Documenters: Nelson Township Trustees meeting for May 18, 2022

Left to right: Kevin Cihan, Mike Kortan, Joseph Leonard, and Anna Mae VanDerHoeven. Max Swartout/The Portager

Documented by Max Swartout on May 18, 2022

Nelson Township Trustees

Regular Meeting

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

7:00 PM


Kevin Cihan, Fiscal Officer

Mike Kortan, Trustee

Joseph Leonard, Trustee

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven, Trustee

Jackie Kable, Zoning Inspector

Peggy Chaffins, Resident

Unknown Resident 1

Unknown Resident 2

Documenter Summary

Fiscal Officer Kevin Cihan reported that currently the Township has $651,299.51 in funds. A second check from the American Rescue Plan is expected. Outgoing payments reported totaled $28,014.27, and the Township took in $5,708.73 over the last month. The trustees unanimously voted to pay the bills. A special meeting to work on the budget for 2023 has been scheduled for 7 p.m. June 1, 2022.

The Township will run an ad in the Record-Courier in search of an employee. This documenter is not sure of the duties associated with this position. 

Zoning Inspector Jackie Kable shared with the group that the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) has met regarding the Larry Herman property. They were going to meet the next day (May 19) to deliberate and are set to formally meet at 7 p.m. May 25. There is also an ongoing case involving the house of William Anderson and the health department. 

As of this meeting on May 18, 2022, there has been a car in the parking lot for over a week with the windows down. Trustee Anna Mae VanDerHoeven shared with the group that she talked with deputies of the Portage County Sheriff’s Department, who ran the plates and found that the car belonged to a man from Warren. The deputies made contact with authorities in Warren, who went to the residence of the owner, whom they were unable to locate. The trustees unanimously voted to have the car towed if the towing company would do it. 

Dana Berish Eggert is interested in serving on the Board of Zoning Appeals to fill a current vacancy. 

Trustee Joseph Leonard shared that he has received another complaint regarding Mayes and Sons Plumbing creating a disturbance. 

Norton Road will need work done soon. There is concern about a new business on the road that could lead to high truck traffic. The trustees will be discussing both issues in the future.

Richard Bailey is retiring after seven years of service on the Township’s road crew. The trustees will throw a celebratory luncheon for him at noon May 27. 

The trustees talked about the addition of a new camera to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic at Pixley Park. The camera would cost $3,000. They will be requesting more information from the alarm company’s representative. 

Trustee Mike Kortan is looking into having the monument cleaned. The trustees were pretty certain that Nelson Township’s monument is the oldest in the county. 

There is an issue with a ditch not draining on Norton Road. Road Supervisor Chuck Vanek will go out to look. 

Documenter Notes

The minutes from the May 4 regular meeting were unanimously approved. 

Kevin Cihan, Fiscal Officer

Cihan presented the payment listing for electronic payments 50-59 and paper warrants 26598-26613. The grand total of reported payments was $28,015.27. 

Trustee VanDerHoeven brought up a $1,000 payment to a contracting company for rebar for the ditch along a road (it sounded like Richard Hill, but this documenter cannot find a road within Nelson Township of such a name).

A motion was made to pay the bills. The motion unanimously passed. 

Cihan gave the current funds status: $651,299.51. He indicated that he expects that to go up when the Township receives the second check from the grant of the American Rescue Plan. Cihan shared that the Township took in $5,708.73 over the last month. 

Fiscal Officer Cihan shared a letter from the auditor’s office laying out tax estimates for 2023 and estimated resources for trustee review. He wants to schedule a special meeting for the budget for 7 p.m. June 2, 2022, with the regular meeting to immediately follow. His goal is to get a budget to the County by July. 

Cihan informed the group that NOPEC has granted the Township $4,454. 

Cihan also shared that he spoke with the Record-Courier about running an ad for an employment opportunity. VanDerHoeven stated, “We need help,” talking about the need for a new employee. (The exact open position is unknown to this documenter.)

Cihan mentioned that the trustees were given a letter regarding the Ohio Township Association Risk Management Authority (OTARMA) legal defense and claim payment agreement. 

He also shared a letter from the Portage County Land Reutilization Corporation. 

Cihan confirmed with Zoning Inspector Jackie Kable that she left three letters on his desk regarding health inspections. 

Jackie Kable, Zoning Inspector 

Kable shared that she issued three separate agricultural exemptions for barns for the following people: Marlin Byler of Silica Sand Road, Jacob Slaubaugh of Newell Ledge, and Betty Detweiler of State Route 305. 

