Documenters: Freedom Township Trustees meeting for Feb. 16, 2023

Freedom Township Trustees

Feb. 16, 2023

7 p.m.

Listen to an audio recording of the meeting:


Jeffrey Derthick, Chair

Tom Mesaros, Vice Chair

Charlene Walker, Trustee

Jennifer Derthick, Fiscal Officer

Documenter’s Notes

Around a dozen community members assembled for the Freedom Township Trustee meeting. Chair Jeffrey Derthick called the meeting to order and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Two sets of minutes – from the organizational and the regular meetings, both held Jan. 3 – were accepted into record. Amendments had been proposed by the zoning commission; the changes have been approved by the regional commission. A public meeting was scheduled for 7 p.m. March 16, to be held prior to the scheduled regular meeting, to formalize the zoning changes.


Ryan Hartman, a local pastor who rents space from the township, addressed the board about his church’s planned use of the rented facilities.


The trustees accepted the resignation of Zoning Inspector Lou Mincek, who is retiring.The trustees will advertise the open position for two weeks in the Weekly Villager and the Record-Courier and interview candidates March 16. The trustees joked that this information will also appear in The Portager due to this documenter’s attendance at the meeting. Here it is. Jeffrey Derthick will fill the inspector role until the position has been filled.  

A small piece of property with unidentified ownership has been mowed and maintained by an unidentified resident. Records are unclear who owns the property. The prosecutor’s office will run an ad in the Record-Courier to try to determine ownership. An application was received for ground-mount solar panels. An ag exemption was issued, and several inquiries were logged. One complaint/nuisance violation was issued; this matter is in probate.

Ms. Maur’s BZA appeal fee was returned to her by roll call vote.


Road Supervisor Tony Vansteenberg reported filling potholes with cold patch, installing reduced weight-limit signs where necessary, and the removal of two trees. The road crew filled berms with limestone on two local roads. They replaced a hydraulic line on the boom mower. Fifty tons of salt were ordered. A roller was scrapped. A warranteed truck repair was reported. Vansteenberg thanked Woods Funeral Home for donating a vault for an indigent burial. The trustees approved the purchase of a new garage door. The Hankee Road culvert repair is delayed due to an unavailable pipe. The county bridge report was circulated. Several unused items were removed from the road office inventory by roll call. Stamm Road and Asbury Road are scheduled for chip-and-seal repairs in 2023. Bids will be collected by Portage County; a budget of $60,000 was informally established. Township spring cleanup, traditionally held in June, was moved to May 4-6; H&H Dumpster will be contracted, per resolution. 

Board Reports


Vice Chair Tom Mesaros reported 30 emergency calls in the month of January. Mesaros reported raising the township’s insurance deductible for fire trucks to help offset the increase in premiums. One firefighter was added to the roster. A preventative maintenance contract was renewed.


Eighty calls were reported. The department accepted a FEMA grant for $42,000. CPR mannequins will be purchased for public training.


The new amendments were discussed. New business was tabled, pending the hiring of a new zoning inspector. The BZA is creating a form for zoning amendments. 

Fiscal Officer

Fiscal Officer Jennifer Derthick presented purchase orders, expenditures, estimated resources for 2023, and appropriations for 2023. Appropriations are due April 1. Various line items were discussed briefly. These were approved by roll call.

Unfinished Business

The township is undergoing a policy review. Fiscal Officer Derthick requested that the trustees begin a review of the employee handbook, as well. The board will seek repairs on the back steps of the township’s rental property.

New Business

Jeffrey Derthick reported that the tenant of the rental property was involved in an auto accident and will be without work for several months. The renter is seeking leniency until his case is settled. The trustees will seek more information. Trustee Charlene Walker stated that the lease agreement hadn’t been updated in eight years. Rents have not been raised. In the spirit of transparency, Walker suggested posting township policy online. Walker also recommended updating online calendars and increasing access to information for rentals and scheduling of township spaces. The township is seeking dirt for the schoolhouse building. Vansteenberg agreed to coordinate with an unidentified community member to supply dirt. Walker asked that Freedom Township Trustee contact information for the Portage County records be personalized. Currently, the trustees are listed under the township mailing address. Lisa, representing Garrettsville softball, requested practice use of the township ballfield for 10 teams. Her request was approved. Lisa will provide a more detailed use schedule after coordinating with coaches. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:18 p.m.


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The approval of the organizational minutes on January from January 3 22nd.




yes. Looking for a motion for the approval of the regular meeting minutes of January 32nd. Yes, yes. Yes. Public comments, and we’re gonna start out with Mr. Hartman. But standby, lets you go first. It’s okay. You can have the floor. Very recommended,


as opposed from the Zoning Commission.


Does anybody have any questions on they’re


pretty mostly clear,


clarifying stuff making a little. Couple of changes. Nothing major. Any comments during your hearing at all, Stan? And that’s you?


Know, of course, regional


approved everything is a copy there. Okay. We of course. Okay. So we need to set a meeting within 30 days of this meeting between orders of 2030 days. So you want to have it before our next meeting? That we can do it at 630. Or we can just do it at seven. It shouldn’t take all that long.


Night but Wednesday.


