Documenters: Brimfield Township Trustees meeting for March 22, 2023

Brimfield Trustee Meeting

March 22, 2023

8 a.m.

Listen to an audio recording of the meeting:


Mike Kostensky, Chair

Nicholas Coia, Trustee

Roy Mosley, Police Chief

Michael Hlad, Zoning Inspector

Craig Mullaly, Fire Chief

John Dalziel, Fiscal Officer

Dave Rufener, Road Superintendent

Joe Jamison, Information Technology


Sue Fields, Trustee

Cassie Weyer, Parks and Rec

Documenter’s Notes

[Documenter arrived at 8:09 a.m. The recording and auto-generated transcript begin there. This documenter followed up with Chair Mike Kostensky for his full report.]

The meeting was called to order at 8 a.m., followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Trustee Sue Fields was present at the meeting, but she fell ill and received medical attention from Brimfield EMTs. This documenter was informed the following day that she was doing well. Due to Fields’ absence, the trustees tabled the approval of minutes. Several minor items were tabled for the same reason. The morning’s agenda was approved without modifications. Purchase orders and warrants were approved. 

Police Department

Chief Roy Mosley updated the board on the hiring progress of two new officers. Mosley also laid out a timeline for hiring a full-time administrative assistant/records custodian this fall, replacing the retiring administrator.

Fire Department

Chief Craig Mullaly reported that progress on the fire station had sped up and drywall was underway. Previously, the township had been delayed by permitting. The ongoing station flagpole discussion was tabled until Trustee Fields’ return.

Zoning/Economic Development

Director Michael Hlad reported that renovations at Circle K had been completed, and he had received drawings for Joe’s BBQ Restaurant. Hlad also reported that Copper Creek Apartments had been granted an extension by the zoning board. The complex is adding two more buildings plus parking garages.


Supervisor Dave Rufener reported that his crew had been ditching many township roadways. Additionally, they had installed risers on the community center’s septic lids for visibility and access. The crew is beginning work on the Carter Shelter; a ceiling is being enclosed to mitigate bird waste in the shelter. Rufener has been unable to locate a part for the township’s 2006 dump truck. A water main on Tallmadge Road is being replaced. The road will remain open with flaggers to direct traffic. The project will take about two months. Rufener also reported seeing motorcycle activity on the walking paths. 

Parks and Recreation

Cassie Weyer was not present; her report was submitted by Chair Kostensky. Weyer obtained a quote of $28,820 for the gas tie-in at the community center. There was a brief discussion about signage and lighting improvements at the community center. Discussion of the Messner Acres barn demolition was tabled. Thirteen people attended the Woodcock Walk. An Amphibian Hike was scheduled for the following day, March 23. An Ohio Baby Animals Hike is scheduled for Friday, April 7.

Information Technology

IT Director Joe Jamison reported that he had completed installation of CrowdStrike software on all networked computers across three separate networks – fire, police and township – to limit exposure of potential attacks. Three of four security cameras have been installed at McGuire Park; the fourth will be installed as weather permits. Jamison reported that he had contracted with TightenHQ to provide email archiving and a spam/phishing filter for $607.50 annually. Jamison received a third quote from Advan of $31,520 for the township’s website rebuild. Currently, the township website is averaging 5,900 unique visitors per month. Parks and rec commands 80% of the site’s views.


Three deeds were signed.

Fiscal Office

Officer John Dalziel submitted the 2023 budget. Dalziel reported having met with department heads for their budgets. Dalziel’s submitted budget reflects the growth of the township. He asked for a resolution to accept the appropriation status of the 2023 budget. For the previous 10 years, the township had been paying departmental bills from the general fund. A motion was made and seconded to accept appropriation status; a discussion followed. The motion passed. 

Executive Session

The board convened into executive session at 9:15 a.m. The purpose of the executive session was to discuss preparing for, conducting or reviewing negotiations or bargaining sessions with public employees concerning their compensation or other terms and conditions of their employment.


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Local personnel. And I’ve just learned over the years that local states look what we just have to do. It helps me also we’re still in the vote where we as I said earlier, we’re getting more and more callbacks. So I need people that are closer to come back to public. We’re just not we’re not to the staffing point of being a


member of Congress, they gave us the new finish date for the fire to July July 1, as of today, but that will


change but as we’re talking


about that, there’s been a lot worse there.


So it really felt we’re doing okay, so I plan on coming back with some kind of proposal I gave the talk to the assistant she and stuff like that see how that


goes. But it might be an option out there that was all I had for the fire department. I did have an email out there that I put to you guys I didn’t hear a response but it’s just a black hole you’re talking to black hole so overboard pause where there’s the Cheetos push you just want to call out


later out there I’ll be done with my discussion about flagpole


stop from


flagpole is in front of you is the quote. I totaled the prices on that which you don’t have in front of you. The suggestion would be for me as I put in the email, the largest one, but then which is online, which one? We have a 50 foot


so the 12,000 You’re gonna have to overcome that. Well, we


have this right now. We I would like to go to the biggest and best but that’s all money. They


really look at it. Because we got to pay that other guy to put the black boys to come


down. But ya know, because it’s damage and that’s why we should be looking at the bigger.


Oh, the one that replace just the one that we have is 10 grand. So we have to at least be bad.


Why do we have to have such a big pole?


We don’t. I just thought I mean, I just saw Yeah, and nothing. All right, you guys.


I’m gonna I’m gonna table this till soon. All right. I’ll make a motion to table this


is your favorite mic? Yes. Yes. Yeah, I guess then just the batteries have to figure out what we have to pay. We’re still gonna have to pay that 10 grand


to fix the days that we were a 50 foot pole. Yeah. And they’re replaced on the 500


Craig has an additional number next to it. He has a wind speed rating of 83 and a flag 1700 70 mile an hour without and he’s got an extra price next to


the balances here. I mean, we’re not a car dealership. I don’t see while we need such a beautiful and nobody can ever come out and it’s ridiculous. doesn’t make us any more less patriotic by having a shorter pole. So okay.


We tabled the flag folks. I shouldn’t be voting on the motion passed.


