Documenters: Franklin Township Trustees meeting for Jan. 24, 2023

Franklin Township Trustees

Jan. 24, 2023

7 p.m.

Glenn Russell, Trustee Chair

Kellie Kapusta, Trustee Vice Chair

Scott Swan, Trustee

Lisé Russell, Fiscal Officer

David Akerley, Roads Supervisor

Richard Smith, Deputy Fire Prevention Officer

Joseph Ciccozzi, Zoning Inspector

Documenter’s Notes

The Franklin Township Trustees meeting was called to order, and the minutes were approved. Fire Chief William Myers was commended by the trustees for his informative report about the recent Star of the West Mill fire. A brief road report  from Road Supervisor David Akerley followed.

Larry Jenkins and Mike Collins of the Portage County Engineer’s Office addressed the board about Phases III, IV and V of the Hudson/Judson Hike and Bike Trail. The engineers discussed proposed options for the project, including the potential for better pricing by combining Phases III and IV. Because of increased material costs due to supply-chain disruptions, the engineers suggested a single-lane trail for Phase III. Jenkins reported costs for these projects are up around 40%. The trustees unanimously authorized the Portage County Engineer’s Office to seek a revised proposal.

Zoning Inspector Joseph Ciccozzi reported five new dwelling permits, one residential demolition permit and one change in permitted use. Ciccozzi updated the trustees on a pair of blighted but otherwise undefined properties and a minor fence citation. He followed up on a citation issued against a vape store, whose lease suggested the owner was responsible for zoning resolutions. Ciccozzi visited a general store with an ag exemption on Seasons Road.

Deputy Fire Prevention Officer Richard Smith reported on several business inspections. The Pho Ming Poo Cafe completed its final inspection. There was discussion about updating the alarm equipment in the township hall.

Kent Fire Chief William Myers introduced Sara Slanina to the board of trustees. Slanina is a firefighter, paramedic and registered nurse. She presented a detailed report to the trustees about her role as a Community Paramedicine Provider (CPP). Some of the services provided by CPP include: assessing home environments for fall and safety hazards, providing health assessments, coordinating health services, determining needs and providing referrals, following up after hospital care, and organizing new and current medications. Slanina is employed 16 hours a week by the Kent Fire Department and 16 hours a week by the Kent Health Department. Chief Myers described the program as a “hand-up,” connecting individuals with the care they need.

Old Business

There has been ongoing conversation between the trustees and Sugar Bush Knolls Village officials about a collaborative working relationship. The trustees awarded funds from the NOPEC Community Event Grant to the Portage Developmental Disabilities Board for Special Olympics.

New Business

The trustees discussed installing security cameras at the township hall and garage. Quotes will be gathered.


The trustees voted to pay the requested bills. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:09 p.m.

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