Documenters: Nelson Township Trustees meeting for Feb. 1, 2023


Feb. 1, 2023

7 p.m.


Joe Leonard, Trustee

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven, Trustee

Kevin Cihan, Fiscal Officer

Chuck Vanek, Road Supervisor

Jackie Kable, Zoning Inspector


Mike Kortan, Trustee

Documenter’s Notes

The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. The regular minutes from Jan. 18 were approved, followed by a second set of minutes from a special meeting held Jan. 25. This documenter previously reported the passage of two 2-mill road levies (both renewals), but a special meeting was necessary to finalize their appearance on the May 2 ballot. 

Fiscal Officer Kevin Cihan reported on the state of the township finances. Zoning Inspector Jackie Kable reported no zoning activity in the previous two weeks. There was some discussion about a van in an unidentified location on Route 282 that appears to be doubling as a home. Road Supervisor Chuck Vanek reported a quiet period for the road crew other than the frequent filling of holes. Dan Huzl reported on the Nelson Community House. Rentals for the month of February are strong.

The trustees had begun receiving bids for a permanent generator for the Community House. The trustees are looking into whether township NOPEC monies in escrow can be used for this purchase. The board delayed any action until Trustee Mike Kortan, who was absent, could weigh in. 

An ongoing demolition discussion was resumed. Vanek’s company expressed interest in bidding on the two-phase job. Since the project is being managed by the Ohio Regional Development Corporation, with the final decision to be made by the County Land Bank, the trustees determined there would be no conflict of interest should Vanek pursue the bid. 

The trustees paid the township bills, then entered executive session at 7:39 p.m. to discuss employee compensation. There were no additional agenda items.


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Anna Mae VanDerHoeven




You think tariffs are somewhere somewhere out there


next up on the list is are the minutes from a special meeting on 25 January that was for two road resolutions and that was for the resolution to proceed

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  00:38

I’ll make a motion to approve and


okay Mr. Linder


have a vote yes sir.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  00:53



I got 67


was seen in folders warrants 26908326933 grand total of $14,764.54 steps


any questions for now?


Make a motion to approve Second motion, Mr. Boehner, how do you vote? Yes, Mrs. Vanderhoof? Yes.


Fun status report. Current currently we are sitting at $651,341.34.


She could for the financial reports she’d have some correspondence in here for an email who will probably talk about later and some general quotes. Okay. Sorry, I do that before. So I received the TAT the tax bills for this year in the tax bill for pixel Park coming again. The one that we applied for February 26th of 2021 that somehow remember that into the system so I call down the tax department been waiting on return call so I’m trying to string now that we got them for now.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  03:10

They don’t think it’s township property.


Now it’s just somebody didn’t record it in a system probably. So it automatically generates tax bill. And I’m aware I wouldn’t have done this tonight. Just an FYI. Thanks.


Okay. If nothing else, Jackie will go to you for your zoning inspector report. Um,


I didn’t issue any permits for the last two weeks or whatever it was first period.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  03:44

I just have one question. How about the guy on 282 in the camper. Did you ever talk to the owner of the property? You said the son was grandson was going to live in the camper or on the corner?


Oh no, I never did it. The campers still there. I thought they were moving it to where their driveway was you’re talking about we’re Kathy Chadwick he loves Yes No, I never talked to them right or someone living in everything.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  04:12

At night the lights on and during the day they have that hose coming out. I don’t know if the health department should be notified or not but water


going the only thing is Mr. You know our Amish friend from Reynolds road with the burned down house while he ended up buying Mr. Belmonte his property on bloomer road and he was not very pleasant. When I stopped there. I emailed a texture and I told him I stopped there he was he’s building a bar which is fine. Anybody needs a permit for it. But he told me I was harassing him.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  04:50

About Brian Collins.


Oh, that’s fine. I saw that foundation. Yeah, yeah, I’ll stop there. But I told Mr. Miller and Don Matthews house that it was my job to risk. But he’s also you get

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  05:12

paid big bucks awesome. He also built


an accessory building that his family is living in until he builds a house. But what I plan I plan on doing is talking to Mr. Beiler, who was working on his Reynolds Roadhouse and have Mr. Beiler explained to him that he needs a permit for that because anyway, what else what else do I have? Well, so I talked to nobody that’s it. I’ll go I’ll go i Yeah, you’re right. I did right by there and I

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  05:49

only see a car parked next to that camper at night. All right, evidently he must have a job somewhere but he’s out there. Whatever. write him a letter All right, that’s all yeah. Thanks man, you’re here for the


I haven’t got too much. February filling up pretty good. Party appointments so far. Surprise and thank you everybody for the new cotton machine. I can even use yourself oh, we’re in the process for passing out the EU 2023. rules regulations and we need it it went to the Board of Public Affairs that you are not

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  06:48

you mean the Board of Elections Yeah,


we’re well the people that meet here

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  06:54

we meet meet here oh like the Zoning Commission. No, I don’t think we’ve ever okay good because they’re part of the


time out the rental procedures just a rental that just copy will come to us as well


that’s about it all Alaska.


