Letters: Readers respond to Streetsboro amphitheater proposal

We received several responses about the proposed amphitheater design. Here are just a few:

As a lifelong Streetsboro resident, I think this will be good for our city. A proper outdoor place to gather for music and so much more is something that this city does not have.

Kevin Grimm via Facebook

I’m not a Streetsboro resident. However, a rec center that would serve this area of Portage County would be so much more beneficial.

Sandy Tittle, Freedom Township

So how do we fit 19 people in each car? Seems 1,800 in attendance would require 800 or so parking spaces.

Jay Falls, Twin Lakes

Streetsboro City Council Member Mike Lampa clarified in a comment on our Facebook post that additional parking would supplement the paved lot: “And there is parking off to the side in the grass and also adequate parking at the city park.”

Lampa also shared a photo indicating where additional parking would be located.

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