how the township is “splitting police.” [This documenter infers that this refers to the division of funds gained through citations issued by local law enforcement within Hiram Township and the Village of Hiram.] Trustee Blake went on to explain that she spoke with a Susan [surname not mentioned] who told her she was unsure about how a previous fiscal officer for the township went about reclaiming funds generated from traffic violation citations. One official in the meeting stated that they know the township has received such funds before. Fire Chief Bill Byers shared that at his “other place of employment,” funds from issued citations go to the city if the city codes which were violated are listed on the citation minus any court costs. He said if state codes are cited, all the funds from the fee go to the state. He did go on to point out that citations regarding seat belts go to a grant for emergency medical services. Trustee Blake refocused the conversation to highlighting what she believed to be the question at hand: how does the township retrieve the money generated from citations issued within its jurisdiction? Someone in attendance suggested speaking with “the chief” [this documenter infers that this refers to Village of Hiram Chief of Police Brian Gregory]. Trustee Chairman Grosselle shared that he does not care if the money goes to the township or the village but simply that it comes back to one of the local governments. 

Steve Pancost, Trustee

Trustee Vice-Chairman Pancost shared with the meeting attendees that Portage County is running a survey for county residents to fill out to gauge areas of the county that have limited or no internet access. 

Jack Grosselle, Trustee

Trustee Chairman Grosselle reminded the board of the local governments meeting of all local governments in Portage County regarding the future division of state funds among the governments on Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2022. He shared that the townships have been communicating about the upcoming meeting, and that each is content with re-adopting the current formula for fund division. He shared, however, that the City of Streetsboro wants a larger share of the funds than it receives under the current plan. Chairman Grosselle mentioned that a group of representatives from various townships suggest that each government category (i.e., townships, villages, and cities) meet as respective sub-groups and negotiate the division of funds for their levels of government. In other words, the group of township officials proposes that for the future plan, the collective sum of money collected by townships as a whole, cities as a whole, and villages as a whole remain the same as under the current plan, but that within the sub-groups of those categories of government, representatives negotiate a new division of the funds while not changing the totals received by each category of government. 

Chairman Grosselle asked Road Supervisor Tom Matota about his work assisting a resident with a water issue on her property. Supervisor Matota reported that he did some work on the resident’s property that should help, but that he also explained to the resident that it is a wet area and could remain as such. 

The board approved Craig Smith to be on the Board of Zoning Appeals as an alternate. 

New Business 

Jack Grosselle, Trustee

The board approved Shari Keefe to be on the Board of Zoning Appeals as an alternate. 

Chairman Grosselle shared that he spoke with a “Josh” [unnamed surname] and had him switch something relating to the township changing from recycling service by Portage County to Kimble. [This documenter is unsure what was exactly “switched”– perhaps it was the service itself, signage, etc. The specifics were not mentioned. Regardless, the township utilizes Kimble for its recycling services.] [Also, 00:21:42 is inaudible. At this point in the meeting, Chairman Grosselle shared another task he assigned Josh, but this documenter cannot understand what the task was.]

The grandson of a resident with the first name of Judy, who has recently passed away, called Chairman Grosselle. The specifics of the phone call are unknown but Chairman Grosselle mentioned the cemetery in his remarks about the phone call. 

Chairman Grosselle asked the fiscal officer and board if the township received “opioid money” from the State of Ohio. He believes the township received it last year but wants to make sure. Vice-Chairman Pancost shared that the township received an email before the meeting regarding the money. 

Chairman Grosselle received a call that recycling was not picked up, so he forwarded the message to Kimble. 

A trustee of Lisbon Township in Columbiana County called Chairman Grosselle regarding the truck Hiram Township was having auctioned off. Supervisor Matota informed the board that the auction closed and the truck was sold. 

Neal [this documenter is unsure of the spelling] Biggs wants to do an Eagle Scout project with Pochedly Cemetery. According to Chairman Grosselle, the State of Ohio wants someone to maintain the cemetery after his project. The board will further discuss the project at its next regular meeting and hopes that Biggs is present. [This documenter is unsure of the spelling of the cemetery]. 

Road Supervisor 

Supervisor Matota shared that he got the “stump out” near the fire department, and he thinks the township should put a gravel drive near where the stump was removed and plans to do so. 

