Documenters: Garrettsville Village Council meeting for Jan. 11, 2023

January 11, 2023 

7 p.m.

In Attendance:

Rick Patrick, Mayor

Deborah Wardell, Assistant Fiscal Officer

Thomas Hardesty, Council President

Tara Beatty, Council Member

Mark Brady, Council Member

Sheri Johnson, Council Member

Chris Knop, Council Member

John Chambers, Council Member

Michele Stuck, Solicitor

Documenter’s Notes

An efficient meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by nominations for council president. Thomas Hardesty was re-elected. Mayor Rick Patrick appointed council members to their roles for the year. All of Mayor Patrick’s appointments were approved by roll call. Minutes were approved. Financial reports were submitted; income tax collections were up nearly $110,000 over 2021. Reports were accepted by roll call.


2023-01 – Ordinance repealing Village of Garrettsville Ordinance 1982-3 regarding the Water Capital Improvement Fund. Motion to suspend was passed by roll call. The ordinance was enacted by roll call. 


Council Member Hardesty notified the council of several potential capital projects for 2023, such as sidewalk and road repairs as well as park updates and improvements, including transitioning existing tennis courts to pickleball courts and moving the skateboard park. 

Hardesty also recommended promoting Sam DeSalvo from laborer to journeyman, retroactive to Jan. 1, 2023. A motion was made and passed by roll call.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:23 p.m.


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Gville 1-11-23

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Rick Patrick, Michele Stuck, Tom Hardesty, Deb Wordell

Tom Hardesty  00:00

I’m different times okay 4129 YouTube things are just thought what do I want to do this



Rick Patrick  00:45

All rise for the pledge


I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Rick Patrick  01:07

Okay, before we start anything, went to nominations for council President.


I’d like to nominate Tom if you’re willing to accept the nomination.


I’ll second that.

Rick Patrick  01:25

Any other nominations? Okay, so All in favor, aye. Congratulations All right. And next thing I would do is my appointments for the year. So I will take them all Hardesty streets and properties. Johnson sidewalks and cemeteries, Beatty, parks and utilities. CRA housing officer not fire district representative chambers. EMS District rep not I will continue on regional Portage County Regional Planning and mercury will be my alternate board of zoning appeals Gil Graham. And let’s see. I put down


just reaffirming Deb as the public records

Rick Patrick  02:38

designee Okay. These are my recommendations

Michele Stuck  02:47

at least according to the legislation that we did. Do you want me to get 2021 Dash 43 And make sure because I’m pretty sure it’s you 20214 I volunteered you

Rick Patrick  03:30

know you found it it’s not

Michele Stuck  03:35

that happy that I had Okay, so wants to go change to counsel because that’s fine. So change it from death to don’t have to defend yourself I know she just did the training in preventing profound

Rick Patrick  04:16

Alright, so Donald love proposed records. So these are what I recommend. Any comments? Motion to approve.

Tom Hardesty  04:33

Motion to approve.

Rick Patrick  04:35

Motion to approve just or you want to do do roll call. Okay. Second, progress. Call the roll.

Deb Wordell  04:44

This is Johnson Yes. Mr. Chambers? Yes, Mr. Brady? Yes, Mrs. Beatty? Yes, Mr. Not.

Rick Patrick  04:57

minutes, had a chance to look at the problem. Whereas last minute comments.

Deb Wordell  05:07

Thanks for all the corrections that everyone responded to. Especially Michelle.

Rick Patrick  05:15


Deb Wordell  05:18

I’ll move to approve. Chris. Study.

Rick Patrick  05:22

Done. Call the roll.

Deb Wordell  05:26

Mr. Brady? Yes. Mrs. Beatty? Yes. Mr. Knapp? Yes. Johnson Yes. Mr. Chambers?

Rick Patrick  05:32

Yes. Review of financial reports and income tax receipts. And you can see delinquencies, collections were up. Nine grand and even higher.

