Documenters: Nelson Township Trustees meeting for March 1, 2023

Nelson Township Trustees Meeting

March 1, 2023

7 p.m.

Listen to an audio recording of the meeting:


Mike Kortan, Chair

Joe Leonard, Trustee

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven, Trustee

Kevin Cihan, Fiscal Officer

Chuck Vanek, Road Supervisor

Jackie Kable, Zoning Inspector

Audio begins ~3 minutes after Call to Order

Documenter’s Notes

The meeting was called to order and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Minutes were accepted. Fiscal Officer Kevin Cihan reported that he had made the payment on the USDA loan for the Pixley Park building approved at the Feb. 15 meeting. According to Cihan, the township will save around $58,000 and pay off the building as early as next year, leaving the township debt-free. The trustees voted to pay bills and wages as presented. Cihan reported that he had closed out the books on 2022. 

Cihan presented galley proofs from the Board of Elections. The board reviewed and approved both road levy renewals. The township will be getting a new website. Cihan changed hosting providers, contracting with a provider that specializes in municipalities. The trustees voted to change the domain name to to take advantage of .gov services, per Cihan’s recommendation. The new site should be accessible by next week.


Zoning Inspector Jackie Kable said she had fielded a number of calls regarding a newly listed landlocked 10-acre property in the township. Kable reported two permits: one accessory building and one mylar. Kable reported on the Kessler mediation. Earlier in the day, Chair Mike Kortan, Kable and the prosecutor had met with Mr. and Mrs. Kessler and their attorney. The Kesslers have until April 30 to clean up their blighted property. The family has requested assistance with the cleanup, and Trustee Joe Leonard will check with the sheriff about assistance. 

Community House

Sandy Huzl reported that five of the six regular weekly renters have returned their agreements. She also reported mouse activity in the building. Community member Linda Allen phoned Trustee Anna Mae VanDerHoeven to complain that the restrooms were not ADA compliant. 


Road Supervisor Chuck Vanek is looking into ordering repair materials early. The board expects that prices will rise due to a high demand for concrete for the Intel project in Columbus this year. Vanek is nearing completion of maintenance on summer equipment. He suggested the township contract with Acme Pest Control for hornet control at the Community House.

Old Business

VanDerHoeven has ordered six dumpsters at $650 apiece from WTR Services for the township clean-up weekend. She reported that a tire collection event will take place April 22 at Solid Waste Management in Mogadore. 

Leonard reported that the generator at the garage is down. Vanek believed he could get the generator operational the following day. Bids are open on the Eaken demolition. 

Kortan began receiving bids for propane tanks for the Community House. 

Boy Scout Owen Wolff submitted plans for a redesign of the township marquee. The board discussed materials and price for the project. Wolff presented a weatherproof metal design.

New Business

Mike Graham, a member of the Board of Zoning Appeals, addressed the trustees about the approaching end of the temporary moratorium on wind and solar farms in the township. Graham recommended extending the moratorium. The trustees voted to extend the moratorium to Aug. 31.

The meeting adjourned at 8:13 p.m.


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Anna Mae VanDerHoeven


If there are no additional fees, etc, on the app along with making it principal payments, so that’s what that letter is for. So prevent prepayment penalties or otherwise negative repercussions on the loan obligation, and we commend you for your efforts. So, again, that’s gonna save us almost $50,000. And I did get in that, as part of this, we will be looking to pull ahead and December payment, and we’ll be getting set up on monthly payments instead of one annual payment. So that will save us save additional interest.


And we were able to do it because you read that early on. We couldn’t do that. What’s up? We couldn’t do that early. I don’t


know. He says we understood we weren’t. Yeah, we were totally couldn’t do anything with it. And then I think last year, I was investigating refinancing it or something. And we had to go since it was there were bonds, we had to go through the different legal language and things. But nobody ever said we could you know about paying it off putting money towards principal or changing instead of one year annual payments. So I went through and read the contract. And so it’s written there’s nothing in there. It says you can’t so I mean, it’s still the

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  01:16

monthly payments, about 2000 a month, or


once. After today, she’s going to send me information, because she won’t be able to do that until that’s applied. So I’ll have that for the next meeting. So that puts us on track roughly about about a year we should have a park complex paid for then in that point, the township will have zero debt.


Concern on Yeah, that’s huge. Thank you for your work.


Yeah. Wonderful. Thank you. So that’s the USDA Loan Fund status. So a little bit lower this time because of that larger payment but right now we have a total of 471,000 in our $94.54 sets

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  02:09

I’ll make a motion to pay the bills on wages.


company I have, like on that one. I’m really excited.


Yeah, Mr. Courtenay, you Mr. Callender?


Yes sir as has been our home

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  02:21



and I’m happy to say that 2022 is closed out or we wouldn’t be getting paid tonight. And until that was closed out wasn’t able to do any bank recs. So I didn’t have was able to complete January’s bank reconciliation. So we’re closed off for a month in January and there are no outstanding payments no judgments no other adjusting factors


all three on just one Yeah.


The desert clean Oh


and I also have the roll rate change forum for Mr. Howard Thornton. Solutions once again.


