Documenters: Mantua Village Council meeting for Jan. 17, 2023

Mantua Village Council met on Jan. 17, 2023. Ryan Lind/The Portager

Mantua Village Council

Jan. 17, 2023

6:30 p.m.


Linda Clark, Mayor

Maryann Fabian, Fiscal Officer

Tammy Meyer, Council President

Steve Thorn, Council Member

Nina Schroeder, Council Member

Marty Hura, Council Member

Scott Weaver, Council Member

Gene Arters, Village Engineer (via video)

Greg Thomas, Village Administrator

Joseph Urso, Chief of Police

Michele A. Stuck, Solicitor


Heather Paisley, Council Member (excused)

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Listen to an audio recording of the meeting here:

Documenter’s Notes

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Clark at 6:30 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was followed by a moment of silence to honor the memories of Ron Lance and Nancy Scheiman. The mayor’s report included updated dates on local youth softball and baseball; these dates were approved by council pending proof of insurance. Mayor Clark reported that American Legion Post 193 was raising money (approximately $2,000) for two plaques commemorating local veterans. A motion was made, seconded and approved by roll call to provide $1,500 to the American Legion to purchase the Killed In Action plaque. Work on Buchert Park (Phase IV) has been completed, and a bill of $4,442 was approved for payment. At the November council meeting, Charles Harris was suggested to footnote 2023 council meetings for $750, but the suggestion did not reach the floor. His footnote services were approved by roll call.  


Kevin Maloney, commissioner on the Landmarks Commission, reported a loss of committee members, leaving the commission without a quorum. He asked council to take ORD. 2022-04 off the table or vote it down. 

Phil Rath invited council and citizens to Downtown Mantua Revitalization Committee (DMRC) dates: meeting at 6 p.m. Jan. 26 at Crooked River Flowers and an April 1 reverse raffle at St Joseph.

Tom Aldridge reported a light out at the cemetery. The village has reported it to FirstEnergy three times per Chief Urso.

A woman identified as Wendy asked council if it had received a letter from Marielle. Council had not. An anonymous citizen thanked Chief Urso for his help in removing a junk vehicle. She also inquired about the status of repairs on Franklin Street. The mayor stated that the initial grant that was pursued to pay for the repair was denied, but council had been looking into other means to pay for the repairs.

Executive Session

Mayor Clark then sought a motion to move into executive session to consider the appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline, promotion, demotion or compensation of a public employee. Motion was made, seconded, and an executive session began at 6:44 p.m. The session concluded at 7 p.m.

Following the executive session, Village Administrator Greg Thomas was dismissed from his position and ushered out of chambers by Chief Urso at Mayor Clark’s request.  

Financial Reports

The village received its final reimbursement for Buchert Park (Phase III) of $16,178.99. The village finished 2022 at 109% of funding. Financials were approved.


Two sets of minutes (12-20-22 and 1-3-23) were approved.


ORD 2022-04 REPEALING CHAPTER 159 OF THE CODIFIED ORDINANCES OF THE VILLAGE OF MANTUA AND DISSOLVING THE MANTUA VILLAGE HISTORIC LANDMARKS COMMISSION was taken off the table, followed by a motion to postpone indefinitely per Solicitor Stuck’s recommendation.The motion passed.



2023-01 AUTHORIZING CERTAIN ADJUSTMENTS TO THE 2023 APPROPRIATIONS AND DECLARING AN EMERGENCY – Appropriation was increased to $7,200 to include $6,000 in overlooked RITA fees and $1,200 for fire department recorder. Rules were suspended, and the ordinance was approved on first reading.

2023-02 ESTABLISHING A JOB DESCRIPTION FOR THE POSITION OF PT ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT TO THE VILLAGE ADMINISTRATOR AND DECLARING AN EMERGENCY – A motion was made to suspend the rules and the ordinance was approved to initiate advertising the position of PT Administrative Assistant to Village Administrator on first reading.

Department Heads

Police Chief Urso said there will be no safety meeting in January; the next meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 1. The chief also commended the road crew for its work during the December storm.

The village administrator report was covered by Mayor Clark. The village has hired a service employee, Mark Spence of Garrettsville, who started work that morning, and is interviewing other prospects and accepting applications and resumes. The unapproved driveway to Canada Road from the NAPA parking lot has not been barricaded. A secondary drive onto Route 44 has been approved; construction has not begun. The mayor will send a letter. 

Village Engineer Gene Arters detailed difficulties with a potential Mats Road and Mats Road Bridge project, including, zoning, funding and registry. The road and bridge were built privately to allow access to main roads and keep commercial trucks off residential streets. Mayor Clark also noted there is acreage available for commercial development off Mats Road. 

Committee Reports

Finance: Steve Thorn reported an expiring road levy and preparation to apply for a new levy.

Service and Planning: Scott Weaver reported interviews and a new hire. The village passed on purchasing the Micheler property due to price.

PCRP and Fire Board: Tammy Meyer submitted Regional Planning minutes to Maryann Fabian. The committee is looking into legislation for privately owned public-use electric car chargers.

Parks and Shade Tree: Nina Schroeder gave a hearty thank you to DMRC for its continued financial support, completing Phase III and beginning work on Phase IV, which makes parks more accessible and ADA compliant, replacing walkways to pavilions, pavilion floors and frost damage to existing recreation courts. The volleyball court is being expanded to regular size and hopes to attract league play. The Shade Tree Committee asks residents to report trees that are impacting sidewalks. 

Zoning and Appeals: Nothing this month.

Cemetery Board: Has scheduled a special meeting for 6 p.m. Jan. 25 in council chambers to discuss landscaping needs and solar lighting related to the trust.

Meeting adjourned at 7:53 p.m.

Following the meeting, this documenter approached Council President Tammy Meyer for comment regarding Greg Thomas’ dismissal as village administrator. Meyer had no comment.


