Documenters: Franklin Township Trustees meeting for June 13, 2023

Franklin Township Trustees

June 13, 2023 7 p.m.

Township Hall

218 Gougler Ave., Kent, Ohio 44240


Kellie Kapusta – Vice Chair

Glenn Russell – Chair

Scott Swan – Trustee

Lisé Russell – Fiscal Officer

Richard Smith – Deputy Fire Prevention Officer

Joe Ciccozzi – Zoning Inspector


The meeting was called to order and a moment was taken to remember the life of Jim Henry, a township resident who recently passed away. Afterward, the minutes from the May 23 meeting were approved. Road Superintendent David Akerley was not present. 

During public comment, a resident passed along a note from another resident to the trustees thanking them for their help in recently repairing a storm drain at the top of their driveway. 


Road Report

The construction on Hudson Road is about to enter its fourth phase, but it needs to be rebid before moving forward because the previous bids were more than 10% higher than the Portage County Engineering Office’s estimate. The office plans to reopen bidding at the July 11 trustee meeting; if a bid is approved, phase four construction will begin soon. 

Zoning Report

There were a total of $620 in permit fees for this past zoning period. There were a multitude of code enforcements discussed, many of which are in progress, such as yard junk and grass-height complaints and citations at a handful of locations. Resolutions have to be written in order to make motions to mow the tall grass at certain properties. Permits from residents are in the works for residential additions and accessory structures. 

The township will be reaching out to bike and scooter rental company Spin to understand its protocols of business and rental drop-offs in the city of Kent after an incident with an individual who tripped over one of the bicycles in Acme Plaza. 

Fire Report

Deputy Fire Prevention Officer Richard Smith said fire inspections are continuing throughout the township. He discussed the ongoing permit from Meadowview Plaza to upgrade its nitrogen dry system but has yet to hear back from the county regarding the permit. Three service calls have been made to the Ravenna Walmart area because of complaints of smoke coming from fires made at a homeless encampment; the Portage County Sheriff’s Office has been notified. Plan reviews have been underway for the PARTA enclosed walkway. Oh My Yum will delay its opening because of problems with company quotes. Titan USA will build an establishment on Powdermill Road. 

The Burnt Pickle is looking to change from a mercantile to an assembly group modification. The former Jones Hookah Palace will be taken over by All Star Sports. The owner and new tenant will be in discussion with the Portage County Building Department for building modifications and a change in use and sign. 

Old Business

Invoices are being sent from repairs made on Bobolink Circle after resident road damage. 

New Business

Resolution 2023-26 accepting text amendments as recommended by the zoning commission regarding the definition of accessory structures. A motion was made and approved by vote.


The Portage County Township Association announced at its meeting a few weeks ago that work is going out for bid at the end of the year for the Ravenna Road bridge at Towner’s Woods, with construction to be started and hopefully finished next year. 

Franklin Township was approved for 2024 funding for phase five of the Hudson Road construction. Competitive bid limits are being raised from $50,000 to $75,000, with a 3% increase annually afterward. 


The 2024 Franklin Township tax budget will be voted on at the next meeting. 

Payment of bills, warrants #26078-26089 and 26900-26901, including payment vouchers, totaling $177,425.56. A motion was made and approved by vote.


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damage I like to call to order the Franklin township trustee meeting. Before I go any further, I would like to recognize the passing of Jim Henry. He was a longtime township resident. He served on the field for many years as a teacher, basketball coach football coach, marine I passed away 90 years old he was good, man. So he’s gonna be missed. Okay, moving on. approval of minutes.


Motion to approve. Second. Yes,


yes. We’ll make that change. Under correspondence Yes.


Thank you for mentioning that about a terabyte of


public comment we have read is David gonna be here assuming he’s not going to be here.


I have something then. I’ll give to you. You can read it. Okay. So tasty works money for ya. For things in his department. Okay, thank you


so the letter submitted by red. And it’s the Franklin township trustees dated June 13 2023. Thank you and the maintenance crew for repair done on the storm drain at the top of our driveway. Without this repair during the downpour. The water off South Boulevard Addy drive could surely have flooded our garage. The maintenance crew did an excellent job. Jennifer looper and Elizabeth Hill 1498 cell phone. So thank you very much for submitting that. We’ll make sure that they can get that


she brought that over to the house yesterday.


