Documenters: Aurora City Council meeting for June 26, 2023

Aurora City Council meeting

7 p.m. June 26, 2023

Aurora City Hall
Council Chambers
130 S. Chillicothe Rd.

Brad Duguay, Ward 1 — Absent
Dennis Kovach, Ward 2
Reva Barner, Ward 3
George Horvat, Ward 4, Council President
Sarah Grdina Gilmore, Ward 5
Harold Hatridge, Ward 6
John Kudley, Jr., At Large — Absent
Peter French, At Large
Scott Wolf, At Large — Absent
Marie Lawrie, Clerk of Council
Karen Pope, Dir. of Personnel/Chief of Staff
Dean DePiero, Law Director
Harry Stark, Director of Public Services
Laura Holman, Director of Parks and Recreation
Tim Clymer, Finance Director
Matthew McBirney, Fire Chief

Committee of the Whole Summary

The meeting ended promptly after working through the agenda and deciding to pass all new business items to the regular council meeting at 7 p.m.

Committee of the Whole Notes

To begin the meeting, Clerk of Council Marie Lawrie completed a roll call. Absent council members included Brad Duguay, Ward 1; John Kudley, Jr., At Large; and Scott Wolf, At Large.

The committee then moved to the approval of the June 12 meeting minutes, which passed via roll call.

New Business
(a) Purchase of 2023 Chevrolet Cab Chassis 5500 to replace 2007 Ford F-550
David Frisbee, assistant director of public services, is requesting a new vehicle for the city’s service department to replace the previous one bought in 2007. This was forwarded to council.
(b) Contract with Abel Recon for the lining of the storm culvert on East Pioneer Trail
This ordinance was forwarded to council. It would allow the service department to sign a contract with Abel Recon to line a storm culvert on East Pioneer Trail.
(c) Contract with Northeast Ohio Trenching for the water line replacements on Maple Lane, Fox Hill Drive and state Route 43/Pioneer Trail
This ordinance was forwarded to council. It would allow the service department to also enter into a contract with Northeast Ohio Trenching to replace the oldest water lines in the city at Maple Lane, Fox Hill Drive and state Route 43/Pioneer Trail.
(d) CRA #1 area tax abatement to MJ Property Group, LLC, 1340 Page Rd.
This ordinance authorizes the economic development office to apply for a grant to fund a CRA #1 tax abatement to MJ Properties, LLC. This was forwarded to council.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting, which passed unanimously.

Regular City Council Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by Council President George Horvat. After the Pledge of Allegiance was recited, roll call was taken by Clerk of Council Marie Lawrie. All were present except Brad Duguay, Ward 1; John Kudley, Jr., At Large; and Scott Wolf, At Large.

Horvat asked council if there were any reconsiderations of a prior action; with none, he asked the motion to be approved. This motion was seconded and passed.

The council then moved on to the consideration of the minutes. The motion for the approval of meeting minutes from the June 12 council meeting was seconded and passed as well.

Horvat took this time to strike the executive session originally planned for this meeting from the agenda.

Mayor’s Report

Mayor Ann Womer Benjamin started her report by thanking those who visited the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall that was in Aurora last weekend, saying it was an honor and a privilege to have a piece of history in the town.

She then went into a little more detail about the Geauga Lake project. She mentioned that negotiations are still ongoing with Industrial Commercial Properties (ICP), which is selling the land. The mayor also made a point to say the purchase will not affect the rights already implemented by the Geauga Lake Improvement Association.

Following this, she announced the city’s grand marshal for this year’s Fourth of July parade as well as the festivities that will be taking place to celebrate the holiday.

Womer Benjamin then reminded everyone in attendance about Food Truck Wednesdays being held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. today and July 12.

She also said that the Summer Concert Series will continue with the Chardon Polka Band playing at Veterans Memorial Park from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, July 13.

Law Director’s Report

Law Director Dean DePiero provided a written report to council on current litigation.

Horvat asked if there were any questions for the law director, and there were none.

Council President’s Report

Horvat asked council to support a motion to amend the meeting agenda by adding ordinances 2023-105 through 2023-108 as discussed earlier at the Committee of the Whole.

A motion was made and seconded to move the legislation to the regular council meeting. All approved by signaling “aye.”

Citizens’ Comments – Legislation

Several citizens raised their personal concerns about the project at Geauga Lake. Some are residents of the area, while others are trustees from the Geauga Lake Improvement Association.

A few of the concerns brought up included keeping the area nice even though this park would be open to the public, and keeping the lake community safe as well.

One resident brought up questions regarding how city council plans on funding this project. Twinsburg’s golf course and restaurant were mentioned in relation to how residents do not want to see the same kind of financial irresponsibility in Aurora.

There was some public dismay for the project. However, one citizen expressed gratitude that the project would create a place locally to “do things” with her children instead of having to drive to neighboring communities.

Council Remarks – Legislation

In response to the residents’ concerns, the mayor answered many of their inquiries by stating that the city will not undermine the Geauga Lake Improvement Association by infringing on the rights already in place at the lake.

She also mentioned keeping the area safe by enforcing rules that will be put on the land purchased by the city, in partnership with the Aurora Police Department.

Financially speaking, the mayor tried to reassure the residents by saying that the project will be done in phases and will be funded in the same manner.