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Unknown Speaker  0:00  

For that five minutes after that they’ll have to be recognized after everyone else has spoken. And also as counsel to everyone in the audience put your cell phones on vibrate and please put them up on the desk face them

Unknown Speaker  0:28  

to pick mine up

Unknown Speaker  0:46  


Unknown Speaker  0:58  

like to call this regular council meeting to order on January 17 at 6:30pm Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and remain standing for a moment of silence to run Lance and Nancy. Seamus thank you the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Unknown Speaker  1:50  

Well, we’ll call please. MaryAnne.

Unknown Speaker  1:52  

Tammy Meyer, they’re already here on your Scott Weaver here.

Unknown Speaker  1:57  

Nina Schroeder here.

Unknown Speaker  1:58  

Steve got a motion to excuse Heather pace late

Unknown Speaker  2:02  

second. Tammy? Yes. Marty? Yes. Yes. Do you? Yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker  2:13  

Okay, moving on to the marriage report. We have two special event forms once for the girls softball team is going to run from April, April 1 through July 15 2023. And also the youth baseball and softball from March 8 Blakeway. Three to October 17 2023. Neither one of them have their insurance yet as it doesn’t renew until March. May I have a motion to approve both those submittals.

Unknown Speaker  2:50  

And also, I want to let everybody know, Marty.

Unknown Speaker  2:55  

Nina? Yes, Steve? Yes, it’s got me Yes.

Unknown Speaker  3:01  

Okay, sorry about that. And also we have anybody gets a record courier. There was an article in there that the American Legion is trying to raise funds to put two different plaques out front one will be close to the cannon. And it’s going to say in honor of those who served their country we give things because it’s World War Three anti take tank weapon was presented to the village of man away by the man away American Legion Post 193 and Decoration Day May 26 1947. So they have that one and also the plaque that’s on the stone wall down there. By the road. It has a sign up there already that said created to the memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice in the service of their country erected by the man away post 193 and 1953. They would like to add a plaque that basically mirrors what the Ka wanted to cemetery doesn’t add that goes up. So they are going to be raising funds for both of those. They say that the plat for the Ka is around $500 The other one is $1,500. I wanted to ask council to consider we still have $2,343.45 of the Ka fund. Should we purchase the AIA plan to Yes. On the Stonewall

Unknown Speaker  5:03  

Scott? Yes, Marty? Yes. Nina? Yes, Tammy? Yes, Dave.

Unknown Speaker  5:11  

And I’m saddened to hear that Lauren Weaver, who joined our cemetery board and has worked very hard in the last year they resent and resigned as of last Friday, January 13 2023. So we’ll be advertising for you cemetery board members. Thank you for serving with us. Next is I have a work authorization for Booker’s Park, phase four for $4,442 for CT, and I wanted to let everybody know that the DMRC has dropped off the funds for phase four on this inter agency agreement that we’re trying to see how that works out. So I have a motion to approve the work authorization from CT for $40,442.

Unknown Speaker  6:02  

Steve? Yes, yes. Yes, yes.

Unknown Speaker  6:09  

Thank you. In November, Maryanne brought up at finance about having Charles Harris do the footnotes for the year and for 2022, finance made a motion to send it to council, and it was forgotten to be brought up at council to be approved. We need to have a motion to expend the $750 I think it is for them to do our footnotes like that have a motion please. Second. All right.

Unknown Speaker  6:46  

Nina, yes. Marty? Sherry? Yes.

Unknown Speaker  6:50  

Yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker  6:52  

You’re off the top of your head. Do you know is that theme has increased at all since last year? Or is that the status quo? Same as you were before as well? Yes. Well, we’ve only got

Unknown Speaker  7:01  

last year Gotcha.

Unknown Speaker  7:09  

And now we are down to citizens. Mr. Maloney.

Unknown Speaker  7:18  

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kevin Maloney village on reservoir. And I’m commissioner on the Landmarks Commission. And I wanted to just spend a few minutes to, to appeal to council to in consideration of the first item on your legislative agenda tonight. We as you know, have lost a couple members of Landmarks Commission. So we’re at a point where we don’t even have a quorum, we can’t perform business and the remaining, the remaining members of the Commission are tasked with helping to find additional members. Yet this piece of legislation hangs like the sword of Damocles over the commission. And I would ask that the council consider either taking it completely off the table, or voting it down. So that any potential new members don’t have to worry about a temporary state of execution hanging over their heads. I think the Landmarks Commission serves valuable purpose. And I just feel like I said it’s been hanging over the commission has had for quite some time. And it’s going to be a little hard getting additional members, if they don’t know that they’re going to have the opportunity to serve on the commission. Moving forward.

Unknown Speaker  8:47  

Kevin, I was going to ask that they’ve taken off the table tonight to discuss exactly that. And how to get to the undertaker.

Unknown Speaker  8:57  

Much appreciated.

Unknown Speaker  9:01  

So I have a new year everybody. I have property down the street. Just a couple of things for DMRC couple dates, January 26. We’re going to have a evening meeting. So everybody from Council and citizens are welcomed. It’s going to be at six o’clock Thursday evening, the 26th at crooked river flowers. This time, April 1 2023. We’re doing our reverse raffle. So tickets are for sale right now. And the third item was you know, we’re excited to get the phases going. As this new phase of parks going I’ll be at parks tomorrow night. So I guess we’re just looking forward to hearing when the next phase five would be due, I guess you know ODNR pushed the grant application back to October. For this past round. So I don’t know if they’ll move it back up to June. We just want to be prepared.

Unknown Speaker  10:04  

It’s my understanding. They’re always due in June. They don’t give us an answer until

Unknown Speaker  10:10  

October. Okay. So they will be due in June.

Unknown Speaker  10:12  

So like, yes. Okay. That’s the thing for DMRC. The reverse raffle that’s going to be at St. Joseph St. Joe can’t remember the name of us all. My birthday

Unknown Speaker  10:33  

Thank you. From the port injure any questions from the 14th? June?

Unknown Speaker  10:40  

No, Tom. Tom outreach on West prospect. I just need to know who did talk to about a light out the light on the driveway going down to the cemetery. He’s been out for probably a month. I gave it at risk because of bad weather and holidays. But I don’t know. Should it go to Gregor called?