Okay. Thank you down and go down the hall is pretty much


and chuck


my new report we don’t have a whole lot going on just patching holes every couple of days still summertime equipment they compared to oil grease


the guys up here on the parking lot


that don’t have anything yet.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  08:00

Archery figured out the rules and start talking about materials and things like that okay. I see the county attached to hold on Senator when department or






one more thing I turned that into but was in first AG is your career trees or DB tree and up here we


have a screenos Arbor metrics Scott Schreiber concerns your property we need to prune trees this property was it on a fix a park corner was out here was here


like to be


the auctioneer


I lost him somehow


expensive was going on I wonder when or where they’re going to trip well that’s how I’m gonna find a phone number so called okay tree up here


on the corner good one


that he’s gonna paraphrase but that’s the ones right cue Sam. He probably probably called

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  09:44

well you better get up here when they cut it down because it’s less right. Make sure to round.


Well this one here says it doesn’t have a checklist as they would too large to be run through the Chair will be cut into manageable pieces. manageable length and left on the property. stockpile and tomorrow find out looks right. No. Okay.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  10:08

I cut this out of the paper and I think the trustee should look at this Farmington township employment opportunity. We’re looking for two part time seasonal employees who work in our cemeteries responsibles responsibilities include mowing and trimming with township equipment. Please send your letter of interest I think yeah, I think maybe you know how we have problems keeping when they do the roads but we can to keep up with the cemeteries doesn’t say how much they offer. So I just that just caught my eye on VMAP repeat the Farmington Township is looking for a part time season to people to mow and trim don’t have a road crew I don’t know


why they’re doing that yeah they don’t have they don’t have any employees they don’t have no one doing the roads are flat no Trumbull County has been breaking for a few years ago. I realized

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  11:14

well who’s been they’ve been always advertising for cemetery. I think the trustees there’s no Yeah, I have enough on my plate. The other thing I still we got the two proposals for the thing and I wanted to bring it to Kevin’s attention to pay for this. We have no pet money sitting there in escrow that could go toward how much I was about five or six grand, something like that. I wouldn’t know I don’t recall


off the top of my head but it should be in escrow. It should I haven’t heard from them in a while. In fact, probably last May to April, May June,

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  12:02

when we because I think you have to use it up by June of this year. It was I think there was a deadline when we used it for the other one for the fixed Park Generac equipment. But you know I don’t even have the ARP money but if this is sitting there, I don’t want to lose it. If they still have it available. I know no packets hurting but it should be in escrow. Okay, that’s all a follow


up on that


you know, I’m here with the rep from Dave almost from Generac and he gave us two quotes or two different sized generators for talking about getting a permit generator for the building as a backup in case during the Christmas season was so cold out chief called me about we have a generator to clean the house without people without electricity use it as a warming spot. Checking the guys brought the generator up here it’s a heavy duty burger. We’ve got the hook up for it was last year year before we did the spending out with some of these funds that we have from the feds wherever we’re looking into possibly getting further ones they have to price as long as 11,005 I think and there’s some more now what are 14 Yeah, 14 one for the other ones. difference being one would take care of the whole building and the other one would just take care of the downstairs for the primary primarily. And we’re not going to take any action on this until all three of us are here. But thanks for printing this out. For the price sheet


so the 14,000 from page to page.


Coming up, there’s 11 five on the loan 14 to on the other 14 186


to 26 KW is 14 and then the Bible says 26 Kw awesome


because let’s be differences to resize. But anyway, he said there’s three to five months out and escalations right now and these posts are good for 30 days I believe.


still look the same quote face that’s fine. They can work 14k


So one is homeless. So these are propane. They have to be propane. Yeah, because we got the federal facility and then read


over it but I’d be curious as far as what the what the usage rate of fuel is it Our load and if we put something like that in ups and we get a delivery from federal gas


Yeah, question if something didn’t have needed typically not for very long periods of time obviously we know how much leads up to 26


Kw you’re gonna burn through eventually you will be lucky that last couple of days it full load


we got about 1000 gallon tank out there because that’s what he was looking at he’s looking at putting it back if we go with this putting it back over here by the side of the building away from all this up here in the middle line across the building and then should we do that have you guys put the shelter over like we did the other boys to keep the roof stuff off?