Ord. 2023-097 (From Planning Commission)
Second reading: An ordinance granting a Conditional Zoning Certificate to The Church in Aurora for Evergreen Preschool, located at 146 S. Chillicothe Rd. in the R-3 Residential District. This ordinance will go on to a third reading, to be voted on at the next meeting.

Ord. 2023-103 (From Committee of the Whole)
Second reading: An ordinance granting a tax abatement to BG Equity Holdings, LLC (LayerZero Power Systems) for a 100%, 15-year abatement of real property taxes, in accordance with the provisions of the city’s community reinvestment area known as CRA 1 and declaring an emergency in order to secure financing and proceed with development. The ordinance was adopted via roll call.

Ord. 2023-104 (From Mayor, Kudley & Wolf)
Second reading: An ordinance authorizing the mayor to enter into an agreement of sale and transfer with ICP Geauga Lake LLC, substantially in the form attached hereto, for the purchase of approximately 40 acres of land and approximately 53.63 acres of a body of water known as Geauga Lake and accepting an easement around the lake known as the “Lake Loop” for the purchase price of $4,500,000 plus applicable acquisition-related, due diligence and closing costs not to exceed $140,000, further authorizing the mayor to enter into and execute all applicable agreements, easements and other documents in connection with the purchase of the property, appropriating $1,341,525.37 from the General Fund (01) and appropriating $1,289,347.01 from the Local Coronavirus Relief Fund (23). This ordinance will go on to a third reading, to be voted on at the next meeting.

Ord. 2023-105 (From Committee of the Whole)
First reading: An ordinance authorizing the service department to purchase a 2023 Chevrolet Cab Chassis 5500 to replace a 2007 Ford F-550. This vehicle will cost $60,020 and will be used to transport materials to work sites as well as plowing side streets in the winter. The ordinance was adopted via roll call.

Ord. 2023-106 (From Committee of the Whole)
First reading: An ordinance approving a contract with Abel Recon for the lining of the storm culvert on East Pioneer Trail. The area where the storm culvert will be implemented is located between 384 and 394 E. Pioneer Trl. The ordinance was adopted via roll call.

Ord. 2023-107 (From Committee of the Whole)
First reading: An ordinance approving a contract with Northeast Ohio Trenching for the water line replacements on Maple Lane, Fox Hill Drive and state Route 43/Pioneer Trail. This project will be to replace the oldest city water lines in Aurora. The ordinance was adopted via roll call.

Ord. 2023-108 (From Committee of the Whole)
First reading: An ordinance authorizing the Department of Economic Development to apply for a grant for a CRA #1 area tax abatement to MJ Property Group, LLC, at 1340 Page Rd. This ordinance will go on to a second reading.

Citizens’ Comments – General

During this time, a few citizens reiterated their points and opinions about the project in Geauga Lake as well as around the city.

One resident, who had previously voiced a proposal to council, spoke about mitigating the plastic bag waste produced by food and retail stores. He stood before council to present more data collected on the subject. He also gave a packet to council to show the written data of Aurora’s waste production.

Council Member & Committee Remarks

Council members including Reva Barner, Ward 3; George Horvat, Ward 4; and Harold Hatridge, Ward 6 showed their gratitude for the residents who attended the meeting, thanking everyone for being able to come and voice their concerns to council.

Barner also said that she always takes the residents’ best interests into consideration when voting, and that is how she is looking at this project as well.

The mayor also took this time to thank everyone who attended the meeting and explained that the city has been trying to get as much information to as many residents as possible. She also said the city is going to continue to look for ways to keep the residents informed.

Motion was made to adjourn, which was seconded and passed via roll call at 8:10 p.m.


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Unknown 0:00
We’re sitting here for the sixth season. Yes every one of

Unknown 0:19
my patients nations.

Unknown 0:41

Unknown 0:47
to reconsider the actions of this state

Unknown 1:03
the minutes from the June 2 motion motion to approve of a downstream crop. You the comments? Yes. Yes. Yes, Mr. French Yes. Yes. All right, we need to amend the agenda and remove number six, which is Executive Session. Motion to remove that. We have a meeting second removed number six was session. All those in favor say aye. Aye. All those opposed motion carries. Mayor report

