Documenters: Shalersville Township Trustees meeting for Jan. 3, 2023

Shalersville Township trustees at their Jan. 3 meeting. Photo by Ryan Lind

Documented by Ryan Lind

Shalersville Township Trustees

Two Meetings: Organizational and Trustee

Jan. 3, 2023

7:30 p.m.



Frank Ruehr, Vice Chair

Ronald Kotkowski, Trustee

Jill Corbett, Fiscal Officer


John Kline, Chair

Documenter Summary

Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of Minutes

Documenter Notes: In the absence of Chair John Kline, Vice Chair Frank Ruehr led both the organizational and trustee meetings held Jan. 3. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, minutes were approved, and officers were nominated and elected swiftly (recorded below). Township employees made up the audience. Their annual contracts were unanimously renewed. Holidays for township employees were updated.


Chair: Frank Ruehr

Vice Chair: Ronald Kotkowski

Fire Board: Frank Ruehr

Regional Planning: Ronald Kotkowski

Planning Alternate: Frank Ruehr

County Health Board: Frank Ruehr

Solid Waste: Ronald Kotkowski

Motion to continue to hold meetings at 8 p.m. on the first and third Tuesday of each month. Seconded. Passed.

Garage: Frank Ruehr

School: John Kline

Parks: John Kline

Motion to table rates except for wages until Chair John Kline’s return. Seconded. Passed.

Rehire Township Employees

Dean Englehart: $22/hr

Lloyd Harper: $22/hr

Sam and Adam (mowers): $15.50/hr

Mikki DeVos (custodian): $900/mo

Greg Benner (zoning inspector): $1,830/mo

Approved by roll call.

Discussion of holiday changes for employees

Employees will get all federal holidays off plus one personal; employees can opt to take Columbus or Veterans Day holidays on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Motion to rehire members, secretary and zoning inspector, and in an oversight from earlier in the meeting, Maude Bias’ secretary rate was renewed at $15/hr.

Approved by roll call.

Adjourned 7:44 p.m.


Documenter Notes:

Most of the township employees lingered for the trustee meeting, which began with a zoning report. “A really odd piece of property” on “Bartlett and Diagonal” was described in detail by Greg Benner, who had resurveyed the property after it had been mined and the setting of original pins had been lost. All parties were amicable. Benner’s report included zoning permits pulled (listed below). Benner also reported 27 Junk Motor Vehicle violations, with 13 of those resolved. Of the 14 outstanding violations, five were scheduled to begin adjudication the following day (see below).

Other reports included the township’s handling of the recent winter storm. Dean was commended for Shalersville’s response to drifting snow. The township had ordered 150 tons of road salt, with 50 tons arriving the morning of Jan. 3. Frank Ruehr reported that he authorized damage caused by a burst pipe in the school building to be repaired by Bob Atkinson for $1,500, including supplies. Ruehr painted the repaired area. No decision was reached regarding a casing pipe at the township garage. Several options and installations were discussed. Ruehr also reported on a demolition project completed by Neighborhood Development Services in the amount of $47,000. A perfunctory motion was made, seconded and approved to pay the bills. 

The trustees held an executive session lasting approximately 20 minutes to discuss Ohio Revised Code 121.22. There was no new business, and the meeting adjourned around 8:20 p.m. while the documenter was waiting outside for the executive session to conclude.

Zoning Report: Greg Benner

Property owned by Mr. Alger was surveyed on Bartlett/Diagonal roads. Property line with Burke property, which includes a right of way to the Brugmann property.

“4 new homes, a couple additions, and a bunch of accessory buildings”

2 Light industrial buildings–JBY properties

Junk Motor Vehicle violations – per Benner report

– 27 violations, 13 resolved, 14 outstanding; of the 14 outstanding JMV violations, five were described as on the Crowder property (to begin adjudication Jan. 4) and two were described as on the Bender property.

Report (Maude Bias): Documentation and website use (documenter is uncertain about the nature of the forms Bias was presenting).

Report (Dean): A brief discussion of replacing/adding casing pipe in the garage area. Prices and options were discussed. There was no motion.