Oh, that’s great. That’s nice to hear. Remind me to give this to you. Okay, any other public comment? Seeing none. Did everybody get a copy of the road report? Dave’s not here.


I know he was to meet with Eric long. And about powermill The potential development out there. But he had to cancel that appointment because he has an issue with design. I believe they started Melling. Mockingbird today. They did.


Yeah, they know, started off with equipment sitting there. Jumping right back at it.


So one thing I would add is he mentioned that he talked to Mike Collins the other day. And that my there the engineers office intent is to have the kids open for Hudson rove phase four, on our July 11th meeting, and then hopefully a decision will be made and they’ll be ready by that Friday, which is the 14th. So they can hopefully start construction right away.


Okay, Mike Collins did call me at four minutes till five. So Mike Collins received, he did receive the engineering information from EDG at four minutes after four, so he had not had enough time to review it, he did not feel comfortable submitting it. So I know that you’re going to be out of town, the next meeting. I don’t know if we should wait until the July meeting or to call a special meeting or


to trust my counterparts to make the right decision. So all that involved in those sessions, so I don’t want though.


Okay, so EDD G did submit the information for the estimate for the Pope. So he will submit that As we can review it, and then build on it the next meeting


vote on it and then then


he’ll then issue the quote package to them. It’s a


bit again, which means hopefully we’ll open bids then hopefully July 11


It’s, I’ll just comment that it’s nice to see on the road report so much work being done on the roads.


A lot of work getting done. And they came in under bid. And they came in under Yeah, actually to him I believe. So I think we save a little bit of money


so we can do more roads.


Absolutely. There’s a long list.


Resin I agree with. What’s a resident from Greenwood did approach me today? Because they saw the activity out there and they said, Is there gonna be anything done and Greenwood said, Well, I don’t know.


We’ve talked about it. It’s, it’s in our sights. But there’s so many roads that needed attention.


So on the list


there are several one one lakes or several and Brady Lake. There’s


Senator Franklin, there’s


Franklin Hills Park Okay, so zoning


had total of $620 worth of permit fees for this period. I did have one fence that appear without a permit over on First Avenue. I cited them and cited them with a penalty. I did get a call from Jim Jim Henry west of me just a couple of days before he passed about a traffic issue issue related to that property as well. It’s Portage County Board of Developmental Disabilities has three people that live there. And the traffic issue is whenever there’s a shift change on the caretakers Okay, so Mr. Epling was very, very quick to respond that he was really on top of it so I did leave him a message I never didn’t get the chance to talk to him again but anyway, so they just pay for the fence permit had a penalty of 200 bucks again a couple of new residential dwellings Jermaine reserve is going strong with fences and we got a new residential dwelling for 22 Are we ready Lake rose into the corner of Court Street what happened to our window


they were clean they were cleaning the windows and one of the workers dropped


so yeah, so there they said one to two weeks to get the glass replaced and whatever.


Anyway, so continue to get more and more permanent applications for for domain reserve. The junkyard and curl drive. You know, as I indicated previously, they were cited both certified and regular mail. We did discuss the violation with the resident who promptly called me unhappy that I showed up on an unmarked car but I’ll keep a close eye on that because I’ll introduce myself whenever I get to his house the next time I’ll wear my Franklin township per shirt under the hood of Franklin township at three plaintiffs complaint on 6426 Lakeview Drive junkyard this continues to grow I’ve cited them both regular and certified mail no response I’ve notified Brett Ben So we already have a court order for them to clean up to that property. So now I’m gonna have to sign the complaint for contempt charge and I’m waiting a breath to draft that document so I can hit his office and sign that we did sign the contempt I did sign the contempt order for Karen or I continue to resolve received complaints from residents on both properties. Brent said we’re just waiting on Karen or junkyard I received a call regarding trash and grass sight on 6594 High Street. I did do some research as a Freddie Mac owned property that was in an eviction status. I met the realtor out there. I did talk to Freddie Mac, they have completed the eviction. They’ve now mowed the grass. So they’ve evaded that violation. So I guess we’ll just keep an eye on the lake. I was gonna say, will they keep up on it? Well, the neighbors are all over this thing. So let me know, let me know. received complaints for high grass at 34 Tremaine circle, and 42 Jermaine circle, including junk vehicle 34 domain circle was taken care of the actually, his lawn hadn’t been put in the bobcat with a giant Tiller in the front. So I was out there this afternoon just checking checking on it, and it was all tilled up new grass and starting to grow on that one. But I do need a motion to have the grass mowed. For 42, Jermaine circle, a picture of that. mean this is a new residential dwelling built a year ago. And according to the neighbors, they never mow their grass. They were cited both regular and certified mail. So we need a motion to mow that grass. And then I’m also going to need a motion for North Boulevard.


