Documenters: Edinburg Township Trustees meeting for Jan. 26, 2023

Edinburg Township Trustees

Jan. 26, 2023

7:30 p.m.

Tim Pfile – Trustee, Chair 

Chris Diehl – Trustee

Absent: Jeffrey Bixler – Trustee, Vice Chair

William McCluskey – Fiscal Officer

Jesse Baughman – Fire Chief

Absent: Rhonda Lipply – Zoning Inspector

Listen to audio of the meeting here:

Documenter’s Notes

The meeting was called to order by trustee Chair Tim Pfile and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll was called, the agenda approved, and minutes from Jan. 12, 2023 were also approved. Four chairs were set out for community members. Prior to the meeting, this documenter stepped out for a minute. Upon returning, there were seven other onlookers in the room, and several chairs had been added. 

Community member Jeneen Kubala was on the agenda. Kubala arrived a few minutes late, smiling and carrying a large placard; she and the placard represented Edinburg United Church. The church will celebrate its 200th anniversary May 18, 2023. Kubala and the church asked to donate a commemorative bench to Town Hall. The church would purchase the bench, and Kubala said it would either pay for or reimburse the township for the concrete pad necessary for the bench. She also displayed an engraved plaque that would be attached to the bench. The trustees will make arrangements to accept the gifts.

Kubala then engaged Fire Chief Jesse Baughman about a community Easter egg hunt, which is traditionally hosted by the fire department but had been “put on hold due to COVID,” according to the chief. Kubala collected 2,500 eggs from post-Easter sales in 2022, and she has more that she had not yet inventoried. Chief Baughman and Kubala decided to work together to lead the Easter egg hunt. She inquired about sanitation for the April 1 event, and the trustees agreed to look into an earlier placement of porta potties to accommodate the crowd. Baughman offered to bring trucks to the event, and Kubala thought she might be able to get a K-9 demonstration, too. Several Dr. Seuss characters are also scheduled to make an appearance. Kubala inquired about using the township’s electric billboard for promotion and how many characters of type could be displayed. Before leaving, Kubala introduced the church’s newly installed reverend, identified as Pastor Susan, to the board, after first introducing the reverend to Kubala’s friend, Terry. 

Roger Mansfield, president of the Southeast Lions Club, also addressed the trustees to offer the Lions’ services to people of the community. Terry Mann (unknown spelling of surname) requested that Town Hall landscaping be added to the next agenda. 

Following official township correspondence, Kubala left, and the entire crowd went with her, leaving only this documenter and elected officials. She noticed this documenter’s press badge and exclaimed, “Oh, The Portager. Did you get all that?” This documenter answered affirmatively. “Would you like my phone number?” This documenter declined.

Old Business

The trustees discussed minor improvements to Town Hall administered by the road crew. They discussed vacation and raises for employees, but they declined to make any decisions until the board could review current policy and hear Vice Chair Jeffrey Bixler’s input on these matters.

Department Reports

The board reviewed Kevin Biltz’s road/building/cemetery/park report, which included: updated LED bulbs, quotes for a steel entrance door for Town Hall, leaf removal, recertification for chemical applications for the maintenance crew, and an inventory of Veterans Memorial markers. Chief Baughman submitted his year-end report. It had been a quiet month, the chief said. The department is seeking part-time firefighters. There was no zoning report. The trustees reviewed financial reports submitted by Fiscal Officer William McCluskey.

New Business

The trustees requested that McCluskey try to beat the Feb. 1 deadline to add the 1.5-mill fire protection levy (renewal) to the May ballot. Chief Baughman discussed adding a bond to the November ballot. A motion was made to add 2023-004 “resolution of necessity for levying a tax not exceeding the 10 mill limitation for the purpose of providing fire equipment and staff.” It was seconded and passed. This is a renewal levy. 

A motion was made and passed to pay the bills.

The meeting adjourned at 8:37 p.m.


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Unknown Speaker 00:00
The question of wagons so we have a township meeting on January 26 2023. And so through a political play

Unknown Speaker 00:10
once we have this

Unknown Speaker 00:30
world calls your distributor distributor dill yes he’s here from a slightly different

Unknown Speaker 00:49
motion approve the agenda for January 26 2023.

Unknown Speaker 00:53
I’ll say hello. I’ll second you seen cabal and asked to be on the agenda but I don’t see your show me here. Okay. So so that changes the agenda for Volker she’s gonna be here okay

Unknown Speaker 01:10
file motion to approve their reauthorization

Unknown Speaker 01:16
that’s regular meeting that’s a type of regular

Unknown Speaker 01:21
or regular trustee meeting from January 12 2022

Unknown Speaker 01:26
So move

Unknown Speaker 01:31
it’s not right it’s 2023 2022 I read it just like it was written or read it

Unknown Speaker 01:41
was like as loud went to 23 Okay by Chris Yes, Mr. or Miss

Unknown Speaker 01:54
spent two hours going through and changed all my templates that

Unknown Speaker 02:01
you see, there she cow sorry

Unknown Speaker 02:16
we could start with you if you’d like, Oh, that’d

Unknown Speaker 02:18
be great. Well, you’re gonna be the first to see our are about to have a banner. And the church also, as you know, we are heading our 200th year anniversary, I hope you knew that. We’re going to we just had a birthday brunch at the church with all the church members getting a fair month of birth there. And so we were starting it off. And then the next thing February is what we’re here to ask you for. Is if we could have permission to donate a bench in honor of the church 200 here and we’d like to have it here on the on the town hall property. We know that it’ll cause you have expense for a slab and you know all kinds of bolts and screws and stuff that people won’t be able to, you know, steal it. And we have it in our budget that would be able to do that. Because we don’t want it to have an expense for you guys. We give you a gift and then you got to pay for it. You know so we we’d like to know about what you would think that would cost or if you want to just let us know and we’ll reimburse you when you put down the concrete pad and everything that you got to do.

Unknown Speaker 03:45
All right, why don’t we? I think we’d be better off if we just did that. Why don’t we Why don’t you just let us for the pad and get it all prepared and then then you new green versus

Unknown Speaker 03:58
that would be great. We have no idea where you want it. Where are you? Well we kind of want to put it over on this side. And Terry and I’ve been talking about it because we want to get into the planning of the area that he that I guess you’ve talked about a little bit about the picnic table area and stuff like that. I think that I think you’ve talked about it.

