Documenters: Streetsboro City Council and Finance Committee meeting for May 23, 2022

Jeremy Brown/The Portager

Documented by Max Swartout on May 23, 2022


Anthony Lombardo, Council Member 

Jen Wagner, Council Member

Julie Field, Council Member

Jon Hannan, Council Member

Justin Ring, Council Member

Steve Michniak, Council Member

Mike Lampa, Council Member

Caroline Kremer, Clerk of Council 

Tricia Wain, Chief of Police 

Robert A. Reinholz, Fire Chief

Franklin Beni, Law Director

Glenn M. Broska, Mayor

Matt Miller, Finance Director 

Bill Miller, Service Director

Greg Mytinger, Director of Parks and Recreation

Patrick O’Malia, Economic Development Director


The finance meeting began at 7 p.m. before the regular council meeting.

Finance Director Matt Miller updated the body on the city’s finances. Spending from the general fund is at 39%, with the goal being only 33%. Overall, however, the city’s spending is down. Revenue has increased, with the city being up $350,000.

Parks and Recreation Director Greg Mytinger asked that the body accept a donation from the Friends of Streetsboro Library and Friends of Streetsboro Park to be used for the upcoming Mobile Story Walk. This was moved to the regular council meeting, where it passed by unanimous vote.

Chief of Police Tricia Wain asked the council for $107,693.88 for the purpose of purchasing two new vehicles, one SUV and one pickup truck, to replace two current vehicles. The current vehicles are nearing 90,000 miles, and typically the department replaces vehicles at around 80,000 miles. The pickup truck is desirable for two reasons: hauling equipment (currently some officers use their personal vehicles) and giving supervisors a distinctive vehicle. The legislation was moved to the regular council meeting, where it passed by unanimous vote.

Service Director Bill Miller requested that the council approve LED street lighting for Evergreen Drive starting from State Route 43 to light the “dark curve” on the drive. The council unanimously approved this.

Fire Captain Kevin Grimm recently initiated the purchase of an old school bus from the school board for $1.00 by the Firefighters Association. The bus was used for extrication training.

Fire Captain Jeff Miller was a recipient of the Firefighter of the Year award. The chief said Captain Miller was very important to the construction of the new fire station.

Dispatcher Frank Puz was recipient for Employee of the Year.

Police Sergeant Stanley Siedlecki graduated from the Supervisor Training and Education Program (STEP), his first class as a new sergeant for the department.

Greg Mytinger, director of parks and recreation, shared that the new tennis courts will hopefully be done by mid-June. Also, Safetyland is upcoming for soon-to-be kindergartners in collaboration with the school district.

Mayor Glenn M. Broska shared that a cat was missing after a fire at a residence on May 14. The cat was found safe in the basement the evening of May 22.

Council Member Michniak congratulated the high school baseball team that recently advanced through the sectional bracket and was sectional champion. Michniak said the coach shared that this was a first for the team in over a decade.


Finance Committee 

The previous meeting’s minutes were unanimously accepted. 

Matt Miller, Finance Director 

The general fund is up a little bit, and Miller pointed out that (the city) has had a few vehicle repairs and “things like that.” He said they would reassess as the year goes on. Miller said the city is up about 39% versus the 33% that is ideal. He went on to say that overall the entire city is down a bit, which he said was “good news.” Miller said revenue is on target. Because of main collections on income tax and other net-profit taxes from the state, the city is up about $350,000. The city has not received its refund yet from the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA). The agency holds a retainer from the city and will refund what is not spent. Miller said he’s keeping an eye on “salary lines” and that the city is “well-funded.” Council Member Justin Ring asked Miller if the city received any large net refunds. Miller responded that he did not receive any notifications for the month of May and that it was a good thing. Council Member Mike Lampa shared that he just applied for a refund for his RITA tax. He asked Miller if he should get a refund from RITA because his employer is in Cleveland but he worked from home in Streetsboro. Miller pointed out that Streetsboro should get the paid income tax and shared that there was ongoing litigation. 

There was no old business. 

Greg Mytinger, Director of Parks and Recreation

T-7249 Accept Donation from Friends of Streetsboro Library and from Friends of

Streetsboro Parks

Mytinger explained that this donation is for the Mobile Story Walk, which is aimed at encouraging residents to visit the parks and to read. The item was moved to the full council meeting by unanimous vote. 