Okay, so before the next meeting at 7am 7am. Good with that? Yeah. Yeah. Don’t jump with excitement. All right. I move. Moving to


regulated on March 7 and ready to follow? Yes. Okay. Liquid, you said that. Okay. I moved. I’ll second it.


I can’t read his mind yet. You’ll I think you, you are free to leave a few.


Yes, yes. Yes. So the startup has rented the, the community center, and specifically the sanctuary upstairs. And he’d like to talk to you. And he’s gonna make a little bit of a statement just to say hello.


So I’m Ryan Hartman. I moved to Lyon Bridge Road in 1993. So I’ve been around for a little while. Since 2011, me some close friends and family. We have a little home church, at my mom’s house in Jarrettsville. And we really felt like we wanted to maybe try to expand a little bit. And so we know, I talked to Jeff and we’ve made arrangements to use that facility. But in the process of trying to develop this, it’s turned out, like, we weren’t as far along as we thought. And so we’re gonna take our time, we’re gonna go slow. And so when we initially began using the building, we’re going to use it just for prayer meetings, and we will call leadership or board meetings, maybe just to establish how we want to proceed. We’re hoping that by early summer, maybe mid summer, we’d be able to have regular services. So again, we’re not trying to rush into it. And because we’re, you know, we’re not going to pack the place out, but we’re a few a number right now. And so until we actually get established and actually have more than just, excuse me, one of the just a few people. We’re just going to hold services. And then hopefully by the fall, there’ll be enough of us to where we’ll be a little more like a legitimate congregation, at which point we’re going to seek to incorporate Should a 501 C three status and those things get in trouble. But we’re just not there yet. We’re still in the sort of infancy stages. We’re still discussing things like, how do we want to order our service? You know, so it’s, you know, we’re starting from the ground. So that’s where we’re at. But eventually, by saying, mid summer, we’ll be having services for whoever wants to come at that little brick church right over here. So that’s it. Thanks. Any questions?


And you had said that you wanted to meet on Saturday mornings?


Yeah. As you know, we had a meeting last night, and those kinds of a consensus that everybody worked out for everybody that Saturday mornings would be best.


Generally, Saturday, every Saturday, yeah.


The community center? Or is it? Are you just renting the upstairs?


We could we’re just gonna have to work at a little bit. But especially if there’s just a small number of of eight or nine people. And, you know, they can have a table upstairs. And it’s not like it’s going to take all that, you know, it’d be those people that like to come in and set up early.


And, you know, we’re definitely willing to be flexible with anybody. If someone’s having a wedding. Or if there’s some sort of regulation. We can work with people. We’re, you know, we can be flexible there.


Okay, thank you. Thanks for introducing yourself.


One of your punishment you got.


Thanks, everyone.


Thank you, sir. Any other public comment? No. Zones are important. And as everybody is well aware of, here’s the letter of resignation from our zoning inspector due to retirements. So the first thing is we need to accept his resignation.


No. I gotta read it first.


He left on good terms. So he


did. I don’t want to lose him. Nobody did.


So I’ll move to accept his resignation. That good?




yes. Okay. So we need to take your fiscal officer. So then we need to advertise for zoning inspectors. How long would you like to run it? How would you like to do?


So with us only meeting once a month? I would almost like to schedule interviews for before the next meeting. I know that sounds horrible. But the whole month if we can if we get candidates?


Yeah, that’s, that’s not horrible. That’s understandable. So would you like to run it for a week? Three weeks?


How long does it normally take to get


to two?


Well, here what? Well,


we, we struggle.


Yeah, I know.


At least two weeks. So do you like to advertise for two weeks and then do interviews after that?


Yeah. And you start three minutes.


How long does it take to contact the newspaper and to actually get it published?


Well, I can it depends on where you’re advertising. To do the villager and our broker, the villager or just another career. I would like to do both. Okay, so reporters are now awesome. No pressure for the villager I can send as long as you have to over five o’clock. She’s proud to put it in for the next upcoming week. And then the repertory. If you need to know when you want to run it, do you want to run it on just Sundays we want consecutive days for, because I can tell you probably at least 700 bucks


for two weeks. Then last time, we just do it on Sundays I returned


on Sunday. But I can’t guarantee that they can get it in for this Sunday, maybe the following Sunday.


So we run it on the ninth to the 26th. And the fifth, then we say our deadline for applications is a 10. And then the one thing is how are we going to pick who comes in to interview without talking? Do we just interview everybody that applies? Do


your full routine follow the applications? Okay, comment.


Your name last time the fiscal officer she just set all the times. I know, but it was what, half an hour blocks or something 15 minute blocks and


interview everybody that? Sure. So that means we have to we have to be early on the 16th. Interview.


Right? Well, it depends. Do you want to live interview for that? Or would you like to interview on?


How many people you knew already got one thing going on? That’s gonna take two seconds.


Right? Yeah, we’ll just read through those that changes. That’s up. I


don’t care. That’s up to you guys. What do you want to cut out dated the 10? Maybe we got to do it sooner than the 16. You have a special meeting for interviewing people?


Do we have to have


a public? You have to have meaning?


Yeah, technically, yes. You can you can go into a special Yeah, to do your do you just have to open about? It’s gonna be a meeting for the purpose of the employment.


