Garrettsville Council approves water main replacement contract with Leavittsburg company

Seven Garrettsville village sit maskless at tables in front of several empty chairs
Garrettsville Village Council meets on March 24, 2021.

Garrettsville Village Council met in an emergency session Wednesday to approve a $741,222 bid from Woodford Excavating for the village’s South Street water main replacement project.

The village received 13 bids, all of which were higher than Woodford’s. Bids ranged from almost $750,000 to over $1 million.

The village’s Board of Public Affairs members surmised that Woodford’s low bid may be because the company’s home base in Leavittsburg is close to Garrettsville.

Council also gave the nod to Arcadis US for engineering services for the water main project.

Having sifted through five candidates, council approved Quality Control Inspection (QCI) for the project and any other projects that may come up this year.

Garrettsville has long-standing professional relationships with Woodford, Arcadis US and QCI.