Tricia Wain, Chief of Police

T-7250 Purchase Police Vehicles

The chief is seeking $107,693.88 for two new vehicles for the department. The two vehicles that need to be replaced both have “upwards of 90,000 miles” on them, and the chief explained that typically vehicles are replaced when at 80,000 miles. Lebanon Ford is the only dealership with a current order of the police cars, but the chief said there was no guarantee that the city would get them and explained that the dealership has roughly 300 on order and that there is no set manufacturing date. She is requesting the funds on an emergency basis in hopes of getting higher on the list if Ford does manufacture the vehicles. The chief hopes to buy a standard SUV and pickup truck. She said that the pickup truck is unusual but that a lot of departments are getting them as a “different method of being able to transport things.” She specifically wants one because Streetsboro officers are using their personal trucks to transport equipment at times, as well as because she would like the supervisors to have a distinctively different vehicle, which is who the truck would be assigned to. Council Member Field said she liked the idea of the truck but was curious about the price difference between the two vehicles. Chief Wain explained that the truck costs $54,478.72 and that the SUV costs $53,215.16. Field also asked if the specific truck was typical for departments that do purchase trucks, acknowledging that she has seen them within other jurisdictions. The chief indicated that the model was typical and that the Ford Responder is the only pursuit-rated pickup. The item was moved to the evening’s full council meeting by unanimous vote. 

Bill Miller, Service Director

T-7251 Authorize LED Street Lighting Agreement

Director Miller explained that there are a few options with the street lighting in question. Option 1 is that when the fixture goes out, “they” will replace the LED at no cost. Option 2 is that it’s at the city’s request and that it can do sections of road at $209 each. The city will start with Evergreen Drive and the “dark curve” up there from State Route 43. Council Member Jon Hannan asked what additional costs would be associated with Option 1 of the item. Miller explained there would be no additional costs for repairs and replacements. The item was sent to the full council meeting by unanimous vote. 

Matt Miller, Finance Director 

T-7248 Amend 2022 Annual Appropriations [#7]

Miller explained that “all of this (was) netted out to zero” and that the department is “moving money around.” Miller said that while Chief Wain was talking, he noticed that the city moved $1,000 from the capital improvement fund from the building fund. Miller is requesting the council increase that to $1,200 because the fund is about $180 short and does not want the chief to encounter problems with a purchase order. The item was moved to the full council meeting by unanimous vote. 

The finance committee meeting was adjourned by unanimous vote.

Full Council Meeting

The previous meeting’s minutes were unanimously approved. 

There was no public comment. 

Robert A. Reinholz, Fire Chief

The firefighter’s association purchased an old school bus from the school board for $1.00. The district was going to “junk it,” said Chief Reinholz. Captain Kevin Grimm initiated the transaction. The fire department was then able to use the school bus to practice extrication using different tools. The department has been practicing “‘mayday, down firefighter’ and basement fires, things like that.” 

There was a large fire in the city recently that the department deployed its tanker to battle. (The chief said what this documenter believes was the name of the road. It sounded like “Auburn,” perhaps, but this documenter was unable to find a street by that name.)

The department assisted in Kent a couple times. 

One small and one large fire happened in the “condo complex.” The chief went on to thank Chief Wain and the police department, who “got the people out quickly.” This gave the fire department the “all clear,” which allowed the fire department to search less aggressively upon arrival. “They always do a nice job for us on the fire scene.” 

The police and fire departments were at the St. Joan of Arc Church on Sunday, May 22, to recognize employees of the year. Captain Jeff Miller was the recipient of the Firefighter of the Year award. The chief said Captain Miller was very important to the construction of the new fire station. 

Captain Brian Novotny went to Defer Intermediate Elementary School and read to the students. 

The department is putting the purchase of a fire engine on hold. The original cost was $755,000, but the department worked the cost down to $655,000. However, the chief said that is still not in the budget. Council Member Lampa asked if the department was looking to purchase an additional fire engine or replace one. The chief said the department is due for replacement of an engine next year. 

There will be a retirement in July. The department interviewed five candidates on Friday to replace the retiree. Of the five, the department selected one candidate to bring back for a second interview on Tuesday, May 24. 

Tricia Wain, Chief of Police

Dispatcher Frank Puz was the recipient for Employee of the Year. Chief Wain said, “It’s kind of crazy he’s only been with the department for two years, but his capabilities and his experience will lead you to believe he’s been there for much longer.” Chief Wain said that Dispatcher Puz has received more nominations from people within the department than she’s seen the entire time she’s been involved with the process. 

Sgt. Stanley Siedlecki graduated from the Supervisor Training and Education Program (STEP), his first class as a new sergeant for the department. 

The police department has had four or five officers at the school to read to the students as well. 

Greg Mytinger, Director of Parks and Recreation

The baseball parks will be very busy the next couple weekends with baseball and softball tournaments. Fifty to 55 teams will utilize the fields each weekend. “We will survive,” said Mytinger. 

