Documenters: Shalersville Township Trustees meeting for May 17, 2022

Shalersville trustees pictured left to right at a May 2022 meeting: Frank R. Ruehr, Jr., John Kline, Ron Kotkowski. Max Swartout/The Portager

Documented by Max Swartout on May 17, 2022

Shalersville Township Trustees

Regular Meeting 

Tuesday, May 17, 2022 


Township Website

In attendance

John Kline, Trustee, Chairman

Frank R. Ruehr, Trustee, Vice-Chairman

Ron Kotkowski, Trustee

Jill Corbett, Fiscal Officer

Gregory Benner, Zoning Inspector

Ilona Seaman, Independent Consultant and Founder at iPanda designs

Kimberly Valenti, guest

Lloyd Harper, Road Department

Dean Enselhart, Road Department

Documenter Summary

Prior to the start of the meeting, Ilona Seaman of iPanda designs explained the trustees’ new email addresses. She has also created the new website for Shalersville Township, and once the meeting began, Seaman proposed how her company could digitize the Township’s records. 

Next with the floor was attorney Kimberly Valenti. She attended the meeting to share with the trustees the grievance of George “Jeffrey” and Sherry Cales. The county came and dug deeper into the Cales’ ditch and now water will not drain. The trustees are going to speak with the County and see what they can do. 

Dean Enselhart of the road department had to share with the trustees that there is sand plugging a drain at Bio-Med. Chairman Kline plans to speak with the principal soon. 

The trustees seemed excited about the new park being constructed in June. 

Zoning Inspector Gregory Benner spoke about an ongoing conflict among some neighbors. It is due to the construction of an accessory building on one of the properties, leading to drainage problems on the surrounding properties. Benner said there were no zoning regulations that address this issue and that it is a civil matter. Benner also discussed three cases of violations involving junkyards and junk motor vehicles. He explained that one case has been open for years. 

Jill Corbett, fiscal officer, shared with the group that the late Robert “Bob” Corbett left Shalersville Township $334,000. She put 75% into the general fund and the other 25% into the fund for roads and bridges. Chairman Kline mentioned putting some of the money toward the new park and honoring Robert Corbett within the park. 

The trustees unanimously passed a resolution to apply for Ohio Public Works Commision (OPWC) money for a project to work on Cooley Road. The grant would cover 50% of the $332,000 it would cost.

The trustees also unanimously passed a resolution to accept the bid of H & H Land Clearing to clear six acres of land for $22,800. 

Chairman John Kline shared that things are moving forward with the Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) with Streetsboro. The school boards of both Maplewood and Crestwood will sign abatements at their next meetings.

The trustees unanimously voted to pay the bills, and the meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m. 

Documenter Notes

The minutes of the preceding regular and special meetings were unanimously approved by the trustees. 


Ilona Seaman of iPanda designs was introduced by Trustee Kline. She has worked on the Township’s new website and was at this meeting to give a proposal of how her company could help the Township digitize its records. 

Attorney Kimberly Valenti was in attendance sharing with the trustees the experience of George (Jeffrey) and Sherry Cales. According to Valenti, the County dug in the ditch along the Cales’ property on Peck Road, which led to the accumulation of water and Mr. Cales’ inability to mow the area. Valenti provided printed pictures of the area to the trustees. Valenti said the County justified digging along the Cales’ property because of a nearby neighbor laying a new driveway or apron. All the trustees indicated that they would look into the matter, and Trustee Ruehr said he would speak with the County. 

Dean Enselhart, Road Department

Dean Enselhart informed the trustees of a plugged drain at Bio-Med Science Academy STEM School Shalersville Campus because of sand being poured down the drain. 

The new playground will be installed June 20-21. 

Zoning Inspector Gregory Benner

Zoning Inspector Gregory Benner has approved two new housing permits and is awaiting septic “stamps” from the County. Richard McIntyre will receive one of the permits as well as a “lady (who) bought one of the parcels at the old golf course.” Another man purchased the lot next to the latter. He called Inspector Benner because he wants to move his camper to the lot. Benner informed the man that he could not do so until the necessary forms were filled out and permits approved. One accessory building permit was also approved by the inspector. 

Inspector Benner brought up the recent killing in Windham Township, comparing the tensions between those neighbors involved to a situation in Shalersville Township by stating that he has an “ongoing very similar situation that’s been going on for almost three years now.” In short, one property owner constructed an approved accessory building on his property, which neighbors claim has led to the accumulation of water on their properties. Benner explained to the residents that there was nothing in “township zoning that deals with water flow.” He pointed them to Portage County Soil & Water or the Health Department for more direction. According to Benner, one resident was adamant that the township should be a township regulation matter. Inspector Benner went on to explain that these three neighbors involved in this matter were “great friends” and “did everything together five years ago,” but that “now it’s a war zone.” 

Benner also has filed three new cases. A couple are junkyards and JMVs (junk motor vehicles). He spoke recently with the Mantua Township inspector to see if he had any different ways to get violations corrected. Inspector Benner stressed how he could continue to write tickets but that he feels as though he is “spinning (his) wheels” and that perhaps there’s a “better angle that our prosecutors aren’t using or letting (Benner) know he can use.” He said that he discussed with the Mantua Township zoning inspector the 508 ORC. Benner said he sent an email to Brett Bencze of the Portage County Prosecutor’s Office asking if there was any way to get around the “insane mailing.” Benner said that the Diagonal Road case is over two years old and is a “blatant violation.” He indicated that he is not really comfortable using the “aggressive approach” in a “last-case scenario,” which he discussed with Bencze. Benner explained that he asked Bencze if he cannot use what the 508 ORC allows, which he went on to explain is that the bailiff posts the property without the need for certified mail. Benner read Bencze’s email response to Benner, which is in the recording. The trustees seem to want to move forward with having these violations corrected. 

Jill Corbett, Fiscal Officer 

Corbett reminded the trustees of the “Celebrate Portage!”

Corbett also announced that the Township received a check from Robert Corbett’s estate for $334,000. “Wow,” “that’s nice,” “unbelievable,” and “what a guy,” were some of the responses from people in the room. She explained that she put 75% of the donation into the general fund and 25% into road and bridges. Trustee Kline suggested putting a lot of the money toward the park and to perhaps put Robert Corbett’s name somewhere. Fiscal Officer Corbett explained that “Bob” Corbett wore the same work pants with a string on the fly and a string on his glasses. She noted, too, that he hand-wrote the history of the United States from Jefferson and Franklin up through the Obama years, with a complete work measuring three inches thick. Trustee Kline said, “Thank you, Mr. Corbett.” 

Frank Ruehr, Trustee, Vice-Chairman

Trustee Ruehr brought up the OPWC application for the Round 37 funding for Cooley Road, which is a 50/50 split, meaning the grant would cover 50% of the costs and the Township would cover the other half. Last year, the bid for the same project was $288,000, and now it’s $332,000. Ruehr said it’s for fixing holes, putting a level coat, and chip and seal. The bid includes 10% contingency. Ruehr motioned for the trustees to make a resolution to apply for the funding. Kline seconded the motion. The resolution passed unanimously. The resolution number is as follows: 2022-09. 

Ruehr brought up the second primary in August. He was concerned that Shalersville Town Hall could already be rented. Fiscal Officer Corbett is going to find out the official date. 

Trustee Ruehr shared with the others that he received an estimate from H & H Land Clearing (P.O Box 179, Middlefield, OH). The trustees have not received any other quotes. Ruehr said that the quote is for clearing six acres at $22,800. Trustee Kline made a motion to accept the bid. Trustee Ruehr seconded the motion. The trustees unanimously voted to accept the bid. 

Trustee Ruehr reminded the group of the township’s Memorial Day parade at 10 a.m. on May 28. He mentioned that he’s trying to find people with old cars. 

The group is interested in having William “Bill” Starcher from Peck Road in the parade because of his vehicle that is decorated with his original art made from various items. 

Ron Kotkowski, Trustee

Trustee Kotkowski shared with the other trustees a proposal from the Ravenna Hot Stove League for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for $125,000. It would be used to pave the road to the Volunteer Park fields and increase activities for the fields, including tournaments. 

John Kline, Trustee, Chairman

Trustee Kline asked who was going to the upcoming Portage County Township Association (PCTA) dinner. 

He drafted an email to Brad Ehrhart, president of the Portage Development Board; Chris Meduri, Chief Civil Division in the Prosecutor’s Office; and Diane Fierle, economic development specialist at the Portage Development Board. The purpose was a letter of intent of the Township to sign the abatement agreement pending the approval of its Joint Economic Development District (JEDD). It was required so that the Portage Development Board could send the JEDD to the school boards of Maplewood and Crestwood. This followed advisement from Randy (this documenter believes his last name is Hunt and that he is a lawyer for the firm Krugliak, Wilkins, Griffiths & Dougherty Co., L.P.A., which is counsel to the Township.) Trustee Kline said there was a holdup with Streetsboro on the JEDD because of wording within the agreement about the city income tax system and what would happen if it changed following the agreement. School boards will sign their abatements at their next meetings, and it will go back to Shalersville. The trustees talked about the plan for the special meeting with the fiscal officer. Trustee Kline wants to make sure people know about it. Trustee Ruehr mentioned the recent Record-Courier article about this. Trustee Kline said that Patrick O’Malia, economic development director for the City of Streetsboro, had called him saying he wanted to put a press release out and get ahead of any negative or non-factual comments on the JEDD. Kline said he initially said no because the JEDD is not signed yet. He said O’Malia went on to say this was an opportunity to put a positive light on the JEDD and put factual information out as opposed to “Facebook-ish stuff that gets out there.” 