Report: A pipe in the school building froze and burst. The damage was cleaned and repaired by Bob Atkinson for $1,500 and painted by Frank Ruehr.

Motion to pay the bills. Seconded. Passed.

EXECUTIVE SESSION to discuss Ohio Revised Code 121.22.

No new business. 

Adjourned at 8:20 p.m.


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Shalersville 1-3

Thu, Jan 05, 2023 11:24AM • 30:01


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Jill Corbett, Lloyd Harper, Dean Enselhart, Ron Kotkowski, Gregory Benner


31 A 23 is the first the first thing it will be our organization when we meet, I’d like to open the meeting with a pledge to the flag. Making could you lead us please? I pledge to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands. One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Thank you. Okay, we have one set of minutes. Chancellor goes,

Ron Kotkowski  00:40

good. I’ll make a motion to approve the minutes.


I’ll second that. Okay. We’ll call Frankie. Yes, Ron?

Ron Kotkowski  00:47

Yes. All right. We’ll


start out with the organization. The nomination for 2023. Chairperson You bet it says 20 criteria, but to be played by friends.

Jill Corbett  01:00

Oh, yeah. I changed it.


We’ll start with the chairperson nominations.

Ron Kotkowski  01:10

I will nominate Frank as a Chairman.


I’ll second that.

Jill Corbett  01:14

Okay. Do we want to wait till we get down to the end to do motions? Or do them by each?


Want to do it by you to just take a second? Okay.

Jill Corbett  01:24

All right. Emotion. Did Frank. seconded. All in favor? Frank?

Ron Kotkowski  01:28

Yes. Yes. Motion. Ronnie our Vice Chairman. I’ll second. Yes. Yes. Yes. For our board member. I’ll nominate you. Second. Yes. Right. Yes. Regional Planning for amendment run. No. Second, it will call for Frank. Yes. Brian. Yes. Reasonable planning? Alternate. Yeah, I’ll name that you, Frank. And I’ll second that. Will call free? Yes. Yes. Are you to county health board? Not sure. We’ve gotten a lot of those. But I think I’ve been on how to fit sorry. I’ll nominate you. Okay. Frank, yes. Right. Yes. Okay, solid waste of

Jill Corbett  02:43

time. Nice to be here. Okay, well, Paul, yes. John karate. Yes.


I emerged or I make a motion. We keep our meetings the same first and third Tuesday at 8pm. Yes, I’ll second that. We’ll call Frank. Yes. Right. Yes. Trustee over garage.

Ron Kotkowski  03:08

I’ll nominate Frank.


Frank, yes, Ron. Yes. Trustee over school. I’m gonna nominate John. He’s been doing it. Yes. I’ll second that.

Jill Corbett  03:26

Freaking Yes, yes. Okay.


Trustee of the park. John the same. You did that last year? Right. Yes.


Second, okay. Frank.


Yes. Yes. I’ll make the motion that we we table all our different rates, except for wages until John gets back. I’ll second.

Jill Corbett  04:01

Okay, we’ll call Frank.


Yes, Ron? Yes. Okay. My promotion is rehire the naval heart and second graders $23 an hour. The second that

Ron Kotkowski  04:22

you want to go down the list and just do it all at once or do we have time? Yeah.

Jill Corbett  04:26

So Frank motion did Ronnie seconded Okay.


nominees are to make a motion for a game. Or excuse me, Lloyd Harper said his rate will be higher with $22.

Ron Kotkowski  04:40

I’ll second that.


We have talked about lowers salmon, Adam I’ll make emotionally rehire to learn and it’s been 50 An hour and I’ll second that maybe device or it custodian emotionally rehired at a rate of $900 a month.

Ron Kotkowski  05:07

I’ll second that.