The cracks have been repaired on the tennis courts. Next week, the contractors will put a “top coat” on the court. At least 24 days later, the contractors will paint the courts. They will be open for use by mid-June, hopefully. Walkway construction will begin next week. 

Safetyland starts in a couple weeks for incoming kindergarteners. The parks and recreation department will partner with the schools to put this on. 

Introduction to Legislature Containing Statement of Emergency

T7248 – Amend 2022 Annual Appropriations No. 7

The motions to both suspend and adopt were unanimously supported by the council, and T7248 became ordinance number 2022-85. 

T7249 – Accept Donation from Friends of Streetsboro Library and Friends of Streetsboro Parks 

The motions to both suspend and adopt were unanimously supported by the council, and T7249 became ordinance number 2022-86. 

T7250 – Purchase Police Vehicles

The motions to both suspend and adopt were unanimously supported by the council, and T7250 became ordinance number 2022-87. 

T7251 – Authorize LED Street Lighting Agreement 

The motions to both suspend and adopt were unanimously supported by the council, and T7251 became ordinance number 2022-88. 

T7247 – Authorize Joint Economic Development District with Shalersville

Council Member Hannan asked if the council needed to amend the legislation to reflect the new document given to the council. Director O’Malia said that it was recommended by the prosecutor’s office to substitute the old document with the new for the purpose of “minor grammatical cleanup” that included Summit County being listed as the court of adjudication instead of Portage. Also, the Income Tax Impairment Clause needed to be updated. Clerk Caroline Kremer said she would prefer a motion to clarify which version the council is accepting. 

The motion to substitute the previous exhibit with the new was unanimously approved by the council. 

Glenn Broska, Mayor

A cat was missing after a fire at a residence last week. The cat was found safely in the basement the evening of May 22. 

Justin Ring, Council Member

The upcoming weekend is Memorial Day Weekend and time to remember and honor those who fought and fell for our country. There are events occurring at 9 a.m. Saturday at Evergreen. Folks will be placing and replacing the flags. There will be ceremonies at 9 a.m. Sunday. 

Steve Michniak, Council Member

Council Member Michniak congratulated the high school baseball team that recently advanced through the sectional bracket and was sectional champion. Michniak said that the coach shared this was a first for the team in over a decade. The team advanced to the districts today, May 23, and played its semifinal game against Marlington but unfortunately lost 4-2. 

City Hall will be closed Monday, May 30, for Memorial Day. 

There will be the following meetings at 7 p.m. Monday, June 13: Public Hearing, JEDD, Safety Committee, Service Committee and Regular Council Meeting. 

Congratulations to seniors graduating tomorrow, May 25.


Finance Committee

The following transcript was generated by a transcription bot and is not 100% accurate. The Portager does not edit the AI-generated transcript. We understand the automatic transcript can be very inaccurate. An audio recording of the meeting is available here.

Streetsboro Finance Committee Meeting 5.23.2022

Tue, 5/24 12:18AM • 16:09


refund, replace, truck, vehicle, city, evergreen, pay, amend, move, road, pursuit, parks, further discussion, favor, suv, pickup truck, litigation, motion, year, leds


Justin Ring, Caroline Kremer, Tricia Wain, Greg Mytinger, Jon Hannan, Steve Michniak, Matt Miller, Bill Miller, Julie Field, Group, Mike Lampa


And then that’s gonna go in the new time capsule


that John will be able to view maybe in 50 years.


Well, he would you be suddenly the baby Biden still got elected. You’d like to call us finance committee meeting of Monday, May 23. To order we can stand for identification Whitfield.

Julie Field  00:41

Okay, let’s do that. Thank you so much for this did you blessed us, Smith, thank you for the hard work, all of these department heads and just the progress that Streetsboro continues to make. And I pray for your continued hand of blessing on us and it’s in Jesus name. Amen.

Group  01:01

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and its public. Our nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Like you please call roll.

Caroline Kremer  01:21

Mrs. President, Mr. Hanna, Mr. Ring, Mr. Michigan, Mr. Lynch,


for disposition of minutes, special finance committee on May 9 2022.


Motion to accept as written.


