Documenters: Rootstown Township Trustees meeting for Feb. 14, 2023

Rootstown Trustees

Feb. 14, 2023

5:30 p.m.

Listen to an audio recording of the meeting:


Joseph Paulus, Chair

Dave McIntyre, Vice Chair

Brett Housley, Trustee

Julie Gonzales, Trustees’ Administrative Assistant

Bill Hahn, Road Superintendent

Jordan Michael, Zoning Administrative Assistant

Charles Palmer, Fire Chief

Documenter’s Notes

Trustee Chair Joseph Paulus called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. The trustees approved the minutes from their regular meeting held Jan. 24, 2023, and the joint meeting of the Rootstown Trustees, Rootstown Township Zoning Commission and the Township Zoning Board of Appeals on Jan. 31, 2023. 

Department Reports


Superintendent Bill Hahn reported a warranteed repair to one of the township’s fleet. Hahn also reported the sale of three resting spaces in the cemetery’s recently installed columbarium. He then offered the board a few quotes for playground mulch. While no formal decision was reached, the consensus among the trustees was to mulch over landscape fabric for 2023. NEOMED students seeking service hours will provide installation labor.


Jordan Michael reported four new permits: one residential, one industrial (existing) and two fence permits. The trustees voted to call a public hearing for proposed amendments to the zoning commision (Ords. 2022-011 and 2022-014) on Feb. 28. Tim Puin was interviewed as an alternate candidate for the Zoning Board of Appeals. Puin was formally appointed by the trustees; his term expires Dec. 31, 2023.


Chief Charles Palmer reported two full-time resignations, both of whom will continue with the department on a part-time basis. He also reported hiring three new part-time firefighter/EMTs. The chief discussed jointly applying with five other departments for a regional FEMA grant to purchase 45 portable radio units. A resolution was passed to allow the department to pursue the grant. If awarded, the township’s investment would be $9,823. The department was turned down for an ODNR grant. The department’s application for a $40,000 workers’ comp grant to purchase rescue equipment has been moved to the second round of consideration. Chief Palmer reported that the department responded to 1,151 calls in 2022.

An unidentified citizen commended the board for the information provided for the joint meeting with the zoning commission. He asked the trustees to consider using the electronic sign to promote historical society volunteers and cemetery cleanup, and/or use the sign to find a grant writer for the Rootstown Historical Society.

Old Business

Trustee Brett Housley reported that the township was awarded NOPEC grants in the amount of $17,520. More than $8,000 remains in township funds from NOPEC grants in 2022. Vice Chair Dave McIntyre updated the trustees on the status of a sewer project in the park. The project is being reviewed by Water Resources. A brief discussion ensued about space usage at the concession stand and restroom at Rootstown Community Park. 

New Business

The trustees wished to put into record their intentions to create a deputy fiscal officer position, salary and hours to be determined, to assist Fiscal Officer JoAnn Townend. The meeting concluded with a discussion about the Open Space Parcels, green spaces required by zoning, in Heron Creek, Hidden Knolls and elsewhere. Care of the open spaces has fallen to the township after the completion of developments. Jordan Michael stated that most of these properties are in tax delinquency.

The meeting adjourned at 6:31 p.m.


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No, no. I’m sorry this is the year 2000.


Have a feeling of everyone’s going to be up this year. There. There have been reasons to reduce give you one address. Sue health. Yeah. The Urgent Care and


don’t even get me started. Well, I’ve used it. You’ve used it with free have not left it well. No, I’ve used the water about three times a week right now.


Spike theory just called me door. Let’s play the national anthem again.


One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Speaking with Chris Stapleton male speaking about justice for all. National Anthem at the Superbowl, no, y’all watch. Y’all y’all.


Get my stuff in order. No ready? Need resolution approve the minutes of our January 14, regular meeting 24th meeting. But I say


yeah, I wouldn’t make a motion to approve the minutes for January 4.


I’ll second it. Right. All right.


And motion to approve the minutes of the joint meeting began on January 31.


I’ll make that motion.


Second. All right. All right.


Want to start with Department


reports you want to wrote first chief you don’t have anywhere to go.


Alright, tomorrow we’re going to be taking our dogs to 550 5500 down to Fred Martin superstore images. It’s got an engine light on we took it to Lyons to get diagnosed. And it looks like it’s a warranty item that still falls underneath the warranty. So I don’t have any information on it. Because what’s wrong other than something about the catalytic converter, so they might have to change that? Which really glad that’s a warranty.


The catalytic converter still on it? Right? Yeah. You know, because that’s a big thing. People stealing catalytic converter. So


well, they locked up overnight. So yeah. So I’ve sold three in the columbarium. So far. color barrier, economic barrier. Like the common barrier.


You sold three in one column barium.


I throw, I suppose three Crips won’t call them. There you go. That’s gonna be the last meeting ever. I wouldn’t blame grammar might be off a little bit in this


case. So good. So cash in hand and all that away? checks in box. Good, good.


Still need the software update. More


than that happened down compass. Software. Gotcha. 10 process.


So once that’s done, you know, ability to eat out. Okay, I have books, what I did is I made a separate book for each column. Okay, so Jordan printed me off the pictures. So it’ll make it easy for anybody that comes down here and they’ll be able to see exactly my question you guys were. She was saying it to the Historical Society. I know you guys wanted to name them after? Yeah, past roots town. That’s a great idea. So I didn’t know if you want to take it to the historical society where it was at you and I talked, we might


be new to you too in your sidebar. So we like to make things happen here instead of you guys up the field. So


we need to we need to get that out to him. So I can make the books appropriate. Yeah, because right now it’s just north and south.