Yeah, I don’t I don’t I honestly don’t care if we do it on the 15th or earlier that week. Hopefully we


might be any point in


time we’ll have a conflict. Because the 13th 14th is Tuesday, which is the second Tuesday of the month, which would be your favorite board game.


Oh, yeah. You’re right.


She did it on the 15th. Which then you’d have to choose a different location because there’s only commission here


about six to 16.




That motion? That’s the motion?


Yeah, yes. Yes.


Okay, so he left me with a report stuff from the prosecutor’s office. So that little small piece of property that’s on that northwest corner that Mr. Ballantine would like? There’s really no update. All of the attorneys have all sat down and they’ve discussed it and they’re trying to come up with a plan to clarify who the ownership of that little small strip is that the resident is mowing the the Fence Company, the prosecutor’s office is going to advertise in the record courier for six weeks. He didn’t know when that was going to start, but he said he, he’s already in the process of doing that. And the simple thing is, is to find the owner for that piece of property. And then the prosecutor’s office said he had nothing to add about the deep stances.


So he had at 50 Freedom road, he received an application for the installation of a ground mount solar panels on 64 foot 6948 State Route 303 ESU, DFS ze and exemption form. And then at 810 State Route ADA is Verizon is CO locating on an existing tower. He had inquiries for 9629 Nichols road


requesting information on addition to home he got a call from a realtor at 719 Freedom road. Again, realtors Wymer drone, Steve Kotler allowable agricultural uses. And that gentleman did call me and they hates he’s looking to set up like a community gardens kind of a big thing. Now we’re kind of getting to be where, and which is interesting, because the church over here said they were interested in doing it. So it might all work out together. But they, you know, it’s real simple, you just sell like, there’s usually a fee, and they’ll take care of the ground for you, you come out and you plant your vegetables, flowers, whatever you’d like. Another title company inquiry the complaint nuisance violation that he sent out for the north side of Streator road, that property is an he didn’t give the parcel number to it. That property is is in probate to settle and settle in court. So we just have to watch that. 92 at State Route ADA received a call from a resident complaining about her job putting the trailer at the location. So that’s about it, that he has anybody who wants that. The other thing is who wants to be the acting inspector.


We’ve got to get one in here. So all they can do is write


by law one of us and like permits, you can’t write violations. You can write permits. And usually in the past, I’ve been the one that will do it. And I’m willing to do it. The only thing I ask is for a motion from the board to let me do that. Unless somebody else volunteers for it.


I’ll make a motion I’ll second that.


Okay, that’ll take care of


Yes. Yes. Yes.


And then the we also need a motion to give Mrs. Mauer or BZ a appeal fee.


I make a motion to give her her money back.


I’ll second.


Yes, yes.


Yes. Tony Europe


we’ve been patching problems with cold packs. From terminal con engineer. For good reduce weight limit signs have been put up for the freeze and thaw cycle. We took about two trees on King Rome. That was a thing and over the power line or the phone line and on top of where we filled berms in on King and little row was 617 limestone that we got from Rick to insert three times. He noticed we had to replace the hydraulic line on the boom mower and Butch should be wrapped up early next week sometime. We ordered 50 tons of salt and we have another 150 remaining on our order weighs on 50 tons of ice well we hold the roller and some other things that we talked about scrapping all that believed outs falls recycling and Windham and it was right at almost $900 for the rollers and leather strap the new truck we had to take the western star and the tdsi of where we purchased that just a faulty fuel sensor everything was covered under warranty so I’m hopefully won’t have any problems with that too I like to think Woods funeral home for donating a vault for the indigent burial that


we talked about putting a ceiling and put some heat in that base that was Mexico garage just rough estimate about 65 to seven grand for the biggest expenses the door like 3700


you we go indoors again


Alright, so you’re looking for a motion you want to do this.


I mean, these prices are just a rough idea.


You want another month to get prices or get quotes okay.


Do you need it for the door do you need to get another quote? Do you want to get the door


I just let me get another thing about wave the wave because we’re gonna have to box that in a little bit.


That include your facia tube router. Get that fixed on your head. Just a suggestion it’s pretty rotten.


Alright, I did get a call from Portage door. They was the ones that was going to put the garage door on the garage he did call me and said the door was in unfortunately it was the wrong door. So I did get a hold of the organ door and he said he actually called and said they could have a door for us Wednesday. This is for his door quoted me at 3200 job the door wants 3300 insulating the price


that’s what we’ve been waiting for forever right.


Did we already approved that


motion motion


motion to buy that garage door opener from John the door now second


Yes, yes. Yes.


Back to the community service community center. The front is for upstairs pressure switch one out and be believed that’s all done another switch


that he ever contact you to put the


ball he’s the guy to talk to you about the furnace at the garage and he was waiting on that version of what was in there he put a yeah one that he had a universal one in there and he said when he got to originally come back but that furnace is working we have the tree down on stop and some thumbs down on a lot of the roads are in high winds


speaking of


a roller just did you get a hold of Henry Liu ins Henry Liu is looking to retire and a lot of us gonna get and he does have a roller up there that’s a three ton roller saw that we can use the question to that is to is with the trainer he is actually getting rid of the trader that he’s supposed to call me today. We’re on Priceline with the trailer. You had some family issues and you said to get back with me next week.