Unknown Speaker 04:23
Well that would be that with the park eyes Ricard board meeting and as I was talking to Tim, when I when we received the call from her about the bench that they would like to donate it that’s when we got to discuss it that I’m going to need a pad you know and security.

Unknown Speaker 04:42
I don’t we don’t want to chain that somebody could come and pop it. You know if we could have an eye in the concrete and something else because we wanted it’s a it’s a very nice plastic

Unknown Speaker 04:55
Christmas is transplants like the porridge

Unknown Speaker 04:59
right? It’s bad and we’ve got it. It’s the same color, almost like the walls, it’ll be neutral. You know, we just wanted to make it nice. And then we would also then when you all start doing things over here, we would like to be part of the to, to help out with brackets on the, on the electric poles or, you know, brackets or hooks for the for the flowers and stuff like that. Because when you go down through Atwater and you go around Hudson, and you go around town Beach, they have the nice, you know, baskets, and it just kind of makes it nice in the summer, that you’re, you know, showing off your community and we all have a lot to be proud about over 200 years. Jesse, you’re the fire chief. Right. Okay. I want to I want to talk with you later, but I’ve had, I’ll tell you why. Anyway, so that’s we want to do in February, we would like to know if we could maybe have a date and time that we could dedicate it. I’m going to give this to Roger because he’s gonna put it on it. Put it on the bench. But like I said, it just says dedicated in honor of the Edinburg, United Church 200th year anniversary, May 18 1823. May 18 2023. Wow. So that’ll be on the back of the bench. So then the other thing, and it’s an apology that I hadn’t talked to you sooner, just see, because I jumped the gun with this easter egg come this year. And I found out that usually the fire department does it.

Unknown Speaker 06:49
We have in the past we it got put on hold, obviously because of COVID. Yes. I have no objections.

Unknown Speaker 07:02
Okay, well, I might, I might use you a little bit of help to tell me about how many eggs because lamb have

Unknown Speaker 07:09
a bunch already that we could probably donate because

Unknown Speaker 07:13
I want to tell you what I said. I said to the congregation last year, because I found out that when I asked about the committee for the 200th year, the next thing was I nominate you need to be the chair in the end. So anyway, I said to him at Easter time I said, after Easter Dollar Store Walmart, everybody’s gonna have him on sale, right. So I said picks him up and then just given to me, I have about 2500. And I have even more that I haven’t counted. So I appreciate it. But maybe we’ll just have you. But I wanted to ask you at that time, if you guys would want to come with the fire engines and be there. It could it could be a community thing. It doesn’t doesn’t have to be Edinburgh church or the fire department. But I was going to ask you if it would be fine if you guys would come and have a presence there. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 08:12
no, I think that’s perfect. I was actually going to bring that same thought mine to the association. You got to talking about it.

Unknown Speaker 08:21
Okay, because I almost stopped at your house. And then now I’m not going to do that. Because I said I know we’re just the Impala live but I waited for the meeting. That’s okay. And then the other thing with the April event, there is no porta potties or is there a porta Potti that’s handicapped on the property.

Unknown Speaker 08:45
Just one handicap. porta potties.

Unknown Speaker 08:48
One is the ones there. Year round. There’s one. There’s one handicapped one there. Year round.

Unknown Speaker 08:55
Okay. Now we heard that you have is it somebody under contract? Do we have people with 100 gift $100 and delivery and then 150 For the porta potties. Is that contract? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 09:12
I guess it’ll be I’m not speaking for the whole board. But we generally bring them there. The first of May. One month earlier,

Unknown Speaker 09:23
restricted stone brought in? Well, I

Unknown Speaker 09:25
was gonna say we have a service that we use at the church for the Boy Scouts. And they charge like $62 for just they’ve delivered free and it’s $2 or $62 each. And we thought you know, we could get more for our buck if we did that way but I didn’t know if that is not kosher. You know, I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes.

Unknown Speaker 09:52
So all in a row at this point is Kevin is working on. We got contract pricing from the Porta Potty They They raised them up heavens. So we are moving ahead with contrast, again, Kevin’s getting other price from a different company. So that was my discussion with him two days ago. So 62 is still a lot cheaper than we had.

Unknown Speaker 10:19
And I think that’s what Matt had said at the meeting. So if you

Unknown Speaker 10:24
needed more than just that one, I don’t know, there’d be any opposition, if you want it to go ahead and place it and then remove it.

Unknown Speaker 10:33
Okay. The other thing is, I’m going to contact Sheriff, housekeepers, and see if maybe they would also have a presence there. And maybe if they could bring a canine and have a canine dog demonstration for the kids, which is kind of nice. And that way, I could just feel that they would be able to start learning respect for the fire department in the police department and not be scared. You know, people try to do things and I think that, you know, they ought to know that they’re your friends, they’re not there to, you know, be the bad guys. So and then, we think that I was there anything else I was gonna have to sign? Oh, yes. And then putting the events that we’re having on the sign by the gazebo is that how do we do that? Like, if we say, March for Dr. Seuss, for because we’re having Dr. Seuss for enhance. Thing One and Thing Two, and Dr. Seuss and a pancake breakfast. So from my 10 to noon on that Saturday, we’re going to we’re inviting children that come there. And we’re going to read Dr. Seuss books, and we’ll have the characters and they’re going to play Dr. Seuss games and, you know, then they’re going to Do Face Painting and stuff like that. So we wanted to know, you know, when we’re gonna have events, like for the next six months, if we could, you know, like, post it on? Like, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 12:17
name takes care of that.

Unknown Speaker 12:19
Nate, Nate works. Department.

Unknown Speaker 12:21
Okay, how many characters thinking I mean, letters? I mean, I didn’t

Unknown Speaker 12:26
want to talk to him about exactly sure.

Unknown Speaker 12:29
Because I don’t want to make it too wordy, but like, you know, yeah. And church, Dr. Seuss, the Dayton retirement stuff. Yeah. Yeah. And then we were talking about the sign there by the fire department. But that would be redundant, wouldn’t it? If we have it there, and then try to do because you guys have sometimes your own things you have up there. So we were looking at, you know, probably doing a lot of social media and getting stuff out there. We also,

Unknown Speaker 12:56
you’re gonna have your sign as well.