Unknown 1:53
thank you all deserve to be traveling and loyal along this past week. It was truly a great honor and privilege for a woman to have this incredible piece. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you close to six to nine, Tony knockers and all the dozens volunteers and city employees who made this memorable and meaningful as possible. It was true. True. We are still in the process of negotiating and a few weeks ago, I was an ICP regarding the charge Lake acquisition, and then had many positive and excited comments from the public. I have also received a few inquiries from the government and association of Lea regarding the impact of the purchase of posts on his residence rights to the lake. The city’s purchase will not impact we have rights to select, in addition, a path that is constructed will not encroach on your property because it is privately owned. And unless we as an easement purpose, the city has told the seller that the cap will not go through the way for the city’s beachfront property. Our sales serve as reflected on an early conceptual drawing drawing which is Southern provided. The seller has been working with gainbridge trustees to address a number of details regarding the sellers property that is in both chambers and Aurora. And it’s only we’ve only learned some of these details. So this continues to be a work in progress. And we look forward to working with leaders that we have to resolve any concerns that they have. Reverend Kevin auric has been selected as the 20 23/4 of July parade Grand Marshal. Kevin has worked since since 1981 and has touched the lives of countless people through decades of community involvement. Having served the Church of America for over 2042 years and is dedicated to working in theater and he has served as Artemis board member president and performer for the AC T productions. In addition during I think my very first year as mayor when we had a very catastrophic accident involving an employee in the city. I realized that we had no employee support office or counselors and I called the cabin and he was running through the service department he had he does so much so just to show you how he has set up for many things I hope to see you all at our July 4 celebration this year. For the fun one Why am I alive? Okay, we’ll be in the morning of July 4. And demonstration is open and information is available on The grave will begin at 11am followed by Grand Marshal recognition and family festival and once more Park fireworks will be later that evening at dusk. And you can find more information on the city website or by calling the Parks and Rec and 33243 Yeah, you have some upcoming events. I wanted to let you know about food truck Wednesdays are being held now through August and then they will be on June 28 And July 12 from 11am to 2pm. You can also continue to enjoy our summer concert series with a chart in Politico man, longtime gamer and Veterans Memorial Park and a wider team from 630 to eight. Since our last meeting, I attended the first food truck Wednesday and I also spoke to various news organizations regarding our potential for purchase of a job like that I like to wish everyone in our community having

Unknown 6:36
a question for me. Thank you

Unknown 6:50
will be the

Unknown 6:57

Unknown 7:00
doghouse near all of them Florida. This

Unknown 7:09
winter I just wanted a brief clarification on the walking path. If you’re able to provide that I’m a very visual person. So if I’m understanding it’s not the the proposal is not to make a lick. Is that correct? It’s kind of there’s a starting point and an ending point.

Unknown 7:30
This is the president of this GUI that Gilmore this is actually not our path. It’s not the city’s it’s not literally part of the city’s proposal and purchase is something that the seller has negotiated with the Bainbridge trustees and we don’t have any clear plans for it yet. But the concept is that there will be an easement a 30 foot easement around the lake, except as I said, through the LEA property only where ICP owns property and with respect to property that are more awkward at home, it was not necessarily adjacent to the lake because we want to have the beach there. We hope to acquire that easement and we’re not sure at what point ICP or its successors will arrange to build a path around the lake. And one of the initial conceptual plans that we saw was attached I think a proposed contract had a picture of something going across the way that is not what is

Unknown 8:54
printed. I’d seen and we’ll go into what was

Unknown 9:02
important things first, express interesting to see all the way to the city and property. We’ll continue to work out details when the seller lights up. As Mayor indicates they are most of the property running late except for a few parcels of it to work through those details and just indicate that the council is requesting an exercise and looking at particularly the legal rights as adjoining property owners adjacent the lake. To say that this purchase will not affect any of the rights whatever he has today he will have in one city transmits this transaction is very clear. I would also indicate that even in the Mediterranean there’s a number of attachments so you don’t you don’t have a survey yet. We’re still putting out a nice environment survey to raise a conceptual plan as the mayor and the administration develops and showing what what the what the whole park was look like. There’s also a what’s called a job to make sure using that as the mayor said that was developed by the seller a couple of years ago. I think it’s safe to say that when we purchased it we purchased it not read the data. It won’t look like this obviously we don’t want we wouldn’t want the path to to be right in front of the lake. So you’d have to interfere with the beach access. And similarly, time with the mayor and the councilman and other other individuals we would not have a pan blocking the access

Unknown 10:42
to the lake it’s just not the planet.

Unknown 10:45
And so I’ll take the hit on that it should compensate conceptual and exhibit see this is what was developed and I will tell you that the city is in the best position to make sure that this changes. I think if this property was sold to a private developer, a home builder, maybe the we could have very little control over what it would look like and what that would look like. So I think I really think that you will continue to work through this word music through the agreement. Of course we are interested in comments, ways to distribute the project to the city and to the area. So getting answering questions.

Unknown 11:29
Very person through the water. By team number one the council presidents report, conscious acid or emotion and then meeting agenda by ordinance is 2020 310 5.3. Does forgive the committee as a whole is there

Unknown 11:56
a motion to put those out tonight’s agenda.

Unknown 11:58
All those in favor say aye. Aye. All those opposed? Motion carries. Systems comments everyone wishing them came

Unknown 12:09
on legislation

Unknown 12:14
as you may have manifested in your piece of legislation. Bad, bad.

Unknown 12:24
Well, this will happen at a time where I am the secretary of the CIA and I talked to you today. I know with your contract at least from what I understand the easements need to be agreed upon prior to your final approval. And that 30 foot easement at some point is going to come through the domain. So unless you’re going to have a starting point and a stopping point, there’s a loop there and we’re so I guess the question why is is Exhibit C what she said is all it shows it probably through where the fences where we park or to the lake. So if it goes through the fenced area, we have no parking here and it goes through a lake. We have no access to the lake. So I guess there’s a bunch of us trustees officers keyholders here. We have the property for almost 100 years and have enjoyed it and our neighborhood and we’d like to continue to and we’d like to work with the city. But we also like to have some answers as far as what the city versus ICP are planning without offline, not so much the purchase or the land or the water but more so that why

Unknown 13:52
are you going to do this during the meeting, but I would ask our law directors once again just explain how this would work for anyone else? Yes, I would like to sir.