The chip and seal of township roads should begin soon, but Matota said it was in the hands of the contractor. 

Supervisor Matota has had “no luck” finding a part-time employee. He said that the county has two open positions for drivers and has received no applicants. “I don’t know what to tell you. I really don’t know,” said Supervisor Matota regarding the lack of workers. 

Fire Department

Fire Chief Bill Byers shared that on July 6, 2022, a representative from another organization/business which was unnamed came and performed preventative maintenance on the sirens in the township. The chief hopes to meet the new field representative performing the maintenance. 

The department’s Squad 2 is out of service awaiting the correct parts it needs to return to service. Squad 1 was then out of service for “a day.” In order to have a working ambulance for the township, Chief Byers asked Community EMS District Chief Sanchez if Hiram Township could borrow an ambulance for a day. After consulting with the chairman of the board of Community EMS District, Chief Sanchez loaned the Hiram Township Fire Department an ambulance for a day. “It’s nice to know they’re that generous and trusting of us,” said Chief Byers. 

The State of Ohio has started the Task Force on Volunteer Fire Service. Chief Byers said the department has lost two firefighter/paramedics recently and that the “applications just don’t come in like they used to.” The chief has reached out to technical schools with firefighter programs. He said the department would “happily” send someone to training if they have an interest in working with the department. Chief Byers complimented the work of new Fiscal Officer Eric Hankinson and said he is doing a “nice job.” He also thanked Road Supervisor Matota for his work with the fire department. 

Rich Gano, Zoning Inspector

A permit was issued for the construction of a new home on Udall Road. 

There is a pending inquiry with the “blueberry farm” regarding a treehouse. [The farm in question was not named nor was its location. It is also unclear if this is regarding a treehouse currently on the property or plans for one.]

A storage container was moved on Udall Road from one lot to another. Inspector Gano is unsure if the move solves the original problem. 

There is a gentleman on Abbott Road whose property has debris on it that he “cleans up a bit and then … two steps forward, four steps back,” explained Inspector Gano. 

The board unanimously approved to pay the bills. 

The board entered executive session with Road Supervisor Tom Matota regarding employee issues at 7:40 p.m. Following the short executive session, the board ended its regular meeting.


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Hiram Township Trustees – 7.19.2022

Wed, 7/20 12:46PM • 41:12


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Debra Blake, Bill Byers, Max Swartout, Eric Hankinson, Steve Pancost, Jack Grosselle, Rich Gano, Tom Matota


electricians, flagellate the United States of America and to the republic

Max Swartout  00:07

for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible,

Jack Grosselle  00:13

with liberty and justice for all start off with three minutes from June 21

Eric Hankinson  00:27

June 21 regular meeting minutes President trustees Chairman Group Director cells decaying customer later this will officer hurricane concen settings microchanneling supervisor Katana calling her she still fires Stacy Turner, Andrea Rosler Craig Smith and Mary aanbod. A representative from Georgia highway. Its meeting is being recorded facilitated with men state will reserve until the minutes are approved. Read the minutes from the May 17 2022. Meeting. The fiscal officer structure for the new building we have an initial agreement signed and construction team to arrange for site visits, your retirement coverage or to be renewed for October 2022. called ARIS about four o’clock for graduates baseball field also found out that when I was looking through previous years that Miller and company out of payments we actually used a detect calling them as well. Chip and seal bids submitted for review. And I will tell the comment and your browser resident the township or Mitchell address the trustee was falling, terrible crumbling pavement and stretch of road here and home. Determine that section of Mitchell County Road not maintained by the township when calling 911 recalls bounced around a lot of polls and not knowing who to send to her address and that there are no high speed rail service metrics or just go vice versa neither one concern or trustees suggested this brother reach out to the county commissioner push the engineers kind of engineers to inspect the roadway component and give it some suggestions from the reach out to start with and to get on the waiting list for when they can service that area from this guy. Very humble neighbor next door to the township complex address the trustees regarding rain runoff, killing Sarver trees, Mr. Todd the trustees responding to some changes done to control the drainage. However, some areas cannot be entered due to the soil being too soft and up there I have to get an excavator backhoe and stake. Sorry, dig a trench trench further to better control the runoff. Mr. Matala explain to us about his current trainings for the country property. What the current drainage is for the country province plans for the drainage trench short to ground dries up for old business Mr. Pancoast email my colleagues at the Portsmouth engineers are supposed to speed study for Noodle Road. Mr. Customers I’m sure facility has been done or not. Mr. Maples in the past semester has talked about the occurred. Anything about the David road right away, sir. Mr. Patel stage We recently spoke to them and the engineers are in the process of getting a surveyor material that’s kind of requests. Mr. cosell stated that he spoke to grant Jessel and Grant was able to contact Google and was told by Google that the map issue should be resolved since the government came in Mr. Pena house mentioned that the townships Open House Hall on June 19 in the complex was a great success. He is the trustees committed firefighter they’ll hire a village fire department and especially for technical barriers in the job he did bring equipment in the University of hospitals helicopter to the open house and it was weird why they got cut in there and I will fix that