Unknown Speaker 13:00
We’re gonna have an honor. Well, we’re gonna have a sign. I have an eight. I have an eight foot by four foot banner in my car. It’s gonna it’s looking like this, and we’re gonna have it on at the church, we’re gonna have

Unknown Speaker 13:12
putting the address on our sign, which will, you know, you’re, you’re saying,

Unknown Speaker 13:16
oh, okay, I see what you mean. Yeah. As far

Unknown Speaker 13:19
as I know, we would. Yeah. Who does? I don’t I don’t know who at least has doing it right at the moment. Okay, I know that all she has to do is tell them tell him and they’ll

Unknown Speaker 13:26
do. Okay. Yeah. So because sometimes, you know, they don’t, you’re just turning this way. You’re coming in that way. You don’t see the sign. So we’re trying to get it for both. But let’s see what else we have? Oh, yes. And then well, we’re gonna have the memorial day we’ll have the pearl was was Memorial Day breakfast. But before that, on May, the first will be our picnic and our celebration for our birthday, because the birthday is on the 18th. But we went to Sunday, the 21st where we’re going to we have a half of my car right now. 500 postcards saved the day that we’ll be sending out in some of the ministers that have been here. And if there are people that you think that, you know, had been here or been trustees A while ago, and if you feel that you want to invite them, let them know we’re doing it. We can either give you some postcards or let us know the addresses, and we can send them out. You know, we have a right now I have two families, the Campbells in the branch fields, and they’re five generations of the church. They’ve been in the church for five generations. So we’re also asking other members and other people to tell us if they have a family history. We want to make sure that we’re recognizing that too. But so I think I think it’s gonna be fun. We’re gonna really try, you know to celebrate and really make it memorable.

Unknown Speaker 15:07
Expensive that’s going to be at the church.

Unknown Speaker 15:11
Right at the park.

Unknown Speaker 15:12
What’s a? What date is the Easter egg hunt?

Unknown Speaker 15:17
It’s going to be April 1. And that’ll be starting at noon. So just whenever we’re just gonna say start at noon because if we say noon to two somebody comes to two and the eggs are gone. You said you’d be here to to

Unknown Speaker 15:42
so we’re gonna know that sounds good. Any questions? We get you guys given us

Unknown Speaker 15:53
any demonstrate any type of demonstration theme from the fire department as well or you just want

Unknown Speaker 15:58
that would be great. No, if you could do something like that. I think it’d be great. If it’s okay with you and the guys, I think it’s just wonderful to have the kids interact with the community. Maybe you do. There’s this Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 16:16
Well, I’m thinking like an old junior combat firefighter combat.

Unknown Speaker 16:20
Yeah. Well, I think there’s also us

Unknown Speaker 16:24
if you need to care for anything, he just volunteered himself.

Unknown Speaker 16:30
When I used to work with elementary school, there was a separate like search and rescue dog. Which is separate. I believe it’s separate from the forage.

Unknown Speaker 16:43
I don’t know if Portage County has that. I don’t know that.

Unknown Speaker 16:47
They were added. Okay, I know we had them come in for several days too.

Unknown Speaker 16:54
Because the sheriff’s department here in Portage just got their six dogs. And they’re getting trained. But yeah, there

Unknown Speaker 17:03
we have I have connections with a couple of search and rescue dogs not necessarily from counties close by. So

Unknown Speaker 17:12
if you want to do damage, contact, that would be good. Especially with us having West Branch and stuff around here almost giving him water safety a little bit. You know, talking about that and the wonderful Okay, guys, you’re easy.

Unknown Speaker 17:36
But we’re not using the concession standard.

Unknown Speaker 17:38
No, we’re not. No, no. I mean, the pavilion. It’s just there. I mean, if you sit under that, that isn’t a problem or anything more Hammond Oh, covers. Yeah, hook up. Maybe you’d say for anything.

Unknown Speaker 17:52
I don’t know if anyone was writing April 1.

Unknown Speaker 17:56
Now, do we? Do we? Do we need to pay a fee for this? Or that? Okay, I didn’t realize I was just I’m just kind of ahead of the budget and I’m just trying to see where we’re at we

Unknown Speaker 18:08
we do charge a little fee to reserve the

Unknown Speaker 18:12
pavilions but we waive it for

Unknown Speaker 18:15
the community organization.

Unknown Speaker 18:19
Yeah, because I just thought someone’s gotta have stuff just maybe stack like tubs that we just took all the eggs out Okay,

Unknown Speaker 18:31
does anybody else have anything else?

Unknown Speaker 18:33
We’re all here because she asked us to

Unknown Speaker 18:39
and warm towards the pastor suits and did you introduce yourself? No, I did not. Well, first of all, I want you to meet my friend my friend Tammy.

Unknown Speaker 19:02
Let me ask Terry Let me ask Terry and Terry and I know you live a little down ways down the road from your soccer my dog Why did not quite as little weights down the road. catty corner

Unknown Speaker 19:30
also representing southeast lions one

Unknown Speaker 19:33
second, just for this. State your neighborhood.

Unknown Speaker 19:38
Oh, Roger Mansfield President southeast Lions Club. Okay. And I just wanted to also let you know that we’re here because the main thing that if your residents have, I hear situations where we can go in and get a glasses or something like that, or we do help out with any one would have as listed on the fire or something like that we come in and try to help before the insurance can come in and kick you out. So I just want you to know that we are here for you reach out to me, and we’ll try to help out whenever we can. Great. We settled a lot of our stuff towards the school because there are five townships. So it’s hard. It’s hard to do something for safety. The fire department in Virginia has no qualified. So we do a lot of our stuff towards the school. But we are here for all of the township community stuff. Great.