Unknown 14:11
My name is Gary rabbit. I live at 415 East Boulevard or Ohio. But a residence here for almost 60 years. I’ve been the president of the GLA cemetery for years. I know a lot about the history. And easements. We have pieces that we acquired either the property has been fired for the lawsuit settlement. We have the easement for putting docks wraps hundreds of feet out so we’re allowed to have stuff out there. But we also have the Portage County with the developer. We’ve got our cottages out there. He owns most of the Portage County Land. Grant us the latest fishing, swimming, boating. So that’s all a nice mix and also in a settlement. So it’s on Wi Fi to my house. Awesome. But we got the property so we would have access to the lake and that’s what happens. So our concern is we’ve been contacted by the developer and they wanted to tell us

Unknown 15:21
they were going to put the

Unknown 15:23
pathway right across the funnel. So that’s where our kitchen so we’ve been contacted recently about so let’s see or concerns I’m sure. So we’ve never been contacted by the city the world’s joining in and so we do have easements so we want to so everybody knows we’ve had these for almost 100 years he’s been there. And we want to know that we have four generations at least. We’ve been taking care of it for ourselves forever. It’s all volunteers. Every entire community is how we get together. We need all our good friends here. We all get together down there and it’s a sense of community. And we just want to know what the city is going to support us and that’s just for developers more than what for us. Okay. And that’s what our biggest

Unknown 16:25
Thank you. What what gets more is last name again I’m sorry sir. We need your last name again.

Unknown 16:35
rebut our ID etc.

Unknown 16:38
Anyone else? Make a surface

Unknown 16:50
plan to say things but I think man thank you for this opportunity. We need your name they’re gonna tell you when 60s Boulevard and one day first of all, I’ve been down there trust me for the last 15 years and in several other funds you know we just tried to keep the place cleaned up nice now and we’ve had so many comments on how much better it looks. And, uh, one of the things I have question and it’s a Monday story there, the there’ll be 140 acres by the SeaWorld and then having by property under the lake is that one of my understanding that right? Air.

Unknown 17:41
Thank you very much, Mr. President, Mr. kamin, telling me tell Tony. We’ve waited by the light that proves the water and land are either so wholly said yes, except to the extent Stanford media has you know, they

Unknown 18:03
are their biggest the biggest question we will probably have is, you know, if you’re many people from so many acres and we want to be a public park, we’d have an excess is going to lead. And I mean, what security measures would the city take to protect our property from people coming over on the lake and just destroying it? You know, I guess that’s the biggest question that we have.

Unknown 18:31
This is present. You know, that’s an excellent question. We talked about it. I actually had some conversations with former police officers and one of the things that we are passing in our negotiations with ICP to be in our economy is me as an owner of labor. We have the right to to set rules and regulations and enforce them to protect the better and our residents. We know we know that part of the label gay marriage. So we do have a mutual agreement with Baker mutual aid agreement regarding police and fire assistance. So we would work out who would address what issues we have we own this lake and have 40 acres on the southern end. It is absolutely our intention to keep it beautiful, to keep it as safe and to protect our residents including residents who have already rights. In the in the number of

Unknown 19:43
different times you know there’s there’s got nobody down there at different times and so it’s would be very easy for somebody to come over and just destroy what we’ve just two summers now almost clean it up. So that’s just the biggest concern and we have to because when the lake is open like that, I mean, we get people sleeping in under the fence already the way it is, and over the years entitled to do harm to the property. So that’s the biggest concern about us. So we would appreciate that security for sure. Okay, thank you.

Unknown 20:23
Anyone else?

Unknown 20:24
I have one more question. Well, I would like to say somebody else Hi, my name is everwell started that 177 chapter or allowance. I just wanted to kind of tonight say how pleased I am to have a proposal like this for for my community out. I only moved in since 2018. But one of the things I really appreciate about Aurora is the attention to a beautiful place and a place for families and a place for business is a place where I can live and grow with my husband and my kid and like my parents and we can do things. Right now I spend a lot of time driving up to Kent or pirate Hudson, or over to Twinsburg just to do some of the things that this property that this improvement will really allow us to do here in my community. So that really makes me feel very glad. Like I was so happy to get that answer. Thank you and I didn’t know it was in the works. I was on Facebook saying like, hey, I really wish there was a pool. I’m driving down the pool fish swim every week, and boy, that’s a waste of time. So it’s gonna be really great to see my kid grow up and hopefully your siblings grow up in a place here in Europe where we can all be together. And I know that I want to raise my children to protect the rights of people who’ve been protecting our lives for over 100 years. Thank you very much. Anyone else? Let’s say one more quick question. Anyone else, sir?

