Documenters: Edinburg Township Trustees meeting for Feb. 9, 2023


Feb. 9, 2023

7:30 p.m.

Tim Pfile, Trustee/Chair

Jeffery Bixler, Trustee/Vice Chair

Chris Diehl, Trustee

William McCluskey, Fiscal Officer

Rhonda Lipply, Zoning Officer

Documenter’s Notes

The meeting was called to order and began with the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll was called. Two sets of minutes were approved: the regular meeting held Jan. 26 and a special fire levy meeting held Jan. 31. The special meeting was called to finalize language for the renewal levy that will appear on the May 2, 2023 ballot.

Old Business

The board compared quotes for porta-potties for township parks. No decision was made. The trustees also discussed vacation increases for a pair of full-time township employees. A motion was made and passed to approve another week of vacation per the employee manual. 

Trustee Reports

Trustee/Chair Tim Pfile reported a two-year lead time on new service vehicles and suggested the township might consider updating a service vehicle this year, per Fire Chief Jesse Baughman’s list of priorities. Pfile suggested using American Rescue Plan (federal Covid relief) funds to cover the cost. Fiscal Officer William McCluskey objected since these funds exclude vehicles. The board discussed directing federal relief monies to wages and purchasing a vehicle from the general fund. Pfile also notified the board of several grants. McCluskey agreed to begin writing a workers’ comp grant on behalf of the township.

The trustees annually honor a member of the park advance committee. (Per the trustees’ request, The Portager will not spoil the fun. The Portager has removed approximately one minute from the recording and AI transcript.) Pfile also suggested an alteration to the parade route. 

Department Reports

Roads: Kevin Biltz reported the acquisition of three loads of salt, the crew painted Town Hall, replaced the hot water heater in Town Hall and also gathered bids to replace the door there. The trustees compared quotes but did not make a final decision. 

Fire: Chief Baughman expressed his gratitude to Mountain Tarp for repairing an engine tarp for free. He also reported completed repairs to the ambulance that sustained damage in an accident.

Zoning: Zoning Officer Rhonda Lipply reported three ag building permits. Lipply has had multiple conversations about sign compliance with Edinburg Tractor. She is sending a violation to an unnamed repeat offender.

Finance: McCluskey reported that he had successfully filed the renewal levy for inclusion on the May 2, 2023 ballot with edits.The permanent budget for 2023 will be completed early, likely by March.

A motion passed to pay the bills.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.


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be on February 9 1.37 30 with the Pledge of


Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all


tried to mix the air here this likely


was Terry coming


he said you’re going to be on the agenda a


motion to approve the agenda for February 9 2023 awesome okay now second Yes, yes. Yes. Motion approving regular meeting minutes for January 26 2023 on some of you that second all second Yes. Yes. Motion to approve the special fire old levy meeting minutes assembly January 23 31st Second


yes abstain I’m sorry. Yes. Yes. Correspondence


I got no big deal just an advertisement for chemicals. Okay. I wouldn’t give it to Caterpillar whether he uses that company or not. Discount




yeah, it’s no, I don’t have a comment saying okay. We got a letter from the Department of Commerce. It’s just a letter for the cemetery Sexton he just needs to update our records to them. If anybody wants to take a look at it, it’ll be laying here otherwise I’ll turn over the road supervisor to fill out we also got a bridge report bridge inspection report from Orange County engineer and it’s also here if anybody wants to take a look at it. And we got a letter from you ah for the random pool eligibility list for our drivers for drug testing bill


signed it was my boss Kevin showing that you’re still


supposed to send it back


you’re gonna mail it or drop it off


I approved it on the web he sent me a link okay. Well they did


anything else or correspondence?


Yes. This was for a volunteer firefighter depart dependents fund is the state funded set up for required volunteers firefighter gets injured so there’s you don’t always get a bill but generally it’s like 150 a month but on that form that came with the request for payment is something about making sure you register just just the registers


you know we always send it in but I don’t remember other than once we put it in then they would ask for to find out I’ll find out from Jesse whether or not these annual certification has been completed because its name usually enable the roll call


because we just turned in a roster someone else should I go ahead and send a check and then yeah, just


call you up. Or business Chris.


