Overlook building at Twin Lakes will be demolished, owner says

The Overlook 1923 restaurant pictured in 2019. Image via Google

The owner of the former Twin Lakes Country Clubhouse in Franklin Township plans to demolish the building, saying the structure has “outlived its usefulness.”

David Beck, president of the Twin Lakes Fairways company that controls both the golf course and the building, declined to divulge details and said there is no timeline for the demolition. 

He teased the idea that another building could be erected in its place and said that “we have great plans to do good things there in the future.”

The old Twin Lakes Country Clubhouse, located at 1519 Overlook Road, later became the Overlook 1923 restaurant. In October 2022, Beck declined to renew the restaurant’s lease.

Beck said the building has been vacant since Overlook 1923 closed.

In an interview at the time, the owner of Overlook 1923 told The Portager he did not agree with the decision.

“I’m disgusted, but what can I do?” chef and owner Zouheir Kahwaji said. “I would not treat somebody like that. Not even a thought why he wants me out. We agreed on 2023. They never even gave me a reason. They said they want me out. He won’t even give me one explanation.”

To date, Kahwaji said he has not been able to find a suitable location to reopen, though not for lack of trying. He said he has spoken with an attorney but added that the litigation “may not go anywhere.”

The Beck family, which is behind Twin Lakes Fairways LLC, asked for and received several zoning variances from Franklin Township, a move that would free up options “to see what we can do moving forward,” Beck said at the time. The variances were all related to possible building modifications.

“The golf course has really turned the corner, and has become incredibly successful, but the building itself is no longer functional as far as the ability to heat it, to cool it. The building really is antiquated. It has outlived its usefulness,” Beck said.

Since the property is located in Franklin Township, Beck said he would work with the township and county officials when the time comes to tear it down.

“What we really want to do is marry the golf course and the country club side back together again,” he said.

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Wendy DiAlesandro is a former Record Publishing Co. reporter and contributing writer for The Portager.