Documenters: Nelson Township Trustees meeting for Feb. 15, 2023

Nelson Township Trustees

Feb. 15, 2023

7 p.m.

Listen to an audio recording of the meeting:


Mike Kortan, Chair

Joe Leonard, Vice Chair

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven, Trustee

Kevin Cihan, Fiscal Officer

Chuck Vanek, Road Supervisor

Jackie Kable, Zoning Inspector

Documenter’s Notes

The meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m., followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Minutes from the Feb. 4, 2023 meeting were accepted into record. Fiscal Officer Kevin Cihan presented the bills, and the board voted to pay them as presented. 

Cihan then suggested using American Rescue Plan monies to pay down the debt on the Pixley Park Building, an interest-reduction strategy that would save the township around $58,000 in interest payments. In the course of this discussion, the board mulled over the funding of other ongoing projects: the purchase of a permanent generator, road repairs and truck maintenance. Finally, a motion was made to pay down the building. It passed unanimously by roll call. 

The trustees confirmed the township road mileage at 25.416 miles. They then reviewed insurance updates and made no changes to the existing township insurance plan. Vice Chair Joe Leonard confirmed, via the county prosecutor, that Road Supervisor Chuck Vanek (a township employee) does not represent a conflict of interest should his company, Vanek Construction and Demolition, pursue demolition work on a blighted property pursuant to a resolution passed in a previous meeting, as the contract is not awarded by the township. 


Zoning Inspector Jackie Kable issued a parcel split for Mylon and Aiden Byler. She met with the prosecutor, mediator, Chair Mike Kortan and Trustee Anna Mae VanDerHoeven to discuss the Kessler case. Mr. Kessler was not able to attend due to a medical emergency. The meeting will be rescheduled for March 1, per VanDerHoeven. The January minutes of the zoning commission were approved. There was a brief discussion of an abandoned cemetery originally belonging to the Mormons as they passed through the area. 

A written report for the Community House was submitted by Sandy Huzl. 


Vanek reported a quiet period in road work. A roller was sold at auction, and the trustees have received payment. Vanek’s crew cleaned and maintained several ditches. 

VanDerHoeven reported a fundraiser for Shalersville Trustee Chair John Kline and his wife, Mary, this Sunday at Corners Catering & Events Center in Mantua. VanDerHoeven reported the resignation of the community EMS clerk and reported the hiring of Tara Beatty of Garrettsville to fill that position. The previous clerk incurred late-payment penalties and interest charges by failing to do her job. VanDerHoeven reported that the township is pursuing remuneration for those expenses via bond. Township cleanup is scheduled for May 6 and 7. The trustees agreed to rent six dumpsters for the event.

VanDerHoeven then advocated for an additional dollar-per-hour raise for a road crew member, referred to as Tyler, who had received a $1/hr raise retroactive to Jan. 1, 2023. She stated that [only] paying a CDL driver $20/hr would allow Tyler to easily pursue employment elsewhere. Vanek stated that he’s “halfway through” his career with the township, and the board agreed that Tyler represented the future of the township. Tyler was awarded an additional $1/hr raise via roll call, effective the next pay period. 

Kortan reported his attendance at the Moonshot Focus Group, put on by the James A. Garfield Local School District and hosted by Ted Lysiak, which gathered ideas from local clergy and elected officials. 

The trustees began examining the Nelson Employee Handbook in an effort to bring the manual up to date. 

Finally, after some discussion, the trustees agreed by roll call to purchase a permanent generator for the Nelson Community House. The cost to the township will be $11,590.21. 

A local Boy Scout, Owen, asked a question about ditch cleanup to earn a merit badge for participating in a local government meeting. He has previously participated in road cleanup. The trustees thanked him for his attendance and question. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:23 p.m.


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Anna Mae VanDerHoeven

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  00:00

Was that a gallon you know


two feet didn’t discuss that two

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  00:06

months ago I was just curious how much per gallon


you know I’m glad you brought that up because I think I paid dollar 89 A gallon we’re paying three three something like

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  00:18

$1.79 a gallon Do we


own the tank


there’s gonna be a big difference between owning the tank and

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  00:25

that’s I think we should look into purchase


once upon a time but we did a long time ago


wasn’t that switched out to back to federal gas probably around

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  00:38

we used to have a mirror gas to federal gas right yes


that’s it’s been a while and we didn’t does anybody know the contract with us

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  00:49

we should be paying a rental on that tank you


show yes that would be correct that’s well that’s what married gas does. So we think that the barrel guys for this is probably the bill


now see anything on the bill for rent all the thing I see is like a service charge for like our call right about $12 for something. Recovery. But yeah, it’s kind of odd because I don’t get a invoice in the mail their delivery tickets or invoice wherever it lands up. So

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  01:29

I’ll make a motion pay the bills as presented.


Second the motion.


Okay, Mr. Court how you vote yes, Mr. Learner, this is yes. Status Reports. Now we have turned 25,009 24 and 11 sets


since last meeting, we have a receipt listing. Several open close and some checks from the county auditor totals $20,594.48.


Yes, we do have this is a payroll rate change form for Tyler from last week.


And I have here.


So, every year, at the end of the year, I have to compile all of our loans, what we’re paying interest what we have and what would be retired off the loan etc. And there has to all be tabulated and summarized in our annual reports. So the sheet and I just pass out to you. This is something I put together a few years ago when it started, just to get a handle on how this loan works just only because it started before my time, so I wanted to better understand it. And what you’re looking at here is if you look at the shaded section in the middle, towards the bottom, from starting with the row of December 1 of 2023, and the figure is $9,261.45. So that’s under the column applied to interest. So that runs down all the way to 2032. So what this is, is, every year we get a 1098 from the USDA for this loan, and it establishes what you’ve paid on principal and what you pay in interest. So when we look at the loan for the thicknesses for the Pixley Park building, that’s what this loan is for. So when we look at the loan, this loan is set to run through 2034 roughly and to 2033 point 34. It’s a four and a half percent interest rate loan and the USD da has sent me an email and they every year you’re supposed to send them they have like a five page questionnaire they have to fill out some of them. So let’s do I think mid March though, but nonetheless, in our conversations, the USDA asked me if we would like to, or they just mentioned it, if we’re interested in early payoff. So there is no prepayment penalty. And currently we have the balances, my guess was as of today goes back to last week, but in email, our balances roughly $207,510.25, so roughly 200 1000 bucks. So when you look at the loan sheet here, the calculation I put together I asked them, if we put money down on us, what would it do for the interest and basically, we pay 25 US dollars a day in interest. So each each year, the interest comes down as your principal comes down. And for 2022, we paid 9891 40 foreign interest, that’s the row right above the shaded area. So roughly $10,000 in interest. So each year you can see the Japan in principle, your obviously your your interest is going to come down. So what I guess what I’m asking the trustees to review and find out tonight is what I think is an opportunity for the township. If we look at the American rescue plan fund, we currently have $150,052. If we take that money and put on here, we can save the township almost $58,000. And I think that makes sense to do from the standpoint of we’ll never say $50,000 And what we buy materials or stuff like that. I know, I know, we we do a lot of good things and doing the roads to conceal ourselves. But I think there’s an opportunity if you take that 150 Plus, we already have 24,000 in the budget budgeted for this payment this year. So that’s roughly $175,000 that we put towards that. That puts us in one maybe two years, we can pay the Pixley Park building off pretty big.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  07:22

Are we allowed to use that towards? Okay, yeah.