And I received notice from the Board of Elections yesterday that the galley approved for the two road levies that will be on the zero to march 2023 ballot which you have in your folder. Take a look at the ballot and look at the language for each of those to make sure that that is accurate. I can read one of them for the audience’s the first one and these are both the same. They’re both the same levies as far as millage a renewal of a tax for the benefit of Nelson township for the purpose of general construction reconstruction resurfacing and repair streets, roads and bridges that the county auditor estimates will collect $79,996 annually at a rate not exceeding two mils for each $1 taxable value which amounts to $34 for each $100,000 ours for the county auditor is appraised value for five years commencing in 2023 first deal in calendar year 2024


What’s good okay so can I have a resolution on that? I’ll make a motion


to accept the


as the battle galley pre alpha yes I’ll second the motion


okay Mr. Gordon how you vote yes


Mr. Leonard Yep.


Mrs. Van Yes. Do


you have to let her know by nine o’clock tomorrow morning


and they should have a letter in your corner from a Tarva we did receive our $500 check from playing 22 and this is just a reminder for this year’s activities and options and examples for expenditure


you’re looking at safety here Great job




I guess put these in here that I put a copy of the zoning fee okay. So these were the meanings back again as cable was so kind of reminder zoning fees these were this should reflect any of the updates that were the status quo


Brian, do you want to copy this or No, we’re just selling face. Okay. So should we be done three items toward the bottom that were Nick added? Must I missed anything else as well? I?


Think that looks correct. Me when


I took the liberty. It was discussed on cell towers. But I put communication cellular slash communication, just in case of that was okay. They’re fine.


Because the reason why I did it is because I’m the latter one who said colocation participants on communication towers and written on my notes. So that’s where I


think it covers


this cable that works for you, or me? Is that good for us?


Yes. That’s fine. Thank you.


Yeah. Last but not least, I am proud pleased to talk about the red page. So I did some more investigating wasn’t happy with my prior to where I was at with our existing domain provider. And I started really thinking I was really dumb when it comes to computers. But I did some searching around I found somebody else that actually works with municipalities. And they have support a different software that they use for these types of things. And I had a telecommunications meeting with them on several in the last couple of weeks. And their software is much easier to use. So I guess it wasn’t me after all. Basically, that’s my opinion. So it’s much easier, it’s much more intuitive. To put it to summarize it in. I mean, there’s been a lot of work but to summarize, it will have a complete web page by in the next week. I’m so really pleased with the progress I was able to make things were able to upload but what I learned also was And I remember reading this, but I guess I didn’t digest it until I was reminded of it this week. The government, and it was just kind of taboo. But the government has domain names that are free to government entities, municipalities, cities, etc. And their doctor websites, they don’t cause the same thing, but an application. And I was reading through some of the information of why we may want to do that. And given some past occurrences and Jelena you recall this, but you know, some fishy things going on with websites representing our township? Well, when you have, website, domain, the government monitors it by an agency. So nobody can or should be able to perpetrate your website or act as your website and in this version information, so I thought that was a good thing. I think it’s a good thing for the township, does it fit for us, or maybe you personally, probably not. But for the for the township, I think it fits. And it also helps to you establish in the register, a contact for the administrator would be myself and another contacts, there should be a letter in your folder, you have to provide contexts in applying for this. But as people leave the board, it’s up to us to maintain the register with Web support or program. So I think it’s a good thing because it would disallow what we’ve seen happening with Nelson in the past. So I don’t know what your thoughts or comments are,


I would say it makes sense. It’s, again, a governmental entity. And it’s, it sounds like an extra layer of security.


It is there’s a CIA NSA agency that slept with the government that monitors it. Again, there is no cost to the township


fees from some other mod outside monitoring source review.


So the only the CIS as who monitors IT security wise, the only thing we would have to do is which we normally do is have a DNS hosting services, which would like to switch who we have. Now I’m going to go to GoDaddy. And since we haven’t published anything, yet, I’ve only been working on it, it hasn’t been published, it’s not going to be a big deal, because people haven’t seen it yet. Right? As far as those domain names. So what this letter represents is, this is a request that you have to send to the doctor program, requesting a doctor of domain. And in the letter within a letter, I just used our same domain name that I have with epic, but it’d be Nelson town, Nelson, TW P O H dot, you know, that would, that’s gonna be what we’re requesting. If for some reason somebody else already has that, then we won’t be able to use this, we’ll have to change it. But this is what I’ll have any application. And typically, it takes about a day to get back a response from them to say it’s been accepted. Then once that happens, then I can take what we’ve created for the township and publish it and we’ll be on our way and using a website


to answer questions. We need a motion for proceeding with the change. To make a motion to move forward with Nelson township Ohio, don’t go. Second, the motion. Domain Registration.


Okay, Mr. coordinator, you vote yes. Mr. Learner? Yes, this has been upheld. Yes. So hopefully that explains a little bit behind that. But any questions or regarding the webpage? I


think it’s gonna bring up anything. Is there an unlimited amount of pages you can use or have on


there? That’s a beautiful thing. With this company that you’re in, or they’re out of Missouri, they’re local. They’re family based company. They develop web pages for municipalities. So that’s a nice thing to have one on one interaction with somebody. And I think it’s a really good thing. It’s $39 a month, unlimited storage. There’s that’s it, they manage everything. If you have a problem a column instead of some big corporate conglomerate, so I thought $39 was a pretty good price for unlimited data, etc. So I see a lot of


startup companies 200 ollars a month. Yeah, we’re the kind of service, right? Because no.


So I think I feel for the first time I feel really good about where we’re at with it and good and just wasn’t sitting right with me for a while. And I knew there had to be something better. So

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  15:15

you’re gonna please a lot of people in Nelson.


But she’s not only she’s always asking others a couple of years. Yeah, how can they never show glam?

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  15:33

They know better.


