Documenters: Palmyra Township Trustees meeting for May 24, 2022

Palmyra township hall and fire department. Jeremy Brown/The Portager

Documented by Max Swartout on May 24, 2022

An audio recording of the meeting is available here.

Palmyra Township Trustees

Regular Meeting

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

5:00 PM 

In Attendance

Tom Grund, Trustee Chairman

Robert Dunn, Trustee

Megan Coss, Trustee

Kelly Harvey, Fiscal Officer

Melissa Sherry, Assistant Fiscal Officer

Mark Garvin, Fire Chief

Sandy Nutter, Zoning Inspector

Steve Coss, Road Supervisor 

Jim Deffenbaugh, Resident (former trustee and former volunteer firefighter) 

Linda Berlin, Portage County Resident

Documenter Summary

The previous meeting’s minutes and a motion to pay the bills were approved by the board without objection. 

The board found that there are three or more receipts missing for the purchase of gas by the fire department. 

Fiscal Officer Kelly Harvey and Assistant Fiscal Officer Melissa Sherry are to complete training in the future. 

The township is waiting on new credit cards for the officials. 

Money may have to be moved from the general fund to the cemetery fund if expenses continue. 

The township will renew its agreement with Sedgwick for workers’ compensation as well as its membership with the Ohio Township Association. 

The township will also purchase a new trailer for the parks department to transport lawn equipment. The cost will be equally covered by the fire, parks, cemetery and road funds. 

Chairman Grund is working on the new website for the township. 

The Spring Cleanup will take place June 3-4. 

The township will spend roughly $200 on fliers to hand out to the residents during the Spring Cleanup event. The fliers will include information on upcoming township events.

A permit was issued for a new home to be built at 9293 Tallmadge Road.

There are two zoning violations, one on Whippoorwill Road that will go to sheriff’s auction and one on McClintocksburg Road for the unauthorized storage of business equipment. 

Fire Chief Mark Garvin is hoping the township will purchase new flooring for the fire station. The board asked that the chief supply it with color samples and a cost. 

Portage County resident Linda Berlin asked for the board’s permission for her to train her dog for search and rescue at some of the township’s old cemeteries. 

The trustees went into executive session at 5:59 p.m. to discuss employee disciplinary action. They returned at 6:16 p.m. and stated that there would be no disciplinary action at this time. The employee and offense in question were not shared. 

The meeting adjourned immediately upon the board’s return from executive session. 

Documenter Notes

The previous minutes were approved by unanimous vote. 

Chairman Grund made a motion to approve and pay the bills that passed by unanimous vote. 

As the trustees passed around papers to sign, Trustee Coss asked, “Is this the Love’s missing the two receipts the same from last meeting?” Fiscal Officer Kelly Harvey responded that she didn’t know. She and Chief Garvin were trying to locate missing receipts by calling vendors to get new copies. One receipt was from too long ago for the vendor to find. There are three or more receipts missing for gas at Love’s. 

Fiscal Officer Harvey said that she and Melissa (Sherry, assistant fiscal officer) are going to start more of the training but that the township’s temporary funding has run out. So she’s having to write a lot more blanket statements for the permanent appropriations. She said this to explain that’s why the trustees are seeing a lot of blanket statements.

Trustee Coss asked Fiscal Officer Harvey, “What’s the holdup with Farmer’s?” Harvey responded that she called “them” and that they said they were waiting on approval. Harvey is also waiting to hear back from the bank regarding a check the township issued that was off 10 cents. 

When reviewing another document, Trustee Coss also said, “I thought those credit cards were already approved. What does she mean they need to be approved? They were approved back when Kathy was still here.” 

Fiscal Officer Harvey responded with, “I don’t know.” 

“She doesn’t have you confused with somebody else ’cause you’re not Kathy, does she?” Trustee Coss asked.

“I hand delivered all the information to the branch,” Fiscal Officer Harvey answered.

Trustee Coss went on to explain that she still needs a (credit) card for purchasing things and that she’s been using Steve’s (Coss, road supervisor). She also indicated that he couldn’t even put $100 on his credit card. 

Chairman Grund then asked Fiscal Officer Harvey to get started with her section of the meeting. 

Kelly Harvey, Fiscal Officer

A grant was filed (this documenter is unsure of the specific grant; it sounded like “Arca”). Harvey said she “got a part two in the email the other day” that she has to start to “figure out what to do with.” 

Harvey said she had to move some money around, specifically OPERS and Medicare for the “road and labor people.” She added that the money will be pulled out of Road and Bridge now instead of Gas Tax. 

Harvey informed the group that she may have to pull money from the general fund and put it into cemetery if they keep having expenses there. 

Harvey asked the trustees if she could fill out the new form for Sedgwick regarding workers’ compensation. Chairman Grund made a motion that the trustees renew the Sedgwick plan at a cost of $880 for workers’ compensation. 

Grund also made a motion to renew the annual Ohio Township Association membership at $264. 

Road Supervisor Steve Coss asked if Harvey was able to look at purchasing the trailer. Trustee Grund suggested splitting the cost of the new trailer between roads, fire, park and cemetery funds equally. 

Chairman Tom Grund

Grund is in the process of creating the new website.

Grund also indicated he’d be requesting an executive session at the end of the meeting. 

Robert Dunn, Trustee

Dunn will commit to Spring Cleanup for Saturday the entire time but cannot offer time on Friday because of graduation. 

Megan Coss, Trustee

Coss put out other fliers to hand out during Spring Cleanup. She shared those fliers with the other trustees. The cost to print the fliers will be at least $200. 

Trustee Dunn said he loved the idea of the flowers and thanked both Harvey, for the idea, and Coss, for putting the fliers together. He wanted to have the trick-or-treat and trunk-or-treat removed because now, due to the sheriff and the school both doing trunk-or-treats as well, there are three total trunk-or-treats offered to the community. He worries that it’s too much. He proposed asking the sheriff to combine events with the Palmyra trustees. Therefore, he thinks the events should be removed from the flier until everything is decided. 