I mean, another motion to vote. Yeah. On North Boulevard. There’s three and the other one is four 558 67 Thorndale.


Out there, they’ve been cited both regular and certified now.


You can see it’s well over. And then I did that.


I’m sorry. Was that a question? That’s doornail.


Yes, yeah, another picture. And then the corner of Crescent. And Brady Lake Road is overgrown, again, that Garrett property. So I mean, emotionally to mow that one also. And then I did receive a complaint for a property at the end of Jones Avenue. It’s a decorum property. I did reach out to Mr. Warren, he was very receptive and said that, you know, I forwarded them the pictures, because he wants to head on while he doesn’t want to be cited. He wants me to give him a call, send them picture. And he would, you know, take care of it. Yeah. So it kind of saves me some time in drafting a citation and getting to the post office setting and certifying regular mail. So if I could get the motions to move those properties, that would be great. I responded to 15 actually was over 15 calls regarding zoning questions and permanent application protocol. I did let the Portage County building department know of our decision on how to handle exterior dining or outdoor dining for restaurants long as the county is okay with the building department was okay with it. Then we’re Joe Wagner is now the new director. I did


the permit for for Woodway I think has been issued I received requests to identify delays in obtaining the building permit for the Berkey property on Woodway, the neverending construction. And I reached out to Joe Bowden and he let me know that that permit has been issued. So Maryland was really, really interested in progress there was I issued a zoning permit for a residential edition at 500 and Judson road. The work had commenced and been completed. However, when I followed up with the billing department, they never got a request for a building permit. So I let Joe know that I’m not sure you know what the next steps are. He’s pretty busy, but I’ll continue to pester him and kind of get some some correction on that. I did cite the trampoline on the front yard and spell road. I did get a call from the property owner you know, stay anything that he doesn’t believe that’s an accessory structure. It is an accessory structure. And he said, Well, I said you could always you could always file a variance, you know, to, before the Board of zoning appeals to get approval to put an accessory structure in your front yard is that most people just put it in their backyard. He said, Well, he had in his backyard, but his kids were covered in ticks whenever it come in at night. So, but he said he was gonna get me a variance application within the next two days, and I haven’t seen so just keep checking on that one. I spoke to Changwon. Richard, give me a heads up today regarding the manufacturing business that’s going in at the old Jones who Palace, let Mr. Wong know that they have not received an application for a change of permitted use. I don’t even know if a manufacturing facility is a permitted use in a C one district often do some research. But he asked me if I wanted to rent the tenants phone number. And I said no, I want you to call your the property owner. And then he went off on some rant about you know, he pays the taxes. township collects tax. And then he goes, Okay, I’ll talk to him. We’ll keep an eye on that one. I did receive a request from Randy Roberts, who is still working with the billing department. But Joe is the director to forward the stop work order and other associated document documents relating to the Bert pickle to crystallin jury, so they’re actually going to file an injunction against these guys. I don’t know if they’re going to be fined or what but I forward and it was nice to have the new software because I could provide stuff like that to Chris and he was very grateful. So we’ll we’ll see how that goes. And I received a complaint from an individual at Acme Plaza who was coming out of acne going into the tanning facility there. And he tripped over one of the spin cycles that have been showing up all over the township. And he had a prior neck injuries that fuse this and if he falls and hurts his neck, it could kill them. You know, so I talked to the spin fleet people I talked to all Brett, they had a guy go out there and check on it. I followed up with him. The spin company had somebody come out and pick up whatever’s left there because the tanning place nor Albright have said that they’ve authorized their location as a drop off facility for the spin cycles that it was out there. Just drop them off. Yeah, it was out there last night. And there’s more spin cycles in front of the tanning salons. I call it awkward again. The guy was, you know, very helpful. And he was going to follow up with the spin plays. But Lisa and I were talking today. I mean, where did these things come from? And how do they just show up everywhere? It’s like, I don’t know, I was gonna call this place and say, Hey, listen, you know what, going forward? If we find your spin cycles in our township, we’re going to destroy them and see what kind of response I get them because they’re just


where are they originating from? You know, they’re all over the place they make companies on your phones and


it’s in the city there’s a company in the city that runs them and they have a locator on all of them so they drive around their van in the morning they put new batteries in


university that no


no, they’re all over little city crow or whatever.