I’ll have to see another website. Yes. Yeah,


well, unfortunately, I have their personal contact information. But I will, I’ll send that out. As far as notice when it’s ready up and running. But the nice thing is I can go in and make an update and it goes by instantly. And there’s, there’s checkboxes within the software that you can run on there and grayed out, you can make edits to your webpage live, or the other one. I can’t just publish portions of it ethically, that’s is ridiculous. So just wasn’t like,


the instantaneous thing. I mean, there’s something happens with changes, you want to put out a notification for something. I think it’s a really good thing.


But it’s really nice. And I’ll give you a little bit of background on some of the things that are on the webpage. I hate to give you all the surprises. But there’s a nice feature on there, where they developed it for a main street city. So what they did was they have a map page, and on the map, they put dots with locations and then represented by a business name, etc. Then that way, anybody who goes onto the page can see what businesses etc. are in the township or your municipality. I think it’s really nice. There’s a lot of neat things with it. But I just need a picture of every one of you to put on air with your contact information.


That’s your choice. I’m just harassing you about putting mine on. Well let Ryan do it. Good, buddy. Yeah, just be careful. Yeah. Put some good things. That’s all I had.


That’s fantastic. That’s great news, and three new ones are coming out everything and this is something

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  17:39

I have one thing for you, Kevin, if you check your emails about Noah Peck, I have not because we have the castle resolution to accept that we do. The other communities are doing that and I just don’t want to miss out on it. Generator


is a valid concern. I know we have time. I just my goal. I had to get 2020 clip to closed out for you. So that’ll be next meeting. Yeah. Yeah. It’s always that one thing. Sorry. One more thing. I felt good about we’re making some serious progress here on on a lot of things and get as close out so horrible. But appreciate your patience with all that. Likewise, if we can help. Yes, any pictures you have, you want to know Oh, I do have one requests. Can we get the flag box polished and cleaned up? That’s the Boy Scouts. So I took a picture of that. And it looks pretty dingy. And I like to

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  18:51

have a Boy Scout chair for


another project. But really


a wax on our site, I think because I took a picture. Oh my gosh, it looks so doll. Maybe we can spruce it up around there for the webpage. Now.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  19:07

A lot of people do use that box that’s


full a lot of input flavor


a fine line. Alright. Any questions? No. Thank you very much. Can I absolutely. Thank you. All right, Jackie.


As you can see, it was kind of busy last last couple of weeks with phone calls. There are so landlocked 10 acres for sale behind Shawn Deiss junk yard and I had a lot of calls about that. Also, there are some issues with Mr. Warren’s property and stuff like that. But anyway, I did issue a zoning permit on February 17 for an accessory building to Milo Miller and Susan Hershberger ambrosus wrong and on the 23rd I sign the mylar for Nelson Miller and Irma Beiler. Up the street here 1-243-211-2450 Parkland road. And then today we met for mediation with Mr. Kessler. And at one a 151, silica sand at the courthouse. And the prosecutor was there Brett Betsy? And Mike was there myself, Mr. Mrs. Kessler, their attorney, and I know his name is Jonathan. I don’t know his last name. I don’t and the mediator. Same one. Yeah, same one. And

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  20:35

you said April,


April 30. And if there’s you’re supposed to get breasts gonna talk to you, Joe regarding they they don’t think they can live things themselves.


Physically, the the customers? Oh, they they need so the thought when you had approached the sheriff’s department for help for Yeah, Jared enrich that maybe they’d be able to do the same thing that kW customers would have to provide the dumpster. And yeah, and I can show apartment with them.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  21:10

I know they have children.


They’re not interested in helping apparently.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  21:18

Take them off the will.


So they’re, they’re supposed to get a dumpster and have it cleaned up by April 30. And there’s some things that they can get into the dumpster, then we’ll be able to bring it to

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  21:32

one is the diner arriving genome.


Well, they have to coordinate it with this Sheriff’s Department. See if they’re available, said that he called he told them to call and like there were five maybe the last two weeks somewhere of April, but not a definite day because they weren’t sure about the sheriff’s.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  21:53

But they might give you a date when the dumpsters coming. No, no, that they could work around. Right?


The idea of having a dumpster for the cleanup was in case something. Yeah, but they didn’t get too big. Big enough. Yeah, but

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  22:09

they’re not going to bring it up. can’t listen to it.


That was questioned whether the ability to transport was was here for the township cleanup.


Obviously, we’re at the point now where they’re sorting things, you know, things they want things they don’t want. And they’re making room in their house, I guess. I don’t know.


I’ll reach out to the sheriff’s department again until the child Yeah, if you could see what I can find out what their schedule is because of the roadside cleanup. They get booked up pretty quick for something like this.


Like, could you see if you’ll clean up no alleged road?


I can ask. Okay.


We got to scout we’re gonna do some special discounts when there’s some


there’s a lot of litter I know allege.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  23:01

Rather, do a township road. Okay. Duly noted. That’s all I have. Questions for? Oh, did you ever check on 282 in the camper? The green stuff


to do I looked at it and I did not talk to him yet. This does look like he’s still living there. Yeah.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  23:25

It’s the red pickup truck that he drives the Renaissance. Yeah, it’s only there in the evening. So he must work during the day.


I’ll send them 122 When

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  23:36

Kennedy ledge road. I have to talk


to Mr. Vice jerky again and see what was happening with this house. He was supposed to get estimates and and then I also have the check. They were supposed to have that dragon witch’s house torn down by now but that’s still standing or partially standing. So there’s just less stuff


and vice Becky’s house looks like it’s listing more, is it? How can you tell? Oh, when I go past that every day and Yeah. Yeah. Brandon, Thank you, Jackie.