The group decided to put the fire department’s Boot Drive on the flier instead of the trick-or-treat and trunk-or-treat. It will be the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the center of town. 

Robert Dunn, Trustee

Dunn received a complaint from a resident about the traffic at the intersection near the new Love’s station. He mistakenly told the resident that there was a traffic light in the talks during the original planning of the gas station. The road supervisor, Steve Coss, informed Dunn that a light was never in the plans. 

Megan Coss, Trustee

Fiscal Officer Kelly Harvey suggested listing the website and social media accounts for the township on the flier. 

Dunn made a motion to approve up to $300 to pay for the fliers to be distributed during the Spring Cleanup. The motion was unanimously approved. 

Sandy Nutter, Zoning Inspector

Zoning Inspector Sandy Nutter said the township has a new Mylar sign for (inaudible 00:31:03) for a property that is to be transferred to Palmyra Township to add onto the cemetery. 

Kevin Sheldon is going to rebuild a home that was destroyed by fire at 9293 Tallmadge Road. There was no permit fee because of the disaster. 

Nutter stated, “Jeffrey L. Evans, Mylar sign for property on 225; that’ll be two properties combined into one.” 

The zoning violation at 10699 Whippoorwill Road has resulted in the property going to sheriff’s sale. 

There is a zoning violation on McClintocksburg Road. The owners are using it for storage for equipment for their business. 

Nutter attended a regional planning meeting May 11 and the quarterly zoning inspector meeting April 28. 

Nutter brought up an issue that came up on the minutes that she saw that there was a complaint that she is not on time and that she leaves early. Nutter told the group that it’s rare she’s late; occasionally, yes, but five or 10 minutes. Trustee Coss said that the township advertises that Nutter is in her office starting at 9 a.m. and said if Nutter could be there at 9 that would “be great.” 

Nutter also brought up that the minutes from a previous meeting state she has not been at the meetings. Trustee Coss stated that Nutter must be aware of her absence from the meetings because Nutter sent an email to the trustees saying she had the date and time mixed up. Nutter clarified that she sent the email because she wasn’t notified of the change in date and time of the meeting. Nutter explained that she doesn’t come to every meeting; she tries to come to the first meeting of every month. She went on to stress that since the new trustees have been on the board, the meeting times have changed a lot and that no one notified her of the change on the last meeting of the month; that’s why she missed the May 10 meeting because it was changed to the day before. Trustee Coss said it would be nice for Nutter to at least be at one of the meetings a month. Nutter said she always is but asked the board to notify her if there is going to be a change. Trustee Coss said, “We run it in the paper, correct?” Nutter indicated that she doesn’t get the paper. Fiscal Officer Kelly Harvey said that it was probably her fault; she didn’t send out the minutes because it was her first time doing it. Nutter said she would have been at the meeting if she had the minutes and was aware of the time change. Trustee Coss said she “can’t promise” that she’ll let Nutter know of meeting change times. Nutter said if she gets a copy of the meeting minutes that she always reads them and will therefore be aware. 

Steve Coss, Road Supervisor

Grund made a motion to purchase a landscaping trailer from Bennett Trailer for approximately $4,192 for the road department. The motion was unanimously approved by the trustees. 

Dunn made a motion to authorize the road department to take the 12-foot trailer to Edinburg Auction. The motion was unanimously approved by the trustees. 

Mark Garvin, Fire Chief

The chief shared with the trustees a sample of the flooring he’s recommending be installed in the fire station. Trustee Coss asked who was going to lay all the flooring. The chief said the firefighters would lay it themselves. 

Trustee Dunn asked Garvin to get a sample of all the colors and a price for the board to look at. 

Chairman Grund thanked the chief for his work in the parking lot. 

Linda Berlin, Resident of Portage County

Linda Berlin addressed the board asking for permission to use the old cemeteries to train her dog for search and recovery. She is part of a group that will be able to identify burials which are not known and to find human remains in criminal cases with law enforcement direction. The trustees approved the request, asking that Berlin inform Mr. Coss when she will utilize the cemeteries. 

Chairman Grund made a motion that the board convene to executive session to discuss employee discipline at 5:59 p.m. 

The board came back at 6:16 p.m. Trustee Coss said there would be no disciplinary action taken at this time. 

There was a motion to adjourn, and the motion was unanimously approved by the trustees. 


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Palmyra Trustees 5.24.2022 Final

Thu, 5/26 3:27AM • 58:37


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Kelly Harvey, Megan Coss, Mark Garvin, Sandy Nutter, Tom Grund, Linda Berlin, Steve Coss, Robert Dunn, Melissa Sherry

Tom Grund  00:00

All right. And we’ll start with the Pledge of Allegiance. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. And to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice. All right, any additions or corrections to last week’s minutes?

Megan Coss  00:27

No. Did you get them approved as presented?

Kelly Harvey  00:35

Did they go to junk? Is that when I went to

Tom Grund  00:37

I never gotten the exam again.

Kelly Harvey  00:40

So we put them on the shared drive. Are you logged into your one note or whatever it is? Oh, I

Megan Coss  00:49

learned that that’s why I wasn’t getting in apps. I wasn’t logged into that. You know,

Kelly Harvey  00:54

because we’re using Office 365 now Yeah, well, why did that change? Everybody upgraded to it? I know we didn’t work to

Megan Coss  01:02

you told me the guy on the phone told me that it was somebody tried to breach our lips our website or something?