Unknown 22:00
65 Physical road. I’m also a fairly new resident. And she mentioned Twinsburg and we have an interesting memory of Twinsburg with a similar project one of this Twinsburg spent $8 million building a clubhouse in a restaurant. And it was for the legacy of the city. They use the exact same words. A lot of the lady here and we love the city. But that legacy became a huge division points within the city. And they ignored the concept that the money is fungible for it. So I know that you’ve said this project and we’re not bringing any taxes. And we say cost about four coordinate me to purchase. But how much are we going to spend in the development of this property? I’m guessing the 10s of millions and what other taxes were on students money spent, for example, again, going back to his birth when the citizens in the Senate voted a vote of no confidence in the city council and said we can’t approve new spending or new taxes without a vote from citizens. They then turned it around and said well, since we spent the money on it from the general fund for this slug house, then we’re going to move the money from the pension or for the pension with the police and fire from the general fund which is required by state law and in state constitution. The city provides that they said well, they put it on ballot and so we need to enact a several tasks to provide for the police and fire. And then of course, as with education, nobody can say no to police and fire right. You’re a terrible person. If you go down a police and fire pension tax bill but it was because they had spent all their money from the general fund that had been happy with this tax. So what I don’t want to see is a bait and switch to the city where they say well we got the money for the purchase. So where else sent it so we want to make sure this is done. Financial Responsibility. I want to see what happens winds are happening here the city and residents are divided and don’t have confidence in the city council because they’re spending money they don’t have and reallocating money and essentially playing bass which were the residents so that that was one of the concerns. Another big concern in the letter was imagine the electronics world record as a restaurant, and there’s a restaurant in Twinsburg in the clubhouse. The city doesn’t know how to run a business. They lost money like crazy, right? So they shouldn’t be in the restaurant business. But the bigger principle was that a good friend of mine owns a restaurant right next door to that restaurant. So the city is taxing him taking his taxes in order to pay for their restaurant to go into competition. And that is to be honestly socialists, right? And to run in harmony and I’m imagining the city of taking my tax on the opening part we’ll go over competition and read what other people are thinking. Right so I know that it was just possible proposal by the idea but itself to the meat is a very, very big concern because I don’t think that’s part of the city’s job to provide the surgeons have enemies and I think it’s totally unfair to the residents and the business owners to take their tax money to then go with the competition event especially when there’s no requirement for the city to turn a profit. Whereas a business has to turn a profit in order to say

Unknown 26:01
thank you. Thank you. So

Unknown 26:10
randomly asking 168 Timberlane the gentleman before me actually after a lot of my thoughts, whether I’m for this or against the this isn’t a material. My key concern is where’s the money coming from? I understand about the land, called me the money and so forth. But moving forward, you’re going to have to support so whether that’s the beach, whether that support, that means it’s going to be a strain on the city, the building department, the police department, the infrastructure this all of this been considered you know, it’s it’s great to have money in the head a legacy here in the city of Aurora, but you also have to look at the causes. What are your 500 line costs, it’s

Unknown 26:57
considered that

Unknown 26:59
talking to a few people here in Aurora comes down to one thing, what’s the plan? Do you have a plan or do you just need your money and say we’ve got this money? This facility is now up for sale, but it’s fine. I just wanted to see some granularity for an appointment before I would say yes or no to anyone else

Unknown 27:32
to say

Unknown 27:42
one more marijuana you need and you know what I’m gonna say a problem 424,000,005.5 COVID fund which I personally think is wrong. And when should be used for people that need it, that they’re out of work, that people that have medicine, medical issues because of COVID children use for the residents with COVID issues and same with the kids and put it on a carport for the kids to climb. Think back if you remember when they wanted us to buy the country club. We turned down the buyer to one of the cleaners $75,000 fail from the floor. So we said no. That was only a couple million dollars. Fortunately we landed and people bought it for us, Sony morality. I really think this is a bad deal for the safety of their country with a golf course. Their golf personalities align. Before that golf course is making money pretend when they bought it. Now here’s the line I if I was the sole and I didn’t want to go I’m paying for anyway. So the thing here is, I don’t think it is profitable. To do this. This is this is recorded 4.5 Then the 1.5 It’s figure off then you have buildings that have been empty for 710 years and all might be renovated. There’s no restriction on who’s paying for the demolition, reserve those. It’s not written down. We just went out and bought four properties within the last six months. That means building a house next to the library. house next to the fire station and an apartment complex. That’s the main box right there. And you still got to demolish three. Oh, I don’t know what we’re going to do the Hey, why don’t we do that? Another thing is while we’re gonna have to wait while somebody drowns in pockets, pockets. We’re going to be getting over that a little late in the treaty someday that will be ours. That’s another one. So why are we doing this? It sounds good. Sounds great. You’re better off just building a wall somewhere. It’d be done. But this is this is not to worry just for the sake of things with the money they have. What they think they have, you know, so therefore as for the logistics that have been in the walkway, then in writing them in writing. They’ve been thrown and if you have any issues over there more tonight because the mini gerrymander many years ago, the job rate or it was split by your two cents. So you have a problem. There Humana Mercer Mexican anyone else was a gentleman, sir.

Unknown 31:09
demos on Montreal, there’s a lot of permits rather than Aurora long before I was born. And this is a once in a lifetime opportunity where we can capture that lady for all time for this mic than it should be. I actually commend the mirror blog record of the console for seeing the vision of this and the capabilities of adding it to our already outstanding Parks and Recreation Department. And I just wanted to show my support out there. Thank you. Thank you. Anyone else? Search.