The street in front of law for hours yesterday because there was no more room on this on the sidewalk because there were probably six or eight scooters and three or four bikes. So one bike just kind of fell into the street and people were driving around it.


But they’re not like you return them back. No, you just leave them someone else comes on. Monday runs out. Tracks rain drop it off. I don’t know. I know what the company because they’re out there in Columbus. They’re everywhere, like college towns and


big cities. You might want to stay in contact with them and tell them what


are we okay with these things just being left there anywhere in our township? I


mean, that’s well, I’ve never liked it. I didn’t know the rules. I didn’t know what I just thought. Yeah, either. And it’s mostly in city account. Right right through there.


Just I’m starting to see them head down right down 59 for the jet district. So they’re, they’re heading down there. They’re everywhere. I’ve seen campus point. I’ve seen him at Arby’s. I’ve seen him at raising canes.


And you can just grab one anywhere and put in like worry more about the safety of the people using them. Yeah,


the idea is less less traffic, right? More people on bikes. I mean, that’s About the hike and bike Connect. This is, you know, this is


sort of less vehicle clutter, and it’s clutter.


I wonder what other communities are doing and how do we find that out? Jenny?


Yeah, you know, there were drop off places designated, designated.


Because you see a ton of them at the


birth. The little city Rosie girl. Yeah. Yeah, I always see him there. And I see him down at the brewery. Yeah, Karina.


I mean, as a township, I just didn’t, you know, wanted to throw it out there and see what what we think. And is that something we already been made available to our residents? You know,


I think we ought to check into it a little bit more.


So would you say it’s fair to say, have Jenny, find out what the protocol is from the company? What actually is supposed to happen? And then what are the various protocols? And


then, what is the required wrap up? We live in the middle of sidewalks.


Yes, streets. Yeah. Guards. I see him everywhere.


What do you think they would need some sort of, you know, government approval from the local townships or cities to be able to do business there.


Right. I wonder if Ken has some kind of contract with genuine check.


Should you follow up with city and find out what they say about it? But I’m all I’m all for following up on it. Thanks. rezoning rezoning.


You need a motion? Motion? Yeah. We need resolutions for each of those. So they need to be motion.


Oh, I’m sorry. All right.


I have a couple of questions for zoning, if I may. One is the property that Joe was just talking about the high grass that’s former ze Mrs. House, whatever you want to call it. There’s never been any work done in that house. The siding was replaced. And the roof was a place. They put roofing over rotted plywood boards. So I don’t know who was inspecting that but didn’t do a very good job. They tore all the drywall out of the walls and your resume. One thing you done in that place. The neighbor that lives next door. Yeah, man, I opened those doors. It’s an outside entrance to the basement. It was four foot of water in that basement that’s been like that for 20 Some years but that water, how anybody can condone that that house should not be torn down and removed. Black molds gotta be terrible in that place.


In which


that’s the North Boulevard.


Do you have an address?


Oh when that condition first arise, Phil got on it and asked him to cut that grass from Yeah. They did cut it any cut. He caught it and he kept it up. Every two weeks. He’d come here and you know, it’s an old time. He hasn’t touched it since springtime.


Yeah. Coblenz remodeling is the property owner. And I tried to reach out to the same company and I got a number for Coblenz and I forget where the heck it was


in like Austin heights or something. No, is there’s a Cobalts sand and gravel or Truckee? nors? Yeah,


this was Coblenz remodeling. So I reached out to who I thought I did the first time and he goes all that’s on my property. And I’m like, Oh, well. So that I cited via mail with at the address that’s on the tax payer responsibility on the county website.


And it’s vacant.


