Your business can now sponsor a Kent park, facility or event

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Kent’s Parks and Recreation Department has launched a corporate sponsorship program that Director Angela Manley hopes will be a win for both her department and for area businesses.

In return for an influx of cash, the idea is to offer a kind of naming rights at some of Kent’s parks and ballparks, the skatepark, park pavilions, the Kent Fitness Center, and Franklin Avenue rec center, and to extend sponsorship opportunities for the city’s top festivals and events.

“We’re not seeking to rename anything. We definitely wouldn’t take away any history that people recognize and feel comfortable with. Fred Fuller Park will always be Fred Fuller Park, but we’re trying to get creative in business involvement,” Manley said.

People who are used to heading for Kramer Field 2 or Shelter 3 at Plum Creek Park will still see those designations, Manley said. They will also see the corporate sponsor’s name alongside the venue.

“One of our standing facilities could be ‘presented by’ or ‘sponsored by’ or ‘provided by.’ It’s a way to integrate their support,” she said, adding that corporate sponsors could opt to underwrite facility upkeep, restoration or beautification.

Area businesses and organizations would gain exposure to hundreds of thousands of participants who use Kent’s facilities and who participate in the city’s events.

“It’s high exposure for businesses, and if any of those businesses really want to have a long-term impact with our department and the people we serve, there are so many creative options,” she said.

Large events such as Art in the Park could include a headline sponsor alongside stage or entertainment sponsors. Naming rights are customizable, ranging from a one-time or one-year commitment to a multi-year relationship, she said.

“The possibilities are endless. Our goal is for all of us to work together and invest some of these dollars back into the upkeep of our programs, of our facilities, of our equipment, and give them exposure to the community in areas where they may not have exposure, currently,” Manley said.

Area businesses and organizations that wish to participate in corporate sponsorships can visit or contact Look Strategies at 440-655-6073. Manley said she worked with Look Strategies at her previous post in Macedonia and is delighted to work with the firm again.

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Wendy DiAlesandro is a former Record Publishing Co. reporter and contributing writer for The Portager.