Documenters: Hiram Village Council meeting for Jan. 10, 2023

January 10, 2023

In Attendance:

Lou Bertrand, Mayor

Chris Szell, Council President

Beth Greenwood, Council Member

Paul Spencer, Council Member

David Smith, Council Member

Frank Hemphill, Council Member

Christopher McCreight, Council Member

Susan Skrovan, Fiscal Officer

Thomas Reitz, Solicitor

Documenter’s Notes

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Bertram at 7 p.m. with a moment of silent prayer/meditation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Chris Szell was unanimously chosen to retain the position of council president. The council then approved its continued use of Robert’s Rules of Order, 10th Ed., and approved the 2023 council meeting calendar. Minutes from the meeting of Dec. 13, 2022 as well as the Jan. 10 meeting agenda (as amended) were approved.

Guest Joe Sciarretti of Kimble Companies (recycling and sanitation) addressed the council regarding an apartment complex, later identified as Great Northern Apartments, that is not participating in the village’s contracted recycling program. Sciarretti requested the attention and assistance of the council to bring the complex into compliance with the village’s merchant contract. Great Northern management had not responded to Kimble’s attempts to begin service. 

State Representative Gail Pavliga addressed council to introduce herself. Pavliga was re-elected in November, though her constituency was redistricted to include several new northern townships, including Hiram.

Hiram College President David P. Haney followed, stating that he has been working with Pavliga to “achieve one of her passions,” the expansion of community colleges. Haney stated that he and the newly installed president of Cuyahoga Community College, Michael Baston, have been working together to bring a community college program through Tri-C to the Hiram College campus. Additionally, Haney informed the council of potential happenings at the college, including an entrepreneurial incubation space and a co-working office space. Haney mentioned a potential partnership with the Cleveland Clinic to provide athletic training and other potential medical services. Haney mentioned the college’s sale of multiple properties, including rental units and the president’s residence.

Department Head Reports


Police Chief Brian Gregory reported 25 offense report calls, 17 traffic stops and 22 speed offenses in the month of December. Gregory discussed Hiram College’s application for a liquor license (D1, 2, 3 and 6 – beer, wine and beer, liquor, and Sunday sales). The chief lobbied for a 1 a.m. closing time; Haney agreed. The application for a liquor license was then approved by roll call, with Council Member McCreight abstaining due to employment conflicts. 

Hiram Village is running on a temporary budget at present. As a result, Chief Gregory reported that the police department is operating a partial third shift. “Since 2016, I’ve worked 2,100 hours of overtime without being compensated to maintain third shift,” he said. Council suggested eliminating third shift. “Reduce hours,” the chief insisted. The budget reduction has slashed part-time hours, making it difficult to retain officers, who make $15/hr. A recommendation was made to cut eight hours of police coverage per day. 

Fire and EMS

Fire Chief Bill Byers submitted 2022 reports. Byers reported several outstanding mutual invoices from neighboring communities. A programming issue with the sirens has been fixed and tested. The department received a $1,200 grant from Ohio Administrative Offices to pay user fees for MARCS Radio. Chief Byers addressed council about a FEMA Safer grant that pays 75% of the wage of a firefighter/paramedic for two years and 35% for a third year. The department would then have three full-time firefighters if awarded the grant. The council voted to allow Byers to proceed with hiring a grant-writing company. Both Byers and Gregory cited hiring difficulties in their respective fields.


James McGee stated the water tower replacement project meeting slated for Jan. 18. Resurfacing Hinsdale Street to facilitate water movement is scheduled to begin in the spring. A water leak on state Route 305 was repaired.

Solicitor Reitz recommended amending the village code to “give some teeth” to the recycling ordinance discussed earlier in the meeting. The council voted to have Reitz draft an ordinance making commercial noncompliance a minor misdemeanor.

Mayor’s Report

Mayor Lou Bertrand reported that “the Hiram municipal government is in fair financial condition, not necessarily stable, operating in an efficient manner.” Bertrand noted that this was his 16th mayoral report and his 44th year of service as an elected official in Hiram Village.

“After more than 50 years, the Village/College Safety Agreement was nullified effective Sept. 30, 2022, resulting in a loss of compensation to the village of between $75,000 and $30,000,” Bertrand said. The council considered passing 22 ordinances and 36 resolutions. Mayor Bertrand noted municipal highlights from the previous year.

Fiscal Officer’s Report

Officer Skrovan submitted her year-end report; overall revenues finished at 104% of budget. Skrovan reiterated that her office is operating in temporary mode, which allows her “two months to get the bills in and close out the year-end.”

The mayoral and fiscal officer reports were approved, and the council voted to pay the bills as submitted. 



2022-18 – Declaring a snow emergency. Ordinance was tabled to modify existing language.

2022-19 – Revised fees for parking violations passed.

2022-20 – Paid street parking throughout the village was tabled.

2022-21 – Revising the regulations regarding road closures passed.

2023-01 – Ratifying the past actions of the fiscal officer to pay the bills for 2022 (emergency). A motion to suspend passed, and the ordinance was approved by roll call. 


Authorizing the internet sale of unneeded, unfit or obsolete personal property. A motion was made to suspend, and the resolution was adopted.

There was a brief discussion regarding cleanup of blighted properties. 

The meeting adjourned at 9:11 p.m.

Thu, Jan 12, 2023 11:41AM • 2:10:52


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Bill Byers


As you all rise Please forgive our meetings do have silent prayer or meditation please join me in the pledge. I pledge allegiance


to the United States of America, to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God,


indivisible, with liberty and justice for


all. Has anybody has ever proposed counseling agenda before but before you? Recite on three on the agenda for the council president


nominate Chris Snell. I will second.


Second jumped unanimous.


Yes, I will accept the nomination


nominations. Okay, are you ready to vote? All those in favor of nominating and electing Mr. Purcell as council president signify by saying aye. 13 rounds. Thank you. Thank you. Also in connection with our meetings in the formation, like a motion to prove the 10th edition favor, signify by saying hi. Now we have a calendar, which is ordinarily we have meetings on the second Tuesday of the month, unless there’s some other strength problem that


we can’t make a


motion to meet on the second Tuesday. Second, all those in favor signify by saying aye. Aye. Okay. You’ve also received the minutes from December 13. Chair will entertain a motion to approve significant numbers.


Yeah, yes, you made those corrections. If you saw my email from earlier today. So I’ll make a motion to approve as submitted here this evening. I’ll second.


All those in favor signify by saying aye. Please. I have the agenda. I will tell you that. I’ve talked to Ohio State Representative to the tiebreaker. She’s going to be here. She’s got another meeting. So when she comes up


there on the agenda on the agenda. I wanted to let Council know that as the last minute I did make a couple small corrections. So as amended the first ordinance it’s an exhibit A and B and B is gone. So I removed B and then on the the last ordinance ratifying the past actions of the fiscal officer I put with exhibit because there is an exhibit a paid bills. So I corrected those two on the agenda. That was all. So you don’t have that but that’s what was correct. Okay,


so the agenda as amended.


Second, all those in favor signify by saying aye. Aye. Okay, now we have a number of guests. The president of the college this year. Mr. Greenblatt is here on his way to a basketball game possibly somebody I’m with him coordinator. My name is Ryan length. Ryan link to members of the press. Close to have somebody Kimball?


Yes, sir Mayor Joshi ready. Members of Council Joshi ready with with Kimball? Thank you, sir.


Did you want to address the Council on any subject?


Certainly. Thank you, just for a minute. I had contacted Jameson iron, I would say probably communication about once every two or three weeks. We know there’s been delays. And we’re well aware that while we don’t have the bench strength week, that strength we used to have, we are at full census. So you know, things are looking better. But but at the same time, we have to honor vacations, we came out of a very tough holiday season, where the weekday was not the holiday, Christmas and New Year’s fell on on a Saturday or whenever it falls on a Saturday or Sunday. And this past year was Sunday, it’s very difficult in the trash industry. Because we have to live by the contract. And even though we pay our workers for the holiday, the cities and the villages and the townships want to trash picked up on that Monday, typically. And so we have to do that. And a lot of folks, they hear the trust truck and they thought it the day was out and the day was off, and they were able to bring the car out, you know, and we may have all been guilty of that from time to time. But we went back a lot, and then we made the determination. Christmas, we weren’t gonna go back and long story short, we’re still playing catch up, even back from COVID. But things are getting better, I can sincerely honestly tell you that. We know that there’s been a lot of Saturday pickups in Ireland, we know that James made has made that clear. Early on, and so we are getting better. That’s not why I’m here tonight. And just to briefly in the next minute. You have a apartment complex that we’ve been trying to reach. And we made a couple of phone calls. In the last week, I think spent the last week or 10 days been in communication with your city, solicitor, and James Mr. McGee, and, and showed them a part of the contract that says, when we, when we’ve been on the recycling, we’ve been on the entire all the all of the merchants all the commercial. So you know, I noticed the apple green card when I came in at the, at the salon, you know, she she’s paying for that apple green card every. And so in fairness, any merchant in town should have recycling. And so we wanted to it’s at the behest of village council. The apartment complex is in your in your domain. And so we wanted to bring to your attention. We brought it to the legal directors attention, and thought it’d be much easier for you to get in contact with them. And then what we’ve failed to connect with them in our attempts, so if there’s any questions, I know you have a full agenda. So they’re not participating, they’re not participating. And when we bid, we have three meetings, we have three performance, we look at what the revenue streams going to be in our bid was $4 cheaper than the next bit per month. And we could really sharpen our pencils. And but we do account for all the different pickups just like the college, the College helps out in pricing for the town.