Unknown Speaker  10:59  

Actually, it went to the police department. Mr. Clark when he was walking in the dark one morning there by Lillian’s house. Yeah. Yeah, right.

Unknown Speaker  11:08  

But it’s a bad it’s the curb and the roads paved now and everybody decides they can go? Yes,

Unknown Speaker  11:13  

we have actually failed three times. We’ve put in a ticket three times to first energy.

Unknown Speaker  11:19  

So we should get a jump cart, run it into the pole wait.

Unknown Speaker  11:27  

Laid out three times in the last month, month and a half?

Unknown Speaker  11:33  

Well, be sure we take that off our building. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker  11:45  


Unknown Speaker  11:50  

I am Wendy and I’m wheeling on this messenger. But I was asked by a citizen a promoter was received by counsel that cheveux rial and she made sure it was right.

Unknown Speaker  12:09  

She called me this afternoon, I will check into it. And see if it’s up.

Unknown Speaker  12:14  

She had to come tonight because she was unable to Doctor physical therapy and stuff. So.

Unknown Speaker  12:19  

Okay. Thank you. You said I was

Unknown Speaker  12:21  

gonna be there. I said. Okay.

Unknown Speaker  12:24  

I’m sorry. Did you say the letter was read by Ariel Marielle. Thank you

Unknown Speaker  12:39  

Is there somebody behind with cooking anything?

Unknown Speaker  12:42  

Yeah, just two things. One thing, Chief, thank you very much

Unknown Speaker  12:46  

cheaper, so forth, an abandoned vehicle for like six months in front of my house. And I asked him to, he did all the work to get it move. So thank you very much. You’re welcome. And

Unknown Speaker  13:00  

the other thing that that made me this is this might be talked about in the engineering section, but just wondering what the status is on Franklin Street.

Unknown Speaker  13:10  

The like the street redoing,

Unknown Speaker  13:11  

oh, the storm sewers and the paving on the short end. We did not receive the grant. So we applied for a small government loan, and I’ll tip it’s called, and we should gene we should be getting hearing from that in May. Isn’t that when the L tip comes out?

Unknown Speaker  13:30  

Yes. That’s right. 920 3k. Cookie.

Unknown Speaker  13:35  

Well, that change the

Unknown Speaker  13:38  

scope of the project. If we were to get the big grant or whatever.

Unknown Speaker  13:42  

We applied for the grant. We didn’t get oh PwC we had to apply for over a PWC small government funding, which is called LTF. I don’t can’t tell you what the acronym is. And so

Unknown Speaker  13:56  

same score for the job.

Unknown Speaker  13:59  

Yes. And they will be up there cold patching some of those potholes in the next week or so. Yeah, one of the one of the residents that called me thank you, Lauren. Okay, and then all the citizens I am requesting a motion to go into executive session to consider the appointment employment, dismissal, discipline, promotion, demotion or compensation of a public employee.

Unknown Speaker  14:36  

Oh, make a motion.

Unknown Speaker  14:39  

All conflicts? Yes,

Unknown Speaker  14:43  

Tammy? Yes. Scott. Yes. Steve Martin already. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker  15:00  

Do something

Unknown Speaker  15:11  

for yourself

Unknown Speaker  15:37  

know Easter

Unknown Speaker  15:46  


Unknown Speaker  16:08  

Can I have a motion to provide an executive session at seven o’clock

Unknown Speaker  16:18  

do yes Yes, yes

Unknown Speaker  16:23  


Unknown Speaker  16:29  

yes recommending people that Greg Thomas be removed from the position of village village administrator effective immediately and asking you to approve my recommendation would someone make a motion to approve?

Unknown Speaker  16:43  

So Jamie?

Unknown Speaker  16:47  

Yes, Marty

Unknown Speaker  16:50  

Yes. Do you Yes, Scott.

Unknown Speaker  16:52  

Yes. Chief would you escort Greg down to his office within his personal belongings and collect all village property that he has?

Unknown Speaker  17:09  

Truth the ice came to get my two week notice actually today. But I was going to do that after the meeting but

Unknown Speaker  17:20  

citizens were job. You got to do a fantastic job here. Sam, you’re amazing guy. I don’t care what they say about you. Maybe the person would you please?

Unknown Speaker  17:48  

Go up.

Unknown Speaker  18:03  

Financial Reports, please.

Unknown Speaker  18:06  

Okay, so we went. We went over the boundary reports in the finance committee meeting, the village received as final reimbursement for part phase three, the amount of $16,178.99. The village has received 119.49% of our estimated revenues for the year. The police levy that was voted on. We have received in 2022 $67,347.87 or 80 cents. And the village has used just a little over 9%. The appropriations that we have the bank reconciliation report here is a batch report because I have not at the time that this was run on December, January 1 Or third. I had not closed. I could not post the bank reconciliation because of closing on the year. And so I’ve been working on getting a TCC number which is a new number that you have to have for the IRS. But I was able to post it now. That’s done. Does anybody have any questions about the plants reports?

Unknown Speaker  19:34  

Motion to approve the financial reports Liz?

Unknown Speaker  19:44  

Scott, yes, sorry. Yes. Yes, Tammy? Yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker  19:49  

Thank you really have any correspondence. I do have correspondence. I’m sure everybody’s gotten it. kosher often, apparently, mail these out some probably every street meeting have gotten and it’s mine says, Hi West High Street neighbors. Our neighborhood is now using a free app called next door billing. And we’d like you to join us. We’ll use the site to find out what’s going on in the village, recover lost pets, find free stuff. And so sell an old bike, borrow a ladder, discover a great babysitter, and recommend a plumber and much more. So also a great way to connect with neighbors in need of those who can use help. That’s 100% free and just for our neighbors, and then it has a website. Did everybody get one of these?

Unknown Speaker  20:41  

The ability to go?

Unknown Speaker  20:44  

Well, no, because I got one at home that said, Yeah. From here, right. So this one came here. So but we got one at home that said hi.