Okay, administration. Now wait. We added an executive session with us he didn’t say anything about it. It’s not on the agenda


Correct? Yes. Discussion on the bottom the agenda that’s


on the agenda. Yeah. We’ll just play it by your feet on the back. It’s not mine


Okay. administration we have a mic your


circle pain renovations are not complete. Joseph barbecue submitted drawings for the restaurant and I’m looking at variances appears only one right now that he’s gonna need but it looks really Nice. I’m excited about that. It seems like the whole title Center has started cleaning up fix up and and that’s that’s a great thing. Definitely copper Creek apartments expansion was brand new, especially the time these are conditional permanent that they’re putting in along the freeway. It’s been about two years. And when we get back in, we’re off to the ECA, the grant that extension and find out what the timeline is. And now I was able to put in two big buildings. So a bunch of garages in addition to that, so that everything’s going to space for for garage and it’s in the area that it’s going it’s going between redwood, copper Creek and park, those are the highways right there too. So it’s a good spot.


You went to the end. Where’s it going?


So copper Creek is expanding between redwood and themselves and I 76.


So it’s going to be kind of where they’re that top of that hill detector that behind. Okay, there’s no


woods. But it’s all clear. Okay. Oh, that cleared a bunch of stuff to the freeway


where they fill in that in over there. Is that the section where they failed me? Okay, fine. I just was trying to get Berryman where it was. Thanks. Sure. Thanks Rosa.


Already, there’s only a few otherwise, we’re gonna do what’s more gichon. As you can see, we’ve got up some suburbs Community Center, we’re going to put risers on septic tank lids, that way, raise your fine fuss with the top of the deck This way everybody can see where the southern pens are. We’re working on a quarter show right now we’re enclosing the ceiling. That way, merge eights and up are doing your business on all picnic tables. We’ve gotten over 200 ton of saw that I have at least 200 I gotta get the fulfill our agreement with the state bid contract, which we have written now. So we’re probably gonna get within the next few weeks. So wait for some parts on one dump truck. They just can’t get parts for 2006. No, that’s maybe you’re having trouble one I wrote down there. Oh, still working on some of the stuff for the building plans. We’re kind of in a wait now to see what kind of numbers are gonna start coming back. And just to give all the residents and FYI, there’s a water main replacement by Aqua taking place on top of the road Granville Road, they’re trying to keep traffic open. They’re gonna have flaggers and stuff out there. It’s gonna be about a two month process for them to be my weekend. So they’re actually started this morning. So in the program, we had a we construction meeting with yesterday, us and the county and their engineers and all that. So it’s, it’s gonna be it’s gonna, it’s an upgrade, you’re gonna go from a six inch water vapor.


And it’s going to go all the way up Greenfield


road toward a German society. And I think that’s what states at all. That’s where they’re stopping the water. So, and I heard that, just like the residents also please keep your kids out of the purple motorcycles. I happen to be cruising last night we get some real quick and the motorcycle come fly up the driveway out to law.


Park. Yeah, cranberry Creek? No.


So I guess, you know, somebody’s on the trail of the first iPhone through who knows who’s gonna win that


signatory and motorcycle went


through like that. That’s the best advice though. My truck I was involved in that way too. But he was gone. It was a younger kid. He was 1415 had full dress gear on the dirt bike racing. I mean, he he was set up for like a Suzuki. I mean, just like I mean, he helped create when he seen my truck when I pull ran. I mean he wanted to find out the driveway. So probably knew something was should have been there. So


right right. Can you guys sort of keep an eye out?


As well as holding down my seat was last night but normally once they get started normally three, four, and I’ve been here where I’ve watched 600 come flying out cheese. What time was it? She kind of was out last night, about 730 to eight o’clock. I mean I could actually go back on camera as of Friday. I have a real nice picture of him because he was scared. But he likes it he had a home of course you’re not going See, he just see the kinds of


motorcycle tears so they hit the trails that because they had


become out of the trails enough to drive.


I mean, should we put something to keep them from getting on the trails?


Well, I really started to hit. I mean you these, you can take a motorbike and weave through trees and everything else. I mean for him to get through there, you had to go through that one guy’s he’s got that woodpiles all the way through the woods. So I’m gonna go through all that. So I don’t know if he came right down to came here. And went down through these and topped out one dilute and then come back down. Like I said before I’ve been reactive is gone. So


I’ll send you something. Red Pill.


Whether or not that’s my report. Okay.


The reason why I say thanks for your opinion, Merck manufacturing piece where we really have signage, and everything, they sent a letter back. Thank you for looking into it. Yeah, we’re still waiting for him. He knew it was gonna take a little while, but they just had so many near misses at that intersection with some additional signage


we’ve had a few do and this comes up, because the state doesn’t recognize the two way stops anymore, because it’s confusing, right? So this new side we’re going to put up actually should have should have a long list. So here because we definitely don’t want to go to a four way stop. Or there’s also traffic backs up. We’re sitting on 80. We don’t want


that. Right. Yeah, he was just looking for something to make sure. As soon as I got


him, we’re gonna put them up. Thank you. Oh, everybody wants for flooding this weekend. Probably gonna have a good amount of rain.


We’re supposed to get any more signs since they stole yours.


Yeah, we still got six left, they haven’t returned to dry waters. So I mean, there may be some areas that just have arrogates that are flashing lights.


So they can add those barricades to theirs as


well. It didn’t take them last time. They just took the signs. I was thinking about screwing our signs into the barricades with promise. Same thought now I’m losing $400 instead of 100. They may think American Sign here. So we’ll see what we can do with it.


Okay, well, thanks, David. You gotta go. No. Okay, I talked to Cassie yesterday, she’s still not feeling good. I told her probably the best but she stayed home is to keep everyone else out animals. But she’s working like crazy and home. So that’s why she’s doing the job. So I’m just gonna go over her stuff and and nothing we really need


to pass on down from


motion on but she did get her community center natural gas update. And the estimate is $20,810. That’s for just the time to get the gas down here to the community center doesn’t include service to the building or conversion of a furnace and generator to natural gas, she will get those next time. She didn’t say that, with the heater down there, that she does have the nozzles, the conversion kit


is down there. So it looks like the furnace was purchased to support natural gas and they convert it to propane. And they left the components sitting in an envelope. I looked in the generator to see if the similar setup what happened. And if it’s not obvious, I didn’t like tear apart, it’s open at the top. So unless they tucked it in the back corner, we may have purchased up I can’t imagine that that conversion would cost that much. It’s really just before him, it’s changed.


So it’s pretty easy.