let’s take some

Eric Hankinson  03:32

trustees also mentioned Mr. Todd the road crew are on there. We’re interacting with folks been displaying the various equipment detention using the service our roads and Mr. docile emotional reimburse trustee that replate for her expenses for food drinks and advertising the open house Mr. Pankow second in motion I have a whole motion mode built in motion all eyes so we can avoid solution to do today’s show 15 Mr. Go sell last Mr. Hands on the potential receiving money from the traffic tickets issued in the townships training as well as one on where so Mr. Purcell asked Miss blank to check with the police department how we did that in the past. The tax thing that appeared during the sale the whole township calls been rectified in the state of Ohio the money was returned to the township. Mr. Gizelle has since retired if anybody touches theater instead of the hot top basketball trailer. Park trailer it goes forever right it’s like what that is kind of Mr. Montana State and the dollar cash we’re interested so he was not just purchasing new business. Minister herself opened the bids for to conceal the township provided by vendors following bids were provided to patients and construction in $2,847.10 for IDI paving $264,655, even in German highway $257,000 $627,642.85 Mr. docile motion to turn the bids in for secondary review to port 20 engineers. Mr. Payne I’ll second the motion roll call vote on the motion all eyes this will become resolution to a two two digital three. Mr. docile introduce Craig Smith as possible candidate for a position on the zoning board or board of appeals. Mr. Smith spoke to the trustees about its background and principal positions. Mr. Purcell motion that. If I should get off my person, sorry for Hamilton to show up your Zoning Board of Appeals within their time a split second motions to become resolution two to two digital for at the end of the meeting, Mr. grossular motion to go into Executive Session this split second motion over motion all eyes on wanting to recommend executive sessions with motion exit executive sessions. You can’t have Second. Second emotion emotional highs. Road lots of downed trees need to be planned or cleaned up other than that I was waiting. Results of the children sealed bids and selling Mr. Ghana will provide payments for few permits issued to the township Mr. Downey told trustees that no storage container property located on the road over told Mr. Gan on the trailer was there in 2016. Mr. Chemical the owner didn’t approve that then you’d be grandfathered in. But the satellite MasterCard website with the 2017. Was that correct? And the trailer was not visible in the photos. Mr. Gan also spoke about the owner of the former both things both blueberries right wing construction. Yes, I have that correct. Fire report, Chief buyers got a copy of the current report reviewed and he also updated the trustees with a resemblance to clean around the basically stick around a fire to allow access for the technicians to services. Please report and main anything to 11 109 miles over 100 hours of control time from the village police in the office with additions or corrections element points already. Yes. Executive Session speaker for important issues. Oh, we cannot have Executive Session. No action game. Yeah.


What did you say? No action, no action? Motion to approve the second.

Jack Grosselle  07:13

And the questions. All those in favor signify by saying aye. Aye. All opposed, same sign motion carries. Okay, all right.

Eric Hankinson  07:28

And the more hours ultimately the house is here for scrapping. Today actually, this morning, the church manager contacted me. So the plan is the construction of the basically installing cabling outside is scheduled to be completed by August. And then the next level Yes, well. That’s funny. I think off the top my head of actual church, but the problem is that it would just be the outside stuff, but you won’t actually see TV inside any of them. So

Jack Grosselle  08:10

so maybe by September, we got five

Eric Hankinson  08:12

oh, my gosh. This is terrible. For because you don’t you don’t want to sit out like this. It’s nice to have


better than when


people find the lawn chair. I call it the hour off, see.