Thank you for coming today. Sandy,


I have a couple of things. Our three months that I asked out for our regulars becomes Every week I do have a five of the six fell out. I was happy to see the Scoutmaster because his zeal and what I haven’t received back and he said, well definitely have it this week. So I had them all gathered up. Kevin which is like the maverick loving a way to get kids before I turned them into your choice. Okay, everyone, okay. All right. Sounds good. And then we have Unlike problems here, I haven’t seen them but he said because they saw a little evidence of something so we put the traps out. Hopefully they


will be here.


But the traps are set so that’s all I have.


They’re they’re user friendly traps. Yeah, no one’s gonna get hurt by


Oh no, I don’t like sticky traps oh my gosh trying to get loose it’s like it got stuck


stuck your foot


no no sticky traps I don’t know if anybody’s ever tried this sticky trap


all the time. Just realize they got crunches and there was a guy Fernanda? I said never was worse when you put them out here for cats. Yes.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  26:13

Okay, while she’s talking about the community center, I got a call from Linda Allen. She was complaining about a woman’s bathroom. It’s not handicap accessible. She would like a higher toilet. And she would like grab bars or a wall put up with grab bars on it. I don’t know if anyone else has complained about


our first heard about it.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  26:46

And the first


I’ve heard about it, too. Yeah. Nobody’s ever said anything. We rented the communities

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  26:53

that did what did they have in here? birthday party or


a celebration of life for her brother had passed? Oh,

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  27:02

yeah. So that was some time ago, wasn’t it? Yeah.


And we do have the chair portable chair in there that you know, you have to empty out but there is a chair in the lady’s

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  27:15

shoes to the point she uses a cane and a walker. Yes. And even at her house, there’s grab bars everywhere for her to help stand in whatever so I thought I’ll bring that up is isn’t that a handicap toilet we put in or hire one when we replace that. Do you remember Chuck?


I don’t remember replacing it. I don’t think it was Yeah.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  27:45

I told her you know, when we had the hullabaloo with the voting here, we have to put the ramp out here. You know, they came in and checked from Columbus was approved. It was approved and I says I think they were more concerned about getting a wheelchair in there getting it turned around so people can use the toilet and so I don’t know I thought I was told I told her I would bring it up at the next meeting is see what the board thinks about it. But


you should look into it or maybe the updated regulations or specs or something.


I don’t know.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  28:25

I haven’t I don’t know if we’re obligated because this is existing it’s not a new thing she’s going after Mr. Bonner to because his facility on at gate is not handicap accessible. It is


on the back exit ramp in the back of the building for people to come in you park

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  28:42

up front where the handicap the handicap parking lot up front I guess it splits a wheel yourself walk around with a bad


virus monitor who’s complaining


Linda Allen


Terry Owens

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  29:05

so she’s gonna she’s going after the building department how they approved the plans for not having a ramp up to the front


or somebody else that somebody that honors to that

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  29:16

I I took, that’s up the building department zoning to prove you know, it’s out of our jurisdiction. So I don’t know what you want to investigate


or miss to get down to check with billing department and say this was asked or are we

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  29:34

obligated to do it or should we do it or


again at some building department I’ve talked to Randy or whoever down there and see what the raise if there’s any regulation that you’d like my place I didn’t have to put a wheelchair ramp in because it was never wasn’t originally but I chose to put one in because it just down the road. Somebody’s gonna need it and a half.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  29:53

So did you make your restroom handicap accessible?


Which there is they’re


approved? Yeah. months


to a degree it is I guess but it’s never really was they didn’t have a real problem that so

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  30:10

I talked to somebody else and they said that they went to school here they used to Thiessen, we’ve done it for 50 years it’s been that way now all of a sudden we have to change it


first because they wouldn’t they have told us before they needed that when they put up with it and then they do come and inspect it and do inspections and stuff. So I would think if we needed it they would have told us that yeah, I don’t know.


They just want to know as maneuverability of wheelchair for students to get in and turn around


Oh, there’s a grab bar on the job to fix the car and the guys thing that was

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  30:51

a new structure we had to build it to code at the time this is an old building


and we want to check with the billing department then as far as what the mortgage tip but the regular


obligations aren’t yeah it would be good thing

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  31:11

you know, I told her that the wall is too far to put a gram bar on that law. She said we’ll build another wall you know closer to it and put a grab bar on it


okay, you say Right. Anyhow, it’s worth checking into


any other supplies needed mousetraps high end supplies or mousetraps or things you may need cheese


no I use peanut butter we’re gonna try


that just works pretty well.


Yeah. Okay, that’s what they’re set with. Now. I have two sets


all right, man in question. Thank you for taking care of the mice. Thank you. Chuck report. You don’t have much right next week. I shouldn’t have price listed concrete no side chains, but we’re talking about approaching Prichard Hill concrete and amongst gravel and other stone has gotten becomes very scarce. All the big Intel project in Columbus. I’ve heard rumblings of a lot of stones just going to be going there. That’s huge. Okay, so they said prices will be going up they never got too late or anything else now. So maybe maybe somebody consider going forward if there’s something that we might need maybe we would want to consider purchasing that ahead of time


or we have the funds for chipping still already we don’t have to wait for the taxes come in and we want to we want to get Chip and sandstone we can call around get a price on that now. I was thinking ahead maybe save a few dollars or we got out here yet. I’d have to take a look at it. Figure it out. I think you probably got


400 Maybe


a few cat cat turns and then


about 400 on on hand for chip and seal I always figured in 200 ton per mile plus or minus with roads I’ll take I’ll take a look at that


I’m gonna if you would please if you could justify a little money that


you guys want me to price out concrete that Kennedy lecture out Pritchard Hill absolutely essential road


just about doing maintenance all of our summer summertime equipment


or chip and


seal equipment, paver and machine bales and notes. Made some bushings for huge holes to tighten all that ups we have problems with talking to community house I have a company it’s called Acme exterminate and they come on they spray my house for yellow tags every year. You guys want to do that? This place? Really charges me like $230 he sprays the house my my buildings, I can’t leave it be much more than a couple 100 bucks to spray this place.