She informed the group that the Board of Zoning Appeals held a hearing on Larry Herman on May 11 and voted to continue it at 7 p.m. May 25. Kable stated that the board members would have a special meeting amongst themselves May 19 to discuss Larry Herman’s situation. 

Kable also shared that she “put a note in there” (this documenter is unsure of what “there” refers to; perhaps her report) regarding what happened with the health department and William Anderson’s house (this documenter is also unsure of what happened with the health department and said house).

Mike Kortan, Trustee

Trustee Kortan shared that Sandy (Huzl) left a report for the community house and Pixley Park. 

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven, Trustee

Trustee VanDerHoeven emailed The Villager to see if they could put the Township’s Memorial Day celebration information in their newspaper. 

She shared that she spoke with sheriff’s deputies about the vehicle that has been sitting in the parking lot for a week. The deputies ran the plates and found that the owner is from Warren. They then communicated with local authorities there, at which point authorities visited the owner’s house. They were unable to make contact with the owner. The trustees unanimously voted to tow the vehicle at the owner’s expense. 

Joseph Leonard, Trustee

Trustee Leonard shared that he spoke with Dana Berish Eggert because she is interested in serving on the Board of Zoning Appeals, which has a vacancy. 

He informed the group that he has received another complaint about Mayes and Sons Plumbing (11900 Mills Rd.) for creating a disturbance. Trustee Kortan commented that it was a civil matter and asked if the complainants have taken any steps to resolve it. Leonard said he and others “talked to (the neighbors) about getting the neighborhood together,” but went on to explain that the complainants did not want to do that. 

Trustee Leonard brought up Memorial Day and ensured that VanDerHoeven had “Coop” lined up. VanDerHoeven also indicated she would make sure the PA system would be there. 

Trustee Leonard then called absent Road Supervisor Chuck Vanek. After the call and indicating Vanek would not join the meeting, Leonard shared that he and Vanek discussed Norton Road. He said that the road was the last gravel drive in Nelson Township and that the Township did some chip and seal, which made it fine for a few years, but last year it “fell apart.” Leonard said that Vanek is in the mindset that as long as the clay is under the road, it will deteriorate. He shared that Vanek talked with a gentleman about grinding the whole road and removing the clay, replacing it with a better foundation. 

VanDerHoeven asked Zoning Inspector Kable if Road Supervisor Vanek got ahold of Kable about the legality of the new business on Norton Road. (This documenter was unable to identify the name, owner, and specific location of the business. It is one that inspects and possibly cleans grindings from roads.) The trustees spoke with Zoning Inspector Kable about how the added truck traffic could negatively affect the roads. The matter may go before the Board of Zoning Appeals. 

Trustee Leonard moved on to discussing Richard Bailey’s retirement from the road crew. Bailey worked for the Township for seven years. The trustees unanimously voted to set a budget of $150 to pay for a luncheon celebration at noon May 27. 

Trustee Mike Kortan

Trustee Kortan followed up with Howland Alarm Company requesting the cost of a single high-definition camera to monitor incoming/outgoing traffic at Pixley Park, which is approximately $3,000, in addition to the cost for an alarm system for the community house. Trustee Leonard pointed out that the problem with a security system without a camera is that by the time it goes off and someone gets there, the people would be gone. He indicated that he wants to have the camera. Trustee VanDerHoeven asked how much the motion-activated cameras currently in use by the Township cost. The cost is significantly less, but they are not as reliable as the camera in question. The trustees are not clear on what exactly is provided with the camera. They decided to have a representative from the company come and answer their questions. 

Kortan shared that he looked into monument cleaning and is waiting to hear back. The trustees believe the monument is the oldest in the county. 


One resident shared that the garden club is requesting that Road Supervisor Vanek assist them in preparation for Memorial Day. 

Peggie Chaffins shared that her neighbor Allen is still having a problem with his ditch not draining. She shared that he thinks it’s Chaffins’ ditch. Road Supervisor Vanek will go out and look at it. 

The trustees voted to adjourn.


The following transcript was generated by a transcription bot and is not 100% accurate. The Portager does not edit the AI-generated transcript. We understand the automatic transcript can be very inaccurate. An audio recording of the meeting is available here.

Nelson Trustees Meeting 5.18.2022

Fri, 5/20 1:50PM • 46:28


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Joe Leonard, Mike Kortan, Peggy Chaffins, Jackie Kable, Max Swartout, Anna Mae VanDerHoeven, Resident, Kevin Cihan


Right I pledge allegiance


one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all

Mike Kortan  01:02

the baby teeth. Nelson concept trustee committee. Welcome. Thank you all for coming. Trustees had a chance to review the minutes from last week’s may or may 4 meeting.