I don’t think I have anything.


Nothing. All right. Don’t say anything about the porta potties


he’s getting he’s getting prices on it given to you. No, I did not get the prices. I thought he was getting


gave me So, I would still like to talk to Janine, who’s here last time you said your guy was 60 bucks. Okay? So, the company that we’re using right now they’re I can’t figure out I know, a little confusing to me there. So okay, so I see what they’re doing they have this listed as four so 35 and 3575 Okay, so it looks like your delivery charge went down because last time they used to charge $100 upfront, but that included pickup and delivery so now it looks like you’re doing 35 So that’s how they come up with 140 Okay, four times


3540 him


so they’re charging 35 picked up and then 35 But that’s time score. So there looks like the regular for DPI they’re gonna only charge $100 It was 125 but the handicap was 145 now going up to one eight so that’s the company that we presently then there’s another company out of Brunswick baby Friday for the job to job site for 155 for the first month and then once it’s there, so that includes the delivery and pickup is included in that first month. Then after that first month it goes down to 105 per month they do pump it and sanitize and clean it but that he said there when I asked him he said that they said there’s no difference between the handicap is that the same cost as the regular unit they don’t charge anymore for that and that does say you’re can provide one and get unit at the same cost. And then I’m not familiar with him Kevin’s not real familiar with Kevin said he’s using his other CJs Porta Potty which does the fare as well. So they’re charging no pickup and delivery. Charge 160 for the Porta Potty, handicap one and 110 for regular but there’s no charge for delivery. So I have to work the numbers how I laid it out so


united rentals is probably still just about as cheap as anybody. Anybody


know because it gets so high since the handicaps the high one. Yeah. That 185 So that’s really Jack enough. Yeah, where this one I think this one overall seemed to be the lowest,


but we don’t know anything about this company. Right? And then Kevin said he’s worked with that company. I would say you can talk to Jimmy No.


Okay, what are we hang on to OpenTable what No,


no, I don’t think he said any


noise ask that other company that’s cheaper. They’ll match


or they’ll buy the other company and then figure out that’s what happens.


All right. Did you have any old business Chris? No, Jeff, you didn’t have anything? Okay all business alright, I looked at vacation dates for Kevin and Nate. Did you look look at your stuff about start dates and all that with Kevin and we’re gonna look at actual start date Okay, Kevin start date was October 14. Okay. So that put him at eight years, October of last year. My math right.


Okay, and Nate’s start date was January July 1 of 15. Oh, no. He wasn’t full time July 1, I


would have to pull the records. Okay. I don’t remember July because when I figured him out Yeah. So when I take your kids out the RBA, and he told me anything, it was called next year.


Well, it wouldn’t be July of this year be eight years. Right? If it’s if it’s July


1 of this year,


this year, we know


that’s why I gave him the whatever the start date, I thought I had August if I actually lie, okay. What I did was I took basically half a year is what he got 26 hours.


Okay. She will get it for the third week already.


Yeah. It’s for the whole year. I’m not going to wait. She results. System. I’m not going to wait for that to lie. They give them another.


I understand. I’m just making sure. Okay. Yeah. Okay, because


I thought I had the same proposal on the sheet for Kevin’s same year.


Okay, well,


I mean, if I’m not saying I’m right or wrong, it’s, it makes it real easy, because then I just add another week. Last year, and I own that you set for October,


it was October, October,


November, February.


So I had, so maybe double check to make sure those dates are right. And if they are, is that the debate was last meeting was Kevin trading a week of vacation or a week of a raise for a week of vacation. So when he was right, he did. So he has three weeks. He’s got his eight years now. And he’s supposed to get another week know that I were debating whether he should all still stay at three weeks, or if he should get a fourth week. My opinion is is that he bought a week of vacation, basically. And he pays for it every year from not getting that raise you should have


when you work less, work less hours a year to get paid for it. It still works out.


Right? That’s why I’m saying he traded it. So he’s, you know, he’s still doing his fourth week. In my opinion, he’s we made a special we made him a week of vacation. We gave him a week of vacation.