Kelly Harvey  01:11

I don’t know. I know they upgraded us at work. So I’ve been it’s my first time ever using it. But yes, we’ve been sharing documents back and forth. But I have to remember to save them on the computer that I’m trying to save that’s why I wasn’t learning anything else but that he should try sharing to them and see if they’re able to see it that way. They’re not seeing it in the email. So

Megan Coss  01:39

are you logged into the 365 Yeah, okay. I couldn’t see anything when I was logged out now that I’m logged in I can see when have you sent out an email before Have you have you sent to all if you send one just a trustee it should go to all of us so maybe

Melissa Sherry  02:04

your Kelly I took time to mark

Megan Coss  02:06

maybe try that pop that township one where you just push and just even if you send test or Hi this is Gary just to see if we’re getting them because I still don’t know that I’m sure that I’ve gotten everything that I didn’t get but you know

Tom Grund  02:27

alright I’ll make a motion that we approve and pay the bills

Kelly Harvey  02:31

all right

Megan Coss  02:36

I second that Yes, yes yes yes this is this this this


hello all of our Are you good

Robert Dunn  03:21

I have no additions or corrections

Kelly Harvey  03:23

Thank you Good job Melissa.

Megan Coss  03:26

Because you’re gonna get a Forget it your work last month Did you

Robert Dunn  03:32

have some special document there yourself? No special I don’t know if something I didn’t recognize

Tom Grund  03:39

like when you left us it was important to me so it’s like a

Kelly Harvey  03:48

like a shared by Yeah, yeah. Did you were you long they’re gonna have to get you off they have to wonder and I thought that’s what it

Megan Coss  03:56

is wonderful. He wouldn’t be getting any emails because I wasn’t logged in at all to it. You get a text with other day Yeah, remember and I said you said I’ll take care of and I said no no, I’ll do it myself. I just needed somebody to send me something so I knew I made sure I wasn’t getting anything but once he got me logged into 365 i Min I think does that makes sense? Like to me and I have a purple pen

Robert Dunn  04:43

for checks and

Megan Coss  04:46

is this the loves missing two receives the same from last name

Kelly Harvey  04:51

I don’t know. We have been going through though we did get Mark and Mark was gonna appeal Yeah, we did get some one of them. I guess we weren’t able to replicate through the vendor because it they only hold them for so many days and they expire. So

Megan Coss  05:12

is this the same thing is that it’s a different one now two more receipts are missing on top of those Mark they’re making their job hard

Kelly Harvey  05:30

so this one we had to wear I’m gonna see so we’re missing three

Megan Coss  05:36

search not more might be needed now here where’d you know it was Where are you missing receipts from April 6 1123

Kelly Harvey  05:56

April I can think of 16

Megan Coss  06:00

There’s another one

Kelly Harvey  06:07

this one’s the one that was too old they couldn’t record it yeah

Megan Coss  06:14

just go without and then you get have your audit and don’t worry about it

Kelly Harvey  06:20

well we’ll see

Megan Coss  06:22

yes yeah loves

Kelly Harvey  06:26

I don’t know which ones they were

Megan Coss  06:30

you missed the beginning of last meeting as well if you didn’t know he loves

Kelly Harvey  06:33

coded as truck ID 2046 whichever one that is and they offer either 2036 or two fluids for you can you make sure on the ones I have tucked up that they signed up they get certificates Yeah,

Megan Coss  07:17

this one has not been signed by



Megan Coss  07:22

just so you’re aware no Kelly if you miss that one these are good well now zoning just stuck it on my mind boxes.

Kelly Harvey  07:59

So you’ll see my chunks in there. Lobby. You see what he’s talking about. There will be a blanket certificate. Wondering there

Tom Grund  08:09

are two checks or five two checks three signatures.

Kelly Harvey  08:15

So I’m assuming I’m going to start that Listen, I gotta start more than trading but our temporary funds have ran out so I’m having to open up a lot more of a blanket statements for the permanent appropriations so that’s why you guys are seeing more of those blanket certificates opening up today. Just because I need more funds. We used a lot this month for cemetery for the burial stuff and we had the fire station stuff come through for some of the turnout gear so the money is there I just have to open it up to be paid out right that’s it

Robert Dunn  09:38

the date that Sunday but I don’t know if that’s always a sign and date maybe.

Kelly Harvey  09:50

Keller what’s the holdup of farmers? I called down. Did you get that email from me? I said to you okay. She said they’re waiting on approval. I also am waiting for the one time I was training with Kathy. Some check we issued was off 10 cents. She emailed the bank because I saw her do it. I’ve emailed the bank, they still haven’t fixed it yet. So last month, I had to override the bank reconciliation. I know I said the word wrong. I reached out to them again. And she said she will look into it. But I haven’t heard back at all. So I’m still waiting on that. Thank you right. So close to the sign unless I got everything stamped and returned mail, but I didn’t have time to make at all. I’m sorry. What did the guy say?

Megan Coss  11:06

Friday? I thought those credit cards were already approved, which should mean they need to be approved. They were approved back when tackling so yeah. I don’t know he doesn’t have you confused with somebody else? Because you’re not careful. Yes. You.

Kelly Harvey  11:32

I mean, I can deliver it all the information to the brain as she had

Tom Grund  11:37

said she had an apple. I thought

Megan Coss  11:39

Kathy had it to finish out. So you took over but you said she never gave it to you. And the only reason I asked

Kelly Harvey  11:47

is like a physical card.

Megan Coss  11:49

Yes. I need to get things I have been using Steve’s but I think he told you that he put in $400 on this. Yeah,

Kelly Harvey  11:58

I I turned in every everything that we had signed at the meeting, and then it got returned. We missed the signature. And then I hand delivered enough at the faith. And that was probably in mid April. So I mean, I did reach out. I mean, All my stuff’s coated with pahlmeyer. As she said, No,

Megan Coss  12:17

no, I just was trying to think of a reason why

Tom Grund  12:22

couldn’t get started with your assumptions.