Unknown Speaker  20:56  

There are a number of people who have joined I’ve noticed in the last week or so mostly north east, one of them.

Unknown Speaker  21:08  

But we could probably put this on our website right. Now, okay. If anybody wants the website, reach out to me and I’ll get it for you. Okay, moving on a motion to approve the December 20. Regular council meeting minutes.

Unknown Speaker  21:41  

Steve, yes, yes. Yes. Party? Yes, Nina. Yes.

Unknown Speaker  21:50  

Motion to approve your I’m sorry. I hit motion to approve the organizational meeting minutes of January 3 2023.

Unknown Speaker  22:04  

We will be making a change on that. Just FYI. Oh, minutes, but let’s

Unknown Speaker  22:08  

let’s get motion. Let’s vote this and then.

Unknown Speaker  22:13  

Nina? Yes, Tammy? Yes. Yes. Steve. Yep. Marty.

Unknown Speaker  22:17  

Yes. And Tammy will explain she there is a change made.

Unknown Speaker  22:23  

Marty reached out and he has a conflict on Tuesday nights for service. So I was alternate that he was on it. So we’re going to swap positions. So already will be alternate on service.

Unknown Speaker  22:37  

Thank you. Okay, moving on to legislation. Oregon’s 20 2204. an ordinance repealing chapter 159 of the codified ordinances village dismantling dissolving the Magnolia village historic landmark commission. This was table that February 15 2022. May I have a motion to take it off? The table for discussion? So

Unknown Speaker  23:09  

Steve? Scott? Yes, Tammy? Yes. already? Yes, Nina. Yes.

Unknown Speaker  23:18  

Okay, the reason I asked to take this off, we do have, we do not have a quorum any longer. Because Clark and Jaden both have resigned. All of the committee has worked hard this last year to move it forward. We have registered to prep problems in the village one up on the west Franklin and one on Main Street. So as Kevin said, you know, should we just dissolve this? We have been advertising clerk told me but I haven’t gotten any response from anybody. I guess my concern would be now that we have two properties registered if we dissolve the committee, who is right to make sure

Michele Stuck  24:12  

you’re right. I mean, there’s registered properties, you kind of need to have the committee. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker  24:19  

So I’d love to take this off the table. Take this up, you know, watch this.

Michele Stuck  24:23  

Okay, so you’ve got two choices you can motion to approve. But first okay, if you want to move to approve it and all vote no, you start to suspend the rules because it’s second reading, or the Fast Track way is to motion to postpone indefinitely, that’s just one vote and that makes it go away too.

Unknown Speaker  24:39  

So that leaves it intact and we’ll still be looking for

Michele Stuck  24:43  

exactly for what would be postponing this legislation indefinitely, which means it goes into like the black hole of oblivion. So we could take off the agenda, and you can then take it off the agenda forever. Definitely

Unknown Speaker  25:03  

Do Yes, Scott? Yes, Tammy? Yes. already? Yes. She’s gonna ask me the spelling rules for that. No,

Michele Stuck  25:14  

not for that motion.

Unknown Speaker  25:17  

clarification. Okay. That was easy. One last thing on the agenda. ordinance 2022 Dash 50 and ordinance amending various sections of village panaway employee handbook. This was tabled on second reading, which was 1115 22. Still on the table. I guess I shouldn’t have worded that as a question. So it is on the table. Resolution 2022 Dash 60 A resolution authorizing application for the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation grant and declaring an emergency. We did first reading on 1220 22. And she’s not here to answer any question. Okay, when we research this actually, can we leave this until this one until the chief comes back go out of warranty so we could find nothing that we could apply for except a. Buggy that you can drive on the trails. ATV Thank you. Or drive like down to art on the hill or to the potential of the officers could do but we couldn’t apply for funding for a down payment on a cruiser. But I’ll let him explain that. He comes up.

Unknown Speaker  27:04  

Miranda, could you use an ATV? I tried to get them to do it. But I guess it was with the insurance and the classes. There was more entailed and there’s more than just finding out so I don’t I try. It’d be good for parades.

Unknown Speaker  27:23  

Well, we can talk about it more when she gets up here. Okay, ordinance 2023 Dash 01. an ordinance authorizing certain a judge adjustments to the 2023 appropriations and declaring an emergency. Maryann,

Unknown Speaker  27:41  

the $7,200 6000 of it is for one we did our appropriations for 2023. And we have the increase in the levy for for the municipal income tax from the police Levy. I due to inexperience, I did not put in the half of a percent for the fees that Rita collects for that. So we needed the $6,000 for that $1,200 is for the recorder that the fire department is no longer having money go towards or that our hands are recorded, so we need to pick up that tab also. So we’re running so close to the vest, that 400 RS is hard to pull from somewhere else.

Unknown Speaker  28:34  

When someone else came a motion to suspend the rules.

Unknown Speaker  28:46  


Unknown Speaker  28:47  

Yes, Marty?

Unknown Speaker  28:48  

Yes. Nina. Yes, Terry. Steve. Yes. Motion to approve. Session. Steve, yes, it’s got Tammy Yes, Marty. Nina Yes. ordinance 2023 dash O to an ordinance establishing a job description for the position of a part time administrative assistant to the village administrator and declaring an emergency open for discussion.

Unknown Speaker  29:31  

I’d like to start advertising for this position immediately. So if someone would entertain a motion to suspend the rules

Unknown Speaker  29:47  

me Yes. Nina. Yes.

Michele Stuck  29:53  

We move on. Can we also prove perhaps initiating advertisements for the village administrator They’re probably appropriate to start with right now. Too fast oh my gosh

Unknown Speaker  30:18  


Unknown Speaker  30:19  

yes, Tammy? Yes. Got Yes. Do you? Yes, Marty. Yes.

Unknown Speaker  30:24  

And would you like me to make a motion to advertise for an ambulance Minister but we’re changing the job description. So are we

Michele Stuck  30:31  

know the job description for that one’s really new and there’s nothing really changed on that one.

Unknown Speaker  30:44  

No, I mean, I thought you have an amendment.