Joe Leonard  01:16

Like emotionally except for minutes as presented. I’ll second

Kevin Cihan  01:21

industrieller Toronto Mr. Courtney? Both Yes. It’s your letter Yes. Yes. spell my name will stay there thank you. Okay, we have a payment listing electronic payments 53 through 59. And paper warrants 265 and nine or eight through 26613 grand totals $28,015.27.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  02:22

What was that five bucks for the CES? A pizza and I knew that. Things don’t I?

Kevin Cihan  02:32

Yeah, occasionally. So actually, what happened was last month, we had a bill for $173. And I called about it because it didn’t feel right. And the lady said, that’s what it is. And that sort of, you know, she was kind of listen to it with me. So so that’s fine. So I paid $273 Well, this month’s invoice comes in and she says she scratched up 140 and said, Emilio $5. I don’t think they know what they’re doing. So don’t be surprised next month. If it comes down to double,

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  03:07

you’re only paying what they tell you to pay. Forgot what we got what we paid last year.


It was 125 I think a month around there. I think this year, it’s 140 Plus final our surcharge for fuel. But if you really want to talk about surcharges for fuel WT are charged us. Was it $700 to come and get those empty containers


fuel surcharge? Maybe Maybe it was a total delivery. But I was looking at the


I think it was 150 to deliver or picked up they said was one price. And then there was a charge for delivery. Yeah. All right. Let


me let me make sure I’m back here. Everyone’s saying so. The roll offs for six, seven was five and a quarter. And then a trip charge to deliver to 40 yard roll off boxes that were not used there was 22 at $250 each. And then the fuel surcharge was $730 on top of that yeah, so and then the overage charges were $276.75

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  04:27

they overcharged

Kevin Cihan  04:28

overage for weight for wait.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  04:34

Yeah, we shouldn’t use to Nanda


dumps. Well,


I guess for $276 You’re better off packing six instead of getting a private money had been it’s a gamble either.


If it rained on Sunday, we probably would have had more.


I don’t either a call they charge us fuel surcharge last year about it. So not like they did. But I’m sure we’re gonna see a lot more of that extortion game right now for you

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  05:16

sums contracting


1000 bucks, rebar. That was just

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  05:20

rebar. Not concrete,

Kevin Cihan  05:24

rebar only.


And that’s for the ditch protrude over academic tricky


Hill. As Chuck said, you


do not hear from Trump.


Yeah, I talked to chuck. I was surprised he didn’t do the bill. But he couldn’t get concrete. It’s a beautiful week last week to do


going get the trucks. Well, if it’s anything like last year, I know the concrete guys, they have to order their concrete trucks a month or so in advance. And or they don’t get concrete. And because lack of drivers drivers work by the last year, like 16 hour days, and they only had an


order for this Wednesday, and it’s going to rain on Wednesday. So I don’t know.


24 hour call off.


I don’t know. I just know that everything’s whacked out right now.


I’m running past my place last two years. Honestly. I don’t know where they’re going on. Do

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  06:30

you need a motion on these bills? Make a motion. I’ll make a motion to the bills


started on March


20. Vote yes, Mr. Leonard. This has been Yes. Current one status, we have 651,000 to our $99.51. I would expect that to go up in the next couple of months when we receive our second check for the repeat, grant. And since last meeting, we took in grants total $5,708.73. questions comments, emotional outbursts. No warning.


I’ll be surprised when we get the check from CMB because they say the price of metal went up. We had two dumpsters plus batteries taken in.


Next thing I have is folder, there’s should be a letter from the auditor’s office. And it’s that time already. So there’s the official tax estimates for 2023 and estimated resources and for your review. And I would like to schedule a budget hearing meeting to start at seven o’clock on the June 1 meeting day with the regular meeting immediately to follow. So I can get a budget temporary budget or budget into the county by July

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  08:31

I’ll make a motion and I


don’t need a schedule I’ll just call the paper and put a meeting in there. So but

Mike Kortan  08:40

we just need to go through


so but these are the numbers for 2023 tax estimates. So I will have that information for you at the next meeting.




and should be another email on your folder from Milltek. Congratulations. Your 2022 Word has been accepted. But a grand total of $4,484.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  09:24