Unknown 31:56
Of course, my name is Gary ready 1215 Nice. Boulevard. I want to ask a couple of questions that are there she said that you guys are holding the water on the lake in New World Order so I don’t understand that. Hold it but I’m pretty sure that the state of Ohio poisoned water but maybe not that could maybe we’re gonna stop but we’re on our easements we have a very complex one motorboat which we don’t do we just use numbers because it’s dangerous. The other one is we don’t do the ice fishing. We made that. But we have the right to go out and fish and swim in all boats. And when she says she’s never going to make the rules like we have to he says we have the lowest part of you guys intended to come over there and change what we’re doing down there.

Unknown 32:43
Because you don’t need a license to. Mr. President, I think it’s important that you look at you know, first of all, any easements that are recorded and valid land with the land that will not change. Any rights. They’re there now will not change. easements can’t be extinguished because property is transferred. It runs with the land already let’s have extinguished by the that’s the first and foremost. Secondly, the city as the owner of the lake, owns the water will actually be a survey of the metes and bounds of the way. Those rights will not change. That will be fishing. I think what what I would propose is I think it’s important I would say to meet this small group of Trustees, we have to answer some questions, have some good dialogue and troubles with the game and I have talked at length about an hour ago about these issues and you know, this is a complicated agreement. We continue to work through it. But I’m happy to meet with a small group of trustees over the next two weeks and we can discuss some of these issues. I’ll grab me after the meeting okay because

Unknown 34:05
he asked the questions I got Thank you.

Unknown 34:08
Anyone else? Mayor, I’ll give you a couple of minutes to wrap this up.

Unknown 34:16
So thank you very much, Mr. President. No, no,

Unknown 34:19
I have all the questions but I will start with the financing aspect of the acquisition by instructions. And then the operation and maintenance. Yes, we have five to seven I will never go into multiple licenses. Pretty good. Manager. I will say that. Obviously. Don’t doubt yourself. You have to have the project design. And until we have it the design we won’t know all the details of that costs. But with respect to the acquisition. We are not taking this for 5.5 million from any other project that we can do it and that includes water lines. It includes the money that we’re contributing towards the the grant that we have to help with Giotto. Stormwater issues to purchase flood prone homes. That’s all impacted by this. I mean, we have all kinds of projects going on around the city and we will continue to do projects like paving and stormwater and culverts and things like that, despite this project. We believe that what we’re planning to do is to do it in stages so that we can fund it. For our general fund. We have been fortunate in order to have a strong general fund and very strong lesson on that gentleman sitting right next to me and I can tell you that we’ve had many conversations with the finance director of the finance team, and he would not support going forward with this if you did not feel even better. I have not been playing games with anything nevermind, taxpayers money and I will not be doing that. I don’t know what happened in Twinsburg. But that’s not where I am is not with the counselors is certainly not wear the finest direct shirt. But depending on you know how much certain things cost it may take a while. With respect to operation maintenance. The city will be getting some Chadd money from the jazz in Cambridge, we may recall in 19 or 2020. We reclaimed water we entered into a joint economic development arena with Bainbridge because they enrich the bayford sizes share brand new water sewer. And I would like to give it to them we wanted to have an agreement by which a lawyer would benefit from doing one water so we do that we will benefit there are taxes that we will get from being rich that we can use towards the operation maintenance and improvement of this property. We also expect to to charge some user fees or memberships to protect our piece of the park which you know and we’re not sure how that will look. It will probably involve beach access from our park to the lake and access to the pool. For instance. With respect to the restaurant, I completely agree with you. I am not in the business to run restaurants cities are not a matter of business. We we would anticipate if this is something we were wanting to do with this property that we would lease it to a restaurant or have some sort to operate a restaurant there is not one side result of course I did not go out there the restaurant. And you know we talk a lot about the cost of this project now and going forward. But I can tell you Yeah, Pulte Homes is building homes right across the street from this park. And they are building we kept a we reduced the number of homes they could build to 308 housing units and we are we know that we’re looking at this property across the street. And I will tell you there would be significant impact on the city of Aurora in many respects on surfaces, on schools on traffic work that development to the income from residential development, which is something that would deprive the rest of the people in the city other than Lea folks who are fortunate they have that access to to access the lake and I just couldn’t see that happen. I think it’s a city asset that we should all continue to enjoy

Unknown 39:52
that we’re moving on to our concert and remarks. On legislation. Legislation and ordinance 23 that we sell is known as conditional certificate to the church and for for evergreen preschool located 148 sites. In our three residential districts, and this is great. You 2023 103 Is the horse at second reading. It’s an ordinance granting a tax abatement to equity holdings LLC, later zebra college system for 100% of 15 year tax abatement real property attaches in accordance with the provisions of the city’s cute Community Reinvestment area known as CRA one at a current emergency in order to secure the financing proposed with the development and administers and testing for scratches. So just a second, we have a moment certainly spent all those in favor say aye. Aye. All those opposed. Motion carries with you have no concern for that and it comes to the public so you know, in order to follow. Yes, yes.

Unknown 41:22
Yes. Yes. Yes.

Unknown 41:27
Yes. 23 is adopted, whereas 2020 through 104. So they are happy with. It is known as authorizing the mayor to enter into an agreement of sale and transfer with ICP or delay LSC substantially in the form of the cashier to the purchase of approximately 40 acres of land at approximately 53.63 acres of popular water known as the lake and setting an easement around the lake known as the loop for the purchase of purchase price of $4.5 million plus output from the acquisition related to job, intelligence or closing costs. Jobs will receive $140,000 from the authorized mayor to enter into and execute the applicable agreements easements and other documents in connection with a purchase of approximately $1,341,525.37 from the general fund, one appropriated $1,289,347.05 from the local turn over virus relief flooded number 23.