Yeah, yeah.


It’s something we need to pursue also, it’s something that I have. Let’s let’s try contacting them first. Again.


I Okay, so I’ll I was gonna address I don’t have a phone number, I couldn’t find the phone number I’ll dig it out, see if I can spend some more time on


that I have another item. When you come down south Boulevard and start in the bin, it ends up to be West Boulevard. There’s a house there that in the past year, a backyard, they poured concrete. That was no evidence of any building permit. My understanding for the whole backyard with concrete, I mean, it was concrete trucks coming down that street like it was free. And then he put up a fence without a permit. And now he’s building a structure there, where the roof line is higher than the house. There’s no permit on the windows or doors. A lady a neighbor walked by one day and he was out there. She has plenty to do and back there. He said, I’ll build a little bar. And he walked away from us. So his attitude is what he’s doing.


Did you have an address there? Or did you have an address at that


177 58 West Boulevard, thank you


been working on the structure for the last three weeks. You don’t need a zoning permit to pour concrete. So that’s that’s not required. And then you can put a patio in your yard. You don’t need a zoning permit for that. I don’t think you need a building permit for that. But as far as a fence, or structures direction, yeah. 7775.


Thank you. Thank you.


Okay, anything else? Okay, Richard Pryor.


Good evening. Fire inspections still continue. Meadowview Plaza has reached out to me. They put their permit in quite a while ago for their dry system and haven’t heard back from the county. I left a message for the county haven’t heard back from them yet. It’s been a while they did send one adjudication letter and asked for more information from both me I can’t fire and cut sheets for all the materials they were using. So they resupplied that. So that’s an ongoing permit that’s open. I found out from the fire department today that there’s a homeless camp in the area of Walmart that has been moving around some when they get in trouble. And there’s been three calls out there now for service, not for medical issues. But because they started campfires and then people call about the smoke. Yep, they said that Portage County has been involved in out there. So we’ll see if that continues to be a problem or if they get moved out. I have no idea what will happen there. We had some plan reviews part of for the enclosed walkway. Oh my yum who wanted to open very soon. She got some delays because her quote was way too high from the first company. So she got a second quote, less than half the price. She’s continuing to pay the rent and take care of the place but it’s not going to open as soon as she thought. And Titan USA is putting up a building on powdermill. The bird pickle. So I also got a letter from Chris medary. He was asking for the fire violations and the inspection reports forward of all that on to him. Also mentioned to him that there was a ongoing meeting with Portage County building department and fire department about changing from mercantile to assembly. So he’s he’s taking care of that at this point.


And right now it’s still mercantile.


Alright mercantile 1414 and they didn’t post that so that’s one of the notices that actually went to Chris to that they had posted that by the door. They all old Damon’s or Jones hookah Palace. The name is All Star Sports and spoke to both the owner and the tenant today. They finished the drawing for their modifications that they made without a permit and are taking that to Portage County building department tomorrow. They told me and they are going to call Joe tomorrow and get the permit for the change in use and the sign. So they said they’re going to finish that this week.


Something like when Jones hookah hung something over the existing site. Do they need a permit to do that? Absolutely. Okay. Yeah.


They’re changing the sign. They for for being the same size is irrelevant. or changing the zoning. So the same thing with a vertical one from campus wine cellar, to Bert pickle, they they get a permit? We painted on site before they signed me up. Yeah, just curious. Yeah.


And there was no variances on those signs. Either places. I guess it’s neither here he was


here. Yeah. I mean, basically, the bigger the sign, the higher the fee. You know, they can’t put a billboard in front of the business, but I’m sure there’s something in the code that would prevent that. I would hope.


That’s all I have. questions.


I do want to say thank you for your help and getting us off.


Oh, okay. So I’d be finished the story on that. Okay. So, according to my conversation with detec was the people that put in the alarm for us. We know it’s functional. I tested it with the fire department. We came off Firewatch. But the final inspection has not happened yet. This system here on the for the city. And the text said they reached out to the city. And it hasn’t been scraped. That has to be alive. Ring, right. Yeah. I mean, it works. It works right now. It calls them you know, we timed it and everything and it’s, it’s well under any any guideline we have. It’s very quick. It’s a fraction of the time that the Gilmore alarm to notify. But,


so we’re halfway there.


