From the publisher: Over 20% of our revenue comes from these 50 sponsors

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If you’ve been with me from the beginning, you might have heard me say once or twice that I always want The Portager to be primarily funded by its readers.

Why? Because I don’t ever want an advertiser to be so important that a critical story costs us our neck. Our primary allegiance is and will always be to our readers. And as long as our business model depends on reader support, then our values and financial interests will be aligned.

However, with that important caveat out of the way, I need to confess some deep and belated gratitude to the small businesses, nonprofits, political candidates, churches, agencies and individuals who have helped make The Portager what it is.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve nervously watched our cash flow toward the end of the month only to receive a surprise ad buy from some generous sponsor. So many of the stories we cover would not be possible without the support we get from ad sales.

I don’t mean to suggest that our advertisers aren’t getting something valuable in return. The Portager delivers over 200,000 impressions per month via email, web and social media, and we drive real value for these companies for pretty cheap rates.

But the direct returns are often not why people choose to be Portager sponsors. They do it because they read us, they appreciate what we’re doing, and they want to be a part of it. Until we brought Jenna Gobrecht on board to lead business development last month, I almost never reached out to anyone to sell ads. Almost everybody on the list below approached me. 

This desire to support an advertising medium isn’t too common. Trust me, when I used to buy ads on Facebook to promote The Portager it was not because I wanted to give money to Mark Zuckerberg.

So before we get too big to list all our sponsors in a single article, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped this project get to where it is today. And if you’re in a position to support any of these organizations, please do.

As you know, The Portager’s mission is to be a catalyst for ideas and action that help our community thrive. Good things happen when we take time to see each other. So have a look and join me in thanking these sponsors.

Portager sponsors, March 2021-June 2022

Academy of Life and Learning

Aurora Chamber of Commerce

Best Bib and Tucker

Brad Cromes

Brimfield Insurance Group

Charene Creative

Dave Bissler, Realtor

Ed Dean

Faith United Methodist Church of Brimfield

Garden Club of Kent

Garrett Westhoven

Geraldine Hayes-Nelson

Hall-Green Agency

Hometown Bank

Joe Sontich

John Kennedy

Judge Kevin Poland

Judge Mark Fankhauser

Kellie Kapusta, Realtor

Kent Free Library

Kent State Facilities Management Service

Kent State Police Department

KIKO Auctioneers

Leadership Portage County

League of Women Voters of Kent

Lite Metals Company

Main Street Kent

Main Street Ravenna

Marathon Financial

Marilyn DeFrange Trio

Mental Health and Recovery Board of Portage County

Metis Construction

Mike Tinlin

Office of the Portage County Treasurer

Pam Marshall Cruise Planners


Portage County Master Gardeners

Portage Foundation

Portage Metropolitan Housing Authority

Portage Park District

Ray’s Place

Reed Memorial Library

Standing Rock Cultural Arts

Stepping Stone Community Services

Summit Educational Service Center

Susan White, Realtor

Talk On Speech-Language Therapy

Tim Moon

Water Street Tavern

Wesley Buchanan

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