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County roundup: Rootstown will pave community park road, plus news from Deerfield, Edinburg and Palmyra


State Representative Gail Pavliga recently met with Deerfield trustees regarding her looking into sponsoring a state bill to institute a training program that would qualify someone to drive an ambulance only, no treating of the patient.

“Currently, what happens is,” township Vice Chair Ed Dean said, “you have a paramedic on board caring for the patient, but you still have to have another EMT minimum to drive the ambulance to the hospital. What Gail is proposing is another qualified driver just to drive the vehicle, and the patient would still be cared for in the back by a paramedic or an advanced EMT or whatever the situation may be.”


Palmyra Township passed a resolution to purchase a new tanker/pumper for the fire department. The cost will be around $725,000.

“A two-year build is projected, so we won’t have it anytime soon,” township Chair Tom Grund said, “but we went ahead and got the process started.”

The Fire Department Association hosted its second annual “Breakfast with Santa” on Dec. 16 at the fire department. Pancakes and sausage were served.

“We had an excellent turnout,” Grund said. “It’s a great fundraiser, and we thank the community for its support.”


Edinburg Township purchased a new pickup truck for the fire department. It cost about $56,000. The truck will be used as a “chase vehicle” — if the fire department needs to take extra equipment or personnel to a fire scene or an accident.

The township is looking into purchasing a new and smaller snowplow truck. The current snowplow truck is getting old with about 150,000 miles on it.


A resolution was passed to have the Portage County engineer move forward with the bid specs to pave the mile-long Rootstown Community Park road, which is currently made of gravel. It is the road that connects Cook Road, goes up through Gracie Fields, up through the park and exits out onto Case Avenue. The township is receiving a $120,000 grant from the State of Ohio to pay for it.

Park Ohio Aluminum on Prospect Street was recently sold.

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