So the propane we use now is just for the stove Correct? For the urban furnace water heater


furnace water heaters


so furnaces to the generator what would that you just need that to power the control board on the furnace right


well Joey power up the lights the furnace farming well well pump was another one yes. So it’s the freshest


gas and that’s 14 Kw should be plenty I mean


yeah, because there’s just that on the stove and which cases are where people are failing to timely prep using the stove but yeah, well pump was one that he mentioned for sure. You know, he did think about his air conditioning in the summer


well that’d be my house is gonna 69 So I would never imagine even the worst running in our condition for for that let’s just open up the door Yeah, I would never endorse random air conditioner return a bunch of dairy or for an air conditioner.


I mean people get really bad again but it’s just again it’s up for all our discussion and


how much difference in price


too much went upstairs locked in and got the burner upstairs from the scouts before in that case they needed us facility they can use it down here they don’t have to go upstairs that was was super cold. That’s just a reservoir overhead. It can burn that much fuel So anyhow, any other questions on that? That will table till next meeting I’ll make up my cabinet All right. I did get a call from well buyer complaining about parking. I gave him the number and his number and he was falling over there. four month block back again. Bugs number two. Good luck. Yeah, exactly. So I gave him those phone reviews. So what we what asked the county and talked to the engineers office. So I gave him all that information. So that’s been taken care of. Gentleman call me or email me about the history of the monument again, like the meetings he said probably Spring Break comes up. He’s doing a whole research history on the money went out here. And it’s from kind of falls and Lincoln says wait for better weather free travels up to CES, which is fine. And then we’ve been trying to get in touch with our beloved prosecutor Brett. Not much success. And the demolition of these buildings. Is dramatics interested in participating possibly.


I got email from them. And he said they talked to their legal person so that you guys made a resolution that was located


right. That’s that’s where I’m getting as that we would have to and talking to Brad talk this he would have would have to pass a resolution that wrote the paper and send it off to Brad, I haven’t heard back that under the supervision of the county prosecutor’s office. There is no conflict of interest as long as the trustees agree to this because the final decision is based problems from the land, County Land Bank, there’s nothing good for trustees. So that becomes independence so that he should he be able to or want to bid on a totally legal to do so we have to pass a resolution to that effect.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  19:45

Obviously you went a bit on it personally as my company and your company. Okay, and then not as a township employee doesn’t


go under, under under my old LLC and

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  19:58

so you want to be the demo demo it down, get that things in.


I’m thinking I’d like to put a bid on it. Okay. He’s used abused this other individual. And he’s at this point time he told me he wasn’t too happy about it. The other gentleman was here

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  20:19

let’s do Dan told me is fat Jax. And this morning? We’re going to be under one under one big umbrella. Well, I hope they


take all of it stuff, or they can’t. And there’s going to be two stages. As we’ve talked about, or mudjacking are out there the I don’t have a map of the stage one is the house and the kennels and what do you say 15 feet down on the kennel. All that is stage one, if they have enough funds to cover the woods, and that would be stage two. So that remains to be seen. So right now should you should they’ve been on that stage one and also on the prairies. Property. This was a lady who was with the Ohio Regional Development Corporation. He was out there with us as well. He’s out of Ashland, I believe. So the the final decision is up to the County Land Bank, we have no decision on that’s what keeps us clean from whatever so there is no conflict accordingly. But until I hear back from read the paper, he approves it that we can we can vote on next meeting and they might have a problem with it. But again, it’s a question of sometimes it’s pretty tough. And then I didn’t get a call from Egan’s friend, John, I guess the name was either he’s one of history who had some toxic materials in the basement of the building batteries and so on. And a whole bunch of those lead weights for doing car tires, bows and tires, some paint some other stuff he one of his okay for the winter stuff, talk to them. brigantia land bank is fine, because they haven’t had anybody and are able to turn off the special checkbook today or not. But at that point in time, they had done a check for asbestos. He could testify that would be great. Just so he was opposed and went in right away. And he’s been there a few times since. So we’re waiting to hear from Dan about the asbestos inspection

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  22:40

permit weighs seven cemetery the cemetery


someone’s very depressed.


No, actually I was you were gonna contact Brett on the potential


Oh, it’s for event the Oh, that one that has to go to probate. He says, you know, the way she can get that clarified, a student has to go to probate to get that

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  23:02

there will be a dead lot if she don’t go to I guess.


I’m sorry. Yeah, that’s, that goes to probate. So the way that you can resolve that and I told Chuck, I think the fogger I was going

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  23:13

with the sheet saying she was understanding.