Yeah, in my experience, it doesn’t cost that much to convert from natural gas to propane. It’s just a meter in difference, right? We have to just work with whatever our vendors


on what we were trying to


do we have two items that weren’t on the no pet grant list. It was the sign up for it, which did you find out anything with the sign yesterday,


the back, a additional power supply is starting to fail. So we replaced one power supply on the bottom part of the site, the which got bought approximately. But now the top row so another power supply circuit fail so I can get a whole back of the same company had believe that they have a spare one in stock and they’ve been installed again. But unfortunately that time is just failing. It’s it’s reached its limit. So we’re gonna get into I have a few quotes already on some modules for replacement. Or I know the original plan was to replace that site and try to repurpose the existing one for parks. We could still do that. I just don’t know how much we’re gonna put into that side of things. Right. I got it. Two pieces of guidance. Literally,


I got that time a long time ago from nature works grant. Yeah, that was a long time ago. That’s when you’re on the board check. So very useful.


So it’s all you write it in? Yeah, it’s it’s been on the weather for many years. And technology has gotten a lot better in the last few years. So it’s just I think it is time to look at improvement. Especially with the whole new Fire Department. It’s our calling flagpole and everything. You know, it would look nice to finish it out with the probably a little bit of upgrading outside.


Right. And I’m working on the next major


works grant,


which is new, June 1. So you know, I’ve done it before, so I figured out how about so I don’t know what where that money is earmarked, but it’s something


very information to Cassie Hicks. It’s kind of scary, right? So she has those quotes where I can sit down with you


also go over that. Right and just the password watching the meeting, but coming in that Epta exit or entrance over here. Yeah. And it is terrible. It is so darn. Yeah. It’d be nice if we had some lighting. We need something. Yeah. So I mean, if we could do, I don’t think I don’t know if we can get a light pole down there. I think there was some talk to John and there were some issues about getting the right balls. So I mean, if we could tie tie, you know, lighting with that news sign. You know, he was so you know that there’s that big company comes over you sure need like, just from the safety standpoint. Okay, well, thanks Joe. Cassie has also got some estimates for Messonnier acres barn demo scrapped me and I remember we got off his tires and everything where I wanted to take those two castings here because there’s such a discrepancy in the two the two prices so I would much rather have her explain to it. No pack grant update, they’re still accepting applications until 331. Town center field update presented plans, affordability and maintenance that matter. We’re discussing maintenance options. We want to contract with a regular company or do regular field maintenance two, three times a year. I mean, that’s just discussion. Her her Woodcock walk program and 13 people and they have a lot of her Woodcocks and said it’s a great program. upcoming programs are the fourth annual amphibian hike and this is always a well attended hike. That’ll be this Thursday at 8pm Lions Park trails hope Castlefield better by them. I know that’s a well attended one. And then four, seven Ohio baby animals 10am to 11am on Friday that the field school district is off school so it might be a good event for some parents who want to give the kids something to do. Like I said that was all information.


Mike did you say Tom centerfield is that it’s gonna be for the BCA afford it. Today what’s going on for the BCA that the board approved? And lastly, don’t John’s ago, museet Or where we advertise? You know, there was discussion? I heard anyone say that again? I’m sorry. Do we have a lot of ask them to the board? Do we have final draft at this point?


They’re submitting. I don’t have one yet to post. But as soon as I get them, I’ll post them on our website and advertise Board approval.


Were women Cassie? That turned in perfect, right. Is that what Yeah, I don’t have the drawings.


But it has


to come to us as board to approve what we’re doing with that project? Correct. I haven’t been in the middle of it. So I don’t really that’s I’m just looking for clarification on where we are. Because there was discussion about if we moved the pavilion in the


parking lot.


I’m sure we had the shirt we talked about. It was probably at a time when we weren’t here. I know you watch the midday meetings.


No, I don’t watch all of them.


I’m sure you watch them on Nick. But whatever. We’ll get to some clarification. Don’t you worry. We’ll get Mr.


Kosinski, please. I’m


asking you to dispense. You’re not Kosminsky.


I’m so apologize. I’m looking for clarification. Well,


we’ll get your clarification I cannot give you I’m not gonna lie there. Also the video for now, I’m just going to tell you because there was discussion that we really cover a lot about the issues with the movement of the disability and that is the best place for the pavilion to go in. We


talk but I was looking for clarification because it impacted the fireworks and impacting the Wide Mind


let’s let’s wait to figure that out. Cassie was one adult he had been in office


table everything had just gave me an information I was more than happy to ask whether more than welcome to text Cassie to get the thing


I will and I’ll wait two days three days from my responses like anyone. Okay, let’s


move on to the ITU stuff. Okay.


So I have completed the installation of CrowdStrike, which is our cybersecurity package on all networks computers in the township. So, PD Fire Department in town hall, all the computers that are sitting on our network are all covered fire cybersecurity package that is remotely monitored and controlled by CrowdStrike and myself. So now we’re better protected for antivirus or any form of cybersecurity attack runs will be alerted if something


is detected. Let me interject on that with the because we’ve been getting attacked lately. A lot. I got to yesterday. Yes, that’s the


next piece of the thing. So the cybersecurity package CrowdStrike is the fitness. It’s what antivirus has become. It’s like antivirus, but next level. So instead of saying, you know, your McAfee is your Symantec instead of looking at predefined definitions that your computer is downloading this, they have this activity, it’s a database, so it’s looking for abnormal activity. So it’s saying it’s looking at how your computer should be running normally. And it’s looking for applications that are new, or an application is doing something that really shouldn’t do, hey, this program is now starting to interact with this sort of programming, and that’s not normal. It then takes that activity, it sends it to the cloud, where is it analyzed by an artificial intelligence, and as I say, hasn’t seen this activity before Is this normal, and based upon how it deems that if it’s something that’s questionable, it’s gonna send it to me is saying, Hey, listen, here’s acting weird. It’s gonna send me an immediate alert, and it’s gonna say, look at the activity, I can then either look at the activity remotely, or visit the door in front of the computer, and, you know, run other tests. If it is something that it knows is bad, hey, this is an attack, I know it can actually shut down that program. Worst case scenario with the PC becomes compromised. So let’s say someone falls it will use that workplace arrow, someone falls victim to a phishing attack to get an email, they click on a link, and ransomware is install CrowdStrike can actually disable that connection or recover, it can still get this piece has been compromised. It’s to the point that you know, it needs medical intervention, it can isolate it to the rest of the network, so it cannot spread. And that is why we install it. That’s why we have CrowdStrike and all network computers that we have one PC gets affected fast French and others were not as concerned I know we have a lot of boards, you have a lot of other people view yourself stats, tablets, because they don’t interact with other PCs directly. You’re all independent, it’s not as crucial to have it installed on those but network computers that we have, it’s our fire department and police department, if one becomes compromised, it could spread to the other. The advantage of because of how the township is set up is we are on three separate networks. So somebody got compromised in the fire department and not just with his department, or vice versa. So we’re not one giant business network. We’re three separate networks. So we have limited exposures to happen but we still don’t want to go in from one PC to the next especially in the case of ransomware because it depends on its nature