And Greg Benner will be at 30 years are

Ron Kotkowski  05:15

voting and also get that just got to roll


off of this we just snowfall. Frank Yep. Right. Yes. We have to talk about our our employee days off our full time employees. I’ll make a motion that we really give them the the days of the normal state holidays New Year’s Martin Luther President’s Day, Memorial Day duty, July 4, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day Thanksgiving and Christmas, along with their one personal day. That being said we’ve added some days. So I don’t think what we give them the day after Thanksgiving, but most places allow them to substitute either Columbus or Veterans Day for that you guys alright with that? I’ll second call the brain. Yes. Yes. Definitely. Okay with that. Oh, I forgot

Jill Corbett  06:34

to bring you back to that.


Yeah, the zoning. The members and secretary and zoning inspector make a motion. We rehire all of them, including the two that’s up this year. I’ve talked to them. They want to be put on for another five years at $45. A meeting? I’ll second that. Roll call Frank. Yes. Right. Yes. And large Secretary rate $15 an hour.

Ron Kotkowski  07:02

And I’ll second that.

Jill Corbett  07:04

Will call free?


Yes. Yes. I think that’s everything on the cemetery fees and other fees. We’ll wait. But John is here. with a fine tooth comb. Yeah, I agree. You have anything more? No. We’re given

Jill Corbett  07:25

just because it’s separated on here. The arrays for both the Yes. All her departments.


Yes. Any questions from employees? Are you okay with that? Question questions? Did you ask? I did. Yep. Everybody. That’s yeah. And then we talked about last meeting and all that stuff. Okay, if there’s no further business, I will enter in the organizational meeting at 744. When they will leave, you don’t want to stay in and out. Tonight. I will continue on and open our regular scheduled trustee meeting at 745.

Gregory Benner  08:23

Right. Okay, we’ll do it real quick here. Basically. We’re assuming the mylar last week again for the Alger back to farm neuron, Barbara Bagnall. It was a real mess. And I did it once a couple months ago and Todd wanted him to redo it to clean it up. Because it’s a really odd piece of property.

Ron Kotkowski  08:52

Where’s this apartment and diagonal Bartlett

Gregory Benner  08:55

and diagonal? Alger Alger rolls let’s see altro was on the west northwest side of Bartlett. It actually runs across up towards the water tower in ran all the way down across to Rodman’s property where burglars has the right away going through their pet and then it actually comes back across

Ron Kotkowski  09:35

right of way you mean Brooklyn’s ever right away on

Gregory Benner  09:37

Well Brian where their driveway from Bartlett straight through

Ron Kotkowski  09:42

there. Okay so Alger off a frost road that’s what you’re talking about brandy Alger yes of a crossroad what do they do in there?

Gregory Benner  09:54

So they just read cleaned up the survey was all

Ron Kotkowski  09:58

Oh yeah, yeah. As between him and Kevin Burke,

Gregory Benner  10:01

yeah. But from the old work, which has been done back in the fall, yeah,

Ron Kotkowski  10:05

what happened? They mined that area. Got rid of all the pins. Okay. And now they’re all gone. Where was that line at? Yeah. And they agreed on every

Gregory Benner  10:14

Yeah, they did. She was great. And it was legal the last time I signed it, but it’s an odd piece because it actually comes back around and goes on the north side of Barbara. In the manway temperature.

Ron Kotkowski  10:29

Yeah. Yeah. Well, elders is mostly admin.

Gregory Benner  10:33

Yeah, right. Which, you know, leads all the way up to there. But anyway, I got that cleaned up for re signed off on it. She said Todd was good, if I did. So basically, that’s all I got going here is the finals for the year and we got one for John when He comes back. Then I’ll go down through these real quick. So I broke it down into residential light industrial variances and JMB violations. So we did about the same in residential. For new homes, basically a couple of additions, a bunch of accessory buildings per usual. So that was about all normal. And then we had three or all accessory building. Area variances to were in residential, one on Coit one on 44 Broadman. And then one the light industrial at the medina supply down there slash, I’m not sure what the name of that property JB why properties. There, we gave the variance for the building in the back. So light industrial, we had two buildings, the guys building and the JPY properties and one accessory building a quick creek that’s staff then the GMP violations. So there was 27 violations sent out. And 13 of those have been resolved now by violations. 27 means 27 vehicles. So you know, it could have only been 10 tickets. And you know, one guy might have three, one guy might have one. But each individual jump motor vehicle is is a violation in itself. So if a guy has three, he has three violations. So there’s 27 violations total resolve 13 of those. There’s 14 of them still outstanding. Seven of those are from 2021, five at the diagonal road crowded property, and two at the bender property. So there’s seven left that are outstanding. And I’m working on those daily, when I do have my Court appointment tomorrow for Crowder at 130 and courtroom two, but magistrate Chad hawks, so if anybody’s born, they want to see how our prosecutor works for us are welcome to Tim Curry who 1/3 to where he may call you