Unknown Speaker 20:39
Yeah, I was just wondering if I could be put on the agenda for the next board meeting, here to discuss. I don’t want to get too detailed. But we had the advisory board for the park. And I first want to say thanks so much, Tim, you’ve been a wonderful representative from the board that we had been talking to Tim about the sign and the electrical. He got ahead of me just a little bit that you should be receiving that check. You might receive a check for $7,038. For the we promised you guys that we would get it under underwritten. So we have your sign in your lightning put together. And then I got an email today. If it’s okay, if we can have authorization to start the landscaping for the project for the park bench. The landscaping on this corner and this side wall and the landscaping in front of the administration building. Can we have authorization to start that project they would like to start you didn’t mark it that

Unknown Speaker 21:53
we’d like to see, I think we ought to see about what you have planned for design. Yes. So just something they it doesn’t have to be you know, anything fancy but just some kind of an idea what you’re going to do first,

Unknown Speaker 22:05
we did we just a part of it. Sure. You also gotta remember, we’ve definitely appreciate what you guys do here. Don’t Don’t get us wrong, but we we have to take care of after you guys leave the guys here up to be able to maintain it.

Unknown Speaker 22:23
We need to make a little noise.

Unknown Speaker 22:25
So we got to make sure that it doesn’t get too, too fancy, too fancy that that makes it a burden for our township guys to be able to take care of.

Unknown Speaker 22:36
And we I talked to the road department about that. And they said Terry make it as some old Yeah. And because when they come in with those tractors and mouth, they just want to go around the edge and get going. So that we did talk to the people about it. If you’re

Unknown Speaker 22:51
if you’re already talked to him while you’re, you’re heading in the right direction. Yeah, yeah, if you can get a little bit of a plan. Sandwich, you’re gonna read what you got, from my mind. We appreciate

Unknown Speaker 23:01
one thing you guys can do. I know you guys let the one scouts use the town hall. Talk to them about the weeds and stuff periodically because the scouts that use the church, we have them come in in the spring and then they we do help with the weeding and stuff like that. So that’s something you can talk to Jamie about. Okay. So or I’ll say something to her about I mean, bringing it up to you guys, but they’re usually pretty good about that stuff. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 23:25
So some good projects for your for your local four H clubs. Now your nonprofit

Unknown Speaker 23:32
and a lot of community service anytime. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 23:36
Okay. That was that was an arene I was checking nobody’s got one reserved so they’re, they’re now reserved for the church.

Unknown Speaker 23:44
Okay, great. Thank you. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 23:49
Anything else? No.

Unknown Speaker 23:55
correspondence, you have correspondence Chris.

Unknown Speaker 23:57
No, I don’t have any

Unknown Speaker 24:00
but yeah. Let’s see that se primary school the kindergarten registration. They want us to put it on the sign there.

Unknown Speaker 24:14
Reporting Djordje well, don’t forget it’s on my on my notes on my phone number.

Unknown Speaker 24:21
I’m great. Thank you

Unknown Speaker 24:32
this I believe

Unknown Speaker 24:41
I’m assuming they just want to the fact that their parents information to be able to Wednesday, March 20. Yes, we do. We like to get on yeah that’s all correspondence I have for business, Chris? No.

Unknown Speaker 25:14
Okay, I guess all we got didn’t know if you just need to bring this up. What do we have to do with this?

Unknown Speaker 25:29
It was sent an email. And I know you guys were on it. But Jesse was here too. So I wanted to bring this up, because remember, we had discussed, Medicare is requiring us to do that odd elections that just seem weird, because the end of this is Medicare ground ambulance data collection. Is part of this. Why didn’t No? No, you were following up with Jesse. But I didn’t know if this was something that data coordinator did go to or the Feds educating, like the last part of the course is educating you on this.

Unknown Speaker 26:13
I got I know I got an email. I think Jeff got an email on it, too. Right. So I

Unknown Speaker 26:17
just printed it out. Because I want

Unknown Speaker 26:18
to, you’re gonna look into this to see if it’s worth participating in.

Unknown Speaker 26:23
was actually, I saw the email. I read it again, I didn’t get I didn’t know.

Unknown Speaker 26:28
It looks at the bottom, the top where it’s a Medicaid data entry. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 26:33
didn’t see all that farm.

Unknown Speaker 26:35
Maybe. Andrea Lightforce. Yeah. I mean, I don’t you know what I mean, sometimes I have a hard time deciding if something’s I know that I just moneymaker thing or if it’s,

Unknown Speaker 26:50
I think I looked at those dates. I don’t have my Work calendar. And I think I looked at those dates. And I saw that I don’t think I’m gonna be here for those days.

Unknown Speaker 27:01
Do you think? Do you think that that you could talk to Lightforce? And see if see if we see somebody from us?

Unknown Speaker 27:09
Ship go? Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 27:09
think. I don’t think Do you think there’s a chance that maybe Shannon might be able to go?

Unknown Speaker 27:18
past me? Or actually, I was thinking about? Honestly, I was thinking about Amber? If Amber cannot work? You know, I was just looking for a reference because she’s, she’s the EMS coordinator, which would she has to track, like making sure that we’re putting our reports in, right for, for

Unknown Speaker 27:35
I was it was sent to me too. And like, I don’t see any value for me to attend it.

Unknown Speaker 27:43
Check to see if it’s worth going to and if it is, and we don’t need approval for $100.

Unknown Speaker 27:50
Right, I can even do I can just pay for with the credit card. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 27:55
Yeah, want to check that Lightforce and see if it’s something that they need to look at. And if so, wait, see if you can make arrangements for somebody who represents Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 28:10
That was correspondence or business Christy.

Unknown Speaker 28:16
The brainy and Debbie are working together to pick out a color. Okay, what they want to what they think about your painting. And I think you’ve talked to Kevin already and I happen to see him at the attractive place down here and board members,

Unknown Speaker 28:35
Henry Roper is going to paint the interior the town hall. Yeah. So, okay, so they’re gonna get

Unknown Speaker 28:41
to coordinate when the floors are done. So yeah, that kind of bar after

Unknown Speaker 28:46
the after, I’m sure because they have to do I mean, they gotta catch drywall and all kinds of stuff. So what are they coming to do the forest?

Unknown Speaker 28:59
Debbie and ratings meeting here tomorrow morning, okay. And they’re going to call and call them guys to get all that set up.

Unknown Speaker 29:12
Business, I guess,

Unknown Speaker 29:14
Kevin, talk to me about he’s the Kevin talked about his vacation. He said he’s got his time and for so many years, what is it? After how many years he gets another?

