Two arrested for possession of a firearm on Maplewood campus

Maplewood Career Center in Ravenna

Ravenna police arrested two individuals, apparently both students, after school yesterday for having a gun on the campus of Maplewood Career Center, Superintendent Randy Griffith said in an email to the school community early this morning.

School opened today after an investigation determined the students had no intention to harm anyone. It was not clear from the email where the gun was located, whether it was brought into the school or kept in a vehicle.

Whatever the reason, police and Maplewood officials are treating the incident seriously.

“Any student possessing a firearm or weapon on Maplewood Career Center property or within the school building places their education in jeopardy, and shall face serious disciplinary consequences,” Griffith said in the email.

Here’s the full text of the email:

Dear Staff, Students, Guardians, and Parents,

Shortly after the school day on December 7, 2021, I was informed, by a parent, that a student may have been in possession of a firearm during the school day.  I contacted the Ravenna Police Chief immediately.  A police officer was dispatched to Maplewood upon contact with Chief Wallis.  The police officer arrived in short order followed by a detective and his superior.  Maplewood Career Center provided the Police with the information I was provided as well as contact information related to students who may have been involved, and students who may have been witnesses.  Additionally, the Police were provided with access to all the resources and information available to Maplewood related to this incident. 

I informed Associate School superintendents who may have had a student involved in this incident.  Both Associate School superintendents informed law enforcement personnel in their Districts.  The Ravenna Police Department took the lead and communicated with the other law enforcement agencies. 

The Ravenna Police Department confirmed that a firearm was on Maplewood Career Center property.  Two individuals were in possession of the firearm while at school.  Both individuals have been arrested, are in the custody of law enforcement, and will face charges for their actions.  Additionally, any student possessing a firearm or weapon on Maplewood Career Center property or within the school building places their education in jeopardy, and shall face serious disciplinary consequences.

During the investigation of this incident, the Ravenna Police Department did not uncover evidence that the firearm was brought into the District with the intent to do harm to others.  However, a student in possession of a firearm in a school setting poses a threat to their safety as well as the safety of visitors, customers, staff, and students. 

Maplewood Career Center takes student and staff safety seriously.  This incident, while extremely disappointing, is a reminder that students, parents, school personnel, and law enforcement must be united in our efforts to keep our children and schools safe.  While I do not want to mention the name of the person who reported this incident, I want thank them for making the report and helping to keep our staff and students safe.  I also want to encourage parents and students to make a report to the school if you are aware of something that may compromise the safety of the students or staff.  Additionally, I want to thank the Ravenna Police Department for their prompt and competent handling of this incident.  Their work and actions have allowed Maplewood to remain open. 

I apologize for sending this message early in the morning.  I did not have detailed information until late in the evening.  Given that the threats that prompted this communication have been eliminated, Maplewood Career Center will be open as usual today.  However, if parents want to keep their child at home today, your child will be excused by simply calling to inform the attendance secretary.  All students will be expected to return to school no later than Thursday.   

Thank you, 

Randy Griffith


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