It’s always been a problem of fresh air on TV. Having no warranties that if you do have a problem it’ll come back

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  35:05

a year does he do it?


I usually call him about May

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  35:11

i No prob I think that’s I don’t want people getting fit you know some people are allergic Yeah, like if


I just say it seems like we’re balls a wall some of them we get yellow jackets yeah it’s just it’s a aggravation always


okay now if you wouldn’t I would say let’s pursue them at a good price or both


think it’d be money well spent?


Absolutely. Yeah three or four different


question I know they were really bad I’m like around but the dumpsters and stuff last year with that that’s from the


that what you’re gonna do about that people aren’t cleaning out the garbage for the for the recycles, causing damage to the recycles. They were playing on their straw man and there’s really nothing I can do about even spray until the cows come home as always new stuff and so I don’t


and then if we spray then that would probably keep them from the building and just over there are my

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  36:19

Saturday was really building smells like a spray the dumpsters on the outside. Because last.


Maybe someone asked him, I might ask why he would say hey, we’re gonna do this. But I can’t guarantee if he goes and dumpsters are there. And that’s an issue. Or maybe there’s another procedure or something that could be


I know I have you my house over here. That’s


fantastic. Well, it must be good. If you have to do it. I’ll pay for you’re paying for something. All right. Other than that, that’s okay.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  36:56

I have one thing for you. Are you gonna put the sign back up for recycling? It’s not over.


I told you about that. Oh, yes. Yeah, we talked

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  37:09

there before. It’s somewhat courts in a way. It’s graphs that were drawn. You might want to move it away from our dumpster diving back. And I think yes.


Speaking of size, the bridge by Toby’s house dress that was down again. The y’all. Well, yeah, reflecting sign for the bridge.


That sort of size. That’s a county signs. I’ll let them know


that we’re rolling county road.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  37:51

I think take care of the bridges. Bridge.




do we have a list? All of our roads and inactive list? Yeah. One of one things I’m putting on webpages. How many times that people call and they want the road or something on the road done. But it may be a county or state road. So one things I’m putting on there is that’s a good picture of the map with all the roads. But then there’s gonna be a PDF file, which lists your road? And then who maintains it? If it’s county or state and I want to put their number on there they call them or you can’t color code the map. Can I color code? Yeah, like

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  38:41

township roads around yellow state roads or red county roads or blue?


How see if I can modify a PDF but okay.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  38:54

Because some people we find


cannot read. Yeah. I mean, along with a map will be a list of they can find that road and then know who maintains or who to call, but I want to put that on there. I didn’t know if you had an accurate list so I can compare it with a map.


Okay. Is there a way to put in between addresses to because ropes like brochures,


I can put whatever you want on there. So if you have that kind of information on grade


nine, it’s a great idea. It eliminates some extra questions and


phone calls supposed to go to the counties.


Yeah. You brought up the property by Pierce, preached by the British, the term to pasture and he thought maybe we were asked to put a date in there that we pass it a day I thought boy, it really is a good idea to have a gate there in case it is pointed out that it’d be access to that section appears. So


somebody was taught to read about We were


I was. Remember, I don’t remember that. I can talk.


It was alright. Alright, I’m happy to do that.


It was just one of those things. I thought no, some checklists. I’ll ask him legally, where do we stand up? So we’re asking about what where were we at for either putting a swinging gate and access to the property? In case I’m running further towards you? Okay.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  40:33

It’s on private property,


private property. And who’s the arm? Now it’s about an Amish fellows Matt


Miller Yellowbird Miller

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  40:47



Yes, first name


Mr. Hall


Dan Okay, good.


I believe one would be on the right away and the other day would be where the driveway comes around.


So when you asked me so as long as there was if the township would supply gates, he didn’t seem to have a problem with that.


And he didn’t have any problem.


I think just from a safety standpoint, we know how flooded that can get in there in case there was an emergency that he had across and that’s that’s the way you get around it so yeah, they both floods and people trapped Yeah. It’s like an island. Basically, like an emote? Yeah. Okay.


All I gotta

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  41:49

say, I Yes, I ordered the six dumpsters from WR WT or services. And we’re going to need a purchase order, Kevin. The dumpsters are $650 each. And if they’re over four ton, it’s $75 a ton per ton overage. So I don’t know if you want to make a purchase order out for


650 Each and is 75 per ton. 75 per ton.


Do we know how much we were over on the other ones?

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  42:31

Somewhere over some was under.


I’ll look and see what the final cost was and go from there.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  42:39

Okay, but last year, we ordered eight so we’re down to six. So it’s going to be less this year. Okay,


you can put four times four times and there’s 656 is cheaper than overloading?

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  42:54

Yeah. Realize Yeah. Yeah.


Yes. Oh,

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  42:58

yeah. We realize that but will that fit is the thing for pretty good.


challenge today.