Are the other 300 some 1000? We have how much enough?


Under point 273 American rescue plan fun on the five status is $150,052.63?


Yes, that’s it. So about the middle of the pack there. But that’s that’s a lot of money to say.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  08:02

I think it’s an excellent idea. I don’t know about your wish list. Did you forget it? Okay. You know, he was talking about a bag, paper and whatever.


Thank you. What does that mean?


You’re what you do? Yeah.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  08:30

You know, that’s a lot. If you think about after two years, we won’t have to come up with that $2,400 Every year,


every year


to one of my generator. I wasn’t here last


week, table that to the team. So we’ve got the two estimates. I’m just fed some kind of wondering of what our priorities are. There was one was

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  08:57

11,001 was four to


five or was 14, I

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  09:00

believe. And Kevin, did you check with no pack on that?


I didn’t have a chance to check them. No, pick what I did.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  09:07

While you check when you do check on that. I was reading other townships minutes. And they got other no PAC money this year. I have not gotten any mail or anything but we got another grant from Noah Peck.


They sent an email out of whatever’s there. I haven’t logged in. But the email that they sent out there’s a resolution and a contract. So I sent that the brand. I just got that back home this morning. So I haven’t had time. So there could

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  09:41

be maybe money from there that could pay completely full.


It’s possible. And you’re talking about 10 or 12,000 Was that quote journal 11 Five or 14 And so I have a fund. I don’t have the appropriation status, but I do know that through the road bridge He or one of these funds there is a there is a general ledger account that we that I put him in every year for the budget for equipment so I can pull up the computer right now and look at it but off top my head I think it’s 15 or $20,000 I have in there yeah and I put that in our case we have to buy something like the generator in that so aside from the ERP we have that if you want to buy the generator so either way we’re good on the funds for that Joe.


Okay, yeah, because we had to close 11 fi was for the smaller one was powered everything downstairs and the well pump and whatever then the other was powering powering up the whole building and putting upstairs which I don’t really see the need for that other than just lights on the furnace up there whatever


part of the idea would be that if we needed to use this as an emergency, I don’t know what occupancy is upstairs if he needed to have downstairs and upstairs


Yeah, I mean, so those are the two options. And the one generator I forgotten was different sizes Submariner,


so I like recommended seven kilowatt and a one


C but anyhow, they would hook it up right out side, the bends down over here and then from the line all the way over to the feed by the


way, perhaps another good reason to look into buying a tank or rooms that tank around the time that the


propane tanks were maybe a good idea to look into it and make some calls and we can find out


bringing back memories over there


Yeah, we both agree with that and I’m sorry


to look into a tank the broken thing was redoing

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  12:10

things and making upgrades up me purchasing


we’ll find out what what the team is actually doing here. So we


were just saying there was one bid was 14,001 86 and the bid was 11,500.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  12:25

Does that include all the electrical hookups and everything? Yeah. Okay, because the last one we had to pay somebody else I think


well that was because it was a temporary hookup going outside and we have so it’s a different situation. These guys do everything just like they did over fixing pardon. Brandon Lyons our sources on that was a little bit of a wandering I don’t know I’ve just only brought it up because I know what was most important

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  12:55

if we get no Peck funds I think there is a deadline of June I’m think you had to use it or


lose it escrow. There were three to five months out for installation. So last time I talked to him which was before the last meeting


was there a deposit?


No, I don’t I don’t recall if it is deposit or since you’ve dealt with them in the past good standing room I think we’re just getting an order I


don’t know we’re allowed to put a deposit on campaign


thing until


right so good to receive we can’t pay it yeah


I think it’s a good thing if we can afford to do it we should do it just a matter of what they give right now. They thought we had more other phones obviously we don’t


know what if we paid down the building? Well, you’ve got a fund set aside like you said is that could cover this generator business if need be.


Yes, there’s a in the road and within the road bridge. There’s a because this what this you what you see on a fun SAS here, this is the high level of the the numbers for the appropriation status drills down within each fund. So within the 2031 fund, road and bridge, there are appropriations for equipment. And typically I put roughly 20,000 bucks in case something breaks or whatever. So we haven’t used that last year. So we rolled that money into this year. That was why at the end of the year, we had a we had a nice budget rolling into this year because we use some things and didn’t use some things saw we bit in order as much stuff like that. So


what did we use some of these other funds for that 300 sometime


so some of the funds I can I can print up where we spent it but someone was a pitcher growing Hill project that was 10 or $15,000. What I’ve been doing is, and when we talked about this previously, as I’ve been taking, since we had a deadline on us, where we talked about, we can spend this on anything within the township side and spending it on road materials. Okay, so the chip and seal the chip and seal work for last year, kind of saw all that spin coming out of here, because we’re on a deadline. So that way, any of the other funds that we get every year from taxes stays on our own bridge, and we don’t lose this. So


kind of makes sense, right? Well, I think your recommendation about paying that building down and wonderful, I think we need to do that. Because that originally, whatever the building cost was, it was gonna be an astronomical for the final deal. And it was was raised to three or 400,000. Something. So


here’s the original back from 2004. And it was a series of bonds for $400,000.


Today, it has cost us quite a bit


more. Yeah. So it’s, let’s see. So in 2004, we were paying $6,000 a year on principal and the rest was interest. So out of a $24,000 payment. That’s quite a good answer. But there’s still time and we can still save a good chunk of money. And that’s, that’s 50, almost $60,000 in interest, we’d say yeah. And you know, as we think about the road, ladies coming up, those don’t pass where things get coming, things are only gonna go up in price. Inflation


is already knows, right? Those usually happens with opportunity.