So do you want to just get a hold? All of them and say, Hey, we have we’re gonna have seven. They won’t give us seven names. And then you get when we can figure it or give us whatever, then give us 20 names, we’ll figure out a seven or whatever your blue. Yeah, just this should just give us seven and probably be better. says,


I like that idea. I like the idea of, you know, they’re looking at the old names in the old cemetery. And, you know, from route just because of a quick little thing, Clara. So, that being said, once we’re once we’ve, once you’ve decided on which names go where what I really think you should do is I think you should have them etched out. Yeah, it’s costly. But, you know, you don’t want to put your foot.


Right, right. So,


and that way, it’s done forever. Yep. Yeah,


I agree. So. All right.


And then I did talk about a lot about the playground down there in Columbus. And I got a lot of different quotes for this is a jelly bean rubber mulch, it is the most expensive, but the best. It’s almost like a beam type. But it’s jelly, rubber. Yeah, it’s not recycled rubber tires and stuff like that. I have a few other quotes. I need to get a lot of we’ve met for the playground. We just need to figure out what direction we might want to go if we’re just gonna do regular playground mulch again this year.


Mike thought is the Jelly Bean stuff or there’s gonna be scattered all into the art and everything or to keep


I mean, one of the things that it was an idea down there and Columbus was the the turf that the guy was talking about. On that turf to well, it’s not cheaper than this jelly bean. But it’s more permanent. It but it’s a lot cheaper than the it’s definitely permanent. It’s a lot cheaper than a poured rubber. Remember, we originally looked for it. That was like 106,000 Yeah, to do that size of a playground area. So just to give you a for instance, you’re probably you know, 30 to 40,000 cheaper than the cord rubber with the astroturf the jelly beans is around 19 to 20,000 for that size. For that box that lasts How big


are those pellets are the beans


you know, he said they were just a little bit bigger in your thumbnail. So


what’s holding them together? What’s keeping them? That’s my concern is kids gonna be kickin, and


just like just like mulch, you know? Yeah, most


all over the place. I think the mats better idea.


The past hurts the turf. And I do have a sample at home. I brought a sample home with me. Is that what we saw? It’s about four inches thick.


And that’s reasonably soft like to write.


It has to it has to have a height fall. Yeah, yeah. So I give the the height of our playground that we


should go with that I don’t even think we should consider the beads. It just, it’s kind of crap is gonna get in your shoes, you’re gonna carry it home and you know,


that’s directly buying it. So yeah. So that’s the avenue you want me to pursue for for better?


That’s what I think.


I mean, they did say it’s a lot easier to maintain. If there’s somehow got tours available or whatever, they can cut out a section.


Let’s back to my idea.


Um, I like it. My only concern is we’ve got a lot of cost estimates out there that will make it overrun right at light driveway, we got $120,000 grant. And that may come in at 160. Plus, we don’t know what the sewer or the other thing. I don’t know how much more Capri would put out. Do we know what those cars costs are? Which, if we’re looking, which is not a big tangent, but Sequoia has a service day, April 15. And the Park Commission recommended me to cleaning up the playground area by removing some of the weeds and throwing down that paper and putting some mulch on that may be temporary to get us to a year that cost like 15 to 2000. But I was thinking that we possibly do that this year, till we see where all our other costs are coming in the other way. And then that direction, maybe next year, but I know the price can be up 35% by them.


So to figure that out April 15. We should be that Yes. We shouldn’t be in the spring but it so my plan was just to get some direction on which avenue you’d like to


get what’s the cost of the mulch that we’re normally using? So we’re close


to $5,000 for playground mulch, which is wood playground mulch, which is what we’ve been using forever forever. Yeah, Uh, but what needs done before we do it again is like Brett said, all the weeds and stuff, we need to go in there with our equipment, strip that out, right and then kneel, make it come in, put the fabric mat down, and then I can have the most Liberty naked of stock rocks, that would be a great day for them. They can get it done in a day or so think.


I think I think for this year, that might be a better idea to


I mean, right now it’s just too early to talk about. I mean, I would love to be able to do it. It’s just I don’t know, yeah, I just kind of gotta get some more price. You know, whenever he gets to do to go for further. Governor says, target froze mulching air,


right. Every year. Yeah, you people. Yeah.


Do you guys liked the idea before get off this tangent connect to it of having that playground be an area that the service can work on? A little bit for Sequoia? Yeah. And then how many workers? Do you think how many volunteers you think they would need there that they five, six.


I mean, well, that wouldn’t hurt. If they brought him they could have something to do. There’s a lot of matting that needs to go down, you have to first of all the rubber mats have to be removed. Underneath the swings in the display. It worked for me. So it takes two on each mat. We’ll dig out all the old stuff, obviously. And then all they would have to do is put the mat in and then


the new mulch and then put the new Max. Do you have any other questions? Jordan connects to clay when the sun are so clever. Certainly that meal, right? Yeah.


That’s so good. I’ll just tell them, maybe five to 10 volunteers. They wanted to know a specific amount because they’re doing other whatever the day is, they’re going all around the community. So they’re made, you know how many people do assign on each project? So seven


to 10? I would say five?