Unknown 43:02
On February 23 5432 Norman prices at purchase prices Chevrolet cash in the 500, the average Chevrolet LLC for the use of the service department at a cost of $60,000. It’s assumed that GM government is taking the necessary punishment the capital improvement of 60 and fire emergency to close the border get secured vehicle correct inventory necessary successful dispatch so second, we have more than seven standard orders to follow up more than seven Dustin accounts in other words,

Unknown 43:59
yes, yes.

Unknown 44:01
Yes. Yes, yes. Or is it 20 to 20 certain websites and pretty much since that first year is known as accepting also love and authorizing the mayor to register the contract with evil $3,574.40 through old dad’s purchase program for the storm called lightning program at least five years necessary to destroy our emergency My life before the fall season, historicity so means that we have a lot of guilt and sadness is bad all the papers out. Sec revenues secretary came up with Yes, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. When trying to stand through one of six in fact that when I first read it’s an ordinance of lacking a bit of it awarded a contract to Northeastern Ohio trenching Services Incorporated in the amount of 1,003,467 houses to assess replacement sections of water lines. I hate the way Fox Hills Drive gets a prop 43 Pioneer Trail intersection, taking the necessary funds from the Broken Bridge vertical. Works on over 70 of our capital funding under study one stone capital funding for 70. Learn verse, us to work as soon as possible ministration test file. motion second. All those in favor say aye. All those opposed? Motion carries. Second, we have moving certainly seen that before?

Unknown 46:30
Yes. Yes. Yes.

Unknown 46:36
Yes. Whereas 2023 Watch says where it’s funny 23 One of the leaders from the first trading it’s an ordinance granting of tax abatements exemption a Property Group LLC, award premium Self Storage LLC for a 100% year tax abatement for real property taxes insurance revision so the city’s Community Reinvestment Act CRA and fire emergency in order to see a separate investigation

Unknown 47:32
any other miscellaneous. Any questions wishing to comment on Federal Reserve Board? Give us your name and address, Sir Yes.

Unknown 47:51
5861 hillside road in the city of independence I’ve been dealing with a seven acre parcel with my partner Koichiro for over 30 years in the city of Aurora. And I’ve listened to the concerns of the people here from the surrounding area of lava lake. Curious that this city is incredibly responsive. They will consider your safety concerns. They will address all of the issues about funding and operating this district council and yes, Chair. Thank you. And I think that the city is doing the right thing and I think that every person is here to be assured that the city will not perform. take anything away from anybody that’s involved in the job. It’s a central I think for the city. And I’m deeply appreciative that the city of Los Angeles

Unknown 48:56
Mr. Baca.

Unknown 49:04
For you 30 seconds

Unknown 49:12
are you going to

Unknown 49:18
email your counselor sometimes several streetlights have not been repaired. To those of us in the 70s forward,

Unknown 49:35
we come across in therapy

Unknown 49:39
for years and band around holding back. We also have all these little signs on the side in front yards. Obviously, because one of our Washington one right out down, three can’t exist to triple letters with three signs. That’s what this researchers thought they were

Unknown 50:07
I want to talk about whatever you want to get paid for the five years to pay, unfortunately, where we shouldn’t happen. I don’t understand. We went to spend $4.5 million to heart and we can’t be able full study. Is that fair to the residents and the dominant Street. Did my council rep fight for my no he said yes. The contract. Understand what’s going on with that room. Such a shame. It’s a terrible downward achievement. You can’t get a street completely done. Real quick, Ohio street between Warren Boulevard deteriorate in that was just done two years ago. And I’m Boulevard right down the road 57 Same thing started deterioration. And so when you mark that off I agree with what you want to promote. I think we need to divide and all that complex. We’re building around. All right, someone’s put the number. Why can’t we have one year? Simmer down? Why don’t we grab our feet on this? I think this guy’s done a great project. It should be done. Let’s see.

Unknown 51:33
What else? Anyone else? Council. Citizens are sorry. So is this citizens Congress? Sorry.

Unknown 51:43
Okay. All right. So, if these seven jobs for Dr. Mitchell and Shawn, I’m sure you remember me from the last time. So I’m back and I’ve got some more data for my what was little. So I’m just going to start by distributing these papers to you. Check if there’s called them a little much. All right. So, as we all know, I came here to talk about the waste issue in the city and the amount of waste that we produce collectively as a city and I collected some data from all of the stores to ensure compliance with the proposal if it ever becomes enacted, and in some form. So what I’m here to what I’m here for right now is that this proposal isn’t just going to ensure a safer future for our health, for human health and for ecology for the environment, but it’s also going to ensure that we will protect the interests of businesses that are going to see because that is very important, as of now, and so what I want to do before one I want to give a little perspective about the waste reduction in this city is that as a city as a whole, we produce around 6 million. I believe it was 500,000 of these are every retail this is for retail establishments. 6,000,600 500,000 800,000 paperbacks. That is an enormous waste of resources considering only 30 33,000 in the US on average. are distributed by retailers. So essentially, retailers are wasting millions of dollars on these pieces of garbage that are single use and are disposable. Where’s all this money coming from? Because essentially, it’s not just the price of buying these bags which only gets used once. And these which are repurposed to be using these 50 to 100 times 100 is that it’s not just the price of buying these batteries. The price for carrying them for negotiating with packaging suppliers is price for