I just thought that truck when we bought the truck with the first grant, we pay for that cash that’s paid for truck assistance and expedite. And same thing with pixie park and I got to be a nice, nice thing to give to the citizens of Township. It’s paid for. Yeah.


This actual property.


So we’re building the building


the property 12 and a half acres was donated, and then we bought close on 25 and a half acres. Totally thing over there. But yeah, it was a building. And there’s, there’s been I’ve had people ask why the two there’s three names on that building that really shouldn’t be on that building never should have been put on the first place. As far as the people that are trustees are responsible for building it. I’m told that it’s an illegal move. I may be wrong. But it’s just whatever so I just have any But yeah, if


you want to motion Yes,


I think we need to put a motion and pay this down as per Kevin’s recommendation.


Second that one


went up I’ll do is I’ll get a hold of the USDA tell them what we want to do and what they do is and they send us what the numbers would look like based on what they they we do we do a check in right now. So


the other huge savings.


Yeah, I think that’s messing around the numbers like you know and that’s that’s a lot of money and interests. That the Seminole is $58,000


for the township for sure.


Mr coordinate vote yes, Mr. Leonard. Yes, sir. Mrs. fanaroff Yes. Thank you very much


next year for you should have a shot that included a copy or folder for the road mileage this year. I had this last meeting I guess it didn’t so I’m late on this. I’m gonna get this to county tonight tomorrow, but I don’t think there’s a change it’s 25.416 Miles sounds great.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  19:17

He has the original idea. So I have Mickey Marathi signature on mine to copy that. I think just


fine. I guess it’s not me doing


so set up motion that that’s good for them. Or do we need a resolution for that? Or no I don’t


come from this is correct.


When confirmed in place, secure yourself and then get on. It


Next year packet she have the annual update for insurance from a terma quite a bit of information in there but too much has changed and it’s mentioned that the premium went up I think around 1500 Rs believe the deductibles and things haven’t changed unless the trustees want to increase liability limits from where we’re currently at to four or five or $6 million


any suggestions


I have a news based on these numbers Fishel.


Invoice This is the what they want us for acknowledgement to review and provided review the information on all high tension for autonomous applications in a political application so that’s an Information Packet read the property we have a schedules confirms the best his or her knowledge and information provides complete accurate and normal this would be


route checking these boxes




so this right here this box you’re waiving that you’re adding increased limits so that increase limit is before five or 6 million and then you don’t check this one as you’re accepting increase levels from then.


Get good mileage for last year? Correct. Last year


2022. Okay.


Joining and he you are signer you deal with mics for the term. There’s there’s only one spot but I


did a few Chairman brothers. It’s pretty good.


That’s just the invoice and so the check is actually in the file. Okay. Great. Thank you. And then there’s


the overview from the pharma.


Sorry, I have so much tonight. And there’s updated Nelson township business contactless in here. My ad is Ted Abbott’s updated term expiration dates for Mike Graham and James Meadows. I think that was a I’m sure you’ll let me know if there’s any errors. We’re all gonna get one of those you’d like to have Question What

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  25:10

is prime numbers no thanks Kevin is from a farm I see the more grant yes I think maybe we should act on it at the beginning of the year instead of not waiting 10 days before December 31 chuck you know like T shirts or something reflective that you could use for safety are some words that I don’t know what you guys think so much easier you know how we’re rushing around to and Kevin Swetland out new trying to get that bill and come up with the 500 bucks to work with just a suggestion. So I’m going to go and




what they put everything in here there’s show I have your email with the letter that I love you or Brett put in there but I took him I printed that out but he also took copy and paste that into the official letterhead form. I didn’t know what you wanted, I would assume you wanted on a letterhead. So yes. Is there something you wanted the board to sign tonight? or Yes,


we can cover that and I’m up I guess we can do it now everyone is the one who can explain this. Okay. Have the properties that are being demolished? This question. The back of the van Dam construction demolition. My road supervisor was interested in bidding on the demolition of me it was a question as to whether or not there was conflict of interest which there is not according to the prosecutor and so they he responded because Nelson in charge of has no say in the choice of contractor for this job and because Mr. Bannon has had nothing to do with the matter concerning the property located at 302 route 305 And then the other one


Logan Road


in those township county Ohio throughout the statutory process for both structures there is no precedent conflict of interest Mr. Manning’s company in many construction demolition LLC should be okay to decide should they decide to bid on removal of a nuisance structures. And I put a letter out to the main concern that was attached to board of trustees our agreement that there was no conflict of interest ship Chuck radical champion construction demolition LLC, decided to bid on the demolition of the properties located at 105 11 Alton road and Nelson Township and the property located at 302 through five and Nelson township as per the guidance of the township legal counsel the office of the Portage County prosecutor. Demolition of the properties and awarding the demolition contracts is a sole responsibility of the Office of the Portage County Land Bank and that the Nelson township Board of Trustees and Nelson township Board of Trustees has no further involvement in the project. So with that, we need to put a motion I will put a motion with the electric trustees to sign this tonight apparently agreement and then we’re starting to sealed and delivered


we actually passed a resolution last meeting we did


I think you have to think of what we did when he


asked should be in two minutes if you want that number


that’s what we did pass that because of timeout.


So resolution 23 Dash 2023 page two of four Mr. Linder made a motion that is not a conflict of interest on the Township’s behalf for Mr. Chuck FANTIC, etc, etc.


Okay, yeah, we’re good. If you’re okay with that. Yes, yes, we just need this type of paperwork that we’re doing. Here was to do a couple of copies who got an hour just one as per your files.


Once signed in, what I do is I scan it in and put it on file and somebody asked for that, then I can submit it or if you need it, or if you’d like me to email copies wherever you are, this will suffice.


No, no. That’s all right. Everything’s in nowadays little, little more than It’s


probably better to have some more I should be I’m still working on closing out 2020 to let someone down I have to have that done by the end of the month or nobody gets paid. So working on that, and the I think I think updated everybody last time but the information was for the two relativities was taken care of. I went down the Board of Elections few times. So everything is submitted there on time. The next thing that we should be seeing our drafts of what’s going to be the language on the ballot, and this will be on the May 2 ballots related to robotics so


fantastic. That’s really good. Thank you very much. All right, now the questions are going Hi, Jackie. Work.


