Head shot of Tom Hardesty, a white man with short hair in a grey golf polo with the caption "Round Two with Tom Hardesty"
So where are we with high school athletics and Covid-19? To answer that question, I turned to Rootstown High School athletic director, golf and baseball coach Keith Waesch to take a look at where we've been in the last year-plus and where we're going with respect to the upcoming 2021-22 school year, particularly the rapidly approaching fall sports season, as we grind through a two steps forward, one step back post-pandemic America.
Image of the Cuyahoga River in Kent in 2012 in autumn
Sunday saw an unusually high number of accidents on Portage County’s waterways. We spoke with Shawn Baynes, the assistant dive team commander at the Kent Fire Department, and Adam George, senior firefighter at the city of Ravenna, about at least five calls the Portage County Water Rescue Team responded to on Sunday.