So the way the policy book says after this many years, you get this many weeks of this many years, you get this May we kept this years. So when you gave him that third week, I put him back on the four year schedule before he get his next week. So the question here is is does it go another four years from that third week? Or are we just now that he’s at eight from his original start date? Do we add that fourth that away from


my opinion is is that he if if he would have taken his race, he’d be making that much more money now, on top of his other raises that he’s gotten since then. And he’d be getting as third week of vacation. So he forfeited 50 cents an hour or 75 cents or whatever we would have given him any he is continues to to forfeit that every year since then. And will tell the day. He’s letting me know


he’d be making a week less than a year and getting paid for it. So it’s still


a no way just part of it right. It’s part of his wage. But


you could also say to Ray is your workday.


Sure that was raised but I still do. I’m just saying he tried


to say it’s a loss. He’s not making any money because he’s still getting paid for


it. Guess what I’m getting a watch. He he traded a week you’re right he bought a weekend vacation and it’s a wash We don’t owe him anything extra. He agreed to that and he bought it but we do I think is another week of vacation for his time served here. We asked him


Hey, or says he gets three weeks


but we made an exception.


gave him the three weeks at six instead of waiting.


We didn’t give him the three weeks and six we gave him an extra week which he paid for.


Yeah it’s completely it’s completely I think it’s


I just You just got it all right. What here’s what here’s the Wally manual. Here’s a way of looking at a golden nobody tell him Okay, you stay for three weeks. And then we give him his raise that he was owed three, three years ago.


I can give him that week. What I’m saying is the policy


says, I know what the policy says we made an exception where we made an exception to the policy. So


now we’re at the eight weeks. So years, yes, at eight years. So you’re, you’re gonna pay in the four weeks is what I understand. I have no problem with that. What I’m saying is something has to be done about employment.


Why don’t we know that we have to do anything about the employee manual, all we have to do


is well then just take out the whole earnings of the wages in the raises or vacation and employment. That you’ve got Nate that’s how many weeks is Nathan year now? How many years?


I don’t think we’re changing anything in the employee manual. The shoe are no we gave him made an exception to the main exception to the rule. And we just gave him as part of his as part of his


there’s nothing that says you have to give him someone to raise them here.


No, there isn’t. That’s exactly right. But as part of his his wage, we just gave him an extra week of vacation. That’s all we did. As part of his wage, his wage not anybody else’s


wage, but just his Oh, you want me to? And I don’t have a sober day. For the retro we were at eight weeks this last year. And then


I don’t think he’s gonna be too picky. I don’t think he’s been too picky.


This week, this year,


and I don’t have a problem making that promotion saying that that, that we gave Kevin an extra week of vacation as part of his ongoing wages. And completely separate from from any, from anything else. That should be put in the minutes already. Yeah, right. It was it was. Okay, moving on, but we never put an end date. Okay, so we have a motion to approve. Additional weeks vacation for Kevin. From Jack who’s making the motion? I made a motion


Okay, Mr. Bob? Yes. Mr. Bucha? Yes, Mr. Guido. Yes.


Talking about the door later. All right. Trustee reports


he had. Did he give you a copy of the door? The new door? Yeah, we’re going to talk later


to talk during the board about it. You don’t have a copy of the little from the last party the other party had with


you? Was 31 Okay, something


I took a picture of it and it doesn’t have the other door. I didn’t bring it. Okay. First of all workgroups


and you can see that I think that guys did a nice job and we got got paid and they they painted this this room. I guess they just painted and they fixed the water heater so the town hall I think it’s real good that’s all I got for me.


We got to have them take that door the sinkhole is


good I guess. I never thought I was gonna get some rustling pain by the way tech sauce


Okay, let’s see the Bible bring it well, let me ask you this


ended up hates on it. Now you might


get while we’re talking about the well. Let’s talk about the tourism. Alright, just remind me about the interior. Okay, you don’t have a report. Okay.