Tom Hardesty  05:49

I think they’re up like 110,000 over the preceding year. And income tax. So the other preceding year before that was somebody’s phone. So we’re, we’re averaging about $100,000 per year, and increased income tax revenue. So good rent. I would think we’re about $400,000. So that’s up above a third of what we were just four years ago.


So I have a question about kind of related to this. So if somebody moves out of Jarrettsville, and they call and say, Hey, I moved out of gears, Phil, how long does it take for them to get off that? We’re a taxpayer of gears? vilest?

Deb Wordell  06:42

Well, Donna would answer that a little bit better than me, but I conversations. So if somebody calls and says that, I think she asked for some proof of why they moved. And then I think it’s immediate when she


and then a year later that I’m asking you about a specific person that year later, they got another letter from Michelle saying you owe village taxes. Okay, so did that somebody that just came

Michele Stuck  07:05

in from a previous year? It also could have been on payments and from way back? Yeah,


it’s a it’s a kid. Well, a kid like a recent college graduate that hadn’t lived in yurts, well, you know, for a solid couple of years, and he took care of it. He thought initially, and then they got another letter. Yeah, so they’re questioning like, did they maybe not do it properly? Did it fall through the cracks?

Deb Wordell  07:25

I would just tell him to call on and she’s very good at clarifying Yeah, that’s when people call or you can give me the name and okay, they’re

Tom Hardesty  07:35

here for one year is going carry over that right like if


so if they do a one year I thought they were done and then they got the letter the second year.

Michele Stuck  07:43

It also depends on where they bought it was it filled file and failed to pay


I would assume his family was

Tom Hardesty  07:53

well, here’s another way that happens. If you’re paying state of Ohio income tax, and you’re showing like residence here, they’re not going to trigger Oh, okay. So we’re they’re males one


Oh, so maybe that they didn’t quite do that. Alright, I’ll find out more information. And I just cuz I thought Stephanie kind of went through that too. Like, she moved to Canada. And it took me a couple of times. Well, that was still there to give her so I didn’t know if we were doing something wrong or but it should be easier.

Deb Wordell  08:26

Yeah, I wish I had a better answer for you because Don is the one that feels with that daily basis. But again, if you give me the name or okay, just have them

Tom Hardesty  08:36

tell for one more year you’re talking like clockwork previously miners as of right now, it was like because the homeowners typically it wasn’t like their water service and those kinds of things change, then that’s the trigger. And so for kids a they’re not shutting off so great. So they kind of have to physically No, I think


that’s what Stephanie did. You know that we physically had to either tell

Tom Hardesty  09:03

something about mail coming, because this address. Okay. The state of Ohio reports we look for except for people paying Ohio income tax. Right, not filing your show. And then you’re gonna go that’s your letter. Got it. Thank you. Sure.

Rick Patrick  09:27

Okay, bills. Any questions on the bills? Motion to accept. Tom. Second. Chris. Call the roll.

Deb Wordell  09:43

Mr. Brady? Yes, Mrs. Brady? Yes, mister. Yes, Mr. Hardesty Yes, Mrs. Johnson? Yes. Mr. Chambers? Yes.

Rick Patrick  09:52

Okay. ordinance 2023 Dash oh one an ordinance repealing village a Garrett Seville word It’s 1982 Dash three regarding the water Capital Improvement Fund. This is on first reading

Tom Hardesty  10:08

all over suspension.

Rick Patrick  10:10

Okay, second, Chris

Deb Wordell  10:16

are all this is baby sister not? Yes, sir Hardesty? Mrs. Johnson? Yes. Mr. Chambers?

Tom Hardesty  10:22

Yes. Mr. Brady? Yes. What this is doing is just taking and cleaning up the language where it’s automatically sent, like we did for the village. This is normal for the Board of Public Affairs. So there’s no capital allocation automatic. So in this it’s a trivial amount compared to what they really allocate for capital. So it’s kind of insignificant. So, move to an act. Tom.