Unknown Speaker  30:50  

Yes. Can I have a motion to advertise? Second,

Unknown Speaker  30:58  

Steve, yes, it’s got me Yes. Marty. Nina. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker  31:17  

Few, we skipped over resolution. 2022 days since the resolution authorizing application for the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation grant declaring an emergency. I was trying to explain to them that we could not I wasn’t trying to I told him that. I wanted you to clarify that we can’t apply for a down payment for a cruiser. Basically the only thing we could do is an ATV. And

Unknown Speaker  31:45  

there was a UTV it’s more about life saving equipment, not vehicles. And reading that Sergeant Dunn didn’t extensive thing. He printed out kind of what they will involve, and vehicles was not on there. A UTV a side by side is on there. And I really don’t see the need at this point to live side by side. UTV utility vehicle. an ATV. Yeah, it’s kind of like a side by side.

Unknown Speaker  32:18  

Team Can you define life saving equipment? Or can you be more specific what exactly is life saving equipment?

Unknown Speaker  32:23  

Mass, oxygen tanks, ballistic shields stuff like that. If we were we always get offered to go to hazmat training and stuff like that we don’t deal with hazmat there was a hazmat issue we call the fire department that’s their bread and butter. So it’s more about smaller equipment not a vehicle related. We have one new H donated three defibrillators we have EDS and o four cards and one downstairs in the one

Unknown Speaker  32:55  

downstairs issue ever needed

Unknown Speaker  33:00  

but we weren’t for Chief Rosa and you ah donated three and we already have one so each vehicle has a safety kit and add in there in a bag because or we keep them in a patrol room than a ticket with a makeshift

Unknown Speaker  33:23  

Yeah, a kayak some of this stuff. One we got to store we have to ensure their specialized training to operate it if we were we did more on the trails or more parades throughout the year but this thing is probably good news for six times a year and we got to store it somewhere

Unknown Speaker  33:46  

and insurance and insurance and maintain

Unknown Speaker  33:55  

plenty Well my question would be is to do the same thing which

Michele Stuck  34:04  

there’s no chance we’re going to be applying for anything more postponed.

Unknown Speaker  34:08  

I think we can either spoken to her or email they were in communication in reading that I think he sent her the same thing he sent out for me that said this is pretty much it. There’s nothing in there about a vehicle about a down payment towards

Unknown Speaker  34:27  

you guys want to go a third reading and then voted down if you want to make a motion to suspend it indefinitely. Postpone something changes in the future we can second.

Unknown Speaker  34:49  

Lien Lina. Yes Tammy? Yes. Steve. Yes, Marty. Yes.

Unknown Speaker  34:59  

Thank you Okay, let’s move on to department heads June 1, so

Unknown Speaker  35:06  

short and sweet. We did not have a safety meeting in January. The guys did a really good job when the snowstorm hit. So kudos to the service department. Varying weather conditions but with the limited staff that we have they did a good job and got us through that storm. In our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday February 1 at 6pm. And we will have a meeting in February

Unknown Speaker  35:43  

okay. So you guys have the village administrators January 2023 report

Unknown Speaker  35:55  

we have hired one service employee to replace ray that is on here. And he started name as my expense from the year we’re Sridevi tree for 12 years. Very nice young man. Any other questions that I can find answer on the village administrator report

Unknown Speaker  36:34  

another killer minutes. We have one right now that we might be bringing back for a second interview. I didn’t want to rush it because Colin wanted a good two weeks with the new this mark before he had to start training two people at once that made sense. And then we’re still getting applications are residents are getting resumes and then we have to ask them to fill out applications to continue to do so adding the administrative assistant administrator, the defendant,

Unknown Speaker  37:20  

I just I was happy to see the tree city. Yeah, that was approved again.

Unknown Speaker  37:32  

We have not received notification yet. Oh, I did speak with embalmer. Today. There was one last thing that was supposed to be uploaded, she’s going to let me know by the end of the week, if it got uploaded, if not, then I will upload it and then then we’re safe to go

Unknown Speaker  37:55  

up Do you know what’s going on with the driveway? The driveway issue?

Unknown Speaker  38:03  

Okay, Gail, we need to schedule an appointment with her contractor. That

Unknown Speaker  38:14  

that’s my last thing I’m doing is zoning. And I have to go there. When I have time, I’d like to wait until the year closes. I’ve talked to Michelle and we there’s not gonna be much work done over the winter. So I have the luxury of waiting till the new year and then I’m going to meet with the person working on the house. I’m gonna take column with me. And they already said I can go around the back of the house and see what’s going on. But that’s going to be probably not so February or March

Unknown Speaker  38:57  

and at the Napa Store, the driveway that he created recreated off of Canada road. He told me that he would have that barricaded off I see that it’s not and people are going through so I need to reach out to him again. He has applied for a driveway permit and been approved for a secondary one off of 44 Oh, okay. All right. So that that has been approved but he was doing really good. The tires. And even though he has some back behind that faux wall. It’s still getting a little out of hand so I will be sending him a letter. And we also had someone that applied for a permit to build a house in August of last year. They have not started and their 60 Day permit is almost up so I have tried to reach out to them today. I left them a voicemail. I’m going to send them an email Now, tomorrow to remind them, they can ask one time to have that six months renewed.

Unknown Speaker  40:13  

I think he was staying where he

Unknown Speaker  40:17  

just needs to send me a letter in emails stating needs requesting an additional six months? And I don’t know, can we do it more than one time is that it’s up?

Michele Stuck  40:29  

I’d have to look it up. I don’t I know, remembering provisions for more than

Unknown Speaker  40:36  

that’s what I couldn’t remember more than once, at least once. Any other questions? Jean you’re up.