Same grind is


that is not


if you want to see our people


size required


the picture that


comes back to me with a price on that trailer and we can find more about it and keep looking for maybe another one. But that roll is is is is a good vibe. I did get a hold of McLean Based on rollers on Hudson he’s actually a little cheaper than the for some that same year or newer it’s been well maintained and


when How old is that?


That’s 2004


Anything else and you’re gonna wait till Henry comes back to you with a brace okay.


The flagpole at the park the light


it’s a solar solar light. I looked it up that’s it doesn’t work. Replace the batteries. Reference the battery batteries typically and then lights on lasts about five years. By the time you mess around with the batteries, and maybe the sensor, you’re better off buying and holding light. I mean, a pretty rough. Solar panel was cracked and everything else. Maybe it could even be that that department. Yeah.


Do you remember what year the Boy Scouts put that? It was the Boy Scouts? Oh, isn’t it some of these projects?


will be five years. I was still here.


They’re real. Yeah. So it’s more than that? Because I’ve been here eight. So there you go.


A project for the parks committee.


Well just need to delay. I mean, we got another flagpoles I can put up here.


Be one of those.


Oh, what’s the solar light costs? It can’t be that anywhere from 100 to 200 bucks. So I’m on Amazon. Buy good one.


That’s pretty much it the rest of the stuff that’s been coming up here.


All right. Thank you road culvert update is well underway with putting the block in the big hang up now is the pipe. So after the county is called and the company was supposed to have the pipe sitting there waiting for us? Evidently they do not. So at first it was going to be here January, then it was going to be here February. And then it was maybe if we’re lucky. It’s March. So that’s the end and the contractor at some point in time. He can’t put up all the walls. So at some point in time that pipe is in here. It’s just going to have to wait. Yeah, wait.


There’s no place else to search for this pipe?


I don’t know if they’re the county’s already locked into this or I I have no idea. Mike was working on it. It may be


March. I mean, to be held up for that piece of pipe seems really sad.


Yes. They claim there’s a rebar shortage. Now,


there’s this square box


that’s around round around


the last round pipe that was in there. Why wash down the street? This was concrete, concrete. The concrete washed downstream. This builds up the whole culvert.


Hopefully they build it better. That’s


right. I’m a little upset when you had stack there until you were getting the same box culvert that they put across add over here by close. So I thought the state required that.


So locks culverts for some reason we’re becoming hard to get. Not only that, but with the angles and somebody who’s an engineer, I’ll have to tell you, right, they they went with that round color. So because we we’ve even asked if you know, hey, can we you know, can we get a square one to put in there and they kind of frown on that because then they have to go back to an engineer and hope to the


better question that was around the pipe. Is it bigger than the oval?


Yes. Yeah. So hopefully, we get it. That’s that update. The county gave us the bridge report. I pass that out for everybody. To look at Tony your inventory updates. Few things we need to remember six inch by


eight inch Wilton vise concerns spreader one foot but how foul and when you come to


my office the ATT interchange and design office and the ATG phone


Gmail Do you want to expect? Do you want two different ones one to one for the truck? Motion one for the truck or you want it all the same.


Everything on the red is for the Trump accepting


device in the snow phones.


Adding an egg and rice and removing the six inch bass and removing 11 rolls of snow


maybe the second second.


Yeah, cuz we just decided to get rid of the phone. And that’s only in office. Yes. Yes.


So Tony are up with your chip and say, Oh, are you and Charlene, you’d like


to get on the sooner rather than later. You just could get it scheduled. It doesn’t have to be obviously something done now anyways, but just to get the quotes out there and to get it scheduled. With whoever gets the call.


Get the call the county that call them find what we want


to talk to Mel way pay me and then Henry Lou lie and they gave me a rough quote of you know, for two miles, looking about anywhere from 25 to 60,000 for a single chip and see


what right are we looking at this year? Well, or do you have to get


Nam circumstan Asbury Asbury was paid for for a couple of years. About was a four years ago. And they recommended that be chipped within a five year period. So that would start on row. Talk about those installed before. Preach, that comes up like


two or 2.3 miles. It’s within that 2.05.


Up to some cool because we think hopefully,


that account is supposed to be


because the county have put your bed books together for you. And they’ll do the thing for you.


Do you get the bed? Or do we? Usually the clinical trustees?


Do we need the public?


is in the rows that you want to do you want to have been books put together for Stockholm and for Asbury. It’s over.


So what about Nora slip?


How long is that


last slide was 1.5


mile a quarter.


And you just got home in the top part of North Slagle gets done, saying?


Are you proposing that we have more or we don’t hear that he’s that


you could add more roads so we could see what


we can do.


I was just curious as to what the price was, when you’re starting on this stuff. That’s one thing. You’ve got to see what the price is. And then you’ve got to see what your fiscal officer is gonna like to do. Because she’s putting her stuff together. So she has to do her thing. Let’s start on it early so she knows what to


buy. Do we have a budget for the roundabout here? Do we have an amount that we want to try to hit every year and not go over? It’s never


been done by the previous board. That’s kind of saying I was broke. So I have with what I had last year when I presented to you I had 75,000 in contracted services in the gas Fund and the 5500 under the bridge so that is the 80,500 but contracted services is spread across all Other items purchased assault guard rail that comes on. So you want to increase it.