But first and second to accept those written all in favor? Aye. Any opposed? Hearing none of this stuff. And five monthly financial report, Mr. Matt

Matt Miller  01:47

Miller, good evening Council just wanted to go over this the April financial reports that you all received an email we are noticing just on the general fund is is up a little bit. But we have had quite a few vehicle repairs, things like that, that, that we’re hoping to reassess as the year goes on. So we’re up about 39% versus about a third and where we want to be at 33%. Overall, though, the whole city we are down a little bit. That’s good news and other funds. On the revenue side, just right on target. So that’s that was a good feeling, see, and overall, just down just slightly in regards to through, through me collections on income tax, and the other net profit taxes that we received from the state rep about $350,000. So that’s a good number to go off of we haven’t gotten our reader refund yet. So we’re waiting on that just what that’ll give is they withhold a fixed amount, then they will refund US based on what they actually spent. So they just hold something to retainer. So we’re waiting to get that number. And just keeping an eye on just the different salary lines and making sure that we are well funded. So if you have any questions, feel free to answer no large

Justin Ring  03:19

net profit refunds. Um,


I’ve been getting notifications for the month of May. So that was a good thing. Spoke with our liaison last week for prolonged period, just different things that they’re projecting, apparently on the first one to ask for 2023 projections. So we’re just trying to stay on top of it just to have a good, good feel. There’s still some litigation out there, which affects you know, people working from home. But his overall feel is people are never going to refile because it’s always a wash, they’re never going to on behalf of their city get a refund and go pay their city themselves. People aren’t just going to refile. So they’re not expecting many people to who are working from home to take the legwork and do that. But they’re still waiting on some legislation. So we want to make sure that we’re on top of that just for any impacts.

Mike Lampa  04:18

Right. So let me ask you a question. So I just submitted a refund for my read attacks. Because they were paying the city of Cleveland when I was removed the whole year. So are you saying that won’t come back to me even though I live in streets where


I’m working? I mean, you do your final return how much your percentage that’s in your working City and we’re sitting and so it’s you, you file where you live, you pay where you work, and so it’s on the taxpayer, and it’s also on the employee, you know, the payroll department at the employer to put that on a person’s w two, and so under Section 718. They are required or to say if an employee worked from home? You know, it


was 2021. They didn’t do it in 2020. Another thing


is there’s there’s there’s still litigation now, right? Kind of just like waiting. And so whenever I asked about it, he’s just very, like, we’re waiting on the litigation. There’s quite a there’s a couple cases out there. So So you just want to make sure it doesn’t impact the city negative.


So what I’m asking you is if I paid the city of Cleveland in 20 $24,000, in the city tax, and I worked in Streetsboro, that whole year, should that money not come back to me?

Matt Miller  05:34

See, she go to Streetsboro. But I

Mike Lampa  05:37

thought if you live and work in the same city, you don’t have to pay city


because the tax Yeah, the taxes come out. You’re just they’re eating

Matt Miller  05:44

but should go in our conference.

Mike Lampa  05:45

Okay. Well, that’s and I’m fine with that.

Matt Miller  05:48

Yeah, no, we’re fine with it, too.


Any other questions for Mr. Moon? Thank you, Mr. Miller. All right. Item six openness, there is none. And seven new business t 7249. Accept donation from friends of Streetsboro library and from friends of Streetsboro parks, Mr. Munger.

Greg Mytinger  06:16

This is a donation from the friends of Streetsboro library, the Friends of St. Barts for our mobile storywalk sort of walk is placed on the parks throughout the year, to encourage residents to visit our different parks and to read.


And if there’s no further discussion, I’ll make a motion with my school counsel.


That’s a great, great thing. But first and second to move to tonight’s full council. All in favor, Aye. Any opposed? Hearing none. At a B agree t 7250. Purchase police vehicles Chief.

Tricia Wain  06:54

Good evening. I’m looking at total of 107,006 9388 for a total of two new police vehicles. One is a responder which is a nice pursuit rated. The other is an SUV. Same standard that we currently have. These vehicles are maybe at best. We’ve reached a significant backlog with police cars right now. The two cars that we’re looking to replace are both upwards of 90,000 Miles right now. And typically we replace them before they hit or around 80,000. Montrose Ford is the only one excuse me, Lebanon, Ford is the only one that has a current order of police cars. But there’s no guarantee that we’re going to get them. They’ve got roughly 300 on an order. And there’s no set manufacturing gauge. So we do it on emergency to try and get us as are on the list. If they do manufacture. It is all a matter of supply chain and demand. They’re just not out there. The they didn’t do the stupid pricing. So we’re right on target. With that. The pickup truck is rather unusual. A lot of departments are picking them up as a as just a different method of being able to transport things. One of the reasons I wanted to get one specifically is our officers have been using our own trucks to transport stuff down road rage, because we’re down at the gravel pit. And we don’t have enough room to take all of our equipment and gear down there in our SUVs, and there are times when SUVs can’t go down the road. So they’re down there, because those are the rows of those big gravel trucks travel. And I would like to have a certain distinction for our supervisors, which is who that’d be according to scientific questions,


was still just Just a quick one. Yeah, I’m kind of like this idea about the about the truck. What is the difference if I’m trying to look at this was the difference in cost between the SUV and truck. So the


total for the Explorer is 53 to 1516. And total for the truck is 5472. So we’re really close to the same pricing. Because it’s a new vehicle to us. There may be some tweaks that we need to do in the future. But that would be future budgets. So we will be working with that. Because I expect the truck will last a little bit longer than our average.