up. I mean, I don’t want to talk to

Gregory Benner  13:29

so what normally happens, you know, Brett, I asked him like, you know, give me the rundown on what can I expect? What are we going to do? He said, two things are going to happen either. She had called Crowder had called Brett and cried about COVID and everything else. And he said technically, when the judges hear that they’re sympathetic, and what they might do is give her a 30 day stay. In other words, okay. We heard your you know, we heard your excuse, we’re gonna give you 30 days to extend his case. And that has to be fully compliant. He said we cannot accept that but he said it’s possible that they’ll hold the stay right then and there. They don’t side with her. And now issue fines accordingly. So I was good with either one of those. Other than that. That’s about it.


All right. Appreciate it. Great. Job.


Oh, here is the update. For the postcards that’s going to be going out that regionals get ready to mail. Just let us know. John, the we’re going to have some hard copies at the fire station and town hall as we discussed in the last meeting. I just was wondering how many should I make to take to the fire station? What do you think that should give them? 50? Or start with?


Yeah, I would say, more than enough, I


would think I would think so.


But yeah, they’re done expensive.


I mean, I can do less and just ask him to


call if they need more and maybe do 25, whatever, whatever your depth will be a lot of people doing it there. But I think


most people’s going to hit the websites


seems to be the new way of doing.


And we did do the bubble, the bubble on our website to show you know, that they can also take that off the ball, take the survey on our website to


the main page, right? Yep.


She sent that up. Oh, the monthly report we got back from Iona. And we had a total of done with these two. But with that being said, I knew we had 222 visitors to the website. 203 of those No, 197 of those four new visitors


was good. So of course we had, were using it starting


from charging, always charged. Also, it’s been honest. We’ve had quite a few if anyone wants an actual copy of that I could do that. You guys know that? The text distribution on those. I spoke with Kristin, she’s going to work with me. We had to wait till 2023. And we can only go back two years. It’s $72 a year for me to get the files from the forums. What they sent us was actually a sample that September that I went through. And that is from 2020. I think it was, but it’s beyond the two years. So we couldn’t do anything with that. So I need to know what you want us want me to go forward with this?


I think we should check it and we don’t have to do it every year maybe once every five years. A year we get I think so let’s continue on as we spoke I agree


with the old oldest year we can get just one year.


Yeah, I would play as well.


Alright, I will see what


we’ll get that for sure.

Jill Corbett  17:34

I see that something is hard to get our minutes posted online now. While John’s out just let me just email you the approved minutes and then you can send it on


so yeah. And she did say that she would give her the training anytime we want to be able to do that. But I don’t want to do that without

Jill Corbett  17:54

now. So like I’ll look and see what the latest was up there and what’s now been approved. If you have her posted posters, I can do that.


Alright. Sam getting for us. You did a really nice job town cemetery this year, we get compliments on how well it’s mowed and appreciate hard work. I take a pretty personal and

Ron Kotkowski  18:18

run down opportunity.


Let’s go. We appreciate you doing that for a bunch of guys to work with the catcher not good.

Ron Kotkowski  18:28

The pan you say that?


I don’t know. Dean, what do you have for us, um,


months ago, you asked us to look into four dumpster days down to the garage about doing the casing pipe on the side and put a cables cross where we close the driveway off. So I did reach out to burrows weld really, I guess some four inch casing that used they weren’t $15 a square foot for square foot. And then we reached out to pen or metal. For four inch casing, it’s going to be $22 from brand new and ends at 32 feet of pipe.