Eric Hankinson  08:37

But we’ll get by didn’t appear to get the result or that. I don’t think we got into the carryover from last week. That has yet to be resolved. So

Jack Grosselle  08:50

it’s in January? Yeah,

Tom Matota  08:53

I’ve got the road minutes here. What do we need to do with them? So if you guys want to move on? We can. Okay. I see I hooked up with my Ghana. And this is the way he explained it to me. So you guys need to

Jack Grosselle  09:11

you guys need to the kids media is the firt the cheapest one good.


Yes. So you guys need to sign here. That x is to increase power sign here. And then you need to take care of this and fill in the amount here and then verify that then

Jack Grosselle  09:36

we have to do a resolution first. I don’t know exactly how to do it.


But we you do that accepting that did and then those costumes I need to get a copy of this as always, but I need to copy these pages to give Canary with one of the thumbnails another blank contract and the more or less I gave him and here’s what they sent along. If you want to read this, the teacher uptake on this election cycle

Eric Hankinson  10:11

was first written

Jack Grosselle  10:17

down in motion that little I do except for a little light construction for the 4710 cents. So in the Washington time, they’ll all pitch in and say hi. In Baltimore the same sign motion carries. So then they’ll work with you. Yes. Right. Make sure to do it right.


Supposedly right now. We have a contract now. And he’ll he’ll my talk. I’ve been in touch with him. See what you know where we stand? And

Jack Grosselle  11:20

let me down, like you said, for us to do it. Sure. So, you know, just by the right along


before we leave tonight, here in the United States and copy those pages, and I can get a hold of Mr. Obi and put that up in his answer story, I want to

Jack Grosselle  11:53

see where we’re at. You want to tell us your your name. And

Max Swartout  12:01

yeah, please, my name is Max sport out and I’m with the portage or so I’m here just to document the meeting, a part of the new program, they just started of documentaries for local government meetings. So I’m not a reporter, just a community member that comes in records, the audio takes a picture of y’all. And then it’s published in their newsletter with my summary and notes. So just a way to try to give our readers in your community. A quick, easy way to see what y’all talked about. So hopefully, you’ll see more of us in the future on the first and only one right now. But we hope to expand and cover all the meetings. Thanks for

Jack Grosselle  12:38

coming. You can see we’re looking at the


median close to the mark. But we’re also Mallamma people coming in


make this a sign that things are going well.

Debra Blake  12:59

Right. Or business out. Just the resolution of that information about how the police have come down to you, Susan, yeah, as she said, that does not exist as far as payments. There is something from the state for some of the collection stuff that she does not know how our finance Diane financial officer did it. Now that she has coming to you guys on the show, we will then you you might want to try to she was aware of anybody in this room as

Jack Grosselle  13:37

I know gaming company struggling to stay present.

Bill Byers  13:42

Okay, at least I haven’t replaced employment. If we write under city code, which is a codified ordinance for the city. The city receives the finally minus report costs that if they read speeding ticket or state code, Ovi under state code, the state retains all the money that so depends on what the officers that that you read the ticket the township, we operate under state code. So it doesn’t make sense that maybe somebody that has stayed at one point and no seatbelt fines go to the EMS grants. When any a trooper Deputy Sheriff local for any officer is a seatbelt ticket it goes back to and I think the question was with how they board the money come from it came back to the county. So that was distributed. Do I have to talk to the chief and then maybe talk to the chief and then it’s lightning and

Jack Grosselle  14:35

see what see how the Chiefs see how to write. I just want to make sure that we’re not Yeah. I thought I truly don’t care if the money is going back to the village. I just don’t want the money. Not going to go into the back. So the second Christmas, we have agreed to use all that money towards the police department.


So I made me a question for the corporate courts if chief Gregory


floating around. address that. If so, okay. Yeah, no trouble. That’s continuing.

Jack Grosselle  15:04

Okay. Thanks. Good to find that out and bigger. All right. So

Steve Pancost  15:16

Portage County’s working on a broadband solution for outlying areas maybe surfing. online right now, you can go on Fila, if you want to,

Eric Hankinson  15:28

do they just fix the euro or something I just came out


and they fixed it a big long. But it’s really that I think that sort of a good run by the Orange County has


been in the works for a while and they just received some funding for additional marks tower or two. And Brian Shackleford, to me are gonna be the one to answer those questions. But they are trying to incorporate broadband, if I understood them correctly, capital I capital F, if I answered incorrectly, that they are incorporating broadband to the rural areas, Portage counties in the same money allocated for the new martyring towers to pick up for the dead zones? They’re trying to make up two for one project that you’re interested in? Yes.


