Head shot of Tom Hardesty, a white man with short hair in a grey golf polo with the caption "Round Two with Tom Hardesty"
That may sound strange coming from someone who works for an exclusively digital media organization, but I’m a creature of habit. And my habit for about the first 50 years of my life was to grab that day’s paper and immediately begin poring over every page of it (sports section first, of course).
ere is the reason he and I and other descendants of those pioneers mentioned in the article are proud of the neighborhood's diversity. Our great grandparents overcame stereotype, marginalization and economic adversity and made all of these conditions work for our community.
The new floor in the kitchen came out so good we decided to do the hallway, too. This meant the shoe closet had to be emptied. We haven’t kept shoes in the closet since the days when our beloved Dukie spent long hours napping in there, but still kept the name. Everything had to come out, clothes included, but to go where?
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