So tell me those numbers one more time Secretary




That’s in the weapon. Yes, the


5500 and ready for 80,500. Also, keep in mind, I don’t know when the your first loan payment is going to start to come for hanky road. So that could be anywhere between four and $7,000.


We spent 16.


Last year, so


I would love for us to set a budget to hit every year, instead of trying to play a guessing game. Is that possible?


You have to say that that’s what you want. So yes, yep. So now you know what’s going to cost you 55,000. Come July, you can say you want 100,000 in there, but


we got 13 miles, is that what we got? Here? So we set this up on a five year turn. Eventually, we would just be able to rotate through chip and seals for the last five years. And I mean, once we get caught up, you don’t look very well. I mean, it all depends on whether you know, and I’m just saying if we could be two years, two miles, like two miles every year. never have to worry about it’d be rotating through. And


most of our roads, you know, we had some roads that were double, triple and sealed and now you’re getting to the point where they’re further decent you could do single chip and seals and eventually


we’ll get there I you know, if we don’t if we don’t drop the ball, and that way it saves the township money in the long run. And absolutely, we’d know exactly what we’re gonna do year after year. Stony well


put your rotation together.


Yeah, you can I have I started it in a spreadsheet. So let me print it out.


Was you are you going to add nor slide? Or are we just going to stick with stop? And


I if we tried to make sure that our truck payment and we have extra money in case something comes up? I don’t think we should add more. You guys.


We have no idea what’s even going to cost. So we guess you could build a wall. But then we see what you get, then you’ll say well, okay, that one’s not gonna happen. You got an estimate of 60,000 already.


What you want or just get to put in your budget is $60,000. That’s


my that’s my recommendation. We’ll start with that. Hopefully, that money’s gone. You don’t get it back.


Jennifer, do you need a motion for that?


If you want the county to do any estimation we have.


All right. So I’ll move that they do their estimation for stomm. And as Barry.


Henry is going to do to get quotes from memos.


That’s up in the air with Henry. He was retired for years, I mean, if you go to the county and put it out for bid, I don’t know if he’ll bid on or not. But there’s other bid process where


Yeah. Yeah, yes. Yes.


Somebody’s also thinking spring, spring cleanups on here.


Yeah, so that’s another thing. We usually have it in June, but that is 20 in bunches busiest time of year. And also townships around us do in April, early May. I would like to move it this year.


Tony, when do you want it?


Well, we talked last year there was talking about so I figure we ended up a month you know the first weekend in May.


Yes. Like I said, I don’t care. You guys are the ones that do the work and you know, as long as you can get dumpsters for that day, first weekend


of May I know when of desert the third weekend in April. Sales rose dollars the first weekend in May. But I did call the company that we want to last year Scott’s Eve went out of business and he sold the two h and h. And they said that they would quote as Christ that He gave us last year and he said on dates are available


now that’s fine.


Do you need a motion for that? To change it? Or do we just need to advertise it?


Right prey on certain emotions,


emotions, company purposes?


And then are you


gonna h&h?


Are you gonna stick with your same times? Okay.


Everything is the same, just go with it.


Only the name of the company is different that you’re using. I mean, that you need a motion for H and H. Make a motion that we use H




yes. Yeah.


A sixth, fifth and sixth you do Friday,


Thursday, Friday, Saturday, fourth, fifth and sixth.


Yeah, we’ll get done on. We’ll get that out there. So rather than strolling everybody for now.


These poor guys are so busy in the summer. Well, there’s


a lot of time for the word to get out. Yes.


decals on trucks. He’s got that project.


Well, I did some on that. I got some pictures here. They’re not really good. They’re kind of blurry, but it gives you an idea what they can do. It saved me $250 If I just did this, I tried to take a picture off of their computer. But anyway, it’s details for the two trucks they’re done in man away. They’ll come out to the garage and put them on. We just want to know if we’re gonna pay for it. I mean, if we’re gonna Which one do you like? I love the idea with the flag because being in freedom


Did you see him? Do you like him? Well, which one do you like? I love


there’s three different ones there.


Which ones do you like?


Oh, do they’re blurry.


That one the freedom is on top of. Yeah, this one is more on the fly. What’s it like? Yeah.


Like, I like the one that you told me you’d like.


Which one Tony, you picked?


You got three pictures to know. A little bit different than F comes out of the box. I thought that’s the one you said you’d like


that’s fine.


You got a pretty good guarantee. They’re guaranteed for anything for a full year, five years for fading. We paid $250 for the artwork. But what’s nice about that the artworks are is forever. So if we ever needed new new signs, we pays for us for them to make them. I don’t have a price on what it’s going to cost because we can it goes by the square inch. But to give you a rough idea tell me if I’m wrong shaders Bill was 180 a truck


now 180 A trunk but thirds was bad some 3d stuff.


So yeah, there’s that little bit of land. But no, and they’re doing they’re out till March. If anybody wants to see these they can. I’ll tell March last night that they will come out to the garage and do it which is nice. You don’t have the home down just


to get a quote for the whole thing.


How many trucks you want to do? Two to one what do you think it’s gonna cost?


Well 250 for the design and making in Taiwan 85 And we’ll say I’d say 700 for everything. And that way that gives us a little, little breathing room.


