Letter to the editor: A response to Kent Council Member Kuhar

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I wanted to take a moment to respond to the paid ad placed by John Kuhar in Wednesday’s digital edition. Throughout his “letter,” Mr. Kuhar touted a record of service for Kent residents, and prioritizing their safety. Unfortunately, Mr. Kuhar left a few details out.

John Kuhar claims to be a “budget hawk,” but when Kent City Council decided in December to raise your sewer and water rates by 9%, John Kuhar wasn’t even there to vote. And when Kent City Council decided to re-bid the new City Hall project to save the taxpayers money, John Kuhar was the only member of council to vote no.

John Kuhar claims to be an “opponent of government overreach,” but voted against a resolution supporting women’s reproductive rights, and even questioned the compassion of any citizen who supports access to critical reproductive healthcare.

When the Kent City Council considered a resolution denouncing attacks on LGBTQ rights from the statehouse, John Kuhar was again the only member of council to vote no. And when the NAACP asked council for a committee to combat racism, Kuhar replied that he’s “lived in Kent all his life and thought Kent was doing OK” and “the last thing we need is another commission.”

John Kuhar wants to talk about the safety of our residents, but in 2020, as Portage County was classified as “high risk” and ravaged by Covid-19, he voted against a resolution that would limit in-person gatherings. That same resolution would give the city health department the authority to enforce rules combating the virus. He simply didn’t care.

Having been elected to city council does not equate to having a record of service, as it has become painfully clear that the only people John Kuhar is interested in serving, are the ones who look and think like him. Kent residents deserve better. I strongly urge you to vote for Christopher Hook for Kent City Council on or before Nov. 7.

— Christopher Clevenger

Editor’s note: Clevenger is vice chair of Portage County Democrats but signed the letter personally, not for the party.

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