Let’s say six would be a minimum. Six. Yeah, six to 10. Yeah,


that’ll keep them but I mean, I’m always gonna be looking to do. I’m not sure.


So that’s the playground as well as the swing sets. Right? Correct.


That’s a big area. Yeah. A lot of most,


I’d say 10 is downtown.


No one place around here has that playground which is Streetsboro. And we have to get a check. I


don’t know how many they can guarantee to because we will get three then we may move off getting that diagnosis.


Three they can at least get the money down and then whatever. They don’t get Duncan help. Yeah, okay.


The landmark tank that’s still up the park. Why is it still there?


It’s not empty yet. But every time we use our equipment down there, we try to get an empty.


Gotcha. So we’re using it. Yes. Good. And then when it’s empty.


Somebody’s gonna come because we paid for the fuel a long time. Yeah. I just thought it was just sitting there. Wait, no, no, no, every time we’re down there. Okay. Good piece of equipment. We’re trying to use it because they want to come get it when it’s empty.


Good. Yeah, we’ve already Yeah. Yeah. Okay, good. Anything, David? Okay, move on to zoning.


All right, for permits have been issued since the last meeting that was one house one industrial permit and two federal permits. The industrial permit is a certificate for an existing building not a new construction.




what’s going on next to coal coils? There. They’re using that for like outdoor storage where the gravel stuff is are you aware that or


they bought that property? And they don’t they honestly don’t have a clear idea of what okay with it, except for cleaning it and getting it ready for some?


Because I know we had we still had some issues with them. Has that been cleared up or has not been okay. So we need to make sure we’re on staying on that.


I sent you just before I came here, you and Michelle to update the definitions in the zoning. I got it. Okay. So that’s Ted a lot of the stuff that Gina brought up but the Zoning Commission you know about the different wording and things like that. Grammatical punctuation. Thanks, so.


Okay, good. You see there’s a packet of zoning amendments from the Zoning Commission. They recommend Asians so that is ready for a public hearing


so make a motion we


have a


public hearing on proposed some edits to zoning resolution 2022 dash zero 11 and 2022 dash zero 14.


So our big question right now is are we able to advertise? Yes. Based on where it were put on the internet for each quarter


or are you paying for it?


No. So no the last one I did last week went through so okay


sort of how come we’re missing two numbers in here that they’re 12 and


1311 was put on hold that one went back and forth with the board before they came up with a definition that they liked. So I think 12 already came to you and then 13 either did or didn’t I don’t remember but they don’t always end up to your table in order get 1212


we did last month. Okay, that’s what I just was updated.


So we looked at the 28th or this the 28th we give us


two weeks that’d be sufficient right? At 540 February 28 1840 public here that’s a motion I’ll second that motion. Right I put in my calendar get this kitchen out here.


Just in case I’m lucky. I was putting


we interviewed a candidate for a Zoning Board of Appeals and alternate candidate.


So I’m glad you brought that up.


So just the vote on whether or not to appoint that person.


Remind me his name.


First name is Timothy. I don’t remember how to pronounce his last name but something like Quinn


Oh yeah. queueing? Yeah, okay, typical orders when it goes by. So I’ll make a motion that we appoint Tim Pugh into as an alternate to our Zoning Board of Appeals


effective immediately a second


term expires at the end of December 31 2023.


Thanks for that. I know I probably said hey, remind me of everything so


well my last thing not really zoning but if you have any ideas for the sign outside I don’t have any messages but on there right now so if you


I’ve got an idea the Lions Club chili cook off that’s gonna be on Sunday since I noticed that was February 5, I was walking around like you’re busy on your phone so I didn’t say any important


sets to township sudden you come down to support our with some fire department chair


Yeah, can you do that again tomorrow morning for it’s rain we’re HIGH WIND ADVISORY whatever I saw on the highway read who knows how to read


write good luck to the sports as they’re going into their winter sports tournaments so you guys play by clearly with this dagger record


know we have a pie Wow probably I’m shocked


she wouldn’t be well we don’t want to face yeah probably end up playing Oh, that’d be any yeah


I know the girls the girls play Saturday they had a buy to


so well deserving


yeah let’s get back on point here.


Well this is this isn’t a sign


oh it is anything about the sign records and who’s playing whom that’s


why I said you know you put your plug in for Lions Club I put the plug into play


let’s go ahead finish it up then. I am now done. Okay, good. I want to go back to to Bill. We just received this 2020 bridge inspection reports for the township so I will pass this to you bill in taxes the annual bridge inspection report for structures located within your jurisdiction report prepared for us by a consultant John wakley inspection LLC has been inspect your 2022 Thanks


I looked at the first few pages of the bill. We don’t have to make a motion as just Hello. I’m gonna look impressive. I didn’t see anything on the first page. I just got it today. I guess it just got handed to me and I pretended to whatever. Okay, anything more zoning. Anybody? Alright, moving on fire chief.


Recently we had two members resigned as full time members of the fire department. They are staying on as part time. So I’m trying to replace him as we speak. Here’s his This is first time since I’ve been chief if we don’t have anybody within our resources, and we just bring it up. So this would be the first time we’re going outside to look for people


who were the two that was a


landing content went to Ramallah city. And then Audrey just had a baby and she just wants to take like a year.