Kline then asked Dean Enselhart about the trash cans at the park. Enselhart said the trash is blowing everywhere. Kline claims he asked someone to empty them every day. 

Lloyd Harper reminded the group that Maplewood students were to make brackets for the bleachers and that the Township has not received them yet. 

Motion to Pay Bills

Trustee Ruehr made a motion to pay bills. Trustee Kotkowski seconded the motion. It passed unanimously. 

Chairman Kline announced meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m. 


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Shalersville Trustees Meeting 5.17.2022

Thu, 5/19 10:36AM • 1:26:30


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Ilona Seaman, Jill Corbett, John Kline, Frank Ruehr, Max Swartout, Ron Kotkowski, Lloyd Harper, Dean Enselhart, Gregory Benner, Kimberly Valenti

John Kline  00:00

So I need to put fiscal officer 902 for Frank whatever it is is that on the on the website right now as we have a pen was with us buying a new one I want to see how it works before we

Ilona Seaman  00:26

would be comfortable with your like Nikki you know and then you on your phone they push the button checking township emails but I know that I understand that you guys like me Yahoo interface on your computer so I can set it up. So you’re still using the


good don’t exactly like it

John Kline  00:51

we just don’t want you are you sticking around?

Ilona Seaman  00:53

I am because I also have I was talking to deal about your records and scanning. So like that came up with a proposal that I’m gonna leave with you. You don’t have to vote on today. Okay, but it’s more like an information given.

John Kline  01:05

All right. Well, we’ll talk about that with the media

Ilona Seaman  01:07

because I did a proposal quote with another Township and they like to so

John Kline  01:13

so Yeah, Mom was out of town already done she’s already using consumer stuff it’s a painful process to get switched over and it’s not necessary but I think it looks better for us. I mean, just look at them through that time. But understand that we don’t want to


deal with it. Just want to go into so

Ilona Seaman  01:45

are you Hey, John. You told me you forgot to check the

John Kline  01:53

fiscal officer


auctions about political stuff that when you check her

John Kline  02:03

actually I want to I want to go through and it might be a challenge. I want to I want to go through before everyone else does what I’m saying so Okay, all right. Sorry about the delay folks. To get our new website and email set up we’ll get a little workshop later but welcome to our May 17 Eight o’clock regular scheduled trustee meeting. I’d like to start with the pledge. Lloyd Can you please put your pledge of allegiance to the flag of America and to the republic for which stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all All right, thanks alright, let’s get some minutes approved does everyone had a chance to read over


yes all we have the special

John Kline  03:05

we’re gonna first Yeah, we got guys who? Yeah, the regular thing


for Atomic and motion to approve the regular minutes.

John Kline  03:12

No corrections or additions? Second long call Frank. Yes. John. Yes. Yes. Special let’s see Ronnie. All right, so we had a special meeting as well with our counsel outside counsel regarding our our DJed process here that one had one had a chance to rebuild over


Yep. I’ll make a motion to accept them. Oh, second. Okay, roll call Frank. Yes, John. Yes. Yes thanks Gil, great job as usual.

John Kline  04:14

You do US government minutes all right. Why don’t we get to you that way. If you whenever you want to leave, don’t feel that you have to stick around because they may be able to solve this eye. There’s no loaner

Ilona Seaman  04:54

for my piano designs, and I do the website and I was talking with You know, apologize, I was looking at my notes. So you guys are doing you’re digitizing a lot of records. And you got a lot done. And in that conversation, I mentioned that I was working with another Township, who was also in the process, and we were working on, we applied for grants, miss the grant by this much. And it had nothing to do with the project scope or cost, it was simply about how they had put their application in awarding. So next year, they’re looking at possibly getting that grants, because now they know what to put in the grant application. So long story short, when I created is I have a similar proposal for what I propose to that Township, and also an invoice. And so again, I’m bringing it here today. For an idea of if you want I can and to do the digitization, and as a service we do offer, and this is what it looks like. And this is what it would entail. So that’s what I’m here to dropping these off. So I’ll give you one.

John Kline  06:01

So pretty close mod has already


she’s got she’s in pretty much most of the townships she’s gotten through all the minutes. I’m not sure I’m not sure where she’s at, but she’s pretty darn close.

John Kline  06:18

So what is what is the benefit for us to digitize? I mean, technically she’s already digitized, right. But by by scanning and put them on three different mediums,

Ilona Seaman  06:34

meanings, yes. Okay. So this may be void. But again, was not here. Yeah. So that’s what I want to just bring it as information. Yeah. So when mod is here, if you if there’s additional records, because then she was talking to me about the different scanning styles and scanners and what’s available. So it seemed like there was another chunk that she wanted to get to like, she got a huge chunk. And then okay, well, here’s the next step. And it may have been the cemetery records, and so forth. So, again, this is information bringing to the table specifically for mod for the next section of the project. And if she’s already like, Nope, I got it under control, it’s fine. This is just information that was good to know. And there’s no need to use. But if, if, if there is another big chunk, and she’s looking at that, like historical records, or what have you, then this might be worthwhile. So that’s what it’s, that’s what this is about. Gotcha. And that’s why I said you need to vote on it today. It’s just me bringing information. Thank you.

John Kline  07:45

Man, I’ve had some compliments our website to their late couple interactions I’ve had with some residents. They call and ask questions, and I or email or whatever it was, and respond. And, you know, we have a new website is was launched here such short or short time ago. And both of them responded back great website, you know, with exclamation points itself. So thank you for that. We’re know we’re working through it still. Calendar why, where were we at with adding like Town Hall calendar on on the website?

Ilona Seaman  08:26

Let me let me double check that and then as I’m bringing on that note, you guys actually got a great compliment from another township Brimfield. He gave me a call, I guess. He spoke with somebody Rory. And he said she was able to show on your old site and your new site. And he was so impressed. He liked how clean it was. And so I was talking to him Brian’s on Friday. So I’ve started conversations with them. Isn’t Kelsey cute? What’s


her husband? Decided? That’s her brother in

John Kline  09:01

law. Yeah. It’s Kelsey. Kelsey.

Ilona Seaman  09:06

So he was he was impressed with it.

John Kline  09:10

So So is he going to use your services to rebuild though, just started

Ilona Seaman  09:13

talking? Oh, but he is the IT person over there and it’s his job to start doing the information gathering and you know, I’m only one of many vendors and so forth. So I just I thought it was interesting that he was that impressed with your site. And what I told him is, it was us doing the work but it was you guys designing it. So that was that was fun.


You’re huge Township.

Ilona Seaman  09:38

I kind of guessed because most times homes don’t have their own it persons and when they get to the size where they need an IT person we

John Kline  09:44

ever know. And that’s why they have their own fire department or police department photons

Ilona Seaman  10:00

Yeah, so right now you do have your public events as a calendar. So I’m using events in right now I have booked all the way out your Tuesday meetings, the first and third meetings are booked out, and then your zoning meetings. Okay, so I did look at your old calendar, and it seemed like that’s what you guys had. And you also had, like your spring cleanup. That was pretty much all you had on your old calendar. So if you want to add more things, or new things,

John Kline  10:30

well, we were talking about putting a separate calendar for the townhall. So people when you’re ready, yeah, when people look at the open up the townhall page, they can see what dates are available. And that might minimize some inquiries to Mickey.