We’re going to frame this so we don’t lose this


again. And the next time I did contact record courier on the ad played email tag and I even left voicemails I haven’t received the final answer. However, I did receive a response initially. I asked if there was Were there any other better price points for running the ad and her subject her recommendation my recommendation to her comment was They can run the ad for six days meaning Friday Saturday and Sunday for two weeks so the cost would be $417.60 I wanted to maybe do a Sunday only or maybe a Wednesday and Sunday for a few weeks see what happens if we get any bites and if not an extended but something less than a few 100 bucks so that’s probably one of my Ask for us run like a Wednesday and a Sunday if that’s okay with you

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  10:29

getting okay we need help


so that was that on the job ad there’s the mohtarma legal defense and claim payment agreement for your written budget there’s the Portage County Land realization Corporation letter and shutdown 2021 Annual Report booklets


and Jackie, I have three letters that you left on my desk for the health district inspections so those are copied in the folder

Jackie Kable  11:18

because one of them he sent me was a beautiful one for a priority but it was actually is actually for Ethan and then I mentioned in my report that when they expected Anderson’s house he expected the house of knowing who was living and not the house next door any clarity to be fit and okay so he’s gonna go there now I don’t know what you answered anyway like that’s the expected all five of them but that was great thank you Jackie. Okay. Last few weeks I have to re agricultural exemptions for bars from Ireland buy or sell so Sam road one was for Jacob slave off Andrew away and the other voice was better yet while they’re on State Route 305. The museum in Calgary are in for wearing around five o’clock and they voted to continue that on Wednesday May 25. The seventh fly they’re going to have a special meeting among themselves tomorrow to Africa anyway to discuss


the situation think you’re going to deliberate deliberate Yes, I’m deliberate


tomorrow I can’t vote but they can discuss it and they’ll come back and vote if they choose to vote. And then I put a note on there about what happened with the Health Department William Anderson’s House Project Good thing

Joe Leonard  13:36

I didn’t get a response from


Sandy left her forced to clean the house and fix the car. So I continue to be very busy any questions or comments for Sandy and then

Joe Leonard  13:52

we’re going to find job as


I see Tuesdays and Thursdays are both particularly part


yeah, Tuesday was take a while I think it was right down from the ball field somewhere he went booked for Tuesday there was a other group for Thursday which is a table group I guess every now well as I told my Jay call me about that, and like the percentages of the problem we’ve had in the past early damage kids is trash and letter and cigarette butts all that because you don’t have to worry about that with me as I don’t put up with that. These are young kids are 1011 years old. So anyhow, basically told me Hey, we have request $100 deposit friend but it uses appealed the signed agreement and there’s no offenses can they get the money back end of the season if there’s a litter has been cleaned up the charging $50.05 That seemed to help the cause in the past number of years. teenagers were the worst They haven’t used it near as much. I think I took them off the one night so no checks, no work at all the field for us.


Very good. Yes, I did call email the villager today to see if they can put the memorial dates in because they usually put for all the communities. So hopefully they get it by Friday. And this car out here Monday, I stopped up here. There’s three sheriffs out here I pulled over and asked them about this car. And the guy went over check the plates called Indian guy from Warren they called Warren. They said they already had a report. Did you turn it in? They said they someone already turned it in. They sent a police officer to the house no response can find the owner of the vehicle. When so I don’t know what you want to do with it. Call a&m towing have it towed out.


They’re the only ones that will touch it as of our last experiences most.


Can’t touch it. Usually, if it was out in the middle of the road, they could touch it, but it’s not our heating trap. It was about oh, at least a week. Oh, at least the windows are down on that far.

Joe Leonard  16:34

If you want to give him a call and see if there

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  16:37

wasn’t a try calling from here but I

Mike Kortan  16:41

think the door is opening a non lock like that.


I think you can try the doors. It’s trouble county plates. So you won’t need to have a toe.

Joe Leonard  16:54

See if they’ll do it. If they do them I would say


make a motion. I don’t want to get in trouble. Write your own sign that says I know we have I told the sheriff even seen the you have to sign up. No overnight parking. They were very nice. The sheriff’s were very nice about it.

Joe Leonard  17:19

Okay, we have the car towed at the owner’s expense. Provided they agreed to do it. I’ll let

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  17:26

you know if they go to a hearing for now instead of for




laughter Why would they agree to do that?


Mr. Courtney vote yes. Mr. Leonard. Yes, sir. Mr. Boehner?