Yeah, that makes sense.


told her I really put her on a leash for a year, right? Because I would just be able to steal part time was good return. Yes. She’s saying part time though. She’s gonna work like Tuesdays and Thursdays I could. So and then we did hire three part time members, but they’re not medics, so we only hire paramedics, but their EMTs and had their full time fire certification. And then I also just hired three people with no certification ones actually Jimmy fire, you know, he come back from Arizona, really. So he was on our department for like, 20 years. And so he approached me and said, Hey, I’d like to go back to EMT school. That’s awesome. So that starts like in two weeks, so that’s pretty cool. I mean, is that that whole girls my age? Yeah.


You want to get some remark? Yeah, I mean, I mean, he’d be good. Experienced?


Yeah. Oh, yeah, definitely. So suddenly broken. Okay, then I put an MOU there for you. But we’ve jointly apply for a regional grant one five under the fire department’s regarding radios. It’s a FEMA grant with a 5% matching grant. So we requested 45 portables and our portion of the grant would be $9,823.77. So I need a resolution passed authorizing these funds for the federal government in case we would get the grant.


I will move that we purchase 45. portable radio. Is there a name for those in our chief?


Do we just need a motion to apply for the grant? Is that right? Or is it?


Yeah, we need a motion to apply for the grant for the 9823?


Or do we need a motion for joining this MOU?


No. No, you say the motion. Okay. For the funds, because they’ll come back and audit me after and I have to have all the resolution.


So I am going to move that. What’s interested? Well, that purchases the 45 portable radios at a cost of $9,823.77.


I can No no, no. No, yes and no, it’s a great we are not paying for it we are applying for a grant to to offset the costs.


So what is yeah,


we’re just needed a resolution to apply for the grant. Correct?


Okay, require us to pay for it to match 5%


If they don’t, if we don’t get the grant, we’re not getting those radios.


Correct. But the total cost would be no no, the total cost will be 5% with 1000 or that would be the total concept matching


grants and then 5% 23


So 32 So 35% to that and that’s the grant about 42,000 If you add all these up 43,000 Maybe


I will move that we enter into the grant


or the radius that Fine


I will second that motion to apply for the regional grant. That’s from FEMA.


What was the times are for sure B 217 times 40 fives right that right right. Are the 275 per radio time was 45.


It’s not to 7570s


70 times 65 Full agrees to find the total cost of the match requirement, which will be a radius around five. Yeah, which would be 217 per portable radio awarded. So I that that’s what he came up with the time is 45 ish. So okay, but how are you going to put it? So these radios can be two separate days


need a resolution number that I can plug in when the Feds cost?


I think one of the amount to, but I guess not. So we’re good.


We did apply for no DNR grant for a sliding unit for the new Kubota. And it was turned down. We just these grants really go to communities that are like volunteer fire companies. With small budgets, we also apply for a $40,000, worker’s comp grant for new rescue tools. We have went to the next step in their process. So we’re moving along in that grant application. A


couple of things on that. Number one, are those the tools that we were out of querque? Yes, exactly. So that’s awesome. And I think it’s great. Number one, number two, when you guys go after these grants like that, that are shareable in the different areas, I think we need to make sure we’re on the same page. So we’re not both trying to go after the same grants,


although careful, communicate with other departments is what you’re saying.


Yes. So Bill knows, and you know, and building this together to come over and then you guys just put it forward. And he was trying to talk to you guys about what you want. Yeah, you’re getting rescue tools. There’s there’s there was a list of stuff that I can look at. He’s like, Oh, my God.


Yeah. It just when these grants come up, we just apply because we’re notified this grant together, like firehouse,


so you got that he got the same like that grant with workers comp, he got the same grant. And I just want to make sure that we communicate what areas


well me applying for it doesn’t hurt him applying for it. If that’s what you’re asking?


Well, a grant goes to the township, right not to fire department.


It goes to your workers comp, I think we have a different worker’s comp numbers. Because we’ve had those issues in the past, why would we have a different worker’s comp? Because it’s a different department.


So then, so we potentially what you’re saying is potentially any $1,000? And if we went to we could potentially have 40 for for you. And 40 for him that? Oh, yeah. So it’s not limited that?


Yeah. Oh, yeah. I couldn’t imagine it being that way. But we will check in Yeah,


I know, in our billing where we’ve had issues with workers comp. It’s been different numbers. Now that billing could be on the UHF side of it that I’m not Yeah. Okay. Well, I will check in


on that. Just make sure.


But I’ve never heard of there being a maximum out on the grants. A maximum. Yeah, saying that. You’re saying so I applied for the 40 then Billy can apply for nothing. I’ve never heard that.


Yeah, it’s almost grant. It’s almost as long as you are applying for the right things. And then you


do have like, we got the COTS years ago. Grant. So I think as a part of our we can’t apply for three years. For another grant. That sounds like the same great. So we’ll check. But those tools are definitely needed to so. Then last year, we collected under $91,839 that we collected last year, we build out $506,940. This is $2,673 more than fiscal year 2021. And then 2022, we ran a total of 1151 calls about 100 calls less than 2021. And like I said, there’s no variables that you can describe what it is see? Yeah, exactly. Now, as I said, you know, as you develop high risk areas, like nursing homes, the Sumit care, you know, out satellite emergency rooms, that obviously that stuff is a high demand at hotels, the fire alarms and stuff. So, as I say when we’re really looking at how we want to structure our community, we really have to look at all those factors. See, you know, because we still have to have resources available for I have residence. Right. And we’ve talked about that for years. So, but we really just stay around files anymore.