Unknown Speaker 29:27
So the policy I don’t have the book with me. The policy basically be be eligible for four weeks? No, three weeks after eight years. And this was this is a year when he died is three weeks. Two years ago. Right? He got he was only supposed to get to three weeks. This year. You guys gave it to him? Three years ago. So now he’s saying well, I’m do four weeks cuz

Unknown Speaker 30:02
we just kind of bonus I think we, we didn’t give him a raise that year. And we gave him an extra week of vacation instead of a raise. No, I know, he didn’t ever raise that year. I know for a fact, I looked back and found it. For that, because he gave, we wanted to give him a name. A pretty good race that year. And he told me, you know, I’d rather just have another week of vacation instead of a race. So we gave him a week instead of a race. So in my opinion, that’s, that’s like a wave wave, he forfeited money that he will never ever get from us for that week of vacation. So in my opinion, is that you should get as a use for another week of vacation, don’t you think?

Unknown Speaker 30:48
Probably. I, I guess I, I’ve always looked at vacation. seems like to me, it’s an easy thing for us to get. None of our guys ever seem to abuse women. Right? Don’t take it when they, when we’re right. They watch. It isn’t like, it isn’t like some factories where we got to, you know, or even the school system, they have to bring somebody in to cover, we’re not covering his job, right. To a certain extent, it doesn’t have to cost us anything.

Unknown Speaker 31:23
Now we can table it and talk and we talk to Jeff, if you want, if you think we need to

Unknown Speaker 31:28
feel better about that, but just do this to college. But I don’t have a problem. So what what’s that, more or less add another week on to his vacation?

Unknown Speaker 31:41
You really will need to Yeah, so from a human resource aspect. From human resource, you’re in order to retain people. That’s why vacation scheduler you set up with that. Now, if you hire somebody, and they said, Well, I have three weeks, I’m not going to start at two weeks, and you say, Okay, we’ll give it to you. But then you’re back on that schedule, because that’s the policy. That sounds Japan’s. So. So from the fiscal aspect, that’s how I look at it from my human resource background. Okay, that that’s why those are installed. Now, your policy says one thing, and I’m stumbling over it all the time, because, you guys,

Unknown Speaker 32:27
I know, we make such

Unknown Speaker 32:28
changes, and no one’s gone and change the policies. So you’re going to bring somebody else No, Nate can say, well, he’s getting four weeks after eight, eight years, why can I

Unknown Speaker 32:40
stop the same thing, but unless Nate’s gonna worry unless Unless he’s gonna forfeit a raise? There’s, there’s a monetary thing.

Unknown Speaker 32:49
You just have to be careful. Okay. I

Unknown Speaker 32:51

Unknown Speaker 32:52
it cycle to any new participant that comes in,

Unknown Speaker 32:55
we need to spell it out is what we

Unknown Speaker 32:59
will do. I I’m not guaranteeing that he’s getting four weeks this year. Because originally, you got that week when you got to that eight year mark. All right. And I’ll fight him on this one. I told him I’m not I know, you’re gonna say I even told somebody I go. First meeting. I’m going to hear all about this vacation. I know, that happens every year and get on the phone. I got a phone call at home. Hey, I had a question about my vacation. So I knew that was coming. And I I just know it was coming. Not that I yeah, I don’t make that decision. You guys do. But instead of so in the past, if somebody starts December 31. In Are you gonna say that’s a year because they started in, you know, the last day of the year, and then you get to the next year, the day later now? It’s are you counting that as year? No, I don’t. Right. So technically, they wouldn’t get that their eight year mark is eight years from the date that they started. Okay. Okay, cool, Tom. Right. That makes argument while I started important. No, you were not full time at that point. Okay. All right. So I’m not guaranteeing he’s getting there for weeks because I have to go back to find out his actual Starrcade. Just like Nate, Nate said, you’ve paid me too much vacation. No, I didn’t because I he didn’t think he was ready for three weeks until next year, but his date was like August. So I had to prorate from August to December for his vacation. And then next year, it automatically be put in three weeks. See what I mean? So it’d be the same thing for Kevin. I have to look at that start date and then find out how many months so you’ll

Unknown Speaker 34:57
prorate the vacation according to that after Then we’ll start with the firstly

Unknown Speaker 35:01
then Powell next year, it’ll start with the fourth year. No. But that’s the problem with you know what I mean? That’s why it’s fair to prorate it. Because like I said, somebody starts one year on the 31st. I understand. Then we say, Oh, well, I started in 2001. And now all of a sudden, I understand

Unknown Speaker 35:21
what you mean here. Good point. But I still think that when you when we agreed to forfeit a raise and gave him a week of vacation, he gave up money for that, for that week of vacation. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:40
No, that’s fine up to you. I’m just saying Don’t say we’re giving you a week.

Unknown Speaker 35:44
I didn’t tell him that. I told him I was gonna come.

Unknown Speaker 35:48
Well, allow that will allow your bills will allow this to be your eighth year for policy, but it may be prorated. I know what I mean,

Unknown Speaker 35:59
it will make a final decision about me correct. In there. We’ll make we’ll have to talk about this again. The next meeting with Jeff before we agreed. Okay. All right. All right. Trustee report for another 40 case. Report. Everything No, I don’t have to report either. I’ll give Kevin’s report on our road reports. Let’s see they took they pulled the book to detail. They took the the old fixtures from the south garage that they took down they put the new LEDs up and they redid those and put them up in the new on the north side the garage and put LED bulbs in them. They’ve been working on that they got a price for the town hall front door from Hartwell harbor for $3,100 I think that’s kind of high I want to look at that maybe get some more prices and I know the door is rotted out he’s sent me some pictures but I think they kind of covered up some flashing so we can’t see it right now anyway, so let’s come back to that but we are going to have to replace that door I’m pretty sure

Unknown Speaker 37:12
Yeah, cuz I mean I got the same size. Of course this has this includes a lot

Unknown Speaker 37:21
but we’ll get back to the door the door but these they’re just starting on that I think we can get that’s hardware hardware might be a little bit high. Can we get over our Daniels or somewhere? See what they can do.

Unknown Speaker 37:31
The metal industrial doors are expensive.

Unknown Speaker 37:36
That’s the best price we can get. I don’t know but

Unknown Speaker 37:38
that one there was given to us. Most it’s okay to say that. I put it in that it was given to us.