you know you’re you’re kind of that’s just one thing to Nick and elbow and everybody else there was one from Mike yesterday and last week we had one from the spam that on you are yes as the chairman of the board and we had one from the week before that hit all the cell phones from the Portage County fiscal officer faking that it was the administrator the chairman of the board that was out there plus I got a crappy or invoice sent to me yesterday he was looking for me to click on them which so they’re all out there. So just make sure if you see anything weird like that, don’t click on it because it’s so that’s


that’s the next phase. So the next phase is a email filter in front of our 365 as we’ve all is just referencing we have no spam phishing, we have no filtering I mean an email. So the next piece of cybersecurity that I would like to implement is typing HQ is a I originally looking at Barracuda software I’ve been using for many years it’s just not as cost effective for business township our size Titan HQ on comes in. Their price point with comparable features and reviews. In addition, their email archive rate is part of the package. Whereas if you add additional cost if we want barracuda. So what I’m looking to what I’m looking to go forward with is taking the HQ and putting a spam Phishing Filter in front of our email. And as part of that we also have unlimited email archiving. You know, I know we’ve had a few incidents in the past that we’ve had, luckily. And if we ever got involved a legal dispute, technically Microsoft does not meet all the requirements for email archiving, it has a data retention policy is what they’re gonna call that they’re not calling it email archiving. If you want to know archiving, that’s an additional cost per user per month, it gets to be expensive very quickly. They definitely I think they do that because they really don’t want to be involved in legals crap. They want you to pay for someone else. So really, to protect the touch, I think we should have a proper email or an archiving solution. So if we ever do get involved in a legal dispute that requires us to pull up email, we’re better suited for it. We have a company that is designed for that. Titan HQ also meets all data encryption policies. So all of our data is archived is going to be encrypted. Even though even their employees cannot get emails there. They meet all national requirements to say the data is encrypted, and only people that are authorized inside of the township, or will be able to get to that archive. So we don’t have to worry about the email being in the cloud and someone to get to it. It is it is protected. That’s


only 607 bucks a year. Yeah.


Barracuda was to about $2,500. A year and Titan HQ came in at 600. So it’s much more cost effective.


Have you gotten any over there at the PD? Have you got any fishing like that? And? Well, I’ve


seen some things that looked unusual. Okay. So we’re going to complete it, this looks odd to us. So I can feel no security, no message, click here, open this up or whatever. I mean, our the feedback, we get our attendees just to leave on that. So yeah, those things make concrete periodic. Are two


emails different than ours?


There’s two separate domain names, but we’re all part of the same server. So this filter affects both departments eat okay. So yeah, I think it’s a very cost effective solution this way, whatever the hell that we’re, we’re talking about possibly a one week installation period, it’s, it’s literally just us telling 365, set it here, first, let it do its thing that comes back. There’ll be a little bit of user training for some of the more advanced users and saying, Hey, here’s how to get into the archive, you’ll get a, a weekly, or even daily list of, hey, here’s all the emails that got spam. So as a as an end user, you’ll get a report from time excuse us, here’s what I like blocked, if something legitimately got blocked, and you want to allow it, the user can just hit allow. And I think it’s up to you. So if somebody got more spammy, and it should have came through, it’s very easy for you to see that and just allow it through, you’re going to send out an awesome instructions on it yet,


when you can set that up on a weekly or a daily basis. I mean,


those are user content. So by default, it sends it once a week blocks, when you get that email, you first email those preferences at the bottom. And you can even go in real time. So let’s say you’re on the phone with someone and like, Hey, I usually get to see well, then you didn’t get it, you can click in going to your filter real time and see it right now. So you don’t even have to wait for the report to be sent, you feel it real time and review it, you know, you can, you know, allow it if it’s someone you’re interacting with, often you can whitelisted yourself so that we won’t get blocked again. Or vice versa, if you get an email and you think, Hey, this is something that shouldn’t get, you know, it slipped through the cracks, you can mark it as spam. And the tool will learn from that.


Okay, because this is one of the roadblocks I found with this tool sometimes in our organizations is that customers you need to get information from sometimes ended up in that span. And making sure that we’re checking that because then you miss an important email or invoice or right and


that’s, that’s one of the things I was looking for in a tool a lot of these you have to wait for the report or you don’t even see them. I wanted to make sure that that we had at least a report that was gonna be sent that way if you’re not looking for it, you can you can see it as long as you have a real time ability that way, you know, if you’re on the phone with someone and says, you know, hey, I sent it you’re not getting it. You do you do want to click and then you can see okay, here’s a real time list of month what was filtered from my email and to allow it you can look at it directly from the web interface without opening it. So the answer that’s questionable, you can even preview it on the web without risking installing something if it is fishing


with me interface work on our bones? Yes, yeah, it’s


completely cloud based. So it’ll work from like, from wherever it’s tied into our systems. Okay. So it’s, it’s very comparable to barracuda, which is the industry standard. Of course, I’ve been I’ve been using microstructural we’re using for years and years. That’s the personal enrollment. But you know, it’s just they’re definitely overpriced for that type how much they don’t have a smaller pricing model. Unfortunately, whereas Titan HQ is more


definitely saying we should go back to all paper.


Paper plates, just as an example, this is what they came through yesterday, I need you to process an outgoing payment today through Ach, ACH or wire transfer, for Office Equipment supply. Get back to me if you can get this done. So I can forward the supplier plan and detailed information regarding my stance, the Chairman and Board group. So that one’s out there. And then there was the in which one that I got in there pretty soon to be.