You know, I’m curious, just, it just seems like we’ve been water, Lord to urgent care quite a bit this year. So not so much as much or the last year. But this year, we’re just like starting off with a bang. But


does that mean offset by people maybe going to the urgent care versus calling they’re calling you? They’re not. I can tell you. Yeah. Okay. That’s, that’s where I was headed for it with that. And the other issue


is, if they’re not open, and people go there, then they call 911. And we get them in the parking.


So are you are you taking them to their hospital choice? Or are you taking them to you? Ah,


it’s a true emergency. They go to the closest facility, which can you Ah, okay. Yeah. Because then there’s that issue. We’re assuming hospital, obviously, they want to keep collecting the money. So they want them to go to Asuma hospital. So, so to put a hospital closer, and we’re not playing that, yeah. If that’s a critical emergency, just like anybody, right, so go to the closest appropriate. Yeah. You know, we had a truck driver the other day that was burned and stuff. So we took him to Akron city because he had like six broken bone. He was a major trauma. Yeah, you know, that way, and we’re on the interstate, so it’s easy just to go to Akron. Okay. Thank you. So that varies from situation to switch situations. Yeah. Because they also have a sight word to the back of that, or a psych evaluation. That we’re at zoom. Oh, here we go. Yeah, so then it gets delicate. Because there’s only so many beds in Suffolk County only so many beds in Portage County, right. And Summit County go on Portage County residents Portage County go on Summit County residents rightfully so because they’re not getting the funding for it. Right. So that would be the only time that we would transport. And believe it or not, two or three times people come from some kind of residences, or communities all the way out here to go all the way back backwards. I can’t make it up. They call we all


know, we expect more money still to come in from what was billed out. Rosette. So I know you said like the check comes in from wherever usually comes in a couple of times. You just


ask chief for this. I want to assume of people because I know they’re going to I want guaranteed ambulance reimbursement. Yeah. I mean, if you’re calling us or call the private ambulance. Yeah. But if you’re calling us it’s not fair to us. Correct. That we’re not getting reimbursed? appropriately? Yeah. And I’ll keep you updated on that. They could just tell me to go pound salt. And then, you know, I might have to go see the prosecutor or something and see what legal remedies we have. Okay. Then the last thing I have Jordan and I were bored today. So the AT and T revenue representative come in? And she was talking about


copper. Copper divides


copper lines versus fiber or versus fiber. You were in the meeting, too. Yeah. So actually, yeah. So she’s actually going back, look at all of our accounts and see how she can help us with that. That’s her job to do that. So she said like two to three weeks. She would be back. Is there anything else?


Were they? Did she bring anything up about upgrading to fiber? Because I think the central office is right here, literally right here. So that’s something and that’s something


I think she said to me that they were going to recommend upgrades once they review our account and what we have.


Right that’d be sweet. Okay, so we’ll just have to wait for that. But I know we pulled like for years we were paying for long before our time that there was three dispatchers that lived here in the community. So the fire phone would ring and and there was direct lines right to the fire station. Yeah. And they toned out all volunteers from their house. And we didn’t know those lines existed. I do know we still have a county line into our station that we use as a remote fax line that the county pays for it. Then we still have the 1414 line. The old emergency line really is still active. It’s still active so resident can call 330-325-1414 and it actually goes right into our dispatch center. It doesn’t go up to the sheriff’s alright and then you get right. So it goes right into have


mentioned that a few years ago because those of us who grew up here, yeah, remember that it got pounded into us, you know, at school all the time. So


yeah, so yeah, and that line is beneficial because it goes right into our dispatch. Yeah, we don’t get transferred. How many times and stuff so, but we’ll keep you updated on that. And enjoy got one question. We’re looking at a vendor to work on the hazmat truck and do some maintenance and stuff. But he’s not a vet does. The vendors have to have licensure with you or anything? They have to register with you to be be on all the streaming for the county or the county? Yeah, say for the county, because it’s a county as Mabry we’re bringing a guy in, we took it to Russia International, and ages screws, we’re gonna bring our own mechanic in. So who’s paying the bill? The county, so then


the county, he would have to be a vendor vendor for the county.


So yes, he’s got to fill out a vendor’s form. It’s pretty easy. Thanks. Excellent.


Oh, by the way, going back, yeah, that the the 217 65 per radio, times 45 plus a 2952. match for the software is equal to the 9823. Sony so that’s what that’s I thought we were all clear about


know what virtually the GC wanted to figure in there wouldn’t really be back she can. But I think that court reporter, but that’s why I put the amount in there. But if we don’t want them either, I need to put it in there. But yes, exactly. Just


need a total amount. It’s on the MOU. resolution. Resolution number matches the total amount. That’s all the paperwork going in.


Right. All right. Anything more for fire? I don’t move on says comments. Purposes says comments is to allow citizens to present information or raise an issue regarding items not on the agenda regarding agenda items that do not include a public hearing a time limit, three minutes per citizen shall apply, please state your name and address for the record. Anything’s good, Scott.


