Letter: In response to a Marjorie Taylor Greene event in Portage County

I would like to thank and commend the Editorial Board of the Record-Courier for their statement that the invitation to Marjorie Taylor Greene is disgraceful and divisive. But there is one very significant issue that has been overlooked.

Greene has claimed “there was MASS voter fraud on a scale that should terrify every American…” Amanda Suffecool, who chairs the Portage County Republican Party hosting this event, serves on the Portage County Board of Elections. Our Board of Elections, as affirmed by the Ohio Secretary of State, a Republican, is one of the most well run BOE’s in the state. How do I reconcile the support of Greene, and her unsubstantiated claim of voter fraud, by an individual who is charged with the oversight of this county’s election reliability and trustworthiness?

What “every American regardless of political party” should be terrified of is voter suppression and the encouragement of Marjorie Taylor Greene and her false allegations of fraud. Ohio is already under the cloud of gerrymandering and newly proposed voter suppression legislation. It must be stopped.

Having open debate with those who disagree with me is welcomed. Supporting a speaker who makes false claims — formerly known as lies — is not only unwelcome, but such a speaker should be uninvited or the event must be boycotted.

Denise L. Smith

Editor’s note: Smith, who said she authored this letter in her personal capacity, is the chair of the Portage County Board of Elections.