One of the things that you also referenced was that there are people now that are texting, unfortunately, there’s something I can do about that. That was something we have to do at a carrier level. So you know, we could we could work with Verizon to Verizon, you unfortunately pay a third party that way. Verizon may offer no T Mobile has teamed up with a personal provider. They have a spam filter you can purchase from the text messaging. I’m assuming the licensing invariable we could look at that for the township problems. I think your TextView got that


was Was it your first one? And got my personal phone? Yeah,


yeah, that’s new. That’s something I have. That’s something that I just started seeing this year. I haven’t seen phishing texts yet. You know, unfortunately, bad actors are a hallway. They’re realizing we’re putting spam filters in place. So that was heart attack, text messaging, it will stay on. Unfortunately, as you improve your technology, the bad actors also get better. So I’m gonna move forward with the techniques to for, you know, email archiving and insecurity because unfortunately, it’s it’s a necessity in today’s world. The other update I have is a ditch finish installing the street camera system in Maguire Park. I do have one last camera, I got three of the four cameras up the Northeast in Kerala, I wouldn’t say it’s as important it’s five Americans enough to there. There’s one side of the house that has a bunch of old oil tanks stacked against it. That’s the sort of output of the caravan yet it just throws the DVR. I just ran out of time. So Weather permitting a helicopter, probably this week, we did that last time around with the three sides that are more important. We have to drive away the bar and they get the side entrance all covered now, life security cameras, and we’ve taken a casita remotely monitoring those cameras,


as anybody hurt. That comes from McGuire and


reference. He was there actually, who was sitting in front of the gate, who when I was there last to finish up the cameras. He is not referencing it, if he’s, I know he’s got the letter, but we made no reference to it. He is still very confused. Unfortunately, he doesn’t understand why our was turned off to his barn. He still wants to work on his ATV in the barn. And then while there, he was riding around on the property on his ATV, he’s got a Kubota side by side. And we spent probably about three hours just tootling around the property. He just seems to me it’s a little confused. He doesn’t understand why things are changing. And I explained, you know, this is you know, you feel that it’s intelligible. Really appreciate it, sir. But you know, unfortunately, you know, the power we have the barn isn’t really that safe. There’s a lot of exposed wiring, feeding that barns it’s old wire for safety and turn the power off. You know, I can’t resonate with them,


maybe offering to help me with some of the stuff. Yeah,


he’s not making any reference to it. So I don’t know if he understands the letter or, or whatever


we got. What, uh, what’s your thoughts on any of that within? I mean, we’ve done everything we’re supposed to do. We sent the letter over to him. He explained it to him that it’s the process. It came from gray hair from Chad. He’s still showing up over there. We offered to help him get his stuff out of the barn, but He doesn’t want to get it out of mind because he thinks it’s a bunch though. Yeah, I don’t know where to go.


The other element that is and this was brought to my attention by the neighbor and the neighbor is right at the property is really nice. He is also putting trash on the property. He does brothers now trash collection where he say so he brings his trash to the poor Jews with that property and is burning it if the data is locked. He is burning it just outside the gate. So it’s burning trash there. And that definitely I think is a safety thing. Sir.


No, I’m just I’m just, I mean, I’m worried about him back there.


But I worry trash. You know, I’m sure there’s a lot of things that says you’re not allowed to act, you know. And


is there family speak to for a wellness check? There’s


no we’ve been trying to find people. Well,


yeah, we did. Yeah, we did. We talked to his sister in law. And then we talked to the nieces and nephews.


Oh, you can? Listen. Okay. I didn’t know that. We got homework. Yeah, but I don’t think they get


through to him. When we came, when we went to court, when land was donated, they had an entire family there with his sister in law, but her sister in law, she’s InStyle. magazine. She just thought she, she’s not doing well. But you know, they can try to reach to him and that as well, as you talked about the neighbor, Joe. He’s been great. Oh, yes. Mcguire goes to his shop every single day. It’s it’s the wrong words. So he tries to tell Tim every single day what’s going on? And then the next day, it starts all over again. So


how do you call a wellness check? I mean, how does that all work? Is that isn’t there


like in the department? With the county?


I mean, it is it because he hasn’t health is or altered mental state? Oh,


yes. Yeah. Yeah.


I mean, certainly nothing from


not from a Yeah, I won’t get into trouble. I just want to know where he’s going to point out




data, Romanian or


whatnot mods. I mean, that was one of the free art.


I mean, that’s just that. He’s not kind of warning his civil commitment because he hasn’t helped condition. But I


just didn’t know if there was a next step up there. Where we contact if we’re having a hard time with the family good. Does


he live in counter to do Renfield?


in Brookfield Oh, he lives in the Brickhouse




Oh, my God. I thought he lived in the entrance room. That is his house. That was his father’s house on the road. Oh, but he lives on yours. Yeah, he lives right across from all areas. It’s supposed to help. Oh, and I’m just wondering, who’s the county service


that will provide


a case where somebody needs to go talk to him before something bad happens. And unfortunately for him, if that happens, I don’t want to fall back there died. And we don’t even know he’s back there. Or he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know what he’s been


alone. Yes.


He used to live with his brother, I think


whenever my dad bought services, and he has the ability to care for himself. I don’t


think that that’s happening anymore. Now.


I mean, I’m afraid of him driving.


Well, if you can think about or maybe figure of a place that give us a start to go. And I mean, just for his own good. He did, but he didn’t know what to do after the letter became like a recipe guide. We don’t do any of that. He just doesn’t remember. So


that’s that’s the stuff that you’re actually getting.


Waves offered to help him get it all over there. He just doesn’t want that there. Right. Okay. Thanks, Nick. The thick of it. It’s


right here. So we need to call the Portage County has an office is called Child and Adult Protective Services. They provide all the services and kinship services that’s reaching out to their departments.


Right? Is that something you can call for on our behalf? Okay. Are you just trying to get some information for your estimate? Executives, please? Okay, thank you.


Okay. So the next thing I want to talk to afford $67. The, what I would like to have is emotionality is equal to a decision, or we did a discussion on the website. And we want to just continue that with Sue’s back for talking about that. But there’s two of us. But you know, I know there’s been a lot of discussion about the current state with the website, unfortunately, it’s great to have access to the website for the police department. I currently was one of the bigger tasks that I was asked about during my hiring process was, you know, what are we doing about the website and what can we do to move forward? So I have now three proposals. I did contact the company, Batman, that the Prison Project for it to me, the original quote that they provided to this firm it was for just the police department. They do not work at the township site. So once I had them refresh the quote, to include the towns with Yeah, it’s townships like their costs went up to three 1520. So they are more expensive now than six watts, which is the company that I was recommended to go with.