First of all, I’d like to praise you for the information you brought back to the joint meeting. For the zoning people to hear I thought that was the best part of the meeting all of those details that you shared with the secondly, on the outdoor sign would you please consider something for the historical society, their sufferings, a manpower shortage, and and volunteers, they would certainly welcome volunteers, or alternatively, volunteers to help with the cemetery cleanup. Or secondly, on the outdoor sun, would you consider soliciting a volunteer grant writer to coordinate all the grants and press to pursue new ones that the county grant writer is not doing it all for us? grant writer, Historical Society volunteers on the outdoor sign and thank you for what you brought back from the meeting. That’s all thank you


let’s move on to old business


I heard from no pack that we’re gonna be getting our tools in it. i You may get that I will let you present that.


Okay. Well, they just this is what they’re sending is we’ve been awarded their no Peck energize community that NEC grant of $17,520 for for 2023. So then I have listed here, the dates are 2018 to 21 to 2021, balances zero or 22 balances $8,499.53. And we have to use that by the end of November 24. This November 30 2024, and then 2023 Gas award is $2,844. And that’s available. Okay, these are all 2023 and those all have to be used by the end of November of 2025 2023. Dual aggregation bonus I don’t know they broke them down like this $3,236 And the electric award $11,440. So those add up to 17,500 28,000.


Was that a carryover? So that’s like a total of 20?


Yeah, that’s okay. So 7500 So that gives us what are 320 46 6000 so


far department meeting furnaces and new roof we’ll get you guys to tell us what those ways can be bought


it for a new furnace yet just I just got a hate letter today.


You just got one today a hate letter for public hearing, Senator do we want to bring up this? Yeah, whatever this is. I can’t read this this is so I have no idea but yeah thinking small how’re you supposed to read any of it? I couldn’t figure it out why? Expand it, you know, magnifying it on my email too. But I don’t even know really what this is, is this the water lines, the water mains and stuff going in?


This is the sewer. So DNA about whatever got back to us this afternoon. Reference the sewer project for the park. Remember, we were trying to go 27 foot deep at one point. Yeah. So now they wanted to do that. Now that was what they initially put in there. And then now it’s going to be this this right now what this is, is he goes to the Water Resources Department again, water resources will look it over, make sure it all checks out. If they check it all out and it’s good, then they will, you know, then we can bet off of whatever they put your stamp. So we are getting closer now we’re probably going to give water resources. I imagined probably two weeks, although they have already reviewed this one since as a secondary review now. So that’s one of their recommendations. Right? This is awful water resources, recommendations, the changes, and it’s supposed to be a lot cheaper for us. So


what’s this lat latest on the grip that work that original planning was looking into? Is there any was there anything that came from came from that was in somebody’s looking at Darren


for LMI? Yeah, funding stuff? I haven’t heard any more. though.


I think it was to help with tapping fees if


Yeah, depending on


income level.


Who’s gonna follow up on that?


I’ll follow up with Todd Todd was on that. So sorry, we’re moving on. Finally again. Yeah, I am with you. I open it up. I’m trying to read them like I have no idea I am not a hydrologist or an engineer I couldn’t figure out oh pavilion. Use a net as that was backing up and you know, and you know, the lateral line and all this and there’s a lot of things scribbled off it looks like something I would draw on and I’m like, Oh no, no, don’t this doesn’t exist just scribble through


interpreting that for the minutes just the best you can


it just be like normal Brett’s discussion


whatever that means Joe


All right. So that’s you have any old business


I do a concession stand restroom. We’re also looking at for the you guys were sent that email a while back.


I think we did bring that up and you said you wanted to wait on that until after we get the quote on the sewer. That’s what we’re holding for.


Were there any changes? I didn’t haven’t


changed because we may change and he rewrote it he rejoined right? Yeah, I was saying I was saying is take off the baseball storage


it to me there’s an extra storage room in there. Yeah.


They were storing that’s where us and then that’s why I said one we’d call it equipment storage sports equipment storage.


Well I know that we changed like because in the beginning the bathroom yeah, there’s the bathroom on each side. We asked for both bathrooms on the north side. Then there was a garage door beside that for


you know, a man door or graduated door


and on the side on the north side beside the bathrooms. Well, I think all they did was took their garage door just moved and put out in the end. It moved it down more which would be where the storage is for Bill. Yeah.


So at that point, so why would why would we need to have a garage on the side and at the end?


No, I think he was trying to have the soccer storage or whatever right there. But we talked about moving net storage on the other side. Yeah, you know and having two storage rooms over there. It’s almost like they got three storage rooms. I don’t think that we need that third Bay and the doors Northside though That’s right. That’s what I was pretty good at. So


I mean, the thought process right now is just one for baseball, one for soccer and one for the township.


township has grown. I mean, it’s, it’s the big barn at the end when we pull a machine in a truck. But yeah, there was one for the athletic, open space, one for the baseball, all the baseball, and that was it. Well,


I thought there was a store storage was the third third one was supposed to be for the concessions. I thought there’s there’s one in there for that. Not you’re not talking. Yeah,


I think they just moved that. They just added instead of just moving to one storage room, because we had a discussion on you know, we moved the bathroom up here to the north. You know.


Job picture. So here’s concession. My recollection is that this storage is here. For the for that are somewhere Bathroom, bathroom bathroom, men’s and women’s bathroom bathroom.