Rick Patrick  10:49

Second, Chris. Call the roll.

Deb Wordell  10:53

Mrs. Johnson. Yes. Mr. Chambers? Yes. It’s


rainy. Yes. This

Deb Wordell  10:56

is Beatty? Yes, Mr. Not. Yes. Mr. Hardesty. Yes.

Rick Patrick  11:02

All right. Guess before anyone ever roll your face? No. Okay. roundtable. Let me for me. And my right. Wow. I totally forgot that sock.

Tom Hardesty  11:29

Majority of it is about capital, potential capital expenditure. Working with Debbie on this, outlining it, she’s got a summary kind of presented. And I just thought it helps let you know what we’re thinking about. Indicated potentially $15,000 For sidewalk repairs. And all like, we pay $12 A foot arrow, that’s what we build $12 equipment that may want to be up, because that’s a pretty good deal. But yeah, but then we recover that at the same time. That money, generally the same year. So road repairs, we’ve gotten in there $261,000. And that’s from multiple accounts. And I’ve been out with Randy and I’ve kind of got two or three different areas that we’re looking at dawn, and I’m costing those out right now, part of Garfield drive the interests of park and then an additional segment of what we didn’t do a couple of years ago, looking at Senator from Maple to Garfield drive. And then we looked at water from where it was paved to the Liberty Street intersection. So probably can’t do all of those, but we’ll see how the pieces come together. But the observation I can make right now typically you’ll spend money for removing the existing surface is called planing to do poor planning, and then you’ve got replacement, you’ll seal it up shooting a little bit, and then you get two courses of topping. But you also typically have what they call partial and full depth repairs where the base has failed to dig it out. And that’s a lot of money. Throughout most of that stuff, there’s very minimal amount of that. So our paving dollars will go a long way. When we do that, what we will make an assessment till after the winter, etc. But we’ve got some ditching projects we want to do before we start any of these, that Center Street pavement because I’ve got a couple of places was wet and holding water. And once we fix that, roads will fail. So we’re trying to use global warming to get in there and do the desert during the winter when we’re not plowing snow. The columbarium we there’s 33,000 tend to lay in the budget for that. We may or may not be getting a state grant for that. So if we get that state ground there, there may be this 33,000 good flow into the street. So

Rick Patrick  14:43

you’re talking about the grant that I was talking about from Senator Serena.

Tom Hardesty  14:47

Well, yeah, that’s that’s what I turned down. The grant was like 50,000 And so if it comes through, I don’t know if it will be the dollar amount requested or a portion of that. You So what was the goal then would be to hate and use that money to landscape around there, I doubt that will be done by Memorial Day, especially if we don’t have the money, for sure first transition tennis court to pickleball court, we’ve got 50,000 allocated for that. So we’ve looked at both the Park Avenue site, removing the skate park board Park, converting that to probably would fit three conceivably four pickleball courts in there. And, surprisingly, a surface of that court is in better shape and will take less work. And the fencing is also in better shape. And we’re figuring in whichever one we do, we’re going to fix the fencing up, you gotta so this is good. The other one is a South Street Park looking at that. And that’s where the skateboard park was, of course, and it may make sense to move the skateboard park back there. Just we’ve got some people are gonna look at that with us and try to make some recommendations. So we’re open to input. So what the community wants that. And then I don’t expect it to be playable this summer. But maybe by fall, we might get the work done. But the surface is a lot better up there on Park Avenue Park, the one out there would take a lot more surface work at South Street to get a truly level so the thing’s not going to puddle and hold water etc. And there’s some pretty significant cracks in the base that need done before he can get a new topping on it. And then also, we’ll get three or four quarts of oil on there, there’s no space that would only be taken to the pair of tennis courts closest to the library. In that case, the other two tennis courts would still remain tennis courts. I know we’ve got money, I’m getting estimates for design of a wall draining studies and design work estimates for two areas. One, I’m looking at the Wyndham St. Knoll somewhere it comes down through there, and we’ve been trying to get done well, we wanted to find that and get the data so we can engineer something there. Possibly just a detention basin. And then the other one was we had a study done in 2018 for drainage on Main Street, or my center, all the way down to North or wall at a junction and then into the stream. I’m proposing that other one to come through the village parking lot across high street, and then see by getting easements to go down into the Rite Aid, major trunk line that flows from Maple Avenue through that intersection through we made channel the water that way. The other option that was done the 2018 study, it goes into main street, but that’s all rock there. And it’s I think a lot of hard work. So but we’ll get those study does cost estimates back and then you’ll hear about that before we approve spending that money on that. So from the capital standpoint, that’s what I’m like I’m going to be recommending I have one of the personnel move I’d like to recommend you saw that, Michelle I’ll want to promote Sam to salvo from labor to journeyman and that based on calling for more supervisory leader. So when they do project or take, you’ve got like one laborer with them and then Sam be like the lead man on the job and take responsibility for doing the job. We have one other one that Adam is also in that journeyman status. And then as he takes it lead on stuff like so,