Okay. On February 2, I signed a mylar for Marlin and Aiden violin 11839 Parkland road for parcel split. Now February 8, I met with the prosecutor and a mediator and I’m not sure what the mediators name is, I can never remember Kesar attorney might pardon and enemy vanderhall. Open at the courthouse regarding the Kessler case. And Mr. Kessler did not show up due to a medical emergency and the mediation will be rescheduled. I’ve asked Brett when it was rescheduled for any didn’t respond. Yeah.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  31:36

You told us was March 1 was remember we were on the sidewalk leaving the courthouse. It was March 1, or you could be violent. They wanted as soon as possible. March it’s a Wednesday of the week.


Okay, well, thanks for letting me know. Yeah. Well,

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  31:58

I’m gonna


make sure with him. Okay. And also on the eighth the BCA Mac to read and approve the January minutes. And I’d be lovely if I signed my alarm for William yard now. 12001 State Route 88 for consolidation of three parcels.


Welcome, he’s consolidating.


This has been going on for

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  32:23

neighbor. Oh, when the cemetery.


Free parcels of property as Mishler, Bixler and misters old out to dresser, who it was, oh, Eastman signed and dresser great and made omega omega problems and tried all kinds of shyster. Whatever it is, but there’s two houses and they’re each house owns two acres and was a jointly owned 18 acres. And Bill’s been trying to get this taken care of, because rents are lost. And two, he was trying to do preaching back and I ran into some trespassing, ever paying the taxes and so on. So anyhow, bill’s been trying to get this resolved and finally called the other day, after almost 30 years, and finally got it resolved. So there’s the cemeteries included that but because the cemetery needed to township we maintain it. I don’t know if it’s deeded to us or not, or how that I don’t remember, I thought that if attach him if they needed to attach at the townships responsible for maintenance, because there I’m understanding we had a property or our family farm that was like that, but I don’t know how Mormons it’s a Mormon cemetery. That I don’t know who officially owes it, because we didn’t really maintain it. And they did the fence a long time ago. So I don’t know. But anyhow, that’s part of this whole deal. Apparently, there’s a total of 20, some acres, 23 acres, whatever. But anyway,


it’s about 21 acres now

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  33:51

one house or two houses one house, or just


has one or the other property separate with an easement on the driveways, to two houses back to that lovely piece of property that sorry, I’m that’s what that’s all about.


We want to try looking into that to see who actually


there can do some testing to


see what the county recorder has to learn and find out. I’m curious,

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  34:21

I think we have, it’s our responsibility, because we’ve they’ve always said we have five cemeteries and that’s one of them.


Yeah, I just don’t know exactly who it’s titled to it should be titled The township and we’re maintaining it. But again, we don’t know the style as well. Of our office receiving news and information.


Any other questions for Jay? Anything else, Jackie? All right. Very good. Thank you very much. I’m not the community house this is hard report from Sandy she’s not here this evening continues to stay very busy


there are less jobs Oh


absolutely. Great job. Questions regarding


charts reports pay through your reading and change


I really don’t have anything so the paper did sell the roller Yeah, yes. Okay, because I write or refer. Yeah, I’m good. I just got the check today.


Oh, really? Yeah.


I was like oh,


are you


guy called me from somewhere way over in Pennsylvania on behalf of the fire department that has benefit tracking tools out there that that’s where we go yeah,


that’s excellent. The daily charges $105 70% And yours to sell that can be both get what are we what are we paying for that? $900,918


and we put a couple 100 into it fix it breaks


it or something?


None of our equipment loses any.


That’s true. That’s true.


But it’s good maintenance.


And we were able to get out do a little bit of ditching burn cleanup today. We can get it someplace we don’t have a couple of days where we burned on Hopkins roads and the bridges down yesterday are being clipped freshwater gas well.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  36:58

Is he still maintaining the well Glenn Spencer


is hot fluid off. Help himself we like fresh water and it gets sold it brings out fresh water


I need to park like a package song


is always the most important.


Everything we’ve been on for sure. Do. The concrete work. Yeah. Now you want to go by? That’s fine. But yeah,


I like to do the other side.


You have an idea without somebody saying we’re now somewhere close to it.


Literally put in a typical


14 Somewhere around I’m sure concrete is going up.


It’s gonna be higher and


cost more.


I don’t know where it was. Trucks are gone. In the last three or four years. Greg was just going north nada, have annoyed as tempted to follow and just curious because hundreds and 1000s of yards call it summer.


Is that something we want to consider getting a quote on or getting some numbers to look at given the current decisions made today? And budget? We


probably would be a bad idea up here if you’re thinking of the needs of the therapy. Good to have it in our same thing.


Yeah. So why don’t we get it


if you would mind getting colored out? Still we come up with what you have to come up with. They’ve got the machine as far as you made the farms and all that stuff. Yeah, we might be building money for us. Yeah.


That’d be great. Thank you.


I’d like to have that road. Oh, yeah. I think it’s been a pain in the neck for 20 years, for


sure. I don’t know it was a pain in the neck that we got to talk about. But eventually,


when are they going to start longing or temporary? offers


any other questions or Trump?


No, no. I was I was. I mean,

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  39:06

okay, yeah, I got some things. Saturday, we’re having our township Association meeting in Atwater. I don’t know if you guys are going but I will be there representing Nelson Township. And also, they’re having a fundraiser for John and Mary Klein is the trustee of Schindler’s build Township. They were in a terrible accident, I think was in November coming back from Florida. And he is home recuperating. Hopefully he’s coming back as trustees shortly, but it’s going to be up in man away that corners catering and Event Center that she’ll deal with nicer Columbus. That’s where I thought it’s $10 Dinner ticket at the door cash for never having raffles and whenever I plan on going there, it’s obey


the Sunday.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  40:04

So I sat with him and his wife as the last township Association Dinner. He was at our table. He is the one that had surgery on his brain. He had cancer tumor in his brain he operated on and got all the cancer out in this terrible thing going on vacation and gets in a car accident. So okay, we talked about the no pet grant, you’re gonna check on that. Kevin, and I had a special meeting Sunday morning for community EMS, are the clerk resign recently resigned from our position. And we hired a new clerk Tara baby. She’s from Garrett Hill, she’s on council, I think of yours. And we had some problems with PRs not being paid. Forms not being filled out or W twos were late and just whatever and we got fined and the penalties and interest are mounting up because she didn’t do her job. So we’re going after her bond to collect for the community. And that is because that is our township money. Our tax money is paying those penalties and fines but she was bonded. And the bond company could go after her for that. The next thing cleanup we’re having our cleanup with may 6 and seventh, how many dumpsters would you like me to order? Last year we ordered eight. It was too many, because we had two empty ones. So I was thinking about six dumpsters. That’s already with you. And I was gonna contact dawn at solid waste management to see if she could get us some tire dumpsters. If possible. They got a grant money. makes six and six. first weekend in that first weekend?