Are you saying this is great Northrend has not paid a bill.


They’ve they’ve not had recycling for a year


from US border user and


they’ve never used it. They never used it. And so we had a few different phone numbers. And I don’t know if they you know, in a day of marketing, call marketing. Maybe they’re just so so I thought well, coming from the village, if there can be a communication to that organization I’m here I can answer any questions to them, you know, later in the week, or if you want to have a meeting or if you ever want to have a phone conference, we want to avail ourselves as much as possible, out of fairness to the other merchants or businesses that have the recycling, and they were told that you have to have a recycling. And so what are they doing with their recycling? I think they’re not recycling. In those four buildings.


You have your receptacles out there on site? We do not. How did that come about?


They had Portage. I believe Portage County? Yeah. receptacles? Well, so


did everybody else in the village? Yeah. So I’m just curious. When Portage County picked up theirs, why didn’t you put yours out? Just like you did with everybody else? Okay.


Yeah. Typically, typically, we would have a contact with them. You know, a billing contact. Yeah.


Maybe they’re taking regular trash, though.


They are they have a dumpster service for solid waste? With you? Yeah, yes. Okay, yeah. Somebody’s got a billing address. Sure, we can do that.


Can you put the containers out?


We try their billing arm and just say here it is. I mean, the nice way. We tried. Yeah. And so and then there’s questions, right. So what would we give them? They’re large, they’re sort of large buildings. And I’m not, you know, trying to be smart, like, but what do we give them? We have to ask them, you know, do you get a dumpster? Do you get a cart? You know, there’s at least 10 tenants per the four buildings at least. So if can they handle the volume? You know, with the totes with the cans? I don’t know, a lot of questions need to answer, you know, because there’s a pricing sheet. So, so again, we’re at your behest, we’re bringing it to your attention. We were this competitive as we could be $4 Cheaper a month, right? Based on that universe of hiring and hiring talent in college, and so


I don’t know what he told me to do. But do you ever request? What would you like to see?


Yeah, that and that, put that in the email, I think in terms of some communication,


but I’m not the liaison for the village you need to talk to? And so yeah, I got your email. Sure. But I don’t call the shots.


Yeah. I had talked to James and James told me, I think I asked James to in terms of typically, there was a letter that sent in effect.


With contracts that typically goes to the solicitor. So that’s why it came to you. I can certainly send what I sent to the mayor, and council.


Clarify what what you want to see done or what the question is, I guess I’m clear on what the question you want us to reach out on your behalf? Are you going to reach


we just need a contact to to? Well, it’d be the same person that’s paying the garbage bill. It wouldn’t be but it’s two different contracts. Most communities have one contract with the trash in the in the recycling, because the recycling was started later, because Portage County had recycling. That’s when it was, you know, it became two different contracts. It’s the same person. It would go to the same mailing, but we don’t know again, we don’t know what receptacles they would want. They don’t have an enclosure for recycling. There’s a lot of little questions. You just can’t put a dumpster, you know, and in that contract in that trash contract. There are a number of different sizes of dumpsters. You know, so, a lot of little questions you would not want. If somebody was going to provide a service to you. You would not want them just to show up with. Here you go. It’s gotta be there’s gotta be some communication. So that’s what we were asking if you have a contract great. And if we don’t have a contract so it’s actually it’s actually a breach of contract because


you’re Let me be clear here, though. We approved the contract, you’re now asking the village to run your contract and run your company.


I mean, we don’t. I haven’t talked to other residents about this specifically what type they want. You bid on a contract. This


is a business though. And their business, they have several tenants.


But are you telling me Kimball goes to every community and talks to their counsel? No,


most contracts aren’t exclusive to business. And this one is I think that was because of the college. I don’t know, I was prior to my time here. But this is if you’re a merchant, or business, and Hiram, you have to exclusively sign in with, with the residential contracts, which Campbell has little different. Some are other ones. warrensville Heights is like that coming up in COVID. County, where they have the merchants on board with the residence with the residents. But typically, it’s just residential. So I guess I was coming. Because I was asked to come I was it was suggested that I come to council. Like I mentioned, it’s usually the person that handles the contract, which is the legal director of the municipality. And it’s kind of where we are. So


I guess I’m still not following you like somebody?


Why don’t we do this for the letter.


At the very least,


village administrator, find out who, who is the manager of this order, and will give their name and address your contact information. We can do that to help you out. But I


gave him the contact that I had, it’s the manager of the apartment, I gave him the cell phone number for that he said they haven’t reached out to me. And I did talk to that manager, Steve was even with me, we did suggest that they call Kimball to get their recycling started, because it had been several months that they were picking up trash, and they still hadn’t put anything out. So I really think it’s the apartment complex is just ignoring their responsibility. And I think it would be a nice, nice letter from our solicitors and you are violating our ordinance. If you don’t comply, then they’ll start charging, start billing. They should start. And they had three totes out there. In those right besides a dumpster for each, each dumpster had three of the totes from Portage County. So maybe we could put those in there and start building them for


sure. This is this is a I think the last measure will take in saying that is, you know, out of fairness for the other merchants that have been paying for recycling. Because they were told into exclusive contract which it is it business owners that would say it’s not it’s not fair that we’re being told we have to have it. You know, there’s another business owner that’s not. So after this. It’s just it is what it is it’s a breach of contract, but we thought coming from your authority. Maybe it would, it would definitely hold more weight than us. But maybe they would stop and think about it and evaluate it that it’s not you know, another marketing call or whatever. There’s a there’s a number posted on there sign that hadn’t worked. And then James provided a phone number that didn’t work. Out ladder is sending something to their appeal box. And we didn’t build them because it is two distinct contracts. Most villages have one contract for trash and recycling. A couple of past months.


Where Yeah, so it’s his wife frustrated.


And I think it’s there’s some son in law. It’s Dominic is he’s been doing the management. He’s the one who calls me every time they have a water issue.


That might be part of that disconnect but he’s trying both Numbers. Left pretty explicit information, as I tried to give tonight, thank you for your time. And


do we have your should they contact you? So if we send a letter, please be in contact with Kimble. But we have your Yeah,


we certainly don’t want to give you any work to do. I’ve got a lot on your plate. But we just didn’t know where else to turn. Like you said, we’re just asking for help. If it doesn’t work, then we try and out of fairness to all the other merchants still no. And on the record that we tried, we did everything we could do. Back in the day. You know,


what, apparently you’re putting their recycling in the trash. Yes. So there should be an adjustment.


That’s exactly that’s exactly right. Thank you. Thank you very much.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I see our esteemed honorable State Representative out there. And I hate to have you follow trash


Thank you very much. apologies for being late. I know the meeting started at seven but there was a I it really is the case. There was a Zoom meeting that went over that I had to speak out which I talked about earlier, and psychologists are coming into the league. So anyway, I thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to be here tonight. So mayor and council and executives, constituents President Haney Okay friends, Romans, countrymen, you know, we’ll just say I just want to come by and say hello, like Dr. Gail pebley. New, your new state representative didn’t know I’m not new to the State Representative position. It was a wonderful opportunity. Back in August. I think it was mid last year that the new districts came out because I was the current representative for most of the lower part of Portage County. But in the redistricting, I lost some of my lower townships on the eastern side and then kind of came up here this way to Aurora and Hiram and che was one man away, and extremely delighted to to be up here and to get to know the council’s and the, and the great people of each of the communities. Just so you know, this is my first time meeting with all of you. But when when the time started that I knew I was going to be up in this district, I reached out to your mayor, I reached out to President Haiti to start getting some, you know, the lay of the land and what was important to this community. And also, with the college, and many other things that I’ve been just looking forward to the opportunity to be able to come here to attend a council meeting integrate each one of you personally. So a little bit about me and my background. And I’ll be brief history, because I’m just here more for an introductory and to get you all my contact information, and also to listen to any immediate concerns that you would have, that I could be of help with in Columbus. So I was elected two years ago in 2020. Absolutely the epitome of a non career politician. I have a PhD in psychology, I’m in private practice as a Christian based counselor, and also was a college professor since 1998. So higher education, mental health addiction, workforce developments, and lowering taxes and bringing small business was the platform that I ran on, it was very successful for Portage County in the last year, with the influence I’ve been able to have down in Columbus, we were able to secure a million dollars for the start of a new medical school, which then got the baton to the brothers to to be able to put in $10 million. And right now we’re going to have a new medical school at the northeast Ohio Medical College shutdown in Roberts town, which we’re very excited now. that’ll say medical sorry about that. Okay. Okay with that, thank you, I apologize for that my head is, you know, going along so quickly here. So we will be having another dental school located within Neil med. And so we were able to advocate for that money within the state budget to be able to do that, in addition to another accomplishment that I was very proud of, is that I kind of found out with working with our judge Patti Smith, that there was no court appointed special advocacy program. That was a very big program in the state of Ohio that advocates for children in foster care is the one program where they stay with a child for the entire time. They are in foster care. And many, many most of our counties here in Ohio have that program and we did not and I was able to write a line item in the budget to get a fully funded program for CASA and I’m very pleased to say under the leadership of judge Smith, and was enrolled it is the fastest growing program in the state over the last year. They’ve recruited over 40 volunteers and we are looking upwards to be able to get 300 over the next several years to be able to service each and every child in that Orange County to have that special advocate to go along with that, in addition to that $1.3 million was initially coming from everywhere from the city of camps, on for improvements for their parks and infrastructure. And one of the things that I hope to be able to meet with each of you want to talk with the mayor is what can we what do we need as far as capitol, things that we can put in the capital budget, and many things that I can advocate for down at the state level for you. This particular General Assembly, I have distinguished myself as being a proponent with the governor on mental health and addiction recovery issues. And I’m on the one Ohio Foundation, which is going to be the opioid settlements. And I’ve also been recently named as the chair of the mental health and recovery for the state of Ohio. So I will have one of the very influential voice down there working alongside the governor and the lieutenant governor, and making that policy and budget concerns for the state. I’ve also been assigned to higher education. Because I advocated to be on the committee for higher education consider neoman high room and can stay are well within the district of 72. I have asked for position on the Finance Board and the chair of the subcommittee on higher education, finance. So being in our district, higher education and workforce development is a huge issue which a president Haney and I have been working very closely with with Chancellor to see how we can expand and also gets development of career paths and career along with the Congressman yo. So you will be having a new career center opening coming into as well. I am a very big advocate for our police, and our EMS and responders as well as my I call them my pet projects, you know that but animals and are very big. And I’ve worked very closely with our protective leagues and many other things for that. And we’re also a very big agrarian County, so a lot with agriculture in Portage County. Fair. And then the other things too, that are very important to me. I would love the opportunity to I’m going to give mayor has my contact information, I will also probably reach out to each of you just via an email to get you that information because you’re always welcome to either come and visit me at the Statehouse or have a phone I’m very open to a policy. I’m here to represent all of you. And I like to work very closely with our leadership’s in the communities to see how I can be of help to the communities. And I look forward and I’m honored to be your new state representative you sort of inherited the in the redistricting. But I’m very pleased to be up here and to be working with all of you. So, Amir, thank you for the opportunity.


