The Kent Historical Society provided several photos of the mill throughout its history. Built in 1879 and originally operating as the Williams Brothers Mill, it has been a part of the downtown landscape nearly as long as the city has been a city.
Head shot of Tom Hardesty, a white man with short hair in a grey golf polo with the caption "Round Two with Tom Hardesty"
In the world of sports, the focus is on the player and their accomplishments, and often the coach is overlooked. After volunteer coaching for many seasons with Ravenna Parks and Recreation, I would like to recognize a coach that stands out among the rest: Eric Allen, with Kent Parks and Recreation.
We’ve literally had plumbing issues at my house for years. It started gradually with the kitchen sink not draining well. The shower drained, but very slowly and only after allowing the water to get almost to the top of the rim. And eventually, I abandoned the washer altogether after having water pumped out all over the floor for the LAST time.

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