And is this this particular truck? Typical similar to what some of the other police departments because I’ve seen that I’ve seen other cities. So yeah,


there’s only currently right now the afford responder is the only pursuit rated which It’s not going to get in pursuits unless it’s a pretty significant emergency. But it is pursuit rated, which means it has a lower center of gravity. It’s more designed for police driving than your typical pickup truck that you see on the road. Chevy is supposed to be coming out with one. I’m not sure when that’s gonna happen.


Yeah, this is great. Because there’s no further discussion. I’ll make a motion to move this to the full council.


Second, first and second to move to tonight’s call. Council in favor, Aye. Any opposed? None. It’s moved. Right at MC T. 7251. Authorized LED street lighting agreement. Mr. Bill

Bill Miller  10:50

Miller. Yeah, they’re working on this for a year. Now the reason I wanted to pass tonight, we’re getting ready to do our audit, typically, I’m behind that we usually do a spring audit. The option one is when they fixture goes out, that they will actually if the fixtures out, they replaced it led no cost, it’s just the ball they want to do that. So we want to sign into option one. And then option three is at our request. As long as we do 12 lights we can do there 209 Each, we can do sections the road. We’re gonna start with Evergreen drive, we’ve got a lot of complaints about being too dark with the curve up there. So that’s one area that we’re going to start with and then after after we get gone we can take sections at a time out is


just that you brought up evergreen that the subject curve, there’s no light there are you gonna put a new


actually gonna be the LEDs are gonna go all the way? Well, from 43 to the end evergreen, and we’re adding one more light, close to the center of that. Okay, and the LEDs are brighter. So the hopes are that that’s enough. If it’s not, we may end up having to add one more light, I think I think we’re gonna be alright.

Steve Michniak  12:02

On evergreen, there’s water right there. It’s it’s all time erode. You don’t want that stroke.

Bill Miller  12:07

I think there’s just a field tile running through there.


Because we’re currently talking about just sits there dry up and down when it rains it fills and it’s not even appropriate for like the amount of rain.


Right? I think there’s a farmer field, please.


Those are saying seems like it’s actually seeping through? Yeah, it’s


been here for about a decade and I’ve seen it on my dad’s house. Well, yes. I mean, it’s not like an issue. I was driving through and crashing. But right now if you guys knew about that,


yeah. So Sorry about the noise. Hold on. I’ll go ahead. Yeah, right. And so I want to rotoscope

Jon Hannan  12:47

explore. Alright, thank you. So further discussion? Mr. Damon. You mentioned option one. What is the it says an existing lead has been replaced by an LED light. The customer agrees to pay for the remaining costs of the existing lighting infrastructure prior to the installation of the LED light, what additional costs will be


for just the regular repair, replace or replace it, we will not have any left the one on evergreen. We have to actually pay for the new mass going out to electric. But I think they have to replace it. They just evolved the replaceable, it’s not evolved. Don’t put the new unit head on here and put LED lighting.


But if it’s the thing hanging over the road, if that’s broken, we would have to replace that.


No, there wasn’t one. Gotcha. Like a one on one everywhere and we have to pay there’s gonna be no expense for anything that they have up there.


Okay, there’s no further discussion. I’ll make a motion to move this to the next school council. Second.


First and second group is to tonight’s vote. Council. All in favor, Aye. Any opposed? Hearing none, moving. Item D t 7248. Amend 2022 annual appropriations. Mr. Metro


Council this, all of this is netted out to zero. We’re just moving money around. But while the chief was talking, I was looking at the budget and this is something I should have caught with the police cruisers. We did move money $1,000 If you’ll see we moved it out of the Capital Improvement Fund from the building. So for 1.1 1.5741 and we moved that from four Oh 1.1 1.57 to two. I would like to increase that to 1200. Just to make sure because we’re about $108 short. I’d like to request that to be amended. Just so we don’t have any issues on Purchase Order side so that he can get a purchase order in For the finance department,


do you want to move 1200 out of building


1200 out a building into the vehicle line

Julie Field  15:09

instead of 1000?