All I know is when they pick up a book on that front of the truck. Good

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  43:19

luck, and I did work truck the CMB or whatever it’s called over there for the metal dumpster and I’m on their list. I did call solid waste management. They did not get they cannot supply tire dumpsters for us. But there will be a tire event at solid waste management. Saturday, April 22 terrarium and all. Portage County residents could bring their car tires there. No truck tires, no foreign tire so


they’d love to be on rims or not.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  43:56

She didn’t sir. Okay. Usually they don’t mind.


Yeah, I don’t know why customers had asked about that today. Because apparently they’re they have a number of fires. They’re like some some room on room some off room

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  44:10

that they would have to take too long. And he didn’t say if there was a limit or not. What about there’ll be advertised and I’m sure if there’s a limit elaborate.


Something about that. You could have tires if there were


rims, rims, and so it’s not a health.


Yeah, so it doesn’t clap water. But I would think that having tires laying around has

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  44:36

tires that tire surgeons are just garbage. It’s referee Chingy


whether or not

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  44:47

he is in the fall, they’re working on another collection. This is what they grant and they want to have a collection in northern Portage County and One is Southern Portage County and I don’t know if Nelson would like it or Hiram have the drop off point that they could bring the tires here. I think they did it one year, they may. And it wasn’t. We didn’t have to be there to bring in the dumpster. They brought it out, they filled it and took it away.


They did it with electronics, too. So that’s

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  45:24

coming in the fall. If people can’t get here in the 22nd of April, they can get rid of some tires in the fall, they will be advertising that


so do we need to put our hat in the ring if we wanted to try to post this? I don’t mind.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  45:38

I think we had a here one year if I’m not mistaken.


I would think it’s a good thing to have. They’re gonna take care of it that way. Maybe you have more residents who actually will bring

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  45:48

it on. We would like to have it here.


Yeah, that’s that’s fine. I think it’s a good idea.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  45:54

I don’t know probably just be on I don’t know if it’s on our Friday or Saturday, but


no, I think it’s a good idea. I think people would like to be on

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  46:06

it. And I think highroad township has that one year


as well. Yeah.


It’s not well received.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  46:15

And that’s all I have.


That’s great work. Thank you. Any questions?


No, thank you. kind of wait till he comes out again. On one thing generator one through star generator picks the park today and there was no juice to start it up. So they got to work on the weld. Chuck’s gonna work on the old amaro is sort of just the name of maintenance that they do and I haven’t gotten any heads up and Kevin passed on a purchase order for the generator for this building. But I haven’t heard anything back as far as where we’re getting scheduled to get that one installed. I’m guessing a couple three months down the road anyway probably. And then


on that assuming Joe on the generator invoice and an invoice from them today. Oh, sorry for that services. So maintenance on standby generator system a detailed checklist of completed work will be provided upon completion is $325. Yeah. Sounds very menial charge for the mobile link subscriptions. 130. I had no generators left and the opposition could not verify fuel pressures. Message with customer will walk through over phone call back.


talked about that earlier. So they’re gonna have to pump the oil or play to do with a well tomorrow check for the generator. The old gas pressure.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  47:50

So we don’t have heat at the building either. Not right now. Not right now. It’s gonna get cold again. Tomorrow we’ll have


we’ll have our problems or so is it okay to pay this in wisdom? Yes. Okay.


I can call today and I can talk to me when there was no one didn’t have to have anybody. There’s just a normal, whatever inspection service that we subscribe to.


Will be gas pressure. I’ll reset that generator. He’s got


it on the off position right now. He says Download Danny emailed me they’re gonna open the invitation for bids either late this week or early next at the latest. So when that you’re on the list and well, so it has been any other. Get ready for the demolition of deacons property and the one on there.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  48:44

Yeah. So so people already put bids in is


that no. We’re gonna go to the site where the bid and then walk the site and then they can figure out what second invitation to do the bids. Okay. You said open. Okay. So anyhow, that’s, that’s coming up. So as soon as that happens, I’ll get an email and I’ll let Jackie know on whatever so I went to gathering last night Mary Ellen Smith retired from the health department. She’s been our go to person for any issues in the township. And Justin, and I can’t spell his name British or whatever. He’s taken over that position. And he’s been also very active in the community here of course. And then the diaper property. So this is one that he was concerned about oil spills back in there. I wonder if that is. Okay. Those concerned about it. Well, one of the neighbors some time ago was asking me about this as well in the ground over them. It’s out of place or younger, contamination concerns concerned about so I don’t know if that’s something that health department I used to jump on that or that’s up to the property owners and I haven’t

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  49:58

really pa


I don’t know where I was when I was told that they had they had someone who bid on their property behind it and full price and and they were interested in buying dyes property to to have so that they were asked to change and build a property or build a house on dice property but I don’t know is that our responsibility to look into that I


don’t know I don’t think it’s ours how many acres dies place you know


I don’t know five maybe. And then 10 behind it


I think that’s my guess would be it’s up to the buyer seller as a buyer wants to test out what

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  50:40

adjoining property owner if they would call somebody concerned neighbors say I’m worried about my neighbor contaminated soil I don’t think it’s our response now


I’m related to the sale property


Yeah, just just a thought there was a tanker overturned up by sold his farm today in 88 was closed for one I thought great here was another camera spill but apparently there wasn’t a matter I have not heard anything to that effect was a tractor trailer rig overturned on the curve and then he was closed for a number of hours today. So as far as I know there was no cameras bill but everything else going on. Holy crap here we go again. So anyhow I guess that is really all I have there was

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  51:25

a head on crash on 788 up here freedom today. Two cars Yeah, so yeah, don’t worry they all they took two people to hospital they had to get him out of the car. Stops Yeah. They


are very centrally put putting a four way stop up there. Pretty simple to add to and every senator on their side of them knows today’s news. For which

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  52:00

show you went to that retirement. Did they say anything about or talk about? Jen and this was Xenos retirement party I purchase Have you heard of anything or retirement party mentioned that other townships? Yeah, no.