Ilona Seaman  10:45

Yes. So step one was for her to get the email comfortable with that. And then I would say let’s was even though she said I am not tech savvy, she’s quite tech savvy, she call on this right and so that I was gonna say, you know, three months from now, maybe let’s revisit the calendar thing, but I would say in a month, you know, as it’s she’s in the flow of people now know, to email her. I just added her new email address to the town hall page. And also that form is now linked to her. So that’s done. The good the parks the gazebo, is it that rents out pavilion pavilion that’s still going to use? That’s right. Okay, so that’s separate. And info can still come to me. The info is still going to Yeah, so those forms are the minute she’s ready. I will show her how easy it is because I showed her how to tap in. And now she has that laptop. When she’s ready. We all create or actually, it’s already created the town hall, rental calendars created, I will give her access to it. And then she can start adding things. But I would say give that about a month. Because it might be now she might be getting a ton of emails, because now it’s on the site. You can email town hall manager and stuff like that. So kind of, I would say let her get acclimated. Okay. But on the back end, that calendar is already built and it’s ready to be flipped on. Whenever you wish this happened was

John Kline  12:11

same thing for the pavilion. I could I never thought about that. Actually, it might be a good idea. People do call me a BAFTA and save


you some hassle, they can go on the website and just see if it’s and eventually

John Kline  12:23

she’ll be able to fill in the dates like occupied or reserved or something whatever you have to put on her chunk put like name or or whoever is using it but she just say


it’s it’s available


or blocked a lot of times and shaded and anyone Yeah, you can’t access

Ilona Seaman  12:42

to so your main calendar, you’re like you’re the one that’s on news and events. That’s your main township events. That is wide open, people can click it and they can see details about it. Yeah, the other calendars will be where you go in and it’s just as busy. so forth. It’s a Saturday in June and somebody’s already booked it. Mickey on her end will be able to see all the details, the name phone number how many people but on the website, all you see is busy. Same thing with the pavilion view looking at your calendar on your computer there. We’ll see who’s there Joe, Bob, you know, cookout from five to five eighths and his books


were backwards but

Ilona Seaman  13:35

my when I go to Starbucks, I don’t use it alone. I use Billy Bob. Because people they think can hear Bob. Anyways, the point is, you will be able to see all the details. When somebody is on the parks page. They’ll just see busy. So that’s ready to go. But again, it’s like you don’t want to do too much too fast. So that’s fine. We’re getting the email squared away. She got hers. That’s a big push. Give it a month and then she’ll be like, Okay, now I’m ready instead of keeping things written on paper, or however she doesn’t now it’ll be that shift

John Kline  14:10

to deal with Thank you like I said, you’re welcome to stick around.

Ilona Seaman  14:19

Well, I think I might have had his resolved after the meeting. Okay. YouTube

John Kline  14:28

trouble, kids. I was waiting for you. Get it. I get where you’re coming from. enough going on right now. I get it. Yeah. All right. Well, thanks, Greg. Great. Oh, let’s see we have someone else go back. Yes, ma’am. Did you sign in yet? No. I

Kimberly Valenti  14:47

did not apologize. Two minutes late. I can do that right now.

John Kline  14:56

Real quick while you’re signing

Max Swartout  14:58

up reported her Yes. Sir, my name is Max word out there starting a new program called just documenting. It’s like watching a documentary. So I’m not a journalist or anything like that. But you might see some more of us in the future. We just come and take notes and record and then hopefully publish things. And so we’re trying to get more information out there. You’re not doing a Facebook Live Like, like, no, no. So this is just Yes. Nope. So first one was last week for Charlestown. And we just show up, take notes record and just publish a summary or something like that. Yeah. Good deal. Thanks. Yeah.


Well, as long as you get everything right, we’re happy. Yeah, well, let us know. Right, Ma’am, what’s your name?

Kimberly Valenti  15:39

Hi, I’m Kimberly, do you want me to stand up or sit down doesn’t matter? Well,

Ilona Seaman  15:43

I have a quick question. Where do you publish?

Max Swartout  15:46

So it’s an independent publication that the porter so they used to use medium, but now it’s their own website? I’m not sure what, what what they use? Exactly. But on Facebook, for sure. It’s

Ilona Seaman  16:00

And so will you link to their site?

Max Swartout  16:04

I don’t think they will. But it’s definitely actually I could put it in my report. And it would be linked. Because I do I did want to add your website is amazing. I’ve been at some of these protests, you know, and that’s the best one I’ve seen so far. So, yes. So just to add to that, well, I had before, but I could make sure there’s a link in there.

Ilona Seaman  16:22

Sure. Like when you’re talking about it, like when somebody as opposed to like, what, even with a print article, you know, hey, we talked about this in the website is on purpose, now you’re connected with his site, and vice versa, you guys can make an announcement on your site saying, hey, check out.

Max Swartout  16:39

Yeah, and it always is a digital publication. So no print, it’s just an email newsletter. And then they have a website. So

Ilona Seaman  16:45

the point is them having your website is building on your back end your search engine. So this is getting higher and higher on your Google page. Same thing, if you put their link, and then they link back and add you as a community resource. Like let’s say people want to check out the other townships, it’s, your articles are gonna go higher and higher on the Google results. Okay, so it’s beneficial. So if anybody comes to your other meetings with it, yeah. Hey, you know, on from here, link, link, link.

Jill Corbett  17:14

So when I say next, and I did catch your last name, yeah. From the poor In the minutes.

Ilona Seaman  17:21

Yeah. That’s, that’s, that’s a way to link it. And then also, if it is a resource that you want to offer on your community page, check out this for other township things you can and more likely to happen if you send them a little press blurb saying, here’s who we are, or here’s how the community can get a hold of us, then it’s easy for them to just pass everything on their website. That works for you. Thank you.

John Kline  17:49

beneficial. All right. All right. I’m sorry about that man.

Kimberly Valenti  17:53

Oh, no problem. I think there was some good information in there. For a person who is extremely not tech savvy. I can do some things that’ll shock you, but it’s not consistent with it, you know? So I’m here. I’m Kimberly Lansky. I’m an attorney. And very nice attorney said that I taught you Joe. Hi, Joe. Hi. Nice to meet you. You were so helpful. What’s your What’s your last name? Valenti like the word Valentine only stuff that the i v a l e n ti.

John Kline  18:23

n ot. invalid? Yes.

Kimberly Valenti  18:25

So Mr. Jeff calles atura calles live over on pack 9341 And they’ve lived there for decades and they have cute yard you know, it’s manicured, anything over the top or anything it’s pretty though and so the county came out and decided that they were going to go ahead and fix ditches or put them to grade or something and because allegedly the neighbor David I believe it was David up the road when it was going to get a new apron but that’s not what David’s I talked to him. Okay. And I might be confusing the two neighbors on the site. Forgive me. But at any rate, he was going to have somebody come out to see did he need a new Cobra pipe? Or could it be cleaned out? And if he needed a new cover pipe? Did he have to have the air control or not? Okay, it’s fairly new driveway looks kind of nice. The pipe is blocked I don’t know why somebody didn’t make sure that wasn’t like that before they pour new apron right you know, but so that’s where it is. County came out because I got a call so I ran up the yard I think wrap up the road rather and you know, maybe they’ll let me plant some corn in their yard for extra space from the I don’t know, right? Because I’m not getting paid right now. Okay, but that may change in the future depending on where this goes. But here’s what’s going on. I’d like to show you some of these pictures because what has happened now is when the gentleman who were very nice okay, and they sent were the big guys out to but from the county Yeah, yeah, yeah. And so they dug deeper than the culvert pipes are. There is not problems for Mr. Hills and down who is other neighbor at all, but any drainage at all. The one gentleman who had the black over pipe up a bit, there was some water there. Now there’s a lot of water. And he had some big rocks. And you know, inside of the ditch, I have seen where one rolled out. He said, Well, there was another one that did too. I don’t know if the rest are gonna come down. This is older gentleman. I’m not here for him. But I’m giving you a picture of what’s going on. Okay. So these are some of the better, more subtle pictures is what I’ll say. Because I have some in my own bed, it probably should have printed out. But I’m here do you want to see to do so? Yeah. They’re all different. So if we could just kind of pass them around, but you will see, okay, the culvert pipe, for instance, on one area is here. They dug over, like over this way. So it’s not even where the front of the culvert is consistent. Okay, is that good? is consistent. So you’ll see, and I don’t know if any pictures I will. Where’s the web people? I don’t know if there’s emails that I can send more pictures. But this is a problem you’re gonna see that there’s they’re standing water now. Again, they dug deeper than the pipes of the culvert pipes, right about up here. They dug down, that water is not going to drain it’s, he’s not even said yes. Thank you so much. It’s lower than the pipe. Common sense is it cannot drink through the pipe. Okay. And, again, you’ll see where they they’re not even consistent aligning it. So I don’t know what mate grade is supposed to be. I do come from a family of people in the trades. And also, you know, some that are professional and business people. And I have to tell you that Oh, like as a family, you know, joined in and petite. I was putting his little girl. McGrath was in union. Right. Some of us are Republicans too. But with that being said, I put it right you learned some things I can’t tell you that I know what a transit and making graders but I can tell you, I think that it was supposed to be the effect was to be effective for the water to flow through the culvert pipes. This is not doing what road is is on

Frank Ruehr  22:10

County Road. Yeah, two things and without talking to the county are investigating it. Sometimes and we’ve had to do it before dig some of these gets down deeper than their culvert to make it work the whole way down, we would get yelled at. But if you start here and you’re trying to get to here, sometimes you have to dig and I don’t know without looking at their, their particular property or whatever. But we had that on Douglas road, you remember, the one woman’s was way too shallow. And to make the water go we had to dig it deeper than her are covered under her road because it was her driveway because it was put into shallow and then we had to lower it. So sometimes

John Kline  22:51

the culverts are put in incorrectly or they get heaved up over winters and stuff

Kimberly Valenti  22:58

was maybe you know very nice. County, but I’m here because here’s why. You guys like you know your neighborly, right? That’s right.