Unknown Speaker 37:47
Well, I will have to look at it one day late so we can see where it’s rotted out. Because I guess there was snow blown in that front the other day. They’ve been removing leaves from the ditches and been flattened salt the roads. They worked on the sump pump in the town hall basement. They completed their pesticide license recertification in the cemetery they’ve been building out the storage building and inventory and veterans markers. That’s it Jesse

Unknown Speaker 38:21
this story is one actually coming in

Unknown Speaker 38:26
this one no it’s on the other side is very, very outside steel one

Unknown Speaker 38:31
is the one that would have to be handicap.

Unknown Speaker 38:34
Right? Right. Yeah, it’s got a panic

Unknown Speaker 38:38
because this says the slate exterior

Unknown Speaker 38:43
I think it’s okay on the outside but I think I think to get out

Unknown Speaker 38:50
I don’t know what to make sure it’s handy Kevin.

Unknown Speaker 38:57
Not much to report this month rather than running. Running a bunch cost. Ready, you know nothing to report for EMS training or fire. I have a Udall that is a complete year end report for the fire department and you guys to review your records at your convenience. And then I did speak to Bob Hauser. He’s working on like, what he’s doing is basically he’s kind of finishing up the schematic drawing. Send that to us. And then he’s supposed to be given me a list of art. I said, I need to know what our next steps are right now where we got to go. So basically the next step the next step is going to be to we got to take the schematic and now turn it into basically a three dimensional Drawing and start fine tuning like the exterior and that kind of stuff. And you may you guys may know about this. I didn’t he and he’s not 100%. Sure. So he was trying to, he was hoping to have an answer for me today, but I didn’t hear from him. So he’s got an easy job like, basically the policy or procedure, you know, for from, like this point on, you know, for you guys. But he also he wasn’t 100% Sure, if we have to post something that we’re doing that for the architect, he says he thinks in his mind, we have to possibly post something elsewhere to better but well, he says, that’s what he was trying to find out. Because if you guys thought he knows better, you know, I don’t, they’ve changed a bunch of like township policies and stuff like that. He said, it might be just as much as you write something on on a piece of paper, and you put there and he posted on the wall, take it to the township wall for a day or something like that. He doesn’t think it’s something that we have to necessarily run into paper for two weeks. And we have to look at bids and everything else. It just has to be like a notification. But he was he was supposed to be making some phone calls. And trying to confirm, just in case, right just to cover just the covers. He says it might we might not even have to do it. But before we do go too much farther. He was trying to make sure that he had that answer

Unknown Speaker 41:34
to probably amounts to whatever the doll over a certain dollar amount, and I’m not sure what it is anymore is probably 50,000 I think it is? I don’t think so. So yeah, once he gets that, that’s good information.

Unknown Speaker 41:51
Yeah. So that’s kind of where we’re at with that. Other than that, like I

Unknown Speaker 41:55
said, Somebody showed me the Apollo did with ever looking for people to work with the fire department.

Unknown Speaker 42:03
Oh, the festival was really good. I got that we’re gonna run another ad on indeed. Because that I mean that it was we really looked so make sure she’s good marketers.

Unknown Speaker 42:23
Do post ads Help Wanted

Unknown Speaker 42:26
to see a Chris. Not that I’m aware of.

Unknown Speaker 42:32
I got one actually got an application coming tomorrow from it. Sounds good. Do

Unknown Speaker 42:40
you got a report for running? No.

Unknown Speaker 42:43
I think she’s okay, as quick as you want. So I gave you the financials. The regular financials, the ones that have the black lip on it. And that’s the year end. So I completed year end. This is the report that goes through the state. So that’s the final report that goes to the state. This is the certificate that we’re sending to the county. I sent that in already for them to get us our first amended certificate. Once I received that from the county, then I could do the budget. The permanent budget for the year.

Unknown Speaker 43:42
So I actually had till the end of February for the 60 days, but it was up on it got it done. This year. I included some of the reports as printed, I included out cash summary fun, just because I thought the first sheet here where it says a budget disclosure, that just a quick summary breaks the funds into two general fund, the amount of money we got in special revenue is all the Lemmings and everything else combined. So you can see how much we had budgeted for what we actually got. So we did get 45 45,000 More for general fund programming. And that includes things like leases and rentals and stuff. It’s not just levy income, anything that goes into the general fund, so we gave 45,000 Better for that. So the total amount we got in was $283,629 the amount that we put out spent was $316,194 And then special revenue is all the levies and all the other incomes pretty close out budget there we got 5000 More than we had budgeted for. So we got 760,381 in and we spent $643 $643,489 We didn’t spend all that money so of course anything not spent it’s carryover and then the next page where it says Cast summary font actually breaks each one of our funds out so the general fund motor vehicle so from 2011 all the way down to 4960. That’s what goes into that special special revenue everything that’s not marked general on the next page so you can see out brings it down like levy funds. So you could look at like so say gasoline fund amount of revenue we got was $157,120 That’s how much came in. And we spent 275,006 or $87 last year is how much went out. So obviously we spent more than we brought in we did have a carryover from the previous year won or 18,000 so you can do the same thing for each other funds so fire 2191 We had revenue 74,879 We spent 144,000 see how those worked out just to give you an idea of where some of those money the 219 for fun we brought in 11 111,000 We spent 332 I’m sorry 25,831 under the expenditures but that is seen just go down Okay, let’s break that down thanks. Yeah, this certificate this last sometimes they use different Yeah, so this column here that says total amount from all sources available for expenditure. That’s how much we have left in every fun that we could that we can buy carry over to our new budget

Unknown Speaker 47:59
Look at this. This is this is actually slightly different than what we get from the county carryover balances available for appropriation Yeah, I wouldn’t say that was real accurate because we already have some appropriated to get us through March

Unknown Speaker 48:28
but on the certificate we’re probably going to be closer to 1,000,700 is more my guess of what that certificate is going to come back. When Billy is 700 Probably what is the Texas

Unknown Speaker 48:53
I don’t think it’ll come back at 2 million.

Unknown Speaker 48:57
So you think it’d be closer to 1 million so

Unknown Speaker 49:00
that’s what I think the classification for as far as the level for rates for

Unknown Speaker 49:11
so that’s revenue that’s revenue

Unknown Speaker 49:14
is 1.5 million to 3 million. That group we’re so we’re going to be in that group.