Matt Miller  15:11



I’ll make a motion to adjust to amend this. So that is for $1,200 out of the 401 point 115741. line item.


eBay First and Second. All in favor? Any opposed? Hearing none, that amendment is made. Thank you. Any further discussion?


There’s no further discussion. I’ll


make a motion with my school counsel.


For second move this tonight’s full counsel, as amended. All in favor, Aye.

Justin Ring  15:46

Any opposed? Hearing none that


intimate citizens comments? Seeing none, I have a nine announcements. The regular council meeting will immediately follow this meeting. adjourn second, first and second to adjourn. All in favor, Aye.


Any opposed? We’re adjourned.

Regular Council Meeting

The following transcript was generated by a transcription bot and is not 100% accurate. The Portager does not edit the AI-generated transcript. An audio recording of the meeting is available here.

Streetsboro City Council Meeting 5.23.2022

Tue, 5/24 12:11AM • 17:42


week, fire, motion, ordinance, ordinance number, hannon, read, cat, mayor, year, roll, agreement, construction, honor, reading, hanlon, accept, dash, districts, emergency


Patrick O’Malia, Robert A. Reinholz, Tricia Wain, Greg Mytinger, Jon Hannan, Steve Michniak, Caroline Kremer, Julie Field, Mike Lampa

Julie Field  00:13

I’d like to call to order this regular council meeting Monday, May 23. Roll call, please.

Caroline Kremer  00:18

Mr. humara. Here. This is Phil. Here, Mr. Hanlon,


you’re here.


You’re just minutes. We’re going to Council meeting on May 9 2022.


Motion to accept as written. Second.


All those in favor? Aye. Any opposed Hearing none of these minutes have been accepted. Citizens comments. See, none reports communications from departments, boards and commissions. She loses.

Robert A. Reinholz  00:48

Thank you. So a couple of things. I don’t know if you noticed the school bus in Old City Hall Park and I were kind enough to be able to purchase it for $1 Firefighters Association from the school board junkie. So Captain grim and everything without $1 bottle for us. And we use this extrication opportunity for us to use different kinds of tools, besides our jaws, or spreaders, our cutters, we use other types of tools just don’t ever cut into it. Just just play with it. Hopefully we’ll never have to do that for life. But that should be removed shortly. And we just been practicing maybe down firefighter basement fires, things like that. And we’ve been extremely busy last two weeks overhead of a robot fire that we sent our tanker did not account a couple times. And we had one small fire one large fire like handle complex. I want to thank Chief waited a police department. They was a train following it was a Saturday and I was at the head of the train I was coming in to work. And they get the people out quickly. Very quickly. So we had a we call them all clear. Everybody’s out and we still search. If we don’t get that all clear, then we were more aggressively search. So it was great job on their part. They always do a nice job for some of the fires and personnel. For my classes on Academy, my writing don’t get all weird had the St. John RTSA for police department fire for the year just after the year. It was very nice to Captain Jeff Miller was the recipient. Captain Miller I can’t say enough about his contributions to the new station being built. Council President past the mayor all come together the community to vote for the point eight village and it was entrusted to us the bill it and we have an architect and construction. But Caterpillar was the guy who dotted the I’s cross the T’s made sure things are done. And had a forecast actually gave them recommendations, how to do things. For example, we had one day air conditioning stopped working in the dorm. And they don’t have any windows. And Friday was going up to 90. So we call our HVAC contractor, they come out, they see the bulk of gold once a year, under the belt break was too tight. We’ll get a belt leading him. You have to know call up dampa got a belt. They came if that he was going to put it out. So that’s just an example is God. The way his mind works construction, that he was one of the recipients can provide me with a deaf elementary school for reading, reading to the classroom. And then our engine committee I can tell you about a speck of fire engine. Well, we got to put it on hold. They want to say seven and $55,000. And you slice and dice and brought it down to 655,000. But I don’t have in my budget. So we’re gonna have to wait. Maybe later this year beginning next year. With the money isn’t there. The price is just escalate. So we’ll see about that. And we have a retirement in July. So while we actually interview Friday, by candidates and we selected to do the final interview tomorrow, and if everything goes right, hopefully the appointing the individual put a lot of trade off so there’s it’s seamless or personally. So it doesn’t affect there’s any questions?

Julie Field  04:43

Mr. Lamba has a question.

Mike Lampa  04:45

So are you looking for an additional fire truck or are we going to replace


where we’re due for replacement tenure vehicle replacement program for fall two. We’re due to replace it next year. So we’d like to get a head start on it soon. As deliveries 1418 months out, they say we look into the prices, I just give us 30 days the lack of pricing. Well, we’re also have a 7% increase in everything we buy always does the same thing. And I don’t know how true it is. So you try to give before the price increase and it says we pay cash, we do like $32,000 discount by come up front. So I need all the way up front, which we’re not quite there talking with Mr. biller and finance at the discussion. Last week, we’re not quite there. So we’ll eventually get there.