They gave a great, great presentation on that. I think. I mean, I know Sue was very interested in and I’m almost like, Tony, I mean, it’s something you have to have tomorrow.


Remember who we go if we’re looking at several months into revenue cycle, so we just needed to process started, because we’re talking six to eight months, right, to get the site going. And


so in the grand scheme of things, another two weeks, all


right, yeah. All right. At the end the decision today, I just want to make sure that I’m getting


the process started when you’ve got a great quote. And then you’ve got three different quotes. So why have


I actually have a fourth one, but from what they were at, like, 38,000, it was so expensive that I didn’t even want to include it. Because it’s like, that’s, that was silly money. Right? So strike me with the one you think best of everything. Yeah. Three quotes in front of you.


As well, let’s go ahead and put this out in the next agenda.


Okay. Just one question on that the ROI, how soon because I know, we’re kind of in teeter totter with the police department.


Water was for a long time Revenue Agency. But it could close it anytime we have no control, it could or it may just be status quo. Going forward, I just honestly dealt with an unknown. We’ve been operating for years now. And the


effects of that would be not being able to access.


Now, so why don’t we have contact information and links in there and how to obtain reports. And so in other words, it I need to copy an actual report, we have those links out there. So point to the right direction. Yeah, I mean, that’s kind of an ambiguous nature. But we kind of get an outlook for a long time. And we can see the status quo like this one for for an unknown, monotonic. I don’t have an identity to it.


If they were to go down for some reason there was. So because there are way that we could still capture that lead, but they don’t have


access to the data, we have to create a site from scratch. Okay,


can we redirect that web address just to our page and give them a temporary page?


Yes, it would take, it might take up to three days to get that redirected in place. Because the host also owns or manages the domain name. Okay, so we would you it would take me time to acquire the domain name for Joe And pull it over so that I can start making changes to it. Because the way that web hosting is set up there third, managing that domain name in the slide, and we need to get the domain name back.


With that table over information up in


no way it’s on that server. And then my understand is we don’t have any access to it. So that’s one of the reasons why this exploit is where it is, is that we’re all free fighters are saying recreate the police department site from scratch, whereas the township, or at least pull over the raw data without recreating everything from scratch. We’re will have access on site to pull data down. And then we’re just you know, reformat it and make it look Mater. But from the police departments great. They don’t have walkways much contact is that the townships was like that’s the end of the world. It’s just, it’s nothing, they’d have to start from nothing. department, because we don’t have we don’t have access to the site to point it over.


Did you were just gonna table that one out there. Yeah. The second. Joe, actually, we we own our domain name. Yes. And we control that.


MGMT infection Cavanagh. Oh,


you do you do have access to the data? Okay. I don’t. So as long as he does, and then that makes it a little bit easier. Okay. I apologize for that. I, I, I would assume that both would have to domain implement them in the same management. But anyhow, that’s what you said, we own the domain control controller. Okay. So that, that if we have to redirect it, we can make that change, but you just


want to have him and Chris figured out how to get it over to him. So he has access or how do you want to do that? Yeah. Chris.


I think it’s kind of a moot point. It’s just in case I just wanted to make sure while we’re waiting for this process,


and other than I just want to report by going to one of the questions from the last meeting was, you know, what’s the traffic we’re getting away are people utilizing the current site for just the township site, because again, I don’t have access to the police department. We do average of 5900 visitors a month. So we’ve had as much as just shy of 8000 visitors in one month, and goes down as low as 4800 in four months. But we do average a good number of people visiting our site every month.


So it goes to show where the majority go to or yes, it’s


about 80, because of our traffic is Parks and Rec, which is what I would expect. And then the other portion of that is meeting deficits, the meeting notes and agendas from these meetings, is really what seems like people are utilizing. It’s been that will be louder than expected, you know, for our parks and rec department is seems to be the most dynamic area of the township. They’re putting the most workload that is supposed to content. So that’s where people are going. And then we did the people that want to download or be admitted. And stuff from the meetings really the most of the two years. recyclates update the most. So that’s really you know, thanks. It’s


good. Numbers. Yeah, yeah, it’s


pretty good. Traffic for original photographer our size. That’s what I got. Okay, thanks, Joe. Hey, man,


cemetery, we you’re gonna be signing the beads? Yeah. It’s me at the festival office, I think Did you get my spreadsheet I sent


over? Yes, it did.


You need a paper copy of it again. What this is, is our 23. Budget. The actual first five pages? Well, it’s actually we’re gonna talk about appropriations today. But we’re gonna talk about the budget I sent over, which was my requirement to send over to the county. I did that back in February when I had to get it over to them. But since that time, all department heads we’ve met and discussed their internal budgets and where they wanted to spend their monies and looked at projects, looked at personnel, we have payroll in there and how that all affect on each one of those spreadsheets that’s out there. And on the printed version, so it was each department and how much money they had and how much you wanted to be allocated allocated to certain funds. That allocation was a common combination of me with the department head figuring out in their approval was where we were going to sit. So for that. So so that was like the the road crew department, they have all their road projects out there that they wanted to get completed in 2023. There were a couple of changes to it that we talked through with everybody. And they were glad that they were accepted. And I don’t know if they’re happy or not. But that’s what we did in 10, I think is what it was or 11. We were having issues with police and fire in their budget stuff where they weren’t able to meet payroll for the year. So the general fund was giving a lot of money in advance to them to make it through the end of the year. So what we also did at that time was I pulled back some of the expenses that they paid and paid him out of the general fund. So we used to have the Verizon bill split, we used to have the property casualty and the workers comp, all those were split by their departments, copiers, those kinds of things. So the general funds have been paying those for 10 plus years now. This budget, though, I needed to push those back out to those departments that handle on their own. So I did push out the share of the cell phone bill, the PwC premium, the copiers, I pushed those back up to the departments. They were their bills, we just took them over for the last 10 years. So that was to make not that I want to make this sound bad. But the general fund was usually the one that had all the money. Now the general fund is the one that probably has the least amount of money compared to the other departments. So we push that up just to make sure that make everything match. So in those reports, you’ll see where I moved things out to the other departments. But all the department heads meant that that was what was going to. So what I need a resolution on today or motion passed on is the Accepting of the appropriation status. And just remember how this all works with our work cash accounting system, so we just go off of what cash we have. So these appropriations are based off of what we expect to get in 2023, from carryover balances, to expected revenues, to taxes that we’re going to get from the county jail revenues, those kinds of things are all included in there. So this is an estimate of how much we thought we were going to have. And then we try to plan with that. We can’t spend more money than we actually get though. So if we’re out as grant, Jen, because it’s an easy one to do. Let’s say Walmart went out of business tomorrow, I’m assuming right now, but I’m gonna get X amount of revenues because Walmart’s there, but Walmart shuts down tomorrow and I lose that or when they’re 10. Revenues are not going to be as big as that. So with that we’re going to we’re going to be able to estimate and do the budgets based off that they have. One thing that I do in this though is I made sure that payroll is the first item that To take care of so we’re always gonna have enough to make payroll. Using David as an example, at the gym revenues came in lower than we expected, we might have to address number six on his list of projects that you want to get done to maybe move it to the next county here. But just so you know, from a money perspective, we can’t spend more money than we receive. So that’s what we do throughout the year, a couple of times, we have, hey, can we pass this motion to spend this X amount of dollars, they send it over to the county, they approve the appropriations? That’s because we have more money than we expected we were going to have and then be able to spend that money the company had approved that put in the appropriation. So oh, I’m on today. Oh, you trade questions, but I just need an approval on the Appropriations. But I get a disappointingly, you know, all the department heads were involved in the whole process. And we’re all set.