And what would that be?


It’s a significant amount of money. That


is a very significant amount of money. I was I don’t want anyone to tell you how much power costs? No, I’m just saying it’s one of those that the company they’re hoping to start construction, I think next year, because that’s the timeline has changed twice when you’re 25 or something. Okay, so our construction 23 It’s a long term, we’re


putting a new tower here at school school for Mark. So


yes, yes. Yes. So what else what like around 25? The EMA has been working very diligently on this for over a year now. And I haven’t said anything, because I didn’t want to get calls from


Orange County Commissioners, a large sum of money.


And I guess the appropriate funds have been earmarked for this project. Last I knew it was either going to be approved or wasn’t. There may be a chance, but I’m not going


positive. I will live forever.


was one of my several meetings this year with the EMA and other folks. And last year. All right.

Jack Grosselle  17:17

Okay, so we have that the meeting for the local government formula on August 9, and I’ve talked to most of the townships in the north, and then somebody else talked to the township to the south. And we’re working together. And so we’re all set up, everybody wants to just stay the same as we have right now. I don’t know that we’re opposed to five or 10 years. I don’t think anybody really cares if we do it for five or 10 years. When it was five or last time was five. Yeah. And I think Janet can tell that she’s gone anyways. But so and Jana knows what we’re doing. Streetsboro does want more, you know, we told them well, we think Natasha should stay together keep their money in the villages. She’s probably in this together site how they want to do there’s so they shouldn’t get together inside other interviews. I mean, obviously streets and Aurora have grown a lot. And Katherine, and rebound are smaller, you know, it’s just compared, maybe not smaller overall, but they’re comparatively. There’s always been a grid of streets and streets supposedly wandering around with jobs. They had to be able to get some of their money back. So hopefully this meeting goes well, we’ll see I have talked to the mayor of streets but to buy and everything so he’s it’s good for you did you get that done down here from this summer?


Right? Yes.

Jack Grosselle  19:05

How did it work with the rain? We got the two inches we got the I


think it worked very well. I was standing there looking at it. But no, I just took it all the way to the back. Yeah. And I, when we when the day after our last meeting, we opened this front up and she happened to be out there. So I went down and got her we walked up there and I showed them what we’re doing and my son when when when I get a little more time I’m gonna take this all the way to the back. So it’s all the way to the back. And what we did is as we excavated ditch, put the dirt on the backside HRSA first time and you can see that it was run all the way back with this last room we had so it was two inches, I’m sure. So think that we’re we’re in good shape, you know, good. And I did I did explain to her that there was a way around and you know, whatever natural water percolates to the surface is going to keep he plan on well a trainer you know, so that’s what we’re out. But the if you go back and look you can fall on it. It was wrong.

Jack Grosselle  20:11

Thank you. Alright, and the last principle of business is Craig Smith is interested on being an all or none on the Zoning Board of Appeals so we’ll make a motion to put in line is all about second. My question all pairs of you saying Aye. All opposed, same sign. Alright. So we have two alternates for that one, your business okay, your business Sherry Keefe would like to be our other alternate I think we need another alternate on the zoning board. So shared TIF and I forgot to share with various she’s interested in being


on the motion. The second verse is telephone responsiveness


that one person

Eric Hankinson  21:09

I can probably ask for my pronouns are she she’s got it. Probably temperatures at this point.

Jack Grosselle  21:16

Yeah. But then we need to reach out to her because then she’ll know she was off


for sure that you got

Jack Grosselle  21:23

any questions and all those in favor please say aye. All those opposed, same sign motion carries. Okay, I had Josh update the recycling so for some reason we never got a change from Portage County. Kimball so how to do that and then I hadn’t get down for all that some we needed one of those do that with the rapid cemetery had to call a man we talked about that already Judy? unfortunately passed away and grandson calling did we get some paper the OPM money we got the money right we got some of that all opioid money in

Eric Hankinson  22:16

the venue, the second half a second payment.