Thank you very much. Any other reports? She’s waiting,

Tricia Wain  05:41

I’ll make mine super quick. As far as you’ve mentioned, we have to honor the employees of the year. So yesterday, it was dispatched because it’s kind of crazy. It’s only about department two years. But his his capabilities and his experience will lead you believe he’s been there much longer. So it was really nice to be able to honor him that way. And he also received normally we get a pretty scattered nominations throughout the apartment, but he hands down got more from the department than I’ve ever seen one person yet. And the entire time I’ve been involved in any of those nominations. So it was really good. We also had sergeants that said, like he graduated from stuff, which is his first supervisory training class as a new sergeant, and as a parish chief mentioned we had some of our employees as well, we got kids to school, we had about four or five on down there a couple of different times doing that. So it was a fun program for the kids. I unfortunately got strep right before that. So I kept myself at home rather than spreading the plague to kids, so no need for me. Other than that, it was a good time. I look forward to again.

Julie Field  06:51

Thank you. Hey, anything else? Mr. Writing there.

Greg Mytinger  06:58

So the parts are very busy. The next two weekends, we’re going to have large baseball and softball tournaments, the park, probably upwards of B 50 to 55 teams per weekend. Parking is going to be crazy down there. But we will we will survive. So just in case, you do get complaints from residents or you hear anything that’s kind of what’s going on down there. The pickleball courts they have they finished repairing the cracks the tennis courts. Yesterday, actually, they’ll come back next week and put a top coat on that top coats got to sit for a minimum of 24 days before they need to put the paint on top of that and set the poles and everything from the courts to pickleball. So we’re hoping to be open in mid June or so. The walkways will start construction, I believe next week after the asphalt is done. So we’ll have to clean that area and make it more presentable for everybody. Other than that, just stay super busy. Safety land starts here and a couple of weeks partnering with the schools for the incoming kindergarteners and summer camp is ramping up with lots of kids sign up for summer camp and staff trainings. stay busy


Okay, moving on to introduction of legislation containing statement of emergency t 7248. Amend 2022 annual appropriations number seven Caroline please read by title

Caroline Kremer  08:36

and ordinance. an ordinance amending ordinance number 2021 Dash 163. The 2022 annual appropriation ordinance number seven


to suspend second. Roll call please.


Mr. Barton, yes, Miss Wagner for Mr. Hannon. Mr. Missionary? This is


Yes, motion to adopt. Welcome to adopt.


Mr. Ng Yes. Yes, Mr. Humberto? Yes, yes, Mr. Hannon? Yes, Mr. Mr. And


Mrs. Phil. Yes, t 74. Eight now becomes ordinance number 2022 Dash 8527249. accept donations from friends and streets for a library and from friends of Streetsboro parks. Caroline, please read by title,


a resolution accepting a donation of $100 from the friends of Pierce Streetsboro library and $100 from friends of Streetsboro parks for use by the Parks and Recreation Department for the purpose of supporting youth programming, or storywalk for the Street Pro community and declaring an emergency to expedite the receipt of the donation.


Second, roll call please.


Yes, Mr. Palmer? Yes. Mr. Nana Yes. Mr. Steele? Yes. Mr. Ring. Yes. Mrs. Field?


Yes. To adopt legislation.


Mr. Ring? Yes. Yes, Mr. Martin. Yes. Miss Wagner. Yes, Mr. Hannon Mr. Michigan? Yes, this is Bill


Yes. 27249 now becomes ordinance number 2022 Dash 86 27250 purchase police vehicles. Caroline, please read by title


and ordinance authorizing mayor to enter into a contract or contracts without competitive bidding with long term sporting all public safety company in Amazon and graphic expression saying for the purchase of fitting in vehicle graphics of not to exceed two vehicles for use by the police department and declaring an emergency in order to accept time sensitive proposals. motion to adopt.


Second motion to suspend the rules. Roll call, please. Mr. Lambert?


Yes. Mr. Murray. Yes. Miss Wagner. Yes. Mr. Hannon? Yes. Mr. Michigan? Yes. Mr. Murray. Yes. Mrs. Hill? Yes.


Motion to adopt. Will call please. Yes.


Mr. Alberto? Yes, that’s right. Mr. Hannon? Yes, Mr. Machine? Yes. Yes, this is Phil.