Do you do you arrange my sister’s best ranches? Yeah.

Kimberly Valenti  23:12

Oh, how nice to her. Yeah, she’s she’s got some. Yeah, yeah. And so he just went all through all that with her being in the hospital and everything. And so, you know, this is his wife for how many years? So with that being said, I understand and I understand it’s County, but sometimes you guys can be real effective and maybe assisting and have the county can you come on back out? I’ll tell you this much. Even the fact if it would have been nice. And you’re going to try to line that up. Come out. Look, it’s not. I have never seen anything like this. 9341 Oh, it’s maybe left? Yeah, yes. 9341, sir.

Frank Ruehr  23:57

They got a big, crazy tree. Yes, they


do. Like covers the whole yard comes down.

Kimberly Valenti  24:03

And you know what else on that note, thank you so much. Because if then you seen a song, there was a nice wall where you could just go ahead and log more in, right. So he was very upset and he signed them. I can’t even cut the front yard now. So you seen the front here, please drive by and look. It is a cliff in the front yard. So they told him mom use weed whacker? He’s How old


60s 60s Not

Kimberly Valenti  24:29

real. You know what I mean? So that’s how far back they dug. You get that? And they said, Well, we can go 30 foot from the middle of the road. Maybe I’ll measure it. Maybe I’ll go get someone hired them to measure it. But the point is, is that now and I understand about making the grade and everything if you can make sense and tell me this makes right. Yeah. Okay, and to be distracted because there was no water problem there. There was no water problem there. I’ve known them as well for years. You There was no standing water there. You see the pictures now up by the first gentleman’s home, who had the apron culvert, whatever she it’s bad. It’s bad. after it rains, there’s water for, you know, Jeff and Sherry and their neighbor, that guy last time I was out there without the rain he had standing water. So where there wasn’t a problem before there is now in the in the cutting of what you you’re familiar with. There we are. I cannot even imagine what they thought they were doing. They went right, you know that other tree, if you’re looking at their home, it’s on the right side over here, the pine tree or something in the front. It’s right there. If they started just it’s all dug down there, then they stopped digging on the other side of your so that making grade. It’s not. Because when you look at their home on the other side where they dug, they just stop. So you have a piece of land sticking up like this with the part of the covered deck. So we’re

Frank Ruehr  26:01

just playing stupid that that picture. Did you

Kimberly Valenti  26:05

like chickens? So I had a run here super fast. So I stopped. Or they’re done. I asked him I said you gentlemen think you can come on back out is maybe that the plan? You’re gonna fix this up? Or do


you talk to the people in the county? Well,

Kimberly Valenti  26:18

I went there, I got a call. He was very, he was very upset. He said this was just not the right thing to do. They didn’t even ask me. They didn’t tell me they send out a little notice. And then, you know, what was that? Mr. Bucha? Yes, he was. Yes. Yeah, yeah. And you know, honestly, I gotta tell you, I would not be happy. That’s not my or if that were my yard. Might not be good. Because you know, now look at it too. Okay, this man cake. It looks terrible. He can’t cut his breasts. And what about mosquitoes? I don’t know about your yard. I’m over in the township last year was not good. Yeah. Well, no, I’m mad away. Your man. Well, you guys are nice and friendly. I’m joining committees that are not good. Yes, I’m going to because you get to talk. Because other than that, you sit there and you don’t get to talk so much. So thank you so much for allowing me to talk tonight. I appreciate that. So do you think you gentlemen can maybe come on out? And you I don’t know, if you, you probably don’t want to hear that. Right. Perhaps because I know again, even though it’s County, I told myself, let me go up and talk to you. Because a lot of times these people can be real helpful. They want the people that they you know, have constituents etc, to be happy, and for there to be a nice cohesion. And they really want to be effective.

Ron Kotkowski  27:43

Can you do just copies of pictures here? Copies of the pictures and

Kimberly Valenti  27:55

see what are those backup and given her? She said she’ll make her happy? So I have all of them?


Yeah, we’re in the process. They’re working with the county on some different things spectrum, some roads out and whatnot. And they’re our engineer, if you will. So we talked to them almost every day. I’m gonna talk to Mike tomorrow and have them see if he can send somebody out and maybe they can make heads or tails over without actually seeing it and seeing what road is hard to know. Yeah.


Yeah. ditches deeper because they know we’re gonna pull back in.

Kimberly Valenti  28:28

Yep. Well, look at how just stops down there. Because that’s when I asked her I said, You guys gonna come out of cipher fix this stuff. What do you do in there? They just left it. So there’s like, what is that about six, eight inches


finish water outside. And this one’s almost completely clogged?

Kimberly Valenti  28:47

Yeah. And they said they didn’t go down the neighbors because his wasn’t completely plugged. I will tell you. I do not remember Mr. calles. I have a completely plugged culvert. And they were trying to say that it was

John Kline  29:00

I do not recall that what’s what prompted them to come out there in the first place. They were saying

Kimberly Valenti  29:04

the neighbor up the road had called and was getting a new apron. New drive, we actually said right, then it was a verse When I spoke with that man, because I went and spoke with the neighbors on each side. And I asked him, you can have the color once. Yeah, I just want to keep a copy of what I gave to you. But I know you guys will be sick. If I have to ask you say yes, she gave us colored ones. Right. But so he called. And he asked what do I have to do? Because right? So his what he’s saying he called for is not what the individuals came out. Certainly there just must have been some confusion in the work order, right. But when I asked them, Why are you stopping? You can clearly see it’s not a good idea, right? Are you going to go there and they said well, we don’t have to we just had to make great. So where does that make a great game here because that cannot be making great, right? If you just stop. And you dig deeper, and you leave a piece of land up there. That’s not great. It’s not right. So she’s not to my understanding, right. Okay.

John Kline  30:14

Are you able to contact my Collin County? He’s not. He’s a real guy.


See if he can come out. We’ll do what we can. Yeah, I

Kimberly Valenti  30:26

will. Please keep in contact with me if I give you my Yes. 123305777101 Yeah, yeah. Step at the I take off the No. No, that was good, though. Thank you. Yes. You guys have

John Kline  30:54

got a whole lot. You got


the wrong email?

Kimberly Valenti  31:00

Sir. Is this everybody? Okay, here, Joe and Ron and


around there, we’ll get to

Kimberly Valenti  31:14

are you Ron? Yes. Okay. Hi, Brian. Thank you. Okay. And John, can I ask you one other question? Does anybody know to they? Of course, what came up was they’re going to chip the roads now. To conceal which one? Pack? Yeah. Cuz a couple years ago, understanding they said, Well, we’re going to be doing that too. So to Mr. Casas, he said, you know, and then you get to chip this in a rack flop at my face one day. So it kind of went to other things. So is it is a chip and you were saying there’s some other road issues going on? Or the


rope? No, that’s that’s our roads I’m talking about. I deal with them on our roads. They help us with putting out bids and whatever. They have engineers on staff so we don’t have to hire engineers. They take care of that for all the different combinations take care of Yeah,

Kimberly Valenti  32:02

so are you what you’re doing? Are you chipping


at a million dollars a mile and a $500,000 budget, it’s hard to pay for it now. But last time they did Peck road, there was a big problem because they put about this much gravel out of control. And they did that on my road all the roads remember remember money stolen? Worries

John Kline  32:27

when I got to the cloud. It was like huge mounds of slimy limestone


on they had a bunch of wrecks. I call them see what I can do. As soon as I talked to him, I give me a call.

Kimberly Valenti  32:38

Thank you so much for your time, everybody. Thanks again,


just for that like that. Just to get the capsules

John Kline  32:47

on all. Alright, where we go from here? Do you have anything to say or just Dean let’s go back to the Alright, one thing.

Dean Enselhart  33:01

Yesterday I found around the school put green over the same thing. So this is one of those you guys


had to get plugged


in don’t sand down the drain. Kids are staged, cheap to teach and blame that on a kid.

Jill Corbett  33:21

So then the school takes care of those invoices.

John Kline  33:23

Well, we just talked about that Dean and I did briefly here yesterday. I think it was. Do we know? Specifically if it was a kid? I mean, that’s what the janitor told me the last time we actually call them the kid red handed. Right? Yes. And putting on gloves. So red handed? Yeah, but they’re red well. So I don’t know what what to do with this case. I really don’t


sand down the things they should pay for it. I mean, if there’s there, there’s a actual problem with the building that we’re responsible for. I would think we would cover it but if they’re a bit into it, I think they would be okay with

John Kline  34:13

it. So we got sometimes you got an issue with harness and build wrong happens all the time. He said the wrong place. Like this last one. The one where they replaced the flanges underneath or above the urinals? Yeah, the flanges they said to build a biomed. It was an April, the date on that


was April, and they should always we can forward them to biomed if it’s theirs. I think that was the best way.


We should always get a copy at least I think


we’ll reach out to Dana tomorrow. Who’s our main schedule. Dana works for her. I will reach out to her tomorrow. Yeah, tell her to us.


