Water service improvements may come with rate increases for Streetsboro residents

Picture of a water sprinkler
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Streetsboro residents may soon be paying more for water service.

Residents already face annual 2% rate hikes meant to cover administrative costs. That amount may be changing to 3%, with the additional amount slated to cover projects such as line replacement and extension.

Council’s Service Committee will take up the proposed rate hike in April, and may forward it to City Council for yea or nay vote at that time.

A stubbornly busted elevator

The broken elevator at the city’s police station has resisted all efforts to fix it, racking up an additional $2,700 labor cost. It has been broken since the end of last year. The elevator is still inoperable, having stopped working again over the weekend.

The repair company came out last week to look at it, and will continue trying this week. The city has paid almost $10,500 for the job so far.

Police Chief Patricia Wain agreed with council members who groused at the repair expenses and the lack of options to hire other repair companies.

“I’m not happy at the amount we’re looking at, but it is a very limited field as to who can do the work,” Wain said.

Though the elevator is not used “every 15 minutes,” it is used to access the police station’s armory, fitness center, and custodial and other supplies that are housed in the lower floor of the police station.

The elevator was the original one in the police station, and has been in place for over 20 years. A new one would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Council is hoping the newest problem is an easy fix.

More from the meeting:

  • Council also noted the city has been approved for a $2,994 state EMS grant which will support EMS supplies and parts expenses. The city applies for this grant on an annual basis.
  • Justin A. Czekaj was named city engineer. Czekaj most recently served as city engineer for the City of Aurora.

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Wendy DiAlesandro is a former Record Publishing Co. reporter and contributing writer for The Portager.