I’m gonna make a motion that we approve the


the 23 appropriations, appropriations.


Need a second for discussion?


I’ll set you up for discussion.


Okay, within a few times, and stuff on our understanding. But sorry, I didn’t see anything glaring, it’s good to think to see who may have such carryovers? Well, it’s


all part of how we really just don’t worry, you guys have


done a great job.


So everyone’s done a pretty good job. under your guidance. Well, even with like a Roy situation, he’s planning for future personnel and how we do that. So we have to build that into his budget. And same thing with fire. Same thing with roads, I mean, there’s a there’s a truck that’s about ready to die. So Dave’s got to figure out that its budget when one comes off. So it’s, it’s the whole plan for the year. It’s how we talked about it over the last 789 years, we just have a list of appropriate or required things to handle in the township, and we just work down the list until we’re done. If we don’t get done, we just transferred over to the next year.


I mean, the amount of contingencies I mean,


well, the roads are a great way. And that’s why I moved over our expenses that we had paid that used to share it just push them back off to sharing again, because the general fund is not broke. But it’s doesn’t have as


many, definitely true because I’m in a moment right now, but in a moment, we can move a major player. And then so


when they do just say guys know, I underestimate the jet revenues coming in just so I don’t overestimate assuming that this project is going to happen, and we get all this money and then I set a budget on it, and then it doesn’t happen. I estimate low and then the J dollars. And then we plan based off of those jet dollars. If throughout the year, we find out that those numbers were legitimate, and we got planned on money, we can spend that money in the same calendar year. I don’t know though, that it was extra at that time. If we don’t do anything with that jet money, it goes to 20 for the next calendar year as a carryover balance, and then it becomes part of the 24 budget. So you never lose it. It’s just it rolls over different times. But this is all this setup so that we don’t spend more money than we, that we have. So


so on the Jen dollars, how do you how do you calculate how much each departments getting? Are we doing the 3030 3010 split? Or is there a different calculation because it looked like because for example, is budgeted, right, we anticipate you’re getting for 67 47,000. But then I see rows of lessor participate in 306 that 360,000 in their jet. But really, if you take the total jet amount, each department should be allocated 406,135 into general fund. So I’m trying to understand that why there’s a step up and fire and a reduction of police erode


Well, trended forward and usually trend forward the dollar amounts. If you look on there, if you didn’t even feature those on the top of the spreadsheet. I had like the annual trend that uses haven’t trended for peripheral Township, everybody. I broke out, please fire in rows. I used a different trend allocation for the road in the fire department. Again, 30% Yeah, they get their 30%. But my estimate in the in the books, it’s estimated less. Okay. That’s how that that got figured out. We had a show in the gen two that we had to carry over money for the building still the estimated dollar amount that was sitting out there. So we had that if you look back at that spreadsheet, you’ll see at the top that the Jed


the I did, I was trying to figure out why we’re trending toward the one department not the other one, Jen is the jet Right? Like people are all trying to go there. Not


everybody gets 467 But I might have assumed that the police department was gonna get 97% of that. And if I assume that the fire department was going to get 100% of that money. It still doesn’t matter though. What they get is what they get. But the numbers break is the 467 channel remember exactly what the number was but it was It’s like 3030 3010 is what it’s like. But if you go back look at that spreadsheet, you’ll see on the top the, the trend on the revenue side, there’s a, there’s a different amount there. So you can change that number, no, adjust the numbers on the page. But if you keep the philosophy that we can’t spend more money that we receive, it really doesn’t, it doesn’t matter. We’re just going to spend what we what we get. So when like the police in the road situation, if I trained in that less, they can’t spend as much money in their dead money if they needed to. But if during the year, we needed to spend that money, we could go to the auditor and say, Hey, we want to use this additional money that received to get additional appropriation so they can


get that I also saw in here, budget related question, what are we doing for admin pay increases? Is that discussed in here to see a line item for $10,000. But I didn’t see what percentage increases, we’re getting to add more hopefully


going to have a good answer to that tomorrow. We put all that in Holly’s hands. We’ve been with Roy’s position with the town hall with trying to figure out what requirements and pay would be we have some issues with that Holly was redoing some things. And then she was getting estimates. So tomorrow, we should note because she comes in on Thursdays, what that recommendation might be for her, we’re kind of counting on her to do that. So that we’ll be able to bring it back to the next meeting before April 1 Before the bout that we came. So it would be the meeting on the third or whatever it is, or fifth of April, we would bring that back and discuss that hasn’t been determined in the budget. But I did put $1 out there for that. But I didn’t


identify who was getting lucky. So approval, the budget isn’t an approval of the pay increases at this point. So you’re just approving


the OG to approve the appropriate change, which is just the breakdown of where we have our money split up. I know, you would be approving in the appropriations that $10,000 of sitting out there for estimated payroll increases. But you’re not there’s nothing out there for payroll increases to employees.


In previous years, we had time to halt.


And we did we just have another couple issues going on that we’ve had to use Holly to help us with. So we’re just waiting back from hopefully, you’re not the same opinion. Tomorrow, we’re gonna find out that you’re thinking okay.