in a specified date for that promotion

Tom Hardesty  19:53

I’d like to make at the beginning of the year is what doctor recommended retroactive She was the one that made it better that way. So do it. So. And again, just to give you an idea, it’s also to be competitive. So, from a weight standpoint, so. So with that I’m making a motion. Second, I have motion.

Rick Patrick  20:29

Tom and Chris.

Deb Wordell  20:30

Colorado. Mr. Chambers. Yes. Mr. Brady? Yes, Mrs. Baby? Yes. Mr. Knapp? Yes. Privacy? Yeah. Yes.

Rick Patrick  20:42

That’s it. John? Nothing. There’s no you answered my questions. Michelle, I think that’s all.


I have nothing. Here.


I have something I building on the pickleball. I talked to Tim Smith today, him and Johnson are

Tom Hardesty  21:09

gonna responded to it. Yeah. So he


just wanted to tell everybody that they’re doing a clinic. They did one today, and they’re doing on Saturday from four to six. So why if anyone wants to learn how to play pickleball to be ready with the courts, I guess already. He said that they joined this like pickleball association of some sort. And he said that there’s a lot of useful information resources, did different tools and stuff that they can help if there needs a time that we need assistance with the conversion? And then he also gave me a name of someone who’s been doing this, I guess? Yes. Do you know that? Okay. Yes, yeah. I’m doing it I guess in Tennessee or something for years. Apparently. We’re behind the time. Yeah, you said for years.

Rick Patrick  22:03

Keith Semmens is from here. I went to school with him and his wife are the ones that restored the house on

Deb Wordell  22:10

me. Yeah. So,

Rick Patrick  22:12

but I didn’t know. I mean, I know really well. I didn’t know they were into that.


I know. It’s crazy. Yeah. He said that. It’s just it’s huge. They’re excited. They want to be involved as much as we need them to be in.

Tom Hardesty  22:26

Yeah, that’s that’s cool. But he’s not in talent. I don’t believe right


now. No, he’s leaving tonight. Yeah, he’s at the center. Oh, no. He’s sevens. I was talking about symptoms on vacation today, but yeah, Tim it was Tim Smith. Anything else?


Nobody does it. Mark. My chairman was invited to the Scotch doubles on March 11. It is for the rotary and for the Tom Collins trail. It is March 11. Revenue questions come see us it’s yours pickable Okay, that’s it

Rick Patrick  23:08

nothing else all right. All right. Motion to Sherry. Second

Deb Wordell  23:22

of all, our old lady Yes, Mr. Hardesty. Mr. Brady?

Rick Patrick  23:33

Yes, that’s what he’s wanting you didn’t have enough to keep well you can tell him to stop down okay. Today it looks really good. donation is going to wait on Twitter everybody. Looks like Alder was looked like when Adam 12

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