I didn’t know. Yeah, that wouldn’t be a bad thing. Yeah, there was two that were Yeah, I think there was a few that.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  42:28

So I thought maybe we don’t want to go overboard because the price did go up last year. And I know we’ll probably go up again this year.


I remember they charged us if it’s overweight as well. Yes, I did too good of a job pack. We can pick that up.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  42:45

Maybe we’re better off paying for the heavy charge to deliver them. Take them out into like your bowl


or full like we did in years past. So sorry. I think six would be okay.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  43:00

You think six.


And then the sanbi is it brings in the personnel. Yeah, I’ll recycle her.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  43:12

Then the last thing I wanted to address and I wanted to bring this up from our last meeting since Mike was in here. We gave Tyler $1 nail or race and I wanted to dress it to get Mike’s opinion on this. And I did vote for him because I felt he didn’t need a raise at the time. But I was adamant to give him a $2 an hour raise. And I sat down to figure out why I was so adamant about this. I mean he’s a CDL driver and I don’t care where are you going to find a CDL driver for 20 bucks an hour is beyond me. And he’s young Chuck it’s training them. I want to keep them as an employee as long as we can. And the other thing I thought about was you know, we give our employees benefits. Tyler is the cheapest Employee Benefit wise. Yeah, no. He’s young. He’s single because they go by age. I mean it’s they discriminate against us old people. But if you’re young, your your insurance is a heck of a lot cheaper. So you know i My opinion is he’s well worth the $2 an hour. So I would like to make a motion. We had a resolution to give him $1 An hour last time. I would like to up it another dollar and I want you I want your opinions on this.


My opinion was to give him two bucks an hour now down the road is going to be looking for two bucks an hour or more my my thing it was take baby steps Give them a way to give him $1 Raise, maybe we can revisit the three or four months or whatever and we can have up and I know that’s my opinion, just I think step at a time a step just bam, here you go. And he’s well worth it. Obviously we I know that I’m really hard 10%

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  45:15

I’m just these baby steps is gonna get them out the door babies, because someone’s gonna offer them a heck of a lot more. And we’re gonna be sit back here where the heck are we gonna find another CDL driver? That’s


that was put away have a right and I’m looking at that

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  45:36

he would go to any of those and get make more money to start out


with what I know what he’s like about this is Five Minutes from this was was a good fit is fitting in like he’s always been here. It’s like a glove and everybody gets along. He’s happy with the job. He said, you have somebody want to make a career out of it. He said, Yeah. And again, I mean, things change and climate change. But I just, I was I did talk

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  45:59

to him after the meeting. And he was not too happy. But you know, he said, What can I do? Once you


know what’s going when he got?


Yeah, he said he was happy here. But then again, whatever. So what are your thoughts?


So considering? I mean, He’s new. But he’s certainly qualified down with sounds like what’s the potential that he wants to stay here?


I don’t want to lose them, given whether they’re right


or not my understanding. And again, just being fair to to Terry, where he’s at.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  46:32

I think we’re very lucky. We have three employees working for us. And you know, they could go to coops or any one of them and make more money.


And I certainly think that the the $2 would be reasonable. Haven’t Do you have any thoughts on that as a fiscal officer?


Yeah, you know. I like it. You know, Chuck, Chuck’s fabulous for what he does, we’re fortunate to have him and leading the group, military. Let’s face it, Terry’s, you know, on a downswing.


We keep them around for the entertainment. Yeah, I


mean, their team is priceless in theory, but yeah, I mean, it’s terrible getting old in all fairness, you know, he’s toward the end of his career. You know, we don’t know when that’s gonna be but we spent $500 to run an ad for Tyler’s the position a toddler took. So in, we know, it’s slim pickins out there. And I think the thing that hit home to me like, every time I go in the office, there’s Tyler bounce around happy Hey, what’s going on? And just to have that, that fits with us in the township. And then when I found out that Tyler called Chuck and said, Hey, Christmas Day plowing used to help the family I don’t have kids so I think that speaks volumes to his integrity and what and what he brings to the township so you know every everybody’s advertising out there for 23 bucks an hour to start for the CDL already tough. So I he’s a good kid, he seems you know, if you think about it, he he started he’s our future.


Investing future


points. That’s my opinion. I think he’s worth it. We have the money.


So I think it’s a good thing to keep them happy and keep them here and Nelson.


Yeah, all right.


Chuck, thoughts on that? Your phone supervisor and you work with them every day,


as he made a comment in regards to anything like that or concerned or happy or what?


Oh, that’s, I’m not gonna speak for him. But the thing I look at is over the past what eight years I’ve trained five people in wealth man

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  48:50

you tired at training lunch? And


it’s frustrating. It takes a lot of time but


I’m halfway through Believe it or not, I’m halfway through your career through my career. Yeah, I realized that


you’re gonna have to think about somebody competent that

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  49:14

that knows how to


write up and you’re not going to learn all that in one year.


Because a quick learner to


see back fills you on the cemetery day in right what’s that does need fill in for the cemetery work to dig dig take


turns if we get Saturday Saturday burials finish


know I don’t I would be fine with that. Absolutely.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  49:39

I make a motion we theme and another dollar an hour go for it. Well, I can’t believe I got the boys to change.


It fact that they please.


Well, it was actually his I looked at that this evening. You The start date was August 18, originally with a six month review, so we’re right in that timeframe.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  50:09

So you’re asking when you want to start this an extra dollar? Yes.


Because I have to update the system to for the wage just like this one is. So here’s the new star in our got on this pay period. Start the next page. Do you want it on the next pay period? Or do you want it? Whatever whatever you want next pay period everything would be 16th through the work. Yeah, they all were so starting tomorrow 16th through the 28th that pay period. Okay, so still works effective February 16. Thank you.


He will make him aware in the morning or I may come out. While I was waiting to load on this episode, you


just record it and vote yes. Mr. Leonard? Yes. Mrs. Van Pelt?

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  51:00



I was just waiting to see where where it went. Because for both of us when we were working, that was one of our major frustrations was training and they run away train and they go someplace else to train.


Our 50 cents. Sounds like Donald is wasteful of walking them because they’re stolen, ready to take him


away. Quick point. We had someone that was offered $7 and more. I worked we played pretty good shadow for $7 an hour more. And you went with her? No, I retired. But I think that’s a smart move. If it’s someone that is a good employee.