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  17:49

Yes. And that’s all I have


talked to being bearish. Dana, during the BCA she was gonna come tonight and when she’s working late cantos would be at the next meeting. And it was interested in filling the one spot available on the Board of Appeals for the BCA. So she wants to jump in and help out there. Now the complaint about Miss Fleming back to the same old crowd noise, you know, clanking, bang and grinding are the same ones. Yeah. Send me a text has been major issues with ever since we’ve been there with creating a disturbance. So I don’t know. For what we can do anything we brought to them before.


civil matter if they had done anything themselves.


I don’t think they have I would talk to him about getting the neighbors together. They didn’t want to do that. And it’s like well, I mean, the winter months been quiet. I noticed the doors have been open a lot but they’re just totally ignorant to their neighbors wishes or courtesies or whatever. That’s the first complaint with him this year but I’m sure that people are and then we weren’t discussed Memorial Day you got coop lined up. And

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  19:12

I’ll make sure we have the PA system coming up a small one we bring out

Joe Leonard  19:19

and then after that check yours right. Oh, totally forgot. Okay want to discuss Norton road? Because it’s a mess and we’ve had some ideas.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  19:39

Yeah, he called me about that.

Joe Leonard  19:46

Chapter struggles are roadblocks Are you on your way or no? Are you coming? Okay. I think we’re like don’t worry about them Okay, no problem. Thanks. Thanks. So the other thing here, which is fine. He and I just discussed in our throat a bit northern road is was the last gravel driveway we had in the township. And we did some chip sealing stuff. And it was fine for a couple of years and the last pasture fell apart, they did a lot of digging. And he’s of the mindset that as long as the clay is underneath the road, it’s the cherry. And he was talking to both this gentleman, we invited a grindings from John and I don’t know his last name.


We talked about that briefly. He wants to escape wants to set up a screening facility down at Johnson eskies place on the road. Chuck talks about grinding the whole road, starting from scratch again, and just breeding it out and taking some of the clay off putting a better foundation under 50% of what we did 10% of what we did is still holding okay. But then I talked to us eventually about the big truck that goes up and down as he loaded or not. He says in the middle, you can see the marks coming out of the driveway that he’s obviously doing. So anyhow,


Chuck, get a hold of you about legality of that guy doing that business on northern road.


You didn’t have at the time. I didn’t have my book with me. But I did talk to Joe Wagner. Regarding CSS property, this Yes. I am the designers. I’m not sure exactly what he wants to do there. But we have something in the resolution about noise, no dust smells. Smells. Good on Hillsboro, Ohio. I’m assuming it’s finding


the advantage here, there’s no immediate neighbors, which was good as far as other than that the wall on the west side there. But I’m not sure the whole theories. But I mean, as far as what his total intentions are, we don’t have either he was looking at another facility. And forgotten John told me where it was at I can’t remember now. Where he was thinking to set down the Jobs was an ultra. If that didn’t work out who’s gonna try President isn’t it and again, I think was mentioned, zoning issues, possibly. It’s I don’t know where that stands. But that’s what he was intending to. But this is a gentleman we’re supposed to find your greetings from. Charge seem to be it would be an advantage haven’t been in the township for using some of the materials and stuff. But again, that’s where the Vizio is kind of whoever I guess are hearing about this. And once it’s presented, what he’s gonna do

Mike Kortan  23:15

run the meeting, that’d be a lot more truck traffic on the road, then


that was the other issue. And the guy would come forward and help with our issues on the road. That was another possibility that maintain

Mike Kortan  23:26

the roads and the roads.


And that was something was there grinding up on I 90, I think because what he’s doing and then he was looking for places to screen the pieces or things to clean them about three stuff. And that’s all I really know about at this point. And then somebody’s gonna have to be done with aren’t robots around later. So you can’t just let her go. I mean, again, we’ll check back next week


to bring the individual or have his business plan.


Yeah. I’ll talk to Chuck about that. And then we’ve got to talk about Rich’s retirement. His last days, end of the month, the last Friday was a Friday before Memorial Day. Your audience? You’re available regardless. of English, okay, well, so we want to play on something further, we can go on to the British, or I think we’re just


What was the date, we don’t know. 27

Joe Leonard  24:29

Whatever the last Friday is of the month. Which is about where this was seven, eight years ago or


something like that. I had to look at new am to see what they start doing. And I forget, since we said the last day was was the last of the month, or maybe June 1, but anyhow, that’d be the last opportunity we’d have would be that Friday. And I’m assuming you’re up to your eyeballs at work, but they don’t repeat it


now I have no 25th And sixth or I got a contractor coming in from Canada, but I have no idea and 27 Financial look

Joe Leonard  25:10


Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  25:12

Won’t be to make a retirement cake.