All right. I’ve been looking at the money and I was looking at the


the last fire report we got and then I was looking at the age of some of the trucks. Okay, so 1513 is a 99 That’s our operand engine 1517 as a 2000 as our


as the Westeros truck. You


1518 is our pumper tanker. And the Ford Expedition the chase truck is 2010 and the ambulances are 2015 I think we ought to wait and wait till Jesse to get us involved. But we’ve got this is AARP money this recover relief money,


we can use it for quick


alright, we can use that to pay wages then


you look at




Fire Rescue ambulance, EMS service.


Nine for the problem with those side’s gonna say I’m probably going to have the new numbers put in by the next meeting. I was going to, I was going to bring this issue up, that there’s probably money to look at vehicles. So there was a 30% raise for the fire. Okay. So until I got the certificate back from the county, and I put it in the new numbers, because the numbers that now based on last year’s, so I have to put in the new wages and make sure the salaries are taken care of. And then I could see but I don’t see a problem with probably being able to look at 200,000 per vehicle.


So I guess we need to run the numbers and see how it comes out. And I guess what I’d like to do is get get Jesse to put together a priority list. What needs done the worst? And do we need to replace a chase vehicle? Do we need to start thinking about an ambulance? Do we need to start thinking about an engine? Because right now I’m finding out that it’s two years to replace an ambulance. It’s upwards of three years to replace an engine. And if we’re going to do something like that, we need to get the ball rolling and start deciding because you know we it’s just the lead time is incredible. Where did it go from several other townships right now to order an ambulance, if you want to buy a cab chassis and have a conversion done, you’re talking like two years. Now you can go find a reefer or you can have a refit done, or something like that, and save some money and maybe get it done a little bit quicker. But you know, to get a new in an engine is I know is I mean, just to get a new power trip right now internationally, you’re talking two years. Yeah. So I think we should get ahead of it, we have time to think about it. But we don’t want to get in a situation where on oh, we need a truck. And it also gives us time to if it is going to be two years to put a little bit more money with that and have it to where maybe we have, we could have half down or a quarter down for whatever we’re by or all of it depends on what we buy, and then have an have an idea of what our payment is going to be. Because the lead times are so bad right now. You just want us to start thinking about it.


I agree.


It’s you know,


it’s already there. And I said okay, until that the other thing is that generally we’ve been paying for road repair five miles every year out of the general fund


two and a half miles.


But yeah, I’m sorry, because we


read two and a half and three, we usually do five years


the road lasts for five years. We got 50 miles. That’s when I started that’s how we were budgeting. So you are allowed to use a COVID money on infrastructure. Okay. But I already had looked into it trying to look for a building or equipment and was it absolutely not




so that’s why


I guess what I was thinking was is that you know, it’s that paste or this and then we use that money for your pay right away because I know you can’t I understand what you’re saying. But it offsets other money.


You wages by the time With the wages like we could pay for the 30% increase in wages, but then once it’s used, it’s done, then you got to go back to what? Oh, wait. So unless you did add a bonus, no, no, there was a lot of restrictions.


Use it, right.


Okay. Anyway, there’s


like 11 does,


right? So anyhow, there’s that to look at. Also, there’s some we looked at, there’s some fire grants available for the fire station. I read through them, it was very confusing. I don’t know if you’re eligible for any of them. Also, there’s a worker’s comp grant available right now that townships around us have applied for him, it’s they give you up to $40,000. And you have to if you did say you got 40,000, you have to match 20. And it’s for some, basically, it’s for anything that will help your employees from injury and so forth. So some of the fire companies are using them to replace their, their lifts, electric lifts for their ambulances, some of the road departments are getting rid of their open cab tractors and buying cab tractors to less noise or safer, it’s less dustless, whatever, things like that. I read through it, it’s not super cop. That one’s not super, super complicated, but it’s gonna take a lot of time. I guess what I’m getting at is, is we’re leaving some money on the table on some of these things. Do we consider or one of them? Is one of us going to take the time to do this? Or should we consider a grandparent? Because I know for sure there’s for you know, we’re eligible for at least the workers comp grant. Now if you looked at it at all, you go into workers competence right there at Randolph got it written down? Got it.


I doubt that out and from doing going out of work. Okay. Really doubt.