We gather emails another day.

Eric Hankinson  22:22

Give us a listen to the second payment we’re talking about right

Jack Grosselle  22:25

now. This isn’t that they came to this. This was an open the only thing from the state was well if you can, you gotta say, you know, I got you know, like, Anna last year before we were on. So if I’m recollected right, but I just thought you know, we should check these things and make sure it gets up there so we can get


what’s good or what’s good. We got it. We got an email today. Yeah, we got that’s what that’s what we had another one that had our township posted. And that was


when we got many of them forgetting we still get it just like if we can we got

Eric Hankinson  23:14

a second interview panel that that definitely came in that was the other room because he split into two half.

Jack Grosselle  23:23

Squat. You’re talking about COVID? Yes, I


think wherever the US Treasuries, right, you get a number for

Jack Grosselle  23:36

one of the buildings.


A spoke with Mr. Fund on Friday for another issue. We didn’t have a chance to ask him he hasn’t. If he’d had information, I’m pretty sure he would have told me

Jack Grosselle  23:46

but to get it on


play within the limits posits more than I have for the city of Coronavirus whichever of those in January officers

Jack Grosselle  23:57

Okay, and I had a Leachco call that their recycling wasn’t picked up. So I send that off to Kimball and asked him to look into it. I’ve not heard back from them. So check into that again, had a call from Lisbon township trustee in Columbiana County asking about our distributor I said everything is maintained at the high Sydney is the cleanest thing I’ve ever seen. So I said you guys need to buy it, you know, I guarantee they’ll be really good neural networks. So I don’t know. Exactly. That’s That’s for you for 30 years right it’s almost past weekend auctions. Whatever 50. Okay. Okay. So hopefully they got Okay and then we need to talk about Neil Biggs hggs One wants to do a Eagle Scout project on the potentially cemetery


now that’s all part of your trip

Jack Grosselle  25:20

by fixed that’s going on when you can see from my trail is not really its way back off we know the true Darshan but all in order to do anything with the state they want the state wants somebody that will maintain it after he does whatever he has to do for example project


I don’t have a clue about that. And I don’t think I think that’s always just been considered or private cemetery we don’t do anything. I don’t find me interested in anything that we ended up


so I asked him to attend the meeting so we can get some questions answered. So cheap enough.

Jack Grosselle  26:01

Okay, well, we’ll just let it roll till next meeting then see if he comes you know, my time is show up. To do I’m going to I would suggest that he talks about chatters and see if they’ll be the ones I thought they


approached him to put the marker let’s see

Jack Grosselle  26:18

you’re bringing that I don’t know.


Thanks. So they approached him and put up the phone booth we have to do that. So

Jack Grosselle  26:28

I just got an email. I mean, I guess we need to get more information out there sounds like


alright, we’re everything’s warm off pretty good. I started to do a little work on our job down here. I got the Florida fire department we got to stop and I looked at everything that was there and I’ll talk about the situation on there and I think I think we should make kind of a ground drive going here because His concern was the stock but then he was concerned about that get this duck rush and stuff catches on fire when the trucks run too long in that area so they think it needs to have anyone with a few $100 And I’ll go ahead and make an actual flyer I talked to Bill earlier today about us to be a good place for the police to separate Yeah, I think we can I think we can make I think we can make that’s a unique area when people come around the corner and stop the area now here’s a great big huge catch basin right here and some other stuff I’m surprised at what what was there I think we can make something that will work for us


eliminate the same problem from FEMA Yeah, check the entire center


that’s it I’m thinking we put gravel in or make it up a driveway more or less and if you know the road they can always get in and out. So that will be going along and then the other thing is that we should be looking at getting this chip and seal we’re going to bring soon I mean it’s not a we signed the contracts that contract the standard so we’ll see where we’re at

Jack Grosselle  28:08

with your soul trying to recruit another part time employee I haven’t had any luck at all


I talked to Connie there to two driver opening so they didn’t even get one one applicant for it so I don’t know what to tell you. I really don’t know

Jack Grosselle  28:27

he’ll have an email us I’d say anything from Virgin?