So I think they should all come to us really. forward into violet. You After we decided sir folder, whatever,


you want to make more work for gel or it’s just if you know right at the time that it’s right. But then

Jill Corbett  35:11

it’s been a while since we’ve had an issue where


and then he’s making the decision. And we talked about it and sometimes we okay

John Kline  35:23

I can just take all the emails and send me something


to you or you handle the schools. Yeah.


Okay. I see your email. Yeah. All three

John Kline  35:39

have given my, my old email or email, whatever, it doesn’t matter. And have everything come to me or any bill, any bills from partner come to me and we can decide from there. Okay. Did he give you an estimate of what that’s going to cost? But that was yesterday. It was yesterday. That’d be 500 bucks.


We did it was longer than what do you think they can bring?

John Kline  36:02

I can make a call to Joe? Or Stephanie. Stephanie. Lauren, who is Oh, the principal principal. Yeah. Lauren knows how to make. Laura. Laura. And talk to her about this. She know about it? Oh, yeah.


I’m sure she does. She won’t be around tomorrow. Durham field trips all this week

John Kline  36:30

in the parking over here to the Ask about parking over here. All right. While we’re talking to you, the playground is going to be installed. On 20, June 20, and 21st sort of coming out on the 20th the processes they’re going to put down the ball of matting first, that they’re gonna come in the next day. But the equipment in the equipment the same days of doing well. Maybe the same day. Yeah, so matting equipment that mulch


neurologists were mulch or bring everything in from the driveway.

John Kline  37:08

We saw that from the east drive.


We’re coming across all across that field coming our way. I don’t know what a septic tank is. I am not coming by session staying at all.

John Kline  37:17

So these these driveway we’re not supposed to have Mm


hmm. My dad knows where that’s at. I could find it. We could mark it out.


It’d be nice to know where it’s at. Probably at least


I think it’s crazy. I think it’s way over close to the weather’s to trees or to be honest all the way down there. I think so. I think it’s great.


It doesn’t matter that’s what my next session standing with the rains or anything that would be easier coming from East we’ve got a month there’s a high knob there that you can come up on that plug in


the north side of that field.

John Kline  37:48

Yes, yeah.


There was like an old dry we don’t want to run

John Kline  37:53

we’re not using septic anyway there. Right.


But it you don’t want to take a chance of Deborah trumping something in claps

John Kline  38:00

It doesn’t sound good to be trucks just just a skid steer with forks. Yeah,


but they’re still you know,

John Kline  38:04

it’s still there’s not supposed to be vehicular traffic. on that trail, anyway. Yeah, that’s a walking trail.


It’ll be a truck similar or 500 Probably to do all this. I know you’re saying we have to get a dog


I plan I plan on doing all that the week before Yeah, and that’s next question what you guys want to do you guys want to caution tape that off? Or do you guys want you to watch fence put around that because I’m gonna do like a Wednesday Thursday Friday, it’s gonna be like that all weekend.


And that’s gonna be during June it’s gonna be


time fencing I have so why am I able to get more caution

Frank Ruehr  38:47

tape is what everybody uses and like caution tape fix stupid if somebody wants to get in


that’s what I’m that’s what I’m trying to get and

John Kline  38:57

fencing would be


Wow, for sure. But the caution tape you’re gonna have people come up

John Kline  39:03

while they pulled me up. I got quite


a bit of polls.


We’re digging deep for just


well, you can take an affair to figure out why they’re just simply not deep.


It’s not like they’re falling in the mall. No, but


my thinking is if they go in there and they got hit very ground or swing or something falling and get hurt. You know, I understand you have caution tape and tape it off your caution tape and I’m fine. I understand that. You know,

John Kline  39:27

can we what would you do plan on putting poles all around it then the cost to take around that? Yes, like maybe one high one low. So there’s a couple I could


do two rows. Yeah, we get more caution tape too.

John Kline  39:39

And then what about like a science science park or playground temporary closed.

Dean Enselhart  39:44

We can make something up on piece plywood or whatever you guys want to do?

John Kline  39:47

Yeah. Just don’t spray paint on it and make it look nice.

Lloyd Harper  39:53

I might be well sweet talk the wife she’s got a new kind of water cricket so she might want to take some vinyl, make some stickers. There you go. Take one of our old signs and put it on the back or something. Yeah, sorry for the weekend. She’s got some scrap material there. See if she can make some lettering up.

John Kline  40:10

new playground cups. Yeah, please excuse our mud


all right, improvements underway or something

John Kline  40:20

that’ll be exciting when that’s all newly mulched and new playground.


Nice. Nice but yeah.

John Kline  40:28

This was all paid for by our Ark money, right? That’s all I have. All right, Neil. Lloyd, not wanting nothing. Thanks for volunteering your wife All right, Greg.


She’ll she’ll throw it back at you. They’ll come wintertime. Oh, because I already talked to Frank. We showed her ideas she wants to put names on the front of snowplows like the turnpike

John Kline  41:00

did I just saw that


she wanted to do it this winter. And now she has the equipment to do it. So yeah,

John Kline  41:07

what city was just sold on the news this morning. The High School in the springtime they paint the all the plows with like, murals on the plows and came up all night and look nice. And they use these plows for like parades throughout summer and you know, whatever.

Gregory Benner  41:23

They’re not putting our plow on a new truck the newer ones we’ll head to New House permits, I’ve okay, I’m just waiting on the septic stamp from the county. Rich are football guy rich Mechanik attacking tire is building over on Cooley. And then I have straighter street street street Street. I’m sorry. And then I have a lady that bought one of the parcels at the old golf course. She’s actually been in contact on way last year, she finally has everything okay. I’m also waiting on that septic permit. So she’s built a new house there.

John Kline  42:17

That’s the Wayne Wayne homes


is our way home sign Eric Coby. So there’s another gentleman that purchased the lot next to her. But he has nothing yet and he called me. And he wanted to move his camper there. And I informed him that we allow it. But I can’t allow it yet because he hasn’t even applied for the house. And he did not like that. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is. I told him we surely allow it for a year. And we can extend it beyond talking about a


camper to live in.


For built for the house just as a job trailer for the house. Yeah. Oh, to have them.

John Kline  43:03

He didn’t like that. And we


know what because he wanted to put it out there now. And that’s problematic. Because I don’t he doesn’t even he doesn’t have an application filled out he doesn’t have a subject or he has nothing.

John Kline  43:14

But he’s getting ready to So once he gets those in,


that’s yeah, then we’ll relook at it. And then one excess rebuilding and so that’s that and then I don’t know if you guys so we’re up on the shooting here in Windham Township. That was a tragic death. So I have actually a ongoing very similar situation that’s been going on for almost three years now. On a 303 at the T Spence property. And last week I got three calls from three the neighbors Chuck himself so what happened was the middle person there built a an excess illegal accessory building in the back I I remember doing a permit, I pulled the permit, it’s legal, he, he met setbacks, he meant building size, the build up in the back corner of his property, he kinda sits on the on the crown of the glacier there, and then all the water flows from him, to him and into the neighbors. And so by building this building, supposedly it’s diverted some of the water and and Chuck tec is all upset that it’s coming out this property and the other neighbor is upset that it’s coming on their property and, and I got all three of these phone calls within a week. You know, and I explained to all of them that, you know, there’s there’s really nothing in township zoning that deals with water flow. I said, you know, those turn into civil matters. You could surely talk to more each county, soil and water or you know, health department, wherever, you know, I get some direction I said but it’s Not a township matter. And when the one guy was adamant that it should be, and I said, you know, I can’t argue that shouldn’t be, I’m just telling you that it’s not in our regulations to control water. That’s a neighbor dispute. So then chuck called me back and he’s like, Well, he’s done fences for 35 years. So well, now I’m gonna put up a fence. I said, Well, Chuck, you’re allowed to put up a fence as long as you meet requirements. He said, Well, we’ll put up a six foot fence from back property all the way. 303. I said, I said we could, you could start with a six foot fence. But as soon as you get to your house, you need to bring it down to a four foot. He goes, Well, my neighbor didn’t. So well. Unfortunately, Chuck things happen in this township without permits, without my knowledge that I have no control over. Because yeah, I know that. He goes, I know. I’ve been doing fences for 35 years. I know I can’t do it. So I don’t know where he was trying to leave me. That’s the last phone call I got and you know, supposedly,


isn’t house on 303.


They’re all three on the north side. Just passed.


The house in question is west of T’s.


Is she? Yes. West of two. Yes, the next house. And they were all great friends. All three of these neighbors were great friends. They did everything together five years ago. Well, now. It’s a warzone. So


the middle guy actually built the dirt up.


He did not. But to my knowledge. It all goes downhill. It’s all well, and you know, and Chuck knew that he’s like, I know. You know, I said

John Kline  46:35

when when he built this recently?


Two couple years


back, yeah, he inherited some cars. I’ve talked to him. Okay, because I actually own property that butts up to zero.


So it’s all pretty much natural. There. I don’t think he ordered it to the point where


did he pave anything? Or did he that I don’t know cause the water to flow.