I mean, most of it’s your most I’ve read through it, most of it, I become a if I become a new for all the information and


other grant writer, they fade or whatever.


I don’t know how this time


given or numbers, and then she said goodbye.


If you want to look at I’ll help you. I’ll do anything to help. I just if you’ve


done I have urine done. I have


if you’re willing to do it. I just I just didn’t want to ask you. I didn’t want to dump it. I just didn’t want to dump on you to bill here. Bill. Can you do this? Because it’s not due tomorrow? I don’t know. No. It’s like you can do it every three years. But if you don’t want to look at I just wonder workers comp rates and look through it was right there.


Yeah, cuz there’s another one I want to look at. I’ve signed up for before where it’s just silly, like I went took a CPR class. Like, I’m not even working with people. But we got a discount because I follow the safety protocol. Okay.


Anyhow, so then Well, that’s fine that we won’t need, we don’t need to do that. But I just wanted, I don’t wanna leave money on the table. And what some of this Firestation stuff that he gave us to look at it, have you looked at any of it yet? It’s no, it’s


not. Not sure.


I don’t even know if we qualify. And it’s hard to decide.


You mean, this grant right here.


I was there. From however,


it’s very, it’s that when he gave us a list of just to give us a list.


This is what I had in my book. And I was going through this.


But yeah, I’ll help you with it. Because I’d really like to try and get it and that’s about the cost of I’d like to replace the old tracker at the cemetery with someone with a cab. So that’s why I’m looking at it. I just can’t.


Well, firefighters are good, but I can’t use fire.


I just meant that I meant to grant is under workers comp Yeah, the workers comp rings when talking about or if we’ve decided we don’t want to spend it on that. And if we need some for the fire department, it doesn’t matter. I’m just I’d actually go to what I what I


live too long.


I’ve been trying to figure out a way to replace that tractor and this might be the way to do it.


The other thing is that I know this is gonna be popular idea, I think we need to talk about changing the parade route. I think last year was a close call, it scared me even after death. And I know it’s not a popular idea. But just think about it, we don’t make any decisions, just food for thought, I’d like to go to the park, from the church. And we use one side of the road for the parade and the other side of the road to park and sit, instead of going to the cemetery. It’s just something to think about. It would be safer, it would be easier. And it was not tradition. But it’s getting, it’s getting very complicated to go down 14 with a parade, you’re going under 76, where we have businesses along here. You know, we’re happy to share if we have to stay or a troll we have, you know, and then we didn’t get much help. And they basically told us to if they get a call, they’re gone. So then what and what happened last year with them, letting them off a 76 there, which could have been a disaster. So it’s just that’s just think about it, you know, and like I said, I’m thinking, you know, we have two things, you designate one side, people pull off and they sit up in chairs on the other side is the parade. And you get out to the park and in and it would be easier to get in and get back out. I think that the park, people could sit at the park. Just think you really give it some thought. And and like I said, I’m not, I’m just I’m just putting it out there for discussion. Because that really shook me up last year when it happened. So


but I get it, and I’d be one of the ones on one side holler. And one of the back allows us to change it. But I also see what you’re talking about. The real problem was always before in the past, we’ve always had plenty of help to make sure things stayed shut off. And last year we didn’t have are we going to have enough help this year? Who knows? And that’s that’s part of the problem we can’t depend on. We can’t depend on who we’re going to have to help. So


we got time, I just want you guys to think about it and drive it and you know, we need to see how long it is and I think it’d be pretty close to the same Is there room to further beta pull off to the side there and sit in and still have the parade go through you know, I think


you’d end up doing shut the road down that you so even southwest branch traffic from right. Because that’s usually going to be your biggest problem is what we used to contend with the most in West Branch.


But then we got to we have a closed we don’t have 183 And it was just too close to your first year. And it might be skipped might be simpler. There’s gonna be people that think it’s stupid and everything but a you know ever new all new ideas. People get shook up about that’s all I have. Kevin’s report. Actually,


it’s good. It’s good to think about


I brought it up to the park Advisory Committee and they weren’t against it. Matter of fact of where they thought about it, they were kinda like, well talk to the trustees and maybe we’ll think of you know,


I mean, if you look at like areas, people could park here or target Park. We had some kind of training before.


