Documenters: Brimfield Township Trustees meeting for Jan. 24, 2024

Brimfield Township Trustees
Jan. 24, 2024
8 a.m.


Mike Kostensky Chair
Sue Fields Vice Chair
Nicholas Coia Trustee
John Dalziel Fiscal Officer
Craig Mullaly Fire Chief
Holly Woods Business Manager
Dave Rufener Road Superintendent
Michael Hlad Zoning
Roy E. Mosley III Police Chief
Cassie Weyer Parks and Rec
Joe Jamison IT

Listen to an audio recording of this meeting here.

Documenter’s Notes

The meeting was called to order and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer of invocation. The floor was opened for correspondence and announcements. The trustees celebrated the opening of the Brimfield Library, lauding the efforts of several community groups and individuals. Diane Rock of the Portage County Central Visitors Bureau offered a detailed explanation of the operations of the PCCVB, including how the organization is funded by a portion of local bed taxes at hotels and motels. Rock complained about the delinquency of taxes not collected from the Econo Lodge in Brimfield going back to 2017. Rock estimates the establishment owes over $42,000, plus late fees. The trustees have long been aware of the situation. Fiscal Officer John Dalziel disagreed with Rock’s value estimation, explaining steps the township has taken to collect funds. Chair Mike Kostensky and Dalziel articulated the legal difficulties of collecting funds as a township. Following the PCCVB presentation, the minutes from Jan. 10, 2024 were accepted into record, and the morning’s agenda was approved following a clerical correction. Purchase orders and warrants were approved for payment.

Public Comments

Chase Bank employees were recognized for their involvement with the Brimfield Food Cupboard and their presence at the library opening.

Resident Kevin Sally reported illegal camping at 4459 Edson Rd. Sally claims the property has been occupied by campers since May 2023. Justin Obleisk, a neighbor of Sally’s, accompanied him to reinforce the complaint. Kostensky will investigate. The property in question was recently damaged by fire according to Zoning Inspector Michael Hlad. Hlad and Fire Chief Craig Mullaly explained a legal tangle to the complainants, assuring them they are aware of and working on solving the issue.

Police Department

Active shooter training is scheduled in partnership with the Portage County EMA. The trustees approved the purchase of two Interceptor patrol vehicles for calendar year 2024, not to exceed $89,940. The board also approved the purchase of a Getac in-car cruiser video camera.

Fire Department

Chief Mullaly reported the department has received temporary occupancy of the new fire station and has begun minor moving in. A small list of critical path items needs to be completed before full occupancy can occur. A citizen complained that the new building “looks like a whorehouse.” Kostensky asked if the color of outdoor lights could be changed.


Business Manager Holly Woods updated the trustees on the Town Hall Construction Project, set to begin Jan. 29. She also reported that several members of the township will be attending the Ohio Township Association Conference Feb. 7-9.

Zoning/Economic Development

Hlad submitted 2023 total zoning fees collected in the amount of $96,675. Hlad expects the township to double that income in 2024. The county commissioners have approved four parcels to be rezoned from Highway Commercial (H-C) to Medium Density Residential (R-3), a total of 4.69 acres. The trustees set a public hearing for 8 a.m. Feb. 5.


Superintendent Dave Rufener reported on the successful operations managing several weather events. The township has 300 tons of salt on order. The trustees approved the Township Highway System mileage certification of 46.33 miles, up from 44.751 miles the previous year.

Parks and Rec

Cassie Weyer delivered the 2023 year-end report. Weyer stated her department oversaw 492 rentals, generated over $14,000 in revenue, and now manages over 150 acres of public parks. Weyer estimates the department made 7,496 public engagements via events and interactive web materials. The trustees deliberated the value of hiring the Buck Naked Band for a Friday night performance at September’s Brimfest at the rate of $2,000 for a three-hour set. No consensus was reached.

Information Technology

Department head Joe Jamison sought and received trustee approval to upgrade the township’s email archiving and filtering system. The township will contract with Barracuda at the rate of $8,294, a discounted rate negotiated by Jamison.

The trustees voted to cancel the scheduled Feb. 7 meeting; a quorum would not be possible.

The trustees voted to recess to executive session at 9:43 a.m.

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