I would


be welcome to any questions if I could answer any right now. I hit the hot seat right. Don’t put me back.


Well, my my comment to you earlier is remember your municipalities because we generate 80% of Ohio’s economy. We’ve we’ve had some setbacks financially because of coping, and because of things that we need to do with our community, particularly with the police and we’ve had some problems budgeting employing police officers, that’s a very dangerous job and we’re having problems getting people to work at scale. Presently, I think a lot of municipalities when presenting problems in bigger cities, I think are better off but the smaller you can’t really be done on your shirt because


you need what sounds like we need to have a meeting and and sort of begin to formulate some ideas of where we can work with policy or budget to be able to address that and those are things that I would be very happy to to hear what you have to say and reach out to the powers that be and see what we can do to advocate for that oh, I’m also from Atwater which is why so yeah, it would either Aurora like okay, it’s a 45 minute drive. I’m very delighted to be here. And just to get to reiterate, I’ll get my contact information out to you there already has an SS President Haney and so I would welcome the opportunity to connect with the affected anywhere in Canada and you will see me as a fixture appear because I make it a point to you know, just randomly attend the council session. See what you know what I can do to to be of help and to always know that my staff doors open by To


make one comment, ordinarily received a state representative for the state senator before the election, and then they disappear. So I’m very, we’re very pleased that


you already had me up here before I was even your elected state rep. I think that’s my commitment to the district. No, I honestly love your job. And you know that in our conversations, and just, I still pinch myself sometimes I’m just really honored today to have been here. It wasn’t something that was, you know, sometimes on my radar, but I think sometimes if we just allow our paths to go a certain way, it’s amazing where we are. So thank you. Again, thank you for allowing me to speak our mayor and council. And so it’s a pleasure to make all of your points and hopefully get to know each other a lot better work very closely together. Thank you. Gonna go ahead, because I have another meeting don’t have to be on an eight. So I’m going to Columbus or we’re up here and everywhere, but I’m not complaining. And I’m gonna go ahead and jump on that. And so thank you again, they are look forward to soon. Get lost coming here. Wait a minute.


Are you? Yeah, I think we’ve got enough so we can go ahead and get your basketball and got your coach didn’t have some other folks here. I see President. Hey, did you want to say anything?


I’d say a couple things. Sure. Go ahead. First of all, is a really pleasant surprise to see, he’ll probably be here. I mean, she’s going to be a great advocate for us in Portage County, for the village and for the college. And look, this specific thing she and I are working on. One of her passions is to get a community college presence in Portage County. I’ve met with her for a while. But she’s not sure it’s public. But it’s it’s public enough that I can talk to the council about it. And the vet our first meeting, she said the I really wanted to so I’ve been talking to people and routes down the middle and high school. They’re nice. What do you know, I actually know, an organization that has a you know, has it college dining hall library. said yes. So we’re now I’m working with Michael basta, who’s the new very energetic president of try see, to have a try see President a presence on the hiring campus. You know, at least them some space, it wouldn’t, we’re not going to become a community college, don’t feel worried. Calm down to the ones about that. This would be they would have a community college program using our campus, obviously, it’s of interest to us, because we will be giving admissions material to those community college students every hour. But it couldn’t be a real privilege to be more employees here. We’d be doing, you know, they’d be doing very workforce development focus things for Portage County, as well as you know, transfer programs, which also relates to the other thing that has happened. And through Dave Joyce’s office, we just got a $665,000 earmark approved when the federal government finally approved the budget. Thank God, they didn’t wait till now to do that, and we never see it. But they that’s gonna allow us to start an Office of Workforce Development and Community Engagement, which is a word of engaged in a lot of workforce stuff already. But this is going to be really up the ante on that. And connected with all that this will probably be located in Gilkey Hall, our department will probably stay there 24,000 square feet plenty room. They in connection with this. We have this Office of Workforce Development, which will do everything from our Career Center to corporate training, as well as getting students involved in community engagement. We’re also working with an entrepreneur in the Cleveland area, Todd Goldstein, to do a developer co working space and Yelp for companies that don’t want to rent a building but don’t want their employees at home with their cats and kids. But you will have the kind of office space also entrepreneurial incubator space. And this entrepreneur also happens to be the manufacturer, manufacturer of gluten free dough bars, which he would like to manufacture in Delphi Hall. So you know, these are some really beneficial things for the college that will also benefit a bit Village and in fact one of the things is this guy’s so entrepreneurial didn’t get started. Okay, we’ll start we’ll open a student run convenience store. And actually, we might do that, you know, so that we would have that, that for the college too, that really would help the college and help the boys as well. We’re also talking to the Cleveland Clinic, totally separate initiative to see how they could support us for athletic training for our pre med and nursing students. You know, they do a program that I can’t believe we haven’t been involved in, where if they hire nurses, and they stay there for three years, they prevent some of the tuition. They’re also thinking about how to support our health center. And that could be this is a long shot, and it’s way down the road. And I may be speaking a little bit out of school to put in the minutes yet, but it could range from anything to getting us more physicians to Cleveland clinic that wishes what I would like to see opening a clinic in Ohio. There is no Cleveland Clinic, east of Bainbridge I know that because I’m a patient, I get to go to Bainbridge for my doctor. And so we want to UHS places out here. And we don’t know if they’re going to do that or not. But you know, that’s something that obviously would be a great benefit to the village as well. We’re still working at the bar, where the liquor license application process, we’re looking at remodeling, part of Kennett, Kennedy Center for that we’ve got some actually two trustees who are waiting to give us money to help for this. And obviously, the students are excited about that. Also, as you know, we are selling some of the houses or rental properties around Jairo. And there’s been some kind of, I think, rumors about that, but I’d like to clear up. One is no, we’re not doing it because we’re desperate. We’re doing it in most colleges like us that own that kind of rental property, sold it off 20 years ago. Rent you know, being a landlord is not part of our core mission, except for those students in the dorms. And one of the and we’re not selling it to selling them to some big developers gonna be a slumlord. In fact, one of the cool things that’s happened is some of the tenants long term tenants in those houses are, are buying or making offers, you know that we’ve already sold the president’s house because you don’t need that. And it’s really three things. One is it gives an opportunity for people to buy that property. It gets us out of the landlord business, which is not part of our core mission. And yes, we can use the catch, you know, so it’s, but the there we’re hitting, you know, put offers on that. And I think it’s going to be people living there, some of them will be rental properties, but some of them will do a better job than we have. So, and I’d be happy to answer your questions about this. The other thing I’ve been working on is trying to increase communication with the village. I work with Janelle Bay, as some of you know her as our media person. And we just decided today, what we’re going to do is have a landing page on hires website, or let everybody know about, it’s going to be basically directed toward the community. And the updates that I give to the campus will be their updates with you to alums will be there, things like this, you know, what’s happening with the houses, that sort of thing. So and I’ll be will be publicizing that in the portraiture, Germany, the Facebook, hiring, community cares, a Facebook page. And you’re letting people know that that’s where to go for community based information on fire. Also, it’ll be an opportunity for us to let everybody know, event events that are happening in firemen are open to the community and things like that. So that’s going to be a cool thing. I’ve been thinking, you know, we, we do a pretty good job of communicating with our students, faculty, staff, trustees, and alumni. But we tend to leave the village. So you get your messages from people who work here or alums that live in town. So we want to have a direct route to do more communication in the village. So that’s all good stuff. You know, one of the things we’re really focusing on is trying to do our part for economic development and workforce development. And obviously, part of that is we’re talking about this morning, when Chris and I met, you know, the, one of the things that could really help the village is if we had more economic development here. And so we’re kind of trying to do our part there. And it’s all connected with students because this gets them into the real world. So those are just some of the things we’re working on. It’s good news. At some point, you want to have an event or kind of open house for village residents. I know you’re planning an open meeting want to wait until you that happens. We don’t want to conflict with that or make it too close. But sometime this spring, we want to have an event on campus that really is an event geared toward getting the non high room specialists, people in the village to come in, talk to us ask questions and so on Just to


smash a couple rumors that I’ve received Sure. I got a call that the houses were being sold with the land was being maintained by the college. That’s not true. We’re selling lands going that know


that. Yeah, there’s one complicated piece that you’re planning dodge, dodge court. We’ve learned that we own that road, which is why I will complain to you about the big pothole there, I would talk to Ryan. But the and that is a private road, private sewer system, and it’s zoned as research or something. So, you know, we’re going to have to, if we sell those properties, and they’re for sale, the one that I mean, they would come with a clause that they got to keep renting it to us for a while, but not the rest of the properties. You know, any of those properties? I mean, we want to sell the land as well.