Her daughter’s in the gallery not too long ago talking crazy. But

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  52:19

she didn’t really say I think it’s the end of March for the day gonna happen and it’s supposed to be a can’t. The Eagles are one of those things that can’t be canceled. And you


don’t have much I got a couple of things I’m still working on. Didn’t start to look into propane tanks. Wonder price out what the cost to be here. Just did some quick online looks to to actually purchase a new tank. They were anywhere from $4,500 $1,000 So when I tried calling the company itself and find out what to purchase and buy out we’re still working on the contract handbook. Apologies. It’s very sensitive stuff but minor points we’ve already covered this at this point, I’ll open the floor up to the audience. Questions, thoughts? Comments? I


can always go trolling direction. So I was looking her name is Oh no. Okay.


And I know you mentioned the site last meeting right is there anything you’re specifically looking for? Like the way it looks or whatever for the flip side, one out here with the O

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  53:44

R key Yeah,


well I think it was carried out with you need to present us with a design that can be very similar that was there or you have you have a


semi crude design layout of how I would like to




it okay, here’s what we’re looking at front view here where we have a side view versus a peek through a frame thing or would you like a peek roughly out of I think it’s almost central Did

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  54:30

you see what this Whoa, so


don’t take it just to confirm. What I was planning on thinking of doing is making put two poles in the ground and measure out the flat like sign area. And they I don’t remember the company’s name, but they saw something similar size ran through the metal waterproof. It’s a lot better crafted than

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  55:04

what I can make. Okay, so we have metal one


has a lock on it and everything okay all waterproof it has Plexiglas it has its break resistant sounds just so we can get in there change the lettering and they got a bunch of letters they do have the option of where you only have some A’s

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  55:32

in the sun in the weather can Syrians out there the falling off


it look look look

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  55:43

how expensive is this little


thing it was 540 and then it was an additional 200 for

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  55:55

a couple tip up to


come in somewhere I think it went GA but that was the one like us find everything else is like halfway through the world. How about you

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  56:13



how I’m just thinking of actually I was at the bomb shelter store in Akron which has a lot of vintage recycled artifacts between lights, doors, etc And I remember seeing 211 was alone another stainless display cabinets one was like a subway there were maybe two by three three by three cases


I’m shopping store


right now there was a launch. It’s just It does call it back. It’s sort of a kitschy trendy


sort of thing but a vintage it’s a hospital they’re incredibly low cost saving stuff we got a new stainless steel or aluminum it’s pretty nice

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  57:11

and it opens up and you could so just put a little piece


of paper and protect them What better shoulder greater peace treated post in the ground I’m guessing Yeah. And your size three foot by four foot three foot wide corporate post would be like eight foot


two feet around at least


prospectors and create at least one four inches and I’ve never had to go with toes shoving it in the ground. But the deeper


the rock out here that’s going to do this thing they didn’t have to just the last thing I have no idea what the referees


do through the marquee


and has it in for like I saw Brian Finney to say her name’s going out we’re still out there yet and they gladly refer people smooth and soft data production was the white one

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  58:25

and I think usually you’d have a fundraiser where you raise the raise the money and I don’t think they raise the raise half and we tell me whatever he doesn’t raise


that’s what it’s working trying to raise collect as much donations as I can by


him if you have a budget figured out

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  58:53

by where oh yeah


writing tools I think I would go to add Chris definitely look up that they have stuff listed. Okay. Jim, I know we are that budget is including tools and stuff. Of course I’m supposed to put down how much does it cost in the event to go help save


and That’s the timeline that you need to have this done primarily about like, a machine for May 20. Just a couple of days to turn in the paperwork itself. But the absolutely it’s okay.


All right, I guess I’m gonna do this little scouts for years. So if you would pass a word on about, like retirement products. So you and I, when we give you I’ll give you my contact information, definitely what I think about when thinking losses, house burns get burned. Yes. It was a Friday evening. He was in bed, she was getting ready to start smoking smoke, and she got him out again. It’s rebuildable. But you don’t even it doesn’t look like any damage can think of workouts. The metal chimney laying on the wall, I guess, for the fireplace or whatever. So you’re gonna be six to eight weeks to get there? Yeah, they’re fine. She had words that she got by with it. But really slowly, I don’t know where she was staying with some of these, but they’re doing well. Just sort of FYI. Now, it’s kind of charcoal.