Joe Leonard  25:16

Yes to come every so often.


That would be good. Yeah. Are you planning on food too? Or would we do something about lunch


in there? What about tourism? token of gratitude are something else that normal protocol can be

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  25:39

happy with cake? Yeah.


What about other places? They don’t get something from guys playing in


LA. Definitely. Bruce and Jake. Facilities? I’ll put that on my list here. Together

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  26:06

Do you want to separate from the house? Or


would we do what I would have made? You do want macaroni? Sal?

Joe Leonard  26:12

You don’t talk to demand directory? So yeah, we need that. But you can get whatever from cows, chicken or I don’t know, whatever.

Mike Kortan  26:24

Chicken wings, pizza. Basic stuff.

Joe Leonard  26:26

Yeah, basically what we usually do,


or something we know that Richard does not like, Kevin, how much can I spend?

Kevin Cihan  26:34

You know, we 600 and some $1,000.


Going away gift? Well,


that’s, that’s, you know, it’s a great question. And that’s what was going through my mind is, these are the types of things that as a board we need to establish in our handbook. Because what we do for rich, what are we going to do for the next one? You know, how do we send these people off? Because if you do information you don’t do for the next one. And it can get us eventually. So yeah, I mean, however many people you’re going to have 15 plus dollars ahead or 20 bucks ahead, whatever it costs, I don’t know.


Like I say never charge for cake or macaroni salad. Chicken, I’m not fine. I’ll


probably probably


clean up I only spent 114 bucks, something like that. A lot of people that was a lot of people

Joe Leonard  27:40

put a ceiling or more 50 Whatever. And then

Kevin Cihan  27:42

if it is safe, I mean, that’s

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  27:51

the file and we’re X flags.


Yeah, referees getting old too. He doesn’t need it. anymore. Okay. Well put a motion on the table that we have rigid retirement burden that last Friday, which is the 27.7 Is that a good employee?


Mr. Koerner, how do you vote? Yes. Mr. Leonard? Yes. Mrs. Boehner? Yes. I assume they’ll be at noon. Yeah. Okay. I guess that’s


pretty much it things on my checklist here, did the follow up pass out of favor from Holland allowing company requesting just the cost for a single high definition camera to monitor the incoming outgoing traffic to Pittsburgh. And you’ll note the price on that. It’s approximately $3,000 Less without the cameras you still have to have the recording system and monitoring system it’s the weekend house. So that’s something to think about where we’re at price minds. Also the thought of just having a regular security system on demand doors and restrooms.


And the problem with the Second Life place security system that goes off by typing and call they’re long gone Rakesh, nice to have one camera like we do out errands.


So essentially what this this my understanding is this is essentially the same system we were just able to add cameras later day at another time, but this would provide the one main camera we discussed.


It’s facing the driveway Correct? Correct and be facing directly


south from the garage


Hello I don’t know how much of these cameras out here cost us a couple of 100. Yes. And they only record when someone goes in and someone broke


their brochure.


Sometimes they work correctly and capture everything. Sometimes. This is supposed to be able to catch everything.


This one here is is hooked up to the electrical system in the building, right? Correct. But these are batteries, he has to pass a check batteries installed. So I think replacing carbons


up and down,


this would be far more efficient. I mean, as far as effective.


And what computer or it’s phone or tablet or even have a hooked up to


it would mostly have to decide who’s getting a phone call, or it’s getting notification


to Chuck’s in them in the garage. Well, that cuter could handle it.


It’s what this does, is this computer, keep track of everything that we do a 30 day, 45 days, 60 days. So in other words, it would constantly recording if we noticed that there was something going on barring the alarm system. So the new something happened wanted to go back and check the cameras. But so this would not necessarily notice anyone notify anybody that there’s activity on the driveway. It’s just keeping track of what was going on. It’s going to come out. Okay, but what to what computer? You don’t get this? Yes, you do. Right? It’s my understanding that


you buy a smartphone, tablet or computer using customer supplied internet service.

Mike Kortan  31:59

Correct? The top box has the 16 channel, network video recorder. Under the description Correct?


How would you view what’s being recorded? Is it playback on the car? It’s supposed to have


a monitor and everything Oh, my understanding correct? And make sure that there wasn’t? Essentially it was everything that was on the last quote minus the other external cameras to monitor.