Thank you. I think that is all I have. I’m so happy.


Today we had a notice on the building last meeting about tree trimming from Arbor metrics. I called masterbath to talking about some trees on the circle and the one on the corner up here. And they went over they went all over the township are coming for the Illuminating Company, I guess it is first energy. So then kind of clarify that.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  52:27

So are they cutting our trees down over trimming trees trimmed within so


many feet of the lions is no cutting down strictly trimming? been having two people ask about where can they get CPR classes? The area? I’ve talked to chi freeze, they only do it for the fire departments. I reached out to Santos and they’ve got a program coming up. They’ve a lot has ordered the new mannequins and other equipment and he said, Yeah, they’re on backorder. And waiting. Six weeks ago, I think he said he heard. But he said they’re going to be offering CPR classes. At twice a month, maybe a Thursday into Saturday. I think he said maybe possibly. But once that’s going it’ll be open to the public, obviously. But I was told by one of our fire guys that challenge he has the barber shop back behind St. Ambrose hired somebody to come in. And they were teaching CPR classes in the barber shop for a day, which is like 25 bucks a head or something like that. I was teaching them and like, whenever was Sunday off, at least community stepping up, which I think is great, less CPR class I had was one of the driving school buses and things of that typically no more breathing, apparently strictly chest compressions and that sort of thing. So anyhow, that’s that’s I think that’s great news. And then they suddenly be putting out in the media and Facebook on whatever happened. We really have to think about what we’re going to do a start road, if anything, we’re just first filed with the loggers are going to be coming up there. They’re going to trash it anyway. I don’t know how


many four feet they’re cutting out of there. They can become million board feet, they become


backed out of horizontal property. There’s I don’t know, I have no idea.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  54:14

I wouldn’t touch it until they’re done.


I know we still have to think about what we’re going to do that eventually because it’s going to get any better. Chuck and I talked about maybe getting an estimate, grinding it down and going and just starting over on that road because got the bottom and it’s got to bed at the top and in the middle of the clay base. It’s pretty miserable. So I think we’ll just give a thought his own slant because I think eventually we’re going to have to do something maybe later this year, whatever. Of course, there’s a lot more traffic on that road there. People think there is there’s no residence on the road. And there’s a couple of storage units and that sort of thing down there. Sorry. Oh,

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  54:50

can we make it a toll road from for hybrid township because it’s all those hybrid people come in through? It’s not I don’t know any Nelson residents. that go the other way around or at


the only thing what are we? Kevin paying? For your assistants hourly? We’re going to be doing something with the department. And Jamie’s like, 20. I’d have to look if you would let me know. I appreciate it. That doesn’t be needed. I


can look right up after one of your sign checks.


Okay, that’d be fine.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  55:32

What is Tracy leaving or? No, I want to


say it’s 20. So I don’t know if it’s 20 something.


Okay. Well, yeah, if you could look at appreciate the share. Oh, John, traveling in the park ranger. Why don’t we do it maybe help clean the jobs out state park a couple times a week, guys? Well, I really don’t know when you


either way, but goodwill, I guess is handling some of this stuff. They’re looking for volunteers to help down there and go, I’m sorry, no, sorry, John. I don’t know anybody would be nice, but I don’t really know.


They’re gonna advertise


high pay bows, you don’t know. They’re still talking about putting that gradually in the in the park down, there’s going to be a major project that no one is going to have to visit and undo. Supposedly, they were getting funding for it. Okay.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  56:28

Some kind of glass,


or some I don’t know what it’s got to

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  56:32

be their money for a bridge, they should have money for custodian do things like that.


And then it goes to go buy homes at the Minnehaha Falls.


Yeah, that’s one of the big ones the time was. Just on a personal note, we did an installation at the local library for Terry lawless, who was the children’s librarian, Everybody I talked to in town, she does story time with their kids. And so we did a project for the library, we design and build some lit Trees and leaves. And it ended dedication last Saturday. And it was it’ll be in the village of presetting thing, but it was well attended. And I guess she was highly, highly talked to him. I never I don’t think I’m probably the only one there that never met him. But it was it was quite a neat deal. So there. It’s one of the first pieces of art, they said that the library actually owns. But it was sponsored by the friends of the library, which is really a neat thing. That was a big honor to be able to participate in it. With that it’s I think it’s all


good, thank you, John. Country number one, a couple of things I had. I attended the moonshot focus group on January 23. Here’s the I’m sorry, the moonshot focus group and what Kevin was, okay. All right, let’s go back to James A Garfield, 10 Basic with superintendent who was the host that was at the Professional Development Center at the elementary school there and it was an open invitation to clergy and local government. They’re just gathering information and ideas of where things are at now with the school where we’d like to see things you know, three years from now five years from now for a well attended and with a think tank. A lot of good thoughts ideas were tossed out and we’re gonna take these this information in and I guess, go over it again and then set up another meeting another date. So that was interesting. Nice to see the attendance. I asked for


the demolition and restore it Henderson house demolition on Belton road. People had a chance to go past that. It really Jackie had mentioned different admin passwords. It looks beautiful. They were had everything knocked down. They had a graded and it was hurting her junk, great seated straw out there and his own


demolition. They did that throwing Foster’s that


that was part of the wetland part of the land. So whoever was contracted it very nice job. Okay. Dig into the employee handbooks. We’ve been looking at redoing the same time and biggest question with some of this was looking at Nelson township sitting with the way handbook into outlining what really isn’t an outline. The whole I don’t know when this was last when it was first written and when it was last updated. But my thought intent with this was to sort of bring things up to speed. I’ve been looking at a couple of other townships, employee handbooks and, and a couple of them and zero slots that you want to take what the handbook is existing and start to go sort of chapter by chapter to update and make some changes.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:00:14

Okay, the first thing is the strike outline on this one right here I have


a highlighter highlighted. So Nelson Township,

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:00:23

didn’t you export each county? Where are you adding Portage County just to


the heading to say we have a title at the top. I said, with freedom Township, there’s a reasonable state approved Township, Portage County, Ohio. They had interesting they added personnel policies and procedures and adopted by trustees, given them the dates and when they were amended as well. And so I thought that’s very good. Just just shows a chain of progression.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:00:51

Okay, so the third one at adopted amendment data is that going down here at the bottom here?