Yes. So yeah, I was just checking into females on July 6, you’d come out and do pm on his arms there’s just give me a day’s notice I wanted to meet the new field rather than he gave me basically a 45 minute window into away from Youngstown so I couldn’t meet up with him. So preventive maintenance on sirens was completed okay I think we just did they said that to


use an attack and unfortunately it

Eric Hankinson  29:04

goes to two different locations one was one was a fuse meet replaced which was e two and then the location I guess near the village or whatever needed to be somewhere else that was another Garfield road location that like they said like the breakers were


off or something and they need to turn the breakers but that that information was available I tend to go to coffee trap. Okay, so we’ll pay that

Eric Hankinson  29:28

will that will come back so I might do I need to redo it but because I had built a list of


new members leaving and make sure the township server locations or the rapids Caulfield mining or trail, the one or two okay, so it shouldn’t depend I mean, it’s for free. That was that was the villages to be prepared at the same time as the townships and as we diagnose the barrier, and I didn’t know that the Center for preventative maintenance in which she ended up so the repetitive maintenance invoice inspections should be Your recent publications and I’ll call it email tomorrow verify that they have always made sure that they really have the email was 40 minutes notice so.

Eric Hankinson  30:14

So we might just wake up at that, because I do have like you have one

Jack Grosselle  30:18

just to make this thing because don’t send it if it’s the wrong thing.


Yeah, it’s got it’s got the two independent as the one for the build. Yeah, so I think when it comes, I forwarded an email to you and Sue. Okay. And

Eric Hankinson  30:29

oh, that’s private with a dragon confused besides sandwiches both for us? I didn’t see her. So alright. Gotcha. Awesome. Yeah. So I have to just hang


on to it. Yeah, but I think there’s two different PDFs. That should have been one from the Yes. So you should have any already, if not all recently. Yeah.

Eric Hankinson  30:44

So they did they kind of don’t want any kind of heel on the rapids


on the sixth. They should have been on all three. Okay, on July 6, and the repair was done in a month or so prior.

Eric Hankinson  30:54

Okay, so that’s the one I think if anything I need to look for is make sure if I have five inputs for graphics that


squat two

Jack Grosselle  31:06

churches as the other would be the other pin. Okay.


Squat two is still a service system chief personnel spent, we both been in contact with Daystar several times. And he spent upwards of about 45 minutes trying to get ahold someone that for higher up on last week, and I don’t think he got too much of a success for the answer that made sense to us. But I’ve sent it out what the reports that are needed that are we’re still two months waiting on the phones, which was further complicated by SWAT one line off the turbo blue. And it was just shy Fatima and our preparer Luckily, they started at the port overnight, the truck was out of service for a day. Initially, I was just gonna run out a squad, I thought more of it. And just first responder manages to utilize mutual aid, but I thought more of it in the context of Chief Sanchez and community asked if he would be receptive to us firing squad for 2440 hours. He’s contacted his chairman of his board, and they said absolutely Lola squad, which they did. So the email she sent just thanking him, I brought that up the constant venture councils aware. So thanks to community ambulance board, and then Chief alumnus marks was getting and we didn’t have to call in 24 hours about a call. We helped him

Jack Grosselle  32:28

out a lot. So yes,


actually, we had a lot of mutual aid and it’s just nice to know that there are that generous and and trusting of us are going to men that work with us the equipment, I would have to if you needed to. The Ohio State Ohio started a firefighter recruitment Volunteer Task Force to give you guys an idea of the scope. It’s you know, we just lost two new firefighter paramedics to Florida in the last two months to take the jobs in Florida want to the job on food and family. And the application system come in like these two, there was not I reached out to technical high school MBT firefighter programs. Other firefighters and options reached out to other places, but we’re still running during the day. So I just want that to be arrows, you know, will happily send someone to training. If they have an interest in work with the fire department. We’ll have to try and get them certified. And unless anyone has any questions about my mother report, it’s all to normal averages, and B in the resettlements end of the year. Mr. Hankinson took over over less ideal conditions but from my chair from what I’ve seen, I think he’s doing a nice job and he’s one of the ones that also thank Tom for the work he’s doing on a social occasion. So that’s all I have some