Yeah, I thought about that. We have to look at how much room there is for people, not the old people’s yards, you know, just pull up higher on the berm on the road basically and see if there’s still room for the parade to come through on the other side of the road. You know what I mean? You’d have to make it one side of the road, otherwise it wouldn’t be without pulling people’s yards. At least that’s what I’ve come up with in my head


I mean,


road reports. I got three loads of salt this week, replaced the hot water heater in the town hall and painted the town hall. We still need to do the bathrooms in the front room there they got bids to replace the front door on the town hall and they were getting prices for the Porta Johns and made new signs for the shelters at the park. So let’s talk about the door contract is the free salt free salt we didn’t even order any salt this year


we ordered 20,000 When we used to get the bill


right when we ordered 25 done last year and they didn’t even make us buy but he called them and said hey, I got all this salt I’m taking your salt are you gonna make me buy that 25 done and they said no. We have bought salt and I think in the last four years we’d love to lower the salt because we had to so everybody’s helped two years in the benefits about coal. So we’re gonna go with that alright, the doors are the door we have a price here from Carter lumber for $2,099.99 It’s an 18 gauge steel door nothing fancy commercial door and we have a price from our full hardware. And I think that one was 30 was read 30 231 and some changes can change okay. And that includes


I think it did include the handle


right? It’s all stainless steel fixture in other words the edges the door handle everything stamp on it. It’s a 20 gauge steel door instead of 18 It also comes painted from what I understand and we can choose the color within reason


I’d like to get a to match the shutters I think like dark or red or whatever I mean I got a whole list of things here


it’s a it’s a in my opinion it’s a better door I think for the weather that thing catches and I guess as long as we want it to last I wouldn’t mind spending a little bit more money and getting a little bit heavier duty of the door


and see what kind of stainless it is


talking about the fixtures and stuff first houses aluminum door doors and since our way to paint steel


we probably be against an aluminum for


now that’s a steal


stainless steel ball bearing hinges you know what Jeff? Why don’t we wait now just get to it because I don’t have I don’t have the full sheet in front of me I’m sure I’m sure it’s a steel door but I don’t the heart something with the hardware is


probably that’s probably it Yeah. Which


is probably that’s what I was seeing 18 gauge smooth steel door for two panels as it looks like we’re gonna you know what we’re not that big of a hurry. We’re gonna have to order it anyway. Why don’t we wait till I have this sheet in front of me so we can look it over.


Alright, that’s fine.


But don’t you think we should have it like the match the shutters? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Okay, absolutely. And then they had another thing I want to talk to you about this summer they were going to do the rest of the doors over here and here to match this to the we might as well have them they’re probably had to pull the door off to do it. I don’t know. I was gonna say they could just do the whole thing.


Okay, yeah. All right.


That’s all I have for and I talked to you talked to Jesse. Now what about for tonight? Well, he I just talked to him for a minute. He just wanted me to say that mountain tarp. He got cut off he was trying to give me more and I lost the mountain tarp repaired the tarp on the is the engine has a tarp on the back of it. Okay, one of them got ripped real badly took them out torque they did the repair for free, fixed all fixed them all off. They wanted to thank them because it did a great job for him in the ambulance is repaired.


got that done now. I hadn’t talked to him because


I just happen to tell him. He just said hey, while you’re on the phone he started telling me about last month


that’s the repair for the front end. Damon’s in there. Right? They just know, they didn’t have to wait for that to come out. All right.


I have three agricultural buildings and I’m working on permits for, I have the paperwork for two of them. One of them is resources, or putting up a pole barn. Another one, I’m wanting to do three, I’m not sure. The third one is on how paperwork. I went down and took some pictures of our friends on 14th. Today, Janet called me again, I have to call her


back, but she gives me on the phone for a long period of time. So I have to plan by playing my strategic view of all time.