There’s like a storage room here. And then here was one big storage room for you know that he has another one soccer, baseball, whichever. And then there was another one right here. It was just like two. But didn’t they have another one over here for garage door? Coming in here. Where we have Bradshaw here, too. Yes. I’m saying this was just an extra one. We don’t I don’t think we need this. I don’t need Yeah,


we have this one. We don’t need one.


plus two plus. Three. Right.


I think we only need two.


Well, I mean, it’s really the open green space. Baseball. And then like, whether it’s the garage?


Yes. 334. Yes. Yeah.


Those are those are actual like rooms. These two were Yeah, this is just opened there was this.


This would show the garage door here. But yeah, no walls.


I don’t think we need a garage. For why? Yeah. Just one other interesting. No, we have we have entrance into the bathroom. And where’s the entrance of the concession stand that’s on this side? On the south side. It might be Yeah, I don’t I think it’s just a man door in there. Right? Yes. So are these two storage and those storages from the entering from the inside or from the outside?


There’d be a garage door and each of these a small garage door. And I Okay, so


obviously it was Yeah. And I agree. I don’t know why. I don’t remember seeing that in that last plan that was only a new business.


I’ve got one item that is I would like us consider moving to hire a part time we can discuss part time or full time somebody is assistant to Joanne some of them may or help her a little bit once you don’t have to approve it, but I think that let’s at least put it on there to give her some assistance and some help. And that she’d have to put in the newspaper but salary can be negotiable hours negotiable but at least put something out there to get her some help.


And it’s good idea to


with the fact that it’s her her being the one to authorize it. I mean, we’ve already authorized it on our end that she just needs to sign off the paper. She’s needing help when we can get her some help.


So I will we probably put as a resolution of just moving tell her to print the paper I don’t think we need a resolution for that


to ludicrously high or something Yeah,


not at this point once we hire somebody but I would like to just be in the record that we’re on so we all we all you know unanimous that we want to hire an assistant will be assistant fiscal officer or


you would have to be an assistant be deputy fiscal officer they call the deputy fiscal officer


and that were request that she puts it in the newspaper at a salary and hours to be negotiable.


Yes, she would set up the compensation.


But Julie if you can have her relay that to her and see if she’ll put in the paper. We go from there


your email


Do you think it’s proper for Julie to do that versus one of you guys So I can talk to


Julie. It’s either way, but that’s good chief. Dave, you got you don’t mind talking to her?


No, I’ll let her know that we we fully support her getting somebody if she’s open to it.


I wouldn’t even think she’s open to it out there. Just that we are recommending that you get someone


the Ohio Revised Code says the board of township trustees shall appoint a deputy fiscal officer. So wouldn’t be Joanne to discharge the duties served during a period of time was considered absent or acetate until successful.


Board shut that board us shall by resolution adjustment determined compensation of fiscal officer total compensation of both fiscal officer and Deputy fiscal officer shall not exceed two sums dictated by the Ohio Revised Code.


But we can only do that if she is incapacitated,


yeah, that’s all I’m looking at the fine print on it was on fine print. But she has to be alone. Yeah, I don’t think this it’s a gray area whether This even applies or not.


I’ll just take you’re getting an assistant to help the other one?


Yeah, we should just pass onto that system and when I’m making a motion to record, okay.


Public hearing there. Alright. You don’t hear business. I am your business anymore. I know I have something growing in the back here. I’m thinking I was gonna bring up was there something with you, Jordan that we discussed about?


Open land open space


now? Yeah. That’s it was brought up? Isn’t that something we wanted to discuss on that?


Probably the sooner the better. Yeah. The last day updated view was that the open space in Marsh Creek?


Open spaces.


The open space parcels? Yeah, the owner was looking for someone else to own those parcels of land. And since then, e t development who owns the open space inherent Creek and hidden Knowles? I guess there’s only one surviving partner of that and is getting out of cognitive against reality. And so his children are looking for someone to take over that open space land.


See this is this is kind of where the townships getting screwed with these developers coming in, and then they fall apart and then we’re not holding the bag. So is there legal ramifications we can set prior to or can we set this in our zoning, because it seems like we tried to sell that land up up on Stone Ridge. And we were told we couldn’t do it because deed restrictions or something else. And it can only go to another government entity or an HOA or something like that. I’m thinking if we’re going to have a development, which right now we’re kind of like not wanting any more. PUDs coming in, but they have to have an HOA on record in running. And before they start building stuff, because this is just it’s just hurting us so bad with all the this is like what five different places now we’re having these issues now. So and we can’t give the land to the next, the next the neighbor who’s abutting to it or he can’t they can kind of vacate it or something but they can’t develop it. They can’t put a fence on it. They can’t do anything with it.


But that’s kind of where my thought process is. And I was asking Jordan earlier if we vacate it, you know, is it easier for the township just to vacate


but can we that’s that’s a good


I don’t know if there’s even I don’t even know if as you can vacate a right of way, right. This is not our property though. It’s already a part


of what they kind of it’s not really ours. So if we took unity if we


if we took a domain. No, no, they want to give it to us, right?