And I had to call and ask the question,


and that there was she was under the understanding that there was a zoning ordinance, that if


the college wanted, they could come in and take back the land. And they said, No, we don’t want any zoning ordinance like that.


That’s just another rumor flying around out there.


Why would we want it to land once you sold the house? Just like I wanted, yes. That was out there. And the other rumors I could have, let me know if


it’s great. Very impressive. We did also talk about the property that is we’d like to do for our recycling.


Oh, yeah, I can. And I think the idea we came up with this morning, that makes more sense to me is because we can’t give it to you, because it’s part of the security for our bond, but we can lease it. So let me know when I’m when I’m talking to answer even about this tomorrow. And you know, Leslie, I think we could lease it to you for $1 a year. And you know, that there may be other ways to do it. But, you know, we would like to give it to the village. We can’t do that we’ll listen to your calendar years or something.




The college closes, you might have to give it back or the only thing left at the college would be that. We’ll figure some way. Use that.


We’d only charge you $1 here.


Well, I think our monthly coffee that you buy me would actually cover the rent. So


meetings. Does anyone else want to address Council? On matters, I’m sorry, I’m Madison. She’s here. Yeah, you’re moderate. We need that. All right. Let’s move on to the department head reports. Please. Good evening,


Mayor council passed out for new started my engineer reports. Everybody has that. At the sneak questions out three reports just give me a call or email for month of December and 25 for the fences, fence report calls. As you can see last two months with college, going into your breaks, calls have gone down. Cemetery traffic stops pointing to speed the restaurant the citations. I just want to bring it to a head wrapped about talking about the liquor permit from the college. So ensure that was passed out or sent to email everybody. So everybody’s understanding what’s going on how we have a right to appeal it or deny it or make an appeal for it. Right another clever D one, two and three permit, which is no big deal of one to him. Now my problem. My issue in the past is a 230. Now what am ship your problem even with reduction of hours that we may be incurring happening in the next month or two with 40s. My question is the President hating on the liquor control permit door the application just sent out to ones that are received from the state has now for D one, two and three. However, on the State’s website, the permissive D six also


we do it till that’s the one for 230 Right? No. Sunday sales.


Makes sense in case they have a function. Yeah, we did. But that’s not on the permit to send to us. Okay. Oh, no, I have D one, two and three. Unless you have something different than


the one that they sent copy for everybody at the top. It says the 123 and six. Okay, the


one I have the you have the legislative authority and central police notification, they left that off. This is the application. Okay, they’ll be due on Sunday sales. Okay, that was wonderful. wasn’t on the application sent to me. As far as the 1am times, as far as police, I don’t have an issue with that. I mean, if the kids are staying here on calls, they’re going to yours for me, I’m away. I had a problem in the past. If you do apply for 2:30am, and we don’t have coverage, I do have an issue with that. I think I should be at the sheriff’s department here. Again, it’s not the break.


I don’t want to be called at 230 in the morning.


But if you want to discuss that, you might have any questions you asked me or asked President inbounds here.


Yeah, what are the different classes D six of the Sunday


D one is beer sales. Okay, two is wine and beer. And three is liquor a for all 1am. Okay. Now, when it comes to sales here, they don’t have to have you know, high end of bartenders license. So you can have anybody doing as long as you’re over 19 years 19 years of age or older. So they don’t have to have a license to be a bartender to sell the alcohol there. They could have 18 year olds not Viviana bargaining aka what they can handle alcohol. So you can have full cases carrying around or things like that.


And we probably won’t serve our liquor in in the bar for students. That’s that’s mainly so that we can use this for diversity events or donor events.


My only concern would be your paperwork. I


call it the control. It gets because it is on like it says on your state. went for it through the website. I’m just not online and understand what’s going on. I support this.


Nicely. I think it’s a good thing. I would


rather the kids be drinking here and going into a dorm and wandering the man away or they’re


wandering out. That’s my money. I’m not too 30 to 30. But wanting me to get friendly if you’re at the bar. So 230 goes off at 334 o’clock in the morning. And the reason I bring him up present Haney is because when you have the rascals are there at the bar and the other in the past? There was all kinds of issues going to four or five o’clock in the morning.


No, we don’t. That’s why we wanted to get. So what’s our responsibility under this?


We want to feel nothing.


Nothing. Yeah, there’s no appeal. And I will sign it as approved by Council and send it and date it and send it back by fax. Tomorrow, they’ll have it back. If you don’t agree with it, then we have to ask for


a hearing. Yeah, a reason why it’s that’s a mistake.


Yeah, we have to stay the reason why. And then


maybe what I should do is to chairs. Ask for a motion to approve this application. I’ll make a motion to approve the


application estimated and to make sure.


Do you have your work enough to do in that area where you want it?


Well, I know. And then we and they will issue us the permit until they’ve seen the space that Pullman is working on that but these guys


have nowhere to go at this place.


That’s right. But we have two bathrooms and we’ve got you know, the things we’ve got coverage, some renovation that said we got some trustees very interested in paying off second Should we do a local local, Mr. McCray.


Do I have any questions? Is there any reason that I should abstain from those benefits directly. I mean, it does benefit.


Your best off I will say


Mr. Spencer, Hi. Mr. Zell Mr. Hemphill, Mr. Smith


Okay, also, we moved on. Also, I did Big two presented for live Cup last month about our unique situation with our dwindling budget, police budget and lack of applications necessary throughout the state. And she wants to have a meeting with other chiefs to discuss this. So we have discussed this already. And the issue that I’m having right now is how long do you as council want me to go the way I am right now? With a budget existing budget right now, we’re what a partial budget what’s it called to check the


budget right now?


Before I start making more cuts, and I already have I mean, right now we’re running a partial. Third shift for most part, we’re we’re here for the for the prime hours. But we’d be eliminating that if I don’t have with my budget. I mean, let me make this now President he wants to get out of the economic committees move on. But that may be too late for us. How long do we go? By this is like, like Steve is brought up in a suit brought up. We have matter of years. When we can’t just keep having my budget be the way it is. And you can see it goes up every year because Township, my township IRAs go up every year, so we’ll get one word, but don’t just put a break from sorry, appropriations will be higher. So how much longer do I go?


So could we go like on a hiatus for one quarter and see what kind of effect that


I’m trying to pull off right now it’s about the school years out. But I can tell you from right now, as your chief, you guys already know my situation, you’ll see and report the last since 2016, over 2100 hours of overtime, not not being compensated for which is my you guys told me for Bucha. That’s up to me. But that’s maintaining per shift. I don’t have the officers here and also probably losing to my officers, you have a lot of hours, beginning of the year, by March.


From my seat, I would say drop third shift. At this point.


I want drop third shift, they reduce hours and be more creative with the hours but yeah, but once I do drop the hours. The employees are still here else we’re still here we get a raise, to try to retain them. But the issue is we’re gonna go from working 32 hours a week to eight hours a month. But officers the ones stay for that amount of money for hours, working eight or 16 hours a month. No one’s gonna want to stay here as a part time officer is my conundrum right now.


We keep losing money every year nothing is being felt for. We talked about this now this is going on for three or four years now. And it came to a head in February like President Sal said last month, we need to do something and I don’t know when you want me to stop.


So I’m a little confused that this up may if we do away with third shift,


reduce hours, okay, we’ll


call it reduced hours. I’m missing the connection then between officers working very few hours dropping to


a right now I have I have two officers that eat up a lot of hours. In the village, they’re filling in for vacations they’re working. This week is exceptional. I’m coming in through a mall five days this week. But usually I have the officers I have two or three days a week 24/7 coverage with officers who are looking for if I’d be aware that those officers no longer have those hours.


I know it’s those part time officers, those


are part time officers. So part time officers are made more than one of my full time officers.


Essentially if you go back to the one of the charts that we’ve gone over, if you go to a 16 hour shift, you have your three full time and then like 500 hours the whole year for


that 500 Whatever it is, yeah consists of three on vacations and training, but they’re only going to fill which means they’re not going to say well, double coverage from ICT. Completely those hours 100 hours of full time people working intensive hours if anything. Above and Beyond well, when they work, they work full time works to township that’s the third part of their 80 hours. So they’re not getting paid comp time for that it’s regular, regular straight.