She’s really upset. She wants us to just go do something I tried to explain to her. We can’t just go do anything to stop him from doing anything and all has to be done


for the problem. trustees don’t have a teeth, everybody thinks we can go


out and shoot what she’s telling me like I needed to go meet these people ask like I told her before, this all has to go through the court system. This takes a long period of time. But I mean, he’s tried his make sure fits down there. And that’s not kosher either. So I’m going to send another regulation talk to Brad about that. Brett said that he would have something to tell me in a few weeks, about the other two buildings. But he’s he never plans on doing anything because he’s upgraded a lot of some of its climate control. Because I and I have been working with the township building or building department. Because I’m sure you’ve seen the signs on some of these six. He tried to say he mentioned those to me, and I would have never would have said yes. To the ones that he asked me about a pool sign. And there’s a pool sign in front of the building. I said, if you want to replace the faces that could be put put another one there. And he’s saying that I told him, he didn’t get any permits for any sign he has. Like when he replaced put the retract on the front. He was supposed to get a permit for that he didn’t do that either. And then the backup suddenly 60s as well. I called this one, he’s got all these names and copy the conversations. But we are first before the state or even the county. So the guy that county I sent him the information that I sent to them. And it was junk junk. But both he’s framing his second in charge like so I’ve talked to him a lot. And I’ve sent the violations to them. So we’re working out he didn’t follow anything that was given.


So I’m working on that.


So the question looks like you have a question that talked to


Edward tracker today. He said that he’s gonna get a warning here. But


yeah, he did send me an email yesterday, I was just, and he put all these facts in there. So I was I was pulling up all of my information that I had on what I said to him, because it’s an email. So it’s all I would rather email people. Talk to them, because you have in writing that way you can go back and look at it.


Documentation is the key.


And he’s thinking the same things that he had understood what what, what, what you want. Oh, awesome. Okay, come talk to you.


Okay. Because I went back through I’m just looking fraud through all my emails to see what I’m like I only talk to this guy once or twice.


He miss a thing. He kind of indicated to me that he misunderstood you the first time and thought that he just had to talk to the state. But


he never said anything about the ones that are down last 14 That was never mentioned it was all the ones he said a poolside. There’s a poolside for what holiday out there. And I said we are more than you can’t put a new pool sign down there. We got to be a monument sign. Got a full new site. But if you wanted to replace what was there with that, you can do that. I sent him the section you should look everything up in a resolution book on what guidelines are for what? So I’m working with them. I’m gonna find the perfect prep to get on the ground. Okay,


I just need to give the people


I didn’t get the levy into the county, we did have to do an edit to what was presented to me


put it in as a renewal really?


Now, what is this renewal? All you got this slot that I couldn’t figure out? I talked to the county auditor, they’re like, I don’t know, that’s what’s here so that I could get like, now we’re just going across this line right now. Makes no sense. They wanted the weight, if it were like 20 mil happy, maybe would make sense. But basically, they wanted to round to the nearest dollar, the amount of money? Well, the amount of money you’re spending on the dollar is point 0015 seconds. So how do you round that up? $1, like, you know, so it just didn’t make sense, based on the amount. So I did edit that, but I had your permission. So everything seems to be in order plus the date was the elections, May 2 23rd. So let’s


just say 2022 or 2023.


The foreman said 2020 20. Nobody’s second. Permanent budget doesn’t have to actually be in until March. I’m kind of like really ahead of the game for some reason. This year. I’m just for it. So I have half of the permanent budget done. The only thing I didn’t get to yet was the fight. Because I knew I had to do by far the road and everything based on the budget that we submitted to live. Plus. There’s really not much play from what was budgeted. gasoline tax we have more to play with but the other road funds are pretty limited. Fire we have a lot we still have a lot we could play. That part is really low. I don’t know is that gas well, in the park working or not? No, I just it’s been down for years they’re sending us they started sending us lease payments


to start saying as lease payments.


Yeah. So I’m wondering if they’re sending the lease payments to say that it’s running so they don’t have to take it out.


That makes sense. But it can’t amount to anything. What’s the checks?


It’s like $43 Oh, that’s


more than what I bought.


I don’t know. Keith was going to check it off.


Maybe asked him again. You’re probably right. But that became one with that meeting.