Then I also saw here $7,250, for HR Service consulting services. Are we not continuing our services? What do you think they said it’s 70 to $100, which is why I was just confused, like, oh, no, we’re still consulting. Yeah. And then the line item really just worked out to like, three months worth of pay.


So I didn’t know I might have broken in between all four departments.


I didn’t see HR departments have


to double check that but that’s their bill is 2900 bucks a month. So it’s almost $36,000 a year. So that math might have worked out to that amount. 70, would you say was 72? Yeah, I might have broken it into all four. But no, the answer to that question is no, there’s no potential that this boy for that continue to use them through 23.


Now is very important. She’s very like me, she definitely gets back to you.


She’s been a lot of internal things that we needed to sell both police and fire with some internal issues. It’s been pretty nice pattern. She has continued doing


weekly updates.


She should have actually started with again, okay,


I think I’ve gotten one or two stuff.


She started going back over the last week. I don’t know if I want them last week. Was there one the week before the week before? She was going to do that she apologized to me for not doing that. She


said I’m gonna start doing Oh, I’m going to make another one. But it was going to


happen, but it would have gone to or to


check it all the time.


Well, I got it. There was I thought it was just double check. Yeah, I thought I was watching everybody.


And then I had a question on the expanded experience measures the bill out for I know you’re just budgeting 80,000 could be WC 10,000. For Verizon. Are we going to direct bill back to the department specifically their breakouts? Are we taking the cell phone plan? Same way as the phones road has three


phones, it comes in a breakdown by each department. So it’s kind of like the speedway Bell, we have everybody in category. So the way I break the gas bill down is their PDS number 01502. So many of those dollar amounts, they come out under 01 or 02. That’s what we’re


trying to get back to them. And then are we going to direct it over to PwC and have the TPA look at the cost impacts by each department to determine how we direct go back that workers comp.


You might I might have told you about that. I don’t know the answer to that question.


Because usually, when most of the time most municipalities don’t directly take a bill and divide it by three or four. Fill it out what they do is their TPA says okay, fire had the six injuries. Please have these three roads had one added head nod. So based on that these are the drivers of your costs or PD you’re gonna pay X amount, Roadrunner X amount so that they’re paid and what it does is it’s an equal this more fair distribution of Workers Compensation, but it also helps encourage the safe practices within those divisions and has been directly impacted. All I did was split affordably. So we’re gonna do a size specific. So the TPA shouldn’t be able to do that as chargeback calculations for you. Okay. And it’s just because I just thought would be the TPA for our next annual contract so much of a work for us in the parish, if


I can make a document about that I didn’t do it that way, though. I just split it four ways, is what I did, just because that was easy. I was paid 100% of it. So now I need the general fund. Now, he just made everybody paid 25%. Maybe police used it more than anybody else. But I wasn’t using that in the determination to push off the premium. But I guess


that’s just what I’ve seen in probably 90% of these colonies. Okay. I mean, Jonathan doesn’t pick it up.


Well, we picked it up for like the last 10 or 12 years here, we just that was the first time we did push.


Alright, those were my main questions. Just why the jet is my biggest concern, because, you know, we we keep talking about how the Jets impacting the township and how big of all the additional funds, but then I didn’t see the right distribution of funding there. And then these are the chargebacks and immediate big increase to the general fund less money to the departments


they got, they still just say no, still the money is going to them. That’s just from their ability to spend it in the calendar year of 23. Okay, so nothing, I’m picking it up on the tee right now. He’s got all his budget stuff, that’s, that’s covered. And we have a reserve amount that’s out there, he’s not going to need any of that additional demon in his in a 23 to spend, it’s going to be for his planning and 24 and 25, for bringing on extra personnel and all that kind of stuff. The money will still show in his account, he’ll get it all. But for 23, he doesn’t have the ability to spend that much of the gym money. He’s got enough money to spend. We won’t need it. It was because if you looked at his carryover balance, it’s it’s too big. Well, that was a five year plan. And so 2425, those numbers might be different. I might appropriate more of that. Just to know that that’s why I mean, he still gets the money. But I just wanted to talk about that.


Yeah. And that was my concern. So I just want to make sure that we’re giving too much dead money within departments that we don’t have to go back out to the lobby, because obviously we’ve seen more demand for service, are we I don’t want us to beef up the general fund and then short them.


No, they get all their 30%. It just Craig’s might show that he’s receiving 30%. But rose might show that he’s receiving 25% in the appropriations, so even for 2023 spending. But in real dollars, they’re both getting the 30%. So that ROI if he needed to use that extra 5%. Throughout the year, all we would have to do is go back to the Budget Commission and say, Hey, we received more, which I know we would because those numbers were shorted. We could go and ask the county to have that money to go to go spend it. If he doesn’t spend it, it just rolls over to 20. Fours money and it’s included in his carryover amounts the next year. It doesn’t they’re getting the answer your question. They’re both still getting the exact same amount of money. They’re appropriations might be different, but their money is to say,


what do they understand that? I believe they look?


Yeah, I just want to make sure because, you know, I just think because we’re charging back in the general fund. It’s theory. In theory, it uses their jet dollars a little bit, right, because now they’re paying additional $1,000


to cover those bills. So


but all we did was we were we were back before they paid them all anyway. And it was a Help feature to get them out of their their budget sheets that they were in. We pulled them on to the general fund. It was time they all knew it. When we did it. It was going to be a time when they went back to them when they got back on their feet. And it just happened to be this year that those shared expenses that we used to have that I took over. We just put it back out start to check is what we wrote it was great.


The questions I have bring in for a vote. All those in favor Mike. That’s Nate. Yesterday recreation. Okay, motion passed. Thanks. Executive Session. Yeah, I mean, I was gonna do a bit. So we need to there’s a, there’s a bed that we have to eat. So


preparing for


conducting or reviewing negotiations or bargain sexual Republican parties and saying their compensation and other terms. Correct. That’s exactly we got all the paperwork,


right. So I just need a motion to go into Executive Session. If that’s where we want to go.


I’ll make that motion. And


I will second that we need to read the language to that. He just


read that yeah okay, all those in favor Mike has a weird executive session at 915 Okay. We did see


a question


Yeah, I have one. What’s the total budget for the year just started over $12 million. He’s figured out little different from what I can remember once about 600,000 emigrate here. Now the question then nobody can answer this is Sue okay.


Is she gonna go to the hospital and we’re gonna check her out but it’s not like okay, she’s just had some dizziness


which is not normal so Okay, okay. Thank you guys

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