So we have a moratorium on wind and solar that I think stops mid month. We missed the deadline this month to get to Orange County are our suggestions. So it’s not going to go to Orange County to be reviewed till April. So that means there is we’re going to do anything on it to May, which means it’ll be June before we’re gonna have a public meeting. Can we still, I don’t know if it’s something we want to continue on, if you’ve had any buddy interest if it’s even worth continuing a moratorium. So we’re probably talking by time we have a public hearing come in June. You guys won’t get it until until sometime near July. You’ll have to have I mean, I guess, you know, they’re talking. We’re talking a lot of history. So if you’re used for, you know, and the whole premise is for residential, it’ll be a permitted use, but on on site consumption only. For businesses. It’s a conditional use. So that it has to come from an easy as they can make sure that it’s on site consumption on minimum fitted correctly, and, you know,


kind of protect everybody else’s interests. So


as the route we’re going,


Okay, is it any recommendations from Todd pizza bone for


regional I am, like you said, I was writing enough. Last night, I was almost done. I sent him one thing already. And he emailed me back today. So sorry, you’re, you know, you’re a little too late for this month. So I told him, I was going to try to happen to him tomorrow. And then I asked him, I said, you know, look it over for yourself. We got to change before you guys reviewed, but if not, if it looks okay, and then let’s sit together. And that’s the only thing you’re working on. That’s one item. The other item is the animal husbandry for not permitting for properties in Acre list


than we have


observed by French issue. Yes. So that’s also going to go to the bedspread, you go to Portage County. So those three items will be there for them. And we’ve already gotten back in duplexes, and then breakfast. So we’re just going to kind of roll it all in one big public meeting.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:04:02

Now you were saying animal husbandry what


so basically, you couldn’t have a horse on a you know, you go to middle field, you know, I mean, people go to Walmart and someone on a probably half an acre lot is got a regular full size horse. I don’t know what else they got there. But man if I was their neighbors, I’d want to take him outside and meet her but so what’s the minimum gonna be? It’s got to be at least overnight overnight. So

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:04:30

because small acreage Mills allotment or right down here yeah, they’re small law. They are small loans.


Yeah, just here do that’s more of a residential place and why would you want to address such a problem was it now so


Joe did and about question about solar farms?


Someone did ask call me and asked about let’s refer back or say that their solar farms are not permitted in the inland Township. Somebody was has some property down here on I think was on Center Street, I’m pretty sure but the rest were using buying that and putting a solar farm cannot do that. I double check with Jack. First, of course. Well, international I guess it just point in do you guys want to continue the moratorium? Or do you want to let it go? You know, I mean, this does take a lot longer than I was opened up. So we’ve had meetings where there’s only two of us that showed up. So you know, of course.


What were your thoughts on grabbing an extension?


On any solar? Yeah, well,


they’re still putting solar.


Yeah, I mean, at that point, you’re, like we’ve said before, you can’t really know how you’re going to stop the people from putting on their house. Right.


It’s the biggest concern is commercial.


Yeah, I think that’s what we’re, ideally least that was my thought, you know, is we, we all ultimately, I don’t want to know what you guys but I sure don’t want to drive down the road and see this huge solar farm. Right. So that was the whole idea, you know, can do we, you know, we want to make sure residents can use it in the renewable but not have someone come in. I mean, I was in north, northwest Ohio, traveling. I mean, it’s is mild right now of they’re putting in solar fields, just miles down, though the roof. I mean, you know, I get a friend that he’s got 28 acres, but he’s gonna be all surrounded


by solar panels. So he’s in the process of trying to sell his house because he don’t want that. Right. So,


you know, so, again, after that, I don’t know how much we have here. But why not? head off the snake for real estate.


To make a recommendation for an extension of time to review them


highly, we should, you know, I mean, it’s not going to stop the, you know, our residents from quitting, you know, but it would be any commercial type application from so that I say right now, I’m thinking earliest that even it goes through you guys, it’s probably gonna be August. Before it’s gonna be up for public meeting, it’s been six month moratorium? Roughly? Do you have to put a date on? Yeah, Corden. And, Brad, when I first asked about a moratorium, we have to put a, a, an ending date.


So I would assume if we’re going to extend, we’re gonna have to do the same thing, putting in the two also. Because there’s no time like you can’t go for two years or deserve stipulation on that, or he did not say


anything other than we had to have an end date. So my concern is, if we make it too long, we all might get a little too lazy. So


it’s good to keep moving on. But everything always takes longer. I mean, you’ve got to spend the time to get everything reviewed to this point, when I follow through and make sure that we’re everyone’s comfortable with the decision.


Because Portage County won’t review until right in April. Now I understand. You know, hopefully, we’ll get it back before our April meeting, and maybe we could have our public hearing on in May, which would mean you guys will have a sunshine, May June. Anyways, what’s


your thoughts on this?


Sounds good. I think that six month or wherever he is, would be fine.


Six months. So we want to just say, end of August or get a date in August. I don’t know what, perhaps August 31 or


so when you think about that, or thought yourself? Oh, no,


I was curious. To you said the 31st. Give us


a chance. All right. So I’ll make a motion to extend the really wind and solar moratorium until August 31 2023.


secondary motion, we are going to have to look at I think there’s more to wind and solar main swing and solar. There’s different styles, yes. But the whole idea was let’s get over one URL. And we can go back and start looking at all the other renewables and tweak the process then. But you know, all you have if we started to try to tackle thing right now, you probably did before we’re done. And


now it seems several new emerging technologies of when where there are no moving parts. And just this column that’s on prem collects air somehow.


You send information on evidence. That’s why at the end of the day, we’ll probably change this whole thing to just renewable Energy, yes, policy but right now the whole idea. Let’s get one done and we’ll, we’ll come back to that.


Any thoughts or comments from public?


Okay, okay. Mr. Corton, how do you vote? Yes, Mr. Lander. Mrs. Dandruff Yes. Thank you. Thank you


anything else on the floor? Nothing just entertain a motion to adjourn.


I’ll second that. Famous recording Hey vote yes clear


as a veteran

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  1:10:51

Yes. Oh, I’m sorry.


Wasn’t 40 minutes right

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