Letters: Readers respond to the op-ed about Covid in Aurora schools

The following letters are comments on a recently published op-ed by Aurora parent and former candidate for county commissioner John Kennedy.

I am happy to say Kent City Schools made the safe decision to mask. Why any school would be more worried about angry parents than child safety eludes me. You don’t need to believe in the same politics to have a safe learning space. It has become increasingly obvious that many people will not do “the right thing” on their own. I am in full support of mandates for HEALTH!

Cindy Widuck

My 9-year-old grandson wore a mask daily and is one of the kids who tested positive at this school.

Being quarantined at home with him, my 7-year-old granddaughter and both parents (double vaccinated) have all now tested positive.

When masks were mandatory in Ohio schools, he held a school board meeting at a location outside of the school so these attending wouldn’t have to wear masks.

I believe without doubt that the superintendent is to blame 100% and should be censured or removed from office.

Seymour Ellis

Well reasoned and well written. Oh, but if we could but set politics aside. I don’t know why this is so hard, especially when it involves our children.

Brad Brotje

What a sad commentary on this superintendent and the board that employs someone this misguided. Time for some personnel changes on the board at election time and the superintendent now!

Jerry Loudin

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