I think that the sad thing is we’re going to just have to bite the bullet and do it. It’s not going to be comfortable. Now, let’s see what happens.


From my seat that that makes sense. And if we can’t afford it, we can’t do it, we don’t do it.


My because we don’t want, we don’t want to push you into an

Bill Byers  55:15

early grave by working here


today, my biggest concern is two things to college and EMS, when they go on calls. I don’t like the idea of them going out and calls all the time in township by themselves, because the sheriff’s for sure like to be up there with them on his phones, maybe they’re gonna have to step off, it’s just not gonna happen. We can say that it’s not happening.


Would it be? They’ve got one of those concerns? In your mind? Would there be any benefit to reduce the hours of the summer?


If I can retaining officers, just the I, like I said, My biggest issue is once I cut the hours, the two orphans only have right now I have a started out with 34 officers and 16, I’m down to 10, out of those 10, only five work. And two of those part time or that work are gonna be gone. Because it’s like their reality. And I’ve gone to hiring fairs for police this year. It’s just not local police agencies, this high patrol, like I brought up on past council meetings where he and a lot of the Highway Patrol calls with accidents because they’re short. Also, EMS and fire departments the same way. This is just a strange time right now. Well, even with even with the departments that are making $30 an hour, you’re having a hard time filling those two. Just as a strange times right now


that our daughter is a person she is working on cars. They can’t get anybody to work because of the stress and the training and the license.


So we can I can bring this up again, with the finance safety meeting, which I’m sure I will. So I just want to bring it to your attention. Once again, I understand sometimes I talk fast and slow me down. But we need to we need to decide about this. We’ve been harping on this for three years, especially since February. Every single meeting this has been brought up on both meetings.


I think we should start today. Well, so if you don’t want I understand the concern of not having coverage from the college aren’t EMS? What are alternatives? What is your recommendation?


My recommendation is find money somewhere but I know it’s not there. But if we have to reduce hours, we’re not gonna have any money, the village have to look at it from the phone, the police chief standpoint, and from a department head standpoint, I know the depletion of our general funds right now nothing is going back into the fund keep the cleaning out of it going back in as an officer I wouldn’t understand as a police chief, I say, one.


What is the figure? In that recommendation? What’s the figure


that’s probably save the money we would save. Maybe 30 $40,000 is money that we’re gonna get, we’re gonna lose even more than that, because of the college revenue, plus the college and revenue every year. We bring in what’s also in your reports there, that since 2016, you brought in almost $300,000 to the general fund. So that’s 20 $30,000 a year that we’re not going to see. So just like balances out. So so if I take the office, if we reduce the hours, and we save that money, we now will lose that money because the money we would have been in revenue,


different questions. How much money? Does the department need? Staff? How much was the difference? But I would


say at least 40 to $50,000. More, more.


Yeah. And you have other chiefs ask you how you can run your department on what your


budget I have never I have never asked for more money to achieve but the officers cannot keep working with your loss of $15 an hour right? is ridiculous.


No way they could go flip hamburgers


for more food.


Right? Are you better off dealing with part time office officers or keeping your full time officers and then juggling your brain?


I think I’d be better off you know Talk about this mistake of keeping one full time officer rest and part time.


I hate to say that but you know, with full time officers, you do have benefits. And like the cost of as work as we discussed,


it’s a saving up is a savings but not a lot of good going up like is that op nefs going up from 18 and a half to 24%, which is ridiculous. But it’s still safe, it’s still saving money for


a full time person. I’m not advocating. But if you cut that at least you’re gonna say when we jumped from two ones off two against two officers for three, and went from 40,000 a year and fringe within two years it was up 13,000 Now it’s up to 20,000. But


now we can turn the clock back


34 years and only have one person in each department and that entire branch


more demands on every department that’s going to be hard. Well, I mean 3040 years later than the time we have one.


I don’t know if there’s more demand. You just work with what you have.


Not I’m saying outside demands like EPA, like training a lot of that has become Congress department is that this is a touchy touchy area.


For FOR THE STREET DEPARTMENT I can say instead of putting band aids and everything which we’re hoping to replace for now, we’re gonna replace whole sections of street because


there was one guy found a t shirt and some duct tape around the pipe we’re fixing 3040 years ago.

Bill Byers  1:01:44

As far as the fire department goes, and there are times we’re at one we work hard to eliminate dead several of us take turns being on call at home or here with our current staffing shortage but I can tell you I’m good at opening an airway suctioning someone in the case of Mr. Lorry years ago I got there first I was a little different let him get his heart back on again. But I have gone to work in fire by myself before and I’m good at stretching live by myself get the pump in here and that’s about it. That bad day where someone’s hanging out that window or someone’s screaming my my husband my child’s in there. I’m really not that much good by myself or any other any other person so I understand I see both sides of it but the reality is you know for the fire department it’s just not in the public’s best interest in any way. Well unfortunately we do we do face that occasionally.


If you’re hearing you need to reduce hours you need to reduce well I think when it comes to public safety with all due respect by we’re gonna do it we’ve got to do it we can do it but we’re not like the good old days because the good old days my grandfather was killed on the railroad and he had EMS like we have modern days and still he would have lived to be 62 years old but he’s bled to death so that’s what we want to go back to the good old days I don’t want to go


oh god forbid we have we had the college year we got to school we have an active shooter situation or cloth we have a few years ago what are we gonna do if I want officer golfer relax and wait forever and now while 1520 minutes have gone by 40 Get a second person officer and


get support from them and


it’ll still take gears will come time and so to be determined as in man awake he knows about everybody on all you got


the same problem


they have more money or in worse shape than my money so I can this month’s safety finance meeting our proposal. mind being saved are different rotations working with officers one one full time, the rest of your time


what would have said so you’re looking at a reduction of an eight hours per day right?


What happens if you’d only start off at like four hours


reduce reduce your Manning by four hours a day. Tomorrow. See within a


month. Only four hours of coverage


no reduce coverage by four hours. Well,


I’m reducing right now as it is because of people being out in sick and not having officers on reducing right and right Now I’m I haven’t set up for a full month, February with like 16 hours a week


can the conversation continue preparation from you and finance and safety? Would it be possible to generate three proposals and have a strong recommendation?


Yeah. Yeah, I mean, I, it would help me if we had scenarios to look at what your recommendation would be. I mean, I’m kind of getting to the point where I’m with Paul, but I think we just as counselors to say, look, no more third. And fourth. And I agree that we don’t want to do that. Or just really relieve an eight hour block sometimes, right? The course of the day, the right split shift, part, third part, second part first part second. To get rid of that eight hours somewhere in the 24 hour period, even if there was a lapse of like, one or two hours between this person coming on and the next person shooting handoff the person this discussion plays into what I mean, income tax generated 66,000 More over last year. And why is it the revenue of 66,000 more? Because we didn’t bring


in money out of revenues.


We didn’t bring in money elsewhere.


Right? But the cost of doing businesses right in your life going up.


So the 60,000 negative that you see for 2022 is basically being covered by the tax credit. So if we’ve never made no gain,


revenue versus expenditure, our revenue has gone up every year with silver




Right, so Well, last year police was $16,000 More that was that was that was it. The fire doors that were put on was 25,500. That’s Village Hall was 15,000k. And the audit was another 11,000. That’s $67,000 over and above what we said we were going to do in the beginning in audits every two years so we can hear it’s kind of


nice by having less waiting for work.


In we should always plan for replacement for HVAC, doors and windows. That should be your capital budget.


It shouldn’t be we don’t have a capital budget. We put that back if we wouldn’t have done that. You would have been negative 40 At the end of last year. So we look at our expenditures we’re spending more than we take in every department staff except for police Mayor Council regal but you guys ever I mean you’re not expenditures and so this person personnel with the police it


goes well because of counter powers.


But he went up 16,000 overall above


other than personnel we’ve cut down everything else. Every other spending we’ve cut the cut personnel because we need the central people we have


police went up on my own for township in my wife’s insurance. I mean the difference


just those little differences start to


Nana was when the cuts because we actually just transferred money, water and sewer to cover.


We didn’t have we didn’t transfer anything. You’re not allowed to transfer anything from




Oh, yeah, that was just recently that was taken out of


the general and yeah, you can look at like village village admin


and streets from 2018 to 2020. This same as the fiscal office I mean work we’ve done everything we possibly can. Short of not paying read anymore, which isn’t going to be very effective. And there’s just nothing that


we have to generate revenue in at this point by the time you generate rapnet generate revenue, there’s not gonna be money in the bank that pay the partial, the temporary budget that you guys gave him last month is more than what’s the bank right now as your carrier?


Well, that’s her responsibility


then there’s a chance you might not be able to pay all your bills.


Well, then at that point, she shouldn’t have given us that.


That budget, the temporary budget, if we don’t have that money to spend, you have a temporary budget, because you have otherwise you shut down the village. Do you want to do that?


We can’t we don’t have the money. That’s what happens.


Okay, well, I mean, this has been brought up when we moved the money from capital, we told council that this is that’s just a band aid. That was 120,000 of a band aid. Right. Okay. around the village with the money that I have in, and I have done that, but every year costs are going up and expenditures are going up. And I can’t stop. I can give you the numbers. But at the end of the day Council makes the decision that you’re going to do


we have to we have to be able to say no


to you can’t say no to a budget because you have to run the village. decisions to cut employees and cut costs. That’s up to council. You cut the budget, but that’s what you do.