Because otherwise, we can be liable. Whatever it is just like he said, let the judge decide.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  23:23

She’s probably not going to bother with I think she will really you know her? Well, when it costs money. She made her. You know, lawyers aren’t I


think it’s more sentimental.


Almost like likely. There’s something else you won’t know. But that’s all I have. Later on, we’re gonna go to executive session to discuss employee review. We’ll do that later on. In checks, and anybody on the floor have anything, Jackie?


The last time I talked to or saw Brett in person, which was probably before Christmas, he mentioned that he was going to contact maze attorneys to see if we could all get together. And I emailed him probably two or three weeks ago and he never responded. And you talked to him about that. I can’t get


all of them. I’ve tried three or four times this past week to get ahold of him and I emailed yesterday and I got no response. I tried to call him again today. Youngstown, he was on the line altogether closed. Shut down for no no thank you good. Yeah, me nothing. I


got a question from swell. There we go. Did anybody notice a big hole in the call forgotten by me?


Big enough to get a car on did you put yours in there?

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  24:56

What comfort April Fool’s Day a


month early two months early February 1 such a dark I’ve been here for a while you’re making up for lost time on our triangle okay if nobody else has anything else we’re gonna go ahead


Mike get me in my system he mentioned and heard back from tribler Cheryl about being on the market she’s gonna get some health issues so we’ll probably get in touch with her

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  25:36

okay we want to sign checks before we know yes we do we’re gonna sign checks then go into Executive Session


whenever you have a travel check going around


now we didn’t have enough people still the last week hasn’t been turning until about Trump


got some good night

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  26:13

what’s more warmed up? Give me a break.


Okay, good. Start we don’t have heated seats on these. Take care bye. Thank you. Bye bye

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  26:32

I’m gonna rip off the bottom of this one check for me.


Oh, there’s one in yours?

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  26:39

Yeah, sorry, I missed it. That’s all right.


Like Pokemon Go so don’t lose things

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  26:51

what some people call that Friday for each office that’ll get kind of chilly. Cold


what temperature would you like to that

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  27:06

71 degrees suddenly wondering,


right she wants to name 175


So the board should take a look at their checks also to make sure


I don’t know something like that seven days


you pay scale let’s see some differences


while you’re signing checks I’m not going to be here tomorrow I gotta make


sure you got them squared away don’t


have the fire sign though. So I have this fuel card still left in Can we just give us a check and we can go and take them use them put gas in them


you know Cheryl’s kind of FCI issues are we holding on for somebody now? Well it was for Cheryl but she’s not around and we don’t know when she’s gonna be back.


I just don’t want to lose


it’s all yours truck trucks




I care for my kids you put on the office you might go

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  28:59

I’ll take the bottom off of Mike’s to check for HRA so that was a batch of bills so I finally got your way adequate Sparky doing your job we’re going to need to know you’ll be able to correct if you didn’t have that bottom piece


to Formica

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  29:34

key yes, there’s a chapter for you.


There’s a second go to


hearings, convinced you

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  30:00

Jackie Thank you. You’re welcome. I appreciate your service so gently Have you use the new printer copier? No I haven’t worked but I do to get I know some are important


Yeah, it should be user friendly and happy and that’s it


and I’ll be on Friday so for


medical supplies expired 2017


That’s let’s


see I tried calling them we got one that’s pretty well this lady does shop and they must not be in business for


mastering so I just replaced


with a generator that was over here


Yeah, protector


Yeah, we’ve got the hook up outside for but now we’re looking like I said, affirmative. One over here the civil clarify

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  31:36

Damn, I have two charts here for you.


Thank you for your surveys


that you Is there anything in the budget coming up for maybe a replacement spending in there?


We’ve talked about that was fine. It was there. But


yeah, we knew what it must be something you gifted. Just one place that


I thought this was doing pretty good, but

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  32:05

it’s still working. I think


it’s working but it’s pretty


quick checking to see a couple. That’s what six years? You guys got a lot.


All right. I mean, I think I mean, we’re okay.


Pick one up that wish.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  32:29

They’re expensive. Probably four or $5,000. You want to put it in the budget? Put us put it in the budget. Oh. You know, I don’t think it’s used that much.


I know that was


dinner. They don’t have that. Anymore


Kevin, is there anything after the executive session this evening or pretty much? And the way we do that turns out to be we’ll have to wait around. Right. Right. They don’t do anything the

33:10 commercial if there is a let you know. Yeah. All right. So we’re pretty much at the end. All right. Sweet. Yeah.

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