Documenters: Hiram Township Trustees meeting for March 19, 2024

Hiram Township Trustees
March 19, 2024
7 p.m.


Jack Groselle Chair
Steve Pancost Vice Chair
Eric Hankinson Fiscal Officer
Rich Gano Zoning
Tom Matota Roads

Debra Blake Trustee

Documenter’s Notes

Chair Jack Groselle called the meeting to order, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Fiscal Officer Eric Hankinson read the February minutes, which were then accepted into record. The trustees approved Hankinson’s request to pursue the NOPEC 2024 Energized Community Grant. Township minutes have been uploaded to the website through January 2024, reported Hankinson.

Dennis Cardello, a 40-year resident of Mumford Road, spoke for several minutes regarding traffic patterns on Mumford, citing county traffic statistics as listed in The Portager. Cardello reported two recent accidents in which vehicles have ended up in his yard, and Cardello is requesting help from the township. Vice Chair Steve Pancost said he would request a speed study from the county, but he cautioned against a hopeful resolution.

Old Business

The trustees have requested a quote from a local mason for a veterans memorial. Groselle requested that the zoning department begin working on a zoning resolution for cannabis.

New Business

There was general discussion about natural gas lines on Allyn Road. A buyer for the property next to the Hiram Township Complex requested deed information. An application for a chip-and-seal bid was approved by the board.


Tom Matota discussed the possibility of work on the Hankee Road bridge. The project would require engineering, which Matota estimated would cost $8,000-$9,000. Matota suggested an OPWC grant to fund the project. The trustees approved a public notice of auction on May 19 for items no longer needed by the township. Matota also submitted a bid of $53,000 for a new Ford F-250. There would be a wait of four to six months for the pickup as “nobody has anything that stripped down on the lot,” Matota said.


Rich Gano issued a mylar for the joining of Brant Jessel’s properties. A pole barn permit was issued for a property on State Route 82. Gano issued letters to two families living in agricultural structures on Winchell Road. The board of zoning appeals met March 20 to discuss variances for an Amish school on Mumford Road. Gano reported that permitting inquiries are picking up.


Village of Hiram Fire Chief Bill Byers requested and received trustee approval to have the warning sirens serviced at a rate of $500 per siren. Byers also updated the trustees about the state of the current fire truck market: a 2- to 3-year lead time, with a price tag approaching $1 million.

The bills were approved for payment. Hankinson then led a discussion about appropriation of funds. The trustees decided to approve carryover balances, without 2024 tax revenues included, and they will adjust appropriations as needed.

The meeting entered executive session at 8:12 p.m. to discuss the sale of property.

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