Ottrix family becomes recipient of property transfer in Skeels allotment

Mark Frisone, Louise Ottrix and Dan Morganti. Photo courtesy of Family & Community Services.

On Nov. 18, 2022, Louise Ottrix, a longtime resident of Ravenna, became the recipient of a piece of property in the Skeels Allotment off of state Route 59 near downtown.

The property, which was owned by the Portage County Land Bank, was transferred to Family & Community Services (FCS) earlier this year in hopes that they could find an interested party to take the land and put it back in good use. And Family & Community Services did just that.

Through the neighboring Skeels-Mathews Community Center, also a program of FCS, Ottrix heard about the available land, which is adjacent to a piece of property currently owned by her son. She approached Mark Frisone, FCS’s executive director, and it was soon a done deal.

With the new parcel, Ottrix who is 91 years old, will now have enough land to build a home for herself and her son, granddaughter, and three great-grandchildren — a dream that would not be possible without the additional property.

Born in Cleveland, Ottrix came to Ravenna as a young girl when her mother wanted to “move to the country.” After living out of state for a few years, she came back in 1986 and has been a dedicated member of the community ever since. From her involvement with the United Church of Jesus Christ to her volunteer work delivering Mobile Meals through the Skeels-Mathews Community Center, the community has been a part of her for a long time.

During the signing of the property transfer, which included Frisone and Dan Morganti of the Portage County Land Bank, she said, “Ravenna is my home.” And home it will stay, with a fresh beginning as she starts this next chapter of her life, at home with her family.

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