I don’t know if they want to give or sell I’m not sure to


see this, this is what this is the plan that Stone Ridge, they said, We want to give you this nine acres, this is our green space, okay? That that the percentage they have to provide to build the development. But then when there’s no HOA and the developer disappears, now you got this green space, they want to give it to the township, they, which they were smart with, got it out from under their, under their wings, gave it to the township, which was a huge mistake by the township accepting that and the trustees of time admitted that but but now we tried to sell it off, and we couldn’t. So now we’re stuck with this land. And now we’re these other all these other open lands can’t just be sold off because they’re owned by the developer. And if the developers are disappeared, like in Marsh Creek, I mean, who did the no man’s land, and now they’re just, they’re, like light a wonder if Landbank could jump in on that kind of light. And most of these are blighted properties, especially Marsh Creek, because it’s nothing,


the bank is an eligible owner right away. It’s an entity that is allowed to own it. And all the ones who quit right now are tax delinquent. So I don’t mind asking.


That’s not a better deal. Yeah, let’s, let’s see how they what they would think with that. And what we could do,


it’s probably a big issue, but they could maybe I’m wrong. But if we can get


rid of these open spaces that are falling just into no man’s land, which is just going to be waiting, I would say, I would not be against if we can give it to if the if the property owner next to it wants it. You know, because who’s owning it right now, if we wanted to eight you want this property, you can do whatever you want with it free and clear, whatever, of course, they’re going to tax trees and all that. But your


Jordans fear, and that’s what I asked him. I said, if we can vacate it to you, you know, is it better for the township? Or is it not? His fear is, you know, then you get the mining would be constantly monitoring to make


sure no, no, no, it wouldn’t be it wouldn’t be in a zone it would be it’d have to be the property would have to be replanted, re surveyed all that stuff, because now it’s part of their property. Personal number. So


you’re saying get rid of the


Get rid of that open? rebase? Yeah.


Thankfully, did that go on for I think these


are you saying remove the open space designation off that area as we can and would not have any open space.


I mean, right now, who’s maintained the open space? Nobody. It was a developer, the developers fallen through and now we’re left holding the bag with it. We can’t just it’s just open space. And you know, you’re gonna have someone throwing a tent city up there or, you know, I’m asking I understand what you’re, that’s whatever we could do to get rid of this to get somebody has is a an owner of that property. And they’re all small. Most of them are small little parcels. You couldn’t build on it. You couldn’t do anything with it. Anyway. Good luck to Yeah, which gets one once a retention pond.


We can own property that’s landlocked. That’s one thing to keep them


okay. We can’t we do. That’s what a park was.


What are you going to park down by


the Stonebridge is landlocked. Well, there’s an easement. There’s 20 foot easement. Road. It’s not Yeah, that’s true. It’s not my mom. Yeah.


So there’s a lot of issues that come into play with that. But the ones that are currently that you brought up? Are they actually in default? The payment right now, Texas,


as far as I can tell, and Marsh Creek? Yes. Yes. So Marsh Creek May, I think now that there’s a new one around? That is right. We’re going to catch up on the thing, right. Okay, last


red herring Creek has got open green space right there open area that


the Prime Minister probably have deed restrictions in those parcel numbers, right? They might, they likely do like most of them will have deed restrictions on them. So the problem you got then is that there can be once they’re getting default, somebody can move to have them foreclosed upon. And then somebody can buy them with those deed restrictions or take them if there’s nobody bidding on those. But I don’t know, we can look back to make change as much as we can look forward to make changes going forward. But if the other ones are not in default, then if they want to talk to us, the only options we would have to be to take them subject to those restrictions. And then there are ways to get around those restrictions, which we have from Christmas orgasm email how to do that. But you have to get so many people within that development to vote to have those restrictions removed. So that’s based on a memory of five years ago.


About what about this? Can we get an answer from Chris in writing or not? chat? Chat in writing? What options can we have? If we started rich? Could we talk tourism me permission to to say it’s no longer green space. So


that was my that was kind of where I was going to who’s requiring this percentage of green space? Is that our zoning or is that good?


I believe it’s our zoning subdivision. The subdivision regulations.




the property guide is given to them. We can move our zoning, but if that’s already in the deed, and the person gave it to the grantor subject to these


as an end, if it’s in the county subdivision, they’d have to change. There’s two, so we’re not butting heads.


We’re not We’re not attorneys. All of


that. Well. I played one in high school. Yeah.


But I mean, let Chen I mean, let him give us a chance. Yeah, I think it hurt us. Maybe


Maybe Todd to Tom pizza. might have some idea on that. Because we’re kind of like, We’re in no man’s land. No one owns it. No one could do anything with it. We can’t sell it which we tried to do so we know we’re kind of stuck with that. That was donated. I think that was donated to the township I don’t think it was subjected to those it wasn’t just part of the green space. I think they they swapped somehow they said we’ll give you this land and so we don’t have to worry about the green space and now now towers, but these other ones are not ours. So yeah, if we if we could do something with these deed restrictions and override what matrix Okay, that’s all right, we will adjourn and thank you. Oh, you want to go to Executive Session?


Oh pick up next time


you get down on the agenda


Do you have a spelling on Mr Putin’s navy? Yeah that’s what I have


to correct you if she has announced that she has said she’s gonna run for Jones John yeah


all right. There’s three out right now I’m leaving


you guys take you


forward Yeah. No, not actually. Did you see this? are brand new.


We just got you want me? Do you know what I wanted to do I wanted to have the slides around and they said well, let’s put all this is that I think we were all good


working for what


I should see make sure you go ahead Thank you have to say thanks to every third collection it gets roughly a third of the money coming in.


We’re gonna do right, exactly. Thank you so much. Have a good day. Yeah, I’ll see you

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