Letter: Thank you to Ravenna teachers

Thank you to the Ravenna School District teachers for making the hard choices; support staff for doing the hard work; administrative officials for making the hard decisions, and the school board members for representing the hardest hit in our community. As many other districts are now returning to in-person learning, it boggles the mind to realize that we in the RSD have had in-person learning since both before and after the Thanksgiving Covid spike.

Kudos for thinking about the many families in our community who cannot afford to keep a job and stay home with their kids at the same time. While I’m sure the decision was difficult and scary and anxiety-inducing, I want to say thank you for everyone showing up to teach our kids in the best possible environment every day. They masked up to greet our kids at drop-off, adapted to new learning styles and have done some of the hardest work of the pandemic. They even managed to figure out how to make school lunch safe!

Three cheers for the Ravens! We are fortunate to have had the members of our school district work through all the hardship of this pandemic, so many of us could do the same. Thank you.

Brian C. Hare, Ravenna

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