Now, this is this, basically you’re taking your verse or another chapter up here, and we’re adding the so in other words, the condensing and then it’s, it’s all sort of been lumped into one section, I’m trying to break it down into


the actual chapter itself, and then that would have subtitles under that. So read more like a directory, versus if that makes sense. Versus just this is a paragraph and this is a section.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:01:33

Okay, it says Add table of contents, is this a table of


contents is essentially what that would be. Okay. So that would be adding the introduction, so be sure so you have Roman numeral one, introduction, purpose is to preface the amendment goals and objectives. Now, if you have the copy of the Liberty Township, or freedom Township, do they have those, you can just

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:02:02

see what went into look like that? Each bringing everything down?


It’s easier, it’s easier to find if there was a quick thing like the Dewey Decimal system you’re going through so it’s a little more specific and easier to find and navigate? And if you have any thoughts on that, Kevin? So I’ve had to just if you wanted to reference them,


the adopted amendment mended dates. Yes. You’re talking about when the documents updated, correct? Yes. So how do I file this is


the bottom. That’s what I questioned.


The form is N T dash 06. So I keep a spreadsheet of all of our documents. And then I keep the latest REV number and the latest rev numbers, what’s in parentheses in 2019. So that way, when somebody asked for a copy, we know we’re on the same page. So that’s where I put it in the footer.


Okay, that’s fine. If that’s still okay with you? Oh, absolutely. I just want to make sure just so everyone sees it, understands it and knew I mean, I’ve had things lead to this in the past, you get like, oh, well, that was copied from two years ago. Yeah. So the whole idea of just ease of access transparency. Okay, so the thought being that’s going into, I thought it was interesting, that’s one of the townships actually had a mission statement. And that’s something that like, that was kind of nice, that this was sort of one of those sort of welcoming, and said, This is what we’re doing him because a lot of people ask well, what what do the trustees do? What what do you do for the township? What are the employees do? So one of the thoughts for the mission statement was Nelson township provides quality services to our residents in a fiscally responsible and courteous manner. Our goal is to ensure well maintained roadways, bridges, cemeteries, community buildings, recreational and park areas, under our jurisdiction, we strive to make decisions that are the best are in the best interest for the residents, public and community. Stone, let’s just,

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:03:57

that’d be all under number one, introduction of purpose. Article One, or I guess,


we could be, but I just said just even just having its own space emissions. I got to just put these out as examples of what I thought we’d start going to know it was a lot. We’re going to read through everything at once. And I thought being that if we sort of took this one bite at a time, and put a list together to see a document I had spoke with Brett mounts and here’s a daily review any of this that we were put together and make suggestions, recommendations, adjustments corrections, it has done that for other townships as well. We’d be happy to do it. So this will be an ongoing process as we’ve sort of navigated through updating everything that makes sense. suggestions to that list again, I’d say try it and try and write updating things. It’s up And if you if they’re very interested in looking, there is a lot of information. And I noticed that it comes from the Ohio Revised Code Book. Some of that stuff is actually verbatim that other townships have done cut, paste. So it’s a very good guideline, I should say. So if this makes sense, I can continue. Actually put some of this together in a page by page. Highlight. So we’re going to chip away this little bit of each meeting that gets done to this set, our current manual is 26 pages, and these other townships are 43. And someone was someone not to make it busy. And fill it with extra words or anything, like just clarity.


That would be good. Good.


Does anybody Thank you. Does anybody know when the original document was written? I mean, just


for this historic sake,


a number of years ago, so whenever I report return,

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:06:13

call the trustees that would have worked on it or dead. I


think we did twice. Between for the last what, seven, eight years? Yeah,


I think so. We did some additional observations.


And that’s a whole chapter by itself. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. If there’s any suggestions? Well, man, so I’m certainly open to that. The West, which is proposing on the grid are super good. Alright. That being said, No


other questions or hop on the floor. Okay, but one, one thing, I’m gonna strap the crap house to the building. This is about the third and fourth time

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:06:56

over again,


third time the swimming, talked it all out.


If you do it, put the door where they can get in and use it because it’s not loaded here. You weren’t in a hurry. You weren’t in as a great thing, people the backside of it. I’m just going to anger and somehow, yeah, any group now


to the building and probably wouldn’t be bad even when it’s in one season


for our right now we want the door on access. accessible, so people aren’t going to sit there and use it as like, what you have today.


And how do I go about getting Ohio Revised Code Book from like road cemetery?


And then it says go to Is like a print


off? Yeah, okay. I think the last time I’d have spoke from 1975,

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:07:46

make sure you have a lot of paper in your printer. Ink.


Let me know what you’re after a non printed out on my printer. But inkjet that you haven’t


tried yet. So if it’s your side, if I have a question, I could just I don’t have to print it off. Okay.


Oh, our I believe it’s all rcis code.


You can Google it, you Google it and put in there what you’re looking for

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:08:11

in the Ohio Revised Code No, come up. We want to do anything but cemetery.


Question What


we want to do, and maybe I need a generator,


or I think we should, because we don’t act, we’re gonna as already been through the

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:08:30

expense or not expense for the time to get a price and a quote. I think we should jump on it. That’s


like Kevin said, there’s a funding available on that one. And I want to find out whether we do with the 11 Five or the 14 Again, we need the power of the whole building upstairs or not. And again, privately for a short period of time. But when chief called this as a warm place, and we have a generator over there and chuckling the guys back over here. This way we’re set to go. The other one fires up every Friday,


every Monday morning.


And I think we I think we could move ahead. So the next depending on how involved you want to get with a second for big units or whatever he’s got the two years quoted here for


there’s a difference in how much and actually


from 11, five to 14. So you look at it


to be quite Kevin, didn’t

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:09:30

you say something about the last meeting smaller.


I would just look at the duration of the run rate and fuel consumption based on our propane tank that we had outside or thrown away and then if it’s too big and it’s running and you don’t need it, you’re gonna burn tons of fuel. That’s what it was. Yeah. So basically right sizing it for the audience. You know,


the smaller size would work. Make more efficient. Yeah, made it bigger. To the student athlete, he questo Josie such

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:10:06

I’ll make a motion that we purchase this small 111 1000 on one


second. So I think we have I think last year was like what? 4000 or $5,000? From no pay

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:10:22

for time. So we may get the whole thing paying whatever is


coming this year. It’s gonna be close to I wouldn’t see us having to pay more in a few 1000.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:10:32

Yeah. We’ve got to use it up for energies fishin anyhow.


So do we want to put a not to exceed number just in case?


This court was good for 30 days,


I believe. I’ve been as far as in case you have a case where you look at this first one, the lesser option and it’s not big enough. So far, if you’d already determined that, well, we


know what we went with. That’s what we’re ordering but not to exceed what the cost of the lab exceed 14.