I’ll second your motion. Okay.


And which one we want the one that was on top?


I guess the only one


it’s actually the best picture, I think.


Oh, that was really bad. So I know within that one must be that one. Yeah.


But the freedom township on the grill close. Okay.


Yes, yes. Yes.


board reports. First, okay, the biggest thing about the buyer, they had 30 calls in January with insurance renewal. One thing they decided that they’re going to have to do is go for replacement costs on ensuring the trucks. So 1613, the ladder truck to replace it would be 1.4 million. So that raised the insurance on that 1614 is now 700,000 to replace that anyway. Total insurance for 500 deductible was $28,435. So we talked about a little bit where instead of going with 500 deductible, they’re gonna go with $2,500 deductible and then dropped it down to 22,937 for a year. But there’s nothing cheap about insuring those trucks. The other thing is 30 calls I think they got a new young man out Oh, Trent. He’s a young man is trying to get into the Ohio State Patrol Academy. And he thought fire experience was would be he did learn some more stuff with that. So they brought him on. And they renewed the sufen service contract. They do the preventive maintenance on the truck. And that’s around 1400 bucks. About It.


Charlene, you’re up next.


So for regional planning, there was obviously requests Brimfield for sound. And Franklin, they’ll have requests, are they there were some zoning changes and freedom Township, Windham, Brimfield. Franklin and Schiller so lots of zoning updates this year. The Executive Committee there was very excited about that.


That was really about it.


I did talk to him more about the the grant for getting a paper trail the park. I have I think it’s coming up in June. So I’m working on that I have two companies that are going to give us a high level estimate that I’m working with now. And so that’s moving on.


So has since Tom wants to do the flag pull out here. So CBG grant for them or No,


I haven’t I told you I called Todd yet.


So I did talk to Todd about that. Because you did have time to Todd said that he has not found any gray. That’s the only one he maybe thinks that we can kind of tweak it into is what I’m applying for. So depending on how much grant money we can get for that and how much it costs. We might be able to do the phone call to you but I highly doubt it because that grant is only 23,000. So there is another great coming up to that. The tribals graded. We’ll see if we can do to


wonder about that CBG D grant that we’ve used in the past.


I did not think that


I could ask him when I


talked to him. We should know. All right, EMS. We we jumped the fire department we of course ran at goals. So well anyways, that that’s the big thing on the calls. So we accepted a FEMA assistance grant for $42,000 to the full timers that apply for and we had received. Also we’re in the process So purchasing mannequins, and mannequin trainers, ad trainers, that kind of thing to do a public CPR classes. The other thing is we did have a fiscal officer slash clerk resigned and held a special meeting. And we hired another one. She comes from the village council. So, pretty much well notice how things go. So hopefully, we won’t have any hiccups there.


To talk to zoning since,


yeah, the BCA and the Zoning Commission.


So BCAAs until next week, but the zoning I did attend, and the only thing they really talked about was the amendment that we that Dan Keenan talked about earlier. And then everything else was tabled. Pending. The new zoning inspector. I will say this, though, they are talking about having a zoning Amendment Form created so that whoever is asking for zoning amendments can actually fill it out and give it to them. So we have that the history of that. They’re working on that.


Cool deal. First of all, Officer your


purchase orders for 73,008 8240. Motion for that? Yeah, sure. Yes. expenditures are 96,009 9798.


Yes, yes. Yes.


So 2023 resources I’m about to commission is $3,073,585.55. I’m going to break it down. Did you give that to us? No. You can review what I have.


3 million.


I’m changing. There’ll be some funds that I’ll be reducing because we’re not getting as much money in those funds. But you have to accept this new motion? Yes, yes. Yes. So the 2023 appropriations. We have until April, April 1 to approve these. So we need to change the art funding to 249 350 7.2 on your sheet. 249 357 42.




with your conversation regarding the roads, I guess $1,000 in 60,000 and only gives you $15. To do anything else with




it’s any other items that we might get that we need to treat our own. Anything else really comes out and does something. So I can increase that.


75 hours and take out 60 So you can bump it up to 20 or 25.


past history, there’s a very so much you can


so last year we spent 66,020 20 We spent 47,000 Basically


that’s just not contracted. All right. So that’s 20,000 to probably


make it a total of 20,000 Yeah, so you’re making 80,000


sounds like it’d be safe number


About life you’re going to try to leave your chip and seal somewhere close to 60


So you’re going to make 183 500


What is there what are we holding in that gasoline tax? I would hold the money in there for something to pay something


salaries a normal expense and obviously you know


so that 1,000,003 8726 48


For those of you that might be questioning right that high that has the PwC hanky Roden which has the loan and the grants plus the ODOT stimulus that’s part of the reason why that is so much higher there won’t be around oh come on


you need a motion for that


Yeah. Or I can’t pay bills


and everybody remember that it’s fluid and life changes so so


yeah, yeah. Yes.


Unfinished business the policy review for public comment, because we really don’t have one she gave me a copy of it she lists the Ohio Revised Code one to one point GTU


are we going to give ourselves Are you want to sit here?


