Letter to the editor: Portage County Young Democrats support Melissa Celko

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With the retirement of their current city council member, voters in Kent Ward 1 have an important decision to make on Tuesday, May 2. The Portage County Young Democrats urge Ward 1 voters to support Melissa Celko for Kent City Council.

Melissa has spent 30 years working in leadership positions at Kent State University and the Cleveland Clinic. She’s running for city council because she wants to create a more welcoming community for all, with a focus on bringing community members to the table, making public safety and health a priority for council, and creating affordable and safe housing for Kent residents.

More importantly, Melissa is committed to fostering a more open and inclusive city council, that invites every stakeholder in the Kent community to participate in local government, with the primary goal to make Kent the best place to live, work and play for all residents.

Each year the Young Democrats launch an endorsement process that includes every Democrat running for office. Each candidate is invited to complete an endorsement questionnaire, which is then published online for our membership — and the community — to review. Each member then has the opportunity to vote for the candidate who they feel would best represent them as an elected official. Melissa Celko was unanimously endorsed by our organization.

We strongly urge the voters of Kent Ward 1 to take a moment to read Melissa’s responses to our questionnaire online at www.portageyd.org/candidates, and to vote for Melissa Celko for Kent City Council on Tuesday, May 2.

Christopher Clevenger, President, Portage County Young Democrats

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