So I, I haven’t I read this as network to view via smartphone, tablet or computer using customer supplied internet service. Right? So I view it is that your device? Whether it’s a phone or computer to view, whatever information is on the DVR.


Who would have access to that? That’s what it sounds like. This is why we’re bringing this up to make sure.


I guess what I’m saying you don’t have to have a computer. That’s just your device that you’re going to pull up whatever’s on your DVR, right? Because DVR is just like records it’s gonna record and then you got to pull that file correct off of the DVR viewing somewhere. That was my understanding. So you don’t really need internet unless you want to be notified immediately. Or if you just want to roll camera

Mike Kortan  33:23

and make sense. Good question.


So you got the Star Wars technology there the darkfighter technology don’t make these names. Yeah,


like to think it’d be helpful if maybe the gentleman would come to our meeting and try to explain this, because this is kind of Greek to

Mike Kortan  33:43

make sure no one can better understand.


I don’t want to really jump into it. If we don’t know exactly what it’s going to do in the end. Okay. I can do that. I don’t know how you feel, Joe.


I’d like a little bit of explanation from now. Okay, when I said like the right. Barber just like we waited the people from Portage County clarify that CRA thing. First it was production?


Yeah. What have they said pictures of all the equipment look like setup? Yeah. That would match their description. I mean, I understand what you’re saying. But the pictures that might help a man and I still have to decide


where we’re going to be placed in is going to be in the actual township office computers or if it’s going to jump to


Chuck’s office, there’s a spare computer in there that should open period that can be utilized by anybody.


Again, if it helps, hey, we can run this we don’t need everything else. And perhaps it’s just keeping this on here and that and hopefully we would expand now. So very good question. Happy to ask him. Pitchers would survive so go ahead and ask him about coming out for it. Let’s start with good


ask him which if he would or if not send pictures whatever whatever is easiest for them or convenient for them


appreciate I’ve used this just like a habit DVR it’s going to get your cameras are connected to your DVR on your different channels was the 16 channels correct up to 16 channels did their motion activated the cameras there were going to record it to a hard drive or a disk I don’t know if it’s going to harder I fought me so they’re going there and then you can network to see what’s on that DVR if you have a smartphone or a computer or something else that will be your interface to get the pictures off the DVR and you can do it remotely or stationary at the office


we did we did a laptop hooked up with my gallery where they’ve got the one camera up there and I got a notification here and then I’ll tell you the time date and when and here’s that pretty well

Kevin Cihan  36:04

because they got what 27 inch monitor there


as soon as it breaks down you have 16 cameras with maximum or toggle


I’m guessing you don’t really need a computer or smartphone unless you want to view it externally for that one it’s up to the officer doing the hard drive

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  36:27

is not going to be able to view it then he doesn’t


walked by give Jake a call and discuss what we’re asking here exactly that was mailed out and follow up with them I did look briefly into my cleaning resume to get off our email waiting to reply back. I know there was a recommendation throw ta services that can be provided as well for that email


you don’t think the guy that claimed our community center would be able to


they are so different that’s


the way you are the cream is different answers we won’t be reading through this as a stone should be wet first. And never wire brush anything. It’s kind of common sense stuff really. There’s algae that’s starting to grow on a monument you use plastic to scrape off is that all wet at first? They said it’s always best after it’s had a good rain

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  37:44

Don’t be scraping the top of that drought straight up more


than the pretty good size yeah what I was doing the thing is to look into having some of those other prepared for storage there’s also a link there as well.


The thing with Alex the stuff he’s out here is pretty nasty. Leach yourself whoever uses a software I suppose like yeah can


be very aggressive and cost it good. Okay, and then we find out anything as far as scope for Scout Troop number what the Boy Scout troop number regarding DPU


said 5661


in August at the minute I call it I don’t want to show don’t also didn’t fire we haven’t a replay a mini guide


on what reef Lane we know racing that the Boy Scouts plant allow us


to have the scouts were here they raised the flag is right. That’s right. Okay. So the reasoning was over parents typically used to scouts raise a flag for us

Mike Kortan  39:01

and it’s a different Lawrence

Joe Leonard  39:04

Memorial on the graves usually the Tuesday before Memorial Day will be around

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  39:12

150 alone.

Joe Leonard  39:13

Yes we would earn 50 from Angie and the scouts have been fighting on forests for years so that’s one of the trade offs or services for us cameraman


flowers, geraniums any loving


the binding was supposed to be the oldest in the county garlis of the state. I think it’s count

Resident  39:51

and it was counting as well. Circle this Welcome Message from the garden club the NASA chapter facilities get supplanted for more slowly looking at those around the FDA meeting was back on brought him in for the winter kind of protect them or whatever.