We’re at least we’re seven eighths of the way there.


Yeah. Jenny’s grateful that she doesn’t have to get up every hour or walk


well and I started a few times she was actually doing


Yeah, oh, yeah. She’s doing she set her alarm.


Okay, old business that’s in Rhode status update. I think we’ve already discussed that we did. The perpetual status update, we discussed that. And the road repair due to the resident damage update on Bob link.


I did speak with de yesterday. And he is in the process of emailing me copies of any invoices that were involved in that repair from Sagamore soils from Perrin, any equipment piping that was and what portion of that and then the time that was involved, and then I will create a


separate invoice for labor from


right. But then there’s we have to break down how much of the concrete actually was used there how much of the soil from Sagamore soils was actually created there. So we’re still breaking that down, but I’ll create an invoice that and send it to that resident and


new business.


Resolution 2023 Dash 26 Accepting text amendments as recommended by the Zoning Commission regarding the definitions of accessory structures.


I make the motion to approve Second. Yes, yes.


Yes. That’s the only business I have. Okay, correspondence, communication from Mr. William CV regarding leaf pickup. I know. They’ve contacted me because I think the last meeting I mentioned that we also had an issue with the same time as a similar situation. And they did go out to this gentleman’s house. From what I understand. He has agreed to purchase the Fight the culvert. And then we will put it in form and bring it up to a grade where they can they can get to the leaves with the equipment that Gary already has.


And he’ll supply the filter and everything or we’ll do that or


my understanding is all the heat the homeowner has to buy the pipe I think we do. And Dave said he’s going to do it his way. It’s not up to if we do it, it’s according to Dave’s design and everything else.


That seems like a good resolution until it’s a win win situation. Absolutely.


Well, you know, because the alternative is that he would have to put them in the road, and you can’t do that. And the sheriff’s office will come by and


Benjamin will do that either. So well, Keith, when you brought Gary out there, he was very cooperative and everything’s worked out. Apparently, this, this guy is land is much lower than ours. So


because we have close to the same issue, not as bad, but


I got a call from Len Duffy. They want to have $1. Like, I know, a community party neighborhood party. We typically happens in the winter, but she said they want to close out and dry at one end for like three hours on a Saturday or Sunday July 29. Or the 30th. They haven’t decided to date yet. And wondered what they may do if that was a problem. I know.


Yeah. I think we we send out the crew will drop off and wrote books on a closed zones.


Yeah, I think they dropped him off at the end of business the day but like the Friday before, and then Marilyn was responsible to set them up to close. Your they also have to notify the fire department that they’re aware that there is a temporary road closure, but they somebody needs to be there to be able to move those in the event emergency vehicles.


I know where they want to do it. I just put them into the back wheel. Yeah, everybody. They’d love to have you.


i The only other thing for correspondents. I was just going to a brief sort of summary of the porch county township Association meeting that happened at the engineers office a couple of weeks ago. They didn’t notify us that the Ravenna Road bridge at towners woods. The work is going out for bid at the end of this year. Construction will take place next year. They might even finish it next year. And open that bridge. They might finish it. He said it could be 25. But they’re scared. They’re hoping to finish construction in 2024. We’ll see.


Do you get that cow? See? That’s big news.


Yeah, ignorance. Residents town. Bridge. Yeah. Right.


Right. Franklin was well represented. Yes. Everybody was


there. Yeah. And there were some other things legislative things that the Ohio township Association representative talked about. But specifically, Franklin township was approved for Oh PwC project funding in 2024. For Phase Five, the final phase of Hudson road. And also competitive bid limits are being raised from $50,000 up to $75,000, which will allow townships a lot more wiggle room to get some work done without having to pay for bids. And they’re going to increase that amount 3% annually. Following that, so it’s good. That was Yeah. That’s all I have


to move on to finances.


Sure. Does anybody have any questions or comments or concerns or revisions they’re looking for for budget and we are going to vote on that. Next meeting. I do have some copies of the proposed budget if anyone is interested in taking a look or having one I’ll just put up on the table. The top copy is what will go to the county auditor it breaks down kind of I’m just operating and how much is personnel for expenditures in by fund? The rest of the budget is strictly for our benefit. It’s a line item kind of thing so that you can see what specifically is spent on each item.