Unknown Speaker  40:50  

Never report, face to work. We’re going to be starting that design. The village halls water issue. I am an engineer that’s going to be reaching out to you Mayor Marple Thursday, tomorrow, Thursday, to get access over to the inside of your building and in the Find out if you can get access outside your building between the neighbor’s house there. And obviously, we spoke about the West Franklin Street about May 23, may 2023. But what did they did what I had is a guess more information from the Nashville bridge in regards to the the grants. So the raise grants, some food for thought for the console in general, is that the deadline is February 28. And these add during a bridge and a road, and I’m just throwing out really wild ballpark numbers here. There’s a lesson to so let’s just say that the project is 2 million to 4 million. Now, I was given a big range here. We know it was around 2 million or two points 6 million. So before COVID, so we don’t get any higher. Through that grant, it’s a 20 to 20% has to be local share local share can be it has to be anything that’s non verbal. So that could be op WC it could be vocal matches could be roadwork, verfied, it could be overact within owners, I can give money towards the scribe make for basically anybody from anywhere except for federal would count toward your 20%. So the project for easy numbers is 2 million hours is $400,000 local match. And then if the project went to $3 million, you’re looking at 600,000. And you can do obviously 20%. So 4,800,000. Um, so that’s the that’s like the biggest part, right? There’s a lot of money that’s involved, that would be needed from the villages perspective, to take out a loan or our menu that some other things that are required in regards to make us little for the deadline. It was a NEPA and EPA, I forget where it stands for National Environmental Policy Act, basically environmental review, and since we’re in a tributary to the coyote, or whatever that would be, that can range anywhere from 30 to $60,000, I don’t have a price for that. But that is something that would need to actually be in the process to be able to make your application and and it doesn’t have to be approved and it has to literally be working on including all the like Army Corps IEP, they have to see that in the processing and looking at that. So there’s money out of our pocket up front. Obviously we would even do an economic benefit analysis that is requirements for the federal grant need to update the cost us to net also have to reach out to your project needs to be I’m paraphrasing you’re on the radar of the local transportation improvement board which emails over that would also have to be involved in the sense of they don’t want the private from a great perspective. There’s a lot of things that are needed to deal with to be submitted as part of the application including detailed pretty involved and we did it also includes have to have Council’s like resolutions certain number of hearings. and things of that nature. So I guess from God, they just want to give you some some information that I obtained today regarding that grant. Anything relative to being a federal grant is a lot of work a lot of effort. And unfortunately, a lot of the work has to be done. Obviously, we know the engineering stuff, but the plants have been updated to get the current plan for its current times now. But we would have to the village would have to bear that costs apart of other things, quote, unquote, the design, the grant pays for the construction portion of it.

Unknown Speaker  45:47  

And I know that why

Unknown Speaker  45:50  

working parts on this one?

Unknown Speaker  45:55  

Is it also what if we would have been placed in the right away as well, like a right fit? Newbridge wasn’t in the right away, right.

Unknown Speaker  46:03  

Yeah, so this, this one would not be so natural. You’re building this would be for a new bridge, for one caveat is you have to have right away in your scenario. The result of that issue would be hold on was that that one party was is that it was to replace a bridge. Good in that scenario, it was replacing a bridge that is basically a private property and rebuilding it in a new location inside a public roadway. So that was just a funding mechanism. Why that was not eligible voter or not applicable Florida.

Unknown Speaker  47:00  

But to have all that done in 40 days,

Unknown Speaker  47:02  

we couldn’t Yeah. Why ally? Gibby Deepwood honestly, hate to be the pessimist. But I even if we submitted it wouldn’t go anywhere, possibly, because we don’t have a lot of the software again, Army Corps DPA, the need for a ban those documentation, so we will be submitting something that will be kind of incomplete, which would basically collapse or negate some metal. But by is, if this is something I mean, it used to be called My understanding, I think they call the tiger and PID er, or maybe something similar that I guess that comes out every year or every couple of years. That’s not to say there’s actually more federal money obviously, coming out in six months a year. So, you know, it might be something for the council to consider. Maybe kind of moving forward again, with some of this stuff that wouldn’t be required because no matter what funding source, even if you pay 100% cash out of pocket when you are the billion dollar winner last week, you still have to do the needful, you know, all that permitting is still needed. And that takes a while that can take six months to a year. You know,

Unknown Speaker  48:34  

Jamie, we have to have the permit that removed the bridge from NEPA.

Unknown Speaker  48:42  

I don’t know

Unknown Speaker  48:46  

if the bridge wasn’t there with with things free up a little bit.

Unknown Speaker  48:52  

No. Yeah. So if the breach was that there ever, or breach was

Unknown Speaker  49:00  

right, today,

Unknown Speaker  49:01  

tomorrow, yeah, either way, it doesn’t make a difference. Anytime, like new development, new work, new grades, whatever it is, you have to do the environmental portion of that park.

Unknown Speaker  49:14  

Are we going to need to do that to even remove the bridge?

Unknown Speaker  49:18  

That’s the only thing I don’t know. I don’t know. But I think we’re probably not because you’re not feeling you’re not disturbing. You’re just taking stuff off and then the foundations and so forth with the ISO. You would just leave those in or they got excavated out. They don’t I don’t think so. My common sense, but I can run my mouth.

Unknown Speaker  49:48  

I think yeah, I think we need to check that gene because I thought that they said we’ve always got to worry about when you take it down the same thing because when you’re putting 1.1

Unknown Speaker  50:00  

F is definitely required. Because you’re excavating and you’re pulling stuff back. Just remember, is there an old guy had said in that one funding mechanism that they want to siddur removal of the bridge as part of that funding?

Unknown Speaker  50:22  

What’s the benefit of we’re all just trying to have property owners down there, we’re trying to understand, what are we trying to benefit from this mass bridge, it’s never been used or anything I just a little more clarification,

Unknown Speaker  50:37  

I’ll explain how to put in the mats road and man’s Road Bridge, then the four businesses that are there would have better access to the trucking and get the commercial trucks off a residential street. That’s one issue. And then there’s more property back there that could be developed. If the bridge and road were in, you know, back in 2001, when they were all set to go and put this bridge in, they said, If we build the road in the bridge, they will come. And then other people say, Well, you got to get the businesses there in order to get the funding to put the road and bridge in. So it’s always been a catch 22. But so there is enough acreage back there to increase industrial area, which would be nice. And it would be nice not to have the big trucks on Orchard Street. And it would be a benefit also to Portage County, who runs our water and sewer department so that they didn’t have to go through campus packaging and stuff to get to the sewer plant.