Unknown Speaker 49:22
So we’re going to so that’s revenue my carryover and everything is 1.7. Do you think it’s gonna come up?

Unknown Speaker 49:28
Right once they include the taxes and stuff that they have estimated for the year?

Unknown Speaker 49:40
The thing that really drew us over was that Coronavirus,

Unknown Speaker 49:45
right money fund.

Unknown Speaker 49:46
There’s a lot in there. And then the one fire fund we had a lot extra than we considered originally because we ended up using the Coronavirus, more All right. So from 2020 for salaries, so we didn’t pay

Unknown Speaker 50:05
for the fire department fire fund went into the black.

Unknown Speaker 50:09
Right. So that’s why that fund is so high. They don’t have the there’s this report, they don’t print out the funding number. You know, I mean, I haven’t even go through what whether the funds to my 911 92 194

Unknown Speaker 50:27
Did we go so far over on that on the gas tax fund because of the purpose tobaccos rows overall. And as I was, as far as eat up a lot of carryover from previous years.

Unknown Speaker 50:43
So we got 187,000. We spent, I think I caught the wrong call, we spent 169.

Unknown Speaker 50:52
We actually got less also you Okay, right. So I was looking at the wrong call,

Unknown Speaker 50:56
I think we actually got less than we’ve been, how much revenue,

Unknown Speaker 51:03
that’s way off at number three.

Unknown Speaker 51:06
See the problem with that, look at that revenue column. So if if we bought if we bought backhoe out of that fund, and then we sold the backhoe at auction, and we got money, I have to put it back into the fun that was used to purchase the equipment, right? So. So when you look like gasoline tax, it’s the county gives us an estimate of what the taxes are going to be, the amount we get might be one lower because we didn’t collect as much taxes

Unknown Speaker 51:40
because they didn’t sell as much.

Unknown Speaker 51:43
Or might be higher, because it was more or we might get more because there’s other things that go

Unknown Speaker 51:48
winter to find. The old backhoe it went

Unknown Speaker 51:52
right? And if I can’t find if I can’t find the original purchase fun because I tried to look through the years, right and see they only keep seven years and the UN says okay, so if I can’t find it, I always default if it’s a row equipment out of the photo row. Okay, like the firing was was bought. I know that was from the general fund. Because it was the year before here. I had to do the full spectrum the general fund, so if they ever were to sell that, oh, okay, so that money should go back to the fun because that’s upon that boy begin sale. I don’t know. If I didn’t know that, or I couldn’t find the paperwork. I would throw it in a fire fund because I’d rather err that way. Sure. Yeah. So that’s how I was. That’s how I that’s how I was folding. What else do they have? So I talked to I’ve been trying to get hold of a county election board, I finally track someone down last night. So I think I misspoke. I had said that the general fund was up. We need to get on the ballot. And then I said the firefighter like notes general fund, so I figured out why keep quoting the wrong thing is they had the levee authorized, and then they have general underneath it. Okay. Instead of above it, beneath it. So it’s actual the fire protection levy that we need to get on the ballot. Okay, that 1.5 mil. Okay, so I was talking to the election board trying to get on in order to get it on. We have to have all the paperwork completed by February 1. I tried getting a hold of the paperwork. I was told I couldn’t get it because the state of Ohio has changed everything. So it’s all new form retains the old form from the letter the session being the resolution RC so I talked to Fred. No, I talked to Brad and I said if you can get it to meet today, the necessity Okay. Which he did. Okay, so I do have that. So if you want to consider it, you could put it on in May. I talked to the county auditor’s office. I talked to Betsy Nagel, Bethany, what are the chances that if I get this to you tomorrow, that you could have the auditors figures back to me next week on Monday or Tuesday? Well, I’m working on a school I mean, it’s the same of favelas, so she’s she said she would try to do the problem is I have to put the date of the election on the ladder. So first I’m going to let you guys If you want to, so we have option of putting a May in November November as obviously no problem. Right? And do I think it’s gonna be a problem passing? No, I don’t think basically the reason just be the one time it doesn’t go on now there will be there may not going to be anything going on

Unknown Speaker 55:24
in that if you don’t care me interrupt me talking, I had something that I forgot about to talk about. He was asking me when we had a timeframe, when we want to look back at the bring this station to the people, you know, and I, you know, so I was looking because I wasn’t sure I was looking, I was talking to him, you know, and I saw the main is the primary or whatever. And he’s like, Well, he says, it’s going to be really tough. Trying to push everything to get to get to that point to bring in May,

Unknown Speaker 56:02
May of this year, May this year, no way. I’ll be honest, I’m thinking it’s probably going to be May of next year. Yeah. Well, he’s

Unknown Speaker 56:12
taking note that while he was weakened, that’s a lot to get done. Because what he said is, you want it you want it at an election where there’s a lot of activity, too. You don’t want it at like the primary where we don’t usually get a whole lot of people.

Unknown Speaker 56:31
Well, I would like to see it on in November, but I will do. I’m not sure we’re gonna make.

Unknown Speaker 56:37
It depends on how fast he’s seen the thing November wasn’t a problem.

Unknown Speaker 56:42
Work on it. I mean, if we can have everything together and ready for November, I have no problem with that.

Unknown Speaker 56:48
I try to the county about because I haven’t done bonds before. Yeah. You do and a bond. Yeah, yeah. So they have you have to have, first of all, you’re gonna have to have to plan, you’re gonna have to have the whole amount figured out, or they have to have all your financing figured out because I’m going to have to present it to the county, right. It’s gonna say, what is the amount of the bond? Interest? What is the number of years all that the prosecutor is going to have to work on?