We look for guidance from you as our fiscal


that’s what we have money. I’ve given you and Steve is up with numbers. Both of us have worked on numbers,


but pretty good. In our timeline here, when we’re looking at this, we need to make a decision about the budget in March. So this March, probably. Right?


Yes. Park March 31. Jeff has a permanent budget in place. So yes, we have to vote on the budget no later than the march. Council meeting.


We can’t We can’t mess around. So we wait, we don’t take this serious this month. And gentle around next month.


Come March. We’re not gonna get anywhere think it’s gonna get ugly before?


That’s a good question. Would it make sense to have a working group or conversation taking place in advance of the meeting? So that some actual Is there any


Financial Committee? I mean, we met once in 2018. When we brought all this to you the first time.


My name is committee is this subcommittee


and we never have a separate remember you were there? That was your that was a workshop, like a workshop or something.


I mean, we need reports that we can discuss them at finances. I don’t want to be generating reports at finance. So however best I can make myself available.


So I’d say we need to know what you guys are looking for. I’m trying to give we’re trying to give you the expenditures and revenue and we’re breaking it down. I don’t know this isn’t who has an iPad, we should shut it off. I don’t know what else we can give you. $300 This is


well, I would appreciate some specific proposals, strong recommendations.


And I mean, look at what I gave you and let us know what you need past. What more do you need? Because that’s that’s pretty much a fixed personnel for inch. That’s right off of UA en for year end. And I have it all the way back to 2013. If you really want to for yourself,


and the temporary appropriations, we cannot. We stuck with those numbers, we wouldn’t make it through


temporary appropriations are typically happier.


So you dealt with it we couldn’t even afford,


we might be able to afford it this year. But then, then we’re not going to be able to afford it. Yeah, we might squeeze by this year, based on what we pay out of the general fund, but at the end of the year, no, we will not be next year, I won’t be able to submit a permanent appropriation or budget to the house


for some of you that are newer accounts or when I started, we were looking at going into fiscal emergency for the village. We were spending more money and supporting more things.


What was coming. And I want at the time, one of the


biggest problems was the water and sewer department, where we’re subsidizing employee 60,000 a year. In the general ledger, we couldn’t do that. So we’ve


raised rates enormously.


And definitely was was on everybody’s hate list within the village, but it had to be done in a very painful thing to do. Looking back at that moment, I see that we’re going to have to make some painful decisions. It’s not it’s not going to be.


So the solution back then was raising rates? Well, we have we could because that was an area that


we were subsidizing. So we stopped subsidizing water and sewer and made it stand on its own because. But with safety forces now, we need the fire department,


we need, you know, the ambulance service, we need police.


But if we can’t afford 24 hour service, we can’t afford it.


And you look at


that, that’s $192,000 in salary. It’s a lot of money.


But if you think about it, it’s not a whole lot, either. One of your reports in the past broadcasts, the sources of revenue. Can you add the sources of revenue to this from last year?


One more question I had about police and unencrypted that file about this data.


With me, I brought it up at the final table do encrypted do they have I called the actual company and they want to know how I got into Marshawn Lynch or open again the next time but they gave me the software now. And that’s before the month of October was the last full month we have the first two the first book it was 34 mph was it was the realm of sales 80,000 vehicle branch or 80,000 vehicles a month period and the average speed was 3034 or 32 Miles 32. How are you trying to break it? They want to see how fast they can fly?

Bill Byers  1:18:59

Well, yeah, that’s not a joke. No, no, that’s that’s when they pay attention. Thank you. All right. Let’s move on to the fire and EMS. Unfamiliar evening, everybody. Everyone should have a copy of the monthly report. There’s nothing out of the ordinary. No one has any questions about the report.


Just the stats for given and received and what point in time tos. That’s usually you get 1920 2122 and be under the current law, the long

Bill Byers  1:19:46

run ones runs along the top there


breaking down his game and

Bill Byers  1:19:53

we’ve never done that. I don’t think we have done that in the past. We have on the bottom here. Yeah, so what we’ll see is next month? Yeah, for January report will update that way in that column make to drop off and to be I mean, I can figure out a way to try and add those if you want


to know and reflection. So that’s going




what’s that? What for mutual aid? Where I we haven’t seen anything?

Bill Byers  1:20:23

Yeah, we’ve been voiced multiple times and nothing’s combat.


A lot of it is cancels each other out.

Bill Byers  1:20:29

Yeah, we’ve had a couple of Senate voices but because we are still still enjoying it overall. Because if


you look, historically, seven to


20 to 50 Run difference and

Bill Byers  1:20:45

I know for that was, you know, at one run difference, so at the end of the end of November, when we rebuild them again, does that sound about right when I second quarter, third quarter, so we’re rebuilding for the prior quarter even I think she said she was gonna do


we haven’t seen a thing from either Troy or community.

Bill Byers  1:21:06

Do we have any way to enforce that? Remember the invoice and then okay. I have a copy of legislation for me to I didn’t, I didn’t draft that Mr. Greenstein service or so. I gotta link it over here. There was a programming issue with the sirens. And you know, they’re gonna be tested, I copied, I believe everyone will be testing on when a service company came out to dispatch, tornado sirens. And it’d be the programming issue. It’s been fixed. They went off Saturdays, they were supposed to new squads working out very well. Along with the sirens, the toward the one of the township sirens wasn’t rotating. The part finally came in from federal, and then the federal factory service, not our yearly service company to separate it’s actually from a factory, they’re friendly, but we get out and get the 182 to the east, repaired and properly working. I wrote and applied for and we were awarded a grant to pay for our marks radio, user fees for the next year. Sue was copied on the email, and we were awarded through the ohio administrative office, Ohio, Ohio administrative offices. There’s a $1,200 grant on our own. That’s not easy being a favorite. So that’ll pay for our user fees for next year. I believe that money comes in June or July, I think is what Dino said. So I’m waiting to get the secondary email to sign that we’ll accept the money. So that’d be legislation we’ll see in the future to accept that and amend appropriations for that. By bringing up department heads that I’m missing I think I forgot to bring the grant up. I just department heads but I think I covered everything else sirens and the bumper, waiting on the bumper stuff or anything.


You want to talk about the grant you might

Bill Byers  1:23:28

Yeah, timing couldn’t be worse. But with staffing, based on the build situation, I intend to address council I spoke with the mayor the FEMA has a safer grant that would pay for 75% of wage of a firefighter paramedic. I would like to apply for that safer grant. It was the first two years of a city by percent each year, the last year of pay, I believe 35%. I would like to write that ground like a higher grant company have reached out via email to get some prices to write the grant. Which, if we build that way I would take out of the fire from on budget. And I would like to apply for the safer grant. Based on what we’ve seen over the last couple of years. part timers being obligated at full time jobs for overtime, a reduction in the interest in the job of the young people reaching out to the community colleges to teach fire and EMS skills and reaching out to other chiefs chief Carmen chief Munson she commanded way, Acting Chief McBurney in Aurora. Several other chiefs I’ve talked to about letting him know we’re hiring posting flyers for hospitals and EMS rooms. We’re just not getting people. And it’s not just us. The news, local Cleveland channel right and actually the special ran it was last week on firefighter shortages, EMS worker shortages. So I would like to begin exploring. Over the next few weeks, the grant periods 30 days, I believe if I were to correctly applying for a safer grant and moving the fire department to having three full time firefighters would be here. So then instead of relying on all part time people to be here, we would have a full timer here with a part timer. Now before anyone panics we do have about 100 Little over 100,000 in the EMS Levy fund, or I’m sorry, the fire the millage levy funded we’ve accumulated through carryover by being judicious and that would give us time to go to the township and discuss the exact amount of a levy that would be needed in the village in the township to carry the staffing after the safer grant expires. This is no way shape or form by committing to the Department of this or asking you guys to commit to it. I just see the future this department in planning and speaking with Assistant Chief Purcell having conversations with Chief cosec about a township when she grows up and other friends chief Carmen Hallberg, this is just I feel this is the direction our apartment needs to go for the future and for the residents. Well, I’ll make the motion that you pursue the dream. Thank you. Second.


All those in favor signify by saying aye. Aye.

Bill Byers  1:26:19

Thank you. Thank you.


Any other questions to the village administrator


the update on our projects currently, right now we have water tower replacement project is going to have a pre construction meeting on 18 sides. Nothing new there, they can fail road project the resurfacing and mainsail road we’re working on we’re gonna an easement for the water drains off of up near Peckham Street. And construction for that is supposed to start in the early summer. The light plant roof and the salon room are still scheduled for spring. Nothing, nothing new on either of those. Really on all we have to do, we’re doing maintenance, we had a water leak that we took care of early, at the end of the month. three or five


frozen water lines and breaking lines. We’ve had two water meters that we’ve replaced from from the storm where they put our water meters are plastic and they didn’t have any heat in the basement. One was down on trail five and one was on the riser working.