Yes, he set it to 509 becomes ordinance number 2022 Dash 87 27251 off my LED street lighting. Please read by title.


an ordinance authorizing the mayor to make an enter into an LED street lighting agreement with the Ohio Edison company and declaring an emergency to expedite the agreement. It’s like a little complex. Mr. Lambert, yes. Mr. Right. Yes, Mr. Hannon? Yes, Mr. Messenia. Mr. Burton? Yes. Miss Wagner. Yes. Mrs. Field? Yes. Yes, Mr. Hanlon? Yes. Mr. Missionary? Yes, Mr. Humberto? Yes. Yes, Mrs. Field?


Yes, t 7251. Now because ordinance number 2022 dash abc. First Reading we haven’t done second reading t 7247. Authorized Jad with Shaler. Spell Carolina please read by title.


This is an ordinance creating a joint economic development district with the shooter’s Ville township trustees and the project development agreement with the same entertain the mayor to execute the agreements substantially on the form attached to this ordinance and declaring an emergency to expedite this economic development opportunity.

Jon Hannan  12:17

We have question Mr. Hanna to read up to Amandus for the current new documents that we got, and it was recommended to me by the prosecuting attorney that you guys substitute. The first one with the second, there’s only been some minor grammatical cleanup, such as they had some accounting as a court of adjudication as opposed to Portage County. And there’s some minor things as indicated in that email correspondence sent to you about the income tax impairment loss.


Hoping to amendment though, right, because we would just vote on what’s presented to us after the third reading.

Patrick O’Malia  13:04

I was told that it’s a substitution.


Yeah, I would prefer a motion to make it clear which version you’re accepting.


Tonight, you are suggesting the

Caroline Kremer  13:17

exhibit sticker on it was the one laid on your tabletop tonight.


Yeah, I’ll make a motion to substitute the previous exhibit with the new exhibit.


First in a second, let me the roll call for this. Probably not. Okay. All those in favor? Aye. Any opposed? Hearing on this has been amended. Okay. Any other questions? Okay. Moving on to the third reading. We have done mayor’s report.


Thank you Mr. Steele. Last week during the fire, a cat there that ended up missing. Thankfully, we did not find a kitty in the rubble. So they knew that there’s a possibility cat was still alive. But last night they actually found the cat. So we’re very happy. Very happy to hear that. Cats usually, cats usually do a lot better than fires and dogs do. Cats usually want to find a place to hide and this one they found in their basement. I don’t know where but it was nice for them to be able to find their cat. But I just wanted to share a little bit of good news with you guys.

Julie Field  14:33

Hey, president of consoles commas.


Did you actually read the juggling act to be admitted or just before we just before we met, but it made a version will be for next week.


That’s all. I have no comments, council members comments and start with Mr. Hanlon. Serena,

Jon Hannan  14:56

thank you. I would like to remind everybody that that the upcoming weekend is Memorial Day weekend. Time to remember and honor those who fought and fell for our country. There are events occurring Saturday morning at 9am. At evergreen we’re replacing and replacing the flags at the Veterans stones. And then Sunday morning, beginning at 9am Starting at the American Legion, and then going to the VFW Evergreen Cemetery. And then ending at Woodside. We do the round robin Memorial Day ceremonies in each of those places. So it’s all open to the public, if anybody wants to attend, and honor. Honor those fallen. We would appreciate it.

Steve Michniak  15:49

Thank you, Mr. Mr. McKinley, I just want to say congratulations to our high school baseball team. They recently advanced to the sectional bracket, and we’re sectional champions, which is the first time in over a decade. Coach says that we made it to districts in the advanced of the districts today and played their semifinal game against marlington. And sadly, they last for two. They had a really good season and haven’t got this deep in the bracket for I think 11 or 12 years. So it did a really good job and I just wanted to congratulate all of them. So that concludes their season but the programs will come up on younger kids coming up playing travel ball so I think they’re only gonna get better and better every year. Hopefully they stay in that Lewisville bracket. It’s not as much as a meat grinders say Jackson is but it’s close. So congrats to


the baseball team. Yeah, that’s great. The track team had a lot of success too. Yes. Still. Still. Yeah, they’re still gone. So that’s exciting. Very good. Okay, Mr. Roberto. Everybody enjoy the week. Mr. Thank you. Announcement City Hall will be closed on Monday, May 30. For Memorial Day, there will be a public hearing DJed a safety committee Service Committee and during the Council meeting on Monday, June 14, starting at 7pm in council chambers, by the way. Congratulations to all the seniors graduated from as Mr. Lamba just mentioned to me Oh, perfect. Yes, that’s exciting. Congrats. See us seniors. Motion to adjourn. Second. All those in favor? Aye. Opposed hearing none. We are good to read it

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