Letter: Nurses for America know who they’re voting for and so do I

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Do you or someone you care about have diabetes? Then you know the extremely high cost of medications like insulin and related supplies needed for testing.

Are you or someone you know a woman of childbearing years? Then you know how expensive pregnancy care is. Do you know more women die from pregnancy complications than at least 10 other countries like Germany, the UK, and Canada, and outlawing abortion has only threatened more mothers and their future childbearing ability?

Have you or someone you know seen the violence caused by guns? Then you may know that every day, around 110 people in America are killed by firearms and that guns now are the No. 1 cause of death in our country’s children (and adolescents) [in 2020].

Are you or is someone you know on Medicare? Then you see the program often leaves those on a fixed income with high costs for medications and that beyond paying co-pays and meeting deductibles, a person on Medicare must pay out $4,130 on prescriptions before there is any cost break.

I am a registered nurse, caregiver to a family member, and an outraged citizen of the 14th congressional district. The Republican (a lawyer) in this congressional office has voted “nay” on legislation that would help counteract these vital health problems. Matt Kilboy, a registered nurse, a navy vet, and civilian employee for the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs, is also outraged.

Meet him, hear his views and visit his website. Then plan to vote for him in November and spread the word to those you know who have diabetes, are of childbearing years, have seen gun violence, and are on Medicare and ask them to vote for Matt Kilboy for the 14th congressional district.

Ohio Nurses for America are outraged and they support Matt.

Ruth Ludwick, Kent (Brimfield)

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