Kathy Baker: Could it be magic?

It happens when you least expect it. You can’t make it happen at will; it enters your life on its own terms, always quite suddenly; almost like magic. In fact, I believe it IS magic!

Magic. I’m not referring to the “hocus pocus, I’ll turn you into a rabbit” kind of magic — although a rabbit can certainly be magical, in the right setting (just ask the Easter Bunny or the Velveteen Rabbit). We’re not going to ooh and aah over the antics of some modern-day wizard, like Harry Potter, or the ancient goings-on characterized by the fairy godmother in Cinderella, or (gasp!) the Wicked Witch of the West, archenemy of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Instead, let’s take a peek at everyday magic, those flashes of “something more,” those exotic moments that amaze us, and grace our lives with unexpected joy.

Have you ever been walking in the woods and suddenly heard the melodious tinkle of a nearby stream of water? Doesn’t it sound a bit magical? It is so subtle, so quiet that it would go unnoticed in a less tranquil setting. No louder than a desktop water fountain, it is much more soulful, and so compelling.

And flowers! I’ve always considered flowers to be among the most exquisite creations on the planet. They are like jewels, glowing in every color, shape and size we can conceive. Their endless, opulent variations delight us; their diversity exceeds even our own! Think of the beauty of just one blossom — just one! And then consider that, wherever we go in the world, even in the desert, flowers are blooming, just waiting to dazzle us with their brilliance. What wealth they represent!

One of the most spiritual experiences of my life was evoked by a spectacular sunrise. As a morning person (why do I feel I should apologize for that?), I’ve witnessed many sunrises, but none so moving as this one, which I saw while on vacation in Nags Head, North Carolina, many years ago. It was a pearly-pink, iridescent sun, gradually appearing around the edge of the balcony of the condo just above mine, framed perfectly by the overhang. The world was so utterly quiet, so entirely peaceful that I felt I could almost hear the magnificent orb emerging slowly, softly, from the sea. Though no photo could do it justice, I did snap a shot of it, which I still have, to remind me that pure joy comes in many forms, and can arrive at any moment.

And, what could be more magical than the unexpected glimpse of deer, right outside your window or when you’re walking in the woods? Honored with such a visit occasionally, I am always spellbound. Speechless. I see movement out of the corner of my eye as I pass a window…and there they are! I feel wealthy, blessed, to see such graceful creatures, so shy and beautiful, so mesmerizing that I literally hold my breath, so as not to scare them away.

I suppose, along with the late John Lennon, I could be called a dreamer. Perhaps not everyone can see the magic that I see. One could hear the tinkling stream, and fuss about pollution or mosquitoes. One could miss the beauty of flowers by noticing weeds, instead. Perhaps one could even think that sunrises and sunsets are a dime a dozen, since they occur every single day. If you happen to be a hunter, or if you consider deer to be simply overgrown rodents, you probably can’t relate to why I think they are so magical.

But I hope that you allow space for your own small miracles, whatever they may be…those mystical moments that bring magic to your life, that touch you so deeply that they stop you in your tracks, just by being there. Could it be magic? Only if you believe it.

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Kathy Baker is a writer and speaker, a messenger of encouragement who loves to touch hearts and tickle souls with her work. She is the author of “Leaving Adversity Plaza,” and “A Tale of Three Choices: His, Hers, Mine.” She loves hearing from her readers and can be reached at [email protected].