We blocked the things with the equipment and I thought especially if we ever filled that ditch and it’d be nice to put pipes in the cable across this film was concrete or something. Yeah. And we can we don’t have to decide on that. Now you guys don’t have any old pipe do you’re probably not

Ron Kotkowski  19:28

you’re looking for forage for bigger.


Just someone who put a cable.

Ron Kotkowski  19:33

I’d have to look if I have anything appropriated. Okay. And what your price is coming up there. That was a per lineal foot you were


Yeah, six and seven. Yeah,


when the four pipes Right, yeah.

Dean Enselhart  19:49

There was about $700 from pan metal came up to about $22 a square foot.

Lloyd Harper  19:54

And then the other way I reached I looked at Lowe’s. We’re going to film full of concrete regardless. So I looked at schedule 40 white PVC pipe that would have a cap on it. If we want the four inch pipe would be like 220 4.6 inch we’d be at 400 bucks, something that wouldn’t be it wouldn’t be rusted and whatever they’re gonna be fill the concrete away so there’s just not an option of price and


we’ll go home and put up


the morning before we forget

Ron Kotkowski  20:17

to put rebar in it though because it could break.

Gregory Benner  20:20

Six inch rebar. So you know


we’re not plastic we’ve got we’ve got a couple of months we probably won’t do that till the end of martini, right? Yeah, I appreciate that.

Ron Kotkowski  20:32

Steel would be stronger right? No matter what


payment Yeah, you have to pay occasion

Lloyd Harper  20:39

right The other option is putting some big boulders out there and putting steel brackets on top of boulders because the semis keep running over

Ron Kotkowski  20:45

Yeah, they’re gonna over again give me all the boulders you


want we got some in the back that I can’t even move. Yeah, I didn’t catch it that drill something Tapcon


Yeah, make a steel plate and Tapcon it down it


might be something to come out and take a look.


We got some big boulders back there.


You have your equipment on


the backhoe wood

Ron Kotkowski  21:05

and they’re gonna be off the right of way Correct?


Yes, that’d be behind this wouldn’t be any

Ron Kotkowski  21:11

hazard to the road or maybe have to go through the deep ditch end to end with a boulder. It is movable. That’s not like a cemented in right. pillar that would be correct. could cause a worse accident maybe I mean not that a boulders? Gonna move really easy.


So I did order salt last week. Okay, we did get two loads today. I mean ga 150 Tom we got 50 ton in today. Okay. So the rest of it should be coming the rest of this week.


We didn’t tell you guys did a really good job on that storm ahead last week it was it was once in a 25 or 30 year storm we’re lucky we didn’t get a lot of snow in the cold because the salt didn’t work and you guys do a nice job appreciate the hours put them on hours

Ron Kotkowski  22:00

yeah and that salt did not I watched on the road as soon as it hit 14 degrees that salt started working


near your sexual was terrible yeah doubt that I had never seen that when would I go the intersection before that was nasty order from my house was fine on 77/78


grader with V plow on the front of it and then the national bear with those are so we were out with loaders. Yeah, I was bad. Bad loaders on 44. Mustang oversized to the telephone where there were the Turnpike is where the exit is

Ron Kotkowski  22:36

guard duty then it was a real blast. There was more snow and more drifting. There were drifts that were six, eight feet tall.

Gregory Benner  22:46

That one picture I remember you can only see about four feet of that. That’s a famous picture.


Yep. That’s all I got. Lloyd. Oh, the other thing is,

Lloyd Harper  23:00

we look over that V five, we can use it last, you know, storm. And the main pivot pin we talked about, we did or LED in today. A couple of weeks of DNS 253. Replace that pin that we put that. And then the only other thing say thank you guys for you know rehiring us and give us the extra days here. That’d be exciting to me. And you handed me the list here that we also lose. Good Friday, because we had it last year and so on the list this time.


