Letter to the editor: A response to the Oct. 27 letter regarding the John Kuhar campaign

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I will respond to a few of the issues [presented in Christopher Clevenger’s Oct. 27 letter].

I vote down most increases unless I feel it absolutely necessary for the function of the city services. On Dec. 9 I did not come to the meeting because I was just released from the hospital after having a total knee replacement.

I voted no to send out rebids for city hall. Not because they would save the taxpayers money. It was because they wanted to increase the base bid considerably costing tax payers much more.

I would not vote to sign the letter to Columbus stating that council and the citizens of Kent were all opposed to the issues of women’s reproductive rights. As a council member I represent all the people (both sides of issues) and to make a statement that both sides stated this would be totally wrong.

Regarding the LGBTQ issue: If you recall, I am the person that brought forth legislation to mandate that all people of all lifestyles not be discriminated in housing or employment. LGBTQ is what I consider a lifestyle.

I am looking forward to being re-elected to council so that I can sit in the seat that I have worked so hard to maintain for 17 years. Please vote for me on Nov. 7.

— John M. Kuhar, Ward 4 City Council Member

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