I just want to say thanks for getting that out early enough. Like, yes, so that we were able to look at it. So it’s nice that it’s in green and that red.


Yes. Yeah. There are. Yeah, there’s a couple of there’s two instances once in the general fund. And once in the gasoline fund, where the revenue does not exceed expenses. But the carryovers that we have that start us in the year, more than adequately cover up your cover that and specifically the gasoline fund, we’ve been sort of building a savings in that fund over the last couple of years so that, you know, we could have some roadwork money in case we need a new truck or equipment or that kind of thing. So it’s been a little bit of a savings. So that’s why the expenses exceed the revenue for that for next year, because we’re going to use some of that money for what


have we paid any money towards this new truck that


we have paid for the truck? We have not paid for the outfit? Okay, but we’ll pay for the truck. But it’s already appropriated for this year, right. We just haven’t actually written check yet.


Right. Correct. And we paid and we actually written any checks for No,


it’s just the Broncos


eight as of last week, they still don’t even have it scheduled.


Right. Right. It’s so the purchase order is made. It’s just we’ve not paid for anything yet.


Okay. I know there’s going to be a couple streets. I know we wanted to do several streets next year, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen because of some of them.


Yeah, in this budget, in this budget $275,000 is a is earmarked or set aside for HUDs road Phase Five, that is a 5050 split project. So oh PwC will contribute that same amount. But not any overages so higher than that. We have 300,000 scheduled are scheduled for paving and road resurfacing that would include crack sealing, line strike painting, anything that they do road surface 300,000. Total,


right six in Ohio will be coming out of that rain when you go through with


this thing, right. And we do have $90,000 set aside for salt. We did just this last week, get the price. From the ODOT contract, it’s going to be Morton Salt again, and it’s going to be 5161 per ton. We committed to 1100 tons for that Co Op, we are required to purchase at least up to 90% of that 1100 tons, which takes us to $57,000 minimum that we will spend on salt, we could spend as much as 65. Just in case we have a really heavy snow and we have to go outside of the contract to buy salt. But if we don’t spend it there, then we can move back and we have


a lot of salt.


So other than that really everything is


great, John. Thanks for the details.


You’re welcome. You’re welcome. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. You’re welcome. Okay, so I know that will be your vote but we’re will vote on that because we have to have a public hearing 45 public hearing before the next meeting. Okay. Sir.


Then the next thing is payment of bills Ward’s 26078 through 26089. And then starting on new numbers 269 102 60901 including payment vouchers since the last meeting. Totals Sorry, I forgot to put that total on there. $177,425


Can you say that again?


$177,425.56. About 94,000 of that is road repair is robotic. And so it’s how pretty you’ve been paving and all that kind of stuff.


Minus expenditures for fire.


Correct. That wasn’t there was no fire bill in there. Right. Right. I know there’s so kind of getting their act together to get something


they’re trying to write a bill work in motion to approve out second. Yes, yes.


I do have one thing before we go into German


This is the report that they wanted to filed. Nick. Stays on here. So


we can have


Yeah, have it forwarded if you want? Well, I think Dave’s gonna take care of that. Okay, I just I didn’t know if anybody wanted to see the filing or not. So


he had already submitted this in an email, but he just gave it to me this morning.


Think total bill is going to be much less what I have expected.


And I think it would have been already scheduled.


It saved them $1,000


Probably five or 6000. But again, this is in regards to a money a resident who did some work privately. And the township had fix it one then Well, now we’ll build him to reimburse or not make that mistake again.


Over really Richard, you said that that was a manufacturing business that’s going into Jones Yes. So manufacturing is not a permitted use or a conditionally permitted use of a C one district. So this is probably going to go into BCA just


so is it different if they listed as a business and see what what kind of business


well, it’s got to be amended or conditionally permitted.


Right? I thought it was printing of no stuff no no, it’s


making wooden frames for sports jerseys.


Factoring but I don’t see the BCA.


I don’t speak for the BCA


no I know you don’t


and I one or an IT district.


So who lets him know that


once he once he applies, okay.


And then after being on there what 1011 years


Okay, do I have a motion for adjournment?


me make the motion. Second. Yes, yes. Okay, thank you, everybody. denied and exactly one hour and 21 seconds.

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