Unknown 53:47
storage and storage fees and

Unknown 53:48
warehouses and what essentially yes or no and retailers that have eliminated these tasks such as Walmart Kohl’s worth, in other states, they’ve saved around $1 million a year specifically within Walmart. And I believe if supermarkets like Marx and Heinz here adopted a similar policy they would be able to save millions of dollars, especially for Mark because he distributed 100,000 views every single week and only 1000 apiece and people forget to bring these because we have so many of these even the people that have these views, because they’re just sitting in a garage, it’s in someone’s closet or you can’t because they just think you’re making crazy, bring their bag, come here and use the single use disposable ones that are provided by the retail store. So basically what I’m trying to put forward is that I’m not going to back down without this. I’m going to continue putting this forward to the city. I’m going to cooperate with the city individually to get this done to get at some form of waste reduction policy and activity can save us millions protection and health. Protect the environment because I’d like to remind you that as you all go to your summer vacation as you all enjoy the sun relaxing. I like to remind you that every single day that this city does not forget about the waste, the waste and production issue and the solid waste stream everyday is going to cause innocent Americans are going to have to die from these petrochemical companies pumping these plastic bags into our natural environment, into our soil into our agricultural supply to our water drinking water and it’s going to kill millions every year from cancer from birth defects on other issues. So thank you for listening. Yes. So thank you for listening to me. That’s what I want to say right now that I can talk with the city councilors afterwards about implementations and if that is possible, thank you. Sir.

Unknown 55:47
Your name address please check out

Unknown 55:49
Ryan this design we’re wanting to provide Florida shooter detection. I came up here because I saw on Facebook that there was concern about the jobs like do I actually need to rock and roll out of the way that I came back to it’s a great place to live. You know, I really enjoy where I live not because we have access to like I’m not against us having access to Lake and others as well. And I think it’s great that there’s reassurances here, that we’re going to make sure that there’s some form of writing reassurances for the folks in our DLA that we’re not going to have any pressure in the province. Beyond only question that I asked which could have answered my question from beginning when I’d be here tonight is Is there some level of transparency for the homeowners and the taxpayers in Aurora the folks like myself reminder that can just see, you know, maybe a web page that gives an update as to the project or the agreements that we’re going to have because it’s not likely that there’s going to be a 30 foot easement, then it doesn’t really matter if you seen this meeting unless it’s actually your writing in that agreement with the members.

Unknown 57:22
So that you may want to miss out on I have to do the delta

Unknown 57:35
can do for me

Unknown 57:45
this barn

Unknown 57:48
for coming tonight. I know that the city is very important to each one of us. All of your comments are definitely from myself and I’m sure speaking of the rest of the council devoted to the project I moved to mourn 2006 And then the GI Bill Lake Area closed two years later we’ve been looking at and as we say to our community, I know that when I go on things, I will definitely always keep in consideration of how it affects our progress. So you have that from me and all of our council. People are not trying to do anything and

Unknown 58:30
never do anything to harm or do a backroom deal or anything like that

Unknown 58:36
for the residents here so I just really appreciate you coming out and speaking of how you feel about the relationship, what happened to Ansel, thank you for that. I also want to wish everybody a very Happy Fourth of July very safe one. During this process, definitely I think transparency is very important. I know that there’s anything that comes up. I believe that not only should we know but you should know as well. process. So just want to say that and thanks for coming

Unknown 59:12
here I was going to thank all of you for coming in compromise and voicing your opinion. And this is where it’s all the other thing I can think all the people out here who thought that the law did not involve fantastic display emotions you guys used to do? First

Unknown 59:52
question and there are a couple of comments. Mayor. First of all, thank you for more volunteering. chance to spend a few days there and others. It’s really heartbreaking. And nice to be there. So

Unknown 1:00:10
I appreciate that. You’re a great seller. Thank you

Unknown 1:00:15
so much for being by comments at any point from the job later today. Many different comments and questions always come up as counsel. And whenever I see a large group of people lawyers wondered where they were in what’s going on. Because you guys have been tremendous rainfall issue who understands it? So I really appreciate you guys being here for for being cautious to be nice as possible. They still may or whatever what else some. So I really appreciate you guys being here.

Unknown 1:00:56
Thank you very much. I wanted to make sure you all knew that this was on the TCL we were not permitted to make it public until it came before Council. And we’ve been working on Frequently Asked Questions for instance to put on the city’s website. I sent out a letter to everyone in the community because we were trying to figure out how to make sure everyone knew as soon as possible since we don’t have a paper route. So we did that and they will continue to look for ways to make sure in the wrong form. I truly appreciate you being here it is it is part of how a city works and you have your input is very important. And we talked about how we would get together with such point as we could we don’t have all the information yet. We’re still obviously working on it. But thank you sir.

Unknown 1:02:06
Motion to adjourn

Unknown 1:02:09
the month after

Unknown 1:02:11
the chairman’s report. Yes, yes. Yes, yes.

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