Documenters: Randolph Township trustees meeting for May 25, 2023

Randolph trustees met May 25, 2023. Lee Lundblad/The Portager

Documented by Lee Lundblad

Randolph Township

Village Council Meeting

Thursday, May 25, 2023

6 p.m.

1639 State Rte. 44

Randolph, Ohio

In attendance

Village Council Meeting

John Lampe, Trustee

Sue White, Trustee/Chair

Nicholas Reynolds, Trustee

Mary Rodenbucher, Fiscal Officer 

Documenter Notes

Village Council Meeting

The meeting opened precisely at 6 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Trustee/Chair Sue White asked if there were any changes or exceptions to the minutes of the last regular meeting. Seeing none, White asked for a motion to approve. Motion was seconded and unanimously passed.  

Old Business

Trustee John Lampe reported that he has the blueprints for the Pavilion and Restroom Project. The next step will be to begin on an itemized budget in order to start work.  

Trustee Nicholas Reynolds indicated the work on the gazebo was completed May 25. The final walkthrough for the gazebo construction will be scheduled soon by the building department. Sue White added that she is receiving many positive comments on the new gazebo. Reynolds also added that they are still waiting on Dominion to assist with the generator.

White reported to the trustees that the Garden Club came out in full force to plant flowers. There were many volunteers, and the road crew helped as well. White also showed the lighted bunting pieces she purchased for the Memorial Day parade and ceremony. Everything was expected to be decorated and done for Memorial Day, she said.

New Business

Lampe updated the trustees about the resident who approached him about purchasing an original painting of Randolph’s old post office and saddle shop. The painting, done by the resident, has a cost of $450. Reynolds and White said that they knew about this offer and received the photos that Lampe sent to them. Reynolds and Lampe thought it was too expensive for the village to purchase. All trustees noted that they would consider it if it had been a photograph. All respectfully declined the purchase.

Reynolds indicated he had no new business to report.

White brought up the letter received from a Shaffer Road resident regarding speeding in front of their property. After a brief discussion, it was decided that a “Slow Hidden Driveway” sign could be installed. A speed limit change was briefly discussed, but all decided to go with the sign first to gauge effectiveness. Lampe also stated that he will contact the sheriff to request an increased presence in that area to deter speeders.  

Fiscal Officer Mary Rodenbucher requested a motion to appropriate receipts 77-87 totaling $20,697.83 and pay warrants 40739-40762 and EFTs/Vouchers 443-496 totaling $98,372.88. A motion was made and seconded; motion passed via roll call.

Seeing no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:20 p.m.

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