Concerns now that Representative Kimball was not here to give you a little more information. And I was willing to I can send a letter to pre order departments. Or we can send it to a management company, I would send it to their statutory service agent saying that your organization is in violation of law. But before I do, I want you to know what the next logical step was that if they don’t respond, and nothing happens, the code doesn’t have a sanction. It says this is mandatory. Because there’s no specific sanction. The relief that is available on your code right now is an injunction. I was listening to your discussions earlier tonight. And as I have for months, you don’t want to pay for an injunction action. It could cost several $1,000. And I don’t recommend that you do that. I’m not recommending that to an alternative is for you to amend your code and say this is a misdemeanor violation. And I could prosecute them in the municipal court, there will still be a cost involved with that. But it will be considerably less than a minor misdemeanor. A minor misdemeanor isn’t going to get a corporation’s attention. I would make them a first degree misdemeanor. So it’s $1,000. Why? Because a corporation isn’t going to be eligible for a public defender. And that’s the reason why you go to a misdemeanor a lot of times when there’s the potential that a citizen is going to lose liberty. That’s when the Constitution says they’re entitled to an attorney. corporations don’t enjoy that same type of guarantee. So I could say for a corporate offender, it is a first degree misdemeanor and a potential claim is $1,000. And a couple of those could accumulate and perhaps gives you some leverage. You may tell me, Tom, we don’t want to do anything, and that’s fine. But I wanted to at least let you know where you stand. Maybe you take it up at your finance committee meeting and your safety committee. But this discussion wasn’t appropriate in front of the representative from Kimball. The section of his contract that he’s relying on, he was one of the members terms is preparatory. It’s just explanatory. It’s not enforceable. There is a section of the contract that says, collection is their responsibility. You have that responsibility under your code, and you allocated it to Kimball as part of their contract. So you are spot on with that, which is why I asked him, Have you provided the service? I don’t understand why they dropped the ball at the beginning. In the change. I wasn’t consulted about what containers I was going to get was here. Right? Take this send us money. So I just wanted to I didn’t want you to think I was being obstinate and not responding to the man. Well, I wasn’t responding to him. So those are your options. If he decided


that he is working as


a Yeah, he’s looking for us to exert some type of leverage to make Great Northern, put the recycling containers out and pay for his positions. Not an unreasonable one, except I don’t think Kimball’s done all the things that they could have done themselves. And I didn’t tell him that either day, he placed a call to my office. I’d already gotten information from James. I didn’t respond to him. I didn’t respond to his email, because he’s saying, I want to discuss with you a plan of action. Well, not exactly. If you like something done, tells you.


What would we like? I don’t take this as financing.


Well, I don’t see why we shouldn’t change the ordinance so I think we should change it. So let’s have leverage. I think that would be a smart elements in place. You know, you flex your muscles on an hour, not just just let’s get it done. Yeah. I would tell me of legislation by February. Yes. I said let’s do that.


Motion. Motion. Second. Everybody’s Second. All those in favor?


Oh, yeah. You had mentioned that the cloud cover then this would be for a portrait that was recommended for residential?


Just I have thought about residential because it’s easier for a company to act unilateral with a residential I’m reluctant to make individual citizens subject to criminal


sanction. Yeah, that’s that’s my concern.


So I’ll bring you some for corporate and you can tinker with a call for the question. All in favor of asking them to draw for an ordinance that would get this ordinance teeth signify by saying aye. Aye. All right. Next All right. Revised Code section 733 point 41 states the first regular meeting in January of each year and such other times as the mayor of deems expedient, the mayor shall report to the legislative authority concerning the affairs image Corporation recommends such seems to me This is the 117th Annual Meeting of planning village council and again record the higher municipal government is in fair financial condition necessarily stable, operating an efficient manner providing service to general public village residents businesses, arm College faculty, staff and students. This is my 16th annual mayor’s report as elected mayor of Hiram Furthermore, this is my 44th year as elected office in Harlem village and after three and one half years as assistant county prosecutor and probate, probate and juvenile investigating officer. Overview in the past year, after more than 50 years, the village college safety agreement was nullified. effective September 30 2022, resulting in a loss of compensation to the village between 75,030 $1,000 to the village for numerated safety services which the college elected to either engage our car or retain independent contractors. Last year the council considered passing 22 ordinances and 36 resolutions on the highlights are as follows legislation in January 2022 to two newly elected council members took their seat on the 20 and a 24 year veteran council member was sworn in as the new New Year for his eighth term as councilmember Chris Sal was installed as village council president new phones. Portage County Sheriff’s dispatch contract was signed generator while he still was damaged by a tree collapse. In February 1.1 million water project was initiated through the ohio Water Development Authority O W. DEA and the village audit was commenced and discussed. We came through the cost of that was in March the budget was a major concern with the proposal raise higher Earned Income Tax by 2020 to 5%. And or restrict credit for earned income taxes a maximum of 1% credit taxes paid elsewhere. Approval of the purchase of the EMS rescue squad approved at that time. Cost was 271,000. In April the 45,000. Our American rescue plan funds were utilized to pay the rear parking lot by a three to three vote with the mayor voting in favor of paving project made much of the subject was blighted property, plumbed bridge and residential development and testing of the reverse 911 system was accomplished as to white print paper after examination and consultation with jetco real estate to may recommend that it be released as a storage facility in June was it was advocated by former counsel Michael Greenwood that the beautification Commission and the park board be merged or combined as much as feasibly possible. Hinsdale when rock paving storm sewer project was approved by the small government small government funding and storm sewers on State Route 82. Were proceeding 22 5% Earned Income Tax failed and 1% tax credit or just 22 day 2022. awakens take the fire garage doors were approved and discussed. Then in September ordinance 2022 await and then the earned income tax credit was passed by a table with the mayor vote voting for the ordinance without an effective date that was later clarified by my financial history at the end of 2007. When I took office, the total balances on our funds meant funds was 1.36 $7,000,000.15 Yalies laters years later in November the balances of the end of November. One point went from point almost one point the village has acquired the following real estate for public enjoyment. The five five plus acres of the Ohio School for Property valued at approximately $3,000, the Hinsdale extension. Approximately two and a half years hike and bike trail practically 25. And hopefully the one acre or less from the college for stock money leaves and trash and recycling again in 2023, the fluctuation in Harlan enrollment, and the village must be in his cautious economic future. And I, what I did is I looked at the revenues from the real estate tax, the income tax and local government find the property tax allocation started and it’s flipped fluctuated, and Steve sent you those items. This year though, we had started out with it’s fluctuated from 583,000 to 642 67. And then this year, we received a total of about $700,000. I’d like to appoint to the committee’s pretty much the same that we’ve had in the past. With finance and safety. David Smith, Paul Spencer, Beth Greenwood and Chris Chris being the chair of the Investment Committee will be Chriselle the beautification, recreations of parks and I put them all in one my grandma Beth Greenwood, Chris McCreath, ad free to swing public relations retention, I’m sorry public records retention for cell economic development would be Spencer’s sell tombola backer, the village administrators designate usually it’s Steve, the college CEO CFO, fancy fire and EMS Advisory Committee. Dave Smith, Planning and Zoning Commission called Spencer later properties and sidewalks sells Spencer, Fritos. We and Smith. Website committee Chris sell on the ordinances this evening. We’ve got ordinance 2023 Dash 18. That is corrected code. We just have to correct yes. That’s on third reading. Repealing of section 3.15 which is 22 Dash 2018 Is the codified ordinances for parking fines. And that’s also an exhibit that’s on the parking permits provision was tabled. That was on secondary that’s off the table. The real closure provisions there’s an exhibit on that tonight and then we have an ordinance ratifying cast actions. fiscal officer bills 2002. That’s emergency. And we have one resolution 2000 2023 dash one authorizing internet sale for obsolete personal personal property. That’s our first reading but I think it’s so routine we could probably pass on


this Thank you, Mayor. Council cancel you receive my report by email today this afternoon. The Amtrak of course at the end of the year we should be at 100% for our revenue. And he calculates that less to two big projects that were in the middle of our rate, our overall revenue is at 104 Point 21%. You’ll see the ones that are up the general fund is level three constructions off a little straighter infrastructure state highway. Cemetery. Water and Sewer are actually I’m glad to see they are finally coming around the corner and they’re up so For over 100%. So that’s we’re doing really good there. Take a look at those following reports were provided to you on Friday, the bank reconciliation for December has balanced with the UN, but it’s not posted to the UN. Because at the end of the year, I am now in temporary mode with the UN. So until I close the year, I can’t post the bank reconciliation. So as soon as that happens, you’ll see the bank run or do something. But yeah, I’m like I said, I am in temporary mode with the UN closing out as many purchase orders that are not created reducing the ones we can reduce for bills in December as they come in in January. That’s the purpose of having a running and temporary home. That allows me two months to really get the bills in and close out the year end, as accurate as we can. What else cash summary to receive on Friday as of December 31. The bills list was as of Friday, January 6, you received that copy the meeting minutes was Friday the repo report, when to listen to Friday, and the comparison was set up. So other than that, I did want to let Council know that we also we did have an audit for your workers comp, which we’ve never had before. And the lady called and made the appointment and came in on December 22. And it was only two hours. And it was a good audit, they went through and saw how we read report our payroll through. And there were a couple of things she said that we could do to save a little bit. Showing that deferred comp in our cafeteria plan, which we are in a cafeteria plan helps our bottom line. So she was able to show that and said that we would have probably a refund, which we did receive about $460 for our true, which we have to do every year. But that was the first time I’ve had an audit with Bureau workers comp. So that was interesting. And it went very well. So um, other than that, like I said, I’m in temporary mode, have to close it up by February 28. We’re doing pretty well, with the with the purchase orders and the bills to get everything closed out, the more I can close, the better, the better. Our bottom line is, the better carryover we have. So that’s what I’m working on right now is just closing and reducing whatever I can before I close. And then the permanent appropriations will be approved, because that’s when we’ll know what our carryover is and what we have to work with and what’s coming in from the county. So as soon as that’s all done, we’re going to have that rolling. I know the department heads like to see that happening sooner rather than later. So we’re gonna, I’ve been very diligent at working on that to get that done soon. Just like the WTO is I know, they’ve been asking about giving it to us and I want to get them done as well. It is ended January, I have to get into January, but we’d like to get them done sooner. So they’re working on it. But there’s a lot on the plate. So if there’s nothing else if there’s no questions, it’s about all we’re doing right now in the office, when the limb is filing boxing up a lot of files and records to get them cleaned up because we have a lot of those links in limbo right now.