It’s not another Yes, it’s in the box. You had name full name as well. So I think some of those listed with the state daytrade okay. I got

Jill Corbett  23:54

that email campaign.


I’m looking at are we good? Yeah, we do have good Friday. Yeah, I’d say we keep it we had it right.

Ron Kotkowski  24:12

So should our


show have to change the employer guide so yeah. And then through the year you guys can decide to trade along this day or Veterans Day. Those are the two most commonly traded for the day after Thanksgiving. If you want to do that, most probably dude.


We talked about today we will go a long weekend after Thanksgiving.

Ron Kotkowski  24:37

You know, finding out the weather or taking them off that’s it. Thanks. Ryan, do you have any? No sir. Joe,

Jill Corbett  24:58

I don’t have anything except I I’m meeting with Mario Staley tomorrow. member was last year we I was going down to the security office a couple of different times to try to straighten out a mess. Well, they sent me another letter, and I’m not going down there but I called Mari and she’s going to try to help me straighten it out. And so I have a two o’clock appointment with her tomorrow. Okay.


Okay. I just have a couple of things the house on Douglas street that we’ve been working on since July last year was tore down yesterday or today on downer that’s greater share the house is down, they still have the slab to pull up and there’s some miscellaneous tires and whatnot that they can’t put in the dump to the top get rid of some other way. And once we’re done though, graded off and received it, but that’s a good job. Well, we got the grantor ndS and it was $47,000 it cost to do that with all the abatement or you know, they have to abate any inspections and asbestos and everything so it was done right and all liability was off us we don’t have 10 cents and it earned reliability so kudos to MDS so nice

Gregory Benner  26:17

clean Now


one other thing is the guys didn’t bring up we had a little bit of a issue over at school we had some pipes freeze to hit the one that we want to get needed to the heads stuff thrown around we had a big about an inch and a half galvanized pipe to come from the downstairs or upstairs down it was a vent pipe or plastic now but years ago they were galvanized by flow that hold on right down through and bursted pipes in one classroom so I guys did all the work tearing them all out and after finding them stuff and I made an executive decision got five Atkinson in there to he went and bought all the supplies and did all the drywall repairs and put a drop ceiling in that little closet so we can get up there if it happens again so that’s a good thing but new light on everything was his bills 1500 And that was everything you can do all work and all supplies and the whole nine yards and then I went to last night and painted it so if you do the shelves in there today


we put the brackets back up there by the shall we say it’s


all set for the school so they don’t leave any times when do they come back their


kids will back tomorrow teachers are back


we’re lucky to find someone like him kind of a handyman to get in there and short Madison he worked every day on if you know with drywall you do a little bit here and dry. And then when he got done he’s back but like the other walls, you know, put the coat on with a knock down. So it’s it’s 100% it’s it’s a nice job he did so that’s all I have for him.

Ron Kotkowski  27:56

No, I know we talked about going in to Executive Session.


Okay. You have any but this made me know. I’ll make a motion we pay the bills. Now second

Jill Corbett  28:10

roll call frame. Yes. Yes.


Let me grab my thing here for you. added so much stuff here. There it is. I thought we have a regular meeting and I’d like to


an Executive Session for Ohio Revised Code. One point two to compensation, hiring, firing promotion, demotion of employee marketing plans, specific business strategies, production techniques, trade secrets and financial projects. I’ll say that I’m gonna call Frank.

Ron Kotkowski  28:55

Yes. Right. Yes.


There was one executive session we’ll open the meeting back up when we’re done I think we’re done with the regular meeting but well done

Jill Corbett  29:11

timely been done at eight o’clock great time

Ron Kotkowski  29:22

five minutes. I made it here


in my living room. You guys are all

Ron Kotkowski  29:27

and I closed the door. All welcome to come back. Yes, I was thinking of that. I slowed down coming up here. I went to speed limit. I didn’t. I wasn’t speed. Annapolis is different than it is here.

Gregory Benner  29:45

The sheriff has been hanging around our township. They’re all good. No, absolutely.


Normal in the short run. Next time we come through about 930 I was gonna say I’m coming to this one every



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