No, that’s my strict


building. The only thing I have a question about is if


I know you’re allowed to set time limit but I didn’t know about the 30 Minute part of it


can we go you guys start reviewing the employee handbook because that’s pretty much document we’ve talked before that there’s changes so as part of the review


oh my god don’t ask me where it’s at tonight


because you wanted to add the driving policy the cellphone policy into that so since that’s such a large document


is it possible to get a copy of all the policies


can I know not that many to even remember the whole book there’s not that many but I’ll give you what’s so


we’re pretty


irrational Do you have anything else bad for your grandpa


so the rental house back steps which we decided behind before because we couldn’t find a place to work on but yeah, I can start looking again and see if somebody wants to.


I just don’t want it to fall off because


that’s a hazard. Yeah, it is. We are we’ll see if somebody wants to know is so nice. Maybe somebody wants to do some work. Miscellaneous new business rental lease agreement. Okay, so our unless somebody else has something else to add, but um a renter was involved in a car accident, and he has a shattered heel. And it’s got a bunch of pins and stuff in it. And basically, it’s going to be three months with no weight on it four to six weeks of rehab. But he’s asking, too, he said that as soon as he gets some type of a settlement from the truck that hit him, he’ll make good on his bill, but basically, you know, he wants forgiveness. He’s not paying rent. Since when? That’s why I’m here. He didn’t pay vendors. Just this month. Yes. See, justice. This is our first meeting. Yeah, tough decision.


That’s pretty well, he’s gonna make up we’re gonna make amends. Right. Yeah.


He said he was going to not then he’s out on the street. Yeah, the question. Right. The question is I can I can ask him sounded to me like he wanted at least three months till he got back on his feet was able to get to work.


He can’t give anything towards it.


I can ask.


I don’t think my bank would allow that.


For three months, unless you have a lease agreement. You’re out at least three months before anybody can legally


take you that long to get somebody out anyway. Yeah. Plus, yeah,


but it’s not a terrible process. Because if they can pay a month’s rent anytime during that three months, that extensive another month.


So we’re gonna give him leniency. And


I would like to know how one thing and see honestly,


because he, when I asked him the night, he said that the just he doesn’t have a timeframe from his doctors. Yeah.


Is this lawsuit in court now? The insurance it was it his fault? I mean,


it’s not there wasn’t his fault. He just didn’t he just had a surgery.


But I mean, the other insurance company, I think, would want to sell right away, right? Yeah, I want to drag it out. More than


Right, yeah, more than the attorneys make.


Let’s ask them a few more questions and see what happens. Like you said, we’re gonna throw him out and take six months to get him out anyway. And rather, they get paid something, you know, just okay. You know?


I mean, his lease agreement says payments made after the third of each month and charge $5 per day


Yeah, but I’d like some work.


But he did say that like I said, He did tell me before random student that he was in the accident. So


maybe the insurance company will come forward and they won’t I mean, the one that you think they’d want to settle


they will but I mean, I work in insurance company I’m


I know I lost my


mind would try to settle and his insurance company will tell him not to sell to a doctor bills are in or will settle contingent on not been paying the rest of that any other document that comes into the next year. Okay. All right. Life doesn’t work. For here. Yeah.


Yeah, that’s more question.


No, I’ll see when


see, what are you gonna do? Alright, so was there anything else? Yeah, like?


So this lease agreement has not been since 2015. Like, shouldn’t we do this every year? Shouldn’t we inspect the furnace and take care of I don’t want to be slumlord. Like I feel like I mean, this was eight years old. Here’s a sign a new lease in eight years.


Right, true.


You’re signing least every year.


Oh, Amy,


no. The renter? Yeah.


I mean, it does say that. I think typically when people do one year lease and there was some verbiage in here, I could find it


I don’t know. I just feel like this is so old.


Do you raise the rent


every year? No, we


haven’t touched it in eight years, you’re supposed to raise


the rent $25 a year. Wow. And we’re not landlords in the business.


If you want to raise the rent, or the lease for the year, and then you can do another eight years without raising


silly has back steps I’d be afraid.


The lease is actually like there’s there’s a misspelling in it. But it’s it makes sense to me. I’m just I guess I’m just shocked that we haven’t looked at this in eight years. We just let them just continue on. Like, it’s just weird. It ain’t broke don’t fix. Well, there is a misspelling, so that well misspelled. correctly spelled? Oh, really? I didn’t even know.


You’d like to update it then? Yeah, like eight years old? We’re always happy he pays rent.


Yeah, I get that. But I mean, for $800. For how many bedrooms is that? That’s very, very cheap around here. Right. Yes.


been vacant for a number of years before he started renting? Or is it an easy rental?


No, it’s always had somebody in it. They they kick somebody out of it. And this one moved in. So it’s an easy


rental. So you’d have a hot property? Well, the


back steps just need to be fixed. The hassle is there just.


Yeah. Sure.


But this also said something about you know, it’s our job to keep the furnace the water softener running. Like all that stuff like should like when’s the last time the furnace was serviced?


Last year. When we have to go into service last year, I’m looking at maybe two years ago, I was at a meeting where you guys are talking about leaves. So something happened in the basement of that house, and you had to go down there.


We were, it wasn’t plumbing,


but the furnace needs to be serviced once a year, and


we need to get that I do not want to miss if we’re going to have this rental house and it needs to be taken care of.