Supposedly, he put his downspouts so that they run out to the east right over to Chuck’s but the building is on the west side his property it’s not it’s not like a bunch right on chart in Townsville. He is He does meet setback. So you know, I told him that as far as I said, that’s something you want to look at call the building department. See, you know, because


dumps on your property and it doesn’t directly dump onto another’s property. I don’t think there’s anything


there isn’t gonna be a foot on your property. So I just, it was ironic. And then I read the

John Kline  47:32

Is that what that was about? Yeah, it was about water.


Runoff from another neighbor. And she,


she flipped out? Yeah. Why are they upset? I mean, it’s on the back of their property. Do they even use that word?


Chuck says it floods this property can’t mow it’s always wet.


He said it resident and say here and all the way


it comes, it comes off the neighbor down and then and then comes right down Chuck’s property because he’s lower there. Um, you know, on it, eventually, it’s going to come to three or three, because that’s the the ditch in the low point. So,


guys name, I introduce myself to him.


Yeah, actually, I should know it because he actually called me. And he was very, very understanding and very, he was like, Listen, I’m not trying to create problems. You know, I built the building, and it sits naturally like it was and, you know, so because they’re, I guess they’re going back and forth as well. So


it’s been really wet.


It’s been a typical spring. So


the argument just start this year,


no, this has been going on, I got this. I got calls probably over two years ago about that right after the building, in fact, before the building, and then when the building went up, it was worse. So I get them every year about the


download side of the fence and yeah, rotted out. You’re saying about this time here.


So that’s that. And then one last thing is, so I filed three new cases, couple of our junkyards and JMB, and one is just jMv. And so I put a call into the manway township inspector this morning, and we talked for quite a while and just seeing if he had any different angles he was using to try to get things done, because I can write tickets all day long. But if I can get him to get into our legal system and getting forced, you know, I feel like I’m spinning my wheels and, and I feel like there’s definitely a better better angle that that our prosecutors aren’t using or letting me know we can use or whatnot. So you know, we have discussed the 5080 RC you know, stuff and so I, I sent an email to Brett, and I said, Brett, you know, because I told him that you know, he’s going to be seeing a lot more cases. And so I said there’s there any way that we can get around this, this insane mailing for years, I mean, literally, my, my, my diagonal row case is over two years old. It’s over two years old. It’s a blatant violation. That’s just Case in point, you guys know, it’s growing. It is. And so, you know, and I spoke with him before about this, you know, I’m like, There’s got to be a workaround. And then we had talked about the aggressive approach, which, you know, we gave a really far effects last case scenario that I’m really not comfortable using. So. So I said, Bret, I said, you know, can we not use that same approach? Instead of doing it, can I not use what the 5080 RC does, and that is simply Sheriff bailiff, after my 30 days expires, post the property, then you don’t have to notify by mail, that the property has been posted legally. So he finally actually I’ll read you the email, he actually sent me a response that I was looking for. He said, I think that the township wanted to ask the sheriff’s office to serve your notice at any point, and they were willing to do so then that would be proper, as well as posting on the property for the posting, just ensure we have proof of the posting moving forward, which fixer is no problem. Yeah, I mean, then we end up filing the complaint. Rather than starting with certified mail for service and the complaint, we could ask the court to affect personnel service, so long as we’re reasonably certain the address is good. And I always double check my address as I get them right off Janet site. So I know they’re good. So you’re talking to either or sheriff’s or posting? Well, the saw, I believe, and I discussed this with him before, and I believe that we take a share of a bailiff, and we post all in one setting. Okay. So that’s all it’s one. And and they don’t have to be there. The posting is if they’re not there. So we take the sheriff and the bailiff with the complaint. And then you know, I haven’t written not to do work we have written up. And if they don’t answer the door, which they probably won’t, then that’s what the posting is all about. We tape it right on the property

John Kline  52:17

way back on the front door, like we do with, correct, correct. So


that’s the approach I want to use. I’m hoping that that will at least get us to the point where then, then it’s really out of as long as Brett files, then at that point, that’s only so much he can do then it goes into the court system as whenever they get it through the system. So I can’t hold him accountable for that. But as long as he’s willing to immediately get that thing, you know, because I’m I’m ready to I’ve got three more drawing up three more graphs beyond the three I just said, Yeah, I’m okay with that method. Yeah, and we might have to do some resolutions at some point. I’ll check all the details to make sure we get everything right. So that when we go through this and do it, I I don’t know who sets all that up. You know, you got the trailer issue there. John, and I remember we went with the sheriff and availa who set all that out.

John Kline  53:09

You mean a fun?



John Kline  53:16

I didn’t do and setting up. I don’t know who


we’re not getting Chris set all that up. He may have


Yeah, that was unexpected.


Yeah, correct. But I was on that he was going to start I went with John to actually do


the walk. And when we did the sheriff and the bail after it was gone. There was a bailiff picture. It was


just so No, there wasn’t there was just a sheriff.


Yeah. Yeah. None of you realize this. And we don’t


know, right? Yeah. Right now. So anyway, we’ll, I’ll figure out the exact details so that I don’t miss a beat so that I know what we’re going to do this. We’re eliminating all


the craziness, we have to do something. It’s just it’s out of control. And Rich told me that


he’s like, it’s not you. He said, trust me, actually what he’s doing. And I’m skeptical and doing this. He is now copying Chris on everything. And, and he said, Yes, Brown a week. And a biggest no response. Two copies. Chris with the same identity.


I suggest to do the same thing. Yeah, we’ve waited long. Yeah,

John Kline  54:21

I we’ve been pretty patient.


I know. I just


it’s just a motivator. That’s all Yeah. worried about hurting feelings.


Well, I mean, it’s not so much hurting feelings. But you know, I have to keep up a working relationship with Him. Because, I mean, I couldn’t do it. I’m not loved with the idea just because I feel like it’s it’s not helpful. On my end, I lose credibility to a point. I mean, and I know that rich, it’s helped because he’s, he’s as frustrated as I am and he’s talked to others and it’s not just me. It’s not Just starships that’s

John Kline  55:01

how long have you been in? Just enough?


Three at least three. Yeah. Thanks. Can you send me that email so I can get like worrying for the minutes? Sure. Like


your new email or your 30 minutes I got fiscal officer I’ll say sure. So that’s that. I’m just you know, I want to get not aggressive but I’ve got a lot of I got a lot of pictures a lot of things on the list. So you know, like I say, if I can’t get them to go anywhere, it’s going to be really frustrated. So


yeah, I agree that it Yep. Nice job.


I just have well actually two things I think you focusing celebrate Portage. So if you have any want to nominate I’m not sure what the deadline is


applied for that $500 For our township


to celebrate


service, yeah, that’d be do that through celebrate.


And then the other thing is, we received a check from the Robert Corbett estate just last week for $335,000 Wow. So that’s really nice. Guy Yeah. You know how the rest of his estate was


look poor and just a good guy. He was he was boring teacher but he talked about sports and you know, in baseball


$34,000 So, so we’ll have to talk later or the you know, in the future of how you want to what you want to do with that I put it in our system 75% went into general fund and 25% went into road and bridge and I sent it off to the portage county auditor’s is the increase in our revenue. So that’s where we’re at with where I’m at with it, but I wanted to let everyone know


we’re generous gift guy

John Kline  57:41

I just want to put my thoughts in about that. I think I think with us doing the park renovation I only do Mr. Corbett as a teacher I didn’t have a personal relationship with him but I think that he would I think this probate maybe we put a lot of that money towards the park. I mean, what do you guys think? I’d say go like towards everyday, like funds like like roads or, or operations of the township. That should be something special. We put his name on possibly or, or something of that nature. So it’s something we could think about. We’re gonna make a decision right now, but that’s my thoughts. Yeah, I agree. Good adopters.


Naming something at the park would be nice. Yeah.


The other side of the family might corner out here we could ever ever corporate out here.


I didn’t see my corner sign. The brick. Oh, Tinder.


Yes. You made all those ball fields. Yeah, yeah. So that was Jim so yeah, we go he would go to dinner with us all the time. As a family, the brothers the sisters always go out to dinner for their birthdays and Bob always come along to it. Same old clothes that you know, he’s just, he was very deformed as he


marveled at how he could eat. He carried his fingers


in his pocket, all of us work in his pocket and you know, the same old wear pants and stringers flying and he was he was really strong on his fly to and on his glasses so he could get his glasses off and off and he loved to go to dinner. I mean, and his other niece and it’s other side as mom’s side of the family. He’s on the corporate side. But on his mother’s side, those relatives would always bring them with a corporate would go and pick them up and but yeah, he came to us we had dinner with him four or five times a year for years.

John Kline  59:43

So bad for him. Kids always


picked on you’re always remember you can always talk. I ran out four o’clock in the emergency room. One time and just just friendly guy.


He was. So that was really generous and he gave a shout out was to do something nice with a really great.


He wrote some really neat articles that we put in our newsletter, about going to shooters Middle School.