Put the sign up for Pixley Park. Last year they’ve never gone into that says, oh,


phone field and the one that I made these little bit repairs.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  40:44

That’s my check that I put up last year.


He said, Well, it’ll be fine. Again, it’s coated with exterior 450, which is a good product, but they didn’t I don’t know. It really got around to putting it up. Otherwise,

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  41:00

the weekend it’s a beautiful sign of hate to leave it inside.


stands for fine tuning but as a whole another year out there. I think I haven’t even looked at it. They should take a look. Put that on my list. I don’t know when we could do some of it. But I think it’d be fine to put it out again.


The point? I don’t know if you notice I did get 12 more legs for the roadways, arts. Scan. Next Scan that text exams no problem. No problem. Very good.

Peggy Chaffins  41:35

Do we put an ad in the paper for the


Netherlands? We put an academic for two weeks that we were having to clean up.


Sometimes that will get their papers. I don’t get the towel together.


That was in the villager. We got milk for

Peggy Chaffins  41:57

another question. My neighbor alums still having trouble with this ditch that draining thing he called to talk to somebody? Chuck? Yeah, I think so. He says he thinks his mind image which I have this down in the ground Barry.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  42:21

You think your pipe is too low?


I don’t know that he thinks that might be my advice. So they said they might have to take out my damage. So

Kevin Cihan  42:31

I don’t know what’s going on the truck come up and look at

Peggy Chaffins  42:34

it now. If I said please not last Saturday and send it that way.

Joe Leonard  42:40

What’s the address out there?


10466. No road.


Did you come and get the sign off the post that was out there that said wedding with an arrow.


I went out there and it was gone. Because I went around me after my quote my signs. I threw

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  42:59

the race track


it up because they’ve moved maybe going around picking up signs and throwing the cardboard stuff in the dumpster. I was wondering he was having a

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  43:07

wedding. I was gonna say come get her flying


around. Yeah, I went around. I was collecting the cardboard within the dumpster tonight. Because I know you know, Bob was having trouble and drainage and stuff down there. And then Alan said he was walking down through there. There’s that cement. Pipe down there block off or something down. There’s what Alan said again to downcast Paula’s house next to mine. And then he’s saying that there’s no drain pipe there where the preacher used to live. And that front yard is solid or right


across Oh, they don’t have a culvert pipe in their driveway,


or anything from what I mean in the ditch for water to drain out the ditch way.


So the backing up in the ditch? Yeah. So I don’t


know what the problem is there. But Alan’s got water in his basement.

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  44:03

That goes neighbor, yeah, because he they


dug down way too deep. You know, and when I built my house, as soon as it started getting a little damp, they stopped right away when they put my face again, you know, but here’s

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  44:16

how many sump pumps fail now.


He’s got water constantly amazed to get some mess, you know, and he’s constantly riding on a


man. There’s only so much Chuck could do that, because that’s a low lying area.

Peggy Chaffins  44:34

Yeah. And it’s a low lying area. So as soon as it started getting a little damp, they stopped and then they asked us, you know, but other than that, I don’t know. So

Joe Leonard  44:47

I thought talk to them to come on. Take a look.


Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on. But Alan so they might have to dig up your yard and all that. So I was going to talk to Chuck tonight to see what was going on but you Bring that out. Thank you that area down in that corner is bad with drainage.


So and you go all the way down to the corner and it’s yeah, really bad houses there and that northeast northwest corner really.

Peggy Chaffins  45:15

And I know Bob’s complaints on it too. So

Mike Kortan  45:19

let’s just So any other questions, comments?

Max Swartout  45:24

Real quick the gentleman retiring, Rick, what was your job?


He was one of the road crew. Three, three of the road crew and he’s retiring out after seven years. Not a real good job for us hate to lose him that he’s had enough. Certainly

Mike Kortan  45:44

time to retire. And his wife just retired.

Joe Leonard  45:47

Yeah. Chris because I believe the message was madness. I’m sure.

Mike Kortan  45:54

Nothing was nothing else. I’m not wanting to get emotional.

Kevin Cihan  45:57

Emotionally or also. Just to coordinate a vote yes. I’m sure you’re wondering. Yes, sir. This has been our

Anna Mae VanDerHoeven  46:06

home Yes.

Mike Kortan  46:14

Gentleman for the auditor. Yes, your name.

Max Swartout
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