Unknown Speaker  52:02  

Would it be a maybe a federal approach to maybe say, we need to fix the bridge more because it’s obstructing the flow of the water, because they’ve removed all the dams and stuff out of the river because of the of the event. So people in the community talk they say that was more of a dam kind of thing. So if that’s the like this, it’s more of a scam.

Unknown Speaker  52:30  

People call it a damn, because it’s a shorter bridge that was put back in, in the late 50s, when the 44 Bridge was shut down, and a private business put that bridge in so that they had access out of the village.

Unknown Speaker  52:49  

How just wondering if there was a different approach to that, instead of saying we would like it for the business aspect of kind of more, along with the fact that you’re framing the flow of the wire while benefiting the businesses around that. Because in reality, I feel that that phrase, if it was removed markedly, you’d have someone cashflow,

Unknown Speaker  53:13  

right, because the pylon or whatever, in the center.

Unknown Speaker  53:17  

So maybe if they’ve only started a little bit more into the grants, that maybe it would be a beneficial thing, because if they removed all the dams on the river, I mean, they took down Monroe calls and they redid heads, but maybe that would help. I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker  53:34  

If we do a new bridge, that one definitely has to come out. Right. In order to do that. Jean, am I correct? In saying that the design on the new bridges of freespin bridge doesn’t have the pillar down the middle or doesn’t have the pillar down the middle. pylon call it.

Unknown Speaker  53:58  

I I believe in engineering,

Unknown Speaker  54:02  

but it’s higher. It’s higher and wider. So no. But yeah, that has created probably probably since day one when I was put in.

Unknown Speaker  54:16  

I would agree with you. I think some could argue that it’s a safety issue. Because when the water level was high kayakers going down there could potentially get stuck underneath it or something like that. So it definitely needs to come out. But that’s a huge thing, too. You know, but if we’re looking at this, right, that’s only that’s only going to pay 20% of however many millions, it’s gonna cost us we’re gonna need other funding sources to

Unknown Speaker  54:39  

pay 80% We would have

Unknown Speaker  54:44  

got to come from somewhere and there could be grants available. That

Unknown Speaker  54:50  

has to come from somewhere.

Unknown Speaker  54:53  

Yes, and it’s available where we could use that issue as

Unknown Speaker  54:59  

the current branch doesn’t sit on all of Vanoise property. So it’s on private property as well. So to try and get any money to fix that is a problem because it’s not our

Unknown Speaker  55:07  

because we have to get easements, larger easement, probably from one of the property owners. And with this grant, the grant is for federal money. So the match cannot be federal money, it has to be stayed or other sources. And so and we had put the bridge on the registry back and don’t hold me to this year, like in 2014 2015, because it was because it had been a private bridge. And come to find out just last summer wasn’t Jean last year. I mean, in the last six months, we just found out that it was put on the bridge registry in air. And that’s why we fought so hard to keep it up because you lose that Registry Number well. If they’ve already taken it off the registry, you know. So counselors, a lot of things to hash out and figure out what we want to do. But it would be nice to have a bridge and a road back there. So that the traffic was on there strictly instead of on a residential street. But funding funding is the issue.

Unknown Speaker  56:24  

If you can get that out of the market, because if you look at it when it goes flood, it’s that’s really where it’s pulling up. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  56:31  

no, we totally understand. I mean, but we’re still gonna have to spend money, even once Council decide what it wants to do. So

Unknown Speaker  56:42  

if if removing or replacing the bridge has positive environmental, or we’re flooding impact, maybe Ohio DNR would have something to say in terms of helping out?

Unknown Speaker  56:55  

Well see until just a few this last six months, everybody was under the impression we were on the registry, because we showed up on the reports as being on the registry. So so it’s it’s something that had to New Year, we’re gonna have to start addressing it. I just did I came across this race 2023 and that it was

Unknown Speaker  57:17  

no, no great idea. I mean, the unfortunate thing is, is it wasn’t like we were done on some of those other projects that you hear about the news, you’re like, those are crazy projects. But those crazy projects are the ones that they have are actually people putting money into the gym, you know, the Environmental Studies, the pre design, all that stuff. So that’s one of the three, these grants come out. And they just go boop, and they just apply they just don’t work them well. Because they get all that stuff ready.

Unknown Speaker  57:48  

Jean did you say oh, that could possibly have money to help take the bridge down?

Unknown Speaker  57:55  

Yeah, that was um, oh, gosh, she can’t remember. And what was that we were talking about? There was a funny

Unknown Speaker  58:01  

thing. What was it? Oh, God, or was it ODNR?

Unknown Speaker  58:04  

No, I think it was oh, no, it was their medicinal reels that just Oh,

Unknown Speaker  58:10  

yes. I mean, this will bridge fund that we had applied for for that grant. And we couldn’t get that they we could apply for money to take the bridge down from them. Then we have municipal bridge fund.

Unknown Speaker  58:25  

Yes. They said that they will put a new bridge because that way the current bridge was on private property. But the even though was on private property, they would pay or I shouldn’t say they would put whatever that math you know the 8020 Wherever it is towards having it. So whatever that causes remove it. The villagers would still need to find we’ll say 20% of that construction costs.

Unknown Speaker  59:01  

So the reason I thought of this is because I had seen transportation secretary. He put it in

Unknown Speaker  59:17  

stating that he just gave $25 million to a New Jersey City for heated sidewalks in their downtown and then they interviewed six to 10 people and not one of them wanted to have heated sidewalks in their downtown. Right. And right. And then he moved down to tell about I think it was an Arizona, a walking bridge. And it was presented as a walking bridge to nowhere it was just to raise bridge for people to go out and take pictures and duper birdwatching another $25 million. So if they have money to do that penance stuff, maybe we could get money for a bridge. So, so that’s what that’s what product around. Sorry. Sorry, sorry, I struck out again. But

Unknown Speaker  1:00:12  

it was a good it was it was a very good quantity of money. Lot of money.