That makes sense. Yeah, I just I didn’t hear maybe you already did decide to spy here. But did you determine which size


to get that Small? Small. I want the smartest thing which I think is big enough to cover the main floor. First floor? Got


it? I’m sorry.


That was level five at level 590 20.


Thank you for getting that information. Oh, no problem.


In let’s see. Okay.


I made the motion.


Like Secretary used to coordinate a vote yes.


Mr. Leonard? Yes, Mrs. Van? Yes.


I’ll make the call tomorrow, either


chiastic. Pro Pro.


And then as far as the other generator that can use for whatever, over there for road or anything like that. Or they said they would do different hookups in here, obviously to run that one. And they’d be running a line out through the kitchen or any of these


new Rumbold together


if you had to. I had an idea.


Yeah, I don’t think it’s necessary is this was with the cover. There’s already gas on that on propane on this on this other one here and stuff. I could inquire if you’d like.


It’s just an idea. Got backup. Throughout propane.


Propane. Yeah. That’s true. Any comments questions from public? Yeah. If you get the smaller when you’re not doing the upstairs, you have changed the electric


or has to be a separate.


You know, there’s the panels in there already for what there’s about everything you could shut off and add to or whatever, you’ve got options as to what it’s going to run. So that’s already hooked up for the other generators, I think it would tie into that panel, IPs that are that you put in another bigger panel on that wall that was saying you can select what you want. Yes.


Questions, comments?


One more thing I forgot to mention. Yeah, sorry. So the last meeting, we had the tax bill for the Pixley Park. So I play phone tag with the tax department for a little bit, but I finally contact somebody and they just failed to file it and record it.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:13:35

So not the only community with that same problem.


Right. So so what I’m doing, if their suggestion is taking the tax bill, we’re not paying and keeping it and they can copy that letter. And they have the letter down the office they just haven’t recorded yet. So that’s that was like five or $600 extra. So I said why we don’t want our name and a paper split up. So that’s what I’m doing with that.


So that’s taken care of.


Okay, thank you very much for that. Forgot about that, sir. And now now. We’ve covered a lot of ground. Amen. No further questions.


And those young males


as well.


Hi, my name is Zoey and I’m from the Boy Scouts up above. Okay. And I just had some little questions. Mainly it revolves around ditches and you know, trash and stuff. And I was curious about how that’s handled like regularly.


You ask him for cleanup or


just like in general, like year round, like, say there’s a trash buildup in like a random ditch like someone dumps trash like how would that be handled?


Well, we find it we think it ends up it’s a couch Greater deer,


county township or State Road members today. We take care of our township roads. And then there’s been other times when there’s what was it was others complain about a road the other day? Well, I’m sorry this county road was parked on people complaining about that as well. Here’s called the Razzies office and for that we are reporting what we say 24 and a half miles of township roads of the animal.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:15:32

Yes, seeing the county going with a tar buggy up that way today. I wonder if they kept some of those


heads up there. The other day, there was about six or seven. Terrible. Well, there’s the rumor there, they’re going to do 88 This year by me. I’m told that they chip and seal that 123 years ago, and just put a bandaid on it was pretty sad. But yeah, Barbara was in dire need but they weren’t there patching on these a plastic I saw here one day and stopped to check them the recyclables. So they were headed that way. And there was like six guys in there and two vehicles and maybe a shovel or two. I don’t know. Like, I used to Petros, I was a kid and my my brother did. We’ve been 14 tons of black dividend day shoveling, the big scoop shovels was less than but anyhow, that’s the that’s a Cub Scouts wide sign up from roads.


Not that I know of. I’m sure they’re always looking to help. But I’m doing it for a merit badge. And I just got to ask an issue and a meeting with some officials and

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:16:31

get a response. You want to go start cleaning up ditches now. I mean, personally, watching younger boys like I’m throwing Well, last year, the Boy Scouts did clean up some roads for us for the cleanup. So they’re welcome. We supply the bags, if say want to clean up the roads and the boys pick up the bags along the road. Very helpful.


I remember doing that last year.


Sheriff’s Department is a cleanup crew too. But you got to get in with the right user to get pretty well cooked up. We’ve used them in the past, which is nice and less cows in

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:17:06

the past. But isn’t it an April?


I know it’s somewhere around that timeframe. I don’t know the exact date. But I know it’s coming up.


Or they were supposed to let me know about any Eagle programs to Eagle Scout badges. We’ve done some of the past like once a flag return backs out here in Weiss was the same. But there’s other ones I know that I’ve talked to the leaders about it in the past. They had some Eagle Scout badges needed to be done. We had this side right out front here that’s really dilapidated. And there were someone was going to work on that. But that didn’t happen. He had some family issues, I guess. Kind of put a bug in her ear if you would as an Eagle Scout. projects


on want to get your last name for the record. Wolf Wolf, who? Okay, thank you


that we answer your question? Yes. Thank you for inquiring, and thank you for coming out. Thank you. Jackie, you


know, just a for little human interest. My daughter lives in Hartsville Township, and one of the residents wants to have a concert. And she’s on the Zoning Commission. So she goes on the trustee meetings. But anyway, the bottom line is, I gave her so much information. I even told her I says I’ll invite my trustees to come to one of your, you know, trustee meetings just to let them know what is what it’s like, but I just, I couldn’t be

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:18:49

like a Woodstock or what out


there. I don’t know. He’s got vacant land. He wants to have sort of build a stage and he wants to have a concert and it’s not permitted this residential area. And I pointed out in her book where if it’s not prohibited, or specifically permitted, then it’s not that is prohibited. But anyway, I just thought that was interesting. I’d let her know about the ATF and all the Sheriff’s Department, the drugs and blah, blah, blah, and others, etc, and so on. But so yeah, she’s pretty she’s been calling her trustees and talking to them and letting them know that


it’d be more bad for me to talk to them. And me, as I’d be more than


why the children and the trustees called the Orange County Sheriff.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:19:31

Yeah, I know he ever


ordered drug related arrest in our township last year.


Yeah, but I’ve been told like come to the meeting to him let them have it. But anyway, so now I just thought was interesting.


Yeah, it is. Yeah. I ended up another calls me about doing the solar panel farm lady call them. Now. It’s not it’s not permitted in our township. I left a message. I don’t know if she got it or not. But somebody approached her to his property on Saturday street over errands and leave my grandma’s still working on zoning. Alright, nothing further. I’ll entertain a motion to adjourn. Second,


coordinating. Oh, yes, that’s right or Yes.


Thank you all for coming. Yes.


Thank you all.

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