Letter to the editor: Ohio’s Smoke-Free Workplace Law now includes electronic vaping products

Public health departments in Ohio are working together to alert residents that the use of e-cigarettes and vaping products are now included in the workplace smoking ban due to statewide law changes.

Ohio’s Smoke Free Workplace Law originally went into effect in 2007. This law banned smoking in all indoor public places, essentially providing protection from secondhand smoke in restaurants, businesses, bars, and other workplaces. At that time, electronic vaping products were just starting to come on the market. As electronic vaping product use began to grow, the concern about secondhand aerosols also began to grow. Due to this concern, in October 2021, the Ohio Legislature made the decision to include e-cigarettes in Ohio’s Smoke Free Workplace Law. This change in the law means e-cigarettes and vaping products can no longer be used in indoor public places.

To report a smoking violation, call the Ohio Department of Health at 1-866-599-OHIO. Your name is not
needed when filing a complaint.

Are you a smoker or someone who uses electronic vaping products? Are you ready to quit? Quit resources for smoking and vaping are available. The Ohio Tobacco Quitline is a free tobacco cessation program based on proven strategies to help you quit tobacco. There are three programs to choose from: phone and online, phone only, or online only.

To learn more about the Quitline Program, visit the website at https://ohio.quitlogix.org/en-US/ or call the
Quitline at 1-800-QUIT-NOW.

Joseph Diorio, Health Commissioner, Portage County Combined General Health District

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