Unknown Speaker  1:00:23  

Now we’ll keep working on it. So sooner or later we’ll find some kind of funding for it.

Unknown Speaker  1:00:32  

But definitely, we’ll have to start discussing in service about taking steps to get it taken down. Anything else? Jean? Thank you, Steve. Sorry for finance.

Unknown Speaker  1:00:51  

Okay, so we met on January 11, we could go spend most of the time talking about the report that Marian has already presented. We didn’t really make any decisions, although since we’re some of the new committee terms of membership. Mayer mentioned a number of things that need to be considering this year, among which would be the robe loving that’s going to expire. So that’s something that we need to get moving. on applying for. Yeah, a couple of things we talked about. That will probably get discussed again. So there’s something ready for decision.

Unknown Speaker  1:01:33  

Thank you. Scott. Service and planning.

Unknown Speaker  1:01:38  

No planning, again, this month. Service. We had to cover everything we talked about our interviews. They’re doing interviews to hire, we have a new hire, hopefully we get two new hires. The road projects for 2023 We decided to let go until February. We’re not getting what we need. We’re not getting the quotes that we need right

Unknown Speaker  1:02:03  

now. I got one coming. Oh, I finally got a militia grant now. I didn’t mean to interrupt. Okay. Well, that’s good. You said the next several days. So get it out to me. So we’ll have we shouldn’t have it by next service. Sorry. Sorry to interrupt. No,

Unknown Speaker  1:02:18  

that’s good. Perfect. Okay. So maybe we can move forward on that. We also discuss the Mishler house that came to us with a proposal we decided not to bring it to you guys because you couldn’t afford it. So they gave us 10 days to make for us to make them an offer. That was so we didn’t even take it any further. We thought we would wait and see if the house doesn’t sell but maybe we’ll make them an offer at a later date. But we couldn’t afford what they were asking. And everything else we discussed we want to see

Unknown Speaker  1:03:04  

my understanding somebody did look at the commissioner house they have a second showing with an appraiser guy to come in and check the electrical

Unknown Speaker  1:03:16  

good for it for the family. Yeah, exactly.

Unknown Speaker  1:03:21  

It was out of our price range.

Unknown Speaker  1:03:27  

Kameena your county regional planning and fire board.

Unknown Speaker  1:03:31  

Regional Planning I submitted my minutes to Marianne already. And one of the things I will be taking to planning when we do eat in the spring is electric car charging, putting on look think about legislation for electric car chargers for public use not for the village but for somebody wants to put one in what the rules are for that. for that. For fireboard. We approved the part time contract the full time contract the Chiefs contract and the fiscal officers contract for the new year and discussing putting a village on the levee in

Unknown Speaker  1:04:13  

the in the park purposely changed three

Unknown Speaker  1:04:15  

parks and JJ did not meet last month but they did meet in November. At the November meeting with Parks Board gave him Baddeck thank you to the DRC for their continued financial support because of them. Phase four is underway. Phase four entails making our parks more accessible and easy and friendly. So replacing the walkways to the pavilions and correcting the upheaved. Center concrete at the basketball courts. We also discussed implementing Phase Five not set in stone, but we’ll be re discussing again tomorrow. What does it look like to add a temporary court to our existing basketball courts? What does our I’m sorry increasing the footprint of the fall the volleyball court to make it official sized in the hopes of eventually welcoming a league to play there and replacing the pavilion fours to make them safer, more easily accessible, and just more aesthetically pleasing as well. We’re also going to continue discussing revenue streams with literature that the mayor gave us. On nearby parks and their expenditures and how do they bring revenue in shade tree was tasked with canvassing the neighborhood to find trees that are impacting sidewalks. If you notice that a tree is impacting a sidewalk, please reach out to somebody on shade tree and we’ll add it to the list. And that’s all

Unknown Speaker  1:05:51  

okay. Thank you. Okay. Okay. Are zoning appeals, nothing right now cemetery. cemetery board, I had sent out an email to them to schedule a meeting so that we can come up with our our list for the trust and some of the other things that some of their board wanted to consider.

Unknown Speaker  1:06:13  

We did. Can we put that on the website or publish for Open Meeting? It’s next Wednesday, January 25. At 6pm. Unless council chambers is in use at 6pm? Yes. 125 23 at 6pm. Okay.

Michele Stuck  1:06:34  

And what do you have? Can you? What do you have on your agenda? Trust request landscaping, mowing landscaping, quotes,

Unknown Speaker  1:06:44  

discussing whether one is better than the other? Whether we need a mower or a landscaper to attend to our cemetery.

Unknown Speaker  1:07:08  

Okay, yes, when you say Are they going to be limited to just that then that since it’s

Michele Stuck  1:07:16  

technically a special meeting, because you don’t have a regular meeting schedule, they’ll be limited to just that.

Unknown Speaker  1:07:21  

Did you want to add I mean, you got the list that she gave his long he would said to contacting the trust invoices for

Unknown Speaker  1:07:34  

they’re going to have to come up with what kind of flowers they want. Because the material standard of the dress, approving asking the Trust for to pay the water bills during the summer. And replanting floor for trees that were just recently cut down. And solar lighting

Michele Stuck  1:08:01  

tree planting, these are all things that are going to be requested from the trust. Okay, so that can come under the trust request. So you don’t have to be specific unless you have some other discussion that you want to do about trees and flowers.

Unknown Speaker  1:08:16  

Okay, should we add anything else to the agenda? Anything else required?

Unknown Speaker  1:08:38  

Okay, I think that she did everything for safety. You said there will be a safety meeting the first Wednesday of February,

Unknown Speaker  1:08:51  

February 1 6pm.

Unknown Speaker  1:08:55  

And the other business motion to adjourn at 753. Some

Unknown Speaker  1:09:05  


Unknown Speaker  1:09:11  


Unknown Speaker  1:09:12  

yes, yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker  1:09:17  

And, yes. Thank you all for good meetings with leading

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