That they have that yet. Yeah,


at one time. Yeah. But there wasn’t enough gas.


That night, right. So I was confused. But I didn’t get those checks for a while then I started yet. So I’m like oh yeah, cemetery we get to


we get somebody off the cemetery


This isn’t that.


Okay. Yeah, they have different identifiers. All right. Yeah. So I wasn’t sure when to park fun days just because that’s I mean, the only revenue that goes into the park is for the hugging, or the ride and was the gas wells. So I started to do that in the budget. I think we can talk about maybe setting up like people make a donation for wherever trunk or tree park or if we hold something there. That’s a donation to the township. So it goes into basically, it can get put into specifically the park. The park fund was set up originally with the nature workers grant. It was supposed to kind of be self sustaining. So it can go in there I can make a donation I’m going to park in my view, that’s what I would like to do because I know when I get the money, they want to spend it on the park. Okay. We put in the general fund which always leaves it any donation made that is placed in the general fund, even if it was made The for free community whenever trustees can basically spend anything. The fire department, we have a separate EMS fund. So any money that gets donated the fire department if it doesn’t go to the association gets put in that specifically in the fire department so. So before I finished the budget if you guys want to think about if we want to put that money, so you want to do a live donation line item in it’s probably good to do. Because we do the fundraiser just stuff. Basically,


it’ll be in your bookkeeping for you.


And then I didn’t know we were talking about a sound system at one time, there was


I think they can’t live there was looking at it with Shannon. And I think we’ve kind of decided they just need to set it up different. Like there was nothing wrong with that system. We’re just setting it up wrong. They said it needs to be set further. I don’t know if they were working on that. And they didn’t want to replace it. Because he said the system’s good. It just needs to change the way we’re setting it. And I think I really believe they ought to just run a hardline microphone, instead of messing with that day on that one. And that maybe that’s not even the problem that they were working on a


nice sound system made by hardware one works better than important.


Okay. So really quick. So just a heads up high volume, it shouldn’t be a big deal just to run a hard line. And then fix this is make the system work. Right. And then the other thing they talked about was Did we talk about putting it having something uptown here to make an announcement? For the beginning of the parade?


Would we say here they wanted? We mostly talked about that.


They came up with a good idea that they heard when they were announcing for Christmas? Or Santa Claus. They said that’s there’s a battle of the firetruck. Why don’t we just use that we use? We didn’t use to use it or use it? Well, why don’t we can we just use that? Linda said it was crystal clear. And I could hear it for


a mile, we’re back to that problem of not having enough help. Okay, as much as anything can kind of rob their fire trucks and fire people away from the center. Elsewhere to a close off track.


So maybe the thing is when we did it before, not, I don’t remember, if we I don’t think we did it with this engine that we have now. But the old days when we did it with the people the way we had to set it up, which was where we set it up at the time was for the gazebo was remember. And then the people up through here could hear but people down through there couldn’t because of the way the speaker’s speaker goes out for front by like so I don’t know if it would be. But again,


if you guys if you guys want to try something like that way, like I said I got a PA system at home. Okay, that character shows years ago and I could bring it up, Senator, when you try it in the cellar, and see if see if it would work. Senator Lincoln, we could actually set it up ahead of time and make sure you’re working and make sure it’s loud enough in projects that we used to place our speakers at one time if you want


okay, so I was bringing that up a relationship. Okay, money and you’re gonna help sorry. We’re gonna I mean, that’s why I was they have to work on that. Okay.


Anybody else?


Because we don’t need to make a technical motion or anything else to read to establish that Atlanta? No, because you approve that


okay, most of the pay bills submitted EFTPS in orange 42943342959. Second


Mr. File, yes, yes. Yes. Motion during the meeting. 25. Second, yes, yes.


So Jeff, you didn’t catch him? Waiting for you to catch. I thought he’s killing


it. I’m sorry which one?


I may have said something to somebody earlier about something. Oh


ever since I’ve been ever since I’ve been here that’s why he spoke


Oh, I saw that. I saw that I started looking at that


that’s right that’s what he did I realized I


know right

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