Documenters: Garrettsville Village Council meeting March 13, 2024

Garrettsville Village Council

March 13, 2024

7 p.m.


Rick Patrick Mayor

Deb Wordell Council Member

Tom Hardesty Council President

John Chambers Council Member

Sheri Johnson Council Member

Richard Beatty Council Member

Mark Brady Council Member

Michele Stuck Solicitor

Tara Beatty Assistant Fiscal Officer

Documenter’s Notes

Mayor Rick Patrick called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance. Minutes from Feb. 14 were accepted into record. Financial reports and tax receipts were reviewed without comment, and bills were accepted for payment. 

Chris Knop was officially recognized by Mayor Patrick for his long service to the Village of Garrettsville. Knop has held numerous positions in government, serving as council member, on the board of public affairs and the zoning commission, as well as many unofficial roles within the community.  

Gail Pavliga, state representative for District 72, addressed the council and audience. Pavliga shared her record advocating for funding for a 24-bed Crisis Stabilization Center attached to UH Hospitals in Ravenna. She also noted her role in funding the state’s third dental school at NEOMED in Rootstown. Council Member Deb Wordell asked Pavliga for funding search assistance for small communities. Pavliga stated that projects in motion are more likely to find funding, listing a variety of funding options attached to various projects throughout Pavliga’s district. 

Knop, as an audience member, inquired about an earlier public comment regarding tax collection and citizen safety. Council decided that the current setup was adequate, though village offices will extend their hours in April to accommodate more daytime tax payment drop-offs. 


Council President Tom Hardesty floated plans to pursue various grants to fund multiple projects in the village. A paving bid was scheduled to appear in the paper March 14, and a separate road bid will open April 4. Council Member Sheri Johnson provided an update from the pickleball court. Solicitor Michele Stuck recommended a pair of $5 permissive taxes to council that she estimates would bring in $26,590 in revenue. Stuck suggested the village begin interviewing applicants for her replacement. A committee of Stuck, Patrick and Hardesty was formally established to begin the interview process. Council Member Mark Brady notified council of lights that are out at the Veterans Memorial.

Council entered executive session to discuss personnel and property acquisition at 7:29 p.m.

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