But as far as the salt and the water softener, he’s supposed to supply the salt.


Well, I am do you have this lecture? Do you want to take? I don’t know. Okay. Just think we need to? I mean, it’s been eight years come on. Okay.


You’re good there. Okay. online documentation.


So I would in the, in the spirit of transparency, I would like to get more of our stuff online. So when we talk about policies, I’ve asked a couple people in our township to know what our policies are no clue and have policies. So I don’t blame them. I didn’t know until I sat in this chair that we had policies. So I would like to get them online. So people can see that the policy. The other thing I’d like to do is I’d like to talk to our gal that does it and ask her about calendars like can we put instead of us using that rental book, can we put it online and people can fill that out?


research needs to I have to go back and find out what it was. But yes, he addressed that last year.


So we’ll just be so nice to problem


runs into where do you want the management to lie? Because she can give us all along and we can update the calendar. And that way it shows that it’s you know, or she’s not doing it correct. Or are you You know, what is what’s your accept payments through there. What do you what do you want?


I think it’ll cost a lot of money if we accept payments through there. But like when I rented the town hall in Miami Township, they just see emailed or they meant snail mail me the form instead skills to check by this date. And but it would be nice. I mean, we can even do it that way but it’d be nice if, like, people can go online and see when it’s printed. You know what I mean? Like it just I just feel like we need to get up into the 20th century to try to be more transparent and make it easier for our residents.


So never get in


and see what the options are. Can we do a login then they would all be separate. Correct, but it mean is that going to cause extra? Is that


school austere. So the school house sends a letter. They they’re looking for dirt. Tony’s got a pile of it. It’s a garage already. And I’ve got some of my house posts. We’ve got some we’ve got dirt.


Shaking. Dirt Park, I


got some ditch dirt.


Garage. Be careful where you get it.


You need a lot of dirt. Junie.


Charlie, if you want to take a look at it and see if it’s something that you can use.


I have no idea how a truckload of dirt spreads. You know? Whether one truckload would be enough to throw it away?


Well, ya know, we’ve been saying, Oh, no, no, no. Tony asked if you want to go look at the, at the dirt that he has to see if it’s yeah, it


takes several truckloads. Yeah.


Okay. Well,


anytime which dirt would be available? If it has been dumped there? I mean, right. Now it all has to happen one time but we just would like to accumulate dirt all the way around the schoolhouse


Yeah, I’ll come down to the garage and we’ll take a look


at the sound like it’ll be a problem


good thank you






but our addresses on this report I just noticed this. I don’t know why I noticed this time but looks like we all have that Pio box 287 And all the other counties have like their actual addresses


it was more to streamline the process of where the mail would get to previous homes and


never get it. You really want to know where you live


so the thought process is now where like our zoning inspector has resigned we don’t have to go through the process of changing the phone number or the PIO box


if he accepts I’m here for three more years it’s all good but I don’t agree with it I don’t agree with this like every other township has their trustees progress on here




yeah, so just have to make a note of it


because that’s how I noticed that came when I got the email. I was like


yep, this is the county does this for us


before the board and they get big enough


motion Oh,


oh motion to adjourn


Oh good. Good. No, I was told that I need to come here tonight. It’s my great spoke with you. Oh,


if you told me you were coming I didn’t put you on the agenda.


Okay, here’s what you stopped following me the practice field for whole league. We have 10 teams this year. And we’re hoping that we could use Primark.


She’s the first one in only one that I’ve been has sport.


We have three team three fields in Garrett’s belt, their parks and with Scout games scheduled for all time teams will be no practice time. We were hoping to be able to use the field as practice time.


So we typically will put that out to everybody. Not just give one person rights to it, although like last year, nobody


nobody used last year in my team one other couple times last year. Very good. But I would like to at least keep in our before we go outside. So what I’m saying is I would like to offer to here it’s still school system. township stuff is where we go to Crestwood.


There’s bested people who live in freedom to do


there’s also the transition. Yeah, who else was on the list? You’re you’re with who


gets really good stuff. So we’re, I’m on the board for the softball program in garrison. So we take all of our Garrett’s Ville, anyone who lives in the village or in the school district.


Yeah. And there’s also the store i Who’s the


the YMCA.


They do T ball. Last year, so


Oh, good. You can handle this. That’s fine.


That’s fine. Yes, you can use our field, we just need to know we’re getting your contact name and what your schedule is.


And then sure insurance.


But you have time to get that. I’m sure you’re not practicing as much or yet.


Like I was like, we don’t decide now. Like, for a month, right.


Make a motion for what’s your name? Lisa. Lisa can use the softball field. Baseball Field at the park.


Okay. She said five days a week.


Yes, yes. Good. ballplayers are gonna practice that a lot. It


is. There’s 10 of them. And they were hoping to get tonight’s practice.


So you know, you don’t know if you’re gonna use it all. But


I will. I will narrow down with the coaches now that I have them and get specific days. Or I can pick like, three days and that if you cut her and tell them, you can have hour and a half spots.


If you can get me a schedule. That’d be awesome. As other teams start coming in to say, hey, we’d like to backfill and we can work them out all right, I make a motion to adjourn the meeting. Sorry, thank you. I’m sorry. I do Oh captain. Yeah.



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