Letter: Gannett keeps cutting local news – and we’re paying for it

We subscribed for decades to both the Record-Courier and the Beacon Journal. We enjoyed reading the print edition during breakfast and appreciated the combination of local, regional, national and international news.

However, since the papers were acquired by Gannett, they started running many of the same articles. Moreover, the RC often ran them a day later than the ABJ. When the papers started to arrive too late to read at breakfast — after 10 a.m. on weekdays and close to noon on weekends — we decided we were wasting our money and canceled our largely redundant RC subscription.

We still receive the ABJ in print as well as online, but we now read most of the paper on our phone or computer before seeing hard copy. Therefore, the likelihood of continuing to pay for physical delivery looks increasingly questionable.

We value the coverage of difficult and often-contentious political issues. We want to be informed and would like to support the reporters, editors, and paper carriers for their ongoing hard work. But business decisions, many at the national level, are making things more difficult for all of us.

Rick Feinberg, Professor Emeritus, Kent State University

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