I’ll make the motion to accept the fiscal officer’s report the committee.


Second. All those in favor signify by saying aye.


Aye. nature club the Western Reserve which is the village is a member of that


with those Public Relations Committee voted on as council. It was 2014. President


Wallace was giving donations to the shop with a cop or the kids. Yeah, they were supporting a lot of the events that the fire and


police I think the other 5123


So we were members as of 2020 and the theater members to the years we’ve been averted it’s 140 a year normally,


that just never seen that before.


yeah that would have been the first one


I make a motion to pay the bills second


all those in favor signify by saying aye we don’t have anybody with the township here so let’s go into legislation first item on the agenda and ordinances is third reading this ordinance number 2,000.12 Dash 18 an ordinance enacting Title Seven chapter 351 point 16 traffic code for the Highland village there is a change in that in your exhibit


I’ll make a motion to accept ordinance 20 2218 with the amended exhibit second




everyone received tend to agree with it and the state has in place emergency legislation and language and I think this is pretty restrictive two inches two inches of snowfall that happens pretty often


administering this you guys pilots now it’s literally a lot of put on our books that states that we can infer putting emergencies No. That’s all it is. That’s why I said everybody has six other ones around those that literally say the same thing. Every municipality


is not forced


to work hand in hand with the college now but the mayor has to put that snowpine No, no no right now by Oh RC the only way we can do it is through him through radio it’s hard to get that bad signal.


That’s all it takes in the inventory two inches. That’s not what you want. I think restricted agency mail. That’s just my opinion. Do you want to amend it amended out next mistakes language


what’s the state line?


We just think it’s a maybe


I think discretion a village administrator


because we’ve already had two snowbirds this year in this legislation


first thing I think it’s over


what were your comments? Like yes, I’m trying to better understand is this attempting to resolve an issue with the declaration of the ban? The announcement of it or


we have nothing on the books right now. So we know storms coming in that we have a large amount of snow coming in and we need roads open so we can plow. This is an abandoned driving it’s hard not to mention it’s a safety issue. These kids don’t care. Equity doesn’t care. They’re getting in and out. We’re driving down the road piling roads I mean it’s only a matter of time.


Last year was the first year. First year we’ve sent out notices out there number one calls website and everything was actually moved in the past you still have so many cars out there and easily.


Look our safety people think we should do it. That’s my


new restrictions devote I’m sorry, you’ll have a chance to vote. When you think well. That’s very speculative. With five people that you cuz I just think this is my opinion that bird from constituents and they do agree with that


do you want to make a change anything? I


would say we should not make it mandatory but you know, give them some discretion. So how do you want to work?


I’d suggest is that what you’d like to do if you table it this evening and bring it on you bring it back. That indicates that the village administrator or the ways to get the show is that these two are just like motion to table


Mr. Spencer Drummondville Mr. Smith, Mr. McCree,


okay. All right. That will bring this up at finance, and discuss edit or we’ll let Tom just make the edit. Oh, okay. Okay. Thank you.


Okay. The next 30 minutes is on third reading this evening. This is ordinance 2022 Dash 19 as an ordinance repealing section 350 115 of the village of Hiram codified ordinances and enacting new section 35 351 15 I’ll make them to approve a motion to approve 2022 Second any discussion


welcome Mr. Spencer All right Mr. Smith Mr McCray?


Table 2022 days 22 tables is anytime you deal with that


get off the table the motion and data if you want now that we get a map to go with exhibit a Okay.


Moving to ordinance ordinance 2022 Dash 21 and Odinson enacting section three 11.04 of the village of fire on codified ordinances on third


reading a motion to approve


so moved second any discussion


permit form so Ryan had a you didn’t


raise families and given I want to pass but I presented it finance


now, my understanding was this was supposed to complement the park game in the sense that we had paid parking and they closed they were losing revenue. With bypassing this though, I guess my question is, is there a need to have a permit for road closures? Regardless of the part you’re inconveniencing somebody don’t know when something’s been closed the road people around most cities have if you’re going to have the equipment in roadway to get from A to a city or


have a dumpster sitting


out there with a permit me to then you have contact you know if there’s a problem go back on. Only one I would say is under age the excess and then there are times when streets are closed wherever you simply have to notify for safety services


was copied from somewhere it wasn’t Just somebody


I forget where but you’re correct me having been worked in this field, a lot of times you’ll have arrangements of other cities if you can get the part of your city so emotionally I guess we did call for a roll call.


Okay. Mr. Hemphill. Mr. Smith Mr. Spencer misters out


by moving on to this emergency 2020 trying to add 012 This is an ordinance read ratify the past actions of fiscal officer loads of harm in order to authorize necessary payments. Invoices received into the village between the last financing December 20 And the first council meeting in 2003, the urgency motion to suspend please and there will those are all attached to this some of second welcome Mr. McCree. Mr. Spencer. Mr. Mr. Smith motion to approve ordinance 2023 01 as an urgency. So moved. Second. Any discussion? Roll Call.


Aye. Aye. Mr.


Mr. McCree. Thank you for


your ordinances. Now we move to the resolution and we have one resolution 2020 Dash 22,020 23 Dash 01. This is a resolution authorizing the internet sale of unneeded or obsolete personal property for the motor vehicles and equipment owned by the village. Does anybody want I’ll make a


motion to pass on first.


Okay. Any discussion on this? Let’s do a roll call.


Mr. Spencer. Mr. Mr. Smith. Mr. McCree.


Make a motion to adopt 22. Second discussion? Let’s vote. Aye. Mr. Smith, Mr. McCree, Mr. Spencer? Right complaints, all the legislation and so forth. Now is there any other business for the good of Council, the village or the community?


May of last year we started discussing the couch farm in the house down there. In July, we reached out to the individuals that owned it and lived through their August they showed up here September. They made a statement that they were going to do something November November again they were going to do something December they reached out to us and said oh by the way, we’re not doing anything. And that’s not a surprise. Let me talk to dominant zoning and planning. We have several properties within the village that are could be declared blighted, or or in need of attention. And it’s my intent that this year we are not not to be as passive as we have in the past. And I think we should step up and start taking action on these people and Um, we’ve we’ve asked, we’ve offered to work with them. And the end result is that are working with them is they do what they’re doing. And they’re not, they’re not giving us in a game plan or any communication. For these properties and I, we let Klum Ridge go too long. And it was painful but the entire time. And these other properties I think we’ve got to


mend our behaviors.


So zoning and planning, we will get our P’s and Q’s in order by February. Sir. But I want council to know that because it’s going to be


on our dime. First, Tuesday


and I also reached out to the village of peninsula with a records request and not receiving anything back from them to have emails bounced as one was delivered. Looking at articles they started their paid are eight to 21. With 320 paid parking places with two hours, or $2 an hour parking, they expected $75,000 in revenue, they actually realized in the first three months $12,000. And that’s what 7000 visitors a day to the community. So look at what we’re looking at what kind of money we were expecting. That’s what they received 3300 places and 7000. As far as the record place, they’re going to just ask for basic information and get nothing.


So look at that and see what the law says that they have to respond within a reasonable time about three weeks, and


they’re on the very far edge of reasonable. The cases are all over the place. I’m pretty comfortable. It’s been a month, and a follow up more from water is.


In our website, as far as updating ordinances and meetings, and we’ll look through a little bit after some of our committees. Meetings are 2021 20 require three meetings. Yeah, we’re not keeping up with that. I mean, I’m kind of relying on


does end up updating or uploading, like legislation that we’ve done or agenda or calendar? minutes. I mean, she’s basically Manning and uploading. But other than that


there is some stuff on there than dated in each section. We should look at this just now. My priority. You know, when was it every morning at eight o’clock? Yeah. She gets she obtained stuff from me. Everybody


has a lot on her plate sometimes.


So if she’d been uploading the draft agenda?


Yes, she has at least that. Yes. When I send everything out Friday, she gets it and uploads it. I don’t know if she doesn’t try it on Friday. Because Friday. I’d send it out late. But Monday morning. She’s uploading.


Yeah, I think you’re right though. A lot of these other committees. The other minutes are being uploaded Well, I wish we had college that was really over medicine, technology. Well creates a new skill set. I work in an office.


It’s not hard. It just takes time.


Ready for the internship program.


I believe you guys did.


I think it was before COVID Okay elevant happened.


That was for a couple of years ago we had a young man here. He was in the IT program at college and he was excellent. You know they come to school. Great. Grandfather great to have Okay, the Chair will entertain a motion to adjourn. So moved. Second. All in favor signify by saying aye.



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