In his funeral, the one nice lives out of California and she has younger boys. And so he would write how in the heck he could write by hand wrote history, from the time of the, you know, Jefferson and Ben Franklin and all that all the way through. He was up to Well, I think it was the Obama stage. And the book is like this. So I ran for granted here made copies. Because I it was a history of hand written. The history of the United States. He had no words. Yeah, I have it at home. So it’s the hand is hand written history of the United States. It’s a good three inches. I had no idea. You know, so she brought it to show everyone what he did. So every week person would get another three or four page he just continued. Wherever he stopped, he continued, you know, and it’s just amazing. The history 3d camera, and

John Kline  1:01:19

can you read it pretty good. He used his


writing. verbiage and stuff how he spoke, because it’s how he spoke, just like he was talking to you. Just like how he would talk to you is how he wrote it out. So once you get through the first couple of three, four or five pages, you kind of get used to the sing song of it. And it’s really very cool. So yeah, I’ll bring it in. And you can copy for the Historical Society. Absolutely.

John Kline  1:01:51

Yeah. We just had a digitized copy of that to talk to you.


But I ran up here while they were the church having their little

John Kline  1:02:02

funeral stuff like that is can be lost.


I’m sure sure if she didn’t bring it there, and no one would have known. Yeah. All right. And then I just said, can I take that and make copies because it’s amazing. We have a son in law’s a history buff and I that boy, he would love to book. Well, thank

John Kline  1:02:20

you, Mr. Corbett.


Okay, that’s all I had.


I sent you the email. Okay. I copied all you guys on your own email.

John Kline  1:02:31

Would you put money once? Again, same place? No. All right, Frank, what


do you got? couple meetings ago, we talked about applying for that. Opie, WC round 37 application for next year. That’s the state funding on Cooley road. It’s a 5050 funding where they pay half and we paid half. Last year we put in when they had to COVID money for 100%. And we didn’t get it. And the bid was to add something to EDA is 332. Now so 332 for who we were, that’s not paid. That’s that’s fixing the fixing the holes as much as they can. And putting a leveling codon and chip and CEO pay would be about a million dollars. Yeah. So we’ve talked about applying for that. And he’s got everything ready. We just have to have a resolution to send him requesting that he apply for this on our behalf. What is it? 332,000? He is and that includes 10% contingency. Yeah. And then the past was done. And I know we haven’t used this since you guys have been on but they usually come in last is the county almost always specs at high.

John Kline  1:03:46

So this will be next year a resolution to accept or to apply for this grant.


This grant the round 37 application for PwC money’s at a 5050 split


so if we got that we would get we pay half of that 332


And the state will pay half Yeah. So we know that’s a bad room needs it. Crazy for one bro but we’re gonna have to start doing it probably every

John Kline  1:04:15

year. We need a resolution to that. Or remember


how applying the wording because I have those emails from Gil about this. So I’ll find the wording to put the resolution together but we would need a motion and the number of breaks for make the motion. Rose was at John said yeah. Okay, first roll call. Frank. Yes, John. Yes. And yes. And resolutions number is 2022 Dash Oh 920 22 Dash


oh nine.

John Kline  1:04:55

And then we’ll sign that resolution the next meeting.


Usually the resolution I just have to say Okay, I guess write it up as your emotions and your sign it.


I’ll send them an email. I think that’ll be right.


Outside the word, how to be broke.


I got a couple of things. But this whole talk about the Town Hall and the rent and put the Nona I just got to thinking we have another primary coming up the state primary because of the redistricting, right? It’s in August. What if our town halls rented because we save our town hall for the primary and the election every year and the state now all of a sudden is going to have a second primary? Somebody may have the alcohol we’re gonna do we know what day it is. I haven’t heard of


day i. They told me when they pick up the stuff they said it could be in August.


So that way, so that we just not rent every Tuesday just to make sure what are we doing with this? This is


different all the the lecture boards certainly shit. Do they not have a date or the state has


picked up the machines that the guy told me said, I saw see in November, he said no, but I think what we’re seeing in August

John Kline  1:06:09

that’s a valid point, which is a Tuesday. So we know it will be a funeral, most likely. Right? Something of that nature. So hopefully, it’s not booked yet. Whatever, whatever. Tuesday.


I’ll be Terry Nelson. Call that.


Could you check with Nick here? Yeah. And they might not know yet because of this whole redistricting thing. And they don’t know who’s running for what, because they don’t know where the boundary lines are. So that’s frustrating. Yeah. Okay. We got the ESMA from h&h. We’re gonna see if we’re getting the other ones that Elaine playing. What do you want to do that 22? Eight? We never heard from anybody else. No. And again, this, you know, this is the take out everything that I mean, they’ll still be rough. We some work.

John Kline  1:06:58

Does that? I haven’t seen that yet. Do we


have that we talked about last week, oh, this thing.


Only two weeks or six acres. And of course, if it’s more, it’s 30. And under an acre. That’s take everything out. Take all the trees down. And if you want any trees, mark them. No problem. Just go in there, put some ribbons on it. They want to do it. Well, they’re up here working at the guys property. So they’ll probably when they finish air come down here. It’ll probably be, I don’t know, three, four weeks.


I’ll be done by them.


But yeah. But again, once they get done, it’s not going to be mobile or suitable. I mean, it’ll be to where you can level it off. They don’t do that. They take all the trees out and grind all the stumps, all the stuff we


do they grind everything down to where you’re not going to


do all that. But you’re still going to have the deform property, you’re still going to have one of the racetrack Well, there’s more now than the trash areas and a bunch of trash specter with cement and a lot of that trash is not on


our property. There is some minor property of plastic pipes are definitely


in the cement and the


plastic pots are in our property. But all those old stuff that’s that’s on? Well, we better go. We got to find out and walk back to the other day and I could not locate that corner there. And I I looked I found some ribbon but I didn’t find the actual 10


My brother’s got it installed. I can get him up there where he could actually bring it in like I can


do it. Oh yeah. Well,


we can say off if we know where all right. I mean,


well, before when we talked about this, I talked to people at Dollar General just the people that were working there at the time, they say there anything clean anything up you want because it’s just a mess. But they don’t know. They said well, there’s some garbage back there, you know, for cleaning up. You know, if we get over the line you said now we don’t care about


what we’re gonna decide what we’re gonna refer you to start on? Yeah,


I think we need to get started on it. I think we need to get started on it. So

John Kline  1:09:09

I’ll make a motion. We accept this bid of six acres that $22,800 Then h&h


Billy Darnell says he already gave us a price on that


two years ago, and we don’t know what it included. And that’s why you asked him three times to give us a quote. Yeah, he’s not gotten back. Okay, so he’s retiring. And the motion. He’s retiring. Second to Marshall,


row called free. Yes. Yes. Yes.


Last are free.

John Kline  1:09:49

Will you contact them?


Or contact? May 28. Yeah, they sent me a thing. I gotta send him a return on email may 28 at 10 o’clock. We have or parade. I’ve got a whole American Legion and they got a hold of me. And I’m trying to trying to get people with old cars and let them know that we’ve got the parade again this year. And I got a hold a sheriff as far as blocking roads for us. And I’m still waiting back from the band, Ray Corbin to talk to her about it. And supposedly they’re showing up and I don’t know if they’re gonna be in the parade or at the cemetery. So I know, I’ll let him by now on that

John Kline  1:10:28

note, Wendy de Allesandro. So he said, No, Wendy. Oh,

Max Swartout  1:10:35

now that you say yes. Sounds familiar. I don’t know. Okay, hurry

John Kline  1:10:38

forward. Call me today about wanting to put information about the crate. And this come in addition. Initially, I thought she was calling her about something else. She just was wanting to put information about great. So I told her what I knew. May 28 20, kicks off at 10am Marriott going to the cemetery. said about the rebinding kids decorate their bikes and riding the parade, the band marching band on march in the parade as well. But it says he bought cars. American Legion will be there. Yes, American Legion will


conspire to do.

John Kline  1:11:20

So I just kind of drew out what I knew


a speaker and a minister.

Ron Kotkowski  1:11:27

Jerry lined up. I ordered flowers on the graves. I got challenge every year until we realize it’s always under your name. And


my dad always give the money out for the bike parade. I went and got it. It’s sitting at home. So we always donated some that’s my family’s two weeks, two months, two weeks, whatever. It’s for the kids. It’s just coming to each and every one week from Saturday

John Kline  1:11:59

to Saturday. Less than two weeks away.


So be nice to have front and back. And hopefully we will show up. Maybe we get their fatalities or some of their altars. Yeah, I


talked to my brother, you might bring halftrack


antique farm equipment or who’s that guy that lives up? That always goes run at the very end, there’s a bunch. Skinner rode the fireman, and he’s got old stuff he’s brought a couple of years in the past. I can’t think of his name. They tried to get a hold on. I looked on Skinner roads, list of names and none of the names sound familiar. younger guy well, you know, 40 some year old guy. That’s for me. I’m old. What do you looking for? Well, he brought he brought like a deuce and a half. Dodge.