Unknown Speaker 57:19
Illegal for language? So

Unknown Speaker 57:21
yeah, I mean, I’m just, I would love to have

Unknown Speaker 57:24
it on it. I just don’t know where your

Unknown Speaker 57:28
member, the next Levy, the next fire Levy. For the 2.2 mil. We could put it on November, as well. That’ll be one of three. So we could do November, May, November. So that’s the other. If you want to try for May I? I think there’s only like four things on the ballot and the more local

Unknown Speaker 58:03
Well, that’s what I really think we ought to try to do. Bill if if poskitt Five

Unknown Speaker 58:07
people show up in May. Yeah, they vote for it. Yeah, they voted against it. We can

Unknown Speaker 58:13
do we can put it back on. Right. That’s what I’d rather to have another shot no without having any

Unknown Speaker 58:20
breaking. All right. So I will do my best. Yeah, if you can’t do you can’t do. Right, sending a letter. The next letter that’s changed. I can’t use the old format. He said he get into more. So we’re gonna have to have a special meeting. Once I get that back from the county, Tuesday or Wednesday, or Monday or Tuesday. Okay, so,

Unknown Speaker 58:46
we have do you want me to?

Unknown Speaker 58:49
That would be the resolution? So we did.

Unknown Speaker 58:52
Okay. All right. All right. Make a resolution of the 2023 Dash 00 for resolution of necessity for living a tax, exceeding the 10 mil limitation for the purpose of providing fire equipment and staff. The Board of Trustees Whitmer township Portage County, Ohio met at regular session on the 26th day of January 2023 6856 counties road and rural Ohio with the following members present Chris Steele and Tim file. And also, like I said, I’m making them motion for this resolution, now, there’s three pages here. I’m not going to read the whole

Unknown Speaker 59:49
so the level a resolution for the necessity to renew

Unknown Speaker 59:55
to renew this, this tax levy

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
If I can give you the fire protection

Unknown Speaker 1:00:04
is 1.5 mill levy?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:37
Adobe be fun number 2191 the county won’t need that. But

Unknown Speaker 1:00:48
is that your motion? Yes. I’ll second. I can put a copy of resolution

Unknown Speaker 1:01:05
so, Chris deal. Chris made the motion. Tim you seconded? Mr. Do Yes. Mr. File? Yes. January sixth 2003. So I’ll get this to the the auditor to be placed on the tax list commencing 2023 first calendar year 20?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:48
No, you the bad thing he said. So I’ll get a copy of this to her when she said the election were will require a regionals. So we can do some stuff. You know, email the document, she could probably work, but I opted to go up there next week.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:09
And you’ll let us know about doing a special meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:12
Yeah, cuz. Right. Right. It’ll be Monday or Tuesday. Right. I think February 1 will be too late. Unless I get up there before five. Maybe I don’t know how that work.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:26
Just let us know. But just give me a call. That way? I’m not because I email every day,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:34
let us know. We’re trying to get a hold of Jeff too. But I’m not sure how soon I think as long as there’s two of us. That can come out connection.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:45
Right. Now, was it too messy? No. That’s all I had.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:53
Everybody and everything else.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:57
Our website, township website. Can I get like, administrative to get on to keep our my page?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:07
No. You need information that needs to be changed?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:14
A bit because I want to start, I wanted to start posting stuff on a regular and putting stuff on there. Because we need to start getting out there more.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:25
Well, my understanding is you guys have your own fire department

Unknown Speaker 1:03:28
have a Facebook page.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:30
Yeah, I am in charge of the public record. And there’s nobody that maintain that and

Unknown Speaker 1:03:42
I can’t double cheese report to post on their monthly or anything like that?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:49
No, I don’t. I mean, previously, there was somebody that was paid something every month to work on that. I took it over. And then just because there wasn’t anyone else that knew how to do it. But problem is my understanding and the coursework and stuff I’m going through it, it’s Township, it has to be totally accurate. It has to be controlled. So I’m the one responsible for the public record. I can’t even control public records that are already supposed to be done, let alone opening up an app. So like Facebook is not a township Facebook page is not the township if you guys want to post that stuff on there, that’s fine.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:44
Right there as well. I know, we get a lot of people looking at it. And I mean, I’ve seen other departments that you go under the township page and the fire department I mean, they have like activities that are doing Chico report monthly and that kind of stuff on there. So I thought that would be, you know, a positive thing to try and

Unknown Speaker 1:05:07
always write about some brand off, please. It’s a lot. I think it’s like $1,600 in somebody’s mind. I know it’s very expensive to have somebody

Unknown Speaker 1:05:21
I don’t mind are responsible for. Right. And I don’t mind posting things, but at the same time, I can’t commit to. I mean, I have a hard enough time keeping up with getting the minutes posted on time.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:38
I got the roster. I know, I know the roster roster is way off

Unknown Speaker 1:05:42
way off. And pictures. I mean, at some point to add some pictures, and we did it the other night. No, I haven’t done the roster on there for two years, three years? Because I think the last time I did it was when you came home. You’re on there.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:58
Yeah. There was a lot of people that I think that was

Unknown Speaker 1:06:01
sat down and did it There’s SO worth there’s people were missing, but it was turning into a fiasco. Every time I turn around, this person’s getting hired this person’s plate this one. And I didn’t know how to set it up. The way that it’s set up is very cumbersome. I don’t want to sound negative. Maybe later on in the year, I can sit down and work on it more, just write down the roster. I mean, I could use the payroll one as well. Is that

Unknown Speaker 1:06:40
for now? I get the the Alliance newspaper. And there’s townships down on that, that direction. Their minutes are in the newspaper all the time. And I probably not pronouncing it right. But honestly, Koenigsberg township down there, they had a big thing. And they’re getting ready to put a levy on the ballot, to try to generate foreign money to bring up the money to try to keep firemen and bring environment and keep fire. So which I know, we all know it, but everybody’s in the same boat, right? I’m not sure what the

Unknown Speaker 1:07:26
No, I just I want one of my goals for this year for is being more transparent to the community in all aspects. With the fire department. Yeah, you know, keeping everybody posted on just the little things and stuff like that. Because, yes, you know, because of the work we’re asking for coming up, but even beyond that, you know, I think it’s a good thing. You know, people need to know,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:58
your community needs to know that we’re struggling.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:08
Most of the pay bills submitted EFTPS and warrants 429-303-4294 to how some of our second Yes, Mr. Neal? Yes. Most adjourn the meeting at 830. So second, yes. Well, I was wrong, and it wasn’t a short meeting. Now it’s seven minutes, not bad. I live videos and all this. All these people.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:50
If it hadn’t been for Jeanine, we’d be walking. We’d have been out here already. In that group of people that was here. There’s probably more people than we’ve had in here and a year right. Yeah.

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