Letter: A clean facility with well-trained dogs

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I have always admired and respected how trustees and residents of Freedom Township honor their heritage and historic buildings — and how they support, create and involve themselves in community events. For me, they are THE MODEL for townships and trustee governance.

The negative reactions to the Duke’s K9 Dash N’ Splash, created seemingly by two members of the community, does not change my opinion of the township but it does make me ask, “Why the fuss?”
“Why the enmity?”

I personally spent a weekend at the park, as a spectator. Contrary to reported opinion, there is no “dog mess,” very little barking (I experienced much more barking in my neighborhood when I lived in Akron) and no litter. (Again, I found litter at local parks, but not here.) This canine organization has integrity and is exceptional!

Remember — these are trained dogs; they are trained to behave. Dog owners treat their dogs as their own children. The events were exciting and downright fun to watch. Wholesome participation by all ages. A great example for how dogs are treated, cared for and trained.

I fully agree with laws, zoning rules and the need for permits — I actually can be pretty “black and white” in these areas. I personally know that Michelle Filler took great effort to research the zoning rules and permits before she began building on this land — this was a huge investment and, consequently, she did her due diligence. I have observed actual abuses of agricultural permits — and Duke’s K9 Dash N’ Splash is not one of them.

Jan Oros, Mantua Township

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