Oh, well, the guy on Prosser has all the military equipment. Who’s the one we’re just west of diagonal on the left or the big poll bar. They put their big poll where that one would get the variance for that’s why he got that building.


That’s the son that lives there. He goes a little further down on the right. Okay.


Okay. How about the guy a great job in the pickup truck with all the big animals. They made us

John Kline  1:13:19

yesterday? Oh, yeah.


Great guy to have those cars. I’m gonna hold them. I know we were I was at Chinese Honda when we got out of the car and took a picture of his car because he had like an alligator made out of spoons or something.


Yeah, he’s got a Studebaker, down different street things.


Yeah. I talked to him. So he’s very nice man. That prevented one time and I said, Hey, did you find that box of keys? I’d love for you to give you one. I went to his house. He wasn’t home and I had this whole box of house keys. And I thought Who else would use these? Except for him? Are you familiar with him? is an interesting guy. You should go interview makes all these crazy big animals out of like old tires and stuff and are. They’re fantastic. Forks. I mean, yeah, just Phoenix star. What’s his first name? Pepper scriptures.


Actually the fun buffet. The Chinese buffet used to be in St. Paul moved to Twinsburg. And he’s got he’s got three of his animals displayed inside of the actual restaurant. Oh,

John Kline  1:14:29

is that right? I just saw that. Play that new place there. And you said they just moved.


They moved up to


Montana. Yeah. Inside the restaurant,


mammoth woolly mammoth. That’s all I got.

John Kline  1:14:50

Night round we have.


We talked about most everything but what I shared earlier the I just thought it was interesting. In that there was a proposal from the Ravenna Hazza League. This is for a CBD G grant $125,000 used to pay volunteer Park Road to the baseball fields increase activities, including tournaments to the Revell Hearthstone league field. So, that’s another thing we could be asking for. Is when

John Kline  1:15:28

when you see that this was


at my original planning, Oh, okay. And that’s a CBD G CDBG. Grant.


I’m going to be whatever.


CBD or CBD we see. And, yeah, we talked about everything else. I’m good. All right.

John Kline  1:16:00

Dave McMullen. Who’s going to PCT a dinner this weekend. I’ll be there y’all.


Yeah, me also.

John Kline  1:16:13

Alright. Nice. You can’t go. I was going I wanted to, but I can.


Afterward we don’t know.

John Kline  1:16:21

So we got ongoing talks with Randy. You know, Randy sent me an email we called we talked, we talked on the phone like I told you before. Yeah, we’re just the latest thing was I sent over a draft of a statement for Portage County, Brad Earhart, and Chris, Missouri. And who’s Brad’s assistant, I can’t think we’re in a month and anyway about releasing, it was a letter I basically, I needed a letter of intent that we were intending on signing the abatement agreement pending the approval of our jet. They needed that so they can release the agreement to the school board’s main board and Crestwood and get the ball rolling. So I ran by, Randy, our counsel first, and he said, That’s fine. So I sent it over to him this morning. So there’s been some hold up with Senate, which are Street’s world. As far as getting this, Jen. I think we’re close to just this morning about if the income tax, city income tax, and you know, it is repealed by the state or any other condition that would eliminate change collection of income taxes, and the wording that they wanted in or that we would be eliminated from any income tax? Well, that leaves us high and dry, so we can’t have that language in there. So that’s ongoing right now. Unfortunately, Patrick, and, Paul, the Legal Adviser, were both out Friday and get yesterday, so not much gotten done over the weekend. On Friday,


or Monday, they didn’t do much until what 18 To 20 to June anyhow,

John Kline  1:18:18

so the school board’s gonna sign their abatement, approvals at the next meetings, then they come back to us, so we can’t do anything until June What was it? 17? June 17, or whatever that date is we 16th is when our 16th Yes. So we can’t do anything.


So the clock goes to 30 days at that time.

John Kline  1:18:42

The public Sunday, suddenly the


50 and then our special meeting, that’s the 30 days that we can approve it or

John Kline  1:18:51

we have we have 30 days, it needs to be bylaws need to be posted for 30 days before the meeting. And then at that meeting, then they have another 30 days to after we approve it after we approve it to appeal or put a referendum on residents could do right so it’s actually 60 days. But once we get the jet and abatement agreement signed, then everything moving forward pending any challenges and I also had a loaner posted on our website the same notice to do digital posted and so it’s out there I want to make sure that people know about it in a way trying to you know look like more


open and straightforward about

John Kline  1:19:37

so that’s that


transparent Yes.

John Kline  1:19:41

Transparent. Nice. That’s


what we put on the front page. So yeah, that wasn’t a bad article on top. Yeah, well, thanks for handling would have been Yeah. So how they were gonna work but yeah, no, it was.

John Kline  1:19:55

Yeah, it was. It was I was I was cringing reading the settings. I didn’t know what was going to come next.


He says work says Yeah.

John Kline  1:20:05

No, I was confident about that. But yeah, it just I didn’t know how she was gonna. She was gonna terrible


was like my name is in the front page of the record. Yeah, he did you do?


Don’t get a paper, your problem? Oh, you


ran into Dan.

John Kline  1:20:29

So also on that note, Patrick O’Malley had called me last Thursday, I wanted to put a press release out and get ahead of any negative comments on or negative or non factual comments on this, Jed. Initially, I said no, I don’t like that idea. Because judge not signed yet. But he’s he did say that this is an opportunity for us to put a positive light onto and put factual information out as opposed to Facebook ish stuff, you know, that gets out there. So I’m like, Yeah, that’s why I asked you guys about it. And I ran by Randy tooted. Yesterday. And he was like, initially No. And then I said, Well, you know, this is kind of what were the thought process when he goes, he hesitated for a minute he goes, that’s probably not a bad idea. But because I want to see it before. It’s what we’re doing. So


so we should release it to the furniture also. The problem?

John Kline  1:21:32

Well, so I’m serious. I emailed Patrick this morning. I said, you know, regarding our conversation about press release, if you draft something up, send it to us for approval. And we can we can we can send it out to him at that point if we liked it. So I haven’t heard back and Patrick so that’s out there.


People don’t know what the truth is and don’t want to hear it though. Yeah, they get on their little social media. You know, they just

John Kline  1:21:57

well don’t worry about these drain tile and this people


I’ve talked to has been very positive after we had a conversation. Well,

John Kline  1:22:05

that’s exactly right. That’s one thing you get the facts out there and the fake news Yeah, right. Right. So it’s always the


process to get there. We have done the best we can for the township yeah. Great job.

John Kline  1:22:20

So that’s pretty much it you guys want to call me but he does communicate me quite regularly so as our bill reflects Yeah, do you how’s the trash cans at the park and change there? You got a they got a bags in it all.


There was bags in the garbage dumpster last week. But like field one is still it’s got big boxing skills. This app again, is out


there. Premium field right out front the tanks gonna do first field you come in.

John Kline  1:22:56

So I specifically told him that they need to be dumped every night these bags and cans and it’d be dumped because animals getting them spreading stuff out the wind’s blowing round trash everywhere. it all blows up it gets a horse field horse fence going across


the street example at cross street complaining and farmer and all that so it’s been everywhere


and the birds are picking it out and dropping it

John Kline  1:23:22

I haven’t seen it when one bad shape but I gotta go on would you guys say


since we’re talking about the park it did remind me when you said the Medical Facebook scene a couple days ago that maybe was slowing down and getting ready to close up. We have seen in brackets from them for the stadium for the bleachers down oh the safety ratio was making we haven’t seen them and it was already closed up your

John Kline  1:23:49

call rich on that.


I think he needs to have dinner

John Kline  1:23:56

or maple students we’re going to make those right.


So he told us last fall they were actually working on last and they mentioned again


can you send me with closing just the school


seniors route already got just school winding down.


ls Ted Gregor also you I think he was the head of that department at Maplewood.


Yeah, he’s the one who brought the kids out to do the job

John Kline  1:24:34

he’s come up a lot that guy did really? Really well let me know what you find out before I call rich because rich. Probably not. Alright, right. That’s all I


have. I make a motion repairables I’ll second that.


Roll Call free. Yes. Yes. Yes

John Kline  1:25:17

All right, any new any new business?


Nice to have on the dumpster days, guys.

John Kline  1:25:26

Oh yeah, we didn’t touch on that. So well practiced. Do we know how many dumpsters forgiven?


I think we had more

John Kline  1:25:34

1414 dumpsters? 14 dumpsters?


How many? They take three and a half steel.


They took out six, six. It took us six Friday. We


only did a Saturday. What we’ve done in the past was point to last year. A year before we may have it. Yeah. So

John Kline  1:25:51

that was right. It was a rainy day that Friday was wet. Friday was a wet day.


It was so good. You want to write that down? Because


I got down. See? I have now moved Okay. All right. And marine half steel.

John Kline  1:26:10

No tires. All right. No for business. Meeting adjourned. 925


Yes, I talked to the guys I used to work with out there. They said they’re freaking slow this year to What do you mean today we have actually

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