Rich Gano  33:54

new house on yoodo Road for Kinder Cummings Kimberly coming to her husband you know okay you’d be surprised but I’m here for yet a blueberry rescue 12656 inside to get our way down I think or husband deliver for FedEx or, or something. But we know nothing more than a blueberry farm out there a tree house stuff where the rabbit that I’ve never reached out. The storage container has moved on y’all just to the next slide. So I’m not sure that’s going to solve a problem. I’ll look into it and see regardless of where they put it, it’s even that cultural activities exemption show something for it. So I’ll reach out it’s not where it was was not gone. Apple on Winchell school there and it’s hard to see because of growth. Like he really hampers we’re still learning. Okay, it looks like you’re going on. Okay. So if somebody’s working on I know He lives in Kentucky or something, and I want to share with him something like that. But you know, I’m gonna send another letter do you think would be? Okay? Well, I just told him show me progress, I guess the company doing that. So I’ll keep an eye on and if not, we’ll send another letters from the nice and the opposite the guy down the road who was scouting a breeder where he cleans up a bit and any two steps forward and four steps back. And it’s just like the left hand side on the west side of the road. So I’ll stay on that as well. And then the phone calls a lot lately picking up the five big parcels of property. We have the kids and they want to build a home. So we have you know, we have 30 acres but we haven’t homes, so you have to live off you get 200 foot frontage, and they want the one drive away and

Jack Grosselle  36:02

the plantation. Well, they can do that they still have to have tiller. Exactly. Oh, yeah. They just point them to the the old railroad tracks, I can make a trail and those houses, you know, there’s a number of houses use that road. But they all have a lot frontage that goes to 700. Yeah. So that’s what they have to have. And then the lower hanging picks up on it.


So yeah, they can have the ones right away with each foot. That’s your problem with


the one drive away your problem when when somebody is not a family member lives in one of those houses.


That’s what’s happened when I was in the bracelet for a bit and everybody was fine and happy when they were family. Right now they’re not going to have a survey. It’s a survey spaced the week regarding the expansion of the house that might occur so they’re on their own. That’s just normal phone calls returners people asked about property splits what can happen what can how far away how this how everything else is going smooth here even


the property and we just

Jack Grosselle  37:14

tap out over 10,000 acre two and we’re gonna add two more Amish homes probably they’re shocked by what you learned in the robbery that’s for sale down and down the way there were a couple of fields there and the rest of it’s always


hard to get through it.

Jack Grosselle  37:32

Yeah, I can resize a bale of straw that day but like the neighbor one and she was going to bed and she couldn’t put her hand and I went up so fast it’s a lot


you can split it into two columns with two properties,

Jack Grosselle  37:55

but I don’t know for sure that I’m going to live together


Yeah, could be Yeah. Could be so I am interested


in property 305 is a big storage barn is one


that doesn’t have a question that this is


a QuickBooks that students who


are looking more and more like a hotel.


Oh no, it’s not that one. That’s the one I’m


so glad you chose


700 calls


for it. And I think I was for a few things to run in a world of drilling out there.

Jack Grosselle  38:34

It really really dry well drill dripping Well joining us for that big


farm and they got a frame for pay storage and stuff 700 And Wincham. Now where is it borrows?

Jack Grosselle  38:49

It was tales from


someone called and said the block numbers what do you do about that business out there? Somewhere? I’m thinking about it like so.


You get your electric roller mounted because they all run out of their house so what are you going to do


look into I knew that they didn’t have a pretense for Hey, I don’t know how you construct I probably have How could you spell like no longer? I don’t know why it’s hard and it’s getting worse. It is getting worse because now


these people man away right before man was centered in the Philippines building $40,000 wooden investment skateboard pole because her and her husband Duke competition. Well, what do you define is infrastructure. It is but it’s recreational but it’s not open to the public. What what what how do you get going? Can’t wait for this Oh, no, no, no, no, we’re not worried about

Jack Grosselle  40:09

a motion to pay the bills. I second. Any questions on June 2, I post posting sign motion carries motion to government executives session and talk about personnel. And second the motion. All those in favor, say aye. Aye. Opposed same sign motion carries. That’s the sign most of that stuff. But I


do believe he was not here for a while in the Champions Milan. Okay. Yeah. Other than me, which if you had a question or something.

Max Swartout  40:54

Oh, no. I just thought you’d enter back into the regular meeting. Oh, we’re not gonna do that. Oh, okay. Yeah, we want to I think I have motion to adjourn. Oh, God, motion.


Direction. Everything that we did. Oh, yeah. Yeah, so before quarter

Max Swartout
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