Kelly Harvey  12:24

Okay, um, I guess for my update, the ARPA grant did get filed. I got a part two in the email the other day that I have to start to figure out what to do with. Everything was pretty good. I had to move some money around like I told you, I’m going to have you guys just sign off on the two items I had to do for that over as a Medicare that I had to move, and then I permanently move the funds that it’s getting pulled out up out to the next one. So it’s just for the road labor people. They’re going to be getting pulled out of road and bridge now versus gas tax. So I printed it out just so you guys could see it. And I think we’ll just sign off on it. I don’t think we need a resolution. I am looking at all the funds. Like I said, I think our temporary budgets running out. We have the permanent budget there that I can pull from I just need to open the statement. So if you guys see those, that’s what that’s for. I might need to move some money from the general fund into the cemetery if we keep having more expenses though. Yeah, that’s what I figured. But as far as like, we still have money in there. But if we need to, there’s plenty in the general fund that will require resolution from my understanding if we move it from the general into a different fund. So at that time, at this time, we haven’t did that I’m still using the funds that are available. So I just had a couple of questions about if you email me back I apologize. This is our Sedwick I know we looked at that. Are you guys okay with the filling all this out for workers comp? They gave us our new pricing and vouchers here. Do we need resolution for this? Since it’s an annual play we always okay. Because the price

Mark Garvin  14:30

until the workplace training over here if you need the certificates to go with them,

Kelly Harvey  14:35

okay, perfect. Can you just maybe email them to me?

Tom Grund  14:51

All right, I’ll make a motion that we renew our Sedgwick plan at a cost of $880. So I got workers comp Yes.


Just costs. Yes.

Kelly Harvey  15:10

What did you say about the township one? resolution for our annual township fees? The Ohio township Association. There’s the cost right there to 64

Tom Grund  15:26

million the resolution to renew our annual Ohio township Association, active members at a cost of $264.

Kelly Harvey  15:36

So you just done?

Megan Coss  15:42

Yes. Yes.

Kelly Harvey  15:49

And that’s all about I have, I’m working with the bank to get the credit cards and to get that error they had for the 10 cents corrected. But besides that, we’re going to go

Steve Coss  16:00

off the trailer.

Kelly Harvey  16:02

Yeah. So from the Road Fund, if we’re gonna take it out of the 2021. Are we going to put it all in the Road Fund? Or is the fire department going to be using some of it as well? We’re not we’re out there. Okay, so the majority of it will be you guys. For the mowers and stuff. What we should

Tom Grund  16:27

be able to split between cemetery. Yeah, equally.

Kelly Harvey  16:36

I mean, we have 2500 in the small tools and minor equipment. And then we also have the road and bridge fund, which we could use the she doesn’t have any allocated, I can move some money out of the general fund 760s for you. She has 15,000 allocated in there. If we decide to go with a trailer, we can move it from there, into the road and five in the general fund we have for machinery, equipment and furniture. We have 15,000 and we have not spent any of it yet because I haven’t moved anything from our general fund into our you know, roading branch or fire funds I’m using what was already in there and then if we allocate it between the you know, Fire Department report against you now again and it was about for the price 1000 Yeah, you wanted the one for Atlanta, right.

Robert Dunn  18:07

So Trump on everything, because 25 currently solutions can

Tom Grund  18:13

be used for departments. So if you just be going out four times higher was cemetery just to help spread the protocols in motion we do. This you will see second, yeah. Please, hurry. Hello, my hair. The only thing I have this meeting is the website is still under progress. We are having a lot of problems with our previous person not supplying documents, photos, plugins. I was with our designer yesterday, we called him we got him on the phone. He says yeah, I’ll send it out a few minutes, he did not. So at this point, I have asked Chief to go ahead and get photos of all the trucks updated. And just gonna start it over. So hopefully, by the end of the week or early next week, we do have an up and running site. It’s just very bare right now. So I’m hoping by the end of the week to at least have kind of back to where we were, and then start refreshing from there, which I’ll be taking care of. So it’ll be either sooner or later in there. So chief is already aware of that and is good. Thank you. And now anything I have is after everybody in the lobby predication, I’ll be requesting taking possession

Robert Dunn  19:43

of my list as well. So I’ll take that off my list and then know anything I had was township cleanup, I can commit to the Saturday entire time, but because we have graduation entails that I will not be there on Friday. So I just wanted to give everybody a heads up as far as if it needs me understaffing adjustment with bringing any of the staff in, but I won’t be able to. And Steve will tell you pretty much the workforce crane crane. Steve, I suggest you bring two people replace me on the entertainment and the hardware.

Megan Coss  20:24

That’s why I jumped up and said that we’ll take IDs and make sausage sandwiches.

Kelly Harvey  20:29

I’ll be here Saturday, I do have to run over for Team photos real quick, but it shouldn’t take 20 minutes.

Tom Grund  20:35

For both this

Megan Coss  20:38

is gonna get so tired. But I’m gonna be asking

Robert Dunn  20:40

you I know it’s a big loss for the organization. So I just wanted to go again, tab for delegates that yes,

Megan Coss  20:51

I’m probably gonna ask for fliers to be handed out. So I put together when I could. The only thing that I noticed that that I can think of that’s not on here is the trick or treat date because I was told Mr. Gan sets that. And so I guess

Robert Dunn  21:13

that’s a pretty big deal. Yes, it’s oversized.

Megan Coss  21:17

So I would need a date. If you guys approve those tonight to be made, I would also need at least $200 To have them printed up at the same place when we’re done and that we have the flyers made and I need somebody’s credit card to do it. Because Steve’s doesn’t have any money on it.

Tom Grund  21:36

You can just call them and I will spend around my way home and just pick them up and use mine.

Megan Coss  21:42

Will she take the money after? He picked him up last time so I don’t know. Okay. So if you see something that wants to change, I unfortunately it’s last minute but I have to give her I’m assuming she’ll have enough time to make them even if she doesn’t just on white paper. And I just kind of put some information together that

Robert Dunn  22:07

so I love the idea, Kelly, if you cannot I appreciate you taking the time to do this. But you would think it was controversial but the trick or treat or trunk or treat. But here’s here’s the problem. Last year, the sheriff’s department decided yes, they wanted to have their own trunk or tree Yes. And they want to have a pull Meyer Park and we had already scheduled our trunk or treat so it was back to back and the school week before and crafts and the school has a trunk or treat. Yes. So now you’re dealing with you know three not necessarily competing all and good brand good measure and good idea. But you know we’re almost over saturating that. So my thought is could we either coordinate with the sheriff’s department and put on one big pahlmeyer township slash Portage County Sheriff let’s put their name first which kind of Sheriff slashed from our time Township. trunk or treat and then we would probably get good participation from from our constituents. And that doesn’t have to be tied to trick or treat but that was tied to trigger tree for the purpose of convenience for the people you dress up and walk around the township and at the end of that trick or treat hours you had right to trunk or treat. Truth be told we range anywhere from five trunks to 1515 will be a great year five and via so I don’t know the value and Trump I’m not a fan of ending trucker treat if if the sheriff’s department the temperature didn’t you? We went to the sheriff

Megan Coss  23:45

one. Yes. And was it a good turnout?

Robert Dunn  23:48

It was more than five okay, yeah, they had more advertising dollars and and they brought in people from all over what were ours is more centered for the pahlmeyer residence. So I think it would be wise to coordinate with them our date and just say we’re gonna we’re gonna call the sheriff

Megan Coss  24:11

so should we just remove it from Yeah, I

Robert Dunn  24:14

guess that’s what I was saying. We have a date and we know checkatrade mean we could we just don’t but I think we’re gonna try to connect it

Tom Grund  24:22

between the between the trusty Twitter design and then once the website is up and running, we put those events on there I think.

Robert Dunn  24:29

Yeah, especially we do with the search bar lemonade. They

Tom Grund  24:32

tried to like crazy kind of be a year I believe they’re going to do for new locations this year. But

Robert Dunn  24:40

yeah, that that was what I did not know Tom is are they trying to move it continuously throughout the county or are they set with these places? So I can find out because that would be that I might go more to the side of fishing as well but not the same day for sure. Because On the list, I go into the wrong order tree. make us all feel so warm. If you’re on any of these seats, you have to have your own trunk just so I don’t know, I know you’ll commit them helping the building.

Megan Coss  25:17

So, what should we should we

Robert Dunn  25:20

take it off? I mean, is there any other events? Like I’m gonna pick out that

Megan Coss  25:24

one about regular door to door checker tree?

Robert Dunn  25:28

Yeah, I would say that. We don’t know that answer, because we don’t know if we’re gonna afford it.

Megan Coss  25:32

Isn’t door to door it’s set day and time regardless of the trunk or treat.

Robert Dunn  25:38

On the same day, and then okay, so yeah, the trucker Trick or treat, they go right to the trunk of the tree.

Megan Coss  25:44

So I got me Do you guys are friendly brainstorm. Now, what you want in that spot? If you want these to go out to everybody that’s pulling in here.

Robert Dunn  26:02

I mean, we got the Easter egg on. We won’t know tons of cleanup. For next, right on here. Are there any sales or anything chief like the apple? Or the PI sale or anything that has a date on them?

Tom Grund  26:18

I know you were thinking about doing some kind of an open house or your

Kelly Harvey  26:23

donation? Do you guys do that on a Sunday?

Mark Garvin  26:27

We’ll have a boot drive. Labor Day weekend,

Kelly Harvey  26:33

that’d be a good thing to put on. And what is that called?


Are with Dr. polarfire? Department boot drive?

Megan Coss  26:42

And where is that?

Mark Garvin  26:44

Center town? 25. And to coin challenge,

Megan Coss  26:50

and is there a time?

Mark Garvin  26:53

Last year was from nine to and what day was Sunday, this Oh, Labor Day? Labor Day weekend?

Megan Coss  27:05

Sunday a Labor Day? And I’m sorry, what time did you say? That’s a good one. Tend to for

Robert Dunn  27:16

like Open House idea. And you didn’t think of a date? The next couple of days but you’re just talking about walking people through and what that’d be after the painting or

Megan Coss  27:27

I was just gonna say are we going to paint? Let’s do that first.

Mark Garvin  27:30

No. You’re going to late August, late August the

Robert Dunn  27:37

one I like that

Tom Grund  27:38

one of the board up companies would come and cook hamburgers maybe

Robert Dunn  27:40

if you could let vegan No, no on the next day and then we can get that

Kelly Harvey  27:46

right. I’ll give you a date after the meeting. Maybe about that. Sometime that sunset 5k Is that a community event? Or is that a school event?

Robert Dunn  28:00

It’s a school sponsored by the track program.

Kelly Harvey  28:03

I haven’t seen it we’re having our all our teams come and wear their uniforms even if they can walk up at the school. Yeah, so

Robert Dunn  28:19

you know trying to gain awareness to the track and hopefully getting a new track and making a few dollars not necessarily that’s gonna help get the track but they’re gonna wareness maybe people would want to give more

Megan Coss  28:31

wailing at one spot and we tell them so that’s fine.

Kelly Harvey  28:36

Oh Naira do a parade at all. No, no, we don’t do one at all. No no, no, no, no. I’m gonna go back. Go back.

Robert Dunn  28:52

Yeah, you’re whining to me. I thought when we got the loves, we’re getting a traffic light there. That was never in the works. I swear that we had a traffic light and the plants

Mark Garvin  29:03

just flooded when the the drones came out. There was never a traffic light just laying in addition.

Robert Dunn  29:09

I remember that widening in that but I thought there was a light that was going to be a test drive for


light but they wouldn’t be it’s it’s bad.

Robert Dunn  29:17

I guess that’s where I got a complaint from a resident and I lied to him not purposefully. But I said I think we had a light attached to that plan. And I will check on it. So I will let the resident know that I misinformed them and that the light was not included but we are hopefully that they would consider one because I think it is a lot more traffic than I thought. So that’s the other one which I started doing.

Megan Coss  29:47

Well with that. Did we turn in for the no Jake break for fun designs.

Steve Coss  29:56

I contacted them in Brownsville. We’re at the woods now. Oh, you did. And he was going to communicate with the same people. He actually didn’t know what steps we have to take. So it’s in the works. Thank you nothing grows fast.

Robert Dunn  30:23

That’s why it was so super late was just delayed. I didn’t think you’re never gonna find sorry. Thank you.

Megan Coss  30:30

This is all I had was.

Kelly Harvey  30:32

This is great mega awesome. Yeah,

Robert Dunn  30:35

that’s a great idea pass Melbourne when

Megan Coss  30:37

Ed to show it, put something on the screen or just leave it there. We’re just going to hand them out. We’re not going to do any

Kelly Harvey  30:42

we know our new web page to direct them to there. So it’s the same user just put it somewhere we on Twitter or Facebook or any of the public. Okay, well, we might want to throw that on. Well, I guess on Facebook,

Megan Coss  30:56

what is the Twitter? Yeah, following

Kelly Harvey  30:59

Twitter? I don’t do I follow you. But I don’t follow. I will tweet

Robert Dunn  31:05

out my thing. Oh, good for you.

Kelly Harvey  31:08

That might be some good some people like social media. So I sure do. And is it updated? I don’t know Facebook. It’s probably best. We have like for the softball field.

Robert Dunn  31:25

Trustees, we don’t do that on the show to the user. So is that because it’s not quite polar?

Tom Grund  31:35

You guys are great then. Alright, Sandy. Do you ever afford to

Sandy Nutter  31:43

get a copy that one open your box? So this is the same one? Do you want another copy?


I got one you have for fire? Oh, oh, the two of you were bailed out? It. Can anybody have a copy? I make the motion. We’re gonna do 200 At ease. You should turn it off.

Megan Coss  32:07

I well. Did we think we’re That’s a guess, based off location. Assessment. Yeah.

Robert Dunn  32:18

I’ll make a motion that we approve up to $300 to pay for the flyers over distributed on township days. I’ll second.

Megan Coss  32:33

And you’re going to stop buying pain, right?

Robert Dunn  32:38

Yes, yes.

Megan Coss  32:41

Yes. Okay, so that’s our Twitter. What What else do we have? We have? Do we have a Facebook?

Kelly Harvey  32:47

We know. You could link him to our softball Facebook page.

Megan Coss  32:54

We can do that. So I’m just putting a Twitter on here.

Tom Grund  32:56

I could work on Facebook is probably not a bad idea. And that’s even better than the sign in a website. Oh, yeah. It’s probably not a bad idea. I can work on that

Megan Coss  33:14

what’s it going to have on it?

Tom Grund  33:18

road closures, maybe ditching? What did you say? Like you’re gonna use

Megan Coss  33:33

three bodies next year.

Robert Dunn  33:38

Alright, Sandy, I’m ready. I’m paying attention. Thank you. Oh, can we get a vote for that? Yeah. Good job.

Sandy Nutter  33:47

Yes. So we have a new permit. What apps sorry, I my last time what bird for property is going to be transferred to Palmyra township to add on to the cemetery. Kevin Sheldon 9293 Tommy’s road. He’s going to rebuild the home that was destroyed by fire. There was no permit fee because of the disaster. Jeffrey L. Evans smiler signed for property on State Route 225. That’ll be two properties combined into one. Did anybody get to attend the regional planning? No. Okay. That was just for new members so that they know what regional planning is for the township and Portage County Zoning violation at 10691910699. What will erode that property is to go to sheriff sale but due to that because it was not in compliance. And because more money is owed on the house House in what it was appraised for. They’re trying to work that out. And once everybody comes to an agreement of what that starting price is going to be, then it will go to sheriff sale. So there’s a zoning violation that conflict is worth road. There’s a lot they’re using it for storage for equipment for their business, there’s no house on the water for vacant lot. I also attend a regional planning on day 11. Also the quarterly zoning inspector meeting. That was April 28. That was time. Then there was an issue that came up on the minutes that I saw that done, that there was a complaint that I’m not on time and that I leave early.

Megan Coss  35:55

Not on time to complaints. This ensures no time they’ve been here at nine to meet with you and you haven’t been here.

Sandy Nutter  36:06

They never wasn’t. Whilst but this residence Yes, residence. Right? Well, it’s like rare that I’m late. I mean, occasionally. Yeah. I might be a few minutes late. But just because

Megan Coss  36:22

we advertise nine, so if we ever if you could be here at nine, that would be great. Just because we advertise that. Okay, you know, so then

Sandy Nutter  36:30

also then something about the meetings that have not been at the meetings, yes, the meeting,

Megan Coss  36:35

but you must be aware of it. Because after that you send us an email that you had the days and times mixed up.

Sandy Nutter  36:44

I sent the email because I wasn’t notified that the meeting was changed. Okay, so if you so I don’t come to every meeting, I always try to come to the first meeting of the month. So you know, what’s going on with Omar? As the last meeting, the time was changed, because I noticed since the new trustees have been here the time has been changed a lot. Yes. A lot of different meetings have been changed. Right? So that changed from the time from seven to five, and then the different days. Yes. So then it’s like confusing, but no one notified me that on the last meeting of the month that the meeting was changed. That’s why I missed the major meeting. Because it was a day before I thought it was still

Megan Coss  37:27

yes so it would be nice for you to be at least at one of them. monoline always

Sandy Nutter  37:34

but if you would notify me if there was going to be a change

Megan Coss  37:38

is it we run it in the paper correct I don’t

Sandy Nutter  37:41

get the news hardly anybody Yeah,

Kelly Harvey  37:43

that’s that’s probably my fault I didn’t send out the minutes I can first time doing it so I will make sure that you get the minutes

Sandy Nutter  37:53

yeah yeah. So it’s not like I miss meetings

Megan Coss  38:00

we missed you We missed you

Sandy Nutter  38:05

just people that we know

Megan Coss  38:06

Yes. I can’t promise you that I can let you know that I don’t know if there’s a way we can let you know

Sandy Nutter  38:13

that you just didn’t if you just send me a copy that meeting minutes every after the meeting

Megan Coss  38:19

and they should be coming out we have so always read them

Sandy Nutter  38:23

if there’s anything I need to take her up

Megan Coss  38:26

okay. There have been some issues on changing the format of the way the minutes are going out so some got it and some didn’t. Are you signed in two 365 microsoft 365 Oh, you did get them when she sent them? Okay, okay. Because not everybody got them because they changed the logging in you have to be signed into 365 to get the minutes Yeah, I thought so. Okay, we’re on the same page.

Tom Grund  38:59

Anything else for Sandy? Steve


thank you thank you

Megan Coss  39:48

well, you’re going to put your trailer on there right.

Tom Grund  39:50

Did we already have the cost here so I can add motion for that trailer.

Megan Coss  39:58

And did we decide that The middle one, I didn’t bring that paper

Robert Dunn  40:05

there was a high one. Steve said yeah, good experience, but it’s been

Tom Grund  40:11

everywhere. Yeah. The quality as I am. I’ll make a motion that we purchase a landscaping trailer from Bennett trailer. And approximately $4,192 for the grind. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Robert Dunn  40:35

So Kelly, you need me to make a motion for someone to make a motion to move the funding source for that.

Kelly Harvey  40:45

Am I allowed to have a minute to figure out what find I need to move it all that up? Nope.

Megan Coss  40:51

We don’t have any minutes.

Robert Dunn  40:53

Reporter here. Gonna be

Megan Coss  40:56

you’re gonna move it out of I have already

Kelly Harvey  40:58

moved but for separating, if you want it distributed for you know, a fourth between Did you say Cemetery Road? Park fire department and park.

Tom Grund  41:09

This will make sense to me.

Megan Coss  41:11

But didn’t you have half of it? Didn’t she say

Robert Dunn  41:14

$15,000 Finance design?

Megan Coss  41:17

I mean she had 2000 of

Tom Grund  41:19

it already drained.

Megan Coss  41:23

Does that mean that I don’t know.

Kelly Harvey  41:27

Well, when you move money from the general fund, it is the general fund but there’s portions of the general fund that have to move into certain things so like when your secondary number is like parks, whatever’s in that category can then move into the parks. So it’s probably best to take it out equally move it and then we can allocate it towards the trailer in itself.

Robert Dunn  41:51

Why don’t you let us know when you’re ready we can keep going through the reports in the snow and ready to tell us what funds that you’ll be moving into. We can make a motion on that. How would you like me to dispose of the old trailer we have to do anything we sell has to be in an auction we’ve done away with eBay options at this point. I’m just ticked. Oh yeah. Okay, I’m sure

Kelly Harvey  42:26

we like to put up for sale during cleanup day.

Megan Coss  42:28

I don’t know where else

Kelly Harvey  42:31

to sell it on our own

Megan Coss  42:32

right. We’ll get that things

Kelly Harvey  42:35

like someone’s trailers bound to break down. Sell it. Okay, Facebook marketplace isn’t considered a public auction.

Megan Coss  42:49

Probably get more money than you would at Edinburg but actually I doubt it and

Steve Coss  42:53

is that your recommendation? Steve take it down there. Yes, it is it’s fiber so get a motion to allow me to I’ll make a motion to authorize the road department to take another trailer as a name a number of a trailer Oh foot trailer to the Murdoch auction that’s it that’s the end of my son’s

Megan Coss  43:24

eyes that come back

Robert Dunn  43:29

yes I hear poorly so when you say my name I’m sorry.

Tom Grund  43:35

They all see and ask for Steve

Megan Coss  43:39

no but what happened to the spotlight at the cemetery

Tom Grund  43:41

that break sure to throw back that he threw the trimmer head and that’s why all right chief


actually used to come and see it seems so bad. Thank you

Tom Grund  45:12

If you show them sample the flooring and explain that

Mark Garvin  45:25

this is a vinyl compensation flooring sample this what we’ve been installing in the county police department is luxury is final It comes in four by sections it this is actually a rip off of it it comes into 10 Different colors it’s a commercial grade depending on what does the lingo it’s designed for peripheral news and stuff and now we’re going to throw out the entire everywhere up here the meeting room the kitchen the restrooms the hallways yes all all the area that has procreate on the right now

Robert Dunn  46:15

what is this the color you recommend or color

Mark Garvin  46:18

I would actually go get the the sample color board and let you guys all look at all over they haven’t had different colors this is just the color sample of the material will save all the material

Tom Grund  46:30

in however we did Hold that one up against the black base board with the random and they’re like

Mark Garvin  46:38

that’s actually real close to the color that we have in the Watch office of the portswood right now to Zach gravois What’s that? You said four by four 448 inches long? Eight inches wide grab

Tom Grund  46:56

the decision but don’t really feel like that floor and tile that can you share with us the drops I’m just gonna

Mark Garvin  47:03

lay this floor we will do it ourselves Do you know how just read all of the total choice department about 7000 square feet? Where did you lay it? Tell me Police Department How did you get into that? I’ve worked for a contractor What do you do know how much was excellent or lose $12 of four gallon pail yeah every failed so I

Robert Dunn  47:43

think it all goes back in there

Megan Coss  47:53

well I think the last we talked about the funds weren’t there to do it all right now we were going to do the paint first wait a little bit and then do

Robert Dunn  48:02

you I think we mark did exactly what we asked him to go get will give us an idea what they’re thinking of price and then I think the sample board would be next don’t want to tempt us but at least we can see what we’re looking at and then

Mark Garvin  48:15

I’ll go pick it up for a little bit or negative one day you guys

Tom Grund  48:21

just do it and so I’m gonna show you guys making pretty dark and darker you go

Megan Coss  48:27

the more stuff you see when you look at things trying to picture that as a whole because we did it at our house. We have the very dark dark harbor flooring. You see every piece of land

Tom Grund  48:44

chief thanks for getting the lines painted on the parking lot and goes that’s good for so detailed

Mark Garvin  48:50

bollards so that he was aware. I still go there.

Tom Grund  48:57

I stopped down here the other day I want to go to town on the sand around the state to get all the rust out and do the work and says


and they’ve achieved I don’t

Tom Grund  49:15

anything else. Any other communication or safety concerns

Linda Berlin  49:25

did you want to speak Do you want to be I do. Oh no. I’m just I’ve come here because I do search and rescue. And my dogs are working for the Portage County Sheriff and we would like I would like to be able To use the old cemeteries to help train my dogs. And I spoke with Mr. costs. And he said he thought it would be alright, but I need to get permission from you. Before I do it, it’s not that we need a new cemetery. We need those real old ones, the ones that are civil war or pre civil war, because when the sheriff’s department calls us, it’s usually cold cases. And unfortunately, these bodies have been there, maybe 40 years. So we would like to work our dogs on a known burial so that we can recognize their change of physical behavior. And also, that they will give us a final red alert. So that we know and that’s why I’m coming for you to get your permission.

Robert Dunn  51:14

Whether this is you? Yeah. Okay, nice to meet you. I’m up. What does that entail? Training is that a once a month is once a week? How often? And how many hours? Would you be there?

Linda Berlin  51:31

would probably be there? Maybe half hour,

Robert Dunn  51:34

weaker day?

Linda Berlin  51:35

I don’t know. It just depends. We can’t. We’ve got different cemeteries. And so what we do is we work a dog in a cemetery, but we can’t keep going there. Right? They know.

Robert Dunn  51:50

So like substance, there’s gonna be a repetitive thing. Okay, maybe that are missed there. Right?

Linda Berlin  51:57

Exactly hit or miss. We are there for very long, because what we do is what I do with Katie is I set her down, and I tell her to find Fred. And she goes looked in. Now there’s lots of scent in those old cemeteries, but she’s got to make a determination, where the greatest amount of scent is that and then she will alert for me. And I have to give her a reward. So it doesn’t take very long, but we need to keep them doing this. We can’t use. Like, I have cadaver material at home. And I can bury it. But that’s fresh. I need old stuff.


When you look at the old stuff,

Linda Berlin  52:51

I would just try No, no, no, no, no, don’t. Don’t. They don’t dig anything.

Megan Coss  53:02

Which cemeteries did you have in mind?

Linda Berlin  53:05

There’s one on Wayland road. It’s called I think we’re a cemetery. It’s very small, right. And that’s off the road. I don’t know, of all of the different cemeteries. But I do know that when I went by chance, because John Thomas, where I live, is cut off, I went to go around and I’m like, we’re I never even know this cemetery existed. And then I checked it out. And it’s pre civil war. It’s a family cemetery.

Robert Dunn  53:42

And then the Who do you work for? Is this nonprofit? Or is this the sheriff’s department or

Linda Berlin  53:48

we’re all nonprofit. Each person has their own dog, and they train them. And then they make themselves available

Robert Dunn  53:58

as a variable to serve Department,

Linda Berlin  54:01

Department and police department and also the fire department. All right, I have one dog. And there’s a few other people that have one dog, too. So there’s no, there’s just a couple of Yeah,

Robert Dunn  54:17

the old guy, Linda. That’s me, because only one vote but I would be in favor of this with the one caveat for me would be that. We notify Steve of the day and you’re going to be there. And that would be just for our purposes. So somebody calls and says, Hey, what’s going on? That we have somebody, spokesperson for us? That we could call and say Hey, Steve was that young lady. Linda? Was she training her? So I’m in favor of it. But I want to one vote, no pressure

Linda Berlin  54:52

and that’s why I called Mr. Cos first and he said, as far as I’m concerned, it’s okay. But you need to get the permission from the trustees. And I said, that’s fine.

Robert Dunn  55:04

That was a good answer. As well, you know,

Linda Berlin  55:10

we, we actually have, right now, some old cases that we’re working on. And so we want to keep our dogs thinking, looking for those old scents in the in the ground, because it’s fresh. I mean, they, that’s too easy. So, this fall, I’m going to be going out to Colorado, and we’re going to be working on old burials from Indian Indian burials.

Robert Dunn  55:42

Right, thank you for your work. And I think just to make sure you heard what Steve said, can’t use the main cemetery. Oh, no, which I don’t think serves a purpose anyways, so I’ll be the old ones. If you communicate with Steve Wynn, you’ll be doing the trainings. Yeah, I think everybody seems to be okay with that. Okay. So thank you for asking for the blessing. Some people just ask for forgiveness. Yes. For permission. So thank you.

Linda Berlin  56:08

Yeah. No, I don’t want to do that. I I don’t want to do something and then have somebody I don’t know. Offended.

Robert Dunn  56:19

Well, that’s refreshing. Thank you.

Linda Berlin  56:21

Sorry. And the other thing is, if you want to see them in action, it’s amazing. But it is it is amazing. How many

Tom Grund  56:31

words on our Facebook page, right? Like

Megan Coss  56:36

a can of worms. Never Gonna take on the dogs. Yeah,


well, thank you, Jim. Anything.

Linda Berlin  56:43

Okay. Actually, is it possible to train tomorrow just as way ones that that went on for a while we were ready to go. Because we have a big search on Friday up in Lake County. And we’d like to move we worked over in Charlotte County last week, and I might be able to work tomorrow. Probably tomorrow morning. Over at Wayland cemetery

Robert Dunn  57:15

so we did a lot of good London. Thank you.

Tom Grund  57:17

Well, you’re welcome. Thanks, sir. Okay, I will make a motion when we convene to Executive Session. I’ll just called Pearl Harbor is code One, two 1.2 two.g.hi In this lesson including this 45 tips you should said an hour No. Kelly you said an hour by the way. I did. Sorry. Just one

Kelly Harvey  57:55

Wait, I gotta record the time because Melissa laughs Yeah.

Megan Coss  57:58

616 no disciplinary action taken at this time. I hear from anybody. Make a motion to adjourn. A second. Don’t forget you’re here where we get to keep it perfect. Yeah, roll call